So There I was, Minding My Own Biddness…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So Gretchen is down with whatever I had, as well as some ‘other issues’ (stomach bug) so I’ve been playing ‘dutiful spouse’ and doing all the cooking and cleaning, which TBH isn’t that far off from the norm.

Let’s face it… her cooking, outside of a few very specific meals can best be described as “How can toast have bones?”

And cleaning? Well she’s a chick.

I’ve –yet– to meet a chick who’s as fastidious as a guy who served in the Army/Marine Corps. Once you get that “dress-right-dress” thing down, and “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, guys like me tend to be a bit OCD in keeping shit straight.

Clutter I can deal with. ESPECIALLY if it’s “organized” clutter and I’m 99.99% sure you guys in the studio viewing audience would agree. “A Place for Every Thing, and Every Thing in it’s Place” so to speak.

I mean I got soooooo many projects going on it’s crazy. I know Phil over at Bustedknuckles knows of what I speak.

So,. to the quick Sunday-Funday Title Point.

Because Gretch is ‘down and out’ and just feeling pure-dee shitty, I went to get her some of her favorite Scooby Snacks at Publix, (whilst also reloading my beer in the fridge). I was wearing my usual offensive attire:

Specifically, it’s a “Top Popp” (Terrence Popp) Tee that I got off of his website a couple or so years ago… The translation as it’s hard to get a selfie is:

“Gaze Upon

Fuckin’ AWESOME amiright!?!

Damned shame of it is he no longer sells it…
Not sure -why- but go figure.

The fact that I got a oversized tee that fits, with a insanely offensive slogan on it? Mad bonus points. I positively love this thing. Wish I could get moar, BUT as I said, he no longer has it on his website. Anywho…

So…. I’m in Publix.
Wearing the shirt.
With a ‘gives no fucks/too tired/need more beer’ attitude.

Whereupon I get to the aisle that Gretchens Scooby Snacks are on. I quickly move down said-aisle, and notice a Brother (blaq dude) staring down the lane -at me-.

Moar specifically, at my Tee Shirt.
Or I should say, the logo? writing? on it.

Dude’s all looking pissed off AF. Stares at it whilst I ignore him… he only caught my eye as I looked in that direction… as I proceeded to head down the aisle, he went from passive, to getting an aggressive/angry look on his face, like he was going to say something.

My antenna went up.
Game One Monkey.

Thankfully, my A.O. leans towards a 70-30 Whytte/blaq number of folks so to speak… if it was the opposite, I might have been in trouble as the blaqs are so tribalistic and whatnot, I might have gotten swarmed… Jes’ Sayin’

So, as he approached, he started getting this “Poo Face” on, at which point I -think- he wanted to get all self-righteous and confrontational with me…

I put on my “war face”

The one that pretty much states openly “I’m ready to rumble and someone is getting fucked up and that someone is you!!!”

Been told I’m rather frightening when I look that way

When we locked eyes, it was truly awesome.
Dominance Achieved.
He literally bowed his head, looked down at his grocery cart, and moved on with nary a word.

As Top (former 1Sgt) Popp would say: “WINNING!!!”

Guess he knew who the King of the Aisle was LOL.

That and IF things went sideways, well since Florida went Constitutional Carry, an I never leave the house without a handgun, my fave for quick “in-and-out runs” from either gas stations/7-11’s/grocery stores is a Bond Derringer:

And looking it up for the pic?

Holy Hells!!! I paid less than $160 out the door!
It’s now $277 without transfer fees and ‘other’

Good Job Brandon Inc. Amiright?

Yeah… vicious lil .357 Magnum two shot hellraiser. First time I test fired it in the side yard, it set off ALL the car alarms, as well as blew out my electronic earpro… as in shut it down so’s I had to pull the batteries to reset it.

Sapper almost shit himself, it was –that loud

I keep it loaded with some solid Copper 140 grain Xtreme Defense Rounds that’ll turn someone’s head into a hollowed out shell of it’s former self… shit ain’t no joke… and neither is the fireball from that lil bastard. Fucker is pure dee evil man… 10/10, would recommend.

I also like I can carry and use .38 special in it, as truthfully, the .357 is a bit much even for a fucker like myself… I mean man, it -literally- set off ALL of the car alarms in the immediate vicinity. The neighbors usually are quite forgiving and cool…

I mean I -do- have a ‘rep’ for being the guy who makes fireworks, as well as flamethrowers, and occasionally test fires his shit in the backyard/side yard, but that one?

Yeah, people were nice about it, but still aggrevated.

That’s been MY weekend. Hope y’all’s was good as well.

More Later
Big Country

19 thoughts on “So There I was, Minding My Own Biddness…”

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha…….inhale…..hahahahahahahahahahah…fuck I’m getting light headed…… hahahahahahahah

    Josey Wales

  2. Two suggestions, Tiny:

    1. As you know, Ordinarily I am far too polite to say anything…but you shouldn’t hang around troubled kids like Phil and Cederq. They’re a bad influence! Phil is crazy and Cederq STINKS.

    2. You damned well SHOULD be selling rude tee shirts! The best one I saw recently was on Blab about legalizing mail-in voating and it had a pic of Ted The Unabomber on it!!!

    If I thought I was under surveillance by the Feebs or the Red Coats I would antagonize the ever lovin’ SHIT outta those guys with stuff like that.

    And I’d probly hang out with bums like Phil and Cederq just to spin those assholes up! 😂👍

    1. You have that back assward Filthie, I am crazy and Phil smells like lavender, now that stinks… Actually you would bored out of your gourd Glen the fairy harpy, had you the inclination to hang out with us cool guys. You would have to keep up and put out 125% and what, with you smoking stogies, farting and whiskey drinking I don’t believe you could keep up with us lean high speed, low drag amigos. When you gonna get back to honest blogging instead of that ghey sub-bottom feeders stack?

      Also Big, when ya gonna send those emails?

      1. Already did? You didn’t get them? PM me at

        Glen: No One can hang with the Airborne. I survive on Coffee, Hate and Anger. (Used to be in addition to Nicotine and Whiskey, but the wife asked me to cut back LOL) You’re welcome to try to hang, but last time I was in Gagetown up in Canada, (BT-DT) I drank a Platoon of your squaddies under the table, and made their LT my bitch. Had that fucker in a gimp mask, crying in the corner.

        Otherwise, you -do- need to get back to Blegging. I for one miss your historic pics of quality weapons/vehicles…

  3. Yeah yeah Filthie, you know you wouldn’t be able to hang out with us because your wife would lock you down after one visit.
    As for you Big, maybe it is just as well we ain’t neighbors.
    I really don’t want to get to know the local Po Po on a first name basis.

    1. but just think of the toys you two could make !
      there is a lot of things I know you can make with a lathe/mill and a good welder.
      that alone would give the feds nightmares.

    2. 😂👍

      You guys could make a fortune selling rude tee shirts, Phil! I know that you have all kinds of spare time and money to invest in such a side business…

  4. unless you want all of the noise, I go with 38 wadcutters instead on that little weapon myself.
    Mom used to keep wadcutters in her 38 Smith. 4 inch barrel. she used to outshoot Dad all the time with a handgun and sometimes with a 22 rifle. she was on her high school shooting team
    wat back before WW2.
    as for the “brothers” they like it best when they outnumber you by at least 3 to 1 or more.
    one on one is rare for them unless they are way bigger/younger/stronger than you.
    used to have to deal with them back when I lived in the city (philly) shit hole.
    back then I carried a Sig Sauer p220 and carried 2 extra magazines.
    one cop told me to “shine up” the tip of the barrel to make it look bigger to said asshole on the wrong side of it. he swore by doing it as it make them think twice. YMMV as always

    1. +1 to wadcutters as a viable, low-recoil option.

      They cut and crush more and penatrate well for their speed and mass – far better than any RN load and most lighter SD loads. Modern +p defensive stuff is better, but the old HBWC is still the best low- recoil option for .38 IMHO

  5. Was he looking for his next victim or was he taking offense. If its the former he’ll find an easier one. If its the later he’ll be looking for you when he has back up.

  6. AWESOME shirt BTW… Wish I had one back in IL when I lived there. Figure if they were going to threaten to fire me based on my demographics (white, male, former GI, hetro) then I might as well lean into it as it were…

    The Derringer? Looking for an alternate concealed option since I wear a suit a fair bit in my current job (CIO) and so the automatic is “less concealed”… Legal to carry here in TX, but… But is the Derringer something at least workable?

  7. Love the tshirt. Speaking of “offensive” clothing. Saw a dude in Sam’s Club a few months back with a shirt that read “ racism is a public health emergency”. Ironically enough the African wearing it was about 5’7” and 400lbs. I started busting a gut right there in the store to the point I couldn’t get my phone out to take a picture in time. Hahaha negroes are silly.

  8. I am not a huge fan of the large caliber derringer. Maybe because I don’t have enormous paws like yours but a Ruger LCP in .380 is probably even smaller and carries 6+1. I am surprisingly accurate with it at close range and can get follow-up shots fairly easily, even as small as it is the recoil is minimal, but to each his own.

    1. …you know, Arthur; my LC9S is not significantly more “cumbersome” than the LCP. Actually, now that I think about it, my MAX9 ain’t all that much more…
      I’m just saying…

  9. My humping around the local AO assholes is a Sig P938 with extended mags. I have short fingers but wide hands and can get them all around the grip. It’s 15oz empty and holds 7. Minute of nose accurate off hand at 75 feet. It’s the poodle shooter round version. Pricey but reliable and accurate and small for a 9. Lately double stacks in small sizes are being introduced. Might add one of those.

    BTW a little physics, the amount of propellant burned INSIDE the barrel is what is going to give muzzle velocity. Anything outside is just showing off. The 38 spl wad cutter is going to give the same muzzle velocity as the 357 mag with much less drama. It’s the reason why I don’t put +p’s in the Sig, no advantage in a short barrel.

    On an entirely tactical viewpoint, using the wad cutter in the first barrel for better ability to get on target for the second shot and the 357 in the second barrel to scare the bejeebees out of anyone still hanging around.


  10. “Mad Dogging” is a fact of life where I live. Mostly mexicans, though. You either look like a predator, or like prey. The hyenas recognize the lion.

  11. Just saw an Eat Sh1t commie hoodie with the Sarge on it for $40!
    Enjoy it all while you can, Klaus and the rainbow AI buttplugs the FEW have delusions of another plandemic named after Elon’s hangout.
    LMFAO at his tweetback of X is just a letter in the alphabet after some apparatchik wannabe at Davos said it is scary.
    That scene in Terminator II we’re not gonna make it or is there no fate but what we make?
    Surely Clown World isn’t going to take the scary contagious disease vee vill keep you safe Ja bait during another election year…oh wait.

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