Actions and Sanctions Have Consequences, and a DeadSecDef PT2

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Missed last night ‘cos I was (again) wiped out. I woke up literally at 14:45, or 2:45pm to you civvies. >YAWN!<

I’m still a wee bit tuckered out.

Taking care of biddness is a mo’fo ’round here. Waiting on Gretchen with her being down with a sickness, plus working, as well as maintaining all the rest of the house. I do 90% of the cooking around here, so I also am primarily responsible for meals. Dishes, cleaning, laundry… it never ends.

BTW, glad a lot of y’all are enjoying the Tater Soup. It’s a simple but hearty winter chow that is IMO a perfect meal for the cold nights. Glad y’all have enjoyed it.

I’ve also undertaken to re-write the “How To Make A Flammenwerfer” and -hopefully- will have it done by tomorrow. Fingers crossed. If not, it’ll be done when it’s done. I also have a Substack that’s getting finished, and a lot have requested a new video. Man I need to be cloned.

Otherwise, on “News That Caught Me Gimlet Eyeball” I found this lil bit:

Reading the actual article, it’s HILARIOUS that the Brits are becoming unhinged at this. Like “How dare he!” Link HERE

Moscow said it was taking the steps after Britain excluded Russia from the ‘most favoured nation’ trading status in March 2023, with German Zverev – president of the All-Russian Association of Fisheries – declaring the 1956 agreement was one-sided with no upside for Moscow. 

The Daily Fail Jan 19, 2024

40% of the fishies that the Brits knock back on the daily is caught in the Barents. It used to be that Fish and Chips was a good, cheap meal in Britistan. When I was living there for about 4 months, it was the daily lunch, wrapped in a for-real newspaper.

Never did cotton on to the vinegar thing that they all slathered on… just lemon salt and pepper for this here Whytteboi. Got a hunch that the cost is now going to be significantly higher.

Gotta love it.
Fuck Around, Find Out Aye?

And as far as any potential conflict IF the Royal Navy decides that they’re going to stop the Russians from stopping their (the Brit) fishing boats? Well, lets check in on that:

That’s mighty fine work there Lou.
I’d have to say that the Brits as of now are done.
Over. Past Tense. No Longer Viable. Conquered.
C’est la Vie.

Now, back to a poast a few days ago:
“DeadMan” Austin, the DeadSecDef.

There has, as on now, ZERO real proof of life.
CONgress has subpoenaed to testify before a special congressional committee on February 14 for his being AWOL. In turn, he’s supposed to be answering in writing on February 7th, as “he’s too sick” to show up in person.

Going off MY theory?

That’s the equivalent of the Krain putting a big Red Circle “X” on their “Political Assassination Targets” website. The one where they’ve publiocally stated that they were going to be going after and encouraged others to be going after and killing “Enemies of the Krain” and whatnot…

Russia’s website was similar, but didn’t call for the extermination of folks… just a “Who’s-Who” of the enemies of Russia.

And now Austin’s profile has been removed.
As said by that blaq a few years back: “Yo, that nigga dead yo!”

Granted a bit outside the box, but telling nonetheless. I personally think it’s going to be hilarious when they announce his retirement and subsequent ‘death due to long illness.’ Not that they really care or anything, but It’s not going to help any of the Leviathan Credibility UNLESS they can get a real-life dood to start walking and talking that’s actually him. The very fact that they’re sloooowly sliding him out show that that nigga dead yo.

BTW: finally found the pic supposedly of Biden visiting DeadMan:

I don’t buy it.
That could be James Earl Jones on that bed…
Hell, it could be James Earl Ray in Blackface on that bed…

Either ways, it’s good times, good times all around.
Mainly because we still have the ability to order a pizza, buy moar bullets and guns, and we’ve still got the lights on. Thank God for small miracles Aye?

So More Later
Big Country

43 thoughts on “Actions and Sanctions Have Consequences, and a DeadSecDef PT2”

  1. Society is beholden to the laws of thermodynamics. Run short of energy (food is energy) and you’re fucked. Fuel and fertilizer our stupidity shut down getting from Mother Russia. Fish is one of the few proteins that is almost free on the energy input side. People got busy burying their goodies as almost every society collapsed ….. might explain why I have the urge to bury ammo.

    I hope you all rest up and feel better.

  2. Order stuff while you can. 9.5 inches of snow here in E TN town and hoo boy. City offices closed for week, no trash pickup to be seen for a week (big outfit out of Knoxville too), UPS trucks AWOL ? (overnight delivery item Out for Delivery 2 days in a row and then boom, delay due to “emergency or weather” and our zip code was not on their service interruption list). Postal delivery down until today. Granted it’s the south and no practice with snow but com’on. Oh and main route between Knoxville and Oak Ridge f’ing closed while they plowed (all 4 lanes apparently, and yes that’s the route serving the big fed facility there.)

    Infrastructure is fraaaagile.

    1. I was just down hunting wild hogs in Crossville. 8 inches of snow on the ground and shit comes to a halt in a hurry. Restaurants & schools closed, roads slick. Came back to Northwest Ohio on Friday just ahead of the next storm.

  3. So actually as far as I’m concerned that could be Justin Trudeau in blackface again.
    Look at the hospital set up. I’ve been in a lot of hospital rooms/ER. The set up doesn’t look like it’s intensive care it looks like an ER room. So he supposedly has been hospitalized for several days so he should be in a regular hospital room, not an ER room.
    They have cloned monkeys successfully from what I understood. Can the actually clone humans now? All kidding aside are they able to clone humans now?

    1. I had throat cancer surgery a month ago, (and many ER/hosp visits in the weeks before and after) that’s an ER room, not a post op hospital room. I highly doubt Biden came to visit in the ER.
      And a shout out to my buddy Berglander for the visit at Huntsman !

    2. I read that Michael Jackson told an interviewer once the reason why he got so much plastic surgery was to look different from all the clones so (They) couldn’t replace him so easy. He might have been joking, or maybe not.

  4. Can probably clone humans – cloned farm animals for a while now. But you’d have to have years for the clone to reach maturity, ie. size, appearance, reasonable knowledge base and formation of mannerisms. I don’t think replication of adult forms is possible.

    1. I guess you’d have to create a number of them within a year or two of the birth of the original, and then raise them all special. Which then makes me ask, are people being bred for entertainer or political roles from birth and getting cloned so as to have doubles sitting around in case they go off the res?
      Or perhaps there are some agents/actors that get plastic surgery and/or made up to look like their target?

  5. The Austinism pic with PedoBiden: Austin is dead. No reason to wear masks other than to obfuscate a pic designed to show proof of life. Show the full pic of him on the bed, no mask, and obvious he’s alive.




    Guy is Dead.

    1. Yup, other thing is notice that he has an O2 line going under the mask.
      Would you put a mask on a guy whose O2 is low and he needs supplemental oxygen ?

      BS, that’s some older black guy in the hospital they found for the psy op.
      You watch, the “poor man” will have a “sudden down turn” and “sadly pass away” when in reality he died weeks ago when a Russian missile obliterated him.

      1. You can put a nasal cannula under a surgical mask and the mask will actually concentrate the O2 somewhat. That said, the mask is awful conveeeeenient and Bidet looks fake too.

  6. It’s not the SOD in the bed. Brow ridges are too prominent. SOD in the portrait has low or no ridges.

    1. SOD (or late SOD) lacks brow ridges in portrait. That’s because he’s a tranny. A male silver-back like Austin should have massive brow ridges, aye? Hey, don’t shoot me; I’m only the piano player, but axe Moochelle!

  7. Regarding hospital photo: we’re told secdef rushed to hospital for treatment of turbo cancer, has been incommunicado for several days undergoing emergency treatment, yet he still had the time and inclination to sport a freshly shaved head? Bullshit.

    1. Bingo. AI does a shitty job on hands. Also Bidens hair is too perfect. Hospital room is off and they are wearing the same watches. Nope. Secdef is tits up.

      1. Yup. I noticed the body-double’s hair right away. My dear wife has been insisting for over a year that the old deviate is dead, and they are using body-doubles. I am still somewhat of a Doubting Thomas. It really does not matter at this point. The Sheeple are more concerned about the Bills versus the Chiefs. This corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country is due for a massive chastisement. Bleib ubrig.

    2. I have never seen a dark blue nasal cannula before. Nurse or doctor on the right’s stethoscope is wrong too. The metal part is way too long, and fades out into the uniform instead of being able to see the little cushions for the ears.

      You’d think the patient would have a hospital gown on instead of a sweatshirt, if he was that sick.

  8. Yeah I am thinking that might be AI. IF that is Lord Visor, then its from his surgery back in December and Biden is AI’d into it.


  9. It’s a good thing that they kept this under wraps so the externals can’t see how mean girlboss Clown World it is. (s/)
    That doesn’t look like him and Brandon touching you at the hospital might seem like the grim Skeletor is at the door but ol’ Skelly might actually be fun.
    They don’t have Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips over in Limeystan?
    At least they didn’t get the French MERCS treatment…yet.
    Saw an interesting page that said UKE locals relayed the info about the Frenchy cannon fodder and Ivan has a bomber drone with several bomblets payload.

  10. The “911 call” from his house has been making the rounds. The caller, some white guy, requests no lights or sirens. Why would you call 911 for prostate cancer? One would think he would have top notch medical screenings on the regular. Also, one would think he would have top priority military transport, not civilian.

    1. “Why would you call 911 for prostate cancer?”
      The usual vigorous ass-fucking caused the tumor to rupture and bleed?

  11. I don’t think I would want to be the guy they used to pretend Austin was alive when he wasn’t.

  12. If that is Austin in the photo, then whatever the treatment he has been under has aged the shit out of him. Looking for the divot in his head at the right temple (glamour photo in dress blues) and there appears to be a small one, or something, in the hospital shot. Regarding the comment about it looking more like an ER than a regular room, just visited a friend who had some knee replacement complications fixed and his regular room looked sort of like that, same kind of bed, lots of machines that go “Ping!”, but the lighting was more subdued, so who knows? I think we still need a real “proof of life” interview, though. This whole situation is very odd. And after the smack-down delivered to France, I’m inclined to stay with BCE’s hypothesis.

  13. I noticed both those brit ships that bumped are anti-mine ships designed to look for mines.

    That suggests someone thinks mines are a issue.

  14. That pic is AI generated looks like with Elijiah Cummings under the mask, did a quick searchy search and nill on imagery of him in bed, but look at the eyes and hands, could be?

    Maybe an alien of sufficient similarity crossed the border for Biden admin to show around for the cameras as the new and improved SecDeadef, stranger things are happening.

  15. Clone humans? LOL, no. Clone James Earl Ray escaped a fed prison in TN. They did not find him for a week or two. He was found only a couple of miles away from the TN prison. Some guy, I believe they call him. Marmaduke read this and started the Barclay’s marathon. 100 miles, 5 laps of 20 miles through that TN terrain. Takes about 2.5 days. I worked with a guy who won it, TWICE. Once he didn’t even finish but went the farthest and once finished in 59 hrs.
    I also want more videos, like you drinking bud(a hum) lies, or whatev.brand it was. Sec def dead. LULLLLLZZZZZZ

  16. Just a question from the back of the class. What happened to the sewer Jews in New York?

    Did that shit just evaporate?

  17. The saga continues. The guy in the hospital bed doesn’t look like the Silverback to me. Austin’s skull seems to narrow (pointy) near the top. The bed guy’s doesn’t.

  18. SOD Lloyd Austin, still heavily suspected of dead…OH MY!…anyway…

  19. That picture is AI generated.
    As others have noticed.
    Is it really the picture that the .gov submitted as proof of life?


  20. Dang you guys’re slow!

    Austin realized he was being played as a patsy by the regime and he resigned.

    The regime must manage this embarrassing news. The ‘medical emergency’ is a classic court method for covering up unflattering personnel defections.

    As old as beans and rocks, this is.
    I thought you kids knew better!

  21. Well my first gut reaction out of the gate was “who’s the black guy?”
    I didn’t know it was supposed to be Lloyd. Doesn’t really look like him but most of the face is covered so who knows? But if I was reassuring the country that he was alive I wouldn’t have have used a photo in which you can’t see his face. That’s just me tho.
    Now. . that looks more like a triage bay in an ER than a hospital room, mainly for one reason. The monitors and so forth appear to be on portable IV poles.
    Most ICU rooms have the monitors permanently bolted onto the wall. Every ICU pt is monitored so there’d be no need to use portable monitors.
    But again, it’s one snapshot so who knows? Interesting that we don’t even trust our own govt to tell us who’s alive and/or dead.

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