The Kraine and The Fall of Civilization as a Sideshow

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Monday… shit… Monday again

Yeah, tired, the house is a mess, and I didn’t get shit done this weekend. I did manage to see a few vidyas and stories about the Kraine… pretty much despite the near-constant cheerleading, they’re now going to start drafting folks up to 70 Years of Age.

So much winning!

Word is they –finally– made it to the Surovkin Line…
Mind you, the first line of the MLR (Main Line of Resistance). It’s fo’ sho’ not looking good for the home team…

Yep, an oldie but a goodie…

Then, when you get to total incomprehensibility we have that gem above from the “Institute of War” as part of a series of explaining just -how- the Krainian Klown Show under Krainfeld could have been worse… and/or is getting better…

Trying to translate the statement above is like enough to cause a brain bleed in normal folks… Essentially, and distilling it down:

“Putin is telling the Russian military to win, to give the
false impression that the Russian military is winning,
despite all of the money and weapons the West sent to


That’ll work, no worries.

Everything I read, everything I see personally tells me not only are we in for a Train Smash Wreck of epic proportion, we are, for the most part going to be utterly incapable of recovering from it quickly.

SOME Areas might do well, but man, the fact is, our education system is shot… our political system is shot… we are, by MY measure, ONE serious catastrophe away from being utterly fucked.

I’m GenX

The -majority- of my G-G-G-G-Generation has been in ‘stand-by mode’ for like our entire adulthood. If you weren’t “hardwired into the system” via money, Elite Connections (Haaavard and the like, Skull and Bones anyone?) or family connections, you had to make it on your own. The majority of jobs I was, (stress the word was) qualified for usually had a Boomer or Late-Boomer in the managerial position, (that I was -more- than qualified for) and had ZERO interest in retiring, or mentoring -anyone- who could be a ‘potential threat’ to them.

Go on Reddit, cesspool as it is, and find story after story of folks talking about older generations who tenaciously cling to their positions, and/or intentionally sabotage an up and comer. I mean fuck, one of the greatest and most obvious cases out there is the Untied Staaz Senate and CONgress…

The few ‘new blood’ folks out there?
Occasional Cortex? Miss Motorboat Titties herself?
Hand picked because she’s a fucking moron.
No threat at all to the Status Quo.
In fact, not only is she a threat to the “Establishment”, she’s programable like a blow-up fuck-doll. Give her the ‘latest thing’ and she spews out whatever mentally retarded shit they want broadcasted.

The you have one of my own personal Bane…
“The Zioclops”, Dan Crenshaw….
You’d think a Navy SEAL would have some integrity.

Guess fucking not.

And another personal ‘bee in my bonnet’… my former classmate and bully, Maura Fucking Healy who I purely know is going to be going “national” IF we survive to the next major political race… IF and only IF we manage to make it to 2028, just fucking watch… You can say you heard it here first… she’s The Governer of Mass, a Haaaaavard Graduate and full blown anti-male BullDyke. She used to (along with the majority of my former classmates) bully the fuck out of me… (yeah, I was the class nerd) She’s currently running Massachusetts into the ground, and I know that somewhere, somehow, someone has her bruited as “Presidential Material”

I mean she has ALL the ‘boxes’ either checked or licked as it is…

So yeah, We’re done here…

Besides the fact that now that the Boomers ARE all ‘clocking out’, and GenX, well… we for the most part, there weren’t that many of us to begin with… Once read somewhere GenX is the smallest of all the demographics out there ‘cos between “the pill” and abortion coming out, our numbers t’weren’t that large to begin with.

That and as far as I can tell, we were the last really educated generation. EVERYTHING went to hell in a handbasket… and a LOT of it was GenX’s fault as WE became the teachers/educators… it’s OUR fault for

A) being lazy (why put anything into a dead end job?)
B) being indifferent (a hallmark of GenX) and
C) being told “this is the way it’s going to be” by ‘higher-higher’ and of course, just following orders…

Ans as far as “A)” is concerned, let me tell you, from first hand experience. I was on the “Art Teacher Track” in college post-Gulf One… and DeadDad and MomUnit wanted me to be doing the whole ‘becoming a Special Ed teacher’… The place I did my student teaching, well according to the Higher-Higher there, they loved me as did the students. However:

The offer on the table was less than what a PV2 made in basic training (1992). Like 11k. On a One Year, Non-Renewable Contract INDEFINATELY.

Like nigga please.

You want me, to work up to 12 hour days, and have to deal with Special Needs/Ed kids? (God bless them, I had like 9 Downs Syndrome Students… they were AWESOME but tiring as fuck) For essentially $250 a fucking week and have ZERO prospects at tenure?

The only reason motherfuckers become teachers is tenure.

So, I said “fuck that noise” and joined BACK into the Green Machine.

And now that the folks who, I dunno, actually know and can do Math and Equations without a computer or calculator are retiring by the boatload, leaving the Apathetic Don’t Give a Fuck GenXers to –try– and deal with the shitshow, as well as the Millennials, some of whom are worth a shit, but the majority of whom are even in worse positions educationally speaking, to try and keep the fucking wheels on this out-of-control festering shytteshow. We have no engineers… Nor ANY in the pipeline. STEM is DEAD due to current day politics…

Nuh Uh.

Ain’t fucking happening.
Much like the battery in a Negros smoke alarm, and to quote a guy from a shooting a few ago “That nigga dead yo!”
Just like our society.
It just hasn’t had the good grace to fall over yet

So grab the popcorn, this’s going to get really interesting shortly.
More Later
Big Country

Krainian Kowardice and The Komplete Katastrophic Klose Out

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A-Polly-Olly-Geez for being ‘out’ another day AWOL. Turns out I’m not just ‘sensitive’ to the eyeball ‘roids, I’m full on allergic. Woke up yesterday looking like I had DiFi’s Blown Out Eyeball… like demonically possessed much BCE? Painful too.

So off to the Eyeball Emergency Room (the VA has one specifically here for these things, who knew?) which I guess this is normal/not normal, but common enough that they handled it nicely and quickly. No damage on the permanent side, but man, when you want to take a Leatherman out and rip the eye from the socket because of pain/itching? Maaaaaan… Add on this was straining the ‘for better or for worse’ with my bride as she was getting pissed with the docs ‘not getting it right the first time’… not that I blame her, as she had to haul my blind ass around in the car… I mean as much fun as it might be to try and ‘Use the Force’ and do a ‘Stevie Wonder’ methinks the fuzz might have something else to say about that.

That and I owe on the car… it’d be one thing if I had a beater “Hate Tank” but unfortunately It’s a ‘new car’ that I owe on. Remind me to tell y’all about the “Hate Tank” at some point…

On to ‘Da News’ as it were.
Been surfing a LOT of vidyas on the Krain.
GOD what an absolute shitshow.
Seems that the conscripts still haven’t ‘gotten it’

“Guys? Guys!!! I’m not dead yet!!!!”

Not sure who I feel worse for
1st Wounded Dude who they all were carrying or 2nd Wounded Dude who got hit after the round boiled in and they left behind when they hotfooted out of there.

To be very point fucking blank honest, that’s about as fucked up and cowardly an act I’ve even seen in my life… I mean I can understand that when the round hit, maybe 1st Wounded Dude took more shrapnel and/or was dead… I mean when they unceremoniously dumped his ass off the stretcher he sure as fuck wasn’t moving…

The shitty part is that as they move towards 2nd Wounded Dude (who’s flailing around, probably screaming his lungs out… if you enlarge you can see his left? leg is like totally fucked, all floppy and shit) they suddenly drop the stretcher, and dip. Now there’s no sign of any more incoming, leastways in that narrow field of view, but as them two dudes do the “bugout boogie” I don’t see anything that should have stopped them from helping their friend…

Any wonder why I ‘lean in’ on the casualty numbers being as high as I think they might be? With MEDEVAC like that, who needs friends? 400k KIA might be far lower IMO.

And then, another sure fire takeaway the wheels are coming off:

Which is different how?
But Krainfeld has reassured us
That should be enough amiright?


….And the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den wanted to give what? 24 MOAR Billion Dollars to these fucking thieves?

Guess Joe wanted to pad his retarded… errr retirement a bit more before he leaves the scene.

Which is exactly what this entire thing is all about. “The Grift™” Incorporated. I mean besides the Dissolute Scumbag Son, how many others kids were involved? John Kerry’s for one, Pelosi “The Gin Hag”, hell Mittens Fucking Fake Mormon Romney’s kids have all been hustling and shuffling that foreign aid back to the family coffers for years. This war just made it faster and easier.

Hence why it’s never going to end.
Not until Vlad decides he’s done and pops these assholes.
I’m just highly surprised he hasn’t let the kompromat that he’s got to have on all these fuckers loose. I mean The Gin Hag, as well as every. single. other. DotGov fucktard, to include the now good Senator DeadFi, has been on the Cartel payrolls since Christ was a Corporal. If -I- were Vlad? At this rate? I’d let the Krainians finish smashing themselves to dust on the defense, and as the full on Election season starts… July-August of next year, start then on the final march to Kiev, and when NATO and the rest of the Winken Blinken Stupid and Nod folks start squawking, drop ALL the dirt on ALL the politicians in the US everywhere and let nature take its course.

I mean at that point some of the shit out quote “Betters” unquote have been doing? Even Joe Normie might actually take up pitchforks and torches and go and burn out/hang the bastards, with Law “Enforcement” sitting it out, as they ain’t paid enough to die…

Jes’ Sayin’

So that’s it for today
More Later
Big Country

Not Blind, and Even the North Koreans Didn’t Want Him…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, I’m sorts kinda back. The right eye could be used in an Advertisement for a horror movie. I had a ‘severe inflammatory response’ to the dilation liquid, meaning I have the “Red Eye of Death” going on. After they got done inserting the new lens, to keep it in place they shrunk (dilated) the fuck out of what? My pupil? to hold it in place as they told me because I’m ‘over average size’ they really ‘tightened it down’ otherwise the lens would have ‘floated off?’ Not really sure as they had to really dose me up with the Vitamin “V” (valium) to keep me from twitching around.

So the post-op explanation is a wee bit fuzzy.

And to think I get to do this again on the 16th. I had to have the procedures split up, mainly due to various med issues. They weren’t sure how this one was going to go, and IF something fucked up, better I still have ONE peeper functional Aye?

Now that we know I’m not going to die/go blind I get to go through this all over again, once this one is fully healed.

So, back to the news, such as it is
North Korea made an announcement:

Former Pv2 Travis “Kang: King is being returned to the US DotMil. According to sources :“The relevant organ of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea decided to expel Travis King, a soldier of the U.S. Army who illegally intruded into the territory of the DPRK, under the law of the Republic,” the North’s official Korean Central News Agency said in what it called the final findings of an investigation into King”

“Reportedly, Kings repeated demands for “purple drank” and “…wanting to git sum stank on his hang-lo” were the deciding factors stated an anonymous member of the DRPK delegation.” “We cannot, nor do not understand how you people tolerate such an animal. He is no better than an unwashed, untrained monkey.” continued the source, “We in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea pride ourselves on our evenhandedness and equality, but after this experience, this “Kang” as he calls himself, would make even your Dr. Martin Luther King rethink his positioning.”

OK, so I made up that last bit….
Even so, the fucking Norks couldn’t nor wouldn’t put up with that asshole’s monkeyshines. I was wondering back when this story originally broke just what was going to happen. In the past, the Norks usually went ‘all in’ on utilizing such a thing as a propaganda coup, to show how corrupt/evil/yadda-yadda the Imperialist Americans are etcetera etcetera… during Viet Nam a number of guys ‘turned traitor’ and jumped the DMZ in order to avoid going to the Nam. Most of them actually stayed, married and led whatever lives they could eked out in the NK.

Nowadays? Looks like Kim Jong Un doesn’t ‘roll that way’ that his Dad and Granddad used to. Guess “niggerhaustion” is multinational now

Which then brings me to a really unmentioned bit from Italy.
Lampedusa, a small resort island between Tunisia and Italy ‘proper’ had what I’ll call a “pre-invasion” population of about 6500. Over the past week or two, Over 10000 North Apefricans descended on the Island in what I can only call a “Muslim Majority Invasion-Horde”.

As you can see, that screen cap is from Sunday… 4200 from that day alone…. and with that pic, and I realize it’s only that picture, but notice anything?
No Old Men
No Whamenez
No Kids

Nope, nothing to see here… moving on…
Which is of course the normal reaction by the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda. From other reports, the North Apefricans rioted pretty well, and have taken over the island, although the majority of news like that have been scrubbed per usual. The major issue, as is at OUR southern border is that we’re treating this as a fucking joke across the board.

The Repugnicunts and DemoncRats are both balls deep, if not deeper in the cross-border Cartel corruption, hence why there’s NO interest in stopping this shitshow. RUMINT is they’re ALL on the take… and why wouldn’t they be? I mean for real… you join CONgress or the Senate, and amass a HUGE FUCKING FORTUNE while in there… I do not want to hear that it’s all ‘stock trading’ and whatever bullshit-flavor-of-the-month it supposedly is.

The Cartels have more money than the Vatican I’d wager…
That right there, is saying something.
Add on that the DemoncRats are getting ALL them lovely lovely voaters to keep in power? No fucking wonder they don’t want to stop this shit…

You give me a Heavy Weapons Platoon plus… call it 40-50 Guys. 5 Mark-19s, 5 M2A2s, 10 M-240Bs… Give me open access to an ASP (Ammunition Supply Point) and some DMRs (Designated Marksmen… snipers with good rifles…) I can gar-ron-damned-tee we could end this invasion. I mean I’m sorry, but at this point? Demographically speaking, we’re done. And the real killer in all of this?

The “Golem” that they created? Lets just say that right now? They think they have it ‘under control’… much like ALL the ‘other monster movies’ out there, reality and your ‘pet monster’ tends to sneak up and bite you in the ass when you least expect it…

It will not end well either way.

And lastly, I got a package from an overseas reader. I’m going to do a writeup on the SubStack on it this weekend, along with some other history ‘stuff’

Ostensibly, a Cosmonaut Tube of “Cheeseburger with Onions and Ketchup”… It’s still good, and as to the veracity? Not sure but hey, what the hell? Rations are Rations, and a Cosmonaut chow? Why not? I did find some more of them when I goolaged it, particularly on the Zon, which is where I think it came from? Not sure but hey, if I had the $$$ eBay has real ISS food available…

Anyways, it should be fun to try right?
Got to keep the laughs up as well as the creative side of things…
So More Later
Big Country

Last One For a Few Days and Old School

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So gonna be out on Med Leave for a day or two. Getting the eyeball done, with the other sometime ‘after’… depends on how #1 goes. I already filled in the Politburo, and they’re cool with it

So, in keeping with yesterday’s footlockers, I realized there was another gift that Gretchen had gotten me when we had -first- started dating. At the time I was still smoking occasionally, so she found and got me an ashtray.

Mind you, not an ordinary ashtray. I have -no idea- where she found it, but man, there’s cool and then there’s very fucking cool:

In keeping with her taste mind you…
She’s got a ‘thing’ for the 1940s pin-up stuff.
I say that she was born too late.

The ashtray came from Duncan Ceramic Studios, of Fresno California, and was made in 1949:

Now, as it -is- an antique and in outstanding condition,
I never used it as an ashtray.
It’s just too damned pretty.
Instead, I reutilized it…
Meet, as we call it around the Casa, “The Butter Babe”

Works like a charm!

The knife slide under the legs, keeping it in place.
Hand washed only, I mean hell, how much cooler a butter dish could you ask for Aye? I’ve looked and continue to look for either duplicate, or something similar, but man, they just aren’t out there… even on eBay there isn’t anything quite as nice as that out there.

Again, file this under “Shit that makes me smile/happy”

Everything can’t and should not be all Doom and Gloom 24-7-365. There’s enough of that already, as anyone could or would tell you.

Even if it’s as stupid as a video like this of a couple of Chikinz that someone threw up on TikTok.
Gretchen strikes again with this one:

I have NO IDEA why that cracks me up so hard, but it does.

Maybe it’s just that it’s that stupid maybe?
Tough call, but I’ll take all the laughs I can get.
As should we all.

So More Later
Big Country

Helping Out One of Ours and An Update on A Krainian Klown

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I got this from Wirecutter’s place, seems the guy who runs The Daily Gator is in need of some assistance. Per Wirecutter:

“If you can see your way to join me in donating a few bucks to help out a fellow Patriot, I know it will be appreciated. Times are tough and it sounds like Doug could use a helping hand.”

And per Doug:

My name is Doug, and my mother has decided to cease her dialysis treatments. I have been her caregiver for four years, since my dad passed away in 2019. I have not worked since 2019 because mom has needed full time care, which I have provided in our home and we have been living on her Social Security benefits.

When she passes away, her benefits will cease, and I will very soon run out of money to live on. I was just beginning to apply for Medicare and Disability for me, so, it will be a few weeks before I can begin supporting myself. Our bank account is low, and the final expenses will likely deplete it entirely.

Frankly, I need some help, and would be grateful for any help you can give.

God bless and thank you very much

Doug Hagin

Now his GoFundMe is HERE
As I well know from experience, every lil bit helps, especially when family is involved. So, there it is.

So, the Krainian Klown that I referenced in the lede?

Seems our favorite ‘Murican Born Crazy As Fuck Wannba-Whammenz, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, who used to be a dude named Michael John Cirillo, well… besides being a fucking full bore psychopath, some new news that may or may not be related to It’s suspension from being the Krainian English Speaking Spokesthing has surfaced:

That’s about right
Nothing these days phases me, nor surprises me.
It makes sense however, as most of the fucking loons are known for having exceptionally dangerous sexual practices. Getting the HIV? Par for the course IMO. Deviants gonna deviate I suppose…

Now, as far as the rest of this weekend, or at least -today- I spent it cleaning up and painting some footlockers. About a month ago, Gretch was surfing the Fecesbook marketplace, and found a couple of old army footlockers for sale. An anniversary gift… been together 7 years at the end of August… Mind you, she didn’t tell me… just up and bought ’em. I was mad surprised and she told me she only paid $50 for the two. They’re in great shape too! The only problem with them was someone had done a shit-job of painting them. Like covered up the original stenciling that was common to them…

I did manage to clean off a dataplate and date one of them:

Post war… like RIGHT after WW2… these were from the Korean War timeframe. Made in 1946. I know this as there was a old label on it stating that it was “Locker #2 of 5” and the destination was Sasebo Air Base in Japan… I unfortunately couldn’t save the label as it fell apart to itty bitty pieces when I tried to remove it… that being said…
Cool huh?
So the paint job sucked… it was all nasty and fucked, and as much as I wanted to try to clean them up to the original, I just ran out of patience, and broke out the rattle can(s) and hit them both. Now the OD I’m using is period-correct, Color Number 33070 Early WWII Flat Olive Drab…

The only issue I have with it is Rapco paint takes forever to dry, and it’s sort of -thin- which means it takes a number of coats to get it done right. Personally, I think they came out OK:

Only thing that does suck is they’re both missing the internal trays. Sucks in that they’re not complete, BUT… I’m using them to store spare tactical gear… like they’re both full the hell up. Who knew I had so much shit? I got more pouches in ALL colors than I care to admit…

Anyways, the latches on them are intact, as well as the internal hinges, the lock hasp, everything. The one on the bottom is missing the dataplate, and otherwise, they’re both perfect. All the rivets are good, as well as the metal banding.

Funny that when I looked on eBay, like WOW again!

$175 plus $75 for shipping???
With a broken/missing right hasp?
Maybe I should sell these?
Hard to call it… the problem is the shipping… these things are heavy even when empty. “Stout” is the word that comes leaping to mind. That and Wifey might get upset that I I sold her anniversary gift.

So tomorrow, I have to do almost a full day of work, as when I tried to log in, I got the ‘system maintenance’ messages… I should have known. The IT Commissar always does his ‘stuff’ on the weekends… ah well…

So More Later
Big Country

The Friday Afternoon Round Up

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Now, a whooole lotta interesting things to go over, some related, some not so much. More like a list of ‘things that caught my eye’ today and over the past few.

Call it the Friday Afternoon Round Up.

So, first off, found a guy recommended by Simplicius76 on his substack, namely Dr. Rob Campbell’s stack. Guy does a pretty good job, and is added to my ‘regular read’ list now. Link to it is HERE. He had a pretty good write up this A.M. and some pics and breakdowns vis-a-vis the whole Krainian Klownkar Show.

One of the things that caught my attention was a picture of Andreevka, a ville located just outside of Artyomovsk, AKA Bahkmut. The location that was broadcast far and wide as touting the Krainian Kounteroffensive as being “Great” and “Successful AF” as well as “Unstoppable“… the way they (The various Ministries of Lies and Propaganda) were spinning it up, this was a Major Coup and showed just how winning the Glorious Armed Farces of the Krain were doing against the Russian Orcs… that the “Stunning” and “Brave” farces of the Krainian DotMil ‘rescued’ the town from the Godless Invaders…

Included in the write up was a picture of the town…

With ‘wins’ like this, who needs a loss?
Mind you, this’s a Krainian Town
It did, however, positively SCREAM at me for a meme:

Appropriate Aye?
Figure the reason the Russians left was there was literally nothing left to fight over… even the rubble has rubble, and I’d say that is the very definition of “obliterated” i.e. erased… gone, done, el finito. Even Carthage wasn’t so thoroughly thrashed I’d reckon…

And then, over at Art Sido’s place, he did a nice write up on how Krainfeld was ‘spun’ by the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda when he addressed the UN… his poast is HERE. The TL;DR is that when they showed Krainfeld at the podium, they used old footage of the General Assembly listening earlier to Krainfeld do his “Putin is Hitler, give me shekels Goyim!” shtick… problem is you could tell that they used old footage ‘cos Krainfeld himself is in the Audience apparently listening to himself drone on!
Talk about ‘not sending your best/low effort retards’
IRL, the audience (which I found on PBS) was actually this:

Quite the difference Aye?
Looks like everyone is tired of that grifting lil fucker…
Jes’ Sayin’
And speaking of ‘not sending their best’…

Seems that Kumdumpster Karen AKA Kameltoe Hairyass, has been named the head of the new ‘White House Orifice (sarc) of Gun Violence Prevention’:

Well consider me relieved…

Seeings how every single thing that this fucktard touches goes completely and utterly sideways like a motherfucker as well as pear-shaped, I’d say it’s safe to say that we don’t have a hell of a lot to worry about… this broad is too stupid to even know which end of a weapon the bullets come out of, so I’d say this might be a good thing. I mean she’s doing such a bang up job on the Border amiright?

Then, back to the Krain for a moment. Seems that we might have an idea what Russia’s plan for the winter is, which looks like “Make them freeze to death in the fucking dark.”

According to multiple sources, they (the Russians) blew the ever-loving-shit out of a metric fuckton of Krainian power infrastructure over the past 48 hours… most of which is probably going to be non-recoverable.

“No Power/Heat For You!”
It’s looking grim for Krainfeld… he only went home with the consolation prize of 300mil as opposed to the ‘retirement’ level funds of 24 billion he was demanding. That’s barely enough for him and his wife to settle in back in Israel. Damned shame eh?

And lastly, again, in keeping with the whole ‘not sending our/their best:

According to the article HERE, 17 Geniuses got caught mailing and/or selling “Spice” also called “K2″… that fake synthetic Weed… now, not for nothing, I personally think it’s bullshit, as there’s drugs, and then there’s drugs. That shit is fake assed bullshit, no matter how you ‘class’ it… However, the South Koreans are hardcore when it comes to smuggling as well as illegal drugs. So, that essentially means those guys are toast.

Ahhh the DotMil of today… gotta love it.
As I’ve said before, and I’ll keep saying, Thank God I’m out.
So More Later
Big Country

Finally Got My Patches Up and Displayed

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So over the years of being DotMil and a DotGov Contractor, I collected (much like all of y’all) a bunch of patches and whatnot. I also have a few posters and ‘things’ that I’ve gotten, the majority from Gretchen as gifts as well as the occasional out-of-the-blue ‘cool thing’ that Sapper finds while surfing the web.

In my case, a few weeks back, Gretchen found a BIG ziplock bag in one of the closets. Turns out it was my BIG bag of patches. I had shown you guys some of my patches that’d come out of the medium size bag… I mean it’s pretty funny when you have literally a multiplicity of bag(s) of patches floating around Aye? Well the BIG one was buried in the walk in closet at the back… I swear that must be the “Singularity” of the house there… ALL my missing shit seems to end up there…

Anyways, I finally got around to getting a ‘patch board’ which is about 3.5 feet by 2.5 feet… its a fuzzy-side of the velcro blanket essentially, with grommets. Found it on the ‘Zon HERE (and yeah, I get a ‘taste’ if one of y’all buy one). It came in a few days ago, so I went and dug out all the patches. I had to eliminate the duplicates, unless they were specifically different, I.E. the 101st and 1st Cav Patches, besides the Class A Color Patches, also have the Infrared Patches on the board as well…

Took a while but man, I personally love it.

And yeah, I have more, but some of them are on my Tactical EDC bag, on my briefcase, which is a 5.11 tac-laptop bag, and some are on my vast collection of hats.

The patches underneath all the nametapes are the Units I supported. 1st Armored, 94 ARCOM, 18th ABN Corps. 4th ID… the ‘usual suspects’ so to speak. The top middle are MY unit patches from the ones I served in, 101st, 7th ATC OPFOR, and 187th Infantry Brigade (Reserve).

Plus of course my 187th Regimental Combat Team patches.

Below that are my Affy Patches, which I showed you guys a ways back on the wordpress site. Then next to and underneath them, starts the Morale Patches and traded patches. That one with the Saint Christopher Cross, the Confederate “Stars n Bars”

I got BEFORE they had to stop selling them ‘cos “rayyyycism” and “reeeeasons” and sheeeeit. Not that anyone genuinely cared, but a couple of Nogs threw a fit, and the Chain of Command outlawed them. I got lucky and had bought it before the ban. The Kenny patch is funny b/c by the time I left, they had it up to “You sent me to Iraq 4 Times!”

Then the ‘other’ banned patch:

Again, another one that caused mad butt-hurt…

Now that lil Canadian Crown is interesting, in that I traded it from one of 4? I think Canadian Observers in Iraq.
As in there were four Canadians, in Iraq in total. Leastways that’s what they told me. Guys were winding down too and getting ready to leave, so we worked a trade, and I got that ‘un for the collection.

In the Morale patch arena, Sapper found and got me this one:

More truth in that than I care to think about…
After watching that video of the Fed questioning that guy at his front door, and then offering to pay him to be an informant… I mean really!?! It’s out there at multiple sites, but essentially, the Feds show up, never really state -why- they’re there, and then tell him that IF he’s got info on ‘suspicious people’ that they’re willing to pay him to give them up.

That right there is going to cause a WHOOOLE lot of problems in the very near future I think. Figuring that the current (mal)Administration is convinced that whytte sooperpreemiecycts are the #1 Terror Threat, and that the Feebles are out actively offering $$$ in a seriously fucked economy, that they’re going to get just what they asked for which is neighbors ratting out each other for cash, left and right.

Which is going to lead to the same exact problem(s) we had in Iraq and Afghanistan. Initially, like 75% of the ‘bad guys’ that got ‘turned in’ by neighbors or ‘other folks’ were people who the Narc either owed money to, or wanted their land, or had some other dispute with the guy who got snatched… Bunch of innocent guys caught up, for money, to ‘pad’ the number of ‘terrorists’ that the “Good Guys” (i.e. the DotMil) had caught…

Essentially people are going to start ‘making up shit’ in order to get that sweet, sweet filthy lucre, despite it destroying whomever they turn ins lives… and proving your innocent? Look at them poor fuckers from J6… what? almost 3 years for most of them, no trial, and the majority of them NOT what I’d call any sort of ‘real insurrectionist’… The whole of the J6 narrative stinks like Hillaroid’s unwashed coochie. Those people have no idea what a real insurrection looks like… not that we have to worry though…

Seems Sergey Lavarov just gave what -I- consider a ‘final warning’ to the US, as well as our GAE Minions… that we (our countries that is) haven’t been hit yet, and that the Russians are about to change that up a bit… I’m paraphrasing quite a bit, but essentially, the Russians now see the proxy war as a US Versus Them, and that it’s time to teach the US and it’s Minions a lesson in pain and suffering…

Not for nothing, but when you read that the United States has been involved in over 200 shooting war(s)/incidents/proxy “things” since like 1945, and Russia has been involved in 20 or less in the same time period, one has to ask

I’ll leave it at that. The next few days are going to be light as I get the surgery on Monday and I’m front-loading my work over the weekend so I don’t miss any hours, as I already burned out the vay-kay for this year…
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Just a Short One and More Evidence of Krainian Kriminality

Greeting me Droogs N Droogettes!
Just a short one as I sliced open the tip of my pointy finger, one of the two I use to type with. Cut it w/out even noticing when I opened my Box o’ Coffee Brand Coffee K-Cups that I’ll review tomorrow. Get yours on the link in the right side of Ye Olde Blog with 10% off with the Coupon “NTJ”!!! I get a teeny taste of any purchases FWIW.

So, yeah, the latest sign of all the winning?

So yeah, Females getting drafted.
That’s bad
What’s even worse?

Pregnant women?
OK, granted that the US DotMil has preggers Uniforms for the females, however… if you read this article and others, not only are they making uniforms but body armor.

Not for nothing, but uh… any US DotMil females who are ‘in the fambly way’ are generally exempt from deployments, and/or anything that could even be considered ‘hard work’. No way in hell would even the pozzed out US GAE DotMil expect, or even design a set of body armor capable of being worn by a pregnant chick.

As far as I’m concerned, this’s criminal to the extreme.

Just like all them healthy members of the SBU who seem to take such enthusiastic pleasure in rounding up folks for the meatgrinder. Seen a couple of vidyas of people turning the tables on the Krainian Recruiters and curbstomping them into oblivion. Funny how these (((guys))) all seem to have made a pile of cash, and are riding around in premium rides (I saw one with a guy driving an H2 Civvie Hummer) and somehow still not on the front line themselves? Funny how that works huh?

And for the final few, first, I need to re-record this with the Benny Hill song on it… “Yakkity Sax” I think is what it’s called:

This goes under “Nowhere to Run…” AGAIN
And then lastly, I’ll leave the video of the FSB (Russian KGB/FBI) snatching a spy… according to reports, “…

a citizen of Russia, born in 1981, proactively reached out to citizens of Ukraine through social networks, in communication with whom he began to express radical views on the political course of the Russian Federation and readiness to support the Ukrainian armed forces.

As proof of his intentions, Vyrus poisoned the water intended for mobilized military personnel. He filmed the entire process on video, which he sent to representatives of Ukraine involved by the SBU to recruit Russian citizens for the purpose of organizing sabotage and terrorist acts on Russian territory.

A criminal case has been opened against Vyrus for attempted treason and terrorism. He was charged and taken into custody.”

What interesting is the very last 2-3 seconds of the video… notice something on the wall?

Every. Single. Time.
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Yeah, Like I said, The Infantry is For Now, is DONE

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

These days?
Yep… nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide baby…

Found some vidyas courtesy of Simplicius76 on his substack.
They’re all shot from the perspective of observation drones (for the most part). a couple of them are drones that appear to be dropping small mortar shells, my guess is 50mm as it’s the smallest mortar round they got with a weight of 1.8 pounds in total. These drones also seem to have “Laze and Blaze” capacity, in that a lot of the Artillery shells that are being dropped land -right- where the crosshairs of the drones Point of View is looking, meaning they’re probably laying a laser designator on the target, allowing the Russians to pinpoint the targets for elimination.

That one is about 5 minutes long, I personally would hit mute as it’s got some cheesy 90’s ballad going on for a soundtrack…
The next one is an absolute horrorshow
3 and a half minutes of guys getting blow’d up.
Looks like a bunker, with about 2-3 Krainians in the bunker, with two guys in the open. The drone looks down, and it’s pretty obvious that the operator passed on word “Troops in the Open, fire for effect!” It gets bad… just to warn y’all
NSFW for damned sure…

It looks like the Russians start of with a stonk of probably 82mm Mortars… they bracket the fuck out of them, and the two dudes in the open? Yeeeah… it’s bad. Then as they’re obviously fucked up, what I really think is worse? Their buddies in the dugout/bunker? Yeah, they don’t come out to help. I’ll leave it to you to watch and reach your own conclusions.

Thing of it is, one issue I have is that I’ve been watching a lot of these videos. The number of videos of Krainians being obliterated versus Russians catching hell is like 30-40 to 1. Meaning that there are vids of Russians getting blow’d up, but nowhere at the frequency that you find vids of Krasinians kicking ass…

Add on another disturbing observation of mine: A LOT of the videos show what looks like a staggered line of Krainian Grunts hoofing it down either a trail or a hardball when “all of a sudden” >ERF SHATTERING KABOOM!<
An arty shell hits, and one or two, maybe three guys go down…
The rest of the squad hit the dirt and wait.
One dude ain’t moving, closest to the point of impact
Call him KIA
The other two? Flailing around, obviously fucked up.
The squad?
Yeeeeah, more often than not, they seem to go over and collect the squad weapon(s) IF the guys hit were carrying the RPK/PKM or RPG… then they leave them behind!!! NO MEDEVAC!!! No helping/First Aid attempts!!! Nothing but PURE Blue-Falconry (A Blue Falcon in the DotMil, in the Army in particular, means that a BF is a “Buddy Fucker”)

In fact I’ve seen this sooo often, no fucking wonder no one in their right mind in the Krain wants to be in their DotMil… fucking guys in these videos, shot via drone (meaning the video itself) guys getting hit, and the survivors show them ‘hatting up’ and unassing the A.O. with a quickness, leaving their buddies to die…

Just like in the vid above (#2). Granted, it became obvious at the end that that bunker/dugout wasn’t worth a shit when they dropped that BIG shell (probably a 152mm) on it, but still…

There was enough of a break in fire that someone could have gone out and at least dragged them poor fucked up sumbitches into the hole in the ground, and patched them up, instead leaving them outside to get continually blown to shreds and die outside.

That’s another reason the Krainians are getting slaughtered in wholesale lots. You may not believe in your Country. You may not believe in the reason for the War. You may even have Zero Beef with the Russians and sympathize with them. BUT, when all else fails you fight and possibly die for the guy to your left, and the guy to your right. Your Brothers in Arms. You may not even like some of them motherfuckers, but you know what? In the Infantry, you’ll go down fighting to help and/or save one of them.

Leastways that’s the way -I- was ‘brought up’
It’s readily apparent that the fucktard Krainians don’t feel that way about each other.
No unit cohesiveness… no comradery… no Brothers in Arms
That right there means they’re fucking doomed.

Telling ya, the Krainains are their own worst enemy.
Russia doesn’t have to do shit
Between that, and their cowardly and corrupt leadershit?
And from what I see, a complete lack of unit cohesiveness
I give them maybe til February/March.

Another subzero Winter in the trenches, without food, low on ammo, no armor/artillery/tracks and being constantly shelled by Ivan, while their “Commanders” sit 5-8 miles behind the lines in comfort? I’d say that we’ll not hear about it from OUR Ministries of Lies and Propaganda, but watch for mass surrenders and/or mutinies. Russia Times (RT) and Spunik will break the news… They (the Krainians) won’t be able to hide it long. That and watch for Krainfeld and his Koterie of Thugs and Thieves to bow out and bail to either Tel Aviv or Florida, although Florida, got me a hunch he won’t be welcome here…

Jes’ Sayin’

OH! Another thing I found!
Seems the much vaunted Stryker?

Judging from the lack of damage to the wheels, it either took a top-down arty round or a direct fire tank/ATGM/RPG round. Doesn’t look like a mine took that out…
I’d say no one got out of that alive.
And considering I screenshot that, it was burning quite furiously… badly enough to have me question again everything we were told about the ‘new and improved fire-resistant surviable‘ Stryker’ and how it ‘…was an improvement over the Bradley!’

In what sense?
That it was made out of Laminated Gasoline?
Sweet Jeebus that thing burns like a motherfucker….
Like I said, Infantry and the means to carry the Infantry to the field of battle? Yeah, it’s over for now… Jes’ Sayin’

More Later
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For Sale: Slightly Used F-35, Needs New Ejection Seat

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry for missing Sunday’s poast, but after the Red Headed Nuclear-Powered Firestorm, both Wifey n me were wiped the hell out. The very fact I was able to get up and be even operational is credited to running first thing this AM to the Gas n’Go for Monster Ultras… yeah two of them caffeinated hand grenades. Haven’t been able to get back to the Dollar Tree to pick up some RipIts… -yet-.

The Memes have been brutal AF about the Marines ‘losing’ an F-35 just North of Charleston:

Seems Sunday afternoon, the pilot had -something- go wrong badly enough that he had to punch out. Seems before he did so, he turned on the autopilot. Link HERE


So now, I guess the name of the plane must have been “Waldo” as in everyone is asking: “Where’s Waldo!?!” The DotMil put out a tweet or so asking for the public’s help in locating the plane, ‘cos apparently they don’t know where it is!

As the Critical Drinker would say:

Let me get this straight…
An 80 million dollar aircraft
Known as the “Flying Turducken” or “The Turd”
80 fucking million dollars, and they don’t even have the fucking thing LoJacked!?!
My car is fucking LoJacked FFS.

Again, there’s that whole “competency” thingy again we keep going on about. Getting to the point of “What’s not to believe?” The DotGov, as well as the DotMil it seems could fuck up organizing an Orgy in a Bangkok Whorehouse with a Suitcase full of $100s… Only thing we can do at this point is Laugh.

Somehow, I suspect ‘Muh Diversity’ played a role in this cockup. Any bets?

Tell you what, this’s gonna play pure hell on the sales figures, as the Belgians, the Finns, the Norwegians, from what I understand they ALL signed up to ‘donate’ their old F-16s and then buy the newest, bestest greatest all-around fighter aircraft evvar built! It does Mach 2, can shoot itself down, and slices, dices and can make julienne fries! It’s stealth capability is so fucking good, our own guys can’t find it!!!

Sorry… that’s a -lot- of sarcasm in one statement Aye?

It’s like God has looked down on us, and is just like -waiting- to find the “New Noah” and hit the ‘smite’ button for this weak-sauce country… can’t say I’d blame him at this point.

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