Rehab and Cleaning the House

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, we got Dad out of the Rehab facility.
LOTS of shady shit happening there. His clothing, all new stuff me n Gretch got him for his b-day, (2x pair of Underarmor Shorts and 3x Battlecats DotMil Vetbro type shirts) all fucking gone and replaced with some worn out nigger-wear… like Hobo-clothes. NOT his stuff…

SO MUCH shady shit, that I was told to stand down, as I was so angry, I was ready to do bad things. Like unfortunately, the ‘legal routes’ have been explored by a LOT of people… the place, after all the shit we went through to get him out of there, both him and Mom are like just wanting to put it behind.

He was put in there via the Hospital. They sent him there.. we didn’t have a choice. In the two point five weeks he was there he was given one bed-bath BY MOM!!! They didn’t do all the rehab, they ignored him when it came to helping him to the shitter…all sorts of really fucked up shit.

And yeah, it was overrun with ‘Muh Diversity’ hires from Haiti apparently.

The Google Reviews even say people died under ‘suspicious circumstances’ there. Almost EVERYONE with a problem has reported it to the various agencies, only to be summarily ignored. Hence my rage. And there were some seriously weird things that happened while he was there that made me nervous.

Dad was raising hell on the phone, which happened to be a ‘house phone’ to Gretchen. They don’t allow cell phones… during his bitch session, a nurse came in and started question WHO he was talking to, and asked how old G was? We HEARD HER in the background. How the fuck did she know Dad was on the phone unless someone was listening in from the main switchboard? Even worse was they wanted to keep him there for an additional 5-7 days, despite being ‘cleared and done with (minimal) PT… THAT had me really nervous as I think there’s some serious fraud going on that’s being ignored. Hence why I was going to go Scorched Erf if something untoward happened to Dad.

Not to worry tho, my bridezilla went up there, made the appropriate comments, and got Dad out of there. Things like “My Brother In Law is a Federal Agent, a Special Agent in Charge in the Orifice of the Inspector General…” (He was, he’s now medically retarded but still, sounds good) and then “My hubz is a former Merc who loves my Dad, he’d hate to have something happen…” as well as a few other pertinent info-nuggets that were enough to convince them that Dad needed to leave post haste. They sprung him this A.M.

So now? Fuck it. Would love to burn the place to the ground, metaphorically speaking, as in get ’em busted for Medicade/care fraud and collect some of that sweet, sweet bounty lucre. BUT M&D said stand down, so ok… Fuck it as I like to say. I will say tho, my bullshit sniff-o-meter was reading a 11 out of 10 for the bullshit there…

So, going to not get too deep tonight…
Brother In Law (G’s Lil Bro, who’s as big as I am) is in town and coming over to spend the night tomorrow. Cleaning the haus as it it a bit of a shambles, not that he’d give a shit. Great guy, former Navy, one term, no deployments, and still ‘lives out of his seabag’ so to speak, as in he’s a man of simple tastes. NOT dumb by any means, just laid back with a ZFTG attitude. He’s about 4 years younger than G, which means I’m 6 in seniority.

I -am- excited though as he’s bringing me a broke-ass 12 gauge Winchester Pump Shotgun to fix… it’s his buddy’s that was left in an outdoor (not climate controlled) storage unit and the action is currently locked up tighter than Sister Mary Elephant’s thighs. Rusted too… wants me to check it, repair/refinish, and y’all know I positively live for such things. If I can, I’ll do the photos and document the job for here.

So More Later
Big Country

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  1. went thru this kind of shit with mom and dad. the only way to make sure the staff is not fucking off is to go there EVERY day. it was the one thing my brothers made a point of doing. go there every day.
    ask questions about every thing they do too. sometimes bring ice cream bars for the staff too.
    from what I saw, the nursing home the VA runs/has in Philly was okay. for the most part.
    little story about condoms in the bathroom though. seems like a few of the “staff” was making cash money off some of the vets there. (true story, heard it from the cop that was there at the time)
    his words where “there goddamn USED condoms all over the place” (early 2000’s)
    the housekeeping guy said “I not cleaning this shit up ” you can’t make this shit up .
    one good tip was to look and see how many different types of chairs they have at the place to hold patients with. patient lifts, again, how many and do they WORK.
    but in the end, home care is always better. if you can handle it. it is hard. took care of my dad for the better part of 3 years until it became too much to handle. mom couldn’t do it on her own and I had to work. and my brothers and sisters, well. just not going there.
    wish you guys well as I know all too well how bad this can be on a person.
    still praying for you all down there.

  2. Seen the other day that the wonderful man of diversity in the pic killing the old white man got off free and clear. Zero jail time or any punishment.

    Honk Honk

  3. Keep them out of death camps. An elder was happy to escape when I picked them up at the local rehab hospice and the neighbor texted her son of the rescue mission.
    Happy Airborne Day, only 30 minutes left depending on timezone.
    Mchealthcarez is fake and GAE just like everything else, avoid it if you can.
    Stock up on meds and other supplies as well.

  4. I hate to say it but nothing happens because envelopes are regularly passed to the “right people” and those who are supposed to police such places are either paid off or DGAF.

    In the past they used to at least TRY to cover shady shit up but now they don’t even bother, it’s in your face and they’re like “watcha gonna do” ? Sadly legally there isn’t shit you can do either.
    Wifey handled that the best way she could and at least your FIL is the hell out of there.

  5. Oh, yeah, rehab ‘hospitals,’ can’t say much positive about them.

    Had a friend stuck in one for 3 months due to a bad car accident and they served the same boiled meat and cabbage meal for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. She survived in spite of it.

    Another rehab hospital had my bitch mother-in-law (she was a complete waste of breathable air) in and they did everything absolutely wrong to take care of her. Bath? Nah, that’s too hard. What, sitting in her own shit for 3 days? Denying us access, threatening to arrest my wife because she got her mother riled up, threatening to send my wife’s service dog to the pound, that type of shit.

    We’d spend as much time as they’d allow, cleaning her, changing her bedding, talking to her. We’d leave the tv on and plug in the little Christmas tree we made for her so she had something to look at. And they’d turn the tv off, turn the lights off, unplug the tree. Like less than 2 minutes after us leaving the room. Any wonder why she died?

    Fuck rehab hospitals.

    1. Aye, same here after my FIL was sent to one. They tried to put him in another state but my wife got them to transfer him closer and we went to visit every day. My wife went off on them for all the same reasons (neglect, etc). Passed after a week so he got his peace in the end….

    2. My brother in law was in one. I snatched the phone out of Tyrone’s hand and threw it down the hall. “When you get up to get it, DO YOUR JOB” in a DI voice about an inch from his face. “I’ma call the cops” “Please do, my disabled wife will say you assaulted HER first, and it’s at least ten minutes until they show up.” I’m 5’0, and have Little Man Syndrome.

      1. Nothing in this world pisses me off more than a worker on their mobile instead of doing their job.

        Doesn’t matter if it’s a medical orderly, or a doofus stock person at Kroger.

  6. Some of my ex mil friends say some of the VA hospitals are just as bad. IDK. Any intel on them?

    1. the .gov had a chance to get me killed 70-75, I will not go to the V.A. and give them another swing at me. I used to think highly of the V.A. hospital in Loma Linda, but they were primarily responsible for my dad’s death so fuck them too. Besides, hospitals today will try and vax you, so no.
      Big, sorry for your family goings on, we’ll keep praying. As for any good clothes you get for older folks, get a sharpie and write their name on it. Might could work, and since we’re old, we don’t give a shit what it looks like. Might be why I’m in MARPAT shorts and an aloha shirt…

  7. Mom took care of her MIL, her Mom and her Grandmother. Prolly about 15 total years of her life spent doing that.

    I went home, years ago, she was crying , just from exhaustion. I made her a promise. You will never see a day in a home. I will see to that.

    She is now saddled with old timers disease. I am here full time. My best years, not working, making sure my mother will not be raped by nogs, mistreated by beaners, or mistreated by fucks that do not give a shit! And you know what? I am totally FINE with that!

    I have people that say,” dude, thats so wonderful of you”. I tell them that they are full of shit. IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE MY FAMILIES SAFETY AT ALL TIMES!

    They do not understand. What a pity…

    BCE, I feel your pain. What a fucked world we live in. And it will get worse.


    Fuck this shit! And the fuckers peddling it!!!

  8. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Zero (bed) baths in 2 1/2 weeks?
    Sounds normal……for Haiti.
    But this ain’t Haiti.

    My mother has had to be in a rehab several times for this-and-that (she’s 90+ y.o.). But she lives in a Dell Webb Sun City West community (Phoenix AZ). So far, so lucky.

    1. My mom (95+) fell and broke her hip up in Prescott near where I live.
      Surgical repair and off to the rehab place.
      The place was fairly clean, didn’t smell like they had “piss misters” running but the fucking “food”?
      You could be generous and call it cold gruel. Some mystery meat sandwich and cold soup. She was getting this shit that 1st week because they were “ruling out” Covid – in spite of a negative test in the hospital AND a negative test at the facility. 🙄🙄
      Well fuck that! I brought her pizza, mexican food and whatever we were cooking that day.
      After that week she got the regular meals which she actually liked, plus they gave her regular utensils not plastic.
      Her PT was good and I talked to the guys and gals to feel them out and they actually were qualified. (No joggers in the bunch)

      This is getting long enough so I won’t go into the WuFlu absolute BULLSHIT they made me go through even though they thought the vaunted CDC mandated it.
      Bonus points and cold stares when I told them those mandates are for THEM (caretakers) not visitors. 🖕🏻🖕🏻

  9. Sorry you had to go through this. I’m a nurse, and I couldn’t even get my dad decent care, after he got the clotshot and stroked. Got him to the hospital right away, but 3 hour delay for surgery left him gorked. Was discharged to the crappiest rehab facility imaginable, where no one fed or watered him, or bathed him, and nobody cared. He started to speak again, and was taking his first steps, but they charted ‘no improvement’, I found out later. Insurance, which he’d paid into his entire adult life, cut him off because he wasn’t ‘improving.’
    Apparently, insurance only covers a fraction of what the facility bills, so if the Facility can get you cut off, they keep family on the hook for the full amount,- and take your house.
    We brought him home to die with hospice, as the money ran out.
    The care he got from hospice was amazing; he actually started to improve again. Then another massive stroke.
    As an ER nurse, I had absolutely no idea how bad the ‘elder care’ racket is. It is beyond predatory.
    You’re better off hiring somebody trustworthy to help with care and rehab at home. Those facilities are just mills to make money for corporations. It’s not about patient care.

  10. Rehab in Minneapolis is overrun with somalis. Wife did a stint in a nursing home after a knee replacement. Actually got two of those fuckers fired. Spent rehab at the Masonic center after her second knee job. They did a good job.

  11. >Haiti
    Gee the same place that massacred Whites, even the mutts and that is not counting all the other shit afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if they ate some of their victims like what has happen plenty of times in the dark continent.
    Should have cleansed that island centuries ago.

  12. Imagine what this will be like in ten years as the Boomers start needing long term care and find themselves being “care for” by sub-80 IQ savages. There already aren’t enough beds nor even semi-qualified caregivers. We are heading for economic decisions for euthanasia as many people won’t be deemed worthy of taking up space in nursing homes and all of those that chose to not have kids are going into the Soylent Green.

    1. This is presumably happening for BCE near The Villages.

      If you look at their adverts as well as those for other regional “retirement meccas”, such as Top Of The World, you’ll see a common theme: these are all “active elders” doing their “simple home exercise programme” things but with other people, and they all look like they’re in healthy shape. They literally have over one hundred “recreation” centres so you can join with all of the other “active elders” doing activities that Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” simply forgot to mention, such as the infamous “pickleball”.

      The implication with this is that if you move to The Villages, Top Of The World, and so on, you can be one of the “retired cool kids” with your louche benefits and somehow manage to escape the sudden arrival of decrepitude that’s been gradually making its presence known.

      But the truth is that in these places, you’ll be surrounded by Angry Conformist Karens who won’t stop kicking the moment that you fall down, starting with the “community development districts” (CDDs) who will fine you for various kinds of small scale non-conformity along with the HOAs who use their money as a weapon to beat people down into submission over the most petty of things.

      You can hire people to avoid the CDDs and the HOAs with their bullshit fines, such as people to keep the grass mowed, the foilage pruned, and all of the rocks in approved places, but you can’t hire people who actually give a shit about you.

      They’re fake communities and only as long as you’re one of the “retired cool kids” looking active and healthy, you can get by in these places. Get sick, slide off everyone’s social radar, and you’re suddenly on the flip side in the dark.

      Once you need actual care, you find out that these bargain destinations were created without much care about healthcare, and so the most predatory of healthcare orgs moved in first.

      They hire from the local market all of the people who can’t get other better paying jobs, which is the one constant across all fields that you can rely on, and so your care depends on people whose luck stopped there.

      Specialists are few and far between, being somewhat of an overgrown semi-aspirational jerkwater, and because the local economy is loaded with people who need healthcare, you can expect higher co-pays, higher rates of insurance claim denials, and all of the downhill rolling crap that comes with that.

      Maybe if you’re lucky, whatever takes you down will hit you good and hard so you get a free medevac chopper ride to Orlando, Tampa, or even Gainesville so they can perform expensive interventions that will eventually take from you all you have ever earned plus whatever pounds of flesh the insurance companies are willing to part with.

      That is in and of itself the American Standard Economic Model for several parts of the economy, but especially healthcare.

      Han here is not one of these people, but Han took the keys from The Developer’s Agents one day and became one of The Villagers for a week.

      Aside from a catered lifestyle in such places as Sanibel Island, it’s hard to beat The Villages on price … until you realise that they’re selling you an image of yourself that may not be true, one in which you have all of these new friends and all of this activity that’s meant to replace having such things as meaning and a future worth having.

      If you’re lucky to see it during those days, you hand the keys back and soon realise there isn’t anywhere for you to go within America, certainly not such Boomer-rarefied places as The Villages.

      Those who were unlucky enough to buy “the dream” and take the keys for real find they’ve been sold out.

      The Villages isn’t unique, and it’s not just a Boomer thing, because this is increasingly all of America.

      The people and institutions you think are “responsible” for things are anything but responsible, and it’s because America has chosen repeatedly to push the problem elsewhere, to import something to solve the problem, to deny the problem exists, or to try to perform some proxy action that allows the problem to continue without directly affecting things that things continue as they have for some time.

      That’s when they aren’t creating the problem so they can actively exploit the problem as a low-energy profit windmill.

      Euthanasia won’t be their way out, but instead, it’s more of what the people here are talking about.

      These people hate the family, and so they’ll allow families to implode under these heavy loads.

      They want you to take your family members home once they’ve bled them for cash.

      There’s always someone else to take that room or that bed in the hospital.

      America still believes in the nuclear family, especially when it explodes.

  13. Had stint with this 4 years ago. Mom was living with us, fell and broke her hip. Three days after surgery, the hospital said by-by,and shipped out to rehab. Place was close to home, but was not where we wanted her, but was the only place with an open bed. Found out that even if the patient and family specifically request it, no bed rails, as it is considered a restraint. So she had 6 weeks of fear of falling out of bed. Had lunch with her one day, food was practically in-edible. Her stay was extended as they had to stop her rehab due to open, bleeding sores on her feet as no one thought to tell us to bring her some slippers to do it in. Finally declared her rehabbed enough to go home with in home care for the rest of it. Funny thing, that is when the Gov’t money was running out so out the door she went. We took care of her to the end, telling those who asked why, That is what family is for and what we needed to do.

    1. Then they didn’t know what they were talking about. Using ALL FOUR side rails IS considered a restraint where I’ve worked (and what I was taught in nursing school). But where I have worked, the Epic EMR (Electronic Medical Record) has an option to document “Patient Request” for all four rails being up. Otherwise, it requires a physician’s order and regular charting that the patient has been assessed, hygiene needs taken care of, skin intact, etc.

  14. My MIL had parkinsons, and outlived her money. Wound up in a shitty nursing home (in Louisiana).

    Man, oh, man, I wouldn’t let my dog live there. All the problems mentioned in other comments. And like said before, you got to be there every stinkin day to ride herd on the IPs (Indigenous population).

    Her roomate was waking up, complaining she needed to get to the toilet. So the wife goes to fetch help.

    We had to sit there as the poor woman went in her pants. It was humiliating for her and us. Now, being a huwhite person, I’d say get there and helping the old lady would be better than cleaning up after.

    They just couldn’t be bothered. The MIL called for the same sort of help one day, and they told her to go in her diaper.

    Sore spot for me as we were sending shekels to help pay. 10 fuggin kids, 32 adult grand kids, and I think only 3-4 of that white trash mess helped financially.

    That said, I’ve spent more than my share of time at medical facilities. I’ll take mexican and philipino nurses over black any day of the week. I’ve never had a black nurse or phlebotomist be able to draw blood (or insert an IV) in a single try. It’s usually 4x, at least. The two single best nurse types?
    Old white ladies, been doing it for decades, or 40s white dude x-medic. I love those guys.

  15. Story incoming,

    My elderly mom had a couple of failed surgeries to stabilize a broken ankle. After the last one, they stuck her in a rehab where the Haitians took away her call button after she asked for help to take a leak during the night. The fat lumpy savage attendent took away the call button and my mom later fell out of bed trying to hobble to the can. The next day we’re visiting, and my sister, a disabled vet herself with world-class PTSD, is the first to see the massive bruise running from my mom’s elbow to her wrist. The story comes out. My mom ID’s the fat fucking whore who did that, and my sister, who doesn’t even like to leave the house because she is so conflict-avoidant, steps out into the hallway, and we hear her bellow “YOU!” and charge the slack-jawed heifer. She had the girl by the lapels and spun her into a wall face-first, firmly but not with dangerous force, and proceeded to question her with her forearm pressing the back of the woman’s neck. When the guard came and threatened to call the police, my gentle, harmless sister told him that if he tried, she was sure that she could run faster angry than the guard could scared. And of course my brothers and I were all there, looking dumb but mean.
    The police did come, when we were leaving the building about 15 minutes later. The cop was polite but serious, asked if we were the ones who frog-marched an employee into a bulkhead, and my sister got to talking to the cop. Turns out, he was a vet too, and had spent time at Walter Reed like my sister. Turns out there is some heart in some city cops after all. She got an attaboy, not a citation.

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