Doctor Who and Friday Night Humor via 4Chan

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A -wee- bit hungover this A.M. from hanging with Wifey’s Lil Brother. Had a lot of fun exchanging some stories and we found ‘common geek ground’ when we started talking about, of all things Doctor Who. He got introduced to it when they rebooted the series with Chris Eccleston, after which he went ‘backwards’ and started watching older versions of Who. Now, as far as Eccleston, a lot of “Whovians” didn’t like him, however I had no issue with him playing The Doctor.

In fact, episode six of what they’re calling “Season One” (which pisses me off… acting like the previous 26 seasons didn’t exist) was actually a fave of mine…”Dalek” showing the last of the Daleks and it’s fate. Pretty Good IMO.

That being said, there is only one True Doctor:

Can I get an “Amen”?

Tom Baker… the definitive Doctor IMO.
Got a true story about him that maybe I’ll pass on at some point. I have a honest-to-gawd handwritten thank-you note from him, to me. A gentleman in every way imaginable.

We watched the ‘Attack of the Cybermen’ series… for those not in the know, Doctor Who when Mr. Baker was running the show, was serialized like the old Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers stuff… 4 nights, one major plotline, which each show ended with a cliffhanger of sorts, with the 4th episode being the resolution. So we (BIL and I) had a good night hanging out and beering it up, hence todays ‘issues’…

Now, today after work I came across a group on Blab that’s called ‘Greentexts’ which are stories pulled from 4chan. OMG some of them are brutal AF so I figured since my brain is still a bit fuzzy, I’d throw this at y’all for S&Gs (Shits N Giggles to the uninitiated).
First One:

Got to admit, I LOL’d on that.

Heh… Here’s your Crown, King.

No shytte Aye?
That’d be my luck for sure. Now, the next one is not in the ‘humor’ category but the one called ‘things that make you go Hmmmn’…

Uhhh yeeeeah…
Wee bit disconcerting methinks.
And then, filed under ‘gross but funny’:

“I’ll take ‘Things would suck’ for $500 Alex”
And going on the ‘chan wouldn’t be complete without some good ole racism:

And Lastly, under “The Truth Hurts”, I give you:

So, doing a Russian Ration for the Stack on Sunday. Hope my guts can handle all the weirdness.
Hope you got a laugh or two out of those
So More Later
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Doctor Who and Friday Night Humor via 4Chan”

  1. I’ve only watched the Tom Baker Dr. Who.

    Never had any interest in the ones before him or after.

  2. I like the Lovejoy Antiques show with good ol’ Al Swearengen or Ian McShane.
    Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica, Fvck Yea!
    BJ and the Bear was a good one The Dukes of Hazzard.
    Fun trivia-There is an actual Hazzard County in Kentucky.
    HS sweetheart Honey Chambers loved Knightrider and even had the same car as David Hasselhoff, I got to drive all up in it. (wink)
    Comrade commissar Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has no medical degree and comes from an African communist group is the new Dr. Who but he can’t play a lick and won’t be Live at Leeds.
    How about this Hurricane Hillary about to hit the glorious people’s republic of California, someone has a sense of humor.
    The explosives will be used on some Red State train depot or infrastructure by brown/black shirt ANTIFA/BLM of the CPUSA?

  3. I’m about your age and a local UHF tv channel used to play Dr. Who episodes when I was a kid.
    I remember watching the Jon Pertwee episodes first and then watched it off and on until a few years ago when they went WOKE and had the Dr become a chick !
    I just couldn’t bear to watch it after that.

  4. I used to watch Dr. Who maybe 40 years ago.
    The thing that impressed me was the graphics.
    Clean and crisp for such a long time ago.

    – Charlie

  5. Got hooked on Tom Baker as Dr. Who back in the early 80’s on RTL (Radio Television Luxemburg) while stationed in Germany. Wife and I lived on the “economy” and it was the only station we got on an old TV in the apartment. Have to agree he was the best although I have enjoyed several other Dr. Who

  6. Tom Baker will always be THE Doctor for me. Met him a long time ago in a random encounter in Germany of all places, wonderful person.

    My mom knitted me a scarf as close as she could get to the original, which I still wear at least once a year.

    I don’t always agree with everything you post BC, but to Tom Baker I will gladly raise a glass with you.

  7. Oh, for me it was VCR recordings from PBS growing up in the early 80s (Friday nights 7-9 if I recall correctly

  8. > That being said, there is only one True Doctor:
    > Can I get an “Amen”?


  9. I grew up watching Jon Pertwee (like JimmyPx) from behind the sofa cushions. Space spiders seen him off and Tom Baker appeared. Broke my heart for about 1 episode and then Tom owned it. No one else from the originals came close.

    With the new reboot I started watching with my youngest. I liked David Tennant but preferred Matt Smith. The first Lesbo side kick should have been a clue. Stopped watching when they went full retard and made the Doc a female. We didn’t watch a single episode since.

    Trivia note. The Bollocks and Buggery Corporation fully sucks but I did laugh when the rainbow wearing Lesbo left the show. By some time trickery she ended trapped on a ship and became one of the first Cybermen. I pissed myself at the irony.

  10. AMEN. Tom Baker is still the Best Doctor. Elizabeth Sladen’s Sarah Jane Smith was the best companion.

    I first liked the Doctor when I was a kid and watched the Peter Cushing Dalek movies on the late show. Got really hooked when PBS started showing the Tom Baker reruns on weekday afternoons

  11. Great chan shares.

    I could give a fuck less about bongers and their troubles, much less another distraction of the whovians, but it’s fine for those who enjoy… I still have my occasional sportsball weakness when I just don’t want to think and have a drink.

    Keep up the great work BCE, I chuckled when Ocho bitched about non-grammer plus tolerance when I found them from here… I’ve thrown sheckles at you as I can when it seems you need ’em. I get your dialect, almost kinda larping RP from teh old dayz of DnD or whatnot… but you were there and you.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with plebs like me, info is info and chuckles are important. They are desperate, let clown world continue to entertain!

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