VA “Stuff”… Miserable Bastards… Jes’ Sayin’

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp, took a long time for the Tampa VA to fuck things up, but, like all “good things”, this week the sterling record they with Me had come to an end.

Nothing overly dramatic per se… just some major pain-in-the-ass inconveniences that I could have done without. I went into the Online App to check to make sure that they had gotten my ‘script riflls needed message… to which I got a “Because you missed your last three month Opioid Check In appointment, you’re cut off untill we see you!

Of course I was like WTF, and went to check my appointments, and man, WTF are they taliking about!?! Shit sez I completed the July one… so I opened a couple of tabs, and went to get some screenshots to argue my case, ‘cos man, I hate withdrawals. I don’t get them bad, think “bad hangover” level, but still, if I can avoid it, I most certainly will. So, the issue and “Big Thing” that pissed me off was they, while I was in the appointment tracking App went in and started changing some of my past appointments to show that I was a no show.

I have the screen shots as, like I said, I was in confirming some info, (my appointments in ‘MyHealthE-Vet App/Website) and as I got screenshot #1 for proof that I –hadbeen there, and completed the appointment successfully and was marked thusly, (God love the snipping tool) when, while I was in the App, the appointment changed from “Completed” to NO SHOW.

People have gone to jail for shit like that.

I got multiple screenshots as well, ‘cos the appointment in question? My 3 month Opioid Follow up. Gotta prove I’m taking them, not selling, and that my body is handling it.
Fill a cup too, showing that I’m being a ‘good lil junkie’ and that I am pissing hot as opposed to making… what is it now? Like $30 a pill? selling them? Only reason I know the price point is back in the day when they wouldn’t give them to me, I had to ‘outsource’ my supply of ‘critical infrastructure support’ so to speak….
FedGov Meddling donchaknow?

Thing is?
I miss one appointment as a No Show and I’m fucked.
Cut off.
And for my raggedy broken blown up ass? Sorry, no matter what sort of JuJu people recommend, I know at this point what works for my carcass. Took me years to get them to finally admit that this’s what I needed. I know it’s a ‘case-by-case’ thing, and all the stories of “The VA is handing out opioids like Pez!!! So much it confused John Wilder!!!” To me?

Not so much.

Literally like pulling toofuses with my Leatherman. To the point if any medication, no matter how new, experimental yadda yadda… even if it wasn’t meant for pain, but had “pain relieving side effects” to include some really fucked up head meds, they put me on it.

And that was a problem… as my casaba? Well, lets just say the grey matter in the brain-housing group is… shall we say highly sensitive to some meds… as in some made me sooooo depressed I was listening to the Smiths, and XWife wanted to know why I had switched to wearing all black all the time and reading Friedrich Nietzsche nonstop…

On the flip side? Some of them?
Think “Predator” Level Ragebeast… Homicidally so.
Doctors at the Pain Clinic Consult:

Doc#1: “Well Doctor, the medication you want to put this veteran on has potential side effects to include homicidal tendencies. He’s a 10 year former Airborne Infantryman, who’s been a mercenary alllllll over the Middle East for the past 12 years He also is 6’4, 320 pounds, and leg presses almost half a ton and his last deadlift was almost 380… do you think we have to worry?



About that.

I called the VA Advocate for whatever good it was going to do me, and for my (making) trouble I had to go in today for a repeat of July’s appointment. Meh… reason I’m so pissed is if they did this to me, how many others are getting fucked with who are not as ‘flexible’ as I am right? Because my “Boss is a GOD” at Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory, I can punch in and out, and make up my time, as long as I get my forty each week.

So when I called the Advocate, who was a nice guy

End of the day, He’s system. He’s still the FedGov. The fucking enemy. A big provable part of my case with the Advocate was I was able to point out the whole time I lived in Tennessee, I never once missed a three-month appointment. Lord knows they tried to gaslight me into the “maybe you forgot!”

Bitch, I might be deaf, half blind, shot to fucking ribbons, driven by purely Monster, Stackers, Coffee and Hate, but I never miss what I call my “dope appointment”. To the point of making the every, fucking. three. month. fucking. drive. back. to. fucking. Florida. from Buttfuck Tennessee, and fucking back, without fail…

So, the deal was, I make todays appointment, which I did, and they’d make sure I don’t go “Trainspotting” Fucking cost me $30 in Uber fare as G was out of the house up helping Mom and Dad, and Sapper was at work.


Anyways, I’m good now… Had another appointment they made for me, back to back, as I needed a biopsy….
Yeah… might have a touch of the Cancer again, tho a very small issue for me… these are some skin issues… MoleMoleMole stuff that’re getting a bit painfully agressive, as I never wore sunscreen in the Middle East like a tard, and being the Whyttest Whytteboi alive (maggotbelly colored for real) I got burned up really badly on multiple occasions…

Cut ’em all off, and call it a day… after the left airbag carved out of me with a Orange-Sized Tooomah? Skin Cancer?
Bitch Puh-leeeze!!!
Worried/Not Worried.
So more later gang.
Big Country

11 thoughts on “VA “Stuff”… Miserable Bastards… Jes’ Sayin’”

  1. Man, that’s some messed up crap right there – jinking around with your charts while you’re actually signed in!

    Wife’s pain and spine of several years quit and opened her own practice – which our insurance doesn’t cover. Now, she has to build a relationship with a new P&S doc, who all think every one of their patients is just a drug-seeking junkie.

    Then her GP decided to leave the state and no other doctor in the clinic is taking new patients. That clinic is literally 1,000 meters from the back of my property. The only new doc she could find is 45 minutes away. Then her dermatologist decided that she didn’t like her bloodwork and cut her off the only medicine that successfully makes her skin condition go away completely. Her rheumatologist rescheduled an appointment while we were sitting in the waiting room – said his son got the coof and he didn’t want to expose us. (There were golfing magazines all over the table in the waiting room.) It took 5 months to get that appointment and they still haven’t rescheduled after a month. Now, her neurologist is being hinky with appointments.

    Maybe if she quit paying the bills they’d want to see her? Everything is paid up, so it isn’t that.

    1. I actually am thankful the fucking DotGov is like 10 years (at a minimum) on IT ‘stuff’ Any other entity, civilian or ‘other’ would have been notified I was IN THE FUCKING CHART LOL.
      I should have mentioned the Advocate was a bit unnerved that not only did I WITNESS the changes, but b/c I had multiple tabs open, I was able to screen shot it for evidence, complete with timestamps and dates

  2. I’m finally “getting use” to going to the VA clinic. Fucking hated that place when I started going. It felt like I was in a greyhound bus station. It makes you wonder how some sink so low in life.
    It does sound like I get in a little quicker than you though. Usually just a month wait.

    1. My local VA hospital has the highest death rate in the system. I’ll not be taking my chances.

  3. The local VA is right by the poor people’s hospital and the vets are always out there mocking snowflakes and cat calling the hot chicks while enjoying smokes.
    Anything the government touches is reverse Midas and turns into a steaming turd.
    Dullards who worship government get the Zimbabwe that they so richly deserve.

  4. That sucks out loud! Glad you wrestled the rage monster into submission and got the scrip fixed. The VA (Nashville) screwed me up too, cut me off for a false positive. Went though their bullshit pain clinic for a year, the only thing that worked, for a few weeks, was some kind of injection in the spine. Was supposed to be good for months, “Nope, too soon to have anymore, it’s bad for you”. Didn’t get fixed until I got an old white haired Jew Dr that wrote the scrip RIGHT NOW when he found out I was a “LONG TERM” maintenance user. Fed law says you only get drug screened twice a year, so they’re fucking with you.
    I’ve heard and read horror stories about “some” VA hospitals, but my experience at La Jolla, Ca.(’04-’15) was excellent. Had the same AWESOME female doc the whole time, made the prostate exam a LOT less awkward for me. Then we moved to Tennessee in Jan 2015, I ripped off a radius tendon while loading vast quantities of valuable stool (good shit). The Nashville VA turned out to be as good (except for the script screw up) as La Jolla. They reattached my arm (ha ha) and later replaced my other knee (1st done at La Jolla). All hospitals have their own personality, some are better than others.
    Apparently you have some effective coping skills despite the rage monster, keep them tuned up and hang in there.

  5. Now you know why I don’t peruse the VA system? With my background and training, I would be Jeffery Dahlmering every one of them there within a week and enjoying a nice chianti whilst I dined… Besides, I work there for a week in the Portland VA, enough said.

    1. My Uncle.went in to the Northampton, Mass VA for a physical, he was a healthy 66 year old who had been a wrench turner in the Corps Air Wing during the unpleasantness in Korea. Anywho he was given a hot shot EppiPen by his nurse, and died of a massive heart attack. He was just one in a long line of veterans killed by this serial killer nurse.
      Then my cousin and dad kept asking what happened, they figured out the nurse was killing people and she was arrested for unrelated charges, calling in a bomb threat on the VA.
      and put in jail.
      Anyway the VA.kept stalling,saying it was under investigation but they dam well knew what had happened.
      Then a year the last vet had been murdered, and there were do, they arrested her for the crimes. Then my cousin and other families tried to.sue the VA they were like O you had to file notice within a year, so sorry. you can’t sue us now.

  6. Y Dad used the VA in Tampa a few.times, they would give him appointments in Tampa or Gainesville, no rhyme or reason Every time he went in he would have to.explain his conditions to.them, over and over, as if it were the first time he had been there.
    I remember one time, early 90s I went to the Tampa VA and, there was a women there, a nurse who had been in the military during The War, who lived there full time, her room was decked out like a little apartment, she had been there a while. I asked her why her room was so decked out, she said that she was a full time resident, that was the deal she struck not to sue their asses off, because she went in for an amputation of her
    eg, and they cut off the wrong one, so then they cut off the other one, and she was a double amputee, so she had to live in a facility.

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