OK A Bit of a Different Topic: Axes and Then Some Krain Updates

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So during my 10 Minute Mandatory Break at Glorious Peoples Tractor Factory, I checked a couple of international news stories. One of them caught my eye for a multiplicity of reasons. One of which is the “history bug” that I caught loooong time ago, and that I enjoy. In this case it has to do with the rebuild of the Notre-Dame cathedral.

Now, if you remember (before they utterly memory holed the story) the famed Cathedral of Notre-Dame in France suffered a catastrophic fire.

An absolute tragedy that all things considered, IF the perps were to truly become known, my own opinion is that their country that they’re originally from? Drop a fucking Cobalt Bomb man… wipe out their homeland… Fucking savages man…

Word is that they have now stated that during the investigation, that just like Flight 800 (which was shot down…) errr…crashed off Long Island, Notre-Dame too suffered from an ‘accidental short circuit’… In reality there were-slash-are still a number of Haji running around France, torching historically significant Christian Churches, and in this case quite a few were spotted ‘working’ in the area that the fire started, so if it quacks like a duck? Yeeeeeah.

So, the article in question I found?
Man… it’s cool AF

Like for real man…
Forged in Fire stuff right there.
The TL;DR in the Link HERE is that they want the rebuild to be as close to original as possible. In order to do this? They got this guy and a couple of other Master Blacksmiths to start making the axes they need to cut and hew the timbers to the Cathedral. It’s because the original timbers had the tooling marks which meant:

“The axes had to be as close as possible to the originals used by the carpenters who first built the cathedral in the 12th and 13th centuries — so that the new wood beams would bear the same markings as the old.”

Like I said, cool AF.

Things that give you hope right?

Now… moving on…

Things that crack me up.
The very fact that the Krainians have told the US to go ‘pound sand’ as far as settling the current unpleasantness. Looks like a Peace Treaty is no longer on the table, leastways as far as Krainfeld is koncerned.

Seems Krainfeld is pushing a Krainian Konstitutional Amendment stating that they ain’t gonna stop fighting as long as one inch of the Krain is in Russian Hands. That for the War to end, the border has to be restored to the 1991 borders.

Which ain’t happening, not in this lifetime, if even ever.

This means, by and large, that even if the Current Cabal Running the Group Behind the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den WANTED to ‘off-ramp’ the war into a “North Korea/South Korea” situation, Kreinfeld just skewered that idea completely.

Don’t know if it’s the Kocaine is burning out his Synapses even worse than before, or if he’s still believing his own Press Releases. I mean Jon Bon Jovi wrote him a personal song man! Add on that there’s been some intel slipped (via simplicius76, Link HERE) out that for real, the Krainians are so desperate to cover up their losses, that they’re issuing orders to Unit Commanders to get guys to sign off on being cremated in the field immediately, rather than having their stiff packed up and sent home. A translated copy of the document is there, and for shits n grins:

So, yeah, disinfo? maybe?

Don’t know, don’t care. I do know Lukashenko (the Belarusian President) let it slip that there’s a quarter-million moar Russian troops, all volunteers, who’ve been trained up and ready to ‘end game’ this shitshow. Again, don’t know, but I sure AF just want it over, if only to break the spirit and spine of OUR fucking assholes who’ve been behind this entire massacre. Nuland et. al. need to have their faces rubbed in it but good. That being said, history shows that if anything, NONE of them will ever be really called out for their absolute failure(s).

Personally? If I were a Krainian who had his father/son/brother kilt by these bloodthirsty “Regime Change” ‘Murican Poly-Tick-ians? I’d be getting me a Javelin for myself, and wait until they showed up at the Airport to meet with Krainfeld, and blow their theoretically up armored limousine to its component pieces-parts. I mean a Jav, when it works would reduce a civviemobile to itty-bitty ripped up parts.

Ahhhh to dream…
Plus, I wanted to thank everyone for the input on the whole CBDC thing and Power. Without going too deep into it I actually back-in-the-day was a Counter-Terrorism Occifer for CIS or Critical Intervention Services here in the Tampa Area. They had the contract (back then) for TECO, Tampa Electric to provide physical security for the power plants. It was a shit job with shit pay and shitheads running it, hence why they lost the contract with TECO.

To give you an idea of how shitty? Back then, the Head of the Uniformed Security Division, AKA The Paul Blart Team, his stupid ass wasn’t legally able to carry a firearm due to felony domestic violence conviction(s). However, because he was a founder of the company, HE got to still get paid the big bux and run the show. We also had to buy our own weapons if we were part of the Armed Guard force. And even then, they got shitty with you about -where- you bought it if it wasn’t one of their ‘preferred vendors’… methinks there was kickback going on… They wanted us to ‘be uniform’ and all have Springfield XDs, which, while an ‘ok’ pistol, I got me the XMD because 19 rounds plus 1. I actually got a deal on it from GunGirl as it had been a trade in, and was faaar less than the going rate for a XD. Took a lot of shit over it from the Higher-Higher too, but since it was a “XD” model, I argued it, and they left me alone. For the most part that is… I took a bit of petty harassment from some of them when I called out some of their blatantly obvious stupidity vis-a-vis Access Control and HOW -T-Walls were supposed to work, but that’s another story again. They dropped the subject when I brought up Iraq, ‘cos the majority of them had no idea what my background was, and I wasn’t advertising.

Another example of just how shitty the company overall was that TECO gave out/paid a HUGE Christmas Bonus to CIS as a “Thank You” for all the hard work we’d put in… we meaning the Grunts on the Ground who walked the beat so to speak. Literally… patrolling, Gate Control, all the usual ‘stuff’ for a ‘sensitive site’ per Homeland Security.

The bonus? Never saw a dime.
The Foul Four Founding Fuckers, the “4Fs” as we called them? They bought customized Harley Davidsons for themselves at a cost of like 40k Each. And then proceeded to show them off to everyone by parking them in the Corporate HQ in Pinellas on a Friday. Needless to say, the paid-$10 and Hour Guys like myself fucking ALL walked. They got royally buttfucked labor wise when THAT story got out. NO ONE wanted to work for them. Last I heard, G4S ate their lunch contract and biddness-wise, and is running the TECO security contract now.

Good, ‘cos fuck those guys.

I did learn though the location of all the Storage and Backup Depots for TECO and how most major power companies ‘scratch each others backs’ on the regular. This means that if Duke Power Company, which runs a LOT of Northern Florida and Georgia, runs into trouble, be it a catastrophe of some kind or runs out of a major part (like a Transformer) then they either send Guys to assist with repairs, like they did after Hurricane Katrina, or they send the pieces parts as needed. A very educational job experience, even if poorly paid.

So, Making Molasses Cookies Again as I only got one, maybe two from the last batch, as everyone else in the house, to include the BrotherInLaw? Bastards hoovered them up like a motherfucker leaving me high n dry!

This batch? Allllllllllllll mine baby!
So More Later
Big Country

10 thoughts on “OK A Bit of a Different Topic: Axes and Then Some Krain Updates”

  1. Engineer bud that moved to Pineland visited Frenchystan in an open top double decker bus like they have in Englandstan!
    Made a DVD-R of the trip for him and fam and ND is in there as it was before the enrichment.
    Listened to a pod of an American who fought for the Kraine during the coup and lives in Ukeland and he says the average life expectancy of a FNG is about two hours.
    You can tell they are being meat grindered by the warporn viddys and the Krain is going to legalize porno movies to fund the war effort.
    No oligarch showgirls will be forced to do anything.
    No electricity will be a feature under Brandon so that equality of results for all occurs and the smartest guys in the room aren’t all that.
    Red State has a get the electricity back up task force that gets used often with their own gear and trucks.
    Lots of Commiefornia comrades coming and many glorious peoples republic of Georgia plates sighted.
    Comrade Kemp (GA-CCP) was in debt to the tune of $7million until the Dominion voting machines were installed and the Klaus borg FEW patted him on the head for having “unsecured” elections.

  2. a)
    As soon as the final male is killed in the Ukraine, everybody’s least favorite manipulators (slogan: “Let’s you and him fight!”) terminate the ‘foreign-aid skim scam’.
    They purchase all the females in the Ukraine to use as sex-toys.
    They move their homeland to the southern Black Sea regions (because they deserve a homeland)…
    … and immediately re-name it ‘Schwarzer Sea’.
    As you might imagine with the Turks as neighbors, their perpetual victimhood is intact for another few decades.
    From the press-release:
    * “Russia media ridiculed the fact an American transexual who does not speak Ukrainian was appointed spokes-model for the Ukraine…”

  3. Zelenskyy doesn’t care if every man, woman and child in Ukraine dies/is enslaved because for his people were are all just expendable goyim. There is a lesson there that we also need to learn, a hostile alien population is always going to turn on you.

      1. Even if not in office they still have influence way beyond their population size and always hostile to the locals.
        And not just the small hats, the ‘refugees’ of all sorts are hostile no matter how much they are catered to. It’s almost as if they’re all invaders.

    1. But Krainfeld is becoming a disposable item if he won’t play ball with NATO…The possible disposers are a diverse group, some of them Ukrainian….

  4. Will Tanerite daisy-chain explode? i.e. will an external amount when set off by the projectile percussion ignite the main charge underneath? Asking for a friend.


  5. Early on in the ‘Notre-Dame’ rebuilding project – I recall seeing that there was going to be a problem sourcing the wood to made the replacement beams, as the originals were from an old growth forest specifically chosen based upon the kinds and size of ancient trees – and might even have been grown specifically for the original construction. Seems that this kind of forest is no longer available, and it could take generations (as in 100+ yrs) for what is currently available to grow to sufficient size. If this is true, then:

    …not quite sure how ‘original style toolmarks’ on a composite/laminated construction (rather than ‘old style’ non-laminated/composite) beam makes it any more ‘authentic’. It’s not just the tools – it’s the materials, and the craftsmanship. All three have been falling into rarity due to lack of use.

  6. I feel very lucky to have sat ib mass there back in ’18.

    There is something about those old churches that makes them very special

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