Another Grand Weekend, CBDCs and Power

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Before the thunderstorm rolled in, we had a pool day today

Other Granrents had her take swimming lessons.
She’s gone from “Don’t you dare let go of me!” to “Watch me cannonball Papi!” The kid is a Mermaid I swear.

Sapper got in on the action, albeit in the Hot Tub.

She was ALLLLL over the pool, and I taught her how to dive for a rock today, as I didn’t have the obligatory .50 cent piece that DeadDad taught me with… I’ll remedy that next time around and have one with me… Used a big ole piece of the pool gravel which stood out quite well on the bottom, and got her to use her arms to pull herself down to it.
Me? I’m again, bushed.
Even a short day with the Redneaded Nuke Plant is tiring.
Ain’t no ‘control rods’ on that ‘un.

So, other subjects.
Was talking to Sapper about everyone having meltdowns and freakouts about the potential of the Central Banks rolling out a CBDC, i.e. for the uninitiated, a Central Bank Digital Coin, whereby in theory the Controllers -could- essentially take control of your money, thereby your life and establish some serious social controls, much like Chy-Nah has rolled out over the past few.

Thing is, this ain’t Chy-Nah, Nor is it the Wannabe Chy-Nah-of-the-North, Can-nada under the leadershit of Justine “Baby Fidel” Turdstew. Nope. We still got guns.

And no, it’s not that we’ll be doing some sort of “CV-2 Shit Just Got Real”… Nope… be a lot more subtle than that. As Sapper and I talked about, these folks seem to forget a few things. Like in order for a “Digital Coin” to work? You need power. Not Political Power, I mean juice baby…volts… Power. Computer without a functional outlet? A fucking very large and complicated doorstop.

Two small substation(s) got whacked a few months ago.
Someone using long rifles.
Plugged some transformers.
Power loss was about 80,000 people without power, for about 3 days in some areas +/-. Now, that was a few small incident. Now, in theory, IF “they” (whoever are the real shot callers out there) if the Mysterious and Undefined “They” decide to implement such a drastic overhaul of the financial system, in conjunction with a societal lead into social credit scores, they know not of what kind of feces would be impacting the oscillation device.

Mainly because this Elusive “They” have never actually worked and honest days work in their collective lives. They have always had “power” in their domiciles and work places. They have never had the power shut off for a non-payment or late payment. They naturally assume that “it’s always been this way.” That when they throw the switch on a outlet, the light comes on.

Until it doesn’t.

REALLY HARD to use a “digital currency” if there ain’t no power. Even harder to understand when you have no idea how the real world works. Fat, rich, and stupid is no way to go through life, but for the most part, they actually have. These are the people who tell us that we need to stop hunting because it’s barbaric and killing animals is wrong, and then in the same breath, tell us that if we want meat, we should go to the supermarket and buy our meat there, ‘cos ‘no animals were harmed that way’.

Thing of it is, a lot of “Them” think that they’ll just whip up and order another Transformer. Now, Yeah, to a point they can but there’s a few facts out there that one should know. First off, the approximate price(s) of these things? They ain’t cheap, not by a long shot.

Yeah… those prices are +/- from 2010 to 2011… like 10+ years ago. Per the electrical engineering Webpage I found that one, they also state: “…In 2010, the approximate cost of an LPT with an MVA rating between 75 MVA and 500 MVA was estimated to range from $2 to $7.5 million in the United States. However, these estimates were Free on Board (FOB) factory costs, exclusive of transportation, installation, and other associated expenses, which generally add 25 to 30 percent to the total cost (see Table 1 below).” with Table one being the one I poasted above.

Transportation is a big deal with these as well. VERY heavy and awkward to move around. One does not generally just ‘throw one on a flatbed’ and call it good. Lots of specialized equipment to move one of these:

And yeah, the reason that it’s a pain is they’re essentially a filled oil tank, which is how they’re put together:

SO is it any wonder that “They” just don’t understand?
Sure, there have been attacks in the past… all of which seem to be some lone-wolf nutters, of which like not very many have ever been caught. I think that there was a smaller less-successful attack out in Washington State that they did bust the two morons who did it. I did a write-up on it at the time as a LOT of it didn’t pass the ‘smell test’ and since it memory-holed so quickly, I’m sure that the perps were not Whytte Sooperpreemiecysts as they were off the news at Lightspeed.

Ether way, a Central Bank Digital Coin needs computers, which in turn needs power, and truthfully, as fast as our infrastructure is collapsing, I don’t even think nutjobs would need to do anything drastic. Hell… Texas couldn’t even keep the power on in a winter chill… and Commiefornia?
They’re talking about making a law that if the Power Grid starts having issues, that the DotGov has the right to drain your Battery on your Tesla back into the grid, essentially making all the Electric Vehicles in the state UPSes or a backup “Uninterruptable Power Supply”. I’m not even going to touch that one…

And in order to implement the “Social Credit Score” thing? In Chy-Nah, they use your cell phone. Last I looked, cell phone towers are even Moar fragile than a Transformer. Lots of fiddly-bits and gizmos.

Also ALL reliant on a stable electrical grid and infrastructure. I mean I’m only pointing out some obvious and open-source stuff. By no means would I want to see anything like this come about… my point is the People Behind the Curtain so to speak, the ‘Shot Callers’ have never thought of this. In fact the info that’s leaking out about the current Krainian Klown show is showing our self appointed “Betters”? The very fact that they really believed their own bullshit about the “Counteroffensive”?

The fucking hilarious part is the leak that said the planned Jeddah Summit was supposed to be the ‘Crowning Achievement’ of the Krainian Kounteroffensive… to quote:

“Jeddah was Sullivan’s baby,” the official said. “He planned it to be Biden’s equivalent of [President Woodrow] Wilson’s Versailles. The grand alliance of the free world meeting in a victory celebration after the humiliating defeat of the hated foe to determine the shape of nations for the next generation. Fame and Glory. Promotion and re-election. The jewel in the crown was to be Zelensky’s achievement of Putin’s unconditional surrender after the lightning spring offensive. They were even planning a Nuremberg type trial at the world court, with Jake as our representative. Just one more fuck-up, but who is counting? Forty nations showed up, all but six looking for free food after the Odessa shutdown”

How that one work out for ya?
Ahhhh Hubris… gotta love it…
They’re a bunch of Fucking Misfit Toys… Scarecrows without Brains. To call them retarded is an insult to the genuinely disabled.

And because of it, things are fixing to get a LOT wilder and stupider as the weeks go on. Head on a Swivel people.
More Later
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27 thoughts on “Another Grand Weekend, CBDCs and Power”

  1. After the power goes out you will find who has generators. After two weeks you will find that the working generators signal government installations, everybody else is out of gas.

    Might be interesting to find out how much gas.

  2. Taking out the transformers will just put the common folks at odds with those who are rebelling against the system. Remember the axiom of The Chairman: “The People are to the guerilla as the ocean is to the fish.” Monkeywrenching should be confined to pranking and other actions against the human power structure. Do what you have to do to show their impotence. Bleib ubrig.

    1. Grid is fragile, electronic money and credit are also so fragile.

      Ask anybody that has lost power for a week or more. Less time we make do, around a week I notice things get interesting as fuel for home gennies gets rare. Fuel thieves become more common.

      The big thieves tend to wear uniforms as the police station need generator fuel.

      The axiom of the chairman is almost moot IF the electronic surveillance systems are working. The grid being up means folks are under media propaganda and that “See something, Say something” will be in full force.

      The sad part is the carbon they want to reduce is you and me. Dropping the grid, thus killing off a lot of excess carbon and blaming the “evil terrorists” is just the cost of doing business for the World Economic Forum.

      When your enemy is telling you they want you dead or enslaved, maybe you should pay attention.

      1. Agreed. Here in Winterfell, the local patriots just shot down (no pun intended) a proposal by the Gem State collectivist bureaucracy to install a massive “Traffic Flow Control” surveillance system. I and my tribe are paying very close attention to the words and actions of those who want us dead or enslaved. We have been for years. Vigilance, prepping, and STFU are the order of the day. Bleib ubrig.

  3. You’re so full of shit. That picture you posted of the transformer it looks nothing like Optimus Prime.

    Just a note about Michael’s comment about the police stations need generators. Yes they do. With no power they can’t run the radios or their computers. Everything is tied to a computer now and the push for years has been to go paperless.

    More importantly without any power the local city police jails and the county jails will need to release all inmates. Without power you can only get in and out of the doors using a set of jail keys. Nobody but maybe one guy in the US makes these keys anymore.

    Further all the lights in the jail will be off and the elevators won’t work. I would venture to say that most of the jails in the US are designed to have windows that do not open. No fresh air. In summer it’s like an oven inside. In winter it’s just a brick and concrete building it gets freezing cold.

    Yeah they will have to let all the inmates out for humanitarian reasons. There are actual policies and laws addressing certain inmate welfare issues and if they can’t be met the state board of corrections will close the jail.

    I’m actually surprised the powers that be have not thought of this yet and done their own sabotage to get all inmates released for maximum chaos. It’s probably on their list of things to do.

    Remember all of you get on that jury and some poor joe had to shoot some shitbag in self defense-no matter what the evidence is you can always vote not guilty. Jury Nullification is the largest check and balance we have and they don’t want anyone to know about it.

    I do believe at some point in time they are going to close down the jails.

  4. Something that isn’t factored much in that nice chart about transformers is that utilities don’t keep a lot of pole or pad transformers in stock and especially those big substation transformers.

    Sure, the cost is incredible, but a sensible company would keep a reasonable number in stock.


    California and the Fed Government.


    Both California’s and the Fed Govs’ regulations change so quickly that that rather expensive transformer sitting on your back lot has, over the last 2 years, become not able to be used due to ‘cancer causing agents’ or some other bullscat. It’s been that way since the 2000s, and only gotten worse.

    Add in that most transformers, even the pole cans, have a lead time of months, if not years. And are made… in Communist China.

    So much for that stable and durable power grid.

  5. Hecho en China means that they can’t be replaced for a good long while or maybe never.
    A feature to the Long March termites.
    You get what you put up with and acting like a welcome mat will get you stepped on.
    Arm up and walk the flank, take no shit from any rank.
    The forces of drivel can see how the dumbing down went into too stupid to exist mode and now they will pounce.
    Stupid and evil are siblings and one of the best quotes is…the obedient always see themselves as virtuous and not cowardly.
    Keep this in mind as the stale lame COV-LARP returns under Joe Slovo Brandon and his asspuppet crew of Marxist maggots.

  6. There is a way to fight this without violence. Meaning, certainly none of us want it. So, we should try all alternatives first. We haven’t had a general strike yet. Someone organize a work strike.
    Pick a date and everyone who is tired of the direction the country is headed stop working. Or, at least pretend to work, but nothing gets done. Or, follow all the rules to a T, which will essentially slow everything down severely.
    No trucks, no gas, no food, no internet, no electric. Are they going to arrest all of us?
    Push the runaway train faster down the tracks. It needs to get to the destination in our generation. So my children don’t have to face worse things. That is my job and my duty to not leave this mess to them.

  7. I spent the last 20 years building hydroelectric generators. Don’t know about substation transformers but the transformers in those dams are custom built for each application. If a hydro transformer needs replaced you’re looking at a two year wait from the time it’s ordered.

  8. BCE, you hit the nail on the head. The “powers that be” have never worked a day in their life and they THINK they know how things run but they have no clue.

    Besides the electrical grid and the constant work of so many people to keep it up every day, people also have no clue about IT and how much work is entailed keeping up servers, networks, cell towers, databases, software, etc. It just all “magically” works.

    See the former dumbass CEO of Southwest Airlines who saw IT as a cost center and “it just works” and refused to invest in upgrades to his critical IT infrastructure. Boom it failed last Christmas and cost his company millions of dollars and pissed off customers.

    Anyone with sense would NEVER trust “digital money” because by its very nature it isn’t money, isn’t fungible and can be hacked. Remember when crypto came out and it could NEVER be hacked or stolen ?
    How’d that work out ?

  9. CBDC/Digital money IS coming. Make no mistake about it. Implementing it allows the criminal left a level of control over society they have been lusting after for decades. So they WILL impose it. How that goes is of course anybody’s guess. But I suspect enough sheep will go along with it that they will eventually succeed at making it total…after they murder enough resisters to the plan. People like to bitch and moan about how horrible things are but nobody is willing to actually DO something about it.
    Because as long as we have our ‘bread and circuses’…TV/Football and Beer/Pizza we aren’t uncomfortable enough to step off the porch and risk everything to change everything. Till we have nothing left to lose America will just sit back and let the criminals steal everything.

    1. States can recognize precious metals as legal tender, and may have to do so..Arkansas, I think, has already done it…

  10. The electric grid(s), because Texas is separated from the rest of the country by a DC tie..are quite fragile, especially the Eastern grid, which has collapsed twice in the last 6 decades..The Eastern grid is also highly dependent on storage from Quebec Hydro, which isn’t guaranteed..As more nuclear plants are decommissioned, and electric use increases, the strain just increases….California shut in 200,000 homes over Thanksgiving weekend because of a shortage..It’s just a matter of time before there are rolling blackouts in much of the country….

  11. Hey, in “No to Electronic Slavery” I never said it would work or that these clowns could pull it off, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do what they can, which is confiscate dollars and switch to CBDC. I mean, that would be like banking on a counteroffensive that never materializes and you can see what concerns they have for the people on the ground.

    My main point was not to take pay for your labor in CBDC, just cash, gold or silver. Your post is why I’ve always had problems with BTC, too. When WWIII kicks off, if it does, the first thing to go will be power and cell service. We don’t have the technological competence any longer to fix those things, not within weeks of them going out and like you say, if it’s transformers they hit, might be a lot longer than that.

    Great take, though, thanks.

  12. I covered this very topic from a diffferent standpoint not too long back. Mostly being that they are so dirty and there are so many grifts going on that require untraceable exchanges (cash) that “they” have thier hands in, to do away with cash entirely, would be cutting thier own throats (at least, the throats of the cash cows they rely on.)
    I can see them doing it if ‘they’ thought it would get all of us deplorable flyover redneck’esses in line, but, as you state, they have ZERO clue how the real world operates. There are already so many grey markets here in Appalachia, doing away with cash would inflict a case of the hiccups at most, It certainly would NOT stop it, and would make the grey/black markets GROW. Some of those details I am privy to, others are open territory for someone more creative, but things would continue on as if nothing happened.
    And maybe, thats what needs to happen. That ‘They’ are shown just how little they mean in our world out here, not the all encompassing power they think they are.

    1. Diogenes – I’ve been saying that to people for Years about the concept of “Banning Cash”. The ‘underground economy’ among honest people is likely only a Fraction of what it is in the “Black Budget” economy – i.e. the .gov and banksters’ Grift, Payoffs, and Drug-Running, without which, organizations like Clowns in Action and the entirety of the ‘Kokaine ‘Kraine’ cannot function. The Base of the Drug Trade is where LeRoy pays Tyrone for a dime bag on a Baltimore Street Corner. That Cash then works its way up the ‘food chain’, back through the (((banks))) and eventually to Jaun Valdez ad his Donkey in the Poppy Fields. Eliminate Cash, and the whole thing collapses.

      And don’t forget, the CIA/MIC depends on Pallets full of Benjamins, flown all over the World in derelict Air Freighters, (who get Paid in that Cash, ask me how I know) and this is the way that the FUSSA controls a whole Hel of a lot of small Countries… and why ANY small Nation that tries to Escape that Matrix gets Bombed to Rubble.

      I suspect that, given the Fact that the vast majority of the Sheep already don’t use Cash, but rely on “Credit Cards” and they are ‘paid’ by Direct Deposit to the (((banks))), that most of them won’t even Notice, UNTIL the ‘digital currency’ is Devalued compared to the Face Value of Cash.. rather Inevitable, IMO.

      And yeah, in the event of a “Grid Down” situation, it’s 24 Hours (or less) to a Chimp-Out of Biblical proportions.

  13. It was in the early ’90’s that a friend of mine was drilling shot holes along I-17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona. He said he had clear utilities for several miles, as everything ran along the other side of the interstate.

    Until it didn’t. For some reason, nobody knows why, the main fiberoptics line made a dogleg over to his side of the interstate, ran up for about 100 yards, then crossed back over. Well, he hit that bad boy dead center. Took it out completely. All communications between the two cities. Took them 24 hours to make the repairs – at (back then) $2 million/hr. lost revenues.

    The moral of the story is to pay attention to where fiber optics trunks are before you dig. Normally, the larger ones are clearly marked above ground with marker signs and often follow railroad tracks, so if you don’t have to dig near a railroad track, you should be okay. They are critical infrastructure and banks and the internet cannot function without it. They are delicate, so be very careful if you have to work near them and always call 811 before you dig.

    1. It made a dogleg because the powers-that-be decided to save some shekles and hire a fly by night company to do things. It’s an almost union directed overtime needed budget. Used to work for AT&T-we experienced many many “hidden”, fraudelent, unknown, and strange fiber trunks that needed constant repair. It’s what happens when you hire the handicapped at $12 an hour and the guys who actually know how to do stuff make $60. The math adds up to $100+ an hour to fix stuff. I think they learn it in CEO-101.

  14. I did an internship with the local power and watercompany about, say 20+ years ago.
    There, one off the guys told me, what would be needed to send Germany into a brownout.
    When he told me, I realized how close we are to disaster.
    And- SURPRISE, if Germany goes, there is a good chance that every country west and south of Germany goes into brownout too.
    You see, you can cut the electrical connection between two countries with breakers, and the only country that has such breakers installed at the border to Germany is Poland.

    And the guy told me also that those power transformators are in short supply, e.g. they have inly a few replacements available and when they are used up, they need to order them.
    Time to do so: up to a year.
    And that was 20+ years ago!
    Today I think it is worse.

    1. that is kind of what I remember too, all of our transformers came from Europe. I think a few where made behind what used to be the iron curtain too. one thing l learned back in army while in Europe was
      how easy it was to break one of them. either by shorting them out, a lot easier than you think !
      or draining the oil out. a guy showed us how to break one with a pickaxe of all things.
      just taking out one substation one can start a grid failure if you hit the right one.
      just saying of course. but if you really wanted too, you could rip a city a new asshole with very little work. this just in time method of doing things/stocking shelfs is way too easy to break.
      but the clowns in charge have no idea about any of that. sometimes I think if you just grabbed some guy off the street he would do a better job of running things than the clowns now.

  15. the one thing my dad used to point out was how far the country had come with the widespread use of electric power. when he was a kid, it was almost all horse and wagon in the hills of KY. then a few people got cars/trucks. but after they put in the TVA and started putting lines out for all with power,
    as he said it was 50 some years from then to walking on the moon.
    without electric power, the whole lot goes down. back in the 1980’s attended a lecture on EMPs
    without the grid, over 60% of the country would be dead inside of 6 months. lack of food too.
    it is a safe bet if a war starts up with either China or Russia, the grid is one of their main/first targets
    every transformer in the country would be fried at once. we would be back in 1870’s at best.

  16. Cooper Power in Milwaukee WI area , did (does?) make these transformers. At least up to 10 years ago…… Hope they still do. Contracted there for inventory. Everyone there said that if we go to China(Meaning the company) OUR COUNTRY is screwed.

  17. Thunderstorm?
    What is this word “thunderstorm” you speak of?
    It’s drier than Hitlary Clinton’s snatch up here in the panhandle.

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