Ahh Priggy, We Hardly Knew Ye…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Lots of comments and “Newsflash!” stuff out there…

Lots of “What ifs” going on… Is it a Maskirovka? Is he really dead? How does this affect the war? What happens to Wagner now? “I thought Putin had pardoned him or something…”

Yeah… about that…
Anyway, as far as what’s really happening?

Beats the hell out of me.

I do know one thing, and that’s nothing out there is what it seems. I mean my thing is twofold. Monday Afternoon (US Time supposedly) Priggy was ‘broadcasting’ from Apefrica, giving the ‘usual speil’ about helping out the locals from “Colonialism” and helping them “throw off the shackles…” yada-ta-yadda-ta… all the usual tropes that sounded good back int he Bad Old Days of the Soviets assisting and supporting any and all who wanted to fight with /ourguys so to speak… the ‘Cold War’ was actually quite hot in many areas as shithole countries acted in Proxy for the Soviets on one side, and the US on the other, with /ourguys supposedly standing for “Truth, Justice and the ‘Murican Way!”

We now know what a pantsload that whole thing was Aye?

So then ‘all-of-a-sudden’ he’s back in Russia, headed to Saint Petersburg? OK, not too far a stretch but in his vidya he said both he and Wagner were going to be there for the ‘long haul’ whatever that meant. Most folks took it as by him being in Apefrica fucking around there, it was an ‘out of sight/out of mind’ thing for Pooty-Poo.
Guess not?

So, the Wagner-King is dead, Long live Da King. Part of the other reason I remain skeptical is that he’d be what? The 7th or 8th General that’s been declared “Dead-by-Vengeful-Putin”

If I had to make odds? I’d say 60% that he’s dead, 40% he’s alive, and this’s another Maskirovka. Me and Scoutergreg were talking about this today, hence the subject and ideas that came up. Also there was mention that Prigozhins other private plane was on a similar course, juuuust behind the plane that ‘went down’ get filed under ‘things that make you go “Hmmn”.

OK, as writing this, and looking for the proper way to spell Priggys name, seems on ZeroHedge, Wagner released a statement calling it ‘murder most foul’ and oopsie! Seems that”…the entire top command of Russian mercenary outfit Wagner Group was aboard the private plane that was downed northwest of Moscow hours ago.” Link HERE

Decapitation Strike Anyone?

And the ‘spin machine’ just went into overdrive, despite there being videos on a missile strike:

Not really my concern.
If anything, what’ll be interesting is to see the Wagner Response to this? Not sure as it -is- ostensibly a ‘private corporation’ but even then, that’s thin-thin to anyone with a brain. There’s also the tinfoil crowd who’ve come out and tied it to numbers and anniversaries:

Seems that particular fruitbar is the former Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kraine, and now serves as “Coordinator of the new “Office for Business Protection” which in itself sounds shady like a motherfucker IMO. And yeah, he’s also a member of the small hat/big nose club, like every. single. person. in a position of power in the Kraine. I’m wondering if/when the Orthodox Christians on both sides are going to wake up and realize just what the fuck is really going on… if’n you think shit is spicy now? Hoo-boy… The real Ukro-Nazi SS in World War 2 made the Nazi-Nazi Totenkopf SS look cuddly and snuggly comparatively speaking…

And speaking of our greatest Ally Evvar…
I was looking online for some prop money. Wifey and I both have started Uber’ing again to help make up shortages for the bills. I might have mentioned it but the power bill last month went up so outrageously ALL of our jaws rebounded off the floor. She’s been doing the day shift while I toil away in Glorious Peoples Tractor Factory, and after dinner, provided there’s some ‘event’ happening, I go out and do MY thing.

I mean we got Raymond James Stadium and the Bucs, Tropicana Field in St. Pete, never mind the concerts, Tampa International, and lately, a LOT of Amazon Workers going towards Sarasota to a GIANT ass distro center there. Ybor City is busy towards the weekends as well, but I’m not down with a lot of drunk folks, and I sure AF won’t work Amelie Arena anytime soon, as it seems ALL the ‘shows’ there have been, as of late Rap ‘Concerts’ and allllll the lovely ‘diversity’ that comes with such a crowd.

So that’s the background on what’s up with that… the reason for some ‘prop bills’ is that lately, a LOT of brothers don’t seem to ‘get’ Uber… that it’s not a cash biddness… I shit you not… LOTS of knee-grows getting in cars, demanding “Where da moneys at?” and such… they see the Uber Sign in the Window, (and at night we have one that lights up) and try the old “quick stickup” thing.

Couple of folks have been shot b/c they didn’t have any cash, so my thought is a couple of those realistic prop $20s might save me an issue… that and Mister 2-Shot .357 Derringer. If they decide they want to do something anyways it’ll be hell on the cleanup as getting blood out of the interior is a pure motherfucker. Gretchen had a hell of a time getting DumbC’s blood off the roof liner after that whole shitshow a ways back… that was when she tuned up DC with the collapsible baton… so throw them a few $20s and bail… they’ll not notice til after the fact, as to them? They want to do a quick snatch and run… and as soon as they get out of the car, I’m gone baby. Which also reminds me, I need a camera facing the interior…

So anyways, As I was checking things out on AliExpress (where they have such ‘things’) they had a couple of other suggestions as I was browsing. My original search was for “$100 dollar bills” and one of the things that came up was a roll of toilet paper with Cee-notes printed on it, so I searched for that on it’s own.

Humorous as well as appropriate. Considering the near-Weimar valuation that’s just getting started… well… we shall see. So then, for funsies, I checked out “US Flag Toilet Paper” just to see what came up with that search:

Now interestingly not only is there such a thing as US Flag shitpaper, but the third item on the list is a offer for a stack of fake $100s… guess those and the flag are interchangeable… Jes’ Sayin’…
So in keeping with the train of thought, I went to see if “Our Greatest. Ally. Evvar.”s flag was in there as toilet paper. What I got was this:

Uhhh it came up with MOAR US ‘Funny Money’…
Curious that Aye?
So, I did a search just on it’s own for the Israeli Flag

Pride Much?
Make of it what you will, but out of a couple of searches for toilet paper, it came up with $100 Dollar Bills… granted it is ‘fake and ghey’ money for prop use and other such things, but it does sort of tell us where things stand out there in the fake and ghey world.

So More Later
Big Country

25 thoughts on “Ahh Priggy, We Hardly Knew Ye…”

  1. Can’t find Pride Flag Toilet paper on the Zon either . Just Rainbow Unicorns and Joe Biden’s face.

    1. You can burn the U.S. flag all day, that’s “protected speech”.
      You burn a Pride flag, that’s a “hate crime” and off to jail you go.

      Just a sign of the screwed up times we are living in.

  2. If you find a source for prop money, let us know. An assortment would be handy for a throw-down money clip as well.

  3. The Russian mil and intel hardliners might have pulled off this hit to grease the skids to implicate and replace Putin. Worst case situation I can imagine, some of them have been a bit disappointed with his restraint…

    1. Seen a lot of people blaming the Russians, I don’t see why it couldn’t have been the Ukrainians.
      Not like there weren’t plenty of stingers sent, or that don’t have form for using bombs.

      1. Or the CIA. That is assuming they have any competence for such activities left in the organization.

  4. The TP stockpile is holding up, you never know when it will be time to slide a Brandon.
    Not Sure on Prigo, he was flying around in a war zone with way too many enemies.
    Always keep your enemies close for maximum ballistics.

  5. I interned at a Secret Service field office (Spokane) for 6 months while in college. I helped them enter funny money reports from banks and casinos into their tracking system. Those bills on Ali Express, the ones with the Chinese writing on them bigger than shit? People try to use them as real money, and sometimes they work if a cashier isn’t paying attention.

  6. Seems like the thing to watch now is Wagner in Belarus.
    All I saw was a Russian transport plane landed there same day as Prigs Oopsie.

  7. having a money clip with like 40 bucks in it is something my brother has done for years back in philly.
    the one time he “used” it, the chimps went running after the “money” and he walked away.
    I think he had a 20 and a bunch of ones to make it look fat. why he still lives there is beyond me anymore (?) I left after our parents died. the whole town is a shithole with all of the diversity there.
    by the way, I have heard the whole milk does wonder for blood stains.
    these days I don’t keep all that much money in the bank. like a lot of people I too think the dollar is going to go all Weimar here soon enough. as I told people for years now, stuff is better than money.
    had times of money and no food and times of food and no money. it is better to have food and no money. although I try to keep some cash around for just in case shit that might happen.

  8. The whole situation with Wagner is suspect.
    One of the vids showing the plane coming down shows a white curly-q kinda contrail in the air right at the beginning, and its in the same ‘space’as a puff of smoke that the plane in question spirals down from. Sure LOOKS like a missile of some sort.
    Could be Ukies with a stinger, absolutely. Got his travel plans, agent already in-country. They’re droning Moscow daily, this isn’t outside the realm of possible.
    Could be Putin getting even for the coup. But thats predicated on that coup being a coup, and not a distraction. Which it doesn’t quite seem to fit? Was an awful bad coup. Like J6th bad…. something stinks with that story.
    Not only are the russians crafty, but I think everyone in the world right now, certainly those in positions of power, know shits getting funky. If I could slip away and disappear into a dachau for my retirement, never to be seen again, I would be OK with that. A 30 year old babushka to keep me warm…
    No, something is fishy here, I’d wager good money on it. The ‘coup’ was a story made up in the western press. I will instantly believe the polar opposite by default.

  9. Also of note, Putin ‘officially’ fired the head of the air force same day? He had been MIA for a couple weeks under house arrest. He was one of the guys Priggy was accusing of treason amd embezzlement, which was his excuse for the coup.
    Hmmm… curiouser.

  10. Surely pooty poot knew that hitlery and Vicky nukeland helped priggy with his coup right?

  11. Way Too Many possible Means-n-Motives going on here, speculating about what went down and why is just Entertainment. Anybody who says they Absolutely, Positively, Without a Doubt, “Knows” what went on is Dumber than the last 20-Pound Turd that my Horse left in the Yard.

  12. I found a fake $100 bill in a parking lot a few years back and it looked and felt pretty good, except for the fact that both sides had pink Chinese characters on the bill. It turns out that they are used for bank training in China. At the time, they were on Ebay…. Might be worth having a couple of those in a fake wallet.

    When I showed people, I told them they where Biden Bucks….

  13. “Occam’s Razor meets Cui Bono” The simplest explanation is that someone wanted the heads of the Wagner maniacs capped. Who benefits from this?

    Short term, it might be the Ukies as a last revenge shot before they implode, but this would incur the wrath of the Wagnerian’s. A revenge strike is good for the MIC and the small hat/big nose club to beg for and get more billions. Killing some more Ukie males lets the SH/BNC have less opposition of the next Big Nose State. So the MIC get’s contracts, C_A flexes capability reputation, SH/BNC get growing room. TPTB get to drain more of the donator treasuries resources (i.e. us). But I don’t think it was the the usual suspects. I think this is more of a long term thing.

    So, long term, it gets the focus off Russia invading the EU and sorta starting WW3. 1984 is going to need some more chapters.So who is right next to Belarus and has been the road more traveled to invade Europe? The Poles that’s who. If the balloon doesn’t go up they benefit the most as it will be a small tactical nuke free-for-all in their back yard. As a side light, the ChiComms are loving this as the using up of our reserves plays into their hands. See Sun Tsu for comment.

    Just another day that didn’t happen under Trump.


    1. Spin,

      Again, remember ((who)) “created” newks.

      Masters of the fake and gay. And, they got the gayest of the gay to run the “Manahatto” project (that would be the borderline retard “Einstain” and his psychotic gay-boy grifter/actor nephew “Oppenheimer.”) Miles Mathis did a great job exposing just -how- fake and gay “Opie” really was. I mean, it boggles the mind the garbage that these fucks expected people to swallow.

      But it was a great grift- keep the world in a state of terror and fear, and have unlimited no-oversight billions for hookers and blow. Kind of funny how, even though “newks” are literally cave-man retardedly simple to make (bang two rocks together), none have ever been used. Even with all the supposed “missing” suitcase newks.

      Remember, the “Little Boy” device (the pedos have been at it a while, disgusting deviants that they are) did not require any “sooper secret mathematical calculations” in order to work (allegedlys). Just two chunks of Uranium 235 “shot” at each other. In fact, they were so confident it would work, they never even bothered testing it (yeah, huge red flags there).

      And what did they do with this “AK-level reliability” design after it was used? Well they supposedly destroyed the plans, of course (kind of like NASA “accidentally” recording over the video tapes of the “moon landings,” you know, Happy Days was way more important). FFS. The 20th Century will be known as “The Everything was Fake and Gay Century.”

      Anyway, Dr. Akio Nakatani at Fujitsu (that’s Fujitsu the massive technology Zaibatsu) using some of the biggest supercomputers in the world, decided to run a numerical modeling simulation of the “Little Boy” device (which ran through all permutations of the alleged “secret sauce” top secret squirrel bomb calculations in about 30 seconds). Result: it didn’t work. Couldn’t work. No scenarios in which it -would- work. So. Scammy scam scam.

      You can read about it in full here (the book came out in 2017, and Comrade Bezos completely wiped any trace of it from the ‘Zon just last year. Can’t have the pet-AIs getting “badthink” now, can we?):


      1. True Story: I worked with Jason Coster-Mullen Jr. in Iraq.
        Google him. We’re still friends oh lo these long years. He and His Dad are Official Honorary Members of the 509th Bomb Wing b/c they literally built a nuke (can’t remember if it was Fat Man or Little Boy) in their garage and it raised a STINK. GREAT Guy… sick AF sense of humor…
        My sobriquet I hung on him, as far as I know is still around… I called him “Doctor Evil”
        As what do you call a guy who built a functional nuclear device in his garage for funsies as a teenager, has a shaved head, and lil Gestapo Looking Thick Assed lensed glasses?
        Been a while since I heard from him… great guy…If you’re reading this Jay, Hope all is well!

        1. BCE,

          Nakatani references them in his book if I recall. “Functional” meaning it was specced out properly. But no “range day” to verify it worked. The flying fur wasn’t because they built it so much as they could have blown the cover off the fake when it failed.

          Again, the issue with “implosion” type “gadgets” is that A) metal is not compressible to double density, and B) “they” can’t get their story straight whether it is “critical mass” or “critical density.”

          For the “Little Boy,” they went with the “critical mass” schtick. That’s fine, there was a “safe spacing” (called “subcriticality distance”) of the two “sub-critical masses” that were then shot (pointlessly, they could have been brought gently together for the same effect) into one another to initiate the alleged boom.

          For the “Fat Man,” there would not have been a change in mass. They gulled everyone into thinking you could compress metal to “double density” using chemical explosives. Even if you are able to suddenly change a pound of feathers into a pound of lead, the mass is…the same. No “critical mass.”

          I’m certain that “explosively densified metal” would be a heck of a good MBT armor, for one. Funny there’s no scientific papers discussing it.

          Other big “road block” is that without a moderator to slow fast neutrons, there cannot be a chain reaction. The odds of a fast neutron hitting a nuclei is the same as firing a rifle from the cheap seats in a stadium and trying to bullseye a marble on home plate. Even with a beltfed, that’s just not feasible.

          “Slow” fission is great, cheap, clean, safe energy. But people keep making the mistake of equating chemical processes to nuclear processes. They are not equivalent, and don’t “scale” the same way. This is called “the campfire/dynamite equivalency fallacy” when related to nuclear phenomena.

          Again, I know you are busy, but -read the book.- Nakatani nails it, and pretty much blows these fuckers scam wide open. And it is a scam. And mark my words, “they” will try to use the fear of “nukulur destruction!” to once again “let’s you and him fight!”

          Take the advice of Kubrick (who absolutely knew it was bullshit back in the 60’s, “stop worrying and love the bomb!” ClownWorld is fake, gay, and so are all of their “works.” Vox got the memo, Mathis has known for at least 8 years, and Anders Bjorkman even longer than that (and these ain’t “flat earther mouth-breathers”).

          (Mathis wrote a worthwhile piece on how utterly ludicrously hilarious the whole “Manhattan Project” and “Opie” really were. Shining a light on it really does point out how cringe it all was: http://mileswmathis.com/oppen.pdf

          (ETA: he just posted another article on the Enola Queer. Seriously, GloboPedo has been at it a while):

          It’s conventional from here on out. Or, put another way, every single thing these Phonies have done has been proven to be, well, phony. This should not come as a surprise that yet another “Big Thing” turns out to be complete dogshit.

          1. Dude.. I read it, and I dig it.. my point however is secondary to the fact ‘whether it works or not’ Please, we get “it”…

            my point is, that meeting with and becoming good frens with “Dr. Evil” (Jason Coster-Mullen Jr.) was fascinating in HOW he described as to HOW the DotGov AND DotMil freaked the fuck out (like COMPLETELY) when a professional truck driver (no degrees) and Dr. Eeeeee-vil (who assisted.. it was his Da who did the ‘heavy lifting’ so to speak… I think as I recall he was going for his BS at the time in something innocuous) was able to reverse-engineer the “bomb”…. DA BIG BOMBY-BOMB. Whether or not IF it worked I could give two shyttes TBH. Point is, HIS story(ies) which I do not have permission to relate (fully outside of my personal interactions with him) ARE the BIG Story, which may or may not run into your info that “Da Bomb” is bogus. So as much as I appreciate the ‘beating of the gong’, understand, some of the ‘other’ aspects out there are interesting, especially in light that just WHY did the DotGov and DotMil FREAK SOOOOOOOOO badly????… I mean the design when they built their own nuke, in the garage was 40-50 years out of date to begin with… many a night of discussions with Dr. Evil over the “why” were they SO CONCERNED over a DotCiv reverse engineering a 50-60 year old bomb design at that point, which probably ties into YOUR hypothesis.

          2. Duly noted! Yeah, I’ll stop “beating the horse.”

            I dig the fact that you got to meet a legit “Mad Scientist.” The world needs more of the “old school” type, and less of the “Billy HellGates” type.

            I knew a kid that built a model Tokamak in Middle school. As in, could be powered on, produced plasma inside (I think he re-engineered one of those “Sharper Image” glass plasma balls that would shoot “lightning” to your hand when you touched it.

            Hell, I built my own cloud chamber at age 13 using an Americium source and dry ice I bought from the local meat packer. Goooooood times.

            Again, the likely reason is that this whole scam is one of their “top shelf, alot depends on it” grifts. Why do you think it is so important that any “up and coming/would be nuclear powers” be stomped so hard?

            If they “play the game” and “kiss the ring,” they likely get to call themselves a “nuclear power.” But 85+ years with no nukes used is a bit telling. There would have been (statistically speaking), at -least- one explosive criticality accident (I’m doubtful a Pakistani nuke is built to the same safety standards as an American one.)

            Anyway. Didn’t intend to be a one-note flute. Thanks for letting me vent.

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