But Will He Have Three Names? Place Your Bets!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well that didn’t take long.
As everyone has been sort of ‘fence sitting’ regarding the whole wind up to World War Three, and the obvious exhaustion that everyone has had with, well, just about everything these days, we get what appears to be a ragin’ Whytteman with an AR pattern rifle, shooting up a small town in Maine of all places.

Now, I’m going to be very curious as to WHO his victims are.
Dude in Question BTW:

According to reports, he started in a bowling alley.
Then he went to a place called “Schemengee’s” which is a bar I guess.
Then, after cappin’ a bunch of folks, he ended up at a Wally World Distribution Center.

No word on casualties.

That being said, I’m going to be watching. Something a LOT of folks aren’t aware of, but Lewiston Maine is home to a very large population of Somalis. After the whole “Black Hawk Down” thing, a BUNCH of “Skinnies” migrated to Lewiston, due to low housing costs, and an exceptionally decent welfare system. Before the big migration, Lewiston was best known as a post-industrial revolution Mill Town that was pretty much done, with the exception of its colleges. Bates being the best known… and just to state it, Bates? To paraphrase Obi-wan:

“You will never find a more wretched hive of liberalism  and feminism. We must be cautious.”

True Fucking That.

One of the cutest and brightest chicks I knew who was two years older than me in High School went to Bates… and yeah, I had a mad crush on her as did the majority of guys back then… to say she came back ‘changed’ qualifies as “understatement of the century”… A true shame that one…

So, lets watch the fun unfold.
I’m betting three-names, and that he kil’t a lot of Skinnies.
With an AR.

Which means we get the “Mass Shooter Trifecta”

Whytteboi, Race-Based, and an Evil ‘Needs to be Banned” AR.

Only thing better is IF he leaves a manifesto going off on Trannies, Fags and Blaqs. Bonus points when they ‘discover’ Third Reich Material’ or some other stupid shit.

Any takers?
So More Later
Big Country

Housecleaning (Again!) And Stuff

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK… so the Nookular Redheaded Whirlwind came through and hit harder than Hurricane Ian. We’re -still- picking up the pieces parts. One of her ‘things’ is to start digging into Papi’s DotMil Equipment. I’ve poasted a few pics of her wearing the helmets she finds, as well as some of the ‘other’ junk that I have stashed around.

In the process of doing so, she dug out one of the tubs full of ‘Gun Gear’… mainly stuff that Sapper and I have tried but just didn’t ‘cotton on to’ so to speak. Now, not sure how to do this… as I’m offering to give it up to whomever would like it/have a use for it. Or should I do a raffle? Either way, the three things in question:

A 15in MidWest Industries Free Float Gen One/G-4 Rail System. The new ones go for about $220 and up… This one was lightly used on Sapper’s first build, back when he -thought- he wanted a full length rail system for “all the things” that you can mount.

Then he lern’t about the weight factor. Granted it IS a top-of-the-line Rail System, but at 15in and weighing in at 17oz? A pound? Let me tell you, you could beat a motherfucker to death with just the rail itself. It’s got all the parts that it came with and the locking lug screw is visible, juuust sticking out in the lower right of the rail in the pic…

Then if y’all are interested, a cool lil toy they handed out in Iraq. I managed to scrounge one from a fren who also got me that Trijicon ACOG, as well as some other cool ‘fell-off-the-back-of-the-truck gear’:

Now, for those of you who were there, the DotMil started using front-quad rails a lot in Iraq. Specifically the Knight’s Armament Rail System RAS (one of which I have on my AR civvie Reproduction-of-MY-M-4-from-Iraq). Now, Personally, I’m NOT a big fan of the front ‘tommy gun’ style grip. Some guys swore by them.

Don’t get me wrong, I -like- the Knight grip… it’s thinner and not bad… however, Mister “Chunky Grip” above? Well it does have one really cool feature:

It’s got a spring-loaded bipod built in.
I personally have no idea if the troops over in Iraq with me actually used these as a bipod for shooting for accuracy, but I do know they did use them to ‘prop up’ the front of their weapons, either while in a guard tower or even in the mess hall. The top picture shows the release button.

I will say, it does ‘snap out’ with some authority.
But, like I said, too big, too chunky for me. Cool AF and IF you were looking for one, well, here it is. New they’re about a Cee Note on Brownells website.

File under I have no idea where it came from. Looks like a Carbine Length M-4 Rail System.

Also looks like it’s held in situ by the 4 screws. Other than that? No makers marks, not a clue. Can’t even remember if this was a “Boogered Big Country Drunkordering From The ‘Zon” thing or not… more than likely not, and the Zon has really cracked down on weapons parts unfortunately. Anywho… it’s never been mounted on ANY of my now-sadly-lost-at-sea rifles… hence why I need to rid myself of all these useless parts…

That’s what I got.
There will be more as I continue to clean/re-organize
Unfortunately I can’t sell these things the way I used to as Gun Girl is now out of biddness.

The ATF finally finished the job per their Evil Leaders Orders… Fucking she used to have a case where all us locals would be able to ‘horse-trade’ the pieces-parts/holsters/other ‘stuff’ that we didn’t necessarily want to do thru Gunbroker (pain in the ass) nor eBay (scammer central). I mean that used to be a “thing” when I was growing up… the local Hardware Store, Merrill’s… run by ‘Monkey’ Merrill when I was a kid…

Literally the place had been there since the late 1790s. Our town had been first settled in 1638 no shit… Merrill’s was an institution of sorts… Post Office/Hardware Store/Gas Station/Five and Dime/Tack and Gun Store…. it had it all, to include a glass case where you could ‘horsetrade’ your shit with other locals… put in ammo, guns, holsters, knives, leave a price on it and tell Monkey. He’d call you if’n it sold. Hell Ole Monk had barrels of WW2 Surplus rifles in the back for like $75…

Tell you what, if I had a time-machine, I’d probably drop back to the mid-60s just to go down to Merrill’s and grab a Coke, and sit on the porch in a rocking chair and talk shit about guns and wimmenz…

Sorry… bit of nostalgia there…

SO any and all ideas are welcome, as A) I always need shekels, and B) This, along with a LOT of other stuff is taking up space, so it’s time to pass it on, if only for the cost of postage. Let me know what you think in the comments.

And then, for ‘other notes’
I’m per a reader request going to be going over Nugget Covers.

I.E. Skullbuckets… A.K.A. Helmets.
Said reader wants to know what is good, what is bad, and what to look out for. I’ll do my best to provide what limited information I have… which then leads me to the next upcoming (this weekend) HUGE poast, which I may just do on the SubStack as I’ve been slacking like a motherfucker there.
Building your own Flammenwerfer for Fun and Fire
So, I got a shit-ton of writing ahead of me. Please bear with me if I don’t necessarily poast about ‘the latest outrage’ as we ALL know there’s plenty out there. Got me a hunch we’ll be fine, whether or Not the EEEE-Leets want us to be or not.

Lets face it,

There’s a Hell of a Lot More of US
Than there are of THEM out there
And That Scares Them Shitless.

So more Later
Big Country

War? What War? I Have -NO- Knowledge of Such a Thing…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Not even worth mentioning these days…
Unless it’s to mention how everything has shifted over to “Our Greatest Ally EVVAR!” Krainfeld is so passé these days. So much so that well, looks like a LOT of our DotMil aid that went to the Krain?
Guess where it ended up?

Turn up the volume
And, IF it didn’t embed, here’s the screenshots:


Those are AT-4 and NLAW anti-armor rockets.
The guy talking?
Well, there was no translator but he said “Aloha Snackbar!” quite a bit, so I don’t think he’s a Krainian. Just a hunch… A LOT of those ‘initial reports’ that have been scrubbed indicated that a very large amount of weaponry that Hamas had been stockpiling and building up was bought from Krainians or their intermediaries. Which when it comes down to it is utterly hilarious that a Krainian Jew like Krainfeld supplied the weapons to the Hajiis to help slaughter his fellow co-religionists.

The very definition of Irony Aye?
That and the fact that a member of the small-hat big-nose club will sell anything to anyone if it means turning a shekel or three.

I mean I still say we got no dog in the hunt
However, tell that to all the NeoCons who’re salivating and waiting for their Raytheon Stocks to go up even more. They’ve been agitating forever to start ‘something’ with Iran and now it looks like they might finally have their shot… although what ‘shot’ that is has me baffled.

I mean we were barely able to ‘take’ Iraq, and that was after we had bombed the ever loving shit out of them, paid off anyone and everyone we could (lots of Iraqi Generals were paid off to not fight) and generally undermined the entire country before we even started in on them.

Iran? Oh man.
The Persian Empire of Old?
I have no idea who thought that taking on them was/is/is going to be a good idea. Yeah, the Mullahs made us look bad, but hey, literally it was our own fault in that WE overthrew r/theirguy Mossadegh and installed the Fucking Shah in his place…that shit really fucked things up for us.

Again, thanks to our CIA again for stirring the shit-pot.
I swear if I didn’t know any better, they sure as hell ain’t on our side from what I can tell. Dumbasshattery every. single. time. you turn around. And ALL of them gathered from the ‘best of the best’ schools donchaknow?

Part of the problem is that despite the locals pretty much growing weary of the Mullahs in Charge, the Mullahs are still “their guys”, which means IF we do something exceptionally untoward Iran, they’re going to rally behind the Mullahs. Not only that, but when I mentioned the whole “Persian Empire” thing?

People over here have no idea how important that ancient history stuff is to them…in Iraq, they often referred to themselves as “Babylonians” no joke. The Iranians still talk about the Persians, and how they’d conquered the majority of the known world ‘back in the day.’

Granted it was all pre-Islam, which is something they sort of ‘gloss over’ but to them? That history? The unconquerable kick-ass Persian Empire? Them being the (albeit fallen) Heirs to that Empire? Yeah.

We starts some shit with them, and man
It’s gonna be on like Abdullah-Kong.

Add on the vastness of the country too.
It’s fucking HUGE
And currently, we’re not in any position to do anything except lose some Carriers and people unnecessarily. The only thing we can do is essentially wipe out any remaining good will that was established by Orangemanbad. Which in fact may just be the reason they’re doing it. For whatever reason, they (the Fucktards In Charge behind the throne) seem hell-bent on the Kulakization of Orangemanbad and ALL of his works, no matter how good they may have been.

So, have to see where this goes.
I do know I’m keeping a close watch on things and keeping my shit near to me.
More Later
Big Country

An Overlooked Story and What’s Going On With It… (Tired Of The Mid-East)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So between the bullshit in
“IzReal-or-IzItMemorex” and “HominaHominaHamas” a lot of relatively inconsequential but important news has slipped thru Ye Olde Cracks. A Couple were very interesting stories.

One of them was the report of my very good fren (/sarc) PV2 (now Sub-Private, i.e. Negative E-1) Travis “We Wuz Kangz” King was being returned to US DotMil Custody!!!

Now, that in itself is highly telling.

Roll with me here

Over the past dozen or so years, a total of six United States Soldiers have crossed the “Z” (Demilitarized Zone) from South Korea, into North Korea. Not a lot of stories from the Enema-Media Ministries of Lies and Propaganda on that Aye? Especially in light of one of their ‘chosen’ (i.e. a low impulse control, criminal knee-grow) crossing the border under suspicious circumstances…. Well… there’s reasons for it, one being that is until “We Wuz Kangz” jumped onto the Northbound Train and defected. He made Number Seven. As far as I can tell none of them ever came back.

The list, gathered from Wiki:

  • Larry Allen Abshier (1962)
  • James Joseph Dresnok (1962)
  • Jerry Wayne Parrish (1963)
  • Charles Robert Jenkins (1965)
  • Roy Chung (1979)
  • Joseph T. White (1982)

    Now, Abshier, Dresnok and Parrish? All fucking misfits, near-do-wells and general fuckups. The kind of Soldiers that gave me a case of the hives… Only good thing is they’re all fucking dead now. Absheir by all reports, as well as Parrish were Forrest Gump level retards… which goes a long way in explaining things… However: Dresnok (like We Wuz Kangz) was facing a Court Martial when he ‘jumped the border’… Dude knew he was done and bailed… That and what? 3 divorces…

    Can’t argue there… 3 divorces and North Korea in the winter? I too, would have taken NK… That would probably seem like fucking paradise….

    And then Jenkins? That Fucking Coward was worried about deploying to the Nam, despite his family’s claims he was kidnapped. Fucker by his own words condemns him IMO. He admitted to bailing b/c of the Nam. Fuck him.

    Before the last of of the ‘old school’ defector guys, we have Roy Chung? He was South Korean born… it’s a tough call w/him IMO. No reason to think he might not have been kidnapped… the Norks do weird things right? Plus he was NOT under any sort of UCMJ, was a good soldier (PFC) from all reports, and died in 1997, after being snatched/jumped in 1979… died at 45 years of age, (young by standards) which is weird… so him? No issue… I think he got hemmed up, wrong place/wrong time. The NK kids -do- snatch folks occasionally…why? No idea.

    Then, the very last one, (before We Wuz Kangz) this Piece of Shit? Call it around 1982 is when this fucktard bailed… his name was Joe White, who by his description and his statements, sounds like a modern social justice warrior. Per his Wiki page: “…he denounced the United States’ “corruptness, criminality, immorality, weakness, and hedonism,” affirming he had defected to demonstrate how “unjustifiable [it was] for the U.S. to send troops to South Korea” Jeez…

    A fucking Proto-Leftist Pedo is what he sounded like…
    Either way…

    They kil’t his ass in 1985 after writing his mom about how he loved living in North Korea…

    My guess?

    More’n likely the Norks probably got tired of being lectured about what “True Communism” was and how it was supposed to be and how to implement it, so they offed his ass. I mean it seems like a decent possibility Aye?

    Good riddance.

    Truth be told, dealing with folks like that (and this includes any and all DotGov/DotMil elements in existence these days, to include our own!!!) Once they’re done using you for Anti-US/South Korean Propaganda Fodder (or anything else for that matter), your lifespan is measured in “Mayfly Moments.”

    They’ll kill you, and flush you down the toilet like a dead roach/mouse without so much as a second thought.

    Jes’ Sayin’
    Trust NO ONE nor ANYTHING

    NOW, to continue:
    Now, to let the fun begin on “We Wuz Kangz” also known as “He Dindu Nuffin” per his mama: “The man I raised, the man I dropped off at boot camp, the man who spent the holidays with me before deploying did not drink,” Gates said. “A mother knows her son, and I believe something happened to mine while he was deployed. The Army promised to investigate what happened at Camp Humphreys, and I await the results.”


    De Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt apparently.

    Bitch please.
    You don’t even have the same last name
    Married? Didn’t think so…
    You got rawdogged by some nigga bitch.
    How many other niggas got you preggers and bailed bitch?
    How many ‘siblings’ does “We Wuz Kangs” have?
    How many BabyDaddies you got?
    I smell another Blaq Momma hoping to cash in on what I’ve started calling “The New Nigger Lotto”… have a kid get arrested/injured/killed and make a stink via the Ministries of Propaganda, and Voilà… instant payout….

    I mean why in the fuck do you think that every. single. time. a nog gets his/her life shortened, either by criminality, or better yet, stupidity, or Better yet, capped by a cop, the family has T-Shirts already made within a few hours and ready to hand out to the public…

    Jes’ AGAIN Sayin’

    See, the EnemaMedia, i.e. the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda want you to believe that young Travis “Kangz” was some poor, put-upon, racially discriminated against Private, who was ‘led astray’ or was ‘forced to confront certain facts’ about the ‘United States’…

    Which means oh, I dunno, the DotMil, for once was going to hold his nigger-ass accountable as it well should. Normally and as we’ve seen recently, the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda run MASSIVE cover stories of ‘why this is the way things are’ i.e. Hamas and Israel, whereas in the case of “We Wuz Kangz?”

    Radio Fucking Silence.

Reality of it is, this Piece of Shit? OMFG. Where to fucking start. First off, he was known to the locals, as in Local PD… South Korean cops… which is hard to do when stationed overseas. Shit like that takes EFFORT. I was stationed in Germany, and a few of the blaqs I knew loved being over there because IF the shit hit the fan in the club to the Krauts, the blaqs “they all looked alike” and could cover for each other. The local fuzz, even the ones I did know? They couldn’t pick me out of a lineup, never mind the blaq doodz…

That being said,

For a local cop/patrol to know you!?!
That requires effort.
As in you really have to be an absolute asshole to get known.

According to a goodly number of sources, members of his unit knew him for being an “Attitude Case.” Knew me quite a few of them, (Attitude Cases that is). In the Infantry, they rarely survived… I.E. career-wise… we tended to drive them out as we couldn’t tolerate fuckwits like that. Couple of blanket parties usually cleared –that– shit up. If not, they got moved out, as the majority of MY NCOs wouldn’t tolerate morons like that, Thank God.

Now, back to the subject at hand, as far as We Wuz Kangz? He thought because he was blaq, that his shit didn’t stink, rules did not apply as they normally should have, and pretty much acted like every. single. nigger. who thought their shit didn’t stink either. Uppity don’t even start to cover it.

Problem is, in the Army? Granted, at the time, hell, right now even? With “Whytte Rage” Milley being (formerly) Large, Fat, Disgustingly Obese, and In Charge Nominally, a lot of blaqs –could– get away with throwing the ‘race card’ 24-7-365 to skate. Hell, I saw it and suffered from it back in 1995-99. It’s even worse now from my understanding… Milley may be gone, but now? OMFG Chair Farce Charlie Brown literally took over.


Back then, it was known as “being down with the brown” i.e. Skin Color. Worthless NCOs and enlisted skating/coasting on their skin color, (blaq and brown) and backing each other up tribally which to be truthful a HUGE reason I got out, rather than try and maintain for another 8 years. No way in fuck was I going to subject myself to that level of reverse racist shytte. It’s now full-on institutionalized. Which is why We Wuz Kangz probably figured he’d get off, per usual.

So, We Wuz Kangs was known locally for being a troublemaker. To the point he was barred from the majority of the local establishments/bars/strip clubs. That too, is a bitch to have happen, as the majority of locals make all their money off of Joe. Unless you’re a complete and utter asshole (like We Wuz Kangz) they tend to be somewhat forgiving of your ‘youthful exuberances’. Bars and the like use ‘barring’ as a last resort.

What the South Koreas won’t put up with are uppity niggers who denigrate them, trash the local pub, assault their local constabulary when they show up to stop you, and then try and trash their police vehicles. Seems We Wuz Kangz (shortened to WWK from now on for Brevity) got hemmed up again drunk and disorderly, (in a local bar he’d already been prohibited from going to) and proceeded to insult the local fuzz who showed up to ‘calm things down.’ His insults were over the top, in that both they were personally and ethnically horrific. When they (the South Korean Cops) tried to take him into custody, his response was typical of your baseline Knee-Grow with maturity/impulse control issues.

He went Full on Chimp Out.

He went full on batshit. Started screaming vile racist invective, being HIGHLY anti-Korean-Racist AF from my understanding. Anyone who tries to tell me that blaqs ‘can’t be racist’, all I can ask is ‘what the fuck are YOU smoking!?!’ as every. single. blaq. I know is moar racist than the most hardcore Grand Cyclops of the local Klan Group.

Jes ‘Sayin’

Anyways, We Wuz Kangs kept ranting and raving, (calling them ‘slants/gooks’ etc) and then added on Assault on the Cops, as well as Property Damage. He started Kicking in the doors of a SK Cop car…$4,000.00 worth of damage, as well as a windscreen… which is where they got the jail term from…. $80 a day to ‘pay it back’… 60 days in an SK JAIL Now, because of SOFA… well Now I have to explains the SOFA to y’all… and no, it’s not the couch…seems he (We Wuz Kangz) forgot… Yes, the US DotMil might ‘write off’ the occasional ‘Chimpout’…


SOFA: a Status Of Forces Agreement. These are treaties written between host countries (Germany/Kuwait/South Korea) that define the rules that the respective Countries troops follow… They (occasionally) re-negotiate these treaties, but essentially, it (the treaty) makes the call IF a United States DotMil member/soldier can be prosecuted locally for crimes committed in said-country.

Rape/Murder and the usual get handled LOCALLY first, then by the US DotMil… Minor shit usually gets ‘let go’… speeding tickets/parking stuff and the like… however, depending on the country??? Assault??? On a cop??? In the case of South Korea? Oh fuck yes please said Gyeong-Gwan. (Mister Policeman). WWK got hisself a 60 day sling in a South Korean Jail.

Buh-Bye Dumbass.

Now, understand there’s reasons that there is SOOOOO little recidivism in South Korea. ONE visit to a local lockup for a week or three should clear any and all Asocial Attitudes you may have. Essentially, and I know this from multiple good sources, they don’t fuck around in SK Jails, nor do they leave physical marks. Mental Damage? Sure. Suck it up cupcake… YOU earned this ride amiright? More than likely, but to get to the point that the SK Fuzz need to lock you up?


You purely EARNED that motherfucker.

WWK did 60 days
And any bets that those 60 days weren’t easy days?
They must have been really pissed at him.
Mouthy, Violent, Racist, Entitled Nigger + South Korean Jail?
Oh yeah… that probably left a few marks…

Then, on his release, well seems that that particular fuckup, i.e. his episode of stupid to the ‘Nth” degree” meaning the ‘assaulting cops/trashing a cop car’ his DotMil Chain of Command couldn’t write off what happened… as much as they would have loved to, they couldn’t. That and from ALL reports he was unrepentant and pissed off that he had to do ‘jail time’ in an SK jail? Any bets that the released statement from his PR Team IF they let him near a mike is such like?:

“Dem whypeepo, My Chain o’Command iz all haters… muh Chain o’Command done lef’t me in jail ‘cos dey Raycist and all dat! Dey got no proof and I dindu nuffin!!! I iz a gud boi!!!”

<Le Sigh>
Nigger-haustion anyone?

So they (his Chain of Command) arranged to fly his worthless ass home AFTER HE DID THE 60+/- DAYS IN A SOUTH KOREAN JAIL. He was, as they say, done. They were flying him home specifically. Specifically For a Court Martial. The issue was that the Chain of Command didn’t walk him onto the plane, and watch it leave. Oh yeah, they had -someone- ‘escort’ him to either the gate, or even to the boarding area, HOWEVER… he didn’t ‘make the flight.’

SOMEONE’S head for that rolled long and hard for THAT particular fuckup.
I know of what I speak.

I’ve -been– on ‘prisoner escort/chaser details. Comes with the territory of being one of the biggest guys in the Unit… they want a leg breaker available. In this case, someone fucked up and just dropped him at either the gate, or the terminal. Normally, you absolutely make sure the prisoner is on board the plane or in the proper custody. Chain them to the fucking seat, if appropriate (in this case it probably was)

Otherwise, YOUR shit is in the wind…

So, Guess what happened? Seems He ‘slipped the lead’ and joined up with a Canadian Tourist Group touring the DMZ, specifically at Panmunjom, in the Joint Security Area of the Demilitarized Zone. No shit, reports are out there that when he crossed the “Z” into Norkville, he ran backwards, laughing his balls off, and was seen flipping off the US and South Korean DotMil Guards as he got taken in by the Norks.

as Professor Poopy Butthole said on ‘Rick and Morty’

Ooowee indeed.
Whomever the E-5 was in charge of THAT particular detail to get him to the Aeropuerto? Yeeeeeeeeeeeah… easiest way to earn your E-4 there is to show up as an incompetent E-5…

Jes’ Sayin’

Let cut back to “Today”
Or at least on the day of October 20th, when the rest of the world was shitting Guadeloupe Sized Anus-Melons at what was going on Hebe-VS-Hamas in the Middle East.

Let me tell you… before?
IF the retard had gone home as planned, quietly, kept his fucking suck shut… he might have been hit with some relatively minor charges. Public Intoxication, Resisting, Assault, Failure to follow orders… long story short, the majority of charges would have been primarily ‘wrist slaps’ to make the Koreans happy… show that we’re all ‘equal partners’ in the SOFA agreements/treaties. “See, we taught that idiot a lesson where he belongs in the ‘Grand Scheme of Things!” In fact, ALMOST ALL of them charges could have been ‘worked down’… A good 2nd Year J.A.G. Lawyer could have done it…



They are, by and large, legit throwing the COMPLETE BOOK at this fucking moron.
For Fucks Sakes, look at this (definition first):

noun: toast; plural noun: toasts
To be toast — be or be likely to become finished, defunct, or dead.
Example: “one mistake and you’re toast.”

Please welcome our next player, Travis “We Was Kangz and Sheeet” King to the podium…

According to public sources they’re hitting him with desertion (which in time of war the punishment is execution by firing squad, which with him? No issues, go ahead and shoot ‘im, the more bullets, the better IMO) as well as child porn (seems he was insta-sloring with some underaged broads… not normally an issue BUT if they’re absolutely pissed at you as they are, dood is well and truly fucked. That’s only TWO out of 8 charges so far.

In fact out of all the charges, desertion, yadda yadda… the one that actually matters is the kiddie porn one. That’ll literally and figuratively get you pure-dee massacred in lock up, be it Leavenworth, Camp Bucca, or wherever. Psychos worldwide can forgive a LOT of ‘weird shit’ but kid-diddling? Not so fucking mucho bubbe.

And then, lets not overlook the fact that the major point?:

North Korea sent him back to us.

I mean I dig it
New Leadership, (who personally I dig… Jong Un? Guy is ruthless, but who can blame him?)
But still… they never send back a body
Unless it’s in a body bag
They have absolutely no use for said person AT THE FUCK ALL.
Got no problem arguing nor believing that.
As far as I can tell, said Piece of Shit is now CONFIRMED INTERNATIONALLY TO BEING A PIECE OF SHIT and ergo, the only thing we need to do is find a furnace with a big enough door to throw him bodily into, OR a woodchipper, such as the MorBark:

The MorBark 23X Chiparvestor Whole Tree Chipper…

OH! Oops… Pardon me….
Excuse me, didn’t mean for my erection to get in your way.

So, Got to crash… More analysis tomorrow in the AM
I’m Big Country

More In The Morning, I’m Run Ragged

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
At the last minute, we got the Nookular Redhead for the weekend. Gretchen started doing weddings again (tis the season for them Fall Florida Weddings) so -I- and -I- got the “Duty” today to keep said aforementioned Nookular Redhead occupado and doing the “Spike Lee”

(Do the right thing yo!)

We had a good day:

Did the ‘temporary tattoo thing’ for her
Then let her laze aboot in her Jammies….
THEN we made Soft-Chewy Molasses Cookies…
She helped measure and mix the dough, then rolled the cookie-balls around in the sugar to cover them before baking. A great team effort if I do say so myself….

The final product:

And tomorrow?
Homemade from-scratch Pasta. I’m torn between bucatini and ziti… Either way it’ll be great and I know she’ll love playing with the extruder (KitchenAid Pasta-making fun!)

So yeah, busy but it is what it is
Going to enjoy what I have, While I have it…
She’s not going to be 5 forever Aye?
Can’t -always- be dealing with ‘teh stoopidz’
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Free Storage!!! What I’ve Been Cleaning Up Lately.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So finally can do the reveal of a scrounge I got a week+ or so back. My across the street neighbor, the folks who bought Serbian War Criminal’s pad, are an older married couple. He’s a former Marine and dunno what she does. They’re very ‘keep to themselves’ TBH which I guess is fine, however I’d prefer someone a bit more ‘friendly’.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not hostile, but they’re also really like -just there-. Non-interactive I’d guess is a good description. Now, that being said I was taking the Sausage Princess out for a walk the other morning about a week+ or so ago when the (neighbor’s that is) wife started wheeling some BIG equipment out to the sidewalk. I asked her if they were disposing of this stuff and she answered in the affirmative. I ran the Sausage Princess back into the house, and raced back to claim:

TWO mint-condition Stack On tool chests.

Good thing I did as a pickup truck stopped as I was starting to wheel them home and dude asked if they were being given away? I was like “Sorry Bro! This’s ALLLLL me!” I got them home and stashed them in the garage til Tuesday night when I had Sapper roll ’em in.

I just finished cleaning them up and adding some stickerage as I’m wont to do, (yeah, that is a “Nuka-Cola” label from FallOut on there upper left side) and now? Oh yeah baby. Perfect Rolling Ammo/Mag/Stuff Bins. I need to only replace the top ones lock as the Old Man lost the key, but the bottom one is there as you can see and yeah, I’m stoked.

My original chest was a medical chest that Gretchen found on Facebook Marketplace. There were six of them available:

Killer was they were free for the taking, but first come first serve. We ended up getting there right behind some Mexican dude who no hablo’ed and who was loading ALL of them on a trailer. His wife who was running the show that I could tell, -did- hablo, so we managed to get one for thirty bux, which was all the cash we had on hand at the time. Good deal IMO and we got to pick the best out of the six.

Best. Gunsmith. Toolboxes. EVER.

Unfortunately Big Yellow is stuffed, or rather was stuffed to the gills with all my fiddly bits and pieces-parts. Now I was able to spread that out a bit and get a bit of breathing room. I do love me some good storage and even better, FREE good storage.

Considering new? The three drawer Harloff?

Granted that’s new. Almost 2k w/shipping
Closest I could find was this:

3 drawers, similar in size, $800 w/shipping.
Yeah, the $30 one I got suits me just fine. The Stack On cart/boxes aren’t quite that bad but still, pretty fucking pricey.

So yeah, otherwise I’m just not ‘into’ current events tonight. Been unable to really surf as the eyes are still sort of sensitive from all the abuse they’ve been going through. I’ll hit y’all up tomorrow with a good update, as I’m trying to gather some more intel vis-a-vis the Krain and what’s been going on there, as it (shocker!!!) appears to have disappeared suddenly from the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies radar.


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Server Maintenance Ongoing So Have Some Memes!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
We got some server background work about to begin, so I’m copping out with some memes as I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds and lose any work.
So Some Oldies, Some New Ones (or new-ish, I’ve been way busy to be properly surfing to get moar stuff) But enjoy the Edgelording:

Now that is a great Halloween display!

Gretch wouldn’t let me get that dammit!

So Some More Later Y’all
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It’s All A Bit Blurry But Getting Better

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Yesterday at oh-dark Early
Not allowed food or, even worse, no Monster OR Coffee.

Grouchy and Touchy don’t even begin to cover it.

The surgery went exceptionally well. The eyes are BOTH doing well, but the focal points are continually trying to adjust as I’ve ALWAYS had glasses since 4th Grade. So one minute shit is good, then not, then good again. Doc today in the follow up said it’d be about two weeks til the noggin and eyeballs get fully re-synched.

The other member of the “sick lazy and lame” Penis, is doing well too. Despite me being all fucked up after surgery yesterday, Gretchen, with my guidance was able to uncath his lil wee-wee. He’s still passing blood (as anyone would) but not so much as to be unusual. He’s also very affectionate towards us. Per commenter KMS who is a Vet-Doc, I ordered the recommended de-stress thingy for the household. Until it gets here I’m keeping the “Let’s get ready to rumble” twosome separated for now. In fact Kudos to all of you magnificent Bastards and Females who helped out. Via a contribution, or advice or email, I thank you all.

Gretchen is purely thrilled the lil dick is going to be around for a while.

I know, I know, chocloate, but he only had a few licks and he has been through the kitty-wringer over the past week or so.
Penis sees/smells -any- ice cream of any flavor and man, he’s your ‘bestie’ right then and there. I keep on Gretch about NOT doing that so she only lets him get a taste and that’s it.

Speaking of ‘a lil blurry’

Anyone heard if the Israelis are going into Gaza or not? I heard as of now it was a Hard NO. Did someone finally have a ‘lightbulb moment’ and realize that they’d get their collective heads handed to them?

I mean they have only 300 Merkavas to roll in with.
And essentially the bare minimum of the usually ubiquitous artillery that they usually rely so heavily on. They emptied out their 155mm stocks to us to let Krainfeld waste it…

ONLY 300 tanks? That’s like ALL of their available/operational Heavies that they have from my understanding. That’s not a lot of ‘stuff’ for the type of fight they’re looking at. Urban Combat grinds up men and machines at a horrific rate. When Russia rolled into Grozny in the First Chechen War, they lost, according to accurate After Action Reports, over 400 tanks taken out during the fight. The Izzys only have 300 in total to start with. That’d be two weeks of losses in June for the Krainians.

Jes’ Sayin’

As I was saying tho, The First Chechen War ran from December of 1994 until March of 1995 under very similar circumstances against a very similar enemy i.e. a determined Radical Fundamentalist Islamic Army/Militia.

And, to be very honest, I see a lot of parallels with some of the problems the Israeli Defense Force share with the Russians of the time. Under trained, under funded, resting a lot on ‘reputation’ with out a lot of substance to back it up…

Add on a LOT of the vidya footage I’ve been watching with a critical eye. I saw a LOT of PG-7R warheads on the RPG-7s the Haj were running around with:

In the Pic above, that’s Item #5. The PG-7R is a tandem warhead. 105mm at it’s widest, the PG-7R tandem warhead HEAT round was adopted in 1988 in an effort to defeat explosive reactive armor (ERA)

ERA are those lil ‘boxes’ stacked alllllll over the exterior on most modern armored vehicles. An example of a IDF M-60 with it is here:

Now the way ERA works is inside that box is a –very thin- layer of explosive. When the first charge hits, it punches through the first thinner layer of the box, and the first smol charge blows and causes the ERA liner to blow OUT AWAY from the main armor.

The bottom arrows on the figure above shows the direction of the blow-back so to speak… a better .gif to show:

Not to be overly-repetitive, but it works is that it has two warheads… a tandem. The idea of the tandem warhead is that it has a small shaped charge (the smol lil bulb on the end of the warhead) on the end of an extender ahead of the main shaped charge.

After the smol charge detonates the ERA brick, the main charge “follows on” to punch through the main armor of the tank. The PG-7R warhead also has the ability to cut a hole through chain-link, slat-armor, or appliqué armor, allowing the main charge to hit the main armor. The PG-7R can penetrate 600mm of armor, 1.5m of reinforced concrete and masonry, and 2.7m of earth and logs. Reactive armor is -supposed- to be very effective, however word coming back from the Krain? Well YMMV according to some.

Personal experience(s) with Reactive Armor is that it can get ‘grumpy’ after having been BBq’d. Besides Graves Registration being on my speed dial for the unfortunate times when I found pieces-parts of dudes usually overlooked in the heat of Evvac, I kept EOD right with the GR kids ‘cos burned up ERA? Yeah… you don’t want to be fucking around with it. “Grumpy Explosives” are right up there with “Phil and CederQ without Coffee”. I stayed the fuck away until they checked it out and told me we were good to go.

So, anyways, seems Hamas has plenty of them double-charged Bang-Sticks. That would mean bad things WHEN, not if they (the Izzy Merkavas) get toe-to-toe in an Urban Environment.

Add on that because the Izzys turned the majority of the Cities in Gaza into rubble, it’d be a Middle Eastern Replay of ‘Der Rattenkreig’ which is what Stalingrad got to be known as by the Krauts. Stalingrad by all reports was an absolute nightmare where people were literally fighting room-to-room over inches of territory. A good example of this was Pavlov’s House as it became known to be.

21 Russian Soldiers held out in a corner apartment against a huge number of German assaults over a 58 day period. The Head Cheese of the Rooskies, Vasily Chuikov, the overall commanding general of the Soviet forces in Stalingrad, later joked that “…the Germans lost more men trying to take Pavlov’s House than they did taking Paris.”

Now, change that to Gaza, and you start to see why the Izzys might be having second, third or even fourth thought about going in balls to the wall. Considering that the IDF has traditionally been exceptionally casualty adverse, it makes sense. The problematic thing now is the whole “Face Saving” thing… initially, the Izzys shouted down from the rooftops that they were “all in” on ¡Genociding! the Palestinians and finish this shytte ‘once and for all’ and well now? About that…

That’s part of the reason -I- (and a few other guys I know and have spoken with who’re far better at this than I) thought that they’d drop a smol nook-bomb. They –might- have been able to pull it off initially when the whole “dead beheaded babies” story broke. The outrage then was white-hot worldwide. Now?


In fact, in my own opinion for all that that’s worth, I’d say that the Izzys and their backers have “jumped the shark.” As seen by this doozy of a headline:

Link to the utter retardation HERE

If you can’t read it, seems that Alicia Keys was asked on Instagram “What would u (sic) do if you weren’t afraid of anything???
Tell me your truth….”

Pretty innocuous and truthfully vacuous per what I expect of ‘todays yoof’

Keys came back and said “I’ve had my eyes on paragliding…”

Guess what?
Wanting to go paragliding now is Anti-Semitic!!!
‘Cos shortly after, the group StopAntisemitism lit her the fuck up on Twatter with the following:

As the Critical Drinker would oft say in situations like this:

Any wonder why oh-so-many Normies are getting tired of the constant 24-7 harangue by a certain Smol-Hat-Big-Nose group? I mean what the actual fuck? Because Hamas used Paragliders in a raid (BTW, I think that was genius and I’ll go into that some other time) so the Hamas kids used a Paraglider, so any and all mentions of it in the public sphere needs to be considered Anti-Semitic? And that all mentioners of it need to be dragged?

Shark Status: Jumped… not just Jumped, but the Jumper in Question is now full-on in Orbit, last seen headed to Jupiter.

That Shark was jumped so fucking hard the Ocean Floor directly under the Shark that it now has a fucking 50 meter deep –dent– in it now.

The Fonz couldn’t have jumped it any better nor any harder.

Jes’ Sayin’

Of course Alicia done went and fucked up:

She engaged with these fucking lunatics, thereby giving them the legitimacy they oh so desperately crave.

Me? If it was me?

I would have been like:
“The Members of Hamas like breathing (for now).
I like breathing too.
Does that mean I too, am an Anti-Semite by your definition?”

And now all the rest of the Twattersphere, the very definition of a cesspool of low IQ mouthbreathers are continuing to fight over this…

To me, the response by the clowns running “StopAntisemitism” as over-the-top as it is, is a desperate attempt to remain and have the situation at hand, remain relevant. A LOT of the blame of the “Oh well, it’s over, moving on…” attitude of the 90 second Normie Attention Span was created and put in action by the very people and groups who now want us to pay attention and slavishly devote ourselves to them and their cause 24-7-365, as well as get ready for a much larger, dirtier and possibly hellish Foreign Overseas War.

One that we, as a country, cannot possibly do anything in except have OUR children come home in bodybags for a supposed “Ally” that, as far as I’m looking at it, ain’t been nothing but a giant Grifting Thieving Back Stabbing drain of our money and resources for the past 75 years.

Prove me wrong.

It’s all out there, and for even mentioning it, I’m an eeeee-vil Anti-Semite by their definitions. Fine. What-Evz.

Answer me this One Question:

If you can’t read it: “Is there a monument to American Armed Forces in Israel?”
Short Answer: NO.

So then, I had to go to Wiki for this because Goolag sent me there when I asked “How many Holocaust Monuments are there in the United States?”

Short Answer: a LOT.

Going to Wiki, according to them, we have
Two Online Only Virtual Memorials
83 Memorials/Museums dedicated to the Holocaust.
In the United Staatz alone.

What the fuck.

Germany only has 47 Memorials and Museums.
What the fuck!?!

In fact the link I went to on ALL the Monuments and Museums/Memorials that are apparently nationally sponsored is HERE and the screenshot thusly:

One that stood out from ALL of the above?

My garage is bigger than Suriname from my understanding (/sarc)
What in the Ever Living Five Rings of Hades does Suriname to do with the Holocaust, never mind having a Memorial to it???? Unless that was one of the ‘other’ places that the displaced Third Reich escapees settled, and maybe they built it as a reminder to ‘do better’ the next time around maybe?

Ah well… ’tis to laugh.
It’s all we can do, that and grab the popcorn.
ESPECIALLY when they Re-Activate the Draft for this shytte.

The Millennial Meltdowns when they announce the draft will make Chernobyl look like a misfired M-80 Firecracker.

So more later

Big Country

An Old Army Story to Change It Up As Shit is oh-so-DARK These Days…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Names have been changed to protect, well, everyone mentioned.

Except Me.
‘Cos fuck that guy.
For real.

But seriously. Or not so. Either way the other day when I poasted way early a few ago, I still had the ‘writers urge’ to keep hammering away. Y’all saw my poast that I threw up on Reddit about Me Versus The TSA. If you missed it the link is to Fucking With The TSA Sometimes a good memory will hit, and I just have to write about it. In this case it’s a good thing.

As I’m still wiped out. My must ‘umble Thanks to all who contributed to the “Save the Penis!” Fund. He’s been doing well, and he keeps trying to take off the Cone of Shame. Each time he manages to, it’s clear that his meds have worn off, so I usually hit him up with the good stuff which keeps him mellow.

Only issue we’ve had is because he’s got a catheter, and the new catch bag is slightly different from the now full and disposed of original, it leaks where the spike point and drip chamber go into the bag. I got a old towel that’s catching the wee-wee


Bob-the-Asshole-Cat keeps trying to butt in to the Master Bedroom where Penis is in convalescent lockdown. A few ago he must have slipped in ‘cos the second I left the room, he darted up to the now vacant cage and tried to ‘assert dominence’ by pissing/shitting in and on the towel.

Needless to say he didn’t.
Going to have to redouble my efforts to keep Penis safe and sound, and his ‘stuff’ unmarked by the apparently now-territorial Bob. Which is new… he wasn’t at all like that before, so no idea what dynamic changed. It probably, (according to the Doc) is one of the stressors that led to this particular shitshot… Male cats when stressed get crystallization like Penis had.

So, Bob’s gonna be getting schooled in the BCE way of “Playing Nice” I have a rather effective method of getting two recalcitrant cats to make the peace and become buddies. More on that some other time.

So since the Intahwebz have been nothing but “Death To “X” (insert your favorite enemy-of-the-moment HERE) as to the point of just being a major bummer man. Harshin’ Ye Olde Mellow and I got fucking surgery for Eyeball #2 at 0600, so I’ll be out tomorrow and possibly Tuesday? Not sure as THIS time we know what to expect from the various ‘things’ they’re going to do, and hopefully I avoid them.

So instead, I got what I feel is a funny story from my Army Days. As I said, names have been changed, and let me know what you think. The reddit-retards gave me a HUGE number of upvoats, so at least I know some people dug it.

Now, Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

Be Me. 23 year old 11H SP4 Mafia Member, newly assigned to the 101st.

Show up at the Repo-Depot at Campbell. In the early 90’s the barracks were –old– WW2/Korean style wooden barracks.

BIG open bays like “Full Metal Jacket” old. That pic is from Fort Lost-in-the-Woods, but it’s –exactly– the same as what I reported to in 94 at Campbell. (BTW, the one above is now a no-shit museum) The bay(s) were arranged that Females on the second floor, dudes on the ground floor. The bays were the standard bays:

Cramped, foul… the whole usual bullshit substandard billet for lower-to-mid Enlisted. So, I went and did my special powers to get me the option via the usual ‘graft and corruption’ of paying off the right people (two cases of good beer to the person in question) so I could stay at an off-base hotel.

That and being promotable, and having been around a while, I wasn’t a ‘risk’ as the NCOIC stated to me… Just as long as I made formations and appointments (I had my own POV, car to you civvies) so it wasn’t going to be an issue. Had no issue paying for the privacy and comfort. Met Sara, a PFC who was –still- at replacement due to a SA Issue (almost 2 months at that point.) Never did find out if it was legit, (probably was as it wasn’t the last time some fuckstick fucked w/her unfortunately, hawt-Army-chick problems as you can imagine…) that being said, back then? I was doing my “White Knight” thing and she and I got to be very close.

Like FWB close.

She loved spending the night(s) away from the Barracks (who wouldn’t… ancient assed fucking wood structures with shitty AC, never mind the usual bullshit of CQ/Fireguard and whatnot). I used my Master SP4 Mafia Dark Jedi Skills to get her the ability to leave w/me (moar beer) as her ‘escort’ as the Repo-Depot First Shirt called me… personally, I think he was utterly terrified of her as it was the Repo-Depot Supply Sgt. who supposedly did the SA, and Top knew HIS balls were probably on the block if proven to be true… anyways… Many a great night in the hotel… sorry, I digress…

About a week and a half after -I- got there to the RD, I got orders to 3RD BDE, the 187th (insert obligatory RAKKASAN!!!! here… for those of you who know will get it.)

Anywho. I ended up in Delta Company, 2nd Batt (11H TOWs/.50s/MK-19s… ahh the Days of Wine and Roses… How I do miss it.) Delta at the time along with the rest of the BDE had gone to JRTC. Everyone left was on Rear-D.


Commence suckfest.
Yep… doing ALL the shit the entire company would have normally done, except with about a platoon and a half of the lame/lazy/short timers. Motor Pool detail being prevalent. One major bonus however of being in the “rear with the gear” was no-one knew which Platoon I was going to be assigned to, and ergo, which room/room dawg I’d be assigned to. The Rear D NCOIC made the choice to ‘temporarily’ assign me a senior NCO room in the Barracks. E-6 level room… I (temporarily) had a PRIVATE SHOWER man!!!! (Sara LOVED that). I was told I’d be reassigned depending on what Platoon I was in when the rest of the Company got back. (Go Third Herd!!!)

Mind you I was still meeting up with PFC Sara on the regular. She’d finally gotten assigned to her unit (801st Main Support Batt) So, to get to the point, one fine Tuesday afternoon, I went and picked her up from “work” and she’d wrangled a 90 minute lunch break. Me being one of 3 E-4Ps on Rear D for the Company, I was pretty much free to fuck off most of the day. My immediate Supervisor was a Staff Sgt named Mitch, who’s wife was MAD Preggers and about to pop, so he got a ‘buy’ on JRTC… really nice guy…

So I go get my extremely female PFC and bring her back to my (for the times) Luxurious NCO Boudoir. We both were very into the whole physical aspect of the friendship… so at this point, I asked if we could do a ‘nooner’? She was down with it, however, I wanted to satisfy a minor kink. I wanted her to keep the majority of her uniform on…

What can I say? A chick in uniform, especially a ‘fast mover’ like her?

O.M.F.G yes please.

Now, one thing about this Barracks Room. The door lock had two parts. The normal ‘lock’ it with the key’ lock (door knob) and a deadbolt. The deadbolt however, was a really weird older model, that instead of locking to the right, it locked to the left. (reversed from the normal, meaning the lever goes right to lock it, left to unlock…) So, in this case, the lock-lock on the door knob was broken (“we have a work order in for it”… typical AF for back then) and the deadbolt? Well PFC Sara, unbeknownst to me (but now knownst to you AND me) and without understanding it, unlocked the deadbolt. I found out AFTER the approaching clusterfuck that she’d -thought- she’d LOCKED it, when in fact, she unlocked it. That or she had her own unsatified voyuer-kink

Here I am, in all my glory… HAWT HAWT HAWT PFC Sara getting freeky-deeky with moi on the bunk. Life at that moment is OH SO Fucking good… I got her ‘over’ so to speak, her BDU jacket open, t-shirt up, dog tags hanging and clinking, and pants/panties around her ankles… a DotMil fantasy come true… when ‘all of a sudden’

There’s a knock at the door… I paused mid-thrust.
Me: “Who the fuck is there!?!”

The (now unlocked door) opens, and SSGT Mitch walks in without even waiting and starts off with

SSGT Mitch: “Hey BigCountryExpat, hate to interrupt your lunch but I need you to go down to……”
< tapers off, looking at me with growing horror on his face >

Me: “Oh SHIT!!!! Duuuude!!!! What the fuck!!!! Gimme a second!!!!”

SSGT Mitch: < races back out the door, positively gabbling, apologizing profusely, slams door HARD >
Yells thru the now-Closed Door “Come down to the Motor Pool when you’re done!” < queue receding running footsteps down the hall >

PFC Sara: “giggles”

Me: <dawning realization > “OH FUCK!!! Get fucking dressed Right Fucking Now… get your shit together, we got to get to the Motor Pool RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW!!!

PFC Sara: < pouty > “Why? What’s the big deal? You haven’t finished yet!” < coyly sideways look >
(side note… My famous luck strikes again Aye?)

Me: “Trust me, Infantry gossip like NOBODIES Biddness!!! He doesn’t realize you’re chick!!!! He thinks I was bangin’ a dude in the ass!!!!

PFC Sara: (dawning realization on face) Positively EXPLODES: < Queue Paroxysms of HILARIOUS LAUGHTER!!!! > “WHAT!?!” <genuine bafflement >

Me: < Dressing furiously > “Seriously… he couldn’t tell… you’re wearing your hat, your hair (she had GREAT long brown locks BTW) is under the hat, and he couldn’t see your tits ‘cos your ass was in the air while I was doggin’ you!!!! This’s critical!!! I’m the “new guy who’s gonna be called a fag” if you don’t move out!”

Granted, PFC Sara was a -bit- put out… “I’m going to be sooooo embarrassed!!! They’re going to think I’m a slut!!!”

I was like “IDGAF about that, this’s deadly important in the Infantry!!!” B/C she was cool as all get the fuck out, she went with me. (otherwise I probably would have knocked her out and dragged her with me at that point).

Sure as Christ made lil Apples, we get to the motor pool in like 8 minutes after the ‘cockblock moment’ as I call it, and ALL of the Rear D are gathered around SSGT Mitch… who’s waving his hands around OBVIOUSLY spinning the tale of ‘walking in on the new guy who’s queer!!!’ They (the gathered troops) see me AND PFC Sara (who TBH at a distance, in the old lettuce suit BDU (woodland, not flattering at all) walking in. I reached out and took her hand, and walked up.

Like a fucking BOSS mind you…
No shame in my game THAT day fo’ rizzle.

The sigh of relief from everyone was probably audible in Arkansas.

Outside of PFC Sara turning about nineteen different shades of red, it all ended well, and honestly, I got MAD cool points for copping a ‘nooner’ during lunch. Sara and I are still hardcore frens, and I always thought of her as one who might have gotten away… Of course she’d kill me if she reads this, but fuck it, it is funny!!!

All in all, it garnered me quite the rep as a man-whore in the Battalion…
Jes’ Sayin’…
And as I said before, yes, I am still in contact with PFC Sara, who when she reads this is gonna probably want to come down here to purely kick my ass.
(Wouldn’t be the first time!)
Hope You Enjoyed!
Big Country

Had a Pet Emergency

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So we had a ‘pet emergency’ this A.M.

I just got home.

About 3 days ago, Gretch’s cat “Beans” who -I- call “Penis” started barfing like constantly. Not hairball barfs either. I caught the fucker chewing on some grass from one of Gretchen’s Fall Wreath projects.

Lil Bastid managed to E & E and finish eating it before I could recover said hay/grass. That was the beginning. Woke up to grass/hay barf in the living room floor (tile thank the Gods).

It progressed from there.

He then started drinking the entirety of the water bowl. Now we’re talking a big bowl that all three nan-niamals use communally. Penis drained it, and about 15 minutes later, another Bazooka Barf, ‘cept only water with some stomach acid came out… MASS quantities mind you, considering he chugged about two quarts of H2O. He did that three more times, and at 8 a.m. he was all slumped over, lethargic as hell, resting his head on the water bowl like he was hung over.

I packed him up and headed right to the Urgent Vet Care here in town.

Turns out it was a good thing I did as they told me after his bloodwork was really bad. Like fatality level… his lil pee-pee/urethra was stopped up, and his bladder was like blowing up. His potassium levels blew the machine away… it rates it from a 1 to a 10 mgl. His just had a red arrow showing it was waaay over 10, so any delay his lil heart would have stopped.

Essentially a near-fatal kidney stone, ‘cept a Kitty Kidney Stone. They took him and between Sapper and Me, and a special thanks to Scoutergreg for a donation to “Save the Penis!” fund, we were able to cover the OMFG bill. (If you’re of mind, hit the tip jar if you like this content. Shameless begging done) They drained over 180ml of pee out of his poor abused bladder… considering that a full grown male cat’s bladder is like normally only capable of holding between 5ml-10ml at a stretch, no wonder the poor fucker was down and out.

I know I’d be if’n it t’were me.

But one thing, Tell you what, if I had it to ‘do over allllll over again’ a Vet might be a valid and HIGHLY LUCRATIVE gig man… what with allllll the Future Cat Whamenz and Dog-Moms out there amiright? Talk about $$$.

So I was at the Vet from about 0900 til about 15:00.

THEN I got home and had to deal with Gretchen being all upset as Penis…errr… Beans is her baby so to speak. She got ready to go a pick him up… all we needed was a phone call.

Around 19:30 we get the call to come get him.
Now… couple of things here. He was sick enough that by all norms he should be hospitalized, but the Urgent Care I chose didn’t offer overnight ER stuff.

Who knew? Oops, my bad.

The Doc told me there was a chance he’d need to get transferred to the ER Overnight Vet, one that came highly recommended. I could practically -see- the dollar signs replace his pupils…

I told him flat the fuck out that we were fucking broke as a joke and that the $250 a night (thru to Monday) to take care of the lil Bastid was a no go. Whereupon he explained that if he didn’t do a medical transfer, that he’d have to take the catheter and the IV line out, and we could then take our chances.

I explained to him MY background (Fort Sam Houston Special Medics Course) and that I have everything I need to handle it. We did a lot of the ‘wink-wink-nudge-nudge’ after that as I found out he was prior service Navy. SO he then went into meticulous detail as to exactly what the ER Unit would be doing and when.

Needless to say I took extensive notes.

An additional $750 on top of the already 4 figure payout was out of the question, so when we left, I gave the Doc a big thank you and we came home. First thing I had to do was re-set the room to isolate him from Stella and Bob. Stella because she’s worried and Bob because Bob’s a dick. Then I busted out a fresh IV bag and I only had to connect it to his shunt. Some one at the office had put the fucking needle back on the end of the IV line (covered) but it was jammed on there hard and I was worried that I’d break it getting it off. I mean I have backups of my backups, but still, getting a lot of that shit these days is pricey and hard to come by.

In the end I got the IV line back in, set it to the required 40-50 mL per, measured his urine output, and now he’s down for the count. 0600 I’ll hit him w/his meds, and check the bag(s)… IV and Pee collection. Once his pee bag isn’t quite as red, I should be good to uncath him (shudder).

The things I do Aye?
Which reminds me, I need to get moar 90% isopropal for sterilization… Note for the AM…

Otherwise, wish me luck, hit the donate button and I’ll holler later
Big Country

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