Well THAT Is A New One I Didn’t See Coming…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not sure how this particular ‘thing’ is going to play out or how they’re going to spin it:

Got a hunch they’re going to spin up Ye Olde Memory Hole as fast as fucking possible… Like a Warp Speed Spin Up…

The last thing they want to do is have this give –anyone elseany ideas in the same groove. Not for nothing, got no idea if the guy is a full-on nutjob… I mean he obviously is but there’s ‘nuts’ as in the guy has a loooong history of being a Schizophrenic and/or on an even loooonger list of psychotropic drugs, OR he’s ‘nuts’, as in he just finally said “I’m fucking DONE!” and went full house-psycho on his old man…

Story is here: LINK (Let’s see if it gets memory holed)

So, there’s got to be a story behind this. Dad was 68 and a Boomer. Kid, named Justin Mohn is 32, so that makes him a Millennial. Dad worked for the FedGov for 20+ years. My guess? Kid being 32, still living at Home, and maybe BoomerDad gave him the ‘bootstrap lecture’ one too many a time, and guy fucking flipped his collective shit.

“Off With His Head!!!”
But, the reason I say they’re gonna memory hole this?
The money quote from the article is:

“Mohn went on to say he was offering a $1 million bounty to anyone who could kill top officials including FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland and former Attorney General Bill Barr.”

The Daily Mail

Unless they’re absolutely fucking retarded even more that -I- believe, they’ll bury this story deeper than Epstein’s Client List. Now, considering just how stupid some of the jackholes who’re running the show in the country right now, they might just go Full Retard and blame MAGA and Trump or some such… Thing is, this right here is something I’ve been watching for.

I’ve said it a multiplicity of times.
The Head Honchos out there?
Pretty Untouchable.
Lots of Guards, Security… what have you.
The Support Staff/Lower Bureaucrats and whatnot?

VERY Fucking Touchable.
Never mind their ‘support staff’ to include families and ‘other’ things. I mean look at what happened to that Mayor in France who was promoting his Village as a migrant sanctuary.

“The mayor of a small French town whose home was set on fire amid a bitter battle over bringing in migrants is resigning from his job of overseeing an increasingly divided community.”

Associated Press, May 11, 2023

Seems the Mayor ‘got the message’ and GTFO while he still could. They firebombed his crib with him and his family inside, and torched two of his cars in the driveway.

He’s lucky.
Like I said, not sure if the kid above is a Genuine Nutjob or a “Momentary Loss of Sanity” Nutjob… either way, gotta say, it takes a lot to remove a human casaba off of one’s neck and/or shoulders.

Now I’m not promoting anything. Nope, I’m just a JAFO. Just Another Fucking Observer. And I’m figuring we might… waitaminute… come to think of it, IF some individual DID take in on themselves to start ‘cleaning up certain issues’ they more than likely wouldn’t let anyone know, ‘cos THAT would most definitely spawn a HUUUGE level of copycats, so no…

Probably won’t be hearing anything about wide swathes of FedGov Drones and Petty Bureaucrats being found dead of ‘suddenly’ and/or random muggings like the DemoncRat Kid Seth Rich that they had murdered for comping all of Killary’s emails and dirt to Assange.

Word I got was that he was murdered by two hired hand MS-13 thugs for leaking the thumb drive full of dirt to Assange. The MS-13 hitters were hired to do the deed, and then when they showed up to get paid, they in turn got whacked by a dependable contractor who’s known for doing dirty for the Clintons et al. No one was going to miss a pair of illegal MS-13 Gang Members Aye?

Shit is right out of a Reacher Episode innit?

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  1. that is what Michael Collins did. hit the lower ranks of assholes pushing the shit.
    the thing is, this works very well. without the lower managers to run the “program” it doesn’t happen. you never get the top assholes, but the lower ranks doing the dirty work. oh yeah.
    something to remember.

    1. https://archive.org/stream/AbsolvedByMikeVanderboegh/Absolved%2C%20by%20Mike%20Vanderboegh_djvu.txt

      I don’t think he invented the term 4GW, Fourth Generation Warfare, but I heard it first from Mike Vanderboegh (RIP). Including references to Michael Collins. Don’t hit the Generals, hit the Lieutenants and NCOs. Don’t hit the politicians, hit the bodyguards and interns. All outlined in the introduction, “The Useful Dire Warning” .

      The link looks like a typewritten first draft, so forgive Mike the errors & typos. He was working on this up until he died, and no idea where any follow up drafts are. Or even the original chapters that were serialized on Sipsey Street Irregulars. So for now we have only about half the book, as collected, collated, and put on line by Bill St. Clair (thx, Bill, from this grateful fan).

      1. I miss the Dutchman. He totally did not give a fuck.
        Also, I am reminded of an occurrence about 6 months ago, where Bill Gates was arriving at an event, and a guy stepped out from behind a pillar and pied him.
        Just an observation.

        1. Try 6 YEARS ago, not 6 months.
          He has an absolute fear of pies and being humiliated in public, that’s why the guys did it to him.

      2. I believe the general idea in “Absolved” was to off the key lawyers in each .gov department. This would bring the Blob to a screeching halt as no regulations, laws, or policy could move forward without the proper “legal” work being done. Think of DOJ with no lower ranks to draw up the paperwork. Think any of the “managers” remember how to do the grunt work? After the first wave are killed would anyone want those jobs?

    2. I’ve been saying for years to quit going to squad training and start studying Michael Collins, particularly his intelligence operations.

  2. Thanks for the info and analysis. I still haven’t reached adequate levels of cynicism in dealing with the New Normal. Yeah, I DO know about The Narrative.
    It would be a shame if a bunch of vaaxxd fedtards continued to “died suddenly”, eh?

  3. Fake and GAE.
    Suspending (s)election 2024 by any means necessary is the plan.
    Those projections of what Moshe Trumpstein will do is what the comrades plan to do just like small hats are master projectors of what they intend to do.
    Those old bootstrap saying are stuck in the 1960’s when a badazz car cost less than $3000, tens of millions of competitors for entry level jobs hadn’t arrived yet and the dollar had some value.
    The Chicago bathhouse gloryhole server passed the Smith-Mundt act which “legalizes” agitprop psyops in the FUSA.

  4. Government policy is always enacted by people local to you. Those people have home addresses, and no security details.

  5. With all the fun and games going on between Repugnantcans in Congress, The Corpse, and shitting all over Texas (my post today covers some of what I see as a reasonable solution, NOT that I expect it to happen,,,,)
    NO, I could see this coming, just not quite the angle they are attempting. Yeah,,, this is gonna get shuttered quick . Fact that you pulled this from a Brit Rag says a lot. My Da has been a leech on the toobs since this all kicked off and would have seen something if it had leaked Stateside,,, May be a bit early yet, but I doubt the plebes will be permitted to know anything.

  6. Apparently a total nutjob with far more ties to the D side of the ledger than anything else.
    Gonna disappear from the news in 48 hours unless some bigger idiot from the unicorn brigades becomes inspired.
    Wonder if his manifesto will surface? They always have one.

    1. The 14 minute video was his manifesto, essentially.
      He also had a youtube channel for “music” he made. The music felt slightly discordant in a strange way.

      Of course none of you all listened to the video it seems but he called out to a million man militia to overthrow the traitorous government as well as make various proclamations such as the bounties, talking about how he would have been a great president but his campaign was interfered with and how people thought he was the messiah (though claiming he wasn’t just that people kept thinking that).

      Not just the obvious beheading, the rest of it also points to a disturbed individual.

      …he was right about all the traitors in the government, though. Just saying.

  7. If his social media has been scrubbed, lefty for sure. If, God forbid, he has any ties to MAGA they’ll push this one as far as they can. Probably claim that he was directly ordered to commence offing migrants and Blob minions by Trump himself.

  8. I stick to my original theory. It starts with the “journalists”. Scare them into telling the truth and 3/4 of the battle is won.

    Too many dumbasses believe what the “magic picture box” tells them.

  9. Seems everyone seems to think we’ve just been waiting for the bell to ring…

    Now Claire Wolf has emerged from reclusion just long enough to say: “safe to say the long, unendurable, seemingly endless Awkward Stage is over”

  10. Nutjob fer sure, but I don’t think it will get memory-holed; in fact, I assume the opposite. They took a bizarre crime and decided to spin it; (((they))) are using all the ‘right’ buzzwords in the original press releases – ‘conspiracy theorist’ , ‘extreme right’, ‘antigovernment rants’, firearm owner’, etc etc. They made sure to add and emphasize that he had sued employers over discrimination because he was male. He railed against ‘immigrants’. Accused his father of treason because dad worked for the G. I mean almost every single cliche they could throw at it. Oh, and at least appearing to be White, his photo – by the hundreds – was easily found.

    1. There’s a key here, if anyone cares to pick up on it.
      Interesting fact: Revolver’s don’t eject shell casings.

  11. Get the Minions.
    Bill Gates isn’t going to be manning the Checkpoint where you get Stopped and have to show your “Vaccine Passport” in order to go into Town to the Grocery Store. Peter Piggy will be doing that. Peter Piggy lives in your A.O. Peter Piggy goes Home every Night, to his fat-assed ol’lady, bratty gender-confused spawn (that may not genetically belong to him) and a couple of little Rat-Dogs that won’t stop Yapping…Peter Piggy Parks the County Pigmobile in a Visible Place in the Driveway, thinking that it will ‘intimidate’ anyone from messing with his House…

    BCE, I know you like your Backpack Bugsprayer, but a more Serious Flammenwerfer is Vehicle-Mounted, carries 100 Gallons of USAF-Spec. Barbeque Sauce, pressurized to 300 PSI and out a 5/8-inch Velocity Nozzle (tapered from a 1-1/4 inch Hose) and look up “USMC M-67 Flamethrower Tank Vietnam” for what that does…

    After Peter Piggy and his Family get ‘Baconated’ at 0300 on a Saturday Night, is Paul Piggy going to Show Up for Checkpoint Duty on Monday? Or does he Not Notice the Flammenwerfer Nozzle on top of the White Van (without a ‘license plate’) slowing down at the Checkpoint?

    I’m really Entertained by the Rubes who comment about, “Well, but Bill Gates (and the rest of the (((elites))) ) have their Bunkers, and will Crawl Out of them after the Nuclear War, and TAKE CONTROL OF THE WORLD(tm). I think that ‘Humungous, Lord of the Wastelands’ will have something to Say about that…

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