When It Rains, It POURS. (I’m getting REALLY tired of this)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
This’s getting –OLD
I’m so emotionally drained it’s not funny.
Like zombie-mode
1000 Yard Stare Mode

No update on Gretch. Waiting on test results and whatnot. Some of y’all figured it out. The E.R. found a lump, which under normal circumstances, not a big deal.


BIG history of breast cancer in the fam. Her Granma cashed from it. Her Mom got it, and survived, albeit significantly boobie-reduced. In Gretch’s case, well, seems said lump (which I hadn’t noticed despite the regular groping and titty-time) has already grown a wee bit.

I know it just may be -me- thinking it, however, it -has- gotten a wee bit larger and pronounced. Tests and whatnot ongoing, and the prayers have been really welcome and appreciated. I’ll deal with it as we go, as it’s not my first rodeo with the “Big C” having had a nice bout of it myself a few years back.

Only cost me 1/2+ an airbag, but who’s counting?

As the Sergeant from the 1980 classic “The Big Red One” said:
“That’s why they give you two.”

Of course he was talking about Smitty’s ball(s) being blown off by a castration mine, but balls, lung… whatever… I’m shy half an airbag and still kicking thankfully.

Hopefully we get better news tomorrow or at least by Monday.

This’s been the longest, slowest week I’ve gone through in about ten years. The waiting is killing me. Anyways, that’s the update for her… moving on to sadder news

Tonight and the reason I’m poasting is I got word thru Facebook that a very good friend of mine from Iraq died a few days ago. Hilal Ahmed Abu Dlou, better known as ‘Spidi’ or ‘Speedy’ to us ‘Muricans, cashed in after a heart attack five days ago in Lebanon.

He leaves behind two really cute kids, a wife and a big family.
Damn it.

He was about 8 years younger than me.
I always gave him shit about his diet… he never met a hamburger that he didn’t love. Guess it finally caught up.
Again, Damn it.

I talked to him not even two/three weeks ago… yeah… I stayed in pretty close contact with him… especially when the Izzys went batshit and started doing full on ¡Genociding! of the Palestinians.

I offered up to sponsor him and his immediate fam to come here to the states to live if the Zio-Clowns in Izzystan decided they wanted to roll hot North into Lebanon where he was located. He’s Palestinian by birth BTW.

People can talk shit all they want about the Palestinians being worthless motherfuckers who’d rather destroy shit and be parasites and whatnot rather than get their collective shit together? Of course. Look at the blaq BLM population of the Untied Staatz and tell me they’re any different from Hamas. Only dif is that BLM lacks the balls to do something significant against their ‘supposed’ oppressors. ALL groups have “that retarded group” of asocial fucktards… ALL of them… White, blaq, Asian, Hispanic… everyone has “those people” in their tribe… however, in this case?

There are some great Palestinians out there, ones who genuinely are hardworking and awesome folks. Some of whom I’ve shed blood with and for, and some of which I proudly claim as brother, albeit from another mother. Speedy was one of them.

My brother Speedy, may you rest in peace, be it with Allah or whatever Greater Power there is. In the words of your own, Insh’Allah we will meet again Habibi.

I will miss you.

More Later
Big Country

25 thoughts on “When It Rains, It POURS. (I’m getting REALLY tired of this)”

  1. Turmeric, Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson Oil) made from Indica strains of cannabis, baking soda beverage and not for the taste.
    It reduces acid.
    Avoid all sugar and Frankenfood.
    A sibling diagnosed with Stage III lung back in 2015 is still going by using these.
    Found one of those UN EBT cards during early AM patrol and an obviously fake and GAE passport for Fernando Venezuela.
    Comrade commissar Mayorakas of Das Heimat Schutze is a former board member of the Hebrew International Aid Society in the hmm so hmm department.
    Keep calm and be well for the time of making good commies.

  2. My wife went through first a hackitoutame and then a double lopitoffame. And the precious snakelady surgeon left some serious scars.

    But she’s alive. Which matters most.

    Prayers to you and yours over this bullscat. The medicos will be making you and her jump through some serious hoops and obstacles that normal people never get to see. Hopefully she’ll get a good team behind her on the medico side.

    Hang in there, dude. Because trying times they are acoming over this. Sigh. But, well, big tests for big people (as in great people, not bigly in size…) and all that.

    And some days you’ll want to skin some of those medicos and carry around their flayed hides as trophies, but… don’t. Don’t let the Gretch know how deeply you want to rip their spines out like the Predator did on “Predator” (still a damn fine movie to watch these days.) This is your ‘strong silent man’ moment. Bitch to us. Blow shit up. Shoot shit. Burn shit. (legally, of course) But be her hero as she’ll need it as big-boobed women see their ta-tas as a physical expression of their mental image of themselves (think getting your dick lopped off due to cancer, that’s how bad it is to them.)

    We’re here for you.

    What’s that saying, if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Been there, done that, still dealing with it but it does get better.

  3. Our best people are on the job, Tiny. Try not to worry too much. Sorry to hear about your muzzle monkey too. Years ago I house trained one and you’re right. Some of those folks are good people.

    I wonder how I turned into such a big fat racist – given the gibbons, howler monkeys and primates I grew up with? People are supposed to mature with age but I think I may have putrified…

  4. +1 on avoid sugar, you could check out fenbendazole, this is round worm powder,
    so well tested for safety, messes up cancer cell metabolism (especially cancer stem cells)
    dose is 1/6 to 1/4 normal (mg/kg),, the powder is a lot cheaper than the pills

  5. BCE:

    Start reading, there have been some major advances on certain breast cancers and not so much on others. Find out exactly what she has and do the research. The Mayo Clinic is not far from your AO. Try to get a full check out there for her. I lost my Mom to this disease but we never gave up trying. BTW don’t do the lumpectomy (check survival rates vs full mastectomy) I know it’s brutal but the other option is worse. Sorry about your friend, that’s the thing about getting old, you start losing them time after time. It’s never easy, take care of you and yours. We’ll be here.


    P. S. Prayers outbound

    1. First, I’m sorry about Wifey and your friend.
      The crappy thing about getting older is that you start losing friends and family and that is never easy and is always painful.

      On the mastectomy, Spin is dead on. If she has a history of breast cancer in her family, the best thing is to do a full mastectomy and not a lumpectomy.
      I understand that besides us guys loving them, a woman’s breasts are a big part of her womanhood and the possibility of losing them is terrifying and deep down she’ll be scared if you will still be attracted to her and love her if she has to have a mastectomy.

      The good news is that a lot of insurance plans will pay for a boob job and she can get them put in soon after the mastectomy. So god forbid it comes down to that, she could get a new perky set of boobs if she wanted. You might on the QT check your insurance and see what they cover.

      Prayers for you and Wifey.

  6. Stay positive B, we are praying for an good outcome.
    I would rather have an Palestinian family as my neighbor than some skeevy white trash or lib/prog milky lickers anytime.

  7. More prayers up for Gretch, you, Spidi and all involved brother. God Bless

    That last meme, yep, may invest in a pumper truck to speed up the process.

  8. Prayers sent. Get some rest, watch your diet.

    As we say in my House “Only ONE Patient at a time”.

  9. My wife had a Lumpectomy followed by radiation and 5 years of hormone blockers. Six years after the first another mass developed and a decision to do the double mastectomy and reconstruction was made. Long story short radiation plays hell on the tissue and blood flow. A latissimus dorsi flap was necessary adding as shit ton of additional trauma, pain, healing and scars. Something the radiation team fails to mention when they pitch 50% reduction of reoccurrence. In hindsight it would be a big no to radiation. Prayers it is benign.

  10. Prayers for your family. I am really sorry that so much is raining down on you two. IF Gretchen gets the word it is the Big C-don’t hesitate for a mastectomy and rebuild. As a woman, I never really liked Angelina Jolie until she made the decision, considering her family history, to get a double mastectomy to save herself for her family. It is a frightening idea for a woman, and yet AJ wanted to be around for her kids. The most important thing is to have your family present. Blessings for Gretchen.

  11. Yeah, you have sure had a Helluva ride the whole time I’ve been following. Everything changes the moment That diagnosis hits. Found out the seventh of January my wife of almost 39 years has bone and liver C,stage 4. She’s in our nurse daughter’s place, no more treatment, keeping her comfortable. She never smoked or drank, but she does love that sugar.
    Thinking of you and yours.

  12. Dammit man! Really hate to hear ’bout Gretch. Prayers inbound!! My bestest wishes for all y’all!!!

    Mike in FLA.
    (yer almost neighbor)

  13. Sorry to hear about your wife. Doctor found a cancerous lump in my wife’s breast in 2005. We didn’t hesitate, which might give it time to spread. Surgery ASAP. We didn’t take any half-measures. Radical mastectomy. We refused radiation (that causes other cancers) and chemo or any follow-up drugs. We did not do “reconstructive” surgery. That doesn’t replace the boob, it just means a second surgery for appearances. She got a prosthesis and a special bra to put it in and we never looked back. Almost 20 years later and she is happy and healthy, thank God. She was a cosmetologist until we learned that some chemicals used for hair and nail treatments are linked to cancer. There is some evidence that Ivermectin has anti-cancer properties. If cancer ever makes another appearance at our house, I will be loading up on it.

  14. Good comments and advice from those who have been through this experience, as have my wife and I. As I’ve said before BC, people out here in internet land care. We all know this is going to be a tough load for you and Gretchen to bear. If you need support, prayers, anything, we are here.

  15. God be with you both.

    Watch your own sleep, hydration, nutrition, and focus.

    Lotta people looking out and praying for all y’all.


  16. Greetings, prayers, and consolations from the Oregonian high desert. May Spidi’s god treat him well in the next realm, and Gretchen’s in this one.

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