PsyOps In Play Then and Now

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Doctors and the like. Fucking hate the croakers. Even WITH Insurance the cost of all of these visits is starting to cost. Next on is a $300 up-front copay for the next MRI? CAT? Mammo? Not even sure. Anyways, feel free to hit the Paypal if’n you can as it’d help.

Now, Besides being run thru the titty-wringer (literally in Gretchen’s case) I’ve been watching and seeing the whole unfolding of the Taylor Swift/NFL/Travis Kelce PsyOp unfolding right in front of us…

A fucking disturbing video IMO…
From the comments: “TFW When you realize the target they’re referring to in the video is you.” Indeed.

They’ve been all over the news worldwide.
It’s enough to make one puke.
She’s a flat-assed 34 year old brainless singer who’s fully co-opted by Soros and Company. She started out in 05 as a moderate Country Singer out of Nashville, and somehow managed to get noticed by all the right (or wrong depending on your perspective) people.

Before this marketing push, she was best known as a chick who was famous for singing about all the shitty men she chose to slore on her cock-carousel.

Somehow, this managed to translate to all the tween girls out there, and next thing you know, she’s “dating” Travis Kelce of the Chiefs…

Reason I use quotes around that was Enty over on CDAN had a blind months ago saying that the whole relationshit was transactional. The NFL has been suffering for years with a significant drop in viewership and ticket sales. What not a better thing than to get “The ‘IT’ Girl” of the Year and promote a relationshit with a well know Hero-Sportsball player?

Then, make sure that the Team that the Hero plays for not only gets into the Stupor-Bowl, but wins it? Yeah, I’m calling it now… Chiefs 42, Other (I don’t even know who they’re playing) 38, with some oh so close calls and a last minute WIN!

Maybe I’m wrong but hey, it is “sports entertainment” according to the charter. Just like the World Wrestling Entertainment, it’s a show. IT’S NOT. REAL.

I figured that out when the Patriots went to their very first Stupor-Bowl. Remember when that was? Yep. Right After 9-11.

Of course that “PATRIOTS” were going to be “The Winningest Team EVVAR!!!” that year. Not only that, when the team was introduced onto the field, for the first time ever, instead of naming off the individual players, they all were announced as ONE BIG TEAM!!!! running onto the feild all at once…
How ‘Murican!
How Patriotic!
Yay Sportsball!
So lots of people have come to the ‘wake up’ time… especially in light of how hard they’ve been pushing it. In fact, that’s part of their problem. They lack intelligence in pushing this sort of shytte, so they lack subtlety. This particular shitshow is so blatant and in your face, I think it’ll backfire.

Vivek and Jack get it…
I mean she’s never been one to hide her true feelings:

There’s also a reason you never see her being interviewed. I found ONE clip that’s out there from around 2020, and let me tell you, ‘ditzy dumbass blonde cumdumpster’ is a pretty accurate description.

If she picked her nose, the roof of her skull just might cave it, as she’d be undermining the support structure that’s there.
Jes’ Sayin’
So, high-on-her-own-supply, and probably in coordination with the PsyOps kids, as well as the DemoncRats, they think they can mobilize the “Swifties” to voat… some numbers being tossed around is 15 percentage points of the idiots out there who ‘follow the programming’ will voat for “the current thing”.

Sums it up nicely there Aye?
The good news is that in the same poll, 17 percent of folks said they’d do the polar opposite of what Tay-Tay calls for…
So not everyone is that retarded out there thankfully. It’s just amazing to me how many fucking sheep buy into this sort of thing. Hopefully we don’t get a (s)election this year… that’s my wish.

Let ’em suspend it, postpone it, delegitimize themselves.
Can’t hurt me:

So, Your thoughts?
My thanks for y’alls support, patience and prayers.
Makes a world of difference to me.
More Later
Big Country

30 thoughts on “PsyOps In Play Then and Now”

  1. My brother sent me a screenshot of a Canadian broadcast from the 18th. The lineup was already set. I can’t figure out how to send you the picture; it won’t go into comments. If you email, I can send. But yes, it looks as rigged as WWE. And her lyrics sound like she wrote them in middle school with gel pen in her Trapper Keeper.

    1. I saw a news report a few years back about how almost all of the hit songs in POP music are written by one of two competing music writers who front there own businesses engaged in this trade. The “performers” in music today are generally not musicians or song writers at all, so they pay one of these 2 firms to write “their” hits for them. All that matters is that these songs are easy to sing and/or dance around on stage while lip syncing. The business is so inbred now that almost all of these songs sound the same to those of us who grew up in an earlier musical era,

      1. The real kicker is that most of today’s ‘singers’ can’t sing. They have to have their voices so overproduced to make them sound even reasonable, let alone good.

        And, yes, they all lipsynch at their concerts. It’s funny when they pull a Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston and show up so drugged/drunk that the lipsynching is obvious to even the most retarded fan.

        1. I wish Stevie Nicks had lip-synched the last concert I went to. Maybe then I wouldn’t have walked out in disappointment.

  2. I don’t know if it is all a psyop but even if they really are just dating, the NFL and Swift’s camp are riding this train BIG TIME.
    AND it’s working ! Ratings are WAAY up especially among women.
    For example, my wifey has always been a big college football fan (especially the Gators her alma mater). She’s always watched their games but didn’t really care about the NFL.
    This season she’s watched ALL of the Chiefs playoff games because “I wanna see Taylor Swift cheering, she’s so cute”.

    Women LOVE romance stories and this one is working.

    Honestly I’m OK with it. I’d rather hear about that rather than contemplate Bidenenko making the Israeli’s wet dream come true and attack Iran.

    1. You stupid fucking Bint….. BREAD AND CIRCUSES!
      The reason you and your betrothed are not so pissed off as to be foaming at the mouth in a government protest (like the Dutch this week), is your emotional needs are being barely met by your vicarious involvement in a manufactured relationship between 2 actors.

      … Sigh… Put a quarter in your ass cuz you played yourself.


      You are being manipulated into tolerating your enslavement by the communists. You and people like you ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM!!!!

      And you sit there and think ‘huh’? What’s he talking about…
      Too fucking stupid to recognize you’re the reason we are where we are.

  3. I am surprised they didn’t hook TS up with one of the colored boys in the Negro Felon’s League.

    1. The dealio with the not-so-Swift creature has been on the ‘nets for a while, it’s like the X Files
      ( hmmm- Space W, twitter now X, disease X- thats odd ) says, the truth is out there. Corallary: it takes some real sleuthing sometimes to find it. Anyways, an example of what the swift trackers have found, heck, going back ages.–poster-girl-witchcraft.html

      and of course Mr. Pfizer who appears clueless, more of a useful idiot than an evil perp, but fuq who knows these days??

  4. Dude, big oversight on your part, not like you at all lol. I think I can sum up the kelce/swift “romance” as follows:

    Tonights Kabuki theatre, starring Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, brought/bought to you by….Pfizer.
    Yes folks, Mr. Pfizer himself and the ironically named Swift persona, ticket-takers extraordinaire, take the biggest stage in the US, the SuperDuper Mega Bowl, to let you know you need more shots, cuz ya know that Disease X is out there just lurking, lurking. Oh and don’t miss our yearly Satanic half-time show, its a doozy.

  5. Everything is fake and gay.

    That line rings true most every day.

    BTW – you forgot the Saints winning after Katrina.

    Fake. Gay.

    Maybe Taylor is Travis’ beard.

    1. So fake it is the last pro game I watched.

      The line was “those nice boys from St Louis stayed in town after the hurricane and helped the town heal (haha) and that quarterback has a nice butt.

      They know the men will watch, but getting the women to watch is pure profit.

    2. Or he is hers. For years it’s been rumored she likes more than just the red carpet but blonde and brunette ones too.

  6. I’m guessing that the Aaron Rodgers / Shailene Woodley thing didn’t pan out as anticipated. Anyway, do you recall the X-Files episode where Cancer Man tells whoever it is that the Bills WILL NOT WIN the conference / Super Bowl / I don’t know what as long as he is alive? Yeah, that.

    1. Yes, I believe that episode was called “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man.” It was just brilliant, and almost prescient of our lives now as opposed to then (what was that, about 1996 or so?).
      Seriously, I’m surprised Chris Carter was never whacked.

  7. Don’t know if you’re a vet, but if you are, just go into your nearest VA and tell them, “I don’t got no insurance.” Problem solved. The VA is no worse than your favorite doctor; at least not anymore. I went in for my 60+ year old tune up, got a metric fuck-ton of tests and procedures done for like $500 out of pocket; that and no premiums to pay. Hit ’em where it hurts!

  8. When will the stupid bowl feature an illegal alien national anthem? The black national anthem is so yesterday.

  9. Kabuki theater, they’re both pfizermectin commies. I read he got 20 mil. For those adds, have not been able to confirm that. It’s funny, big ole NFL dummy gets used by TPTB. His money idolatry worship will get him a better outcome but he’s to dumb to know it

  10. The spectacle society of screens is already a retarded 14 year old girl detached from reality so why not Swifty/Stacy Abrams 2028.
    If it isn’t on a screen somewhere it doesn’t exist and thinking hurts their peanut wrinkle free pee wee brains.
    The cutting room floor outtakes of Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield, Sheena Easton, Tina Turner, just off the top of the brain, blow anything she has ever done out of the water.
    Like Bro said how come no one can name one of her songs?
    Done with the fake and GAE No Fans Left league after that Colon Krapernick turd and other ingrates complaining about making millions playing a children’s game.
    This just in from the Grail Knight:
    Looking out for your lovely lady is noble, you have chosen wisely.

  11. Beg to differ about the Patriots, they started going out on the field as a team that year as a result of a dis by the announcers in Cincinnati during first game that season. Pre 9/11 by a few weeks. Also have a video tape from that year, the announcers (Terry Bradshaw/Howie Long) were fucking speechless after the game, priceless. Coach B didn’t stick to the script and all the critical flags went for the Rams. Was supposed to be Rams-Steelers due to $$$. Spygate was payback to Bill by the NFL.

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