Well I Had a BUSY Day

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
LITERALLY all day over the stove… The bird went in the oven at 10am… and everything else was timed to come out around the same exact time.

Don’t know -how- I managed to pull it off, but I did.
Mashed and Sweet Mashed Taters, Garlic Green Beans, a small Ham, and the aforementioned Bird. The bird was nice and juicy, but a wee bit tough, which we attribute to the fact that it’d been deep freezed for the better part of two years.

Gretchen and the Gran made me a Birfday cake as well…

Seems someone got to lick the bowl…
Dinner was good… I’m just beat after all the cooking/cleanup

Now the ham was done a bit differently from the norm. II wrapped it up in foil, and threw it in the air-fryer. After 25 minutes, I opened the foil, slathered it in a brown sugar glaze, and gave it ten more minutes, except this time I left it uncovered. Gave it a nice crust, and maaaan…. it was -the tenderest- ham I’ve ever made/eaten.

Then and hour or two after we did the Birfday thing:

Big ole honking chocolate cake, multi-layered with home made buttercream frosting…

I’m going to have myself a beer or three
And crash…
Been a LOOONG day.

More Later
Big Country

A Pure Evidentiary Example of Inflation and Noticing in The Kraine

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Thanksgiving on Sunday (leastways around here). I’m doing alllll the cooking and prep tonight.

I’m doing the prep on what I can… The dressing/stuffing, which in itself is it’s own meal. It’s so good and popular, I literally had to make 4 pounds of it this year. Basically, 4 boxes of Stovetop, with the 6 cups of water, and 2 sticks of salted butter. The key to it is the 3 pounds of mild Italian ground sausage. I season the fuck out of all of the above, and then it’ll go in the oven for about 20 minutes at 400….just enough to ‘crisp’ the upper crust and reheat it…

Thats a LOT of dressing…
Jes’ Sayin’
Also doing a sweet potato thing… essentially 3 BIG honking sweet potatoes that I baked and then scraped. about a cup of heavy whipping cream, and added a pile of cinnamon and sugar… capped off with marshmallows.

Then ‘dusted’ with more cinnamon and sugar for good measure. Instant diabeetus anyone?

Eh… what the hell? Gretchen has a mad sweet toofus.

Now, as to the title?

The bird we’re cooking has been sitting next to Walt Disney in the extreme deep freeze for about two years +. It was a ‘work gift’ so to speak, back in 2021. We already had a bird, so we plonked it in the deepest part of the freezer (next to Walts Head). This year as shekels have been tight, AND we’re having a full-on T-Day with Gretchen’s Parents, plus Sapper and the Gran, (nevermind we’re even bringing the Sausage Princess with us) I figured we could bust out this big fucker for all of us, as it’s just a shade under 15 pounds.

That’s also the reason I’m ‘going big’ for ALL the food this year, it’ll make it so Mom and Dad have a fuckton of leftovers to narf on for the next few weeks… I did the majority of the defrost the other day, and then, since I’m in progress, I snatched the label off of it so’s I could gander exact weight/cooking time to make my plans…

Holy. Shit.

A 14.85 pound bird
From 2021
.49 cents a pound
Total Price, as you can see $7.28

This was essentially Year One of the Reign of the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

“Bidenomics” hadn’t gotten really started then…

Essentially the pic above is “How It Was” and the new one? I’m going to have to go get a pic tomorrow of a ‘current day turkey’ at Publix for the “How It’s Going” part of the meme… just checking online though?

And at $1.71 a pound, that’s supposedly better than LAST YEAR!?! Down 5.6% supposedly???

That’s some Jim Cramer math right there Aye?
And Publix tends to be a bit more expensive than Wally World or Winn Dix. Even so, how in the fuck do they frame THAT particular shytteshow? I mean literally I have the receipt!

Yeah, we’re fucked.

No idea what’s going on in the Kraine right now, but it can’t be good. Insomuch as the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies have all gotten new marching orders, and have been blasting Krainfeld, and that the war needs to be ‘settled’ ASAP, even if it means that the Kraine give up some territories like Donbass and such for the interim. Problem with this?

Well, the 600 Pound HIGHLY Combat Experienced Russian Bear-in-the-Corner might have his own opinion as to just how this particular fucking shitshow ends… and I damned well can gar-ron-tee that NO ONE is getting to ‘set terms’ except for them.

Winners get to fuck the Prom Queen…
You figure it out from there.

Which also leads me into an observation. As of late, over on the voenhronika website, the vidyas thay’ve been showing? Well since it’s pretty much a Russian Rah! Rah! channel/report, the majority of the ‘stuff’ they show are the Krainians getting their asses handed to them… which I’d expect. The NEW THING that I noticed however, besides a LOT of dead broads, was the helmets.

Before, whenever we saw vidya of Krainians either being KIA’d or captured, they ALL seemed to be wearing the ‘latest and greatest’ type of Skullbucket. Most of which were like my HHV tactical cut style cover. Now?

These two pics are freeze frames from some of the vidyas… one is a drone vidya, the other from Russian Troops taking a trench and inspecting the stiffs…

That’s the drone vid, and then IN the trench:

That dude is a stiff… the close up is when the Russian pulls the helmet back, and there’s a big ole hole in his squash.

What -I- noticed is they’re all wearing the earlier model helmets.

Those look like MICH or ACH models…

Which IF these are ‘front line guys’ (which I believe they are, as the Russians ARE killing them on the front lines as opposed to the rear areas right?) It makes the Loggie In Me question the supply situation.

Are they OUT of the ‘latest and greatest’ gear?
Are they down to using whatever they can scrounge?
Inquiring minds and all that Aye?

I mean if they are out of the latest model helmets, that ain’t good. I mean we already know that they’ve exhausted their prime age menfolk… to the point we’re now seeing dead splits in the trenches…

I mean I can absolutely see them running out of Tier One Gear… in fact a LOT of the rifles we’ve been seeing in these capture/kill videos that the Krainian Korpses have are older AK-47s firing the 7.62x39mm round, unlike earlier in the war, when the Krainians were running M-4s with their SF kids, and AK-74s firing the 5.45mm round… Couple of Russians who took a trench in one vid were bitching that they couldn’t reload, ‘cos the ammo in the trench, that they could find that is, was all 7.62mm as opposed to their 5.45mm they needed…

I haven’t seen a lot of M-4s or M240s either as of late…
Like a Krainian Male who’s 20 years old, not rich or connected, in good health and not in the Krainian Army???

He’s on the endangered species list.


Difference is instead of a shithoused Martin Sheen, we’re going to see a Koked out Krainfeld fleeing to Palm Springs, seeings how Israel is a bit ‘hot’ these days…

No matter, the FSB will settle his account, if our own CIA guys fail to ‘scratch’ him… he’s pissed off too many people, especially his own… IF he makes it out of the Kraine I’ll actually be shocked. It’s becoming more and more apparent just how many are actually dead, and that HUGE numbers of families are sick and tired of the lies, propaganda and bullshit being spewed by their -now- (p)Resident For Life the Kokaine Kowboi Krainfeld and his Koterie of Klowns…

I wonder if they’ll finally get their jimmies rustled up enough to have a “Ceaușescu” Moment?

Either way, that show, much like “Weekend at Bidens” is over. It’s just a matter of figuring out “…where to let the body(s) fall, and who’s going to be the replacement(s)?”

Stay Tuned… Savage Times Ahead
And Don’t Forget the Raffle! $10 gets you about $400 in Gear!
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Another Gear Review and a Raffle!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, now I got ONE out of the two items in that’s up for grabs via a raffle. A single $10 puts you in the running for both items. DM me if you want to mail in the entry to my bce187th@protonmail dot com email, and I can send you a mailing addy. The first item:

Now, this’s also a handy little piece of helpful gear. Not a lot of folks are aware of it, because as far as I know, it was never directly marketed or sold to the public. This particular one is mine. The one that’s up for grabs is brand new in the box.

And as Jack Burton would say: “What’s in the bag Egg?”
Well, let me show you:

This is the Gerber eFECT M-4 Tool.
A Multi use tool designed for a troop, probably by a troop judging from just how useful it is. It’s compatible with Otis Cleaning kits, which has the contract to make the cleaning kits for the DotMil. For those of you who might still be serving, the NSN (national stock number) is 5120-01-578-4888 if you can get your supply guy to order a few. That’s how I got mine. It came out in 2008, and mine was gifted to me by a Supply SSgt from one of the Reserve Units I was doing weapons for.

Now, it’s got six tools that are all folded up inside:

It features a positive locking bar on each side (those little tabs on the body of the tool) that run through the body itself. The tools are as follows (pic stolen from a surplus sales website):

As you can see, it’s got a Carbon Scraper, which I don’t use that frequently. The pin punch is handy, as well as the brush and Otis Pick tool. My most-used tool has been the front-sight post tool (FSP for brevity now). Anyone who was ever in the DotMil utterly despised the front sight post. IMO that’s the worst part of the original design of Eugene Stoner’s (PBUH) epic rifle.

I think every person who ever had to fuck around with that thing pre-multitool cursed the thing. You need a nail, or even worse, in a pinch, a live round to push down the spring loaded front sight detent (that lil pin on the right side of the sight itself in the pic above.) BECAUSE it’s spring loaded, you have to push DOWN and at the same time -try- to spin the sight around.
Honestly, it made for a miserable experience in the Army, because you were firing as time between sight adjustments versus live fire was very short, and if you needed a LOT of front sight adjustment? Yeah, it sucked. This tool resolves all of those issues. It ‘snaps on’ to the font sight via 4 little ‘teeth’ that compresses the detent pin, as well as grabbing on via the other remaining three holes:

And yeah, as you can see, it’s removable. It’s held in place by a pretty good magnet. Some of the early-early models the FSP tool could be flipped over, and had a 5 point pin for the waaay early M-16A1 FSP. Those have gone to the wayside as I don’t think there are -any- A1 uppers left now… I could be mistaken however as I did back in the day come across some made-in-1968 Hydramatic Lowers that were still in service.

Let’s face it, an AR IF properly cared for will last a long, long time. Not sure if it’s as robust as an AK long term, as I’ll leave that to the Gungeeks and Toobers to argue it out, but you know what I’m saying.

The little Otis Pick is useful as well, if you need to get into the nooks and crannies during a detailed cleaning.

I had to put it on a white piece of paper and use some illum to get that pic to come out. It’s really a dental pick that screws onto the tool, and is replaceable. In fact the little brush is replaceable if you wear it out. As you can see, I’ve kind of beaten on mine a bit, but that’s what it’s for.

Now, as to price?
All depends on where you look.
eBay is running about $50 for a used one, and some of the surplus sites out there?

Well… I suppose gouging is still a thing…
That’s a mite high IMO. I suppose it’s because it wasn’t sold to the public and that it’s now been discontinued. Which is a shame because really, you don’t need a hell of a lot more of a small in-the-field mini-gun centered multitool

So yeah. I have that for the raffle, and I’m still waiting on the other item:

I’m waiting on Surefire to get it to me.
It’s the White/Red Primary with IR Blinker. Also New in the Box. When it gets in, I’ll make sure I announce it. I was told it’d be here NLT Saturday, but what with the Holiday and whatnot, I got Gretchen’s Christmas gift that’s been delayed now twice and what with the general fucked-uppedness of the world today, I’ll be happy if it gets here before Christmas.

Another thing too, is Coffee Brand Coffee who’s a sponsor here (link/button on the side) got in a WHOLE PILE of new flavors for Christmas, as well as some pretty good snack-type stuff. If you use the code “NTJ” (Name The Jew) it’s 10% off your order and yes, I do get a ‘taste’…

After all, I’m at the second anniversary at Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory, and I still haven’t gotten a raise. I was promised that it was put in for, but I haven’t seen it yet. As they say, things are tough all over, and every little bit helps. SO, if you are entertained here, feel free to visit the links on the right as it can help out both myself, as well as some of the smaller businesses like D-RMOR Gear who’s a small self-run owner/maker of some really quality gear.

The Paypal Link on the right (which is tiny for some reason, gonna have to fix that) is the Donate Button. Use that and make sure I have a good mailing addy. Figure I’ll run this until Christmas Day? I don’t want to mail it out before as the odds of the prize(s) getting lost around this time of year is a bitch… let me know what you think in the comments

Now I got to run pick up Gran#1 for the Holiday… Gonna be a busy couple of weeks as she’s out of school, and -I- have to make an early Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow ‘cos we’re going to Gretchen’s parents to ‘do’ both my B-Day and T-Day all at the same time.

More Later
Big Country

A “Tell”, Krainian Chicks and Tentacle Porn

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, talk about nailing it so to speak.

Link to the article HERE
I mean talk about telegraphing it. The money quote:

“”I want to talk about Governor Newsom Nuisance. I want to thank him. He’s been one hell of a governor, man,” Biden said Wednesday during a welcome reception for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders in San Francisco. “Matter of fact, he could be anything he wants. He could have the job I’m looking for.” (Bold/Underline mine)

I.E. The (p)Residency.
Talk about telegraphing the ‘punch’…

Hoo Boy… that’s the very last thing we need. (p)Resident Goblin “Hairgel” Nuisance as the Big Cheese. I mean that would be the “End” for real if that fucktard gets in there. The only person stupider and useless would be Fetterman. In fact I’d say because the list of ‘negatives’ attached to ole Goblin’s Resume, the only way they can get ‘their guy’ (meaning the deep state scum) in there at the top of the heap, is to drop Kamel Hoe, and install him in a position to take over when ‘Weekend at Biden’s’ comes to it’s unavoidable conclusion.

Change My Mind.

Then on somewhat seriously fucked up news, two things I found. One is from the Kraine. It’s a twatter file, but hey, get the news where you can I suppose… a lil NSFW warning on it, as it’s got corpsicles and blood and shit in it… front line battlefield footage that IMO is really fucked up:

Even at the worst-of-the-worst times, the Germans didn’t use chicks on the front lines… Medics? Yes… Hell everyone has females in a medic role.

But as a front-line Grunt?
That’s seriously fucked up
Women are supposed to be protected as the child bearing future. They’re NOT supposed to be fighting in the trenches, nevermind getting blown away… This particular nasty lil war is going to go down in Modern History as one of the most fucked up ones. And Krainfeld? IF they, the Krainians themselves, when and IF they ever wake the fuck up, Krainfeld’s Kokaine Snorting Hebrew Ass is going to get the Mussolini treatment if he’s lucky.

Now, another one, this unfortunately I could find the one I saw before with the translation on it, but this one is a sort-of happy ending compared to that first one :

Couple of other places have been showing it, and the whole “This’s fake! It’s Putin Propaganda!”
My question is why would they fake this? I mean the Krainians themselves have said that they’re putting chicks on the front lines. As Simplicius has been saying, the Krainians have burned through three complete Armies so far. And judging from the prisoners I’ve been seeing in a LOT of videos, the folks that they’ve been capturing are a LOT of guys older than me, a bunch of what appear to be drug addicts and literally the bottom-of-the-barrel people that the Commissars can grab up.

In fact I find it very telling that the “Recruiters” are all in shape, healthy Rear Echelon MotherFuckers (where the term “REMF”, comes from in the Army) who look like -they- haven’t missed many meals, and are driving some nice vehicles… One I saw was in an H3 Hummer… being a recruiter must be good duty yannow whut I mean? Safe, Fat and Happy.

For Now.

But yeah… Moving on to something a bit funnier.

Seems that the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den can’t keep his feet out of his fucking mouth. When he isn’t fellating his Lord and Master Winny Xi Puh, he’s fucking up so horrifically, it’s utterly hilarious. Not even ten minutes after his meeting with his Boss was done, he came right out and called Winny a ‘dictator’…
And someone caught Blinken’s face and made this:

So someone put that together
Seeing that reaction is great. However, it also is a bit telling. All the folks who’ve been talking about ‘the power behind the Throne’ and whatnot… the ‘Dark Cabal’ or whatever the name of the week is these days… to me? Blinken’s reaction tells me that despite all the programming and whatever, that they still do not have complete control, especially when their sock puppet is out in public… you can see the horror and realization that the Kidsniffer went fully off script and straight into “Full Retard” mode.

Which is the way I like it.
Let chaos reign supreme. ANYTHING that fucks them up or impedes them in whatever grift they got going on, I’m all in for.

Let it fucking burn baby… all the way to the fucking ground.

Then, another thing I found and this took me a while to ‘get’ so to speak. All sorts of folks on Gab started doing all these octopus poasts… like MAD amounts which confused the fuck out of me until I did a bit more of a deeper dive. Seems our Favorite Fetal Alcohol Baby, Greta Thunberg made some sort of statement or something regarding Gaza, and there was a stuffed toy octopus… a plushy of some form there in the background of her poast.

Methinks they doth protest too much.

It goes back to, as stated above if you can’t read it: “…Nazi propaganda depicted Jews as tentacled octopuses using their arms to manipulate finance, media, and politics.”

Your point?

They’re getting waaaay out of hand with this whole “Oy Vey we’re soooo oppressed!!!” they scream as they’ve dropped over 25,000 tons of high explosives on mostly women and children while levelling Gaza. So, my answer?

If I still lived in ‘colder climes’ I’d hanker to get one for myself… even if it wasn’t to annoy the ever living shit out people. I think the Blue and White one like the one pictured is rather cool any which way, no matter what the motivation is.

Then again, I do have a ‘thing’ for hats…

And speaking of Gaza…
That hospital? The one that the Israelis have been saying has a HUGE underground facility? Yeah… seen a lot of “How do we know that’s true?” Well according to TableMag dot com, the ‘secret’ Hamas HQ bunker?

They know about it because the Israelis fucking BUILT it.
Looks like back in 1983 when the Israelis still ‘owned’ that particular piece of turf, they built this as part of the defense needs of the IDF at the time. When they gave Gaza to the Palestinians, well… Hamas took over the already-standing and set up area…

“The Israelis are so sure about the location of the Hamas bunker, however, not because they are trying to score propaganda points, or because it has been repeatedly mentioned in passing by Western reporters—but because they built it. Back in 1983, when Israel still ruled Gaza, they built a secure underground operating room and tunnel network beneath Shifa hospital—which is one among several reasons why Israeli security sources are so sure that there is a main Hamas command bunker in or around the large cement basement beneath the area of Building 2 of the Hospital”

Telling you, everything these days is sooooo Fake and Ghey
Go Figure.
Going to have to do the gearpoast tomorrow… apologies for that… damned thing –still– hasn’t come in like it was supposed to… got a new notification that said-gear isn’t going to be here until tomorrow, so I’ll hit it then.

So I’m off to make dinner
More Later
Big Country

Wunderwaffen, a Prediction, Education and Slavery oh my!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yeah, yeah… I know I was AWOL yesterday however, good reason. Follow up appointment(s) with the Docs at the VA. One was the eye doc to check the new lens, which was the reason for the absence. She had to dialate me again which as I’ve mentioned before, the med they use hit me pretty harshly. SO I was out-of-action after that. Thankfully I had the primary care visit first.

Which was interesting in that they didn’t find anything wrong.
Shocking isn’t it?
What really surprised the hell out of me was the liver results. I’ve had a fatty liver like forever… part of it from being big, liking my groceries a little too much as well as stronk drink. So I had like ALL the tests. CAT Scan, Ultrasound, plus the usual bloodwork.

No scarring (cirrhosis) which to be quite honest shocked the hell out of me. I mean I’ve been trying to murder that damned organ for years and apparently to no avail. All that hard work and effort wasted… ah well…

Also the weight loss is going well, and it seems again, I’m no longer diabetic. It comes and goes with my weight. Get under 310, (like I am now) and everything stabilizes… Just have to watch the poundage.

So… what have we missed?
First off, another pic from the Kraine of one of our wunderwaffen post-action with the Russians:

That’s an M1126 Carrier/Scout model
I -don’t- think anyone got out of that.
Granted it’s only an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) HOWEVER, the way it was ‘sold’ by the MIC and to the Krainians that this was a vehicle that would be one of the keys to their success.

How’s that working out for them Aye?
That hole from my POV is a HEAT round that on the other side you’d find a much smaller hole and that’s the ‘blast through’… I’d say it got really fucked up.

Then, Reality is a Bitch:

Link is HERE
Seems ain’t in No How, No Way can anyone at this point ramp up ANY production of ANYTHING DotMil related to get shit to the Kraine in the near… oh Hell, even in the far future at this point. All this Copium and “Happy Smoke” out there that the Military Industrial Complex is drooling over too… the supposed “We’ll just do a treaty and sell the Krainians all sorts of shit for a few more years, let them rebuild, and then it’ll be wash, rinse, and repeat!”

Except it takes two sides to make a Ceasefire/Treaty
And right now?
Considering how many times Ivan has been bent the fuck over by the ZOG and the Euroweenies? News flash: The winner calls the shots on when and if the war is going to stop… not you fuckwits. In fact Unless there’s a bigger unknown variable, like Vlad is actually part of the NWO/WEF Soroswine, then nope, he’s going to keep on keepin’ on allll the way until they (The Imperial FedGov) have the (s)election, and the Dipshit DemoncRats steal it again to reinstall The Kidsniffer as (p)Resident-for-Life and all fucking hell breaks loose here stateside…

The reason I say(p)Resident-for-Life is that crusty motherfucker is ALREAD dead. He’s a corpse doing a “Weekend at Bidens”. He’ll be (p)Resident-for-Life, which means until they cut the strings and let him lay down dead like a good Kidsniffer. Any bets that we’re going to see Goblin Nuisance be picked as the Veep over Kamel Hoe?

You heard it here first.

The way that Boss Joe Chink, Winny The Pooh was met and received by Goblin in San FranFreakshow tells me I’m not too far off on this prediction. He can’t possibly declare and win, not with a record like his, what with utterly decimating Califruitopia the way he has… I mean how they gonna run that?

“Goblin Nuisance for President! Let Him Do To The Rest Of The Country What He Did For California! Make America Venezuela!!”

Yeah… only way to get him in there is to inherit it.
Kamel Hoe is about as popular with the People AND the rest of the world as far as I can tell as a bad case of herpes. I have no idea if they’ll ask her to step down, but I highly doubt it, as she is a loudmouthed brainless slore… she’s the type to rant and rave about being ‘pushed aside’ in favor of a Whyttegoy instead of going out quietly… They’ve already done a dry run with that tunnel ‘accident’ a’la Princess Diana a ways back, remember that?

Any bets another ‘mechanical failure’ opens up the Veep Slot?

Like I said, you heard it here first.
Of course I’m more often wrong than I am right, BUT, it’s that 40% success rate that keeps me at the whole analysis thing.

Also on the home front
I finally figured out another reason our public education system is so utterly fucked. Randy Weingarten;

besides being a member of the tribe, well, I found out today (maybe the rest of y’all knew it, but I didn’t) maybe the why of “Why are they pushing so much degenerate faggotry on our exceptionally young kids?” I mean I can see the older ones to a point, but it just didn’t make sense until today’s article in this link HERE. The money quote was:

“Her wife is a progressive LGBT-focused rabbi,” political commentator Chad Felix Greene wrote.”

OK, all together class:

And a dyke as well as we now know

<Le Sigh>

And then let’s finish off with the humorous side of things, Africa, Slavery and Chutzpah:

Ehhh Yo, Kunta Kinte, Y’all -might- want to start looking at your own folks about that… seeings since they were paid for the first time around, money FROM the Jewish Slave traders TO the Africans who sold their own people to the Eeee-vil Whypeepo to begin with… Why don’t you start there and then get back to us.

And also, any repreparations?

Well, tell you what, we’re going to account ALL the DotGov Aid we’ve been flooding you worthless thieving fucks with for the past 100 or so years, calling it a loan, and maybe AFTER you repay that Then maybe we’ll be open to talking about slave-reparations. Better yet, why don’t you go hit up “our Greatest Ally EVVAR” and see where THAT gets you? After all, Jews were in charge of 90% of the slave Trade

Jes’ Sayin’

I swear we need to do this with teh Blaqs here in the US… account for ALL minority welfare for the past 50-75 years, present a bill, and tell ’em to get completely and utterly FUCKED.

That and add in ALLLLL the damage done by them to OUR people. They want an ‘accounting?’ Well then, By God, we can give them an accounting. That ought to shut them the fuck up IF they have even the remotest scintilla of brainpower outside of “Muh Dick”.

Whew… hard being a Nazi this late in the day.
Tellin’ y’all, the goose-stepping alone really takes it out of you…

Now, Lastly… I’m getting a raffle together. Just a heads up, as for whatever reason, the shipping is taking a LONG minute. One of the items I’m going to go over tomorrow as a gearpoast. So I’ll see you then tomorrow, Insh’Allah.
More Later
Big Country

A Brother From The Past and Reconnecting and Gaza

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Still a bit burned out after dealing with a recalcitrant 5 year old. I mean man, there’s stubborn, then red-head stubborn. Tell you what I know where she gets it from…

Unmalleable I swear…
Like trying to punch a hole in Tungsten with your knuckles…
Leaves you sorry n’sore.
Tonight’s Title sort-of-kind of runs into the current unpleasant bullshit wee seem to be getting drawn into deeper and deeper, courtesy of the small-hat-big-nose Grifters. I was digging around in some other boxes yet again uncovered whe I found two small books:

These were gifted to my DeadDad by one of his students back in the day. Said-Student was a Palestinian. Now, college Professors ‘collect people’ so to speak… some they mentor, other, well… there are a ‘favored few’ and one of them was a guy we’ll call PLO.

PLO was a Palestinian student at DeadDad’s college, and don’t know the behind the scenes thing, but he sort of came for one of the rager parties that we had on the regular at the house in those day, and well, he stayed on, becoming a Big Brother to me and FedBro.

Mind you these rager parties back then were so insane… it’s where I learned at a very young age from “Uncle Fred” how to set up a M18A1 Claymore Landmine in the kitchen, with, what I figured out later was a real fucking live Claymore. The picture MomUnit sent me was what gave it away…

No blue M33 Training Device… oh no…

A Green “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” Fucking Mine with Yellow Markings. Yellow being the indication of a live war-shot round… No wonder “Uncle Fred” insisted we NOT unhook the clacker test device and “try it out”

THAT would have been a bitch to clean up.

Anyway, PLO lived with us for a year plus. Great guy. Lots of stories about “Our Greatest Ally EVER” and the oppression of his people. He left those books when he moved on, and over the years he’d come up in conversation like “I wonder what ever happened to PLO?” We had met his Mom, who was awesome and cooked up a to-this-day the fucking best Arabic feast I’ve ever had while visiting in the states… she’s probably passed, so may she rest easy.

Anyways… so since I’ve been digging out a lot of the past lately, I realized I could see if there was anything out there on the web regarding PLO? I’m pretty fucking good at shit like this. I mean it’d been like 30+ years…

Sure enough I got a address, a workplace and a Facebook Page I -thought- might be him, but hadn’t been updated in a looooong minute. The LinkedIn referenced company, I tried the phone number to them, and asked for “Mister PLO” and they transferred me to his VM, where I essentially said “Not sure if this’s the right PLO< but if it is, or even if it isn’t This’s BigCountryExpat… give me a holler and let me know if I struck gold!”

Sonofabitch… I get a call Sunday Afternoon…his accent is no long quite as Arabic as it was back in the day, as I found out he’s gone “native” living in Texas. Married like me, a Granddad like me, and “..Oh Holy Shit you’re a grandfather too!?!”

Yeah… kind of blew his mind that I got old.
He’s feeling mighty old now LOL.
See, he’s about 10-12 years older than I, and NO ONE sees theyselves at their true age
Just ask any whamen

So, had a good talk, seems he got back here shortly after LiveDad changed status to DeadDad. Which means he was probably still in Kuwait when -I- was there for that two year tour… which kind of sucks to a point… not that I ever had time to socialize… what with a 12×6 day, and the 7th day I did nothing but laundry and sleep… but still…he tried to find us, but MomUnit had ‘hatted up’ and moved, so the trail was cold on his end. He seemed exceptionally pleased to have gotten in contact again.

In my experience, guys like PLO and some of my other Palestinian brothers, they take relationships like this really fucking seriously. Family and Honor all tied in, which to a point is why I do like the Arab World…

So, yeah… good to re-establish contact.
Which now means that probably Mossad is now adding me to their list as a PalSymp. Fuck ’em. Goddamned Yehuds.

Eat me you Tower Dancing Fuckers….

Speaking of which, have you noticed the loss of the ability of the Pantshitters coterie of criminals to control the narrative? No matter how hard they try to control the news, shit slips out faster n’faster.

Initially, that plane that went down in the Med?
FIRST it was a refueler with 5 on board.
THEN it was possible an antisubmarine P-8 off a carrier with 5 on board.
Jesus on a fucking pogo stick, it’s NOW a Blackhawk with SF kids on board… which makes absolutely no fucking sense.

Go with me on this.

They’re saying it was a bird from the 160th S.O.A.R. (Special Operations Aviation Regiment). As follows from the New York Slimes:

“The troops were crew members of an MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that was on a refueling training mission late Friday when the aircraft crashed off the coast of Cyprus, three U.S. officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss operational details”

Which, to me? That’s some Grade A bullshit. MH-60? “refueling training mission”? Refueling how? By who? Where exactly? I mean to be honest, most Blackhawks stay close to land. That’s why we have Seahawks.

It reeks of coverup.

And then a guy being interviewed by Al Jazeera TV:

Now, granted, a LOT of ‘Murican (((tribemembers))) flocked back to participate in the “Current Thing” A.K.A. Genocide and Crimes against Humanity, as (((they))) as seen by their actions in the Krain, can’t get enough Goyim blood to satisfy them… So it’s not out of the realm of a possibility that one of these “Americans” as Joe Ay-Rab is talking about is a American Jew doing his part…

I mean Representative Brian Mast, from Florida no less, wore his Israeli uniform onto the Congressional floor:

Divided loyalties much?
Nevermind he’s the congresscritter from the highest density of Hebrews outside of New Yawk Fucking City in the United States:

That WHOLE Area is infested.

I find it odd that a Blackhawk went down over the ocean/sea. And that there were –5– folks on that bird… a Special Ops MH-60 needs a crew of 4.
And the thing can be refueled in air, which means IF they were refueling, it still doesn’t explain 5 guys being on board. In fact the Two MH series of birds, the MH-60 and MH-47 have refueling probes to BE refueled with:

So, per our “Usual Suspects”
5 Families have lost their Brothers and/or Fathers.
AND they’re going to lie about it.
AND KEEP lying about it
Any wonder guys like me are pissed?
They have no honor
I’m going to stop now, as the rule is:

So, glad to have a “big brother” back in contact, and I’m gonna try to relax.
More Later
Big Country

Burned Out Tonight, Not Much Going On

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
NGL, that one from yesterday? Yeah, Worn out. Add on that we had a minor emergency here with OtherGran, Nona. Seems she picked up a virus and tried to gut it out all week long. Ended up needing to go to the E.R. so we took Gran#1 over again and kept her from getting too worried…

Least we -tried-.
She’s 5.5 years now, growing like a weed, and was pretty freaked out. So, no sleep, and a bit of attitude per the way ONLY a redheaded five year old Nookular Generated Stubborn-as-a-Mule digging her heels in over everything could be.

I’m fucking done man.

What was that ad when we were kids? “Calgon, take me the fuck away?”

Something like that.
I ended up on the couch as she wanted to stick close to GiGi (Gretchen) and having experience Miss “Wiggly Worm” while she sleeps, I figured to get any ZZZs I ‘d grab the poncho liner, AKA my woobie and couch it. It was working well, up until the Sausage Princess decided it was time to ‘cuddle’ with Daddy, so’s I ended up with a fat ole Pittie on my chest.

Didn’t have the heart to throw the bum out.
She left I don’t know when by her own volition and went and spent the rest of the night with Sapper, the whore.

So, too tired to think, and waaaay over “it” all R/N
LOVE the discussion on the possibility of the Draft.

Spicey Times/Interesting Times Aye?

So More < YAWN! > Later
Big Country

Selective Service Saturday or Just How Screwed Are You?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Happy Veterans Day!

My, I was a dapper Young Troop…
Speaking of which

HUGE rumblings about the possible upcoming draft.

Lots of “Oh Hells No!” from Veterans, especially from the latest group to get buttfucked raw by our “Lords and Masters” (Iraq and Affy). Not for nothing, there IS a very strong possibility that Israel is, depending on your age(s), need you to go and die for them, so the terrorists don’t win. Or something…

Now, as you know, I’ve got an eclectic background as do a lot of the family members. FedBro was a fed, per his handle, and DeadDad was a really well respected Collège Professor who was best known for his specialization in Children’s Lit, as well as being renowned expert on Conrad and “Heart of Darkness” MomUnit was an elementary school teacher for like 40 years which tells you about her ability to put up with ‘teh stoopidz’. One other interesting thing she used to do?

She was at first a member of the Draft Board, and finally when she retired was the Head of the Selective Service Board for the state. She did this because at the time, Draft Board members kids were exempt from the draft due to a potential conflict of interest. She did it to keep FebBro and I out of the clutches of the DotMil IF the draft ever came up. Being 18-19 and seeing all her classmates get drafted and going to the Nam really impacted her especially when a LOT of them either didn’t come back, or were broken physically/mentally. She didn’t want us to experience that.

So of course I volunteered.
She’s never forgiven me for that.
Sorry Mom! Can’t blame her… she didn’t get paid for it, and she did a lot of weekend training, as, little known fact: The Draft is (theoretically) ready from the time the (p)Resident signs the law into “Activate Mode” to get 100000 kids into “The Loop” within one fucking week

Which is why -I- think they’re getting the 400 recruiters up and running, as the Draftees would have to report to a MEPS station where a recruiter would be needed to get the process rolling.

Next move will be to start moving metric fuckloads of NCOs to Drill School, and the un-mothballing of Training Starbases at Benning… like my old Training Battalion 2-54 Infantry on Sand Hill which was mothballed years ago…

So with that background ‘prep’ I went into the latest and greatest regulations, The MILITARY SELECTIVE SERVICE ACT of 2003:

Link to the PDF online is HERE

So tonight, I’m hella-not going to do a full page-by-page breakdown, but hit the important bits that the majority of folks DO NOT KNOW. As MomUnit used to say, “This ain’t your Grandfather or Fathers Draft anymore!”

Lots of left hooks in here so to speak…
I’m going to do my best to ‘translate’ Poli-Bureaucratspeak so if I get some stuff wrong, hey, My Bad. I’m neither a Politician, nor a Bureaucrat, Thank The Fucking God-of-Your-Choice for that. I just remember how MomUnit was constantly amazed how much it has changed since Nam.

Hold onto your hats… this’s the deep end of the pool:

The NEW Draft Regulations calls military service the “National Security Training Corps”. ALL MALES FROM AGE 18/6 TO 19 -MUST- be registered before their 19th B-Day OR be subject to punishment. Punishments come later here in the listing.

ALL MEN Between the ages of 18 and 6 months to 26. Still ALL only men, NO women (yet) and ALL Trannys (M-2-F) STILL must register for the draft. If you were born with a dick, you’re still a dude as far as the draft is concerned so shut the fuck up you fucking headcases. Gays too.

ALL draftees, once pulled in must be able to pass the same physical from January 1945 unless a formally declared war is established, or a Presidential Finding of a State of Emergency declared. This means IF the SpongeBrained Pantshitter calls it a war AND a draft, then even a fat, psycho out of shape
MUST do 12 weeks of Basic Training.

It’s an automatic 2 Year Tour Unless you are already in the Guard/Reserveor a Coastie. IF you volunteer BEFORE you get your notice, then you get Preferred Choices of Duty, i.e. Admin instead of Infantry. They’ll take 17 Year old men who can volunteer w/Parental Consent.
Now, after the initial 2 years of Drafted Active Duty if you do less than 3 years on Active Duty, you do have an ADDITIONAL 5 year Reserve/National Guard commitment (which to my way of thought is it may as well BE active as the Reserve a Guard are always getting called up).

If you extend for a year after the first two years of Active Duty you were drafted for, you are exempt from the Reserves or Guard after those 3 years. Meaning you serve 3, survive and done UNLESS recalled as critical-to-needs.

If you are in college and part of ROTC, you do 4 years active duty after unless “time of war” or a “national emergency” declared by the Congress, and or the (p)Resident. As an Reserve Occifer, you get the same pay as a ‘professional Active Duty Occifer.
Interestingly, IF you’re working, say for an IT company or such, or as a Doctor who the hospital wants to keep you on the payroll, you can keep getting paid by civvies if they want to continue (gig worker? IT? Inquiring minds Aye?)
ANd now, the question everyone has
DEFEREMENTS (or how do I not die for my country taht hates me?):
Deferments are given rarely. Mostly for needed professionals (rare skillsets) and scientific personnel and those engaged in, and preparing for, critical skills and other essential occupations. Draft commitment CAN be shrunk (meaning less than 2yrs for enlisted and 4yrs for occifers) IF the war ends early by Congress (but even if the war ends, and you get drafted, you still HAVE to do basic) Doctors/Dentists do 24 months AD but are reserve officers.


Literally.. Not a joke.

DEFERMENTS FOR PRE-EXISTING COMMITMENTS (folks already in uniform and suchlike):
ALL “Commissioned officers, warrant officers, pay clerks, enlisted men, and aviation cadets of the Regular Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, and the Environmental Science Services Administration; cadets, United States Military Academy; midshipmen, United States Naval Academy; cadets, United States Air Force Academy; cadets,
United States Coast Guard Academy; midshipmen, Merchant Marine Reserve, United States Naval Reserves; students enrolled in an officer procurement program at military colleges the curriculum of which is approved by the Secretary of Defense; members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces and the Coast Guard, while on active duty; and foreign
diplomatic representatives, technical attacheAE1s of foreign embassies and legations, consuls general, consuls, vice consuls and other consular agents of foreign countries who are not citizens of the United States, and members of their families, and persons in other categories to be specified by the
President who are not citizens of the United States”

Now we get to the interesting part:
Green Card holders get drafted too if they applied for a green cards. If you have one or are waiting on one you HAVE to 1) register for the Selective Service if you are between the ages of 18 and 26, and 2) IF you get ‘the notice’ then you HAVE to show up. Essentially

“aliens admitted for permanent residence in the United States shall not be so exempted: Provided, That any alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence as defined in paragraph (20) of section 101(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (66 Stat. 163, 8 U.S.C. 1101)”

Now, If an alien from a country with a mutual defense act w/the United States (like the Philippines in WW2 and even today) and they serve 12 months on Active Duty, They earn their citizenship.

Surprising absolutely no one, ALL Fucking FedGov Bureaucrats are exempt (of course) from the draft. Guess when the draft comes out, we know who the targets of folks Ire is really going to be aimed at. I’d say the Deep Bureaucrat state will cease to exist functionally within six months once word gets out…

Now, guys who are already Vets w/a Year of AD get a pass. That does not apply to PT Failures and ELS kids (entry level separation kids… the shmucks who couldn’t ‘hang’ through Basic/AIT) pre-war CAN be Drafted IF war is declared. Back in Boots Losers… Uncle Sam needs even your weak worthless asses now.

Anyone currently in the Reserve/NG get the same deal.
ROTC get a deferment for one year if they already did basic. (Lots of ROTC guys go through Basic during a summer while still in College). Then they (ROTC Kids) go in if qualified and serve either the aforementioned 2/8 or 4/4 year splits. Interestingly, ALL Aviation ROTC get a pass (guess that pilot training is too $$$ and they’re going to need pilots…

And fucking again Surprising absolutely no one AGAIN, All POLITICIANS (of course) get a pass.

Priests and Religious Students get a pass unless needed (and if they start calling up the Padres, you know we’re in serious trouble.)

Anyone who is in “industry, agriculture, or other occupations or employment, or whose continued service in an Office (other than an Office described in subsection (f)) under the United States or any State, territory, or possession, or the District of Columbia, or whose activity in study, research, or medical, dental, veterinary, optometric, osteopathic, scientific, pharmaceutical, chiropractic, chiropodial, or other endeavors is found to be necessary to the maintenance of the national health, safety, or interest: Provided, That no person within any such category shall be deferred except upon the basis of his individual status: Provided further, That persons who are or may be deferred under the provisions of this section shall remain liable for training and service in the Armed Forces under the provisions of section 4(a) of this Act (section 454(a) of this Appendix) until the thirty-fifth anniversary of the date of their birth (which means Docs and others can still be called up to the age of 35 IF they desperately need the bodies, sort of like the Krain these days Aye?)

Armed Forces (1) of any or all categories of persons in a status with respect to persons (other than wives alone, except in cases of extreme hardship) dependent upon them for support which renders their deferment advisable, and (2) of any or all categories of those persons found to be physically, mentally, or morally deficient or defective. Which essentally means the nutjobs have to be evaluated before going to Basic, but any bets DSM10/11 is going to come back into style shortly after this starts? Now, interestingly SINGLE DADS PAYING CHILD SUPPORT GET DRAFTED.

STUDENT DEFERMENTS (this really changed A LOT):
High School: Until Graduation OR age 20 whichever comes first
College: End of semester (no loooong dragged out college exemption). One semester and BOOM! Your in the Army now!
Conscientious Objectors: You still get drafted but have to do “National Service Jobs” Nasty Jobs like nursing homes and such: “The Director shall be responsible for finding civilian work for persons exempted from training and service under this subsection and for the placement of such persons in appropriate civilian work contributing to the maintenance of the national health, safety, or interest.”
Criminals go too: “No person shall be relieved from training and service under this title (sections 451 to 471a of this Appendix) by reason of conviction of a criminal offense, except where the offense of which he has been convicted may be punished by death, or by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.”
Sounds a little like Wagner in Russia huh?

You can only do an appeal locally to YOUR draft board. Guess if you’re known as a local shitbag, you will probably not get one.

SURVIVING BROTHER AND/OR SON (The ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Thing)
For this exemption, you HAVE to be a Full Blood brother or son who’s dead brother/son had to have died in service to the country. No ‘single kids’ or step-kids…like I said, this time around, everyone goes.

Anyone who helps avoid the draft? “or who knowingly counsels, aids, or abets another to refuse or evade registration or service in the armed forces or any of the requirements of this title” (which means if you’re planning on helping a relative or anyone dodge the draft, be careful. They also have the “punished by imprisonment for not more than five years or a fine of not more than $10,000, or by both such fine and imprisonment [Fine increased to $250,000 by 18 U.S.C. 3571(b)(3)]” Nd if you try to help alter/forge a birth certificate, or use someone elses? Doing the Fake ID thing, “…having/making/helping: to be fined not to exceed $10,000 or be imprisoned for not more than five years, or both”
Also they get you for life IF you do a no call/no show… besides jail, you never can get student financial aid or Social Security in your old age. Failing to register means you can never get a FedGov job, and Social Security? Nope… No soup for you.


THAT was a pure dee slog. 8 hours of combined work.
Hope y’all find it useful
Repoast as those deem it Necessary
More Later, I’ma gonna have me another beer.
And Happy Veterans Day
Big Country

Happy Birfday Devil Dogs! Chinese Party Girls and the Krain

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Seeings there ain’t no ball this year.
Yeah, seems the “Official Ball” was going to be at CETCOM here at McDill in Tampa and not at Eighth and Eye, (Marine HQ in D.C. is at the corner of 8th street and I street) and word -I’ve- gotten is most of the chain of commands have been encouraged to not to throw ‘official’ parties.

As if!

Knowing my own Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, the odds of that are thin… slim to fucking none. Like “Riggs and Murtaugh Thin”. It is a bit ‘off’ though. I did get a call from The Gunny… I think… very garbled, lots of giggling… think he was already blitzkrieged… at ten A.M. today. Well, good on him and the rest of you Devil Dogs! One last ball buster for you, which is also a compliment:

For you civvies out there, the last part of the Marine Corps Hymn is:

“If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven’s scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines.”

Ergo, the above Marine’s question.

Other things.
The now slo-o-o-o-wly vanishing story about the multiple CHINESE run brothels found ALL over the country?

See that line?

“the client list also includes military officers and government contractors who possess security clearances.”

Shades of Fang-Fang much?
or Compramat…
To-may-toe, To-mah-to… your choice.

Seems that the charges the Three CHINESE Nationals are being hit with, to me, are sort of revealing being conspiracy to coerce and entice others to travel to engage in illegal sexual activity.

Now, reason I find it interesting is they did not (as of now) get hit with Human Trafficking, which is defined as:

18 U.S.C. 1581 prohibits human trafficking and other crimes and describes legal punishments for anyone who is convicted of forcing another person to perform labor, sex trafficking children; and selling people. The penalties under the statute are severe, including life in a federal prison

Which to my thought is that the chicks working on their backs getting blown out by their clients weren’t there as the usual Chinese sex slaves. According to other sources (now gone when I go to look for the article of course) is that the girls came over on work visas (who sponsored them? Inquiring minds Aye?) and at the invite of the two dudes and one chick who were running the show.

Any bets that they were ALL recruited and run by the CCP?

Also, in the TL;DR Zerohedge article, they say that it sounds like the majority of the profits made off of this lil venture went right back into the business so to speak, financing what sound like high end apartments with toney addresses.

“…included several locations in Dedham, Cambridge and Watertown, Massachusetts. Investigators identified two more suspected brothel locations in Fairfax and Tyson, Virginia, both located a short distance from Washington.”

I know just about all them locations
To call them ‘expensive’ is a wee bit of an understatement:

OK… 5 Places that we know about.
Utilizing the average rent from the above just-gathered sites, the average monthly payout per unit was $2953.80.
Since it’s the average and if you notice one of them, Dedham, is for a one bedroom apartment, I’d say that the operational costs were significantly higher.

Just those 5 apartments alone, on average was about $15000 a month for the rent, not including utilities and all the ‘other extras’ one incurs living day-to-day.

Add in the fact that they were charging between $300-$600 per hour, that’s a lot, but still… no idea on how many chicks working pro or semi-pro there, and how many clients and the frequency of said-clients. $15k for rent is still a pile o’simoleons. Probably lowball too as you’d need MORE than a one bedroom… gotta have a room for the security as well as the girls -actual- room as opposed to the fun room… The whorehouses I visited (purely for educational purposes mind you) in Frankfurt were set up that way, except on a MUCH grander scale… like 8 story building sized… hell One of them was actually operated by the Hell’s Angels chapter of Frankfurt.

And as a wise man once said “Location, Location, Location!” in regards to real estate. The Puzzle Palace on Sodom-on-the-Potomac is right up the street from the Virginia Location(s), 16 miles and 19 miles respectively.

Close enough for The Joint Chiefs to go and get a nooner.
Jes’ Sayin’
Locations in the People’s Socialist Republic of Taxachussetts?

Cambridge: ALL the colleges, like ALL THE COLLEGES to include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as some serious DotMil contractor companies.

Dedham: Couple of companies, none too big (that I can find on the goolag) but the one between it and Watertown, sort of equidistant?
Natick Army Labs
Oh yeah. Big Espionage target there potentially.

So yep. I’d say that’s a Honeypot Intel Op.

Considering allllll of our ‘senior folks’ to include the Gin Hag Pelosi (her driver for years was a Joe Chink Intel Agent) Eric Swallows-Well and Fang-Fang-for-Bang-Bang, who BTW I saw an article that she died in a ‘mysterious plane crash in Chine shortly after she popped smoke here… convenient much?

Never mind the Kidsniffer at the top who’s apparently been on the payroll since he took orifice as the Veep under the Obamamessiah.

Now, to the Krain
Germany said they’re going to move two tank Battalions to Lithuania to join a brigade being formed with NATO. Made up of one ‘heavy’ Tank Battalion (Leos) and one Mech Infantry Battalion (probably Marders and the like).


That by my count is like ALL the armor Der Chermans have left. According to Janes, Der Chermans have a grand sum total of 225 left after giving the Krainians -at least- 85.
All that’s left:
135 Leopard 2A6s
70 Leopard 2A6M and
20 Leopard 2A7+.
Out of those, at least 25% of those remaining Leos are deadlined (inoperative) due to parts and cannibalization... In fact it made international news that the 85 Leo2s that the Krauts gave the Krainians showed up as deadlined, some with critical failures like bad packs (engines and transmissions). Others had fucked up fire controls, or shot-out barrels on the main gun(s).

Somewhere, Guderian is weeping…

A Current German Armor Battalion is made up of about (+/- a few here n’there) 112 Tanks with 1000 troops. Which means they have two remaining battalions, one of which is going to Lithuania. Means that France could probably take Germany in a reverse-krieg. They have 527 LeClercs, a tank I have very little intel or experience with. I know it looks like the bastard spawn between a Leo2 and a Challenger2 with a sprinkling of Abrams DNA:

So, I guess they’re sending them to Lithuania to ‘add to the bonfire’ so to speak:

No clue if that worked. Let me know
I know I LMFAO on that.
And Finally
The Krainians Who Went “Woke”
AS in woke the fuck up, realized they are/were on the wrong side, and joined the Russian Army to help end the slaughter/shitshow

The link is HERE
The TL;DR is that they want to end the slaughter, as well as they know the Regime in Kiev is corrupt as fuck and does. not. care. about. them OR their country. Hell, according to some, Russian soldiers have found Krainian Relatives who were captured. A lot of them got ‘woke’ when instead of being ‘killed and eaten’ as their ‘political officers’ and the propaganda told them they would be if they were captured. Instead they were treated decently and the wounded cared for medically, as opposed to the bullet to the head that they’d been told to expect…

They’ve also seen first hand their own officers NOT reporting KIAs to keep collecting the pay, as pay goes to the Company Grade officers and gets disbursed to the troops.

Then the higher officers above them at Battalion Level? THEY don’t tell the families so that they don’t have to pay compensation for the KIA to the family.

Nevermind that Krainian soldiers, BECAUSE of the pastiche nature of what’s left of their DotMil (rag tag forced recruits/addicts/lame/mentally ill) have… well like there is ZERO esprite de corps, and more often than not, a wounded guy gets abandoned to bleed out by who should by all rights trying to help and save their battle buddies.

If you want to see it yourself, a good vidya source is here:


Yeah, Russian and from their side HOWEVER, they DO seem to be relatively balanced as compared to some of the Copium sites out there. LOTS of videos, and best viewed in the dreaded Goolag if only for the auto-translate.

So, That’s it for tonight.
Happy Veterans Day to ALL my Brothers and Sisters out there in Bleggland. Remember, Pass on what you know, it may save a life.
More Later
Big Country

PoliSci Ephemeral Updates and Meatbeater Covers for Protection

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK… going to try and throw a bit of info out there to ‘catch up’ on the socio-political side of life so to speak. I mean for real, they keep throwing so many rights we’re all begging for a Left.

First Point:
Massa Gen’rul Bobby E. Lee…


“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” That about sums it up… I mean maybe it was malice aforethought as part of the (((humiliation rituals))) that oh so (((many))) seem to be fond of doing in a performative and demonstrative measure against Heritage Americans.

Specifically Southern Heritage Americans.

The release of those photos was at best ill-timed to say the least. They melted down the statue of Robert E Lee on October 26th… and then boasted about it… Bragged really. Fucking ‘the chosen’s’ golems/orcs couldn’t contain their happy-dances over their ‘victory’ of the destruction of a statue of a ‘traitor’ in their minds… again another prime example of public ed-jew-mah-kation failing spectacularly. So, no, I don’t think the release of them melting this down was a humiliation ritual per se.
If anything the Rabbi took whatever golem responsible ‘to the woodshed’ for this particular fuckup.

Reason I personally think it was stupidity was that they’re NOW having to ‘reverse course’ so to speak. I mean they need bodies for Israel right? A little over a week later the Powers That Be, i.e. Leviathan had Big Army release their latest and greatest ad campaign:

Not going to link to it, y’all have already heard that it’s nothing but Whytteguys doing a “Hollywood Jump” out of a CH-47. Reason it’s called a “Hollywood Jump” is everyone has a helmet cover which means they’re all already full-bore Paratroopers, and the other is they ain’t got shit for equipment. Hell the freeze frame above shows them humping the chutes off the DZ (drop zone to you civvie) and NO tactical gear or weapons in sight.

Of course they’ve been getting the ever living shit roasted and ratio’d in the comments, a small sampling for y’all here:

It’s a tough crowd…
Demonize Heritage Southern Americans. And less than two weeks after the niggers melt down a historic statue of a beloved Confederate Hero, you roll out an ad campaign to try and recruit from your formerly LARGEST demographic that you, or I should say your (((pets))), used to draw the majority of your recruits from to go and fight and die for the Jews?!?!

Talk about ‘poisoning the well’

And it shows in the comments.
Shit… THAT is why I call “Stupidity”
Others may disagree, but problem is is too many normies are awake now, especially Heritage Southern Whytte Americans. They’ve checked out… to use a Boomerism: Tuned in, Turned on, and Dropped the Fuck Out.

Call it the Army’s “Bud Lite Moment”
Article that I stole line from that from is HERE
H/T to CA at WRSA
Even the chans are on it:

You know you done epically fucked up when the Autists on the Chans are calling your sorry asses out…

The shitshow in question is so bad, that on Amazon you can buy a t-shirt:

I’ fucking amazed they haven’t pulled it yet….
Jes’ Sayin’

Unfortunately, they only have a 3xl ‘normal’ length. Otherwise that’s go under ‘payday purchases’. Lots of memes out there over it as well, with my own small contribution here:

Dark AF like the times we live in Aye?
Dunno where I got the inspiration, but the quote came to me and I was like:


Moving on…

Next we have 77 year old Kenneth Darlington, a dual US-Panamanian Citizen who decided “enough is fucking enough” and capped three envirotards on the Pan-American Highway in Panama for blocking traffic. Two cashed in on the scene, number three is looking like he’s going to walk with a limp for a spell.

FAFO for the Vegan Patrol I guess.
LOVE how the shell casing was perfectly caught.
Of course the memeing has been UTTER awesome and brutal:

And then my own small contribution:

Somewhere on Gab, one of the folks said we’re probably going to be seeing a hell of a lot more of this as the wheels come off. His point being that the Boomers, as they age out/get sick, are going to have a serious deficit of fucks to give. Violence is already starting get worse… the division sown by certain groups has made it where it’s genuinely dangerous out in areas that formerly would have been considered safe.

Throw into the mix a bunch of Based As Fuck Boomers, maybe with a Terminal Cancer diagnosis, or some other ‘time limiting issue’ deciding that “I’m done being nice and tolerant.” I’d venture to say a lot of YOU out there of the “Cool Boomer’ persuasion would be of this ilk. Not that I blame the guy… thing that makes ME scratch my head is I’ve been to Costa Rica and Panama and ridden the P.A.H. down and back on Middle Country’s Harley… and the P.A.H.? The traffic and insanity I saw? It was like a low-regulated scene from Mad Max… how these Econuts managed to block the highway boggles me. Drivers in Central America, especially them Big Mack Truck/Lorrie drivers? They positively make the former Yugoslavians seem mellow and law-abiding. (and Yeah I’m dating myself).

Lastly: Covers for Ye Olde Dick Skinners
Or more commonly called: Gloves

Now, I’ll go over Mine first. My first pair that I wore for the majority of my time in Iraq and Afghanistan were a pair of Hatch “Operator” Nomex gloves in desert tan:

Ok… back when I got mine (a looong minute ago as you can see by the wear and tear) in Baghdad in 2004. Made of Nomex. Which is a FIRE RESISTANT (for a short period of time) fabric, not repeat NOT FIRE-PROOF.

Again for the slow kids at the back
Nomex Fabric of ALL types (to include the cop jumpsuits that they are oh so fond of on their SWAT Teams) is:
FIRE RESISTANT (for a short period of time)

In fact it’s more ‘Flash Resistant’ meaning IF you happen to get caught up in a fireball/flash fire, it’ll NOT instantly burst into flame like cotton might. That being said, the gloves are good. Got a nice long (actually extra long) wrist cover that helps and keeps hot brass off the wrist in a firefight when your buddy is dumping it all over you… Thing is it melts… got a higher melt-point than -regular fabric- but still, once it’s hit with, oh say a flammable liquid… like say napalm… it melts.

Causes horrific burns too. In Iraq they had to reinforce that fact to the troops as too many of the slow kids thought it was fire proof and suffered for it when their vehicle got hit and started to burn… Hence why IF I were to be visited by a ‘stack’ of my local (albeit probably) retarded LEOs, then the flammenwerfer is the go-to for unwelcome and unexpected guests of ill intent.

Personally, the County Mounties here are well aware of my penchant for the flammenwerfer, so they’ll probably just ask -nicely- if I’d like go with them, which would be a better outcome all around IMO.

The Hatch gloves can be found on the Zon. Unfortunately they don’t have 2xl, which are what mine are… They’re about $35 in black, which kind of pisses me off, as when they first came out? I paid like $80 at the fucking PX…

Then, we come to my current go-to:

2xl Mechanix M-Pact gloves, in Multicam. Reinforced knuckles and leather palm. $25 at Autozone of all places. Love mine. That’s pretty much it… good, inexpensive, comfortable. Just no fire resistance.

Which before I go on, one important thing:
You absolutely have to practice actually shooting while wearing them. Mag reloads (swapping mags out of the weapon that is), loading mags, clearing/locking and loading, as well as failure-to-fire drills, which can be done like I do by putting a ‘dummy round’ mixed into the mag so’s I get a “oops” while shooting. Don’t know if any other Hi-Speed Lo-Drag Shooter courses teach this and use that technique, but it’s essential that you know how to run your weapon while in gloves.

Hell you should practice in full kit if you can get away with it.

I did at the last Bloggshoot hosted by Borepatch and Divemedic a few years ago when I broke out my full ghillie to shoot my bolt-gun. Miguel gave me some shit and laughed but hey, training/shooting? ALWAYS take advantage of it… even if it WAS hotter than Satan’s ballsack that day…. And because of this trial? It worked in that I found out that $20 Ghillie ‘wrap’ for the barrel tended to fuck up and get caught in the action when I cycled the bolt action… shitcanned that fucker because of it…. Only warning I have is -try- to do it at a range where you’re NOT going to be reported as a militia-whytte-supremacist-nutbar.

Now, lastly:
Hard knuckle combat gloves.
This is a pair of the 5.11 model, sells for about $60 +/-:

Now, depending on how much you want to spend, and what you want them made of, then there’s a lot to choose from. The thing(s) about the Hard Knuckle gloves is that they are hard knuckle with a hi-impact plastic (theoretically) with padding that cover the knuckles like new-ish Brass Knucks. The advantages of these are:

  1. Impact Protection: The hard knuckles on tactical gloves are designed to provide protection against impacts, abrasions, and injuries. This is especially important in situations where the wearer may come into contact with hard or sharp objects.
  2. Defensive Use: In tactical and military situations, personnel may encounter various obstacles or potential sources of harm. Hard knuckles can help shield the wearer’s hands from impacts during combat or other high-risk activities.
  3. Striking Surfaces: Tactical gloves with reinforced knuckles can be used as a striking tool, providing an additional surface to deliver force if needed.
  4. Enhanced Grip: Some tactical gloves have textured or patterned surfaces on the hard knuckles. This texture can provide improved grip on objects, making it easier to handle tools, weapons, or equipment.
  5. Durability: The hard knuckles are often made from durable materials like thermoplastic or reinforced leather. This increases the longevity of the gloves, especially in demanding environments.
  6. Uniformity and Identification: In military and law enforcement settings, tactical gloves with hard knuckles may be part of a uniform or gear standard. This ensures a consistent level of protection and can also help identify personnel by their equipment.
  7. Thermal Protection: In some cases, the hard knuckles may serve as thermal insulation, helping to protect the wearer’s hands from extreme temperatures or thermal hazards.

It’s worth noting that not all tactical gloves have hard knuckles, and the level of protection and specific features can vary depending on the design and intended use of the gloves. Additionally, while hard knuckles provide added protection, they may also slightly reduce dexterity and flexibility, so the choice of gloves should be based on the specific needs and requirements of the wearer’s situation.”

Stolen from somewhere, Quora I think, but yeah.
So there you have it.

Me? Hard Knucks? Nah… My hands are too big, and the plastic doesn’t line up well on my paws.

Per Usual, YMMV
So hope all is well with everyone!
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