A VA Visit and MORE Proof of DotGov Incompetence

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Took the day off yesterday as even I need a break sometimes. Then I caught a lucky break today in that I almost went into unauthorized accidental Overtime at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory. Head Commissar is waaaay tightfisted in the O.T. so I got to punch out at noon.

Which allowed me and Wiofey to go to the V.A. and change out her to my dependa from the X, which I’ve neglected to do over the years… specifically since 10/8/2017.

Yeah My offishul deee-vorce date.

Now, mind you I did not know that A) the X was listed as a dependa, and that I was actually collecting bank on my retirement for her. THAT info-bit came about 2018, when the DotGov/VA sent me a letter saying that they’d significantly overpaid me and that they’d be clawing it back and that
B) Since I was a service related serious injured medically retired vet, they wouldn’t be taking it in BIG chunks, but smaller bite-size parts… so essentially I’ve been paying back monthly to the tune of about $150-200 a month ‘off the top’ as well as not getting the ‘dependa allotment/payout’ that I’m entitled to with Gretchen serving as ‘new wife’.

No ideas what the maff is going to work out, as No Idea really -when- they started the claw-back and how much was/is/not still owed, but Gretch and I got married on March 8th of 2020, so either way, long term it’ll be a win.

Now, the hilarious part of the VA-Day was going to the new-new Tampa Main Hospital. They’ve been expanding and building up James A. Haley forever and a day and it seems that the new Main Building -finally opened about two weeks ago.

Place has been under construction (and still sort of is, in cleanup mode) since I moved here about 20+ years ago. Went from a BIG 1950’s single building…

to a massive complex that’s exhausting to walk around in… like acres of territory now:

That’s the new part in front of the old building.
The hilarious part:
Brand Spanky New V.A. Hospital
One Hunnerd and Fotty Tree Milllllyun Simoleans to build…
Not one fucking clock in the place was right OR matched!

Gretchen started looking at me like I had more screws loose than usual. After the fourth clock, military standard, wall, institutional, type one each, Mark One, Mod Zero….

…with a totally different and incorrect time on it I started laughing LITERALLY out fucking loud…

Like OMFG. Every. Fucking. One. of. Them. was set to a different time. Now, Mind you I was watching my time so to speak, as it was getting late in the afternoon. 15:00 (3pm) specifically. That’s ‘quittin’ time’ for them VA Folks… The lil volunteer stretched golf cart that helps haul us broke down old soljurs around stops running at 16:00 (4pm). Gretchen’s back is pretzelized from allll them years of hairdressing, as bad as mine, but me? I’m a rockhead Infantryman, I push thru the sciatica, whereas my woman? Notsomucho.

So, every time we passed by a clock, I’d sort of notice-but-not notice the time… more of a “Huh… that’s wrong” (checks cellphone and confirms)… and kept going. I wish I had taken pics now to prove it… I mean one was set to noon, another 5pm/am? Another was sort of right, in that the big hand was on 12, and the small hand was off of 3pm… more of a 2:30ish setting, with the big hand directly on noon… what is that?

They were ALL working mind you…. minute hand(s) ticking away… all of them. I know, as on the way out I checked. It was after I realized I was going to write about it (when I got to the car alas) and should have gotten pics.
Just goes to show how fucked our DotGov is when they can’t even, in a brand fucking new facility get the fucking clocks to match up facility wide. I mean it’d literally take one guy maybe an hour to do ALL of them fuckers.

Probably against FedGov Union Rules would be my guess.
“Federal Clock Watchers United” or some such shit.
Any Bets?
Shit like that has me convinced, now MORE than ever just how far we’re gone. I mean honestly, how hard could it be to fix?

Oh yeah, I forgot.
It’s the FedDotGov
Studies Needed

Environmental Impact Studies: (“Is the Clock biodegradable?”)
Diversity Studies: (“Is timekeeping a Whytte Supremacy Thang?”)
Gender Studies: (“Did you just mis-gender that Clock?”)
Equity Studies: (“Do we need separate Clocks for each race?”)
Handicapped Studies: (“Does the Clock have braille numbers?”)

WISH I was Joking, but YOU know the reality.
I mean yep…. we ARE well and truly boned gang.
Sit Back and Enjoy The Ride
So More Later
Big Country

Does Anyone Know This Guy?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So I got Simplicius’s new poast on the Krain. Link HERE
It’s a big write-up of the differences between Russian NCO systems and the US ‘way of doing things’. In it, he uses and makes MAD references to a guy named Ryan McBeth.

Now, normally, I’m a live-and-let live sorta guy.
THIS fukkin’ guy? Besides having “The World’s Most Punchable Face™”? Well this’s where we’re going “deep in the weeds.” My issue is that he claims to be a 20 year Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman. AND that he was stationed in Germany, specifically his pictures and references was that he was stationed with the OPFOR in Germany.

MY MOS was 11H Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman. I started in 1990. Ended in Late 1996 when I got reclassed to being a 19K M1A1 Tanker when they decided to ‘merge’ the 11H and 11M (Bradley kids) all into the 11B (Bodybag) MOS and get rid of the distinction, except 11C (Mortar Maggots).

I never HEARD of dis guy.
And, so far, neither has ANY of my former 11Hotels either
Sus as Fuck IMO.


He poasted THAT on Twitter calling out “props” to a kid, who to me and what I see is another wannabe faggot. Bear with me a minute. The kid ont he left, “Supposedly” wearing OPFOR Uniform, like Punchyface on the right?

Soooooo many issues.

First: Fake Kid on Left
1) Boots: Holy fucking shit… even -I- never had my ‘cruit boots look so shitty… we had to keep ’em polished in the field. Plus, The laces? You mean the ‘rappel ropes’? Ain’t never seen a real soldier leave his laces out looking like noodles like that EVER.
2) The top of the uniform? Some cheap assed fake-o-flage… buttons on the outside? No nametapes? No patches? Fake ‘dark ghettoflage?’
3) M16A1… ’nuff said there.
4) A frag in the left ammo pouch/grenade holder? No fucking way ever.
5) Smoke grenade taped with electricians tape to the strap? Nope me the fuck out there.

Second: Soyface The Punchable
1) Correct OPFOR uniform To a point. He’s missing ALL the proper patches:

THAT is how he should look.
2) ALSO M16A1… Only folks who ever carried them in ‘the box’ were maybe National Guard kids who did their two weeks.

3) He also claims to have been stationed in Germany in Hohenfels with the OPFOR as a TOW Gunner. That would be 1/4 INF CSC (Combat Support Company) where we had ONE TOW Platoon with between 28-35 of us Hotels in the Platoon.

Funny how I don’t remember him AT ALL

And I can name almost the entire platoon to this day…

And if -I- don’t know them, then someone I know had to have known him

But funny, he’s a Cypher on the TOW side of life…

It’s a EXCEEDINGLY SMALL Group that had a TRUE 11H MOS back in the day. My Facebook groups, all of them never heard of this guy. To the point I got a guy doing a check ‘cos I think this guy is a fantasist and liar. That and I CAN NOT find a single reference to ANY unit he served in… like HIGHLY Unusual for a 20 Year Man not to have -some sort- of Unit affiliation that they make mention of… him? Not a one.

And lastly, another “nail in his coffin”

Another small pic, this one taken off of YouTube. Problem here? I didn’t notice til I put it out on FB… the pic ‘enlarged’ and I noticed the pic has a timestamp in the upper right corner:

285% of original.
It’s blurry but the date?
Problem? He’s in what’s now commonly referred to as M81 Woodlands. Woodland BDUs were phased out in April of 2004. NO ONE was wearing them on Active Duty much past then AT ALL. I know the date is probably correct as he’s wearing Wiley X sunglasses, and those were the eyepro pre-the issue stuff (Revision) that they still use today.

BIG part of the reason this fuck gets under my skin is he made a “GI Joe Battle Card” of himself:

This soy-soaked no load looking fag couldn’t lead a bunch of horny Joes to a Bangkok Whorehouse if his life depended on it, much less being a Platoon Sergeant.

That and “M5 rifle”?
Which one? That Sig-Sour Turd that they decided to shitcan as the moneygrabbing boondoggle it was? Or did he typo it from M4? Plus his claims of completing ITC? There’s two or three courses in the DotMil he might have completed, but the most common one that’s known as ITC is the Marine ITC Individual Training Course, which means the basic skills demanded of an operator in SOCOM and MARSOC.

Call me kooky, but I don’t think that dough-faced fuckstick could possibly be talking about that. That’s FORCE RECON man… No fucking way did he do that ever. I’m guessing he means something else, but realistically? If he was a Nasty Guard 20 year TOW Guy?
But the fact that he’s posited himself as the preeminent expert on being the go-to Anti-Tank guy, both on YouTube but for folks like Simplicius? It kinda gets under my skin.

That and also how I cannot find a single. solitary. mention. of any units the guy has been in. Not a one. MOST 20 year guys have some sort of unit pride, unless he was a no load NG Choad… tell me I’m wrong. I mean when I pinged my old Section Sgt. from the Rakkasans, was like “I though he was some Russian/Krainian Intel guy? Never heard of the Anti-Armor thing!?!”

Sgt S’s pedigree is untouchable. Retired after 25, 173rd ABN, 187th Rakkasan, back to the 173rd, Retired as a E-7 as he refused to budge out of 11H. Literally this guy knows everybody and he said “Not a clue”

Have to see… not the first asshole I’ve smoked out. First one was with Bob Owens (RIP Bro) from ‘Confederate Yankee’ back in the day when The New Republic was on an anti-army tiraid. The asshole in question was Scott Beauchamp. Wiki has it HERE

Kind of pisses me off that Bob doesn’t get the credit due to him. He smelled a rat and I used to read his blog. Truth be told, -I- was the guy ‘on the ground’ who helped him pretty significantly with debunking that assholes stories. Doing PIO runs on base (in Kuwait), shit like that. In fact it was Bob who encouraged me to start writing my own blog. We never met, but talked frequently on the phone. I miss him.

So, that’s it for now. If anyone has any intel about this McBeth character, especially if I’m wrong, then let me know… either way.
More Later
Big Country

A Short Update and The Krainian Kokaine Klown Show

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
And oh how we rejoiced around here at the Casa. Gretchen aka Wifey is doing the regular “Happy Dance” as moar info leaks out. Looks like that scallywag AKA “Cocksmith” is going to be doing so hard time on this one. Seems that the RUMINT is he’s got some connection to that missing little girl from Hawkins County, Summer Wells… the lil girl who went missing a waaays back and there’s been zero trace of?

June of 2021 it seems…
According to reports, her two brothers were taken by Judge Cock-a-roach and put them into foster care, but left her in the care of the parents.

Odd to say the least.

So Cock-a-Roach? Can’t wait to see him in prison.
I’ll be sure to give Big Bubba a couple of cartons of Marlboros to insure that the former Judge has a ‘pleasant stay’ and don’t get lonely at night.
So, moving on…

So sorry about that… I’ll take the ‘win’ ‘cos as some of y’all have stated, if it t’weren’t for bad luck, I’d have none a’tall. Speaking of Bad Luck:

Krainfeld and his Kokaine Klownshow of Koked up Kowboys?
Seems that literally that’s how these guys have been ‘maintaining’ the meat-grinder assaults against the ‘immovable object’ AKA the Russian MLD or better called the Main Line of Defense. The MLD is what everyone thought were going to be ‘crumple zones’ which means that a light but spirited defense is put up by the defender, after which inflicting some pain on the aggressor, you fall back to another pre-determined defensive line, usually better, and stronger.

In this case Ivan? Fall back? There is no back. What is this ‘retreat’ word of which you speak? The Russians instead of backing off and letting the Krainians in further, have been beating on them like a cheap drum. The question has been “Why don’t they frag the officers and tell them not just no, but fuck no when it comes to literally doing a ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ AKA charging into the teeth of the machine guns and pre-registered Artillery?”

Well, According to this, Link HERE The Fucktards are drugging up the troops to the gills before sending them out to die.

Now, this may or may not be bullshit
In light of the Krainians themselves accidentally telling everyone the rough real casualty numbers recently?

The Krainian Cell-Phone service Kievstar made an ad (pulled but is still out there cached in areas) stating essentially that 400,000 Krainians have been Killed in Action

Holy. Shit.

That’s some serious numbers.
The fucktards out there screaming how the numerical parity of Russian casualties have been 2:1 (Two Krainian Dead/Wounded to Every One Russian). Whelp, That just went out the ole winder I’d say. Kievstar pulled the ad, but according to other sources, the guy who gave the go-ahead for the Ad? Veeeery telling that the SBU, the Krainian KGB Bully Boys snatched him up and sent him tot he front after shooting a forced ‘apology video’ which seems very par for the course.

Quick aside: Amazing how none of the SBU faggots…err… thugs ever seem to be sent to the front izzinit? Them and the “recruiters” who always seem to be driving the nicest newest cars, and partying on TikTok with the hawt Krainian Koncubines Aye?

Jes’ Sayin’

Soooo it seems that they’re hopping up these guys to the point of being fucking damned near Zombies, giving them a rifle and telling them “Go that way, very fast, if something gets in your way, shoot them/it”

I know, I know, a riff off of “Better Off Dead” back when John Cusack was still cool and not the Uberdouchebag full of Jizz and Smegma that he’s become.

So yeah, nothing like hyping up a bunch of semi-literate 50-something year old farmers with ZERO DotMil experience on what sounds like really good Meth and having them ‘charge into the guns’ to overwhelm the enemy with their corpses.

Sound Military Strategy there, let me tell you.

Fucking Brilliant
Reminds me of another futile war:

Even the most ardent Cheertardleaders of this damnable war has got to admit that at this point, it’s all over but the Fat Bitch howling. The Krainians ain’t got no more Tanks, nor Artillery, or very damned few at this point, WE ain’t got no more 155mm Ammo to give them, and it’s to the point that they’ve had to modify their “Neptune” anti-ship Cruise Missiles for land-use operations…

You would think that they’d be using them against, oh say Russian Ships? But nope, to me, a HIGHLY Trained DotMil observer, considering that the Neptune IS highly effective, I mean hell, they took out the Flagship of the fleet, the Moskava, but the fact that they’ve now modified them for land use?

Yeah, out of ammo time IMO.

Got me a hunch that all the “Putin is going to be killed/shot/run out of Russia” people have been huffing the copium. So far, with the way things are going, it might go nookular, but NOT on the Russian side… Slo-PedoJoe and his bumblefuck of bureaucrats are very quickly running out of time and they know it. Something has got to give, and time is on Russia’s side no matter who or what anyone tells you otherwise. They ALWAYS Start out POORLY, rebound, and then kick the ever-loving-shit out of their opponents.

A Far Better Track Record that #/OurGuys

Make sure you keep prepping.
Us? I got to make sure my Gran is home sooner, rather than later. If shit goes sideways, I’m not going to have the time to fuck around… Ins’Allah all works out.
More Later
Big Country

FA-FO, Time to Burn Motherfu…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

THAT is the fuckwad Judge who fucked us out of Adriana…
I’m in contact with The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
BOTH District Attorneys
Seems we’re not the -only- people he’s done this to…


As Jose Wales said over on Gab:
“Suit up, time to do Hero shit”
Absolutely God Damned Right
More Later
Big Country

Winds of War

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Starting to look a bit -hazy- out there. Word is that overnight a BIG Krainian Klown Drone-Show came down on a Airport inside of Russia at a place called Pskov. Now, not for nothing, Pskov is quite a ways away from the Kraine:

Couple of things stand out to me leastways.
One of which is at it’s closest point, Pskov and the Kraine? 600 +/- Kilometers apart. That’s one hell of a long distance to get drones, especially at least 21 of them at last word to a point that far away.

Per ZeroHedge HERE that’s 400 miles. To my rather limited intel, the Kraine hasn’t got any drones capable of hitting that far away with any real accuracy. Which means they had help. Which, considering just how close Latvia and Estonia (both NATO buttcountries) are, and then you have the Greeks as well as the Turks saying:

With the Link HERE
Not a good thing…
Various sources and RUMINT have it as the Brits being the primary instigators in this. SAS and SBS specifically. Either way, Latvia, Estonia, who gives a shit? Both are 3rd World Wannabes who spend faaaar too much of their little GDP on Western Weapons (or did leastways, until they found out what utter shit they really are) so my best is there was an offer ‘too good to refuse’ in hosting these particular retarded festivities.

Adding on that our current crop of geniuses and leadershit?

Ah yes, the good ole Geriatric Ward Members…
Where have we seen this before? Ah yes:

I mean Jeeeeesus people!
When and What does it take for these fuckers to step the fuck down? When to “We the People” tell them they need to go the fuck home? And NOT via voting? I mean for fucks sakes, I mean they’re only leading us into a for real Hot War that we cannot under ANY circumstances win.

Any bets that none of our vaunted ‘nookular’ weapons work, have worked or even could work at this point? Hell, I don’t think even our fucking missiles would work, if the Patriot Pack 3 is any example…

Seriously folks
With fucking droolers, pantshitters, retards, pedophiles, grifters, and braindead zombies in charge, we are well and truly utterly fucked.

And my prediction:
RH/RN (Right Here/Right Now
Goblin Nuisance, The Hair Gel King of Kalifornication AKA Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew-by-Marriage is going to be the DemoncRats New Fair Haired and Coiffed Boy to replace “The Kidsniffer Rapist, Emperor Poopypants”. You heard it here first.

He’s got all that it takes
Progressive to the marrow of his hypocritical bones… “Do as I say, not as I do” Connected politically (see relationshit to Pelosi) Hollyweird (((backers))) out the wazoo… He’s demonic, and a through and through souless fucking scumbag.

What’s not to like vis-a-vis your basic Normie Pro-Pedo DemoncRatic Voater? OF Course they’re going to run him.

All the rumors of “Big Mike” getting the nod?

Word is that The Chef saw “Big Mikes” pee-pee, so they had to drown his ass, lest he let the cat, or in this case the Johnson out from under the tranny-dress. That and he/she’s a lazy fucker…

By it’s own public statements, s/he likes the trappings of power, but none of the effort that needs to go into it… and seeing that the current Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Rapey Joe has been on vacation since Day One of his residency, even the most diehard DemoncRatic voater needs to see a Chief Executive who’s doing –something– as opposed to being on vay-kay 24-7.

I mean so far it’s suited the Power(((s))) Behind the Throne to let Rapey go to the beach and generally stumblefuck around… thing is, that eventually needs to be changed into “MOAR Fundamental Changes” even if they don’t understand that that shit ain’t gonna fly.

They lack the intellect to understand, that so far, in their bubble? It hasn’t been pierced yet. Hasn’t been needed as of yet. People still got food, still get to go shooting, aren’t overwhelmingly being fucked with unnecessarily. Now, because of this, they, the managerial class… the people who make things happen… the ones who actively write and draft the laws and legislation that the Leadershit then put into effect?

NONE of them have been hit yet…
See… it’s one thing to rail on about Politicians and whatnot… but in reality? They’re just like on-air TV personalities.. they’re literally dummies. Performative Dummies. 90% of politicians are too stupid (Maxine Waters for example) to understand cause/effect and/or anything more complicated than 2+2 equals po-tay-toe. They’re fucking morons. It’s their Chief of Staff… their Legal Team. The Legal Secretaries and Staffers that get the job done and know that they’re actually pulling the puppet/dummies strings.

THESE are the folks that because of their lofty titles, decent paychecks and trickle down power that they stay in power behind the scenes… manipulating and empowering the Dummy.

They also don’t seem to get in a full on World That Has No Rule of Law that they’re easy meat. It’s that weakness that encourages me. ‘Cos You can bet when the shit gets spicy(er) that those inside the Beltway have no clear understanding that they’re the equivalent of Custer at Little Big Horn.

The Feral Knee-Grows will be playing the part of the Indians in that particular reenactment… eating them first and foremost.
All we have to do is sit back and watch and laugh.
I mean why not?
Better to watch it all burn at a distance than get hemmed up.
So More Later
Big Country

Fucking With TSA

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes
Crossposted this over at Reddit. I wrote this up earlier today. I had been talking to Sapper, and a couple of old stories came up, so I figured to share it here, as well as there. Hope you enjoy

Be Me, Mister Iraq-Contractor, flying home due to a Red Cross Family Emergency.
Dad had a heart attack, so I was moved pretty quickly via MilAir out of Baghdad and back to CONUS (Continental US). However… plans went sideways when I hit Virginia. There were no options but to buy a one-way ticket, (at the last minute mind you) at extortionist prices to get me back to Tampa Bay. Because of the situation, i.e. “drop everything and boogie” I had the barest minimum of gear, and was dressed in an absolute minimum, (long sleeved Harley T-Shirt, cutoff Desert BDU pants and sandals, no drawers… I never did, ‘cos Iraq is 10,000 miles closer to the sun than anywhere else on Earth…this’s important later) carrying a bag with my laptop, and I think my toothbrush and that was about it. Like I said an absolute minimal amount of luggage. I had stored my helmet and body armor at Ali-Al-Saleem Air Base as it was heavy and tended to draw stares when traveling civilian air.

So… Everyone’s favorite DotGov agency the TSA

(Thousands Standing Around as my brother-the-Fed calls them) tends to be a bit, shall we say, overzealous at best, and absolute assholes at worst. In this case, they were a combination of both. Unfortunately a year or so before, I had “popped hot” so to speak for “explosive residue” on my gear (Duh! Warzone! OF COURSE I had ‘residue’ on my shit…) and ‘someone’ had entered it into my ‘permanent record’ meaning I always got popped for “Closer Examination” which I called “The Full Monty”. Very annoying in this case, as I gots places to be, things to do, and didn’t want/need the hassle of some overweight sub 70 IQ’d moron who couldn’t get a job at the DMV.

So, I’m now hitting the multiple checkmarks on their little “list”. No checked bag, previous issue(s), one way ticket… Despite being a Contractor, volunteering to support the DotMil, they want to make life difficult, just to make sure I’m not a terrorist donchaknow? So as mentioned, I’m wearing the DotMil Issue 3 Color DCU (Desert Camo Uniform) pants that I had cut the legs off of to make some comfy cargo shorts out of… Now to those who know, there are these little ‘friction lock’ metal tabs and fabric loops that tighten the waistband up, which means you don’t necessarily need a belt. As soon as Mister “I’m The TSA Do What I Say” sees my boarding pass marked with the “Strip search this guy” markings he pulls me aside, his crony starts rifling my Laptop bag, and he tells me to “…take off my belt, and put my hands over my head, so he can ‘sweep’ my waistband with his fingers” (to make sure I’m not smuggling an nuclear weapon I’m sure).

I tell him, “Ain’t got a belt” and proceed to loosen the metal tabs.
Now… according to many XGFs, I have what’s called “tragic whytteboy ass” meaning flat as a pancake. When I loosened the tabs, the only thing keeping my pants on is my junk, and barely then even. I knew what I was going to do, and promptly did it… a slight wiggle of Ye Olde Hips, and > whoopsie! < my pants head southward, I quickly raised my hands over my head, thereby raising my t-shirt up quite a bit, exposing Ye Olde Nether Regions to the entire terminal as I yelled out in my best Drill Sgt Voice:


(Those of you know, that’s what us privates yelled when being cleared from a live-fire range in basic.)

Needless to say, Heads turned, some faces shocked, others amused and many commands were issued, in HIGHLY angered voices, as the majority of people of course turned to see lil ole me, hands in the air, and junk dangling for all to admire. Because of all the ‘stuff’ I went through in the Army, being pretty much buck-ass nekkid in front of the world didn’t bother me, but man, I thought the TSA Asshole was going to stroke the fuck out. Lots of screaming. Lots of panic all around. After finally getting somewhat un-discombobulated, the TSA guy, after me getting my pants back on, I was told to “GTFO of here or I’ll have you arrested!” To which I told him, “Hey man, I was only following your orders! It’s not my fault my pants came off! I should sue for my embarrassment!”

I then continued on to my flight, with one guy, a Skater-Bro that I could tell, as I was leaving to my gate, he came over and high fived me and telling me that “That was epic bro!”

Funny thing is, I no longer get pulled for extra-screening. Go figure Eh? Wonder why that is the case… Jes’ Sayin’
So More Later
Big Country

Well THAT Escalated Quickly…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not for nothing, I love you all man… no really… the comments and add-ons to yesterdays blegg? As Gunnery Sargent Hartman would have said “OUT-fucking-STANDING!!!” Y’all are why I keep doing this on the regular.

And yeah, I forgot to go into the “Area Studies” side of things… It was a combo of exhaustion/passing out at Ye Olde New Keyboard and realizing that promoting the type of Area Study that needs to be performed in the neighborhood, as well as on the larger side of Local Poly-Ticks and those who would make themselves our “Betters/Rulers”

Best to not Fedpoast… Too many people being blown away by the STASI… err… Feebs as of late…

Gratitude to AC for that memelicious face.
I snipped it from one of his vids. Guys is a riot, between his regular vids and “This Old Crackhouse” and “Basement Jesus” I get a kick out of watching him.

Anyways… yeah, the Feebs as of late seem a bit too… shall we say? enthusiastic in gunning down disabled Vets and various Anti-Bidet Pro-MAGA folks? Three at last count, one of whom apparently, according to witnesses (the guy in Tennessee) staggered out from the ginormous cloud of CS that they had saturated the house with, and with no weapon in hand the Feebs gunned him down as he staggered out essentially blind and clueless as to what was going on.

It was after all an oh-dark early ‘raid’ that prompted this, so the poor fucker was probably asleep/half-asleep, and all of a sudden ALL the windows in the house get stove in/blown in, and a heavy combo of flash bangs and CS thrown in for good measure… Between being disoriented from multiple flash bangs, and then not being able to see/breathe from DotMil Grade CS? Yeah, I’m sure this guy had no idea what the fuck was going on… never mind that in groups like that, Cops tend to shout over each other, some with contradictory commands while amped on the roids and adrenaline, leading to a deadly encounter.


But fear not citizens… I’m sure that the investigation will absolve ALL the Feebs involved, as the individual in question was obviously a whytte-superpreemiecyst hater of one form or another… I mean they’re investigating themselves… no chance that any, I dunno… that the truth might actually come out or someone… you know be held accountable for murder.

What do you think this is? Soviet Russia?
Meh… better it would be… at least THEY were upfront about being thugs and scum, instead of this bullshit about Fidelity and Honor bullshit they push on the rubes…

Which then leads me into the LOL Rayyyyyycist Shooter in Jacksonville Florida. Now, what’s utterly hilarious to me, was that the shooting happened yesterday. The news put it out as a ‘blurb’ so to speak… it’s taken 24 hours since for them to find out that it was a bent WhytteGuy who left a “manifesto” (they claim) that essentially said “I Hate Niggers”. The reason I found it hilarious is the major news media initially ignored the story.

Three people being shot dead in the ‘hood in Jacksonville is par for the course. The nogs do this with such regularity, that it rarely even gets a mention. In fact, this could be called a “regular Thursday”. Now that the perp is established to be an eeeeevil WhytteGuy with Anti-Negro Obsessions, using an eeeeeevil Black Rifle, well now?


Problem is, that initial 24 hours was lost, so this’s already being bypassed, no matter how hard they’re trying to stir the racial shitpot. That and OH… the doer’s name?
Ryan Christopher Palmeter 
Again with the three names…
It’s almost like there’s a pattern here
Far be it for me to question the narrative though Aye?

If it quacks like a fucking duck, waddles like a fucking duck, consorts with other fucking ducks, and they tell you “it’s a Penguin” then yeah, I ain’t falling for it.

So, again, I greatly appreciate y’all who passed me on and commented on… lots of good stuff given/and taken. That CalTopo website?
OMG!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for giving that to me… been a busy beaver printing and laminating a BUNCH of pages.

Bonus to me when I bought the new printer, I had a 3 month free trial of the “auto-reload ink” from HP… normally I don’t go for that, but I had 3 free months, and we needed to print a metric fuckton of paperwork during the fight for Addy, so having free/subscription ink seemed the way to go… and it’s still working for me… WAY cheaper than buying new cartridges when I run out of ink… shit is costly as you all know… $3.99 gets me 50 pages a month, which if I don’t use them all, they roll over… I’ve rolled over like 40 from last month, and got plenty of room to keep building my area Map Book.

So, Will Talk With you all tomorrow
Big Country

Map And Area Studies: You Need to Read This

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Long time ago, in an Army far, far away, there was a LT…
With a Map, and a Compass…

Sadly, it did not end well for that young Lieutenant.
As it well may be for the rest of y’all if you don’t get your shit straight for when the day comes.

Everybody, and I mean everybody… every swinging Richard out there has gotten faaaaar too comfortable with their Phone and iGizmos and whatnot in regards to navigation and such things. The reliance on the Google Map feature for LandNav means ‘regular good ole fashion LandNav’ has fallen by the wayside.

Now, in MY case, because I was brought up a poor destitute Infantryman, I was for the most part denied the fun high-speed low drag early GPS toys that other units had. We had the PLGR

Also known as “that worthless non-functional piece of shit” by anyone who tried to use it. Heavy assed brick that more than likely would lead you into a minefield than out. Fucking hated that thing when and IF we ever even tried to use them.

So, when in doubt, fall back on old school shit that you know works. As in the compass, lensatic, magnetic, type one each:

Now… this one, as you can see has the radioactive element (tritium) that keeps it glowing… very handy late at night in the rain. This’s as close to the issue one that you can get. Not sure what the pricing is, but I know when I bought mine YEARS ago, it was pricey at $50… back when $50 was $50 and a major purchase/investment. Bass Pro lists it now at $110 +/- so yeah…

Now, all well and good to have the compass, but to know how to use it and navigate by it? Definitely an different story. First off, you need a map. I got mine WITH the DotMil Military Grid Reference System marked on it. UTM / MGRS (Military Grid) allows you to use the protractor that we ALL used to have back pre-GPS:

I actually have one of my original ones in my LandNav kit…
Do You?

Now… for maps… I went to MyTopo dot Com. It’s where you can get ALL sorts of maps, from US Geologic Survey Maps, to sat-photos to well, a LOT of various maps, all of which yopu can get, even customizing (like I did) for your immediate Area of Operations. The link is HERE and nope, I don’t get anything for this.

Now… the map itself is LARGE. It’s waterproof (theoretically) and folds up pretty well. Problem is that personally, I don’t need a full on map of six square kilometers of my area of operations. I need a much smaller, handier Map that I can utilize in the field, and have ready to go. A mini-map board like I had back in the Army.

So what I did was I took the map, folded it down to the area I wanted, and did a high-resolution (1800dpi) scan of the area in question, and had it output to a 8.5 x 11 sized piece of paper. I then used high quality paper, and set the printer to it’s highest quality setting, and ran a copy.

Once said copy was done, (I made 2x, one for Sapper, one for me) I printed off the map scale and magnetic declination for a reference. I printed two of these as well, and cut them down to size, as it didn’t need to be a full sheet of paper. I then heated up and ran both of them, the map scale/magnetic declination and map through the laminator which produced this:

So now I have a good ‘localized’ map of my immediate Area of Operations. I’m waiting on the Zon to deliver the dry erase markers so I can add the MGRS markers, as well as ‘update’ some of the roads and whatnot, as the information that was used by the map maker (MyTopo) came from the last time they did a geo-map of the area (like try 1985!)

There are newer ones, like from 2021 for my A.O. however, they don’t have enough of MY immediate area… seems Ye Casa is in the upper right corner of the ‘new maps’, and I’d have to buy 4 of them at $16 a throw to get a fuller picture, which currently isn’t in the budget. I bought this particular one waaaay back when I first moved into the area, and only recently found it while cleaning out the closet… when I also found that optic and other ‘cool shit’ the X had stashed away.

That being said, I highly recommend that you step up and get your “map game” on. Given that shit is getting weird, it’s time to “go pro” as the good Doctor Hunter S. would say. IF the goolag maps and/or comms device you have shit the bed, are you capable/able to navigate without it?

My bet is a good 30% of people HERE would say “no” if they’re being honest. Considering the audience, I’d say 70% of you could operate sans Gizmos. But as far as the rest of the fucking Normies? They couldn’t navigate theyselves to a Chinese Clusterfuck in a Hong Kong Whorehouse if their lives depended on it.
Go Figure.

So More Later I’m Still
Big Country

Challengers and Uber Updates

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
As you can see, Ye Olde Header has a new picture, courtesy of WiscoDave. There’s a group of us who email back and forth, sharing, commenting and whatnot, and Wisco is at the center of it. He sources a lot of great stuff and this A.M. he did not disappoint!

Here I was thinking I had the majority of -good- ‘Clockwork Orange’ pics in my collection already. That new one? Oh yeah… as soon as I saw it it was like >BOOM!< “That’s the new header!!!”

Now, as to poly-ticks today, the mugshot of OrangeManBad has been making it’s rounds. I’m not going to poast it, as everyone has already seen it, unless they’re in the middle of the Kalahari Desert without a signal, and even then, I’m pretty sure that a mass push via Iridium went out with it.

All this to preserve “Muh Democracy!”
The thing of it is, alllll these morons have done is open themselves up to cross examination and discovery. Got me a hunch or three that discovery is the last thing they want. So, since this opens an entirely new can o’worms for them, they’re going to have to do something, and do it fast. Ain’t no way can any of the Georgia Bullshit that went on undergo and real scrutiny. I mean for real…

But that’s here at home.
In the Kraine, a couple of days ago, Simplicius76 poasted that the latest, and possibly last effort was being pushed out against Ivan. In this case, according to him, the last of the 82nd Air Assault brigade, the one that was equipped primarily with ‘Western Wunderwaffen’? has been committed and rolling out.

This includes the Challenger 2 Tanks that the Brits had ‘donated to the cause’. BTW, quick aside, does anyone else think the pic above looks like a “Sanford and Son” Challenger? Jes’ Sayin’…

So, to continue: Up til now, the Challenger has not been on the scene, as the reasoning/excuses are in two parts:
1) They lacked ammunition.
Now, I can tell you, from personal experience this’s a load of shytte. The Challenger 2 uses the same ammo as the Leopard 2 (both variants), as well as the M1A1/2… those being the ‘caseless’ smoothbore 120mm rounds.

Now at one point there was a shortage of ammo… that was when a Kalibur Missile hit a warehouse that blew up spectacularly which had everyone going “Huh… must have had some ammo in there that went up!” It was the next day when the Nuclear Monitoring services and sensors all over the EU and Russia (put in place ever since Chernobyl ‘back in the day’) started ‘pinging’ with higher-than-normal’ radioactivity, that the analysts realized what probably went all kinetic was the Depleted Uranium Rounds destined to the various tanks out there, to include the Challenger 2.

Not much radiation or radioactivity, but…
I know of what I speak. They found a teeny-tiny-itty-bitty bit of what they think was DU (depleted uranium) that I had breathed in, which lodged in the lower left Airbag, which, as y’all know ain’t there no more. So… to continue…

2) The Brits didn’t want the Russians to Get Ahold of it’s “Sooper Secret Chobham Armor”.
Now, the DotMils, being DotMils, I might say maybe a valid reason. However, the reality is the Challenger has been around forever. The original Challenger 1 came out in 1983, and was upgraded in 1986 to the 2 Model. Couple of upgrades from Chobham One to Model Two, but still… it’s been running around for 40 years at this point.

I’m pretty sure that Ivan knows ALLLLL about what needs to be known about Chobham. In fact, it (the Challenger Series) has been around long enough that I pulled out my old Armor ID cards that we used to drill with back in the day. I mean I was an Anti-Armor Dude, so I used to have these cards memorized.

Pretty sure some of y’all had them too.
I also pulled and scanned the Challenger Card for Shits N Grins:

Yeah baby.
Anyone else get flashbacks?
So, no, I don’t think they held them back because of ammo… more than likely the whole “bad for biddness” issue, hence ALSO why we haven’t sent any Abrams over. As seen in Yemen, M1A2s cook up really nice if hit properly, and even those have been hit by some rag-tag militiamen as opposed to a tank-on-tank peer force.

Not for nothing, but personally, I’d love to see the latest T series Russian Tank, crewed with someone other than 3rd world fucking shithead conscripts manning them. Of course ain’t no way in hell can the GloboHomoDotCorpDotMil allow that to happen.

Stock prices have already taken a hit and no one wants the Leopard 2 at this point. Fucking Steel Coffins man… how the Mighty have fallen… from a country that gave us the Panther Tank, the preeminent tanker’s tank of WW2 to that fucking cardboard and aluminum hunk of treaded deathtrap they have now…
So yeah, haven’t heard anything about this “Great Last Gasp”

Even the Russians have gone quiet, but what with the internal weirdness and reshuffling? I don’t expect anything concrete out of them at all in the near future, unless they start running that quarter-million troops westward… and at that point even the West will be squawking about it as the “New Invasion of Western Europe!!!” Meh… they should be so lucky.

To clarify. Too many people think that I was raising funds for a new KB. Uhhh… try not to be so literal guys… as I said it was an excuse as I’m currently trying to pay bills, but the breaking of the lease in Tennessee, the cost of emergency-rental of a truck and car carrier, then the gas? Yeah. I’m about to go Chapter 7 here. The power bill this month was a bit better. Only $440. That’s with cutting waaaaaay down and making sure Gretchen (who’s a prime culprit) shuts shit off when she leaves a room. So far? two people have entered the Raffle.

That ain’t even gonna cover mailing it, but hey, it is what it is.

Uber… to give you an idea of how fucked it is? I decided to try and do the Uber Eats/Delivery stuff today. Logged in, and hey, had an “Opportunity” as shown here:

That came up when I logged in after punching from Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory. The ‘offer’? A pickup at Walgreens… at 10 minutes of Six, on a Friday…that’s nightmare time as far as traffic in Tampa. Not only that, but it was like 19 miles away from my starting point…

For a $3.02 payout

Not only that, but that Walgreens? In the Hood… like Hood-Hood? Where Whyttemen fear to tread… Which also means that more than likely, the person who needs this delivery? A blaq folk, who as we ALL know are oh-so-famous for their generosity in tipping… /sarc off.

Any wonder that Uber can’t get folks to work for them?
Not at $3.75 a gallon currently here.
I personally think the whole Uber/Lyft thing has run its course.

There was a LOT of ‘social consciousness/contagion’ when it first came out… “ride sharing” to “save the environment” as I recall… It was great when you had a bunch of hipster fuckwads who had money-to-burn who wanted to be ‘ecologically sound’ and not own a car and get around their blue-hive… ‘save da erf’ and all that… now? Economic reality has kicked the fuck in, along with their financial teeth so to speak, and they can’t afford to spend $30 to get chauffeured 5 blocks. Better to walk and save the 30.

Uber also had taken over some of the monopoly service on cab service after it was introduced. “Taxi Medallions” in NYC, a highly coveted item, crashed hard in valuation, as the monopoly was broken. From a millyun dollars to about $76000 now… Taxi Medallions or Shields being a placard that was a License so to speak, with a limited number issued to legal cabs…

Each One was worth over a Million Smackers in 2013.
So, yeah, I personally think the whole thing has shot it’s wad so to speak. Depending on where you live and what municipality rules there are, a Cab Company -can- be a profitable venture, provided that the rules and regulations and taxes aren’t too onerous. Again, I know of what I speak.

I was the youngest person to hold a Hackney License in the State of NH waaay back in the day at age 16. Worked for a cab company, on of two in town, but we offered limo service on the weekends. I started ‘driving a hack’ as I loved to drive and I made great bank for a 16 year old. The adventures and stories there alone would make a great book/movie…dunno if anyone else ever went and got in on it (being a 16 year old cab driver) , but it was my ‘secret weapon’ to NOT work at McDs again… BT-DT hated it. Driving Cab during the summer week days/nights, and then putting on a suit, and driving a HUUUUGE 1986 Lincoln Stretch Limousine on the weekends? Oh fuck yeah!!!

My boss was the shit. We even had some code-phrases when I had ‘issues’ with drunks, rowdies and jagoffs… only happened a few times… BUT if it happened, I’d call in and say “I got ‘X’ candidates that need a secondary pickup!” on the Radio. Dude would come back and say “Is it a Graybar Hotel drop off?”

If I said yes, he’d phone ahead to the local Police, who’d have the bully-boys outside… I’d get “pulled over” by a dude in the street waving a flashlight for a “safety inspection” where then, said miscreants would be cuffed and stuffed quickly and quietly without me tender pink carcass being in danger…

Loads of good times.
Lots of hot naked broads too… and lots of not-so-hot-naked broads as well… Jes’ Sayin’

SO on that note, I’m AGAIN making Molasses Cookies. I owe ScouterGregg a BIG thank you, so I might have to ship him some, which ALSO allows me to test my air-shrink-wrapper thingy that MomUnit gave me on my last visit… I’ll poast pics on how that goes…
So More Later
Big Country

Daddy Needs a New Keyboard and Uber Blues…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, per usual, I’m late over at the Substack with the Russian NGIRP. That’d be the National Guard Individual Ration Pack. Those of you who read both, please be patient and understanding in that even my ‘hardened gut’ have been having ‘issues’ with that thar Canned Rooskie Queee-zeen.

TMI but man, I thought MREs backed you up!?!

No wonder Ivan’s field grunts have that perpetually pissed off and constipated look on their faces. A 24 Hour Menu means I can only ingest -so much- before I’m looking for a garden snake…

Not for nothing tho, without revealing too much, it is good… Tasty… like surprisingly so… deceptively even. So I have to take it slow, and left Mother Nature take it’s course without perma-blocking anything critical.

Now, that being out of the way, I need a new Keyboard. Working this AM, whilst -trying- to have my Coffee, and I knocked it right over FULLY into the wireless KB… Like no coming back from it… I tried the “dry it out, forced air” routine, but waaay deep down inside, when the battery light kept blinking red, and all the other lights lit up, and didn’t turn off, I knew it was toast. I’m currently on the old backup to the backup….

That’s the intro into the ‘why’ of the new Raffle I’m doing. Granted it’ll also help with the bills, but hey… Lot of y’all in the past have donated/taken a chance, so what the hell. Especially since I did the Krainian Meal Substack, and announced the Russian one, I got a package yesterday from Brit-Land. Seems a “subscribed Squaddie” who’s a regular reader here sent me not one, but 3 current up-to-date BritMeals.

Like New-New
Package date of July 2022 with a five? year shelf life I believe… might even be longer. Pool’s Surplus in the UK states that in the newer retort pouches, in good storage (good average temp, etc) that they could be as good for up to 25 years.

Now in Affy, I got (and still have some of the pieces/parts of one around here somewhere) a hold of the earlier boxed variant, and the ones I had were old-old. Pack date of like 1997. They were still edible. Tasted like complete bullocks of course, but according to the Squaddies I knew at Bastion, ALL BritRats were ab-so-loot-shytte.

So, I got 3 of the new ones, all with the same pack date of July 2022, and for those of you who know, in DotMil timeframes, that’s like “OMG Fresh!” The other interesting thing was that one of the meals was Haji-Halal.
Vegetarian/Halal. (And correction FWIW, the pack date on the Haji-Halal Meal is, as you can see, May of 2022, my bad)
Check the menu:

Menu #6. Halal Pasta Bolognese OR Halal Steak and Veggies, Ramja Masala and Vegetarian Sausage and Tomato sauce (for brekee no less!) That’s a ‘thing’ with BritRats… they always invariably have a Vindaloo, Curry, Marsala and/or “Former Colonial Overseas Weirdness” on the menu… So, this is a ‘thing’ as the note that I got with the meals said that out of 14 meals in a menu/case, 6-8 of them are Halal and 2-4 of them (depending on the issue unit, i.e. Case Model A, B or C) the 2-4 are fucking Vegan if you can believe it…

So, any other DotMil Droogs or Droogettes from Foreign Lands, send me some of your Rats, I’ll pay the freight and send gifties and thank yous back at you. Specifically, I want to try (and Poast about) Our. Greatest. Ally. Evvar. namely an Israeli MRE, and then maybe a French/Spanish/Italian? I know you can buy them, but cost prohibitive is an serious understatement.

Hell, this BritRat? On Ebay? About $70+/-.

Here’s the Dealio:

$10 Gets you an entry.

Use the PayPal, make sure you have a valid email addy so I can email the winner to get the prize out. Bad Addy=No Prize=Sadness. Happened to one of y’all a waaaays back… gave me a bad addy, and shit showed up back here, and by the time the smoke cleared, he was like, “It’s all good, no worries.”

So, $10 Per Entry
$50 Gets you 10 Entries.

I was going through and resizing some of my various web gear. Yeah, the diet is going VERY well. Sitting at 314 right now… So due to tactical considerations, I have different sets of designated web gear… one for with wearing Body Armor only, one for light patrolling, one for the M21, One for the Shotgun as primary, you get my drift… Different mission, different web-gear. Easier than having to strip down/reconfigure your shit.
What I found, which I have deemed “excess to needs” is one of those really nice Damascus Boot Knives that I had a bunch of from a couple of years back. I raffled off a few of them, and they were really popular. This one is now, as I said, “Excess to Needs” as Sapper hooked me up this past B-Day with a new boot knife. And this one was one of the nicer ones, hence why I bogarted it… SO I’ll include this:

So that you can cut open the ration that you win.
I’ll even include one of these as well:

A lil baby Fleet Glycerin Enema.

You –might– need it after eating the BritRat… better safe than sorry. No… seriously… ‘Tis some bad humor… that thing has been floating around (bad pun sorry) on the work bench forever and a day from when Gran#1 had serious constipation issues, so we had to ‘assist’ so to speak… SO unless you really want it I won’t include that… The knife and the Rat? For sure.

Part of the reason I’m now even MOAR Strapped than usual is that Uber is screwing around with me. Those of you who have been here for a few years know there was a period of time when I was “job hopping” and not entirely it being my fault. During that time, I was doing MAD Uber. The whole job thing tho? The shit that really used to steam me was getting on through the temp agency, being told that after 90 days, I’d be hired on “full time” only to hit the 90 day marker, and be cut loose. I found out much later that it seems that particular company did this with such regularity, that ALL the Temp Companies in Tampa REFUSED to feed them people, and eventually, they folded.

Good. Fuck those guys.

Besides, it was run by an ALL Female Management Crew who made decisions based on ‘feelings’ and ‘muh vag’ rather than the right thing, which led to a 90 year old family company getting wiped out due to the new generation of Females being Woke…

So to continue… I loaded up tonight to ackchully do a full night after doing a full day at Glorious Peoples Tractor Factory. Had the cooler full of water, full gas tank, interior dash-cam set up (thank you free overnight delivery coupon Amazon!) and the Uber sign on the windscreen set, and man, ready to roll. Thursday nights are usually ok, if you start around 730pm +/-.

My first hit was while I was still in the driveway.

Caught me a bit off-guard as I literally went online, and got hit with a trip. I then realized it was a delivery. A fucking Uber Eats piece of shit delivery. I purely hate Uber Eats, both as a customer AND a driver. As a customer, I’ve had the worst customer service ever (missing food/wrong order/Some Fucker ATE MY FOOD on one of them, no fucking shit) and as a driver, the pay is dogshit.

I took it tho, as they consider NOT taking it as a downcheck which can affect potentially more lucrative rides later. I sucked it up, and then I realized it was a 15 minute one-way drive across fucking town to bring -someone- a fucking frozen Italian Ice. What got me was the fucking payout?

Fucking $3.55

Talk about a Royal Screwing
I used more in gas to do that run, add on that the nigger that I delivered it to wasn’t specific as to which apartment he was in, and on top of it, I almost got ‘contact high’ from when the stoned fucknut-sonofabitch-monkeyfest opened the door. Not only that, the cheap fucker didn’t give me a tip.

Fuck that noise.

When I shut off the app for responding ‘offline’ as they call it, I checked. Seems, as of now, despite passing the Background Check, there’s another one that’s still ongoing. Guess I passed well enough to deliver pizzas and hot dogs, but not folks. So until they deem me ‘worthy’ to haul people, I’m stuck like Chuck for Extra Bux.


PayPal: theintrepidreporter2019@gmail.com

Venmo and Mailing Addy given out on request.
Drawing will Take place say… Hmmn


That’s enough time to get mail in and whatnot.
The BEST WAY To Email Me Is At:


All Questions, Inquiries, Bitches, Complaints and Nudes (only of cute chicks) can be sent there. Cederq, don’t even think about it you bastard.

I appreciate the support.
More Political Homicide Later
Big Country

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