Time and Things

Been down and out. Caught a bug going around again. Today was also especially stressful as Gretchen wrote down the wrong time for her appointment this A.M.

Cue My Rage-Face.

Primarily ‘cos she gets shitty with me when I pester her “Are you sure of the time? Have you double checked? Do me a favor and double check!” She gets AAAALLLL sorts of shitty with me, accusing me of treating her like a child.

There’s a REASON I do this.
It’s called a track record
And let me tell you, hers? When it comes to being on time?
It purely sucks

This -isn’t- the first time, hence why I fucking lost it this morning. On top of feeling shitty, being stressed the fuck out, and all the regular crap I have to deal with, NOW she goes and fucks up a critical appointment after I’ve been all over her to make. sure. you. get. the. time. right.

Every dood has his limits.

We’re good now, but at the time I went the fuck off. Like “Gunnery Sergeant Hartman” from ‘Full Metal Jacket’ off… “What is your major malfunction!?! Are you fucking retarded!?! What in the Name of Jesus H. Christ is wrong with you!?!” I mean I just fucking lost it man.

Surprisingly, she apologized.
Usually the female programming prevents her from admitting fault on anything ever. This time, I think it finally penetrated that female fragile ego that this’s real and actions, or in this case, lack-of-actions can have consequences.

So we managed to get another appointment tomorrow int he early A.M. which is good. Someone had cancelled, so now we’re going to take their slot… otherwise it might be 2-3 weeks before another slot opened up… Hell this appointment was by pure luck… which is why I was so absolutely pissed off.

Lots of people praying, donating, working hard to make sure she gets the shit she needs, and she pulls a “dumb blonde moment”? Yeah… that won’t be happening in the future… I made sure of that.

I’ll fucking kill her myself.

Anyways, not much happening out there except the Atlanta D.A. SweetBuns has now been exposed by another whistleblower that she (like ALLLLLL Soros D.A.s) is corrupt as fuck… not onlty that, but apparently she’s stupid. Like blaq-monkey-dumb. The new whistleblower has exposed the Biden Admin’s insider who’s been pulling SweetBuns strings…

Some of the reports state she’s stupider that Donkeychompers Occasional Cortex, but even I have trouble believing that anyone could be –that– stupid and still be breathing…

Got me a hunch she’ll be lucky IF they don’t decide to throw her under the bus… I mean now that the facts are coming out that we’ve sunk to “Banana Republic Levels” of corruption IN THE OPEN, -someone- is going to take that fall, and I’m sure the Jewish Guy witht he pale skin is not up for sacrifice…

A stupid Blaq?
Yeah, she’s toast.
And because she’s so stupid, she’ll take the fall, believing that they’ll “take care of her” and her SuperDick-ManLove. Me? I’d take a plea, throw EVERYONE out into the open, and let the chips land where they do.

Only other thing of note is that the Krainians now have 30 Abrams left out of 31.

Yesterday they sent in elements of the 47th Brigade, the Azov Nazis from my understanding, and the M1A1 got smoked outside of Berdychi. That’s located northwest of the now-conquered Avdiivka.

RUMINT is that they were sent in to try and relieve some pressure on that Stepove location, which is where the main line of retreat was… it used to be the Main Logistics Feeder into Avdiivka for Bodies, Bullets, Beans, and Boots. Now?


And as a final thing for tonight:

Seems Krainfeld doesn’t like anyone questioning his kokaine based klown show antics in the Krain. First Gonzalo Lira, then almost Tucker Carlson… but hey! Joe got that 7 foot tall Negress-Lezbo American Hating Niggerball player back, so they got that going for them!

We are so screwed.

More Later
Big Country

25 thoughts on “Time and Things”

  1. Turdeau came to Alberta and told no one but his media he was coming, then spent an hour calling everyone here racist.

  2. Remember “chemo-brain” is a thing and will make a person’s memory pretty faulty. I had to take over making all of my wife’s medical appointments when she went through chemo-radiation she just couldn’t remember anything. Even writing it down would not help because she lost the notes.

  3. There’s a reason that I schedule my wife’s appointments, do the check in and check out, because she does the exact same damned thing regarding appointment times.

    Admittedly, she’s actually brain damaged so she has an excuse…

    Good job on going apeshit and getting it through someone’s thick skull.


  4. Wifey has to understand that the damn cancer is growing and she has no time to waste if she’s going to beat this thing. Three weeks screwing around waiting for an appointment could be the difference between starting to dissolve the tumor vs it growing.

    I understand because my wife has air head moments too, it’s just the stress and the fear of what might happen set you off.
    Also BCE, you catching bugs a lot means that your immune system isn’t working too hot these days probably from the constant stress. You can’t help Wifey if you are sick too, so please try to find some stress relief and take some vitamins yourself.

    1. That time constraint is the reason why we here in the US of A are starting to see the great die-off from people not getting treated for cancers during the Covidiocracy. It’s only going to get worse, much worse as Stage 0 and 1 cancers that were treatable and easily detectable are heading into Stage 3 and 4.

      As to the increase of vitamins, yep, BCE, you can and will be a vector especially if you’re the one going out and doing the shopping.

      If she and you can stand it, make sure you both get some sunlight each day. Amazing how simple sunlight can do so much good (unless, of course, you’re a skin cancer magnet like me…)

      1. BCE, ditto Mark4, BUT vitamin D3 is an industrial based chemical synthetic vitamin and it’s RAT POISON. Found a hot link to a guy that is into body building/tuning that is trying to be as chemical free as possible. He started researching his supplements and made that discovery.

        1. Definition:
          Vitamin D3 is a hormone.
          D3 is normally produced by the human body anytime our skin is exposed to sunlight.
          After an hour gardening without a shirt, our exposed skin takes a couple-three hours to fabricate the D3 hormone.
          If you come in from gardening and go directly to the shower, most of the D3 is washed away.
          D3 is essential for skin health, bone density, brain function, libido, and hundreds of other life-sustaining bodily functions.
          Overdose Concerns:
          A daily dose exceeding 5,000iu can initiate and accelerate cancers in and near the male reproductive organs.
          Clinical Overdosing:
          With frequent labs, a supervised overdose of D3 can compensate for life-threatening low blood levels.
          Establishing the standardized serine levels can require as long as several weeks.
          During this compensation period, frequent labs are essential.
          Toxicity In Animals:
          Several pest populations — rats, mice, opossum, among others — are susceptible to minute amounts of D3.
          After ingestion, kidney failure occurs within hours.

  5. I once worked with a gal who was offered a raise on the condition she would get to work on time. A woman can get up at 4 am and be late for work at 8. Seen it myself.
    Being on time is one of my pet peeves, too. Lunch at 12 means lunch at 12, not 2. They have pretty thick skulls, tho. Be cool, chief, they’re only girls. Go easy.
    I hope you recorded her apology, it could be enshrined at the Smithsonian. I’ve witnessed a comet but never a female apology and I’m 65.

    1. “I’ll fucking kill her myself.”

      This cracked me up. Lord have mercy on my soul, I’ve felt the same damn way about my wife several times over the 35 years of our marriage. I lost her about 2 years ago. The pancreatic cancer showed no significant symptoms until it was too late, 4th stage. Then she suffered terribly for 3 months and passed. Now I feel, as country singer Kris Kristofferson said about Bobby Magee, “I’d trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday to feel her body next to mine.”

      Thank you, BCE, for sharing. Deeply appreciated.

  6. Watch your step, big fella.

    I’ve seen too many people grieve. If things go badly, you will remember every fight, every argument and regret all of them. Besides… Ripping on women under circumstances like this is bad juju. Especially one that is contrite.

    Make sure you take care of yourself too. I’m doing that multiple-serial cold/flu thing too and it drives me bonkers…

  7. Regardless of what someone else does or doesn’t do…
    The only person who controls you is you. You can, and must, control the way you act and react.
    Hang in there buddy; we’re all rooting for you.

  8. My wife is terrible about keeping appointments, being on time, paying attention to the gas gauge, little stuff like that. It makes me mad but I try to not go over the top about chick stuff. They have a million things they are thinking about at a time and stuff slips through the cracks.

  9. “ Hell this appointment was by pure luck”. Not luck, things happen for a reason. Always remember that, everyone here can probably tell you a story as well as a few of your own.

    Prayers still flowing your way, take care.

  10. Brother Big; unnastand the irritant of wifey and the “brain/thought process” thing, most of us are same page with you there. Remember though, for splits – normal times for their brain are “a browser with 1,000 tabs open, all the time every day”. Which us guys don’t get because as youngsters we were always told “one thing at a time.”
    And, I agree with Filthie (a sign of impending apocalypse? who knows…) anyway – make a quiet promise to yourself – don’t do or say anything at this time, that could possibly break your fucking heart in the future. Don’t ask, you know why I know this.
    Fight for your missus like the third monkey on the ramp to the Ark. I promise you she’s worth it, and you know we got your back.
    Praying without ceasing, Billy, that’s a promise as well.
    God bless you and yours.

    1. I hope your wife is taking the Ivermectin and Fenbendazole on a regular schedule…Might do her better than any number of appointments….

  11. You don’t need one more thing to do, but here’s what my GP strongly recommended before she sent me off to the oncology system.
    Get a three-ring binder, any color Gretchen wants. (at least 1.2-2 inches)
    Get a calendar that fits inside it, with the 3 holes already punched
    Get a stack of lined paper, to go behind the calendar
    Get a set of dividers – 5 tabs is ok, 8 might be better.

    This is your command center. It goes with here EVERYWHERE
    All of her appointments go in this calendar. RIGHT WHEN THEY ARE CONFIRMED
    Good medical staff will give you tons of paper work. File it here.
    Tabs are however your brain best works – i had :
    1) daily routine: daily meds as they changed, scheduled of administration, most current on top. Also notes of how she feels, any reactions to the meds/chemo/what have you. Journal here, if that’s her style.
    2) imaging: notes on what to expect, what the doctors said about it
    3) surgery: what do they plan to do? pre and post op notes
    4) chemo: what type, why, when, how long?
    5) radiation: what type, why, when, how long?
    Take copious notes – neither of you will remember.

    Be kind to yourself, and to each other. People react in unexpected ways. You can do this.
    My house will be keeping your house in prayer.

  12. Not at all surprised you are stressed out. My wife started out having a hard time keeping her stuff scheduled. She finally said that at first she was avoiding admitting that it was all real. When she got past that she was squared away and followed through. Good advice from ThinkingOutLoud,we did something similar. Reassure her that you’ve got her back and everything is going to be all right. Give yourself time each and every day to do something you enjoy and can “zen out” on. Remember you have got a whole lot of people backing you up financially and spiritually. BTW package inbound, tracking on Proton.

  13. Keep keeping on-we are all praying and pulling for you 2. Emotionally, I am sure that Gretchen is all over the map. A binder is a great idea. I did that for my friend Debbie, when she was confirmed to have ALS. Calendars, notes, funny stickers-whatever the hell it takes. Taking notes while experts are speaking is vital. Most of the time, Debbie, me and her sister were sitting together, listening to the experts and 20 minutes later we couldn’t put anything together. You simply become overwhelmed. Start a list of Ebooks for Gretchen to read or audio books to listen to. They can be a sanity saver. I also got Debbie some recordings of nature sounds; rain, birds in a forest, etc. When you/the patient are just this side of hysterical, listing to a thunderstorm can be life affirming. Take a dose of Ivermectin for your sickness-see the Barnhardt Biz for dosages. Buy some strawberries and some Prosecco and surprise Gretchen at breakfast. Little things mean everything. Restart-you can do this. You are a soldier and have won many wars. Blessings.

  14. Hello Big Country,
    do you want to have a brain seizure while reading a big pile of hogwash?
    Then just read the announcement of Justin “Fidelito” Trudeau about sending money to Ukraine.
    Just search for “gender” and your head will explode.
    15 million USD for…to improve their long-term financial sustainability, gender responsiveness, and resilience to climate risks
    10 million for to implement inclusive, gender-responsive, and durable community priorities
    4 million for Gender-inclusive demining for sustainable futures in Ukraine
    1,5 million for support the efforts of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining to enhance the capacity of Ukrainian mine action institutions to implement effective and gender-responsive mine action operations
    930.000,00 for Strengthening truth, transparency, and democracy to counter disinformation and This initiative will also address gender disparity issues in the Ukrainian media.

    and for ahem “security”
    up to 4 million to help the Government of Ukraine develop a national approach for community-led recovery initiatives and roll out a national digital planning and monitoring platform.

    Can anybody please translate this woke gobbledidok to plain english?

  15. If you are catching a bug, you might want to try the ivermectin yourself.
    I like this stuff:

    Get the 500ml bottle – the savings are worth it and you will use it once you give it a try.
    I do a dose on the 1st and 2nd as well as the 14th and 15th of each month.
    I also do a dose if I feel something coming on or have been in a public area with someone coughing.

    It will be four years this May and zero colds, flu or covid.

  16. Ivermectin – this is the injectable version but it works great taken by mouth.
    You do not need to inject it. I use a syringe with a coarse needle to get it out of the bottle and squirt it into a little bit of water. Down the hatch.

    About 1mL per 100 pounds bodyweight. You can go over a bit without harm.

    Also, some people’s eyes become sensitive to light when taking it – this is harmless and will fade in 24 hours.

  17. Others have left great suggestions about how to organize and help with the Wif.
    Keep your head above the choppy waves and ride it out the best you can. Your lovely woman apologized…you do the same.
    Even if your outburst was *completely* justified. It WILL score major points with wifey!
    You might need to explain the frustration but I think she already knows. Just say the words and score the points.
    You love her, want to care for her as best as possible and get frustrated when there’s bumps in the road.
    Us guys are hardwired like that. We want to fix shit, not wait for divine intervention.
    All the best,

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