The New Gen’Rul, and WHY Nothing Seems to Get Done Re: The Krain and Supplies

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So, as we have been saying, things in the Krain ain’t looking too good. A lot of the talk has been all about the money, in that Krainfeld just left out of here and crawled back into whatever hole he hides in from his own people, and if I had to hazard a guess, a CIA hit team that’ll make it look like the Russians did the deed.

The only shekels he was able to worm away from the (p)Resident was the remaining 200 million that was -already- accounted for and was due to be handed over eventually. Word from some sources, to include Moon Of Alabama said that the real reason for the ‘summons’ of the Piano-Penis-Playing Pundit to D.C. was to give him some new marching orders, more than likely to cut the bullshit, try for some peace talks and let the Junta-in-Charge get the corpse better known as the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den re-(s)elected.

Anything less is going to play piss poorly in Peroria, especially since now they’re starting to do “things” like deploying a 3 Star Retard namely Lt. Gen. Antonio A. Aguto. Now, looking up this guy, he’s apparently the first Filipino General Officer. His bio is thus:

“Antonio Alzona Aguto Jr. (born November 18, 1966) is a United States Army lieutenant general who served as the 40th commanding general of the First United States Army from July 8, 2021, to December 2, 2022. He previously served as the Commanding General of the 3rd Infantry Division and prior to that served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans, and Training of the United States Army Forces Command. In November 2022, Aguto was nominated to be the first commanding general of Security Assistance Group–Ukraine. (en)

Which, to be honest doesn’t say shit about his background. No early life, no wife, no mention of kids… Wiki only had this to say about his early part of his career:

“Aguto is a 1988 graduate of the United States Military Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering. He served as the commanding officer of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment from 2010 to 2012 and the 7th Army Training Command from July 2016 to May 2018”

Again, that doesn’t tell us shit about him. No branch except to say his degree from West Point in 1988 is in Aerospace Engineering. Problem there… West Point only has a minor in Aeronautical Engineering

Odd that Aye?

Link HERE if you want to see for yourself.

Add on there is ZERO info that I can find about his background after Hudson High. Usually there’s a progression as we all know, 2nd LT and so on and so forth. What his first command was, platoon/company/battalion… the usual stuff… but in his case?

This guy seems to have come into the DotMil in 2012 as a General Occifer fully formed with ZERO mention of first command(s) or any other -normal- DotMil progression. Now, maybe back in 1988 they had a Aerospace Engineering degree, however…

I called my old LT and asked him as a former Graduate of West Point. He retired as an ‘up or out’ Light Bird in 2011 after 21+/-. He got his 20, and a few months +/- but he told me Aero has always been a minor, and usually the guys who had it were headed to the Engineers for their branch, as opposed to Infantry, Chemo and the like…

Aguto’s branch BEFORE he was ‘born’ as a fully formed General is noticeably absent that I can find. If any of you sleuths find anything more, put it in the comments. My personal guess?

Seeings that he commanded “Combat Units” like the 11th ACR and 3rd Infantry, there’s a BIG fucking difference in being an actual Combat Commander as opposed to the fucking Big Dick General who never set foot outside the wire. Any bets he’s a Artillery or Engineering Occifer made good and is being ‘sold’ to the Krainians as some whizz-bang Gen’rul? I mean he was the HMIC (Head Motherfucker In Charge) of 7th Army Training Command which means Hohenfels… MY old fucking unit.

This guy will be great at the planned wargames that they’re supposed to run to try and teach the Krainians how to fight the war, as that’s all 7th ATC is good for as running the OPFOR is the 7th’s primary mission.

That being said however, there are some folks who believe that the idea is that Aguto’s job is to actually learn what real war is all about, as ZERO of the current DotMil Command Structure have ANY experience fighting a peer-on-peer fight.

Everyone we’ve gone up against have been Goat Herding Mountain Men who, BTW have purely kicked our asses over the past twenty years. We’ve never gone against a peer enemy, and that includes Gulf One when the Iraqis who’d been bombed nonstop for weeks/months, starved, and generally demoralized much like the Krainians are being now, so much so that they were done before we even started.

As to any hope of ‘ramping up’ our production to maybe help the Krainians?


Ain’t happening in this lifetime. As Oleksii Arestovich, the Anti-Krainfeld said the other day quite succinctly:

“The problem is not that they can’t give us money.
The problem is that they can’t give us shells.
A much-touted microchip factory in Phoenix, Arizona, has been pumped in $40 billion, like a transfer from Taiwan.
The plant is idle, there are no workers.
They tried to recruit Taiwanese, but they didn’t send either.
Under the existing system, the Americans cannot launch the military-industrial complex, neither with the Moroccans, nor with the Mexicans, nor with dancing, nor with tambourines.
The fundamental motivation of the market is financial speculation.
Arms offices show an increase in capitalization, but never show an increase in production (because there is practically none).
If production is growing at all, it is extremely slow so as not to break the capitalization schemes.
Their task is to increase the value of shares, not to make new equipment.
Tens of billions are being invested, but there is no growth in production.”

Yep. In fact to show how correct he is, the cost of producing a single 155mm HE Artillery Shell went from approximately $2000 a round to $7000 a round.

Sounds like a bit of War Profiteering Aye?
For damned sure it does.
Gotta pad that ‘bottom line’ for the Investors, never mind the board members like the SECDEF Lloyd “Gungrabber” Austin who serve(s/d) on the Board of Raytheon with $500k in current Stock Options and a yearly Salary of $2.7 million.

No shytte there Aye?
So, what’s you thoughts?
More Later
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36 thoughts on “The New Gen’Rul, and WHY Nothing Seems to Get Done Re: The Krain and Supplies”

  1. E yearbook has the 1988 West Point Yearbook. You have to sign up to see the images but an OCR version was accessible.

    It reads:

    “Antonio Alonzo Aguto Jr., B4, Mahwah NJ.
    Lieutenant Tony every but a true Buff, was always available no matter what kind of fun you were looking for. Whether pulling all nighters for an aero design or blowing one off, he could always find an excuse to take a break. No other cadet alive had done so much and so little at the same time for four full years. Keep on enjoying life Tony. Hop Committee 1,2,3. Glee Club 3, Catholic Choir 1,2,3,4. Ski Club 1,2,3,4.”

    No mention of branch (which they know by Graduation/Yearbook time) or major, although the “aero” reference squares with the wiki entry.

    Sounds like he was a big get over, so it’s exactly the type to progress to 3 stars.

    I’m sure there’s more floating around the interwebs. I wasn’t about to sign up for the site just to see the images of the Yearbook.

    1. Glee club! He should dovetail nicely with Zelensky, then. Lots in common…. Dancing sir. Mostly Dancing.

    2. Branched Armor. First assignment was to the 3rd AD in Germany, where I assume he did his PL time.

      That info is from the 2000 edition of the West Point Register of Graduates; at that time (2000) he was a MAJ living in Florida. No other pertinent info.

  2. The industrial capacity, or the ability to ramp-up the industrial capacity to wage a full scale war as we saw in WWII is completely non-existent in the USA now. One of the key factors in industrial production are people known as “tool makers.” If you put all the tool makers in the USA together–they would probably fill a large convention room in Prescott Arizona. If you gathered all the tool makers in China into one place–they would fill a couple of Olympic sized stadiums.

    If a full scale war should break out with a ‘peer adversary’ munitions, vital equipment, aircraft and so forth down the line would be expended to critical levels (like the Japanese military was in July of 1945) within less than a month (actually a couple of weeks). The war would reach North America further knocking out (as in nukes) what little production/logistical capability we currently have.

    If you think there would be time to initiate a draft and to martial and train forces–plus ramp up industrial war production capacity, you are completely delusional. There would be no positioning and massing of troops as we saw in the first sandbox war in Iraq. No time to wage propaganda campaigns in the media. The counter-blows to this country would come so fast and so savage that it would completely tear apart the fabric of our society.

    Our military for the last 70 years was designed primarily (and deployed primarily) to enforce the US ponzi-dollar system… in that it is (and still is) great at beating up lesser countries who cannot effectively fight back. In Afghanistan we were defeated by less than 5,000 (at any one time) goat-fuckers in dirty night shirts who could not operate a flush toilet. We had the same dynamics at play in Vietnam and lost there as well.

    Yet we continue to poke ‘the bear’ in the eye on a daily basis with this Ukraine war. Now we are sending some half-baked, multi-star Mo-Mo into Ukraine ostensibly to keep their ship from completely sinking. I think this general (and his staff–and the Krainian’s around him) are going to quickly learn just what hypersonic weaponry can actually do… and FYI, the Russians have not yet deployed their most advanced hypersonic systems yet.

    1. all valid points. Case in point: Personal experience, all the Defense Contractors on the I495 ‘outer ring’ highway around Boston ‘back in the day’ late 70s, early 80s… the missile plants and whatnot? I remember when they ALL closed down and sold off ALL the machinery needed to keep producing weapons… DeadDad commented on it and said “One of these days, we’re going to really regret having done this!”

      1. Exactly, I remember a few years after NAFTA was passed my Grandfather (WWII veteran) drove me around his home town of New Britain, Conn.
        At one time that area was wall to wall factories including the massive Stanley Tool Works and the largest ball bearing factory in the World.
        Most of these factories were still running into the 1990s but then NAFTA and GATT passed and they ALL shut down and fired their workers.

        I’ll never forget my Grandfather showing me closed factory after closed factory and telling me that this was happening all over America and soon there would be few to no good jobs for people. He said with tears in his eyes that he wouldn’t see it but I would and long term this would destroy the country.

        All I can say 25 years later and 24 years after his death “You were right Grandpa, you were right”.

    2. Shinmen–what you said–ain’t no ‘effing BS.

      Western Civ is at an inflection point–IF things go hot–it’s regression back to Medieval times or total scorched earth.

      Vlad, Xi, and Khamenei ain’t fookin’ around. They see both inept and incompetent militaries facing them. Hypersonic shit will fly.

  3. I work on electrical schematics for the TSMC site. They said “we can’t find any American workers skilled to operate the Fab.” Bullshit. Intel, OnSemiconductor, and other ancillary companies are here in PHX. It was politics IMO. They know the Changs are not wanting a “brain drain” from Taiwan to come here. Soon as the people flee, the Taiwan plants are near useless to the Changs. Sure they’ll “figure it out” but not quickly. Training is a thing. Supposed to come online in 24, now supposedly in 25. We’ll see. My guess is the Changs will try sabotage in many ways to hamper the fab plant.

    1. Well, it’s all a matter of perspective… Arestovich seems to be more making the case that we’re not ramping up due more to the inherent greed of the MIC and the ease of making MOAR PROFIT than -ackchully- producing ‘product’ that they need… I dig what your saying however

    2. There are a few chip plants where I live in DFW, the largest being TI.

      They built a huge fab plant a few years ago, and it sat mostly idle for at least a year. I had a friend that worked there and he said it was a combination of staffing and market forces. It was a long term planing decision (since these things can’t be built quickly). It’s ramped up now, from what I understand, and they are building yet another. I think I’ve seen this with one other company.

      Since these have long on-ramps in the best of times, I’m guessing this is fairly typical.

      Staffing might be tough. Pedro from Oaxaca ain’t going from the lawn mower to the clean room any time soon.

  4. BCE, you touched on why the aformentioned 3 star Antonio Alzona Aguto Jr was sent.

    You know about the black mafia in Army supply, well, they ain’t got nothing on the Navy supply Pinoy mafia. I worked with them fuckers for 20 years in the Navy. The racist fucks.

    I don’t know the real reason that general is going, but I bet he makes a nice chunk of change while he is there.

    1. “worked with them fuckers for 20 years”
      Shit. Those fuckers. Sorry to hear that. Prolly wasn’t as bad on the medical front, but the (male) Filipino nurses were a major pain in the ass. Mostly knew what they were doing, but went out of their way to fuck with you. It wasn’t in your face aggression, it was pretending to not understand orders, while smirking at you, then over-the-top obsequiousness if you called them out on it. A speciality was paging you at 3am (when you finally had a chance to put your own head down for an hour) then giving a speech so that you had to fully wake up. “I’m sorry to disturb you at this late hour, doctor, but I need to ask you for a favor.”
      “Okay, what?”
      “I’m calling about patient Jones, medical record number ####, date of birth …”
      “I don’t need the MRN. What do you need?”
      “I know he’s not your patient, and you’re just covering for Dr Smith …”
      “What. Do. You. Need!”
      “I noticed, doctor, that he isn’t written for a PRN sleeping pill.”
      “Is he unable to sleep?”
      “No, doctor, he’s sound asleep. But I thought he should be covered if he has trouble sleeping tomorrow night.”
      “… Fine. Thank you for thinking of it. Take a verbal [order]: trazodone 50mg oral, PRN for insomnia.”
      “Can you come down here and sign the order sheet, doctor? We’re not supposed to take verbals, doctor.”

      Repeating “doctor” in the .med world is the same as “sir” in every phrase in the .mil world.

  5. (for the Remnant) 666?

    What is 6? Could it possibly represent a beast system we are to avoid? 6 is a number we use in modern languages almost globally to represent a quantity. Rock bands and idiots often use 666 to represent the devil or look evil. Let us pause and ponder.

    2000 years ago a man named Yochanan (we call him John) was stuck on an island called Patmos because he was an Apostle of Y’shua (“OK google, what is jesus’ real name?”) and some politician did not like what he was saying… While there, Y’shua revealed to him some things about the future of humanity on the planet. John wrote this Revelation in Aramaic, using the Hebrew alphabet. Of this, there is no doubt.

    2000 years ago what do you suppose 6 meant? Neither Latin, Greek, nor Hebrew used numbers. All three used letters to represent numbers. Latin “roman numerals” for 6 would be VI. But before we get to the Hebrew letter for 6, again, what does 666 have to do with any aspect of buying or selling? It is a misunderstood/mistranslated gimmick. John could NOT have recorded 6 or 666 as the mark of anything: even if he had seen that modern symbol, it would have had no meaning whatsoever.

    He saw a letter of the Hebrew alphabet three times, and as there is no word in any language man has ever spoken that consists of the same consonant three times in a row and nothing else, John knew it was not a name or title. So he gave us a clue for the day when we could interpret what was to be invisible to humanity until the mid 1990’s.

    W is the letter. WWW is what John was warning us about. What a wicked web we weave? Indeed. And the chances of you reading this and not already making financial transactions of various types on the internet are pretty slim. The greatest collection of porn and paedophelia the entire world has ever known. And 34,000 denominations of organized religion tossed in.

    Is it possible that the ‘marks’ John saw that identified each individual human on their hands and foreheads were really just retinal scanners of our eyes, and fingerprint scanners, both of which are already used for security purposes of positive identification around the world. Are eyes and fingerprints the marks on hands and foreheads?

    Is it curious to you that the world has been so quick to hop on the web? Is it more than customer convenience how so many governments and big businesses have made it not just possible to do everything on the web, but almost impossible to do them any other way?

    And every single time you step right up to the self checkout, you are being photographed from multiple directions in HD, to update facial recognition databases, so they know who you are coming and going, and who comes and goes with you, and what time of which days you come and go, and how you spend your money when you get there.

    All tracked on the internet. All for your own ‘safety and security’. And what benevolent governments and businesses are doing these kind services for humanity? Another good time for a pause and ponder. Consider Romans 13:1 “Let every soul be subject to the authorities of government.” So says saul, the false apostle and liar of Rev 2:2.

    This verse alone confirms that saul was possessed by lucifer, only lucifer could make such a completely satanic demand. Saul was confronted on the road to Damascus by lucifer for his failure to wipe out ‘The Way’ by killing Stephen, so lucifer knocked saul to the ground and physically possessed him, thus the three days of not eating, seeing, or drinking, and then losing a scale from each eye, the actual description of a snake shedding its skin…

    Please allow me to draw your attention to Matthew 4, which tells us of three temptations. Three times lucifer directly tempted Y’shua, and three times Y’shua rebuffed and rebuked him. The third temptation is the one we will consider.

    “Again the accuser took Him to a mountain that was very high and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and said to Him, “These all l will give to you if you will fall down and worship me”.” Matthew 4:8-9 So lucifer is offering Y’shua the power to control and appoint the top rulers/leaders of all nations if Y’shua will worship lucifer. Does Y’shua respond “sorry dude, you are offering me something that does not belong to you, it is My Father who appoints those politicians and rulers…”? No, there is no challenge to the offer, which proves those appointments were lucifer’s to offer.

    Or, perhaps you can name a single global leader in the last 2000 years who has/will profess that YHWH is Elohim and Y’shua is Messiah? No, not a single one. They all belong to lucifer, which is why he, thru his mouthpiece saul, told you to obey them. Don’t.

    Instead, Y’shua said “Leave enemy! For it is written that you shall worship Master YHWH your Elohim, and Him alone will you serve.” Y’shua clearly teaches us NOT to obey the politicians and world leaders lucifer has appointed, but obey Master YHWH alone. Might this cost you your physical life? well actually you were going to lose that anyway…

    So when your satanic world leaders and global corporations dazzle you with convenience and comfort on the web, and your organized religions tell you to obey them, and you are looking for 666 over here while signing up for every possible automated transaction to make your life easier on the www all over everywhere else, it is you yourself alone who will pay the full price for your choices. While you breath, you can change.

    Understanding that lucifer controls congress and all global leaders helps one understand why the decisions that seem to want us all dead are currently being made. Rev 12:17 is exactly where humanity is right now today. If you need help understanding, ask.

    Master YHWH never told us to make ourselves comfortable…

  6. Aguto is the HNIC, to be most accurate. The planned destruction of all is running smoothly now, really humming along, AS PLANNED. Will any 2A bump in the road happen? No. The warehouses are chocked to the brim for “ dey migrants”. Dey cute, wittle dindu’s from all over that will join the burn loot murder homegrown to 1917 our asses. LULZ

  7. One of the GOP candidates for Governor here in North Kakalacky is running ads saying he’s going to stop the Chinese from buying land and taking over businesses here. He claims the ChiComs closed down the Towel factory where he worked as a teenager.

    The Chinese didn’t close down the mills. The guy who owned them did. He warned the workers that if they voted in a Union he’d relocate to China. They voted in the Union, the plant was closed,and the Union organizers took their dues back up North. The textile workers had to get a job at Wal-Mart or McDonald’s.

  8. Saw one about a Colonel Shanaynay relieved of duty in Germanystan, she didn’t have the full bird on sporty beret.
    No manufacturing is a feature to the Long Marchers.
    It’s a good thing our external enemies can’t see the loss of arsenal of muh democracy status…oh wait.
    Just working on mental and supply preps for the big wipeout and Georg Sorrows’ long hot summer of burning it all down but what will they be protesting?
    The mean girlbosses are working on it in the faculty lounge at Marxist U.
    Worked out AM Patrol cold weather gear for hands with exam gloves, tight fit grippy gloves, all in camo mittens.
    Some didn’t work as a combo with mittens sliding off.

  9. That execrable faggot, General Aesop – reminds us that the ‘Kraine is still viable and in the game, and the Russians can be expected to fall any day now:

    Menopausal old harridans will say what they will but the rest of us must live in the real world. Putler is in the driver’s seat. He now lounges behind entrenched and fortified defenses in the Donbas and controls the wealthiest part of the country. His military industrial complex is ramped up and punching out materiel at full capacity. Worse, he is forging new trade agreements with our enemies and our own former trading partners because he couldn’t do business with us. We literally pissed away a partnership worth countless billions because our rat faced jews and morons like Aesop hate Russians for reasons that have been groundless for at least 30 years now.

    Europe is on the edge of financial ruin. Already Tik Tok is flooded with vids of sobbing, screaming young single women living in their cars or on the street, unable to make ends meet. In America the deepening financial crises has entire cities falling into lawlessness and poverty.

    While I was down with the Creeping Crud I binge-watched “From The Frontlines”. It was all footage from WW2, digitally remastered and colourized. Whether you agree or disagree with the revised histories and/or historical inaccuracies of it – it is still a spectacular effort. It had a profound effect on me personally – and I am a war/history nerd.

    You see the people, up close and personal as they confront their own struggles with the war raging around them. You see the frowning, gaunt women as they go about their day trying to survive and worried sick about their men and boys. You see the starving kids snatching crackers and bread from the Red Cross with trembling hands. The leaders are serious men carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Civvies and soldiers, all remarkable people, forged in the fires of war…

    And I look around today at our leaders, our media, guys like Aesop… and I see fuggin clowns. If we face hard times… I am expected to believe people like Biden and his diversity zoo will be able to meet them? Or think that Justin Turdo could cope with the times?

    We are SO fucked.

    1. General Mo-MO (AESOP that is) is a product of his prior military training. He literally drank the KoolAide of the “Russia bad!” –“NATO good” baloney that was spoon-fed to this fool during his military service. If you note by this last post of his–he is actually quoting and completely buying into the propaganda that is being released by our own Intelligence (an oxymoron?) services. The guys’ a fucking fool.

  10. Nobody cares you were in the Army or whatever branch of brain dead gov employees you sacrificed your health for. Please desist talking in this faux military jargon. It makes you look stupid.

    And worst of all is “droog”. I yi yi.

  11. Having worked in the machine busyness, toolmakers are a necessity, but in a ramp up they would need material and tools to work with. How many of the steel mills and foundries that used to turn places like Pittsburgh, or Gary into dreary smoke filled cities are still up and running? Of those, how many are making new from raw as opposed to just recycling scrap or finishing imported billets ? How many refineries are still up and running? Here along the Delaware River they just closed and tore or are tearing down several. How many of the old name machinery builders still exist, and not as a name in a mega corp just to source parts for what is still running? Skilled workers? Takes time to train those who will monitor and mentor the workers bees who will be pushing the buttons on overseas built CNC machines making said war materials. It aint 1940 or even 1960 anymore.

    1. “recycling scrap or finishing imported billets”

      During the height of Covid panic I met a guy who ran a gigantic scrap business. (I was undergoing chemo at the time, and actually immunocompromised because of it, but damned if I’m wearing a fucking mask, just because.) So I’m at the airport and the waiting area is full of miserable looking people hunched in on themselves, masked or double masked lest they Die From Coof. I see one middle-aged, bearded white dude sitting there maskless. He was back to the wall where he could see everything. Where I wanted to be, basically. So I went and sat nearby, two seats between us. As two maskless bastards with bad attitude ms, we start talking.

      Guy tells me his family runs a nationwide scrap business. He got the contract to cut up the Keystone XL pipeline. (It was never fully built. The gigantic tubes just sat around. Turns out they’re coated inside with something to minimize oil clots forming. The coating breaks down in open air (stable in contact with oil). Because of the political delays, the owners had to pay once to have them all recoated. They weren’t going to sink money into a second recoating.) So the pipes got cut and sold for scrap. Here the guy says with an angry gleam in his eyes, “You’re gonna love this. The scrap is being shipped to China for reprocessing, because we don’t have the extra capacity to do it in the US.”

      Interesting guy. Said he lived with his clan (4 adult sons and their wives and kids) in Minnesota about halfway between Minneapolis and Duluth, basically about as far from any major cities as possible. “Every adult knows how to shoot. We have several years of food, canned, dried, what have you. We have a well. We have major earthmoving equipment and a LOT of diesel on site. And we raise hogs. Started out for tax purposes, but now we actually make money from it. And it’s another food source if it comes down to it.” I was thinking Henry Bowman, but even though the guy was pretty clearly One of Us I don’t start that kind of conversation with some random guy I met like 15 minutes ago in an airport.

      Okay, One of Us, but with his shit waaaay more in order than I am or ever will be.

  12. The General is West Point class of ’88. Same year I enlisted in the USN. Damn, now I feel old.

  13. in detroit, i watched the 1, 2, and 3 story high large machines disassembled, crated up, and loaded on semi trailers to be shipped to china back in the early 2000’s. my friends who ran or repaired those monsters never made a great living again..

  14. I’m assuming General Aesop is going on a Biblical 40-Days/40-nights fast, in order to prepare for the cornucopia of Crow-based dishes that he’s going to have to consume in the near future?

  15. I think the general and his staff are expendable chess pieces being sent to die (from a Russian missile or false flag “attack”) as an excuse to bring in NATO (read US) troops to kick off WW3. Got to get the Russians to nuke us so the commie politicians can surrender and complete the 16 year plan to destroy America.

  16. “problem is not that they can’t give us money. The problem is that they can’t give us shells.”

    That’s not a problem! We’ll do Fractional Reserve Armories, just like banks do fractional reserve lending. You know, for each actual shell we possess, we can send them 20 notional shells.

    This is the shit that happens when you let high-IQ schemers and amoral con artists (full of resentment, bottomless maudlin self-pity, and fanatical hatred of normal people) run your financial system, about 50% of your courts, your entire higher educational system, and your popular culture.

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