Whole Lot of Memes For The Night

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Another fun-filled day of medical appointments as I mentioned before. Gretchen had about a quart taken, and even then she still has moar that she’s got to get done in the next day or three.

Because of that I literally haven’t been near a computer today.

So, call it a memefestivus.
Most of which are rather fresh. Some may be repeats, but all IMO are offensive and funny, which is all we can ask for these days.

So, off to the races:

If you can’t read it, the bottom says “Bad Neighborsa Make Good Fences” I LOL’d on that one…

Annnd on that note…
More Later
Big Country

5 thoughts on “Whole Lot of Memes For The Night”

  1. Good do a bunch of much needed chuckles. Thanks!

    Continuing prayers and rosaries for your lady.


  2. Have Gretch drink a good amount carrot juice to quickly restore her red blood cells. It’s what I did once after blood work: given how I felt that time vs when I just drank water and had some food after a diff draw of about the same amount, it does seem to speed up the restoration.

  3. I’d party with Gramma and the boy’s. Where can we book that cruise?… F-it just keep rowing…

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