I Got Demonetized, a Scammer and The Krain Again

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
This’s the same update I just put up on the GiveSendGo, but it also is a pertinent ‘thing’ that says a lot about “Current Day Clownworld.”

The title of this is more of a interesting side note.  When we first found out about this nightmare, I started doing ALL the research I could… alternative medicine, voodoo, witchcraft and whatever… nah… I joke, I joke…  Seriously though….

In reality, I settled on some ‘stuff’ (ands told y’all about) that a LOT of people suggested here in response to the announcement.  I got (or already had on hand) all of what I deemed appropriate for her, none of which could really harm her.  Everything She’s getting now is over-the-counter… most of which are LOTS of vitamins and some of these treatments that got the ‘short shrift’ during the Kung Flu.  Ivermectin, Fenbendazole and a few others…  I wrote about this as you probably remember, and Lo and Behold!

A couple of day ago I got an email…
The Goolag demonetized my ad revenue on those particular pages.

Told me I needed to “correct” the information I was talking about, or the $$$ for those particular pages would be shut off….  No biggie really as it’s only $2 or $3 that I’d earn on those pages.  Not worrying about the $$$ on that, as its really not a LOT of $$$ that I make through the monetization.  What I found highly interesting was the reason. 

“Inappropriate Content” 

So in my eyes, this means that doing and talking about
anything– outside of “The ¡Science!” (also known as “the standard cancer protocols”) is considered “inappropriate” Just how fucked up is that? Here’s something that possiblymight– be effective in combatting Cancer, and oh noes! Can’t have the proles hear about cheaper and possibly better treatments than Radiation and Chemo!!! Quick! Pressure him into taking the bad stuff down!

Jesus Wept.

You know, Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning.
NOT as an Instruction Manual.
Jes’ Sayin’

So that interesting part out of the way, YESTERDAYS fire that we had to put out was Gretchen’s MomUnit almost got scammed out of $3000.00. Seems she got a phone call from “The FBI” and she fell for it hook, line and sinker. She went as far as taking the $3k out of the bank, and almost deposited it in the scammers account!!!!

Thankfully, Divine Intervention happened by way of Dad found out, and called Gretchen. MomUnit didn’t tell Dad what was going on, and up until then, she’d been on Autopilot, clueless as can be. Once we got involved we stopped this shit cold. Gretchen had to go as far as getting the Bank President of their branch on a three-way call to explain that MomUnit had gotten rooked.

Now, normally, the rule is “Don’t Talk To The Cops” but in this case, it was initiated by someone Identifying as an FBI agent, and I know those fuckers don’t like shit like that. We reported it to them, and their attitude was like “Meh.” Sooooooo

Because of that I figure turnabout is fair fucking play. Mom got the account info and such, which I’ll share here as hey, this fucking guy was oh so kind to share the info with Mom, and considering he tried to steal $3k from the elderly, I consider it fair game to put out HIS bank info to y’all:

Bank of America Account Number: 383027070507
Routing Number: 031202084

Now, not that any of you would do any nefarious things like possibly looting this assholes shit IF there is anything to be looted, but if you manage to, please be as kind to make a donation to Gretchen’s GiveSendGo, as it would be appreciated.

Yeah, I’m a dick.

Besides, the name of the ‘scammer’? Gawd… sounds like a bad WWE heels name. And the routing number is out of the Arlington Virginia area. So fuck that guy…

In fact I find it humorous that happened yesterday, as we watched “The Beekeeper”. Which, if you haven’t seen it, is all about Jason Statham going all Rambo because some folks fucked over an elderly lady friend of his… The story and secondary folks in it were sort of meh. I really hated the daughter character of the lady who Statham was avenging. She also happened to be an FBI agent, and was utterly worthless and annoying throughout the whole thing…

The action sequences were aight… not enough in my book, but the killing of the guy with the truck and the ratchet strap had me and Sapper HOWLING with laughter. It’s in the trailer:

Not bad IMO.
I’d watch it again if I had nothing better to do.

Now, on the Krainian Front: Seems General Sleazy called for an ‘evacuation’ from Andeevka… which turned into, according to multiple sources a full-on pants-shitting rout. Which makes sense as there were blocking units to the West who’s entire job was to make sure that the Krainian Infantry -couldn’t- retreat… very much like the Commissars in the Soviet Army back in the bad old days, “not one step back” meant if you retreated without orders, you’d be killed by the “Blue Hats” as they were called.

The Krainians are Russian As Fuck when it suits them.
And another thing from the Drone Wars, Russia showed off a new war-drone:

I can’t embed the video as it’s all in Russian with no translation available. It also is mostly an interview with the designer of that fucking monstrosity. From my own investigations, that orange Inert Shell is about 80-85mm across. I get that number by the size of the engines.

Thats a seriously big Ka-Boomy-Boom.

Looks like that days of Obamarigging RPG warheads to a commercial drone are -done-.

I mean granted, they already did start, but these new ones?

As far as I can tell, these suckers are the first drones to be specifically designed to be warfighting machines. It was one thing when they strapped some C-4 or RDX to a commercial drone. When they wired up RPG-7 warheads, that too was progress.

That thing above looks like a flying torpedo for fucks sakes.
God help us if they start doing the ‘autonomous AI guidance’ stuff with them… I mean it’s bad enough that some of the videos that have been coming out of the Krain, from both sides, show a “Terminator” looking hellscape. Guys running as individual FPS Drones circle around, hunting, lurking, and looking for the best target they can find…

So yeah…
Interesting times I suppose.

So, again, our thanks, Gretchen and I, for all the good thoughts, prayers and donations. It’s making a world of difference, and I’ll update y’all next week as we -should- have a better grasp as to when she’ll be starting the ‘real part’ of her treatment(s).

So More Later
Big Country

17 thoughts on “I Got Demonetized, a Scammer and The Krain Again”

  1. CHECK OUT THE TRUCKER STRIKE. If independents stop hauling into NYC for a few days look out for serious sporky.

  2. My favorite action movie lately is still John Wick I. They stole his car, killed his dog and now are GONNA PAY ! “John Wick is a man of focus, commitment and sheer will.”

  3. Congratulations on the success of the GoFundMe for the Missus. My own has done zilch. Best of luck to y’all. The wife loves her some Jason Statham so looks like we’ve got a new movie to see. I’m coming to the Tampa area in the next couple weeks, we’ve decided to start checking off things on the list while it’s still possible and we’ll be in Tampa for a few days on the way to the keys. Any chance you’d consider having a beer somewhere with a long time fan?

  4. Ha, I like the strap action. Now that’s some funny death shit

    As to your final meme, hah, love me some Nick Cage movies. “Renfield” was a fucking trip, really good action and like “Young Frankenstein” you have had to watch the old old black and white movies to get the beginning (Cage does a damned good imitation of Boris Karloff.)

    I’d watch “Cage against the Machine.”

  5. Next land conflict will be heavily influenced by “who has the factories that produce swarms of drones the fastest” since quantity does have a quality all its own. Autonomous or semi autonomous drones will also be extremely effective terrorist weapons. Don’t even have to explode – plenty of videos of drones with paintball guns (or Roman Candles) mounted being quite terrifying. Imagine a couple of those in Times Square on New Years Eve…

      1. Well Patriot That Depends You See When I Sold My Bootstrap Factory Those Chinese Were The Highest Bidder And Muh Capitalism Is More Important Than Being A Racist “America Firster!” My Wife’s Black Son Agrees!

        1. Exactly Right Fuck them Snowflakes…They just need to bootstrap harder and quit asking for their country back…

  6. IF that’s the fucker’s real name, I’ll crank up Sherlock in the AM and see if I can find anything on him.

  7. Look up Cage as Fu Manchu in the as yet to made Werewolf Women of the SS from Rob Zombie, it was a faux trailer in Grindhouse.
    Lord Of War is getting pulled from NFlix probably because muh Russia.
    Meanwhile the meat space Orlov gets some weapons together from the Towleyban.
    Rage Against the Machine? Commie poseurs on Sony contract with millions in the bank but no redistribution for the comrades (s/)

  8. I went looking and that appears to be a Polish drone. They claim a 20kg payload, so that is some serious bang on target. Maybe the Russians were commenting on it.

  9. Some Ukrainian cheerleaders on Twitter were proclaiming it was an orderly retreat while the video they shared showed retreating forces passing a burning tank. Someone quipped it was a “mostly orderly but fiery retreat”

  10. Sorry to hear Gretchen’s mother almost got scammed. I got a similar call – say 2 years ago? – claiming to be from the FBI. I knew they were subcon scammers and otherwise ignored them, but like you I called the feds thinking it might make a difference. Got the same response – meh. Fwiw – what I have found highly effective in the past (no longer get scam calls since we moved) is calling them back – spam their number (s). Call them and remark on their tiny brown d*cks, comment on their mother street sh*tting, etc. Insult and belittle them. First they will break frame and start calling you a White motherf*cker. Keep calling back and they will eventually block your number. So – if she hasn’t erased the phone records, publish the phone number(s) here.

    Sent a small donation, sorry it could not be more. But prayers for your wife’s recovery and health.

    1. Your plan may screw over another victim – the person whose number was shown on the caller ID.
      I’ve had multiple people call me saying they are returning my call – nope haven’t made any calls. I’ve actually gotten calls claiming to be from my own number.

      Same problem with the bank account number – the scammer may have gotten control of anther victim’s bank account, and that person will be doubly screwed.

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