Where’s Waldo, Austin and Aguto?

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So, just to get straight into it. I was doing some reading and hearing how General “Deadman” Austin is back in the hospital in the critical care unit for ‘an emergent bladder issue’. Now those who’ve been following along here for a while, I’ve posited that the fucker is DOA, and the current guy they’ve been using for photo ops and whatnot is a fairly similar body double.

Now, to be honest, the Secretary of Defense, in particular dis fukkin’ guy is about as useful as teats on a boar hog. He really hasn’t done anything if you look at his record. In fact, the majority of “things” that have been implemented could have been done by a subordinate. Considering just how this seems to becoming a pattern with this current illegitimate (mal)administration, (they positively love them some puppets) IMO this ain’t too far a reach.

Now for whatever reason, I started wondering about General (3 star) Antonio Aguto. If you remember, I did a poast about him HERE where I was questioning just why they put what I considered to be an underqualified dude to be put in charge of the loftily named “Commander, Security Assistance Group-Ukraine, Operation ATLANTIC RESOLVE, Germany”. Now… funny thing that I noticed.

There ain’t been hide nor hare of this dude in public since he left for the Krain on December 12th. No interviews. No testifying in front of CONgress nor the Senate. Literally dead air/radio silence. Which strikes me as very odd because if anything, the current brou-ha-ha that the Criminal Corruptocrats are raising about trying to get more shekels to the Krain?

You would think that you’d want the man who’s been on the ground, theoretically observing the Krainians up close and personal, in the battlespace, to come an testify that “Why yes Senator Lickadicksuckacock, we absolutely need to pass this bill to insure that our Greatest Ally ever… errr… the Krainian Kokaine Kid gets his money and that you get your kickback(s)… minus 10% for the “Big Guy.”

But nope.
And the reason for that?

I think the fucker got caught in the same airstrike that took out Austin. Hence his complete lack of presence anywhere. December 13th of last year was an extremely odd strike in that the Krainians were absolutely positive and to this day claim that they shot down ALL 20 of the missiles and drones that came in.

Even I remember it because they (the Rus) used 10 Ballistic Missiles, both Iskandars and s400s. Thing is, the Krain’s ‘batting average’ on actual real shoot downs of ballistic targets is like 18%. They ain’t hit shit, and now they ain’t got shit to even –try– to stop shit. So it struck me as very odd for them to be so adamant that they shot down ALL the incoming…

But now, in retrospect? Using my theory? It makes sense that they claimed they shot them all down. Can’t be admitting that not only did they utterly fail to shoot down -any- of the missiles, but they also (very likely IMO) got two very important people killed.

So what do you think? Am I onto something?

Now, other things…
I totally missed the pink buffer tube that y’all pointed out. Which means there was a weapon that didn’t come into play. Now that being said, just how many people were there playing “hose the crowd?”

Inquiring minds and all that donchaknow?
Great catch from y’all tho… I’m a mite embarrassed I didn’t notice meself. Now on that note I’m going to go watch “The Beekeeper” with Jason Statham… it looks cheesy and stupid, but violence filled, which after today, I could use some of that to relax. I’ll tell y’all about it tomorrow.

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16 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo, Austin and Aguto?”

  1. I watched it on YouTube. The audio made the Kung Fu movies of the seventies seem synchronized.

  2. Regarding the Secretary of Defense and that General, I think that you hit the nail on the head and their body parts are in a landfill in the Kraine somewhere.

    The SecDef will die of cancer soon, terrible tragedy… lower the flags at half mast…..
    The General and his staff, oh my God, their plane went down… so sad… give him a nice funeral at Arlington.

    Meanwhile all of this is brushed nicely under the rug and the kickbacks keep flowing to DC, the crooks in the Kraine keep filling their Swiss bank accounts and the poor Ukrainian troops keep dying by the thousands in a senseless war.

  3. Aguto was my SCO in the 2SCR in 2008 In Iraq/Baquba….”underqualified” is an understatement…..this is a guy who took the TAC out and walked around in a field poking at something that looked like an IED hoping he’d get a nick to get his CAB.

    Yeah. He’s “that” guy.

    1. OK… good catch… but for a guy who’s supposed to be the Krainian Main POC, wtf is he doing in Graf?!?

      1. My guess is he’s frantically trying to oversee a rapid integration of lessons learned and TTPs from the Easterm battlefield into a hollowed out Yankee force.

        There may be alot of Ukes at Graf as well, but I don’t have any connections left there to verify.

        BLATE (Bottom Line At The End): he’s a politician first and a relative tactical simpleton. Not to mention a traitor to his oath in keeping silent about his own Southern border while letting the Soldiers under his command get forcibly jabbed.

  4. KC shooting.
    Interesting theory, but the lack of fatalities points to feral urban utes. The rifle upside down on the ground in the picture doesn’t have an optic and probably no mbus, or it would sit higher. If it were a test run by muzzies, I think they would have had a higher killed to wounded ratio.
    Picture of the police officer trying to get a statement from shoeless is priceless; kid’s expression is a combination of defiance, stupidity and complete lack of awareness of the shit he’s in. Given the status of the event I dont see a prosecutor letting this one get pleaded down to disturbing the peace.

  5. This one. Better movie. Land of Bad When an Army ODA team is ambushed, their only hope lies with an Air Force JTAC (Liam Hemsworth) and a drone pilot (Russell Crowe) to guide them through a brutal 48-hour battle for survival.

  6. Just floating this out there.
    State Department Threatens Congress Over Censorship Programs
    A year after its censorship programs were exposed, the Global Engagement Center still insists the public has no right to know how it’s spending taxpayer money.

    Let me see if I understand this correctly, the Executive branch is threatening the Legislative branch over whether or not us peons (otherwise known as We the People) have the right to see information we have unknowingly paid for? Where are the calls to cut off all funding to whatever this GEC is? Bueller, anybody?

    Seems like it is time for a major fire hose cleaning of the entire dot fed from top to bottom.

        1. Fuck, you guys are sounding like cranksters on a seven day run.

          Although I swear I saw Big Foot run across the highway a few months back.
          Towing a 42 ft fifth wheel back from Dallas Texas. Only up for 30 hours! I know I’m a puss.
          So to our brother Vets, what’s the 411 on VA money being squandered on those fucking scratch backs and wet backs? Down south?

          Any truth to that viscous rumor?

  7. If Austin is actually alive, he’s got very advanced bladder cancer…maybe too advanced for surgery, since they should have operated already….

  8. Nope. The general has resigned, and the regime is roiled by it.

    I think Austin discovered that the regime is using him as a patsy. He has honor and he resigned.

    All official pronouncements on his absence are designed to massage the fact that an officers’ rebellion may be stirring among the ranks.

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