Jumping Around Tonight… Gab, Judicial Corruption, blaq Arrogance and Gretchen

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Maaan… I got whatever head-bug has been floating around as of late. NOT feeling the love. Spent almost a full day in the rack, weak as a kitten and tired.

Although I’m feeling much better… I broke into Gretchen’s alternative meds, i.e. the Vitamin C sooper-concentrate and dumped a megadose of that into me. I figured what the hell.

And it seemed to have worked. Two days later and I feel a lot better and am on the recovering side of things. Lots of other bloggers have been reporting in various A.O.s that they too are seeing a bitch of a flu going around… Dio up in ye yonder hills, and Arthur Sido in Amish Country… plus a few others… I think Francis Poretto even is down and out…

OTOH Gretchen’s labs came back… her Vitamin D count is low, which is to be expected in the Winter. However, I find it odd as I’ve been supplementing her for 3 weeks BEFORE the panel, so not sure what to make of that.

Other than you know, the whole CANCER Diagnosis, she’s in pretty good shape.

Oh, and yet again (and I’m figuring it’ll happen to this one too) the page(s) that I get the ‘warning/demonetization’ hits on have ALL mentioned badthink (alternative medicine) and hatethought (calling it like -I- see it) pages.


To me, it tells me just how worried they really are.

As the meme goes “It’s Afraid

Seeings that I’m just a lone asshole screaming off into the intarwhebz man. Nothin’ special about me except for my propensity to telling some funny assed stories from the past, and some prognostication that thus far has been about as successful as your average Vaudevillian. It is, as Bugs would say, to laugh.

Only recent personal piss-me-off was whomever the Moderator(s) is/are over at Gab, namely the “Super Seekrit Flammenwerfer Club” page and the “Guns of Gab” page threw me out, and blocked me from trying to rejoin. A shitty, petty thing IMO. Especially in light that as far as I know, I’m the O.G. Flammenwerfer guy out there… That happened a few weeks ago… The “Guns of Gab” ‘dump and ban’ happened just a day or two ago… just after I poasted about the Manville MM-1 26.5mm Grenade Launcher that WiscoDave and I had discussed both via email, and in the comments.

When I went back to check, I’d been ‘dumped and banned’
Like I said “Meh”
My bitch? At least tell me why you did it. Don’t be a fucking cunt and hide because you lack the sack to stand up and tell me (even as a ‘keyboard warrior’) to go and fuck myself.

I fucking hate petty shit like that.
It’s how a split would act.

Without going into too much detail about World Events, Russia is still winning. The Krainians got lucky, but are still losing, and “World Ends at 11:00, Putin is still Hitler, OrangeManBad again and film at….?”

Add on “Judicial Corruption” at oh so many levels!!!!
As they said in “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”
” ‘Member THIS???”

For those of you who don’t know

THAT is the mugshot of the Corrupt-o-crat Juvenile Judge that fucked us out of the custody of our Granbaby #2 Adriana… The mugshot was taken for his, at last count 3 felonies, and 2 misdemeanors. ALL in dealing with Forgery, Bribery, and general scumbaggery. The piece of shit is named Daniel G. Boyd. He’s a product of his shit-family. His Great Grandaddy was a Judge, and his Daddy was a Judge, and I’m sure the whole fucking clan is as corrupt and bent as a fucking blackthorn root. That being the root an Irish favorite, the shillelagh club, is made out of…

I’d like to take a fucking shillelagh to that fuckers finger joints, hands, feet and toes, ankles, elbows, knees, shoulder sockets, and then just leave him to suffer. Crippled and fucked over… just like he did to our Gran. Because fuck that guy…

Why he hasn’t been disbarred is only an indication of just how utterly fucked a situation like this is. A KNOWN piece of shit, who had other corruption charges and suspensions of his law license and the fucker is still walking around free!?!

Two Tiered Justice… even in Hillybilly East Tennessee.

So color me not surprised to hear that the OrangeManBad persecutor, the negress “LoveBuns” and her co-conspirator “SexMachine” are dirty as fuck as well… the testimony there was a shit show, and come to find out, the Judge in that case? Yeah, seems he’s a supporter of “LoveBuns” and had donated and pushed to get her (s)elected.

Tell you what’s missing here from the discussion:

The media continually hiding and covering up any and ALL blaq peccadillos. No matter HOW BIG the crime… no matter HOW SMALL the crime… be it petite larceny, a minor rape, a murder or five? ALL are forgiven and covered up by today’s Ministries of Propaganda and Lies. And because of this, we’re seeing a major increase in blaq crime or ALL flavors…

Be it murder, rape… you name the crime on the violent side commited by blaqs, and it’s increasing exponentially. Add on the increase in what’s called ‘white collar crime’ like the bullshit “LoveBuns” and “SexMachine” have done?

They’re fucking emboldened

Because of the inability of ANY of the Organs of the various Ministries of Lies and Propaganda to call a spade a spade, or in this case a criminal nigger a criminal, period fucking dot point blank, they (the blaqs) feel that the ‘magic blaq skin color’ means an automatic pass/get out of jail free card for them. They (the two fucktards in question) are not afraid especially in light of the fact that the Judge on the case is a fucking supporter of “LoveBuns!!! That in itself should have been known or at least ADMITTED to by the Judge at the beginning of this farce of a trial in order to self-disqualify himself…

But seeings how he didn’t … That right there tells me the ‘fix’ was in at the very fucking start of that whole fucking sham.

This will not end well…
ALL of them fuckers should get hung…

And one side note:
She AND her Dad on the stand said that she paid “SexMachine” back $30k or moar!!! with “…money she just had laying around the house…” because “…most blaq folks don’t trust banks.” Well, to me, I’d say that her house just got moved up on the local crime syndicate’s radar… God Knows -I’d- risk a B&E if I knew there was potentially $30,000.00 or moar in cash laying around that dizzy whores house…

Jes’ Sayin’

Considering that the majority of them (da blaq folks, to include “LoveBuns” and “SexMachine”) ain’t fucking rocket scientists, despite the claims by the various DotGov run Ministries of Propaganda and Lies, they, da blaqs in this case, keep thinking that “Yas! Weez gonna keep doing whut we be doin’, and Lording it ova Da Man! Weez be untouchable and Kangz and Shee-it!”

Until they can’t

THEN it might get ugly

Case in point.
Today I was going through the Publix Parking Lot. Not in a rush, not really worried. Two people, one an elderly White Lady, the other a 20+/- something blaq chick, waiting to cross the road/lane in front of me. No joke, I stopped (it’s the law in FL to stop at a crosswalk) and Nice old White Lady, waved at me, smiled and moved out with a purpose.

Shaniqua? Not so fucking mucho.

She had her phone already out. She looked directly at me, and simply c-r-a-w-l-e-d at the slooooowest pace possible to cross the intersection/crosswalk, and even had the temerity to stop in the middle of the crosswalk for like 5 seconds, while occasionally glaring at me.

Took a serious amount of chanting the “I don’t want to go to Jail I don’t want to go to Jail I don’t want to go to Jail I don’t want to go to Jail” mantra to not get out of the car, and pistol whip that arrogant racist cunt a couple of times for good measure.

Which after the fact made me pause

Might be the reason they keep acting that way.

No one has made it painful for them to understand that that’s not acceptable behavior from a supposed civilized human being… I mean when you’re dealing with animals, a certain amount of ‘negative stimulus’ can work wonders…

Makes you think…

Problem is in our current political climate, ain’t shit changing until the shooting starts… which I figure is about August IMO. Just a feeling, no intel, but it’d make sense as they cannot allow the Corpse-in-Chief….errr… Cheat maybe? To actually run… they’re going to need to have something radical and stupid happen to suspend the (s)elections. August is good riot weather… so that’s why I chose it… close enough to the November timeframe, and enough for them to get their ‘footsoldiers’ out and doing stupid shit. That’s my current take at least…

Your Thoughts?

So an Update to the GiveSendGo: we broke $16,000.00 for the fundraiser. It’s helped out already, in that the ‘out of pocket’ appointment costs are retarded due to “ObamamessiahCare” and the ‘alternative’ treatments, especially the MAF (macrophage activation factor) from Japan are OMG pricey. God knows I’m seriously praying she doesn’t lose her hair…

Filed under “Things I Never Knew” but a good wig!?! Holy. Fucking. Hells. Batman. I didn’t pay that much for my first fucking car man!!! Whew… either way the Next Step is to finish off the tests, and see the Doc up round North of Here. I’ll keep you all updated, and again, Gretchen and I send our Love and Thanks for the support.

More Later
Big Country

39 thoughts on “Jumping Around Tonight… Gab, Judicial Corruption, blaq Arrogance and Gretchen”

  1. That judge looks a little inbred to me. Or seriously IQ damaged. What an asshole and still loose. Praying for Gretchen. If she does chemo, she should invest in some head scarves-much cheaper than a wig and will serve the same purpose. They make really amazing scarves now. I detest most blacks and Jews. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

    1. Most ARROGANT motherfucker I’ve ever had the displeasure of standing in front of… openly mocked us from being from “The Big City” in Florida…

      I’d like to drag him down here and feed his fucking inbred Tennessee faggot ass to a gator…. feet first…. S-L-O-W-L-Y

      1. Might I recommend that before you do that, you take a 1/16th drill and see how many holes you can put in him, working from the toe-tips upwards? If you run out of space, start again but this time from the fingertips working inwards. An occasional spritz with lime juice might enliven him.

  2. Regarding the POCs, yeah. Hate it at Publix when they park in the fire lane to go shopping for an hour, or waddle to the ATM. Can’t park oh, like, 30 fucking feet away and walk like normal people, noooo… (Though I do enjoy occasionally standing in front of their car pointing out the “FIRE LANE – NO PARKING” sign right above their fucking crapmobiles and openly spout about how it’s a fire lane and they’re not driving a fucking fire truck. My wife thinks that I’m gonna get shot one of these days…)

    Me? I drive slowly in the fire lane to avoid them parked in the road so they can talk to each other without getting out of their ghettomobiles and I catch a ticket or two.

    And the stench. They stink. Smell. Putrescence to the max.

    1. Monument Colorado 2002. Hunting partners Father, amputee, comes back from local Safeway bitching about guy parked in handicap spot. Followed Jim back to store in The Beast. 1965 Ford F-250 Highboy that has no strait panels. Hunting partner hooks up the chain and I locked in the hubs. Car is an old 70’s chevy Impala. 4 high and the floorboards for the 390. Massive yank and burning tires and the Implala is moving. Drug it several hundred yards to the back of the parking lot. Owner comes running and is smoking hot and wants to kick my ass. Has second thoughts when he notices the brand-new Desert Eagle I am wearing and calls the cops. Officer AL who moon lights at the local gun shop shows up. Yeah, he sold me the cannon. Takes the facts, inspects the evidence, hard to miss all the skid marks, and renders judgement. 150 dollar fine for parking in handicap spot. Sometimes justice does happen, in a small town.

  3. I would say the boot from the gab clubs could have been part of the israeli ip purge (if you just happened to have a vpn running through that skid mark in P-stine), but you would have been kicked off altogether. So whoever decided to ban you from those must be retarded. On the subject of predictably incompetent niggers, I recently learned of a patient who died at the hands of a she-boon “surgeon” in my AO. Not the first I’ve heard of her butchering someone, but the first that I would directly attribute, allegedly, to killing someone. Usually the medical community at large in our area does a pretty good job of expelling doctors who fuck people up, especially surgeons, but when you have magic dirt skin and negress kuweeeeeen status, it becomes tedious. Like you said, though, maybe it’s time to make stupidity hurt. Negative reinforcement toward bad behavior could help a lot. That’s part of what sent us down this road anyway, lack of consequences. It’s the natural progression of our “pillow society” as I like to call it. Everybody is always so worried about feeeeeelings that your not allowed to call a retard a retard, a dumbass bluegum porchmonkey a nigger, or a pedophile a jew. We may have been the last generation to come up experiencing real consequences for our actions. My dad had a picture of John Wayne by his desk with the quote, “life’s tough, it’s tougher if you’re stupid”. That used to be true, but now, we’ve made everything so “safe” and comfortable for morons that they don’t learn the fast lesson of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. Grabbing an electric fence, touching a hot stove or iron, things like this taught swift and valuable lessons. Not anymore. Now we have saw table that the blade will automatically retract the second it touches a hot dog, warning labels on everything. Society has “safetied” away common sense altogether. Sorry for droning on, I think I’m just nigger and retard fatigued

      1. Yeah… well -I- got his info now.
        He sabotaged the fundraiser…
        I’ll follow up as I go…

      2. Yea overmountainman I think is the guy who runs it and he is a very thin skinned dude that acts like a girl…

  4. During the chaotic testimony of “Lovebuns”, did she not say she had to abandon her house? As in she lost her home for not paying property taxes or perhaps her mortgage? And she has $30k cash stashed in the same house? Interesting, if true.

  5. She’s only a pedestrian in the crosswalk *while* she is walking. Once she stops, she’s a traffic obstruction to be dealt with. . . IANAL

  6. Seems there’s a lot of astronomical “once-in-a-lifetime” to “once-in-a-billion-years” events going on from here until summer. Big asteroid twice the size of Everest, solar eclipse, planets lining up like birds on a phone line with the stars and moon when viewed from earth…

    These big ones happen in April, at the same time. Last time solar eclipse paths crossed over the US the New Madrid let loose and the Mighty Mississip’ ran the wrong way for a while, three months after the second eclipse in 5 years. It’s 6.5 years between these two that happen to cross at New Madrid again, that one was fun at the fab shop I was working at, even the office wenches out in welding helets watching…

    Hell, if it’s same timing as 223 years ago, Independence Day may have some added degree of difficulty. The extra year-and-a-half between daytime darkness might wind the rubber band a little different and spring it in August, about the proportional extension in the timeline.

    Then it gets the juices flowing as to all the naval and intelligence eggheads retiring to the Ozarks to be out of the way in case the map showing Eastern US and Western US split by the Mississippi Sea that is miles wide from the earth’s crust splitting.

    But I’m pretty sure my retardation is just getting the better of me, because I’m not putting any links. I’m not a chronicler, blogger, teacher or nursemaid, I’m a forester that works with longer timelines than most and notice patterns and get trivia caught in my brainpan.

    If it does shake it might be where the “mud flood” theory comes from, liquefaction sinking the first floor or so of buildings across a wide area. I guess we get to be first-hand witness to whatever is coming up, for at least the kickoff. LOL

      1. It comes straight from the (currently frozen) Northern Swamps.

        You might have missed the part where I said I was retarded.

  7. Not to worry, they will keep it up till the love is returned at 613.6363 mph and going up from there

  8. Yeah, the street crossing thing is intentional. If they stop, I honk. Just a beep. If they don’t start moving, or ESPECIALLY if they start sassing, I sit on the horn. HOoooooooooooooooooooooonk. I don’t stop until they are completely out of the crosswalk.

    I’m in a locked lethal weapon. Why do I give a shit about their threats? Even if there is a security camera, they almost never have sound, so all the camera is going to pick up is her stopping, looking at me, and then wigging out and attacking the car.

    (Learned that trick from my brother who managed a Family Dollar and therefore had to deal with these Klingons all the time. He said there’s no sound on security, so you can call them whatever you want as long as you stay physically calm and smile while you do it.)

  9. Hey BCE,

    Regarding the Gab groups, you saw one of those guys commenting at Dive Medic’s house.

    Someone is making lies up about you and others are parroting it like it is the truth “people say”.

    For those who don’t know, (and forgive me BCE for posting it but it is total BS and pisses me off) the lie is that “BCE is a grifter, he really didn’t have a custody case with his grand daughter and his wife isn’t really sick. He’s spending the money he raises on toys and guns and having a good time on your dime”.

    Because the lemmings go along with 1 or 2 assholes’ made up lies, that’s why he was kicked out of gab groups.

    This shit really pisses me off first for lying about BCE and his family and second that that is bearing false witness, against the 10 Commandments and a mortal sin for Christians.

  10. BCE –

    About that low Vit D level….

    Three weeks of supplementation before the latest blood draw would put your woman at only about 40-50% of target desired blood levels. You need about another 5 weeks of constant supplementation to “get there”.

    Not a doctor, just a retired biochemist with too much shit goin’ on. So, hit this vid for a quick primer on how stuff works with the D. (Jump to 30:00 and hang around for 5-10 minutes.)


    You might be able to find Calcifediol (the activated D) around your parts but a sympathetic doc should be able to line up a prescription otherwise.

    Good luck!

    Da Perfessor

    1. Perfessor, you’re a genius. I remember watching that video but couldn’t find it again or remember Calcifediol. I hope BCE finds a source. The older guy in the interview said it’s available in Spain for cattle without prescription and he would have no qualms about taking it himself.

  11. I suggest a fun experiment if you have never done this before. Feel free to take along your significant other. Go to any moderately sized city in the US. Find a blind to watch from. Observe black people crossing the street. Your significant other may not understand what’s taking place at first but just tell them keep watching the people that cross the street especially hone in on the black peoples.
    Much of life’s mysteries will be solved after a short period of time. You will see the differences between black people and others. You may even begin to ask deeper questions to yourself. It really is am amazing experiment.

  12. I would bet money that he got away with everything in his youth as his daddy was a judge.

    People shouldn’t be in any position of power if they haven’t been punched in the face and had to work a bit.

    1. Appreciate it Fren! Got ALL of the meds rolling now (the Iver and Fen) on top of the stack of Vitamins!

    1. FYI, anything from “?utm_source…” on is just tracking crap. You only need the part in front of that. Additional: in Firefox if you right click on the highlighted link you have an option to copy without tracking and it drops the ?utm…

  13. Don’t be shy about dosing D at 5k IUs or more per day… it takes weeks for it to show in the blood work. I personally set my daily limit at 10k, but I’m a heavier guy. Best to take it with fat, like butter or bacon, to aid absorption. I dose with K2 alongside it to keep the calcium where it belongs, in the bones.

    1. Yeah… lots of comments so’s THAT’s why it didn’t show… we’ve been doing 10k per day… she’s a big girl, but not fat… More Amazonian (6’0, 220 pounds)

      1. Careful there Big, some studies I have been reading in Nursing Journals of high dosage levels of D are causing some irregularities in liver and kidney biopsies. High doses can lead to hypercalcemia, arrhythmias(heart rhythm), ataxia(difficulty walking) kidney failure, dehydration, nausea, confusion and others.

        Toxic symptoms can occur in as little as 2000IU/day. Max suggested daily is 4000IU/day
        Normal daily for 50 to 70 years old, 60IU/day and over 70, 800IU/day.

        Be very careful taking such large dosages unless you are under a direct doctors care. He/she/xer needs to monitor your vit D levels closely.

  14. Your professional class is now all minorities. Doctors nurses, DAs, you name it ask me how i know. the funny part of that is white people minority on the planet nobody tidy the msm

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