Hoist a Glass and Say a Small Prayer For The Lost

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

A sad day in Memoria:

December 12, 1985 – Arrow Air Flight 1285, a McDonnell Douglas DC-8, crashes after takeoff in Gander, Newfoundland, killing all 256 people on board, including 236 members of the United States Army’s 101st Airborne Division.”

38 years ago, a planeload of Troops of 3rd Batt, 502nd Airborne of my alma mater the 101st Airborne Division were on their way home from having served six months in the Sinai Desert under the Multinational Force and Observers task force… the Orange Beret mission…

In total, the DotMil had 248 pax on board, and 8 crew.

All perished.

They were probably excited to be almost home for Christmas. I know I would have been. Some were going home to Family, some friends, all would have been happy AF being that the MFO tour purely sucks.

Unfortunately they never made it…

The Gander memorial – Task Force 3-502nd Memorial Park – was built and sat on the peninsula between the post’s Screaming Eagle and Normandy boulevards. They moved it in 2019… the memorial, started by a 15 year old girl from Canada, Janice Nikkel, an Oakville, Ontario native had an idea to plant a tree for each fallen troop.

“I wrote a letter to our big Toronto Star newspaper and said I would like to donate my babysitting money to [buy trees] to plant as a living memorial to these Soldiers who died in our country,” she said. “I thought ‘I’m 15 years old, what can I do’. But it was something.”

The idea took off, and that ‘something’ a year later turned into a pretty significant memorial.  256 Canadian Maple Trees – 8 for every crew member that perished, and 248 to represent every Soldier from “The Deuce” that died. Each tree had a brick with the name of the person who died carved into it was set in the memorial.

Unfortunately, as the base has grown exponentially, and that area became ‘prime real estate’ so to speak they had to move the memorial, and start over. The trees were ‘harvested’ (i.e. cut down) and a new set planted at the new location.

So, take a moment and say a lil prayer for them.
Those and others who won’t be home for Christmas.
Now or Ever.

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Big Country

Still Alive But Busy and 15 Years Later I’m Still Here and Alive

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
No worries, I’m alive
But Alive
Realistically, since I started blogging, waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day as The Intrepid Reporter (Link HERE ) it’s been a loooong minute since I’ve had me a data overload/writers block.

Looking at the date of my first poast, September 11, 2008…

I’ve been at this a long minute with a few breaks here n’there.

15 Years, 3 months.

So feel free to peruse some of the “OG” content… right now I’m sort of overloaded with input, and am having a hell of a time trying to figure out “what’s next” as I have like 2 poasts that I’ve started, and haven’t finished, as so much changed (literally!!!) in the 12 hours since I started typing…

More Later
Big Country

Good News, Lots of Shooz, and Humorous Christmas Vids

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Thank you Jesus for delivering at least that particular cup of suffering away from my unworthy ass. Got the call today that the car?

Total Engine Failure under warranty!!!


Maaaaaan I was stressing like a mad dog over that. The very last thing I wanted was to be out of pocket or have to ask for help. Y’all were dead on about the Rod Failure… engine ate that sucker and ka-boomie-boom. Part of the reason I love y’all is that everyone has each other’s backs and have intel that we can all share to help each other out when needed.

That’s about 10k I now don’t have to sweat. Christmas was looking like “Hey Sapper, here’s a bottle of Gatorade man, Merry Merry and all that… Gretchen, I got you, not one, but two boxes of Nilla Wafers (Publix had a BOGO)!” I mean I know it’s the thought, but we’ve had some seriously lean Christmases in the past around here… not that we’re going all out, but still you feel me amiright?

BTW: The Raffle is now extended due to new readership, and mailing in of entries to December 15th. If’n you want to re-enter, those who’ve already done one, I’m doubling it to 2x for the one, and $50 will get you 10 entries. I’ve got 1-2 who did $50 already, so I’m giving them the extra 5 too. Happy Hanukkah everyone!

Speaking of that, the Israelis, doing their ‘usual thing’ opened a Nova Festival Display commemorating the October 7th bushwhack at the Tel Aviv Expo? I didn’t read the article too closely as we who live in reality have found out the majority of casualties at that Rave were caused by the Hebrew Helicopters laying waste to anyone who moved. Thing of it that struck me was this:

Just what in the fuck is the Jewish near obsession with shoes and shitters!?! “Look Goyim, here are the pile of shoes of the victims!!!”

And shot up shithouses???

Seriously… they got some serious mental issues to contend with… and if THAT wasn’t bad enough, to try and pull at the heartstrings a bit more:

A coloring book and crayons? I -think- the intent was to show that there may have been lil kids there… There’s a problem with this concept however…

It was a RAVE

Techno-Drug Addled Teens and a LOT of overage MILFs who should have known better. Thing of those folks who go to Raves? They do things like using coloring books and all the other weird child-like things… Especially since the Nova Rave was ostensibly a Peace Rave to protest the lockdown and treatment of the Gazans!!!

Any wonder why the Izzy DotGov and DotMil didn’t step up and stop it/warn them? According to the latest, they knew this was going to happen. Take for example that German chick, Shani Louk who refused to do her mandatory DotMil service with the IDF and was able to get away with it due to being a dual citizen… I mean when you put into THAT perspective just who the IDF was shooting at, as well as the Muj, well then, file under “things that make you go hmmn”…

So, yeah, More Shooz for the Goyim to look at…
Thing of it is…

Sums it up nicely.
Look, I don’t deny bad things happened.
Problem is when you photoshop what essentially is a burnt brisket and/or a meatloaf, and say it’s a Baby they stuffed in an oven (Oy Vey!)? You lose all credibility and that is why the world is starting to Seriously Notice

There’s only so many times you can roll out a pile of shoes before people go “Meh, so fucking what? There’s piles of shoes like that at the local Goodwill.” It also doesn’t help that your own people tried to warn you explicitly that this particular shitstorm is coming, and you did nothing to prevent it so as to gain political traction and avoid discussing your “Dear Leader” Nutjobyayhoo’s corruption.

Like I said, we got no dog in the hunt per se.
Like the Kraine.

Either way, WE, the Untied Staaz should not be involved in any way shape and or form with any of this shit. ESPECIALLY when we have the most Brain Dead Third Rate Leadershit Board running the Clown Car into the metaphoric Bridge Abutment,. peddle to the metal, at 100mph+, with a trunk full of Gasoline and Thermite.

In fact ALL of our current choices, every. last. one. of. them, to include OrangeManBad should in no way ever be allowed to take control of the Clown Car. Unfortunately, ‘We The People’ don’t get a say anymore apparently…

This will not end well.
Makes me long for the Days of Noninterventionism. I mean right now, we’re being told that we need to pay the Kraine an additional 600 BILLION USD because Putin is going to take over ALL of Europe, and yet, Rheinmetall just announced they plan on building a tank factory in the Kraine?

Which the fuck is it?

Even they can’t make up their minds
Mainly because there’s no brains in any of ’em.

Now, let’s get upbeat. Gretchen found some TikTok Vids (I know, I know… tried explaining it to her, but “….female and reasons!”) and showed me them to me because she knows the “A Year without Santa Claus” is one of my favorite Christmas Specials, and mainly because of these two:

Yeeeeah Baby… Heat Mizer and Snow Mizer…
LOVE those guys… they crack me the fuck up to this day…
So, she found this guy on the Tok, and you can download the clips (who knew?) No idea what I may or may not have infected my rig with, but seeings I’m already on ALL the “lists”, let’em make of it what they will of these… The kid’s name is Chris Matesevac and maaan, kid’s got some talent IMO. These cracked me the fuck up too, so I figured I’d share.
First Up: Snow Mizer:

Funny right?
Then, Heat Mizer:

Put a smile on my grill. Hope they did for you as well.

Overall a good day… Nay, a great day which have been few and far between as of late. Now tomorrow I’ll be out until Saturday as I have to do an all day-overnight Biddness trip for People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #206, so I may not have a Friday Poast unless something goes sideways and I do an emergency update.

Otherwise More Later
Big Country

Oh, And Another Thing. Predictive Programming Anyone?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So yepper, Gojira is the shit man. I forgot however in my post-cinema hype to mention a preview that they showed that kind of caught both me and Sapper.

It’s for a movie coming out shortly called “I.S.S.”. It stars some female that I’ve never heard of, (nor do I have any interest in the “stronk, diverse female heroic lead” trope) and written by a guy named Nick Shafir (yep… you guessed (((it))).

This’s the trailer (if you want to skip it, read below for the synopsis):

So, if you wisely skipped it, it’s essentially “stronk, diverse female heroic lead” Astronaught Kween and useless Whytte Astronaught got to join the crew of the I.S.S.

Of course the other half of the crew are Russian, but they all do the whole “kumbaya” shit of “We’re Scientists and sheee-it!” until the Earth below becomes a festering molten nuclear hellscape.

And it seems that the orders from Da Erf is dat Astronaught “Slay” Kween has to take over the I.S.S. at all costs, if eben dey dey havta gibs dey own lifes because ‘reasons and sheee-it’

Cue tense duel-in-space against Godless Russians who 20 minutes earlier were their BFFs… because Godless Russians and Sheee-it…

And yeah, the misspelling of ‘astronaut’ is quite intentional.

This movie looks like a floating mass of hot garbage, except in orbit. Not for nothing, despite that astronauts are generally pulled from the ranks of the DotMil, N.A.S.A is theoretically a civvie-run diversity shitshow, hence why it can’t do anything anymore.. the how and why they’d take over an unarmed Space Station, possibly damaging oh like the last refuge where the war isn’t going on is just fucking farcical. Great job! You’ve damaged your only means of getting home (what’s left of it anyways) and the only thing keeping your monkey-ass alive!!!

Telling ya, Drinker is purely going to stroke out when he sees this fucking mess.

Now, as to MY take?
I’ve commented on it before, and I’ll say it again, and a lot of /ourguys/ tend to agree with me. The “Powers That Be”, be it called Leviathan, the GAE, the ZOG, hell now the WEF and what have you… Deep State yadda-yadda. One thing that can be said is that almost every. single. time. they’re planning –something– they tend to let the ‘cat out of the bag’ before it actually gets ‘activated’ or put into play…

Someone told me it’s Luciferian. As in the Devil has to tell you beforehand what his plans are so that when you fail to stop him, his hands are metaphorically ‘clean’ as “You can’t say I didn’t warn you!!!”

Others call it Predictive Programming.

If this’s part of the “P.P” then we might be in a whole heap of trouble. Not being a “Doomer” but here we are, 2 years into the Failed Krainian Plan, Russia’s purely kicking ass, our economy is in tatters, illegal immigration is insane, the country is broke-as-a-joke and now they come out with a movie showing the planet getting roasty-toastie in a Nukular War with fucking Russia!?!

We might just be completely and utterly fucked.

I sure as hell hope not, but man, it’s truly becoming “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia” kind of thing. 1984, between the panopticon surveillance police state that started after 9-11 and the financial regulation of a permanent electronic bank coin system that they’re sooooo desperate to roll out? Add the social credit/vaxx card/permitting that they’re pushing?

Shit like this makes me hope that they have at least 3-4 Satan-2s aimed at McDill… I wouldn’t even feel a thing… just a flash and -poof- Via-Con-Dios Motherfuckers!

Too many things going on… the mass shooting in Vegas, I’m waiting on a followup on that… the one is Austin Texas yesterday OF COURSE went full ‘memory hole’ as soon as it came out that said-perp was a member of Muh Diversity! Reparations Club. Guess blaq lives don’t matter worth a shit when they’re slaughtering each other, per usual.

Correction: The Austin killer is one Shane James, 34, who previously served as a U.S. Army infantry officer before he was discharged in August 2015…white dood that I can tell from his pic:

That’s a thug-looking motherfucker if I ever seen one…

Huh… not much more than that… interesting they haven’t been pushing this one harder then…

Guess we’ll find out if it’s still headlies in the A.M. if it was a eeee-vil whytte dood with three names… ‘cos again the Feebles were johnnie-on-the-spot again with coming out of the woodwork… Which shows to me? This’s probably –another– wind up toy, as the Muh Diversity shooter in Austin with 4-6 dead didn’t have the feds show.

It also begs the question:

Why are the Feds always showing up to these rando-shootings?

Answer: They need to make sure “The Narrative” of their programmed MK-Ultra killer is put out ‘correctly’…can’t have ‘the message’ being interpreted incorrectly, namely “Whytte Peepul Bad, AR Black Rifle Bad, OrangeManBad’s Fault This Happened” because “Ray-cism” or “Reasons”

God we live in such a Fourth World Shithole…
Damned shame TBH.
SO gotta cook the Dinner
More Later
Big Country

A HIGHLY Recommended “Must See”

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

If you do one thing this week/weekend/month, you ABSOLUTELY must go check out the new Godzilla Movie “Godzilla Minus One”.

Let me tell you… Sapper decided today I needed a much deserved and needed break from reality. I’ve been putting in 10 hour days at People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #206 as of late, and I’m not authorized O.T. as I’m still a mere prole. So because of the 10 hour days, at the end of the pay period I generally get the majority of Tuesdays off.

Considering how life has been lately, I’ll take the small victories when I can… a 2 hour workday and fucking off on my various projects and whatnot? Suits me. So we did the 1:45 show. Place was empty as I expected, so we had the best seats in the house.

The movie was an absolute, stunning success on every level in my view. Music score, character development… I mean it helps I’m a Godzilla Geek, having ALL the Toho 60th Anniversary DVDs and I still watch them frequently… What’s not to love about a guy is a rubber suit curbstomping Tokyo? Only way a remake would be better is if he got sidetracked to the Med, and took out Tel Aviv…

Jes’ Sayin’…

In fact if someone had the balls to make that right, every. single. Muj on the fucking Planet would pay to watch that in theaters…

But yeah, fucking unreal. Also, in the movie the airplane they use is a Kyushu J7W Shinden. I’m a bit of an airplane geek (actually anything DotMil, for ALL nations, to include aircraft) and the Shiden was a really cool plane.

It was a late-in-the-war “Pusher” canard wing oddball, which there were only two prototypes ever built. One got snagged by the Navy at the end of the war, and it’s remains are at the Dulles Air and Space annex, where I’ve seen it myself… Now according to the research I’ve done tonight, Toho built a fully functional 1:1 replica (the only one in existence) and used it in the movie. They then after shooting was completed donated it to the Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum in Fukuoka, and didn’t let anyone know until after the movie came out:

The reason I went ‘all in’ on researching it was the scene when the hero is taking off in it, I realized that it was a real plane doing the taxi, and some of the aerial footage looked just too legit… especially in light of the fact this movie uses absolute minimal CGI.

As they say, proof is in the puddin’

It even had every. single. Japanese. Kajiu. trope imaginable. Kaiju is Japanese for “Strange Beast” which is the giant rubber suited Monster movie… The standard trope(s) for the characters are also, like the Monsters themselves right on point. Kajiu movies have 5 Major roles besides the Monster itself
1) The Tormented Hero: Usually the main player, who all the action and story revolve around. Usually this guy is out for revenge for his father/sister/brother or haunted by a past misdeed or failure on his part that he’s having trouble overcoming.

2) The Heroes Love Interest (but no sex!): Usually a chick who’s in the Heroes life, staying by her mans side, throughout his “Heroes Journey” Has her own issues but tries to keep them secondary to supporting the Hero. Doesn’t want to burden the Hero, but has that whole love thing going on…

3) The Scientist: This’s the brains of the outfit. Usually either wearing a suit, puffing a pipe, or wild Einstein looking hair, he’s the guy who’s usually plotting just how to take down the Monster with complex plans that usually fail, giving way to the Hero saving everyone’s ass.

4) The Salty Captain/Crusty Veteran Older Guy: This guy in part with the last guy on the list (the Comic Relief) provides bits of comedy, as well as dispensing wisdom from his experiences from a jaded point of view. Drinks a lot too.

and last
5) The Fool or Comic Relief: This guy is second fiddle to the Crusty Vet Older guy. Usually a subordinate. Usually younger and naïve. Used for comic relief by stating stupid shit, sort of worships the Hero despite the Hero being down on himself… a Squire to the Knight so to speak, and usually comes through in the crunch.

ALL the Kajiu movies, hell, even Anime have these same exact characters. Star Blazers ( a personal favorite) Tranzor Z, The Spaceketeers… yeah, tell me I didn’t grow up in the early eighties amiright? This one does NOT disappoint.

So yeah, spend the $10-15 to see it.
Well worth it. For me it was like a palette cleanser from allt he bullshit I’ve been suffering through. You need to watch a great movie and enjoy about an hour-45 without being bugged by “the message” then get thee down to the movie house gang. You’ll thank me.

More Later
Big Country

Now That ‘Stuff’ is on The Backburner, Back to Our Regularly Scheduled ‘Stuff’

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Appreciate all the nice sentiments and whatnot on our current shit-show here at Casa El Grande Campesino… been a loooong curse filled weekend that’s for damned sure…

As in “What Mummy’s Tomb did I piss on when I was in Egypt? I was sure didn’t pee on anything critical!!!” I mean I went out of my way to only piss in what I (thought) were/was ‘safe’ spots, meaning no curse laden A.O.s that could possibly come back to haunt me…

<Le Sigh>

Anyways… Time to get back in the groove….

Wisco Dave sends me a daily dump of memes and ‘other’ things… we got a pretty good email chain happening with Me, Wirecutter and a few others… one of the things he sent me was a link to this… watch it and then I’ll discuss:

Holy. Shit.

OK… now… according to Leadslinger, this isn’t ‘sped up’ nor is it Hollyweird Special Effects… those are for-real racing drones…

Of course I had to verify, so I found this from NBC on YouToob:

DAMN x2!!!!
So, I’ve already linked a bunch of the Russian and Krainian Drone attacks where individual troops on both sides have become ‘drone meat’… Now mind you, these are C.O.T.S. Drones… which means “Commercial Off The Shelf” drones bough by both DotMils because there wasn’t a significant analog in any DotMil, to include the US…

We have drones… have had them quite a spell, however, none of them had offensive capabilities like we’ve now seen. Not sure if it was the Russians who did it first, or the Krainians… I know I’m biased, as the Krain is nothing but a 70+/- IQ’d semi-retarded bunch of grifting morons who’s never had an original idea in their collective lives… Whereas Ivan tends to act stupidly to begin with, and then “adapt, improvise, and overcome” like pure-dee motherfuckers.

I’d hanker it was Russia who done dood it first.

Maybe I’m wrong… let me know in the comments. Reason I say it was them, was they supplied Armenia drones during the Nagorno-Karabakh war(s). It helped them to dump accurate Artillery Fire onto oncoming Azerbaijani grunts… the vidyas from that are out there if you look…

At some point, someone realized they could add bombs, even as simple as an F1 Soviet Era Frag onto a drone, and drop them with pretty good accuracy and take out individual grunts on the ground. As time went on, the Russians then added larger drones to the matrix, and rigged many of them with RPG Warheads… and when that worked, they graduated to substituting the RPG round with what essentially were ‘airborne claymore’ fragmentation mines. They’d take a foot long, lightweight plastic cylinder, put another smaller one inside it, the smaller one being packed with Semtex, and then, they’d fill the ‘gap’ between the two with a kilo and a half of ball bearings…

And man, effective? No shit Aye?

So, of course the usual “I kin shewt one of them there down!” morons (actually quite a few) started piping in, that “They shoot doves on the reg!” which apparently are supposedly harder to hit than a 90+ MPH drone…

Pull the other one Jethro.

Thing of it is?
The current Guinness World Record for “Fastest Drone”?

AVERAGE speed of 165.2MPH
Top End? Flat-The-Fuck-Balls-Out? 179.78 MPH

My ass you can shoot that down.

Think about it.
It’s fucking terrifying.

A small drone, like the Drone Racing Leagues Racer Mark 4:

0-90MPH in slightly less than a second
Ninety Fucking Miles Per Hour.

So of course “But Big Country, these are small sports drones, they’re tiny, and have no lift capability!!!”

No shit Sherlock, it doesn’t fucking need one.

It’s called Commotio Cordis, which sounds like a Harry Potter spell. It’s a result of impact to the chest. It can compress your ribcage a bit, essentially bouncing your ribs off your heart in such a way as to interrupt the hearts natural rhythm. Imagine the heart tries to expand in the moment of impact and is unable to do so because of the compression of the ribs. This is pretty rare, cause the blow would need to be struck with that exact timing and would need to hit almost dead center of the left ventricle of the heart. Still, it basically kills you outright. Breathing will stop and the heart will be in V-fib. With that perfect blow, in that perfect moment, an otherwise completely healthy person is now having a heart attack. They are likely to die without immediate CPR and AED treatment.

Now mind you, that’s a punch that can cause Commotio Cordis… sometimes ball players have had it happen getting hit with a fastball to the chest… very rare, however

What if you have a swarm of these drones. ALL programmed to seek a thermal imaged human sized target? Launch and release 40 of them before you storm an objective. Each one closes with the target so fucking quickly the hit would be instantly either fatal or completely incapacitating… you wouldn’t even need to worry about Ye Olde Heart Pump… a drone doing 90 MPH impacting a limb I’m sure is going to tear that fucker clean the fuck off Aye?

Telling you, I have seen the future, and it’s Lethal Combat Drones… In fact when you go to the Drone Racing League website (look for the link yourself you filthy animals, I can’t always do all the heavy lifting as I’m writing this while making dinner…) the website has a LOT of links to the US Chair Farce…

Tells you where and what they’re thinking amiright?

So, thoughts in the comments
More Later
Big Country

It Is A Miracle From On High…

…that I have NOT fucking lost my collective shit and started a full on “Florida Man with Flamethrower goes completely Apeshit, Torches Town, Hundreds Dead, Women and Minorities Most Affected, Film at 11:00!!!”

Oh Holy Fuck where to start…

SO when last we had heard from The Intrepid Reporter™ his wife was trapped in a bad part of town, with the Hoopty was in “no work no more” mode with a possibly blown engine. The car is a 2020 Hyundai with only 80k miles on it, (high miles on the highway due to the whole back n’forth to Tennessee for the Adriana Saga) Normally this’s a completely unexpected thing as The ole I.R. is damned near religious about making sure the oil and filter and PMCS is done on the regular…

So, I borrow Sapper’s pickup.
Down to the darkest part of Tampa… And let me tell you, I Love me some drunken blaq diversity (at 9 the fuck A.M. mind you) getting belligerent ‘cos I didn’t have any spare change… and then? When he got a case of the stupids and started yelling at me, (“You cheap assed Honky” or some shit like that) I ripped off my sunglasses and me blood red peepers and general “One of us is going to get seriously fucked up here, and it sure as fuck ain’t me!” attitude had him run across 4 lanes of heavy traffic to get the fuck away from the unwashed barbarian who was lusting dumb diversity blood at that point… I didn’t even say a word… just the ‘Death Stare™’ and radiating the “You. Are. Dead.” vibes positively washed over and inundated even his deteriorated cortex… He ran for his life… and to be truthful, at that particular movement in time? I think if he went from ‘stupid’ to ‘full retard’ I would have beaten him to death, as I was that angry at the world at that particular moment…


I called AAA and had a tow set up to haul the DRT (dead right there) vehicle to the Dealership. By the time I got there Gretchen had taken over (without consulting me of course) and had called corporate of the Take 5 Oil Change biddness who blew them the fuck up… got alllllll sort of promises… tow, rental car you name it, you got it…

Yeah so when I got there the Triple A truck was there and Gretchen sent him off… Because you can trust the company that probably broke our shit to be purely and absolutely impartial
<queue crazy unbelieving laughter>

Oh boy….

So then instead of following through on all the ‘happy gas’ they blew up Gretchen’s febrile female mind, instead of doing what they promised, Take 5 sent a “Manager” from the local nearest Take 5, who came out and pronounced “Not our problem, it’s got oil, and no leaks! Have a nice day!”…………………….

Volcanic Eruption in 3…2…1…

Oh yeah baby…
The voices started telling me it was time to let “Bad Big Country” out of the Mental Metaphorical Cage I keep that particular version of me locked away… TBH I don’t talk about that part of my personality… let’s just leave it that that is one BCE you never want to be on the ‘bad side’ of… he’s a combo of Dexter, John Matrix, (older fatter and slower but still) and a touch of Hannibal Lecter for good measure… I keep him ‘locked down’… It’s the only way to keep shit cool… soooooo couldn’t go nuts…. not yet….

So instead I Whoo-saaa’d like a motherfucker…

I called Triple A again and re-set up the Tow… Problem was Sapper called and said, “Bro, I know you got a lot going on, but I need my truck ASAP, I just got the two hour notice!” Sapper’s job requires him to be on-call 24-7… he makes HUGE bank because of it, but it’s some times inconvenient, like this amiright?

So now, the Quandary:
I need a rental car. Nearest place open is Tampa International. My usual ‘if I need a rental’ I go through Budget. Got a biddness account and everything. So I scheduled a one day rental, ‘cos on TOP of all OUR problems, Mom is still in the hospital, Dad is crippled and alone and we need to GTF up there ASAFP.

Any wonder why I’m stressing?
And yeah, Lord Fuck a Duck, Dad was positively blowing up the phone: “When you getting up here!?!”

I can’t catch a fookin’ break as Gran would’ve said

So while Gretchen was broke down, she had to go into one of the shops in the strip mall she’d literally broke down in to use the shitter. It was one of those small-ish computer/phone shops owned by a immigrant family (Romanian) and she got treated pretty damned well by the woman who runs the place. Gave her Water, let her sit in the AC, commiserated with her, you dig?

Well, now… Problem: We need to get Sapper his truck ASAP. I also need to get to the Aeroporto to get the rental. The car can be towed to the dealership, and the driver can handle the drop off as the place is closed until Monday, so no issue there.

Nice Romanian Lady tells me she’s closing up shop early, and do I want a ride to the Airport to get the rental?

OH Fuck Yeah
Lord love people like that. Even offered her gas cash which she got insulted about. (TBH she had a Tesla no shit) The Tow truck showed just as I was leaving, Gretchen got it unfucked this time (Fuck you Take 5… just wait to see how I deal with them motherfuckers, I got Lawyers on the payroll…) and then Gretch started hauling ass to the house.

Nice Romanian Lady drops me off at the airport… the ride took about 20 minutes and we started talking in German, as it was a common language and she was alllll sorts of cool AF… BTW, she highly recommends we all check out Romania and Hungary as a potential ‘bail and hide’ locale…

So anyways,
I go to Budget………….

No car for you because apparently, unlike the last 4 times I’ve rented, they no longer take a debit/credit card for the $250.00 deposit, only a plain credit card. Me? I’m maxxed on any remaining cards I have because as ALL of you who follow the bouncing ball know, the Adriana Saga broke me to the point I’m organizing what the fuck is it? Chapter 13? Whatever, I’m fucked.

No Rental For You!

God. Damn. It….

So, NOW…I’m Trapped at T.I.A.

I call for an Uber… it starts coming and TBH, $35 to the house… which is pretty good… Gretchen then again throws a fucking wrench in the works, I had called her and had told her we were utterly fucked for now, and let me get home to re-organize and regroup… ‘cos mind you at this point I’d been ‘on the bounce’, painfully hungover, and getting the fickle finger of fate pounded right up my ass since 7am, which means now at 2pm, it’s been alllllll day long…

Gretchen tells me to ‘cancel the Uber, ‘cos Old Neighbor Sara is coming to get me… our old neighbor Sara and G-Ma who moved to Lakeland, Gretchen and Sara are like BFFs and Gretchen got the idea to call her as it’s an emergency, and “…can you help us out?”

Soooo without thinking I cancelled the Uber (cost me $7 in cancellation fees) and Call Sara to Co-Ordinate.

Turns out she’d rather get me AND Gretchen at the house to drive us to The Villages, and “…hey can you get and Uber and meet me at the house?” For the record, she was right, as T.I.A. is waydafuq out of the way from Lakeland…

<Le Fucking Sigh>

Sooooooooo I re-do the Uber… (two minute difference mind you) and instead of $35 before tip, it’s $59.00 before tip.

Some days it doesn’t pay to wake the fuck up.

I’m going to start cutting this down a bit, but, long/short, I made it home, managed to get a shower and shave, and Sara drove us to Mom and Dads. Had a good night too… I got loaded on some beers (“must consume mass quantities”) and Dad and I spent the night grossing Gretchen out with DotMil Stories…

Dad was in the Navy and got out right before Korea kicked off and was a E-5 Machinist Mate 2. In fact his Christmas gift is a Plaque with his awards and patches that I custom ordered… they’re not going to be exactly the same, but they should look good…. I’ll poast them as I can.

Gretchen had no idea that Dad had frequented ‘Houses of Ill Repute’ during Liberty when he went into port… whereas she knows full well when I was in Germany, I used to go to “The Wall” in Nurnberg and “…see the plumber about cleaning the pipes” on the reg… Used to give me an advantage by getting laid in a whorehouse before the clubs opened… because I’d already been ‘serviced’ I didn’t reek of desperation like the other Joes did… hence part of my success with the ladies as I didn’t give a fuck if they wanted to get with me or not… Purely made me a ‘wanted man’ so to speak…

So, Today:
Mom got out of the hospital, and it’s been a shitshow. I knew it was going to be, so at 8am I called Sapper, who’d just gotten off work, (“I guess I’m not allowed to sleep ever” was his bitch to me) and I told him to evacc me ‘cos I knew that shit was going to go sideways… Meaning Mom is so fucking stubborn and being a dumbass in refusing help like a home health aid to assist at least two, maybe three times a week…

I knew I had to fucking leave or I’d kill her… LITERALLY as a lot of you know, I haven’t had a vacation since their accident, I used ALL my vacation days after it last year helping from the shit, and almost every weekend is a shytteshow of the Nth degree… so I had Sapper get me ‘cos I’m fucking done. I just got awarded my two weeks due to my anniversary with Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #206, and I will be damned if I don’t get to use this vacation on Gretchen and myself… I mean FFS we never even had a honeymoon as shit keeps piling up on us Dammit.

And yeah, she got home, got on her high horse and I got on the phoner and laid it out in no uncertain terms that she either gets her head out of her ass, or I’ll have her involuntarily committed –somewhere– as WE have legal power of attorney.

Gretch is working it
I feel bad, but TBH I’m burned the fuck out… hence my TMI- while-drinking rant here… Sapper knows it, but is tired of the bullshit too… he had ZERO sleep, had to get me, and then go right back into work SO he too, is done…

Anyways, I’ll follow up with y’all.
I might have to do a GiveSendGo IF they fuck me on the new engine… I’ll keep everyone updated… In the meantime, it’s time to see what I got that I can sell God Damn It…

If it wasn’t for Shit-Luck, I’d have none at all Aye?
More Later

“Yah, Dat Me!”


I repeat:


This blogger will self destruct in




≤queue my head exploding≥

My new-ish car had An oil and filter change yesterday at ‘Take-5’ oil change place… Gretchen had a bridal gig this AM.

Coming home the engine blew da fuck up then seized DRT

I am SO Over this week

More Later (provided I don’t lose my shit completely)


An Update Plus a Belated Birfday Gift

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK… lets see… Mom (ackchully Gretchen’s Mom) is now in the hospital… My thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and prayers… tis much appreciated!

Now, as far as the croakers? They have no idea what the problem is but the pain is out of control… I mean the hip is jacked, we knew that… problem is that it’s the one she had replaced many years ago, so I’m thinking some nerve entanglement(?) pinching severely(?) or something…

To give you an idea, Gretchen first started off when we reported for duty (and found out she’d fallen, and didn’t fucking tell us again) that all we knew was she was in pain, so we had her chew 2x of my Oxys that the VA gives me… less for me by month end but hey?

Didn’t scratch the surface. So we gave her HER Vicodin, and between the two of those, me at 310 pounds currently, I -know- I’d have been in happy-la-la land. Her? Nothing… didn’t even scratch the surface of agony she was in… that was when we found out she’d fallen, and tried to hide it from us…

So the Ambulance showed, and she was screaming in pain when they loaded her up to the meatwagon. Bad enough they gave her a ‘taste’ of that emergency Fentanyl patch… I figured THAT would have done it…

I have no idea what the hell is going on, because nothing seemed to have worked. They gave her almost 1/2 a grain worth of the ‘pure quill’ (straight morphine) at the E.R. and NOW have her on a drip, which is finally getting shit under control.

I’m jealous… the local junkie is jealous… ANY dope fiend out there would be jealous… Right now I think if she donated blood, and you were the recipient of said-blood, you’d be high AF for a week…

Can’t imagine what’d happen to the mosquito that might decide to have lunch on her… jes’ sayin’… lil bug’d be triiiiiiiiiiiippin’…

So we’ll find out… Mad tests, MRIs CAT scans, ALL the tests…
We’ll update as we go…

So, I got a parcel; in the mail from one of my Brit Readers… for muh birfday. Seems he has a ‘line’ on the rations that the Kraine have been getting flooded with. Sent me the following as a Birfday Gift:

Menu #20, Beef and Veg Canuckistan Ration…

Ought to give JL (the Bitter Centurion) some bad/good maybe? Flashbacks from his time in boots with the Canuck Army… I’m….intrigued in that it’s a very small Ration… like half the weight of a normal US MRE. Looks like it’s light on ‘extras’ and we’ll see what we see in the near future…

The one that blew my mind?
THIS Dutch gorilla-sized motherfucker:

Dutch ration…
Fucking thing is GINORMOUS

That’s the other side when I flipped that heavyweight motherfucker over…
24 Hour Ration…
With ALL the ‘bells and whistles’

Pasta, Chili, Apple/Blueberry Granola and a slew of extra shit… to include swole-milk… AKA a protein energy drink powder like Muscle Milk that you’d have after a particularly hard steel throwing session… Not sure how or IF I’m going to review THAT big Bastard as it’s from what I can tell, enough to keep me in my ‘eat on’ for two/three days in a real emergency… date on it said it’s good til 2025…

Have to see..
What say you?
So, more later this weekend. I’ve got some tactical stuff to go over now that we’re back at the house, plus a gear review/suggestion or two.

More Later
Big Country

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