Filthie’s Back, Back Again… Plus an Update on the Med Stuff…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages, Stubfarts, Weirdos, Malcontents and just plain Assholes, Let me be one of the first to say Glen Filthie is back.

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Good to have Glen back. Always loved his original blegg as he had some incredible finds of pictures of some classic weapons and whatnot from better times. Always appreciated the classics donchaknow Aye?

That and since JL aka The Bitter Centurion bailed, whelp, when Filthie left, (also known as the “Advanced Aesop Annoyer”) we lost two of the “good canoeheads.” I’ve offered JL Poasting Privileges before here, as well as Glen, but both so far had/have not taken me up on it. Hopefully he (JL) reads this and some peer pressure gets him to unleash his Bitterness here once and a while. Glen now is back, so good on ya.

Hell, I’d welcome the break occasionally.

That being said, been busy.
Second Biopsy today, Lymph Nodes now.
Thursday is when we start doing the Plan of Attack.

Not that I haven’t already.
I thought about OPSEC, but you know what?

Fuck ’em.

I’ma gonna document all of this shit, ‘cos you know what?

People need to know if these alternative (read cheaper) treatments work or not. The insurance company and CancerCroakers (outside of Doctor Samizdat whom I’m consulting with) can suck. my. hairy. unwiped. taint.

ESPECIALLY IF THIS WORKS OUTSIDE OF ‘NORMAL’ REGIMEN. (I.E. Chemo/Radiation/Titty Choppin’ >shudder<)

So… thus far

2.5 mL injectable Ivermectin daily.
2.5 mL oral suspension Fenbendazole
40 mcg Vitamin D
10mg Vitamin B6
435mg Magnesium
25mg Zinc
2.2 Grams Concentrated Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C… compounding stuff they use to make Vitamin C IVs with) orally.
And finally, in a few days:
MAF capsules which are macrophage activation factor ‘stuff’… Steady Steve recommended it, and after I read the papers on it, seems this in conjunction with ALL the rest of that, -hopefully- this works. One of the papers is HERE. Another, as it’s a Japanese thing is HERE. The Japs were highly suspicious of the Vaxx, so this was one of their trials… to which it seems that it is: “Gc-MAF is a promising, new, unapproved medication as a macrophage activating factor (MAF) to treat cancer. There is solid evidence of its efficacy in cancer patients, but a number of researchers remain in doubt.”
The same doubt of Ivermectin working on the ‘Vid?
Yeeeeeah… about that….
With MY WIFES titties on the line, I’ll chance it.
It costs $250+ per month, so not cheap.
It’ll be here Thursday or Friday… I paid the extra $30 to get the fast shipping but it –is– Japan.

So far, the only bitch Gretchen has is the bruising on her tummy from the needles. Go figure…. Whammen Aye? Not like she’s gonna be in a bikini this time of year anyways, and all I have to dois point out, bruises heal, titties being fucking cut the fuck off is forever.

ZERO side effects otherwise.
No Puking, No Diarrhea (outside of normal stress relating eruptions)… no stomach issues (which is a miracle as Gretchen has digestive issues)… Only other ‘things’ we’re doing is a LOT of Pomegranate Juice (organic stuff, also costly) and Beet Juice, plus I forgot….

The worst part?
Cutting the Junkie’s fix.
Namely Sugar.
I have to wean her off it. Chick would eat a stick of butter straight by dipping it in a sugar bowl I swear. Sweet tooth? Try a sweet head. Its the worst thing and I have to be militant as sugar feeds tumors like a motherfucker. Trust me, been there, done that.

She gets grumpy when I tell her “No!” when she wants another Popsicle (frozen sugar) or a Fudgesicle (frozen chocolate flavored sugar). Gonna have to stay strong AND firm. So far the asking her flat out: “Do you want to fucking die? I can arrange it quickly and painlessly and it won’t bankrupt my ass…just the cost of one $0.75 cent .357 hollowpoint…”

HOWEVER: IF You die, Kylie is out on having her GiGi around, and I’m out Wife #2, and then, I lose any and all chances of ever being able to recover Adriana.”

That’s been able to shut down her bitching.
I mean it too.
Love can be a stone cold motherfucker Aye?

Gotta be brutal Me Droogs N Droogettes.
Best Harden Yerselves Now, and Fix what you need to fix on the MedSide Now, as methinks we’re running short on time. Watch your six, be true to one another, help when you can, and

‘Cos that is how we win in the end.

More Later
Big Country

35 thoughts on “Filthie’s Back, Back Again… Plus an Update on the Med Stuff…”

  1. BCE, I was doing some reading the other day about a guy mixing the Vit. C with Lecithin powder and water then using the small Harbor Freight sonic parts washer to encapsulate it so more of it got past the stomach. He claimed higher amounts of absorption with less stomach problems.
    Hope this helps in some way.


  2. Hmm,weaning off sugar. Try making popsicles out of the pomegranate juice. Just get a box of popsicle sticks, an ice cube tray, and go to town. Worked very well for my wife when the chemo was ripping her up.

  3. Might want to look into dandelions…roots AND leaves.
    And if your Central Florida yard is similar to my NW Florida yard, they’re free.

  4. Sugar is cancer fuel, THC based Rick Simpson Oil is easy to make but the only way to get the proper dose is rectal and you are couch locked and high AF with no machinery operating.
    Bro is going on ten years after stage III lung by using but it isn’t legal here and never will be due to Big Pharmakeia.
    Got all kinds of wallpapers from good ol’ Glennie and how about the court ruling unconstitutional for Turdeau!
    Pappy used to let Canadian paratrooper buds hang out all month in yard during race time and what rowdy bunch, good times.
    Latest WAR vids show RF drone drop canteen and small snacks to troops in trench, T-90 blasting away and escaping just in time to hide in tree line, sneak stealth silent suppressed soldier with one shot one kill in night vision cam view, eagle eye drone detects spotters in back yard for toastie, the IL-76 crash site view, and I wonder who was on that plane?
    Slim Pickins to squad up in former suburb now urban, looking after elder and cannot bail out and leave them to wolves.
    Mouthy replacements and empty magazine gunfire at 7-11 on US HYW last night.
    Always head on swivel carry condition zero walking the flank and taking no poop emoji from any ranks.
    Keep calm and fulfill your destiny of making good commies.
    Time for Patrol.

  5. BCE, in regards to the sugar, there’s a medical group in Hungary called Paleomedicina that has been doing cancer diet protocols for some time now. They work with a bunch of medical conditions including cancers using dietary ketosis. Dr. Szofia Clemens has a bunch of interviews on the youtubes so there’s a load of free for the taking info available. I know that with the wife’s sweet tooth it would be a hard sell, but it may be worth looking into.

  6. Thanks hor the shout out and recognizing all the great literary work I do, BC.

    Stay close to G and keep your chins up over there.

  7. I hope the regime works out and the nasty little buggers removed!

    As for sweets,does raw honey/maple syrup also feed the little bugger or are they a legit alt to say sweeten coffee/what have you,I just do not know,perhaps a rainy day search for me.

    Anyhow,take care all and yep,keep prepping,you will use it one way or another!

  8. BCE great news on the research and the plan to fight.
    It all sounds great and way above my grade level, but one question, one thing all of western society tends to be low on is Vit D3 which does support healthy immune system.
    Just my 2cents, Prayers for Gretchen and for you and the whole family!

    MSG Grumpy

    1. Opps, didn’t see that you already listed the Vit D,
      Me and my brain will just go sit in the corner and work on my reading comprehension skills…

      MSG Grumpy

  9. Prayers for Mrs Big Country and may God grant you all the strength to deal with this matter.

    FWIW – I’m not a doctor and I have not stayed at a Holleydai In Expresso in recent times.

    Some information on how cancer works in the human body and what some folks are doing is in the book “Surviving Cancer Covid-19 & Disease” by Justus R. Hope

    Also information on the website “2nd Smartest Guy in the World” such as
    His articles contain links to a source of Fenben and Ivermectin and have a discount code also.

  10. You’re on the right track about eliminating sugar—it’s a turbo-charger for cancer. Be wary of fruit juices, as they typically contain tons of sugar, too (one glass of OJ is something like 10 oranges—when was the last time you sat down and ate 10 oranges?).

    I don’t know if this was offered already, but is another protocol worth looking into. Primarily fenbendazole, but also CBD tincture, curcumin, and berberine. He originally had a compounding pharmacist develop the tincture, but now he’s partnered with a production company to make it more easily available.

    1. “Injectable” is the horse paste.

      It is exactly the same as the human pills.
      I like to enjoy my shot of a horse paste in a shot glass of ice cold water, which makes it easy to “chug.”

    2. It’s much less expensive, that’s all. A 250ml bottle is 100 doses. Add in a 3ml syringe and needle and you’re about 1/10 the price of the tabs.

  11. Ann B has written just recently on your first two items. Believes both have cancer-fighting (if not curing) properties. Also she has written extensively on the dosing of “Vitamin I” via oral route so you should be able to find those instructions on her blog and avoid the needle injections.

  12. Take the fenbendazole with a fatty meal. Better bioavailability, up to 150% better absorption.

  13. In 2019, my little brother was diagnosed with cancer – the big “P” pancreatic. Docs gave him 6 months to live. He made it to 8. He went chemo and full modern “medicine”. Fucked him up, until he went into at home hospice to finish out his days. His treatments cost around 1/2 million dollars.

    Sister was diagnosed with cancer at the same time. Her attitude was, “F-that! I have grand babies to watch grow!”. She went to a clinic in Tijuana and was in patient for a month. They treated her and set up a protocol for at home. She put it all on her Visa card – something like $18k. Today, she is practically cancer free. I believe my brother in law was able to stay with her in the clinic, or else he was staying in San Diego, I forget. They also made some new friends – mostly Amish folks who go down there for medical treatment. She does have to keep an eye on the markers and gets tested every few months.

    Little brother didn’t want to believe in any of that “voodoo shit” and it killed him – a long and painful death.

    1. People need to realize that there is BIG money in cancer treatments, so Big Pharma and BIG Medicine do NOT want cancer cured or treated cheaply.

      If they catch the cancer early, mainstream treatments work but they are BRUTAL !
      Basically they cut out the tumor and then kill all of the surrounding tissue (most of which is healthy and not cancerous) with chemo and/or radiation. They then hope all of the cancer cells are killed.
      It’s like trying to kill a few flies with a nuclear bomb. Sure you might kill them but you also destroy the city ie.. kill the patient.

      They never take into account the body’s own immune system or even really know what causes many cancers and how to prevent them. They’ll say free radicals cause cellular damage leading to cancer.
      Yet if you ask most doctors about taking vitamins and antioxidants, they have no clue !!

      BCE, I think you are on the right path. See the oncologist and play along but don’t let them do chemo or radiation. Keep going with your alternative therapies and as others said limit her carbs big time !

    2. Lots of local Amish go to Mexico for treatments. The results are pretty mixed, some do really well, most don’t. I know an Amish girl getting Lupus treatments that seem to be helping a lot but I also know Amish who made it down there and came back in a coffin. YMMV.

  14. Thank you for the Filthie update my friend.

    Here is an updated link. Not sure if Doc Samizdat got from here but I was given this a few years ago. He is a fellow Cowboy alumni and his story is awesome and I have a friend 4 years after pancreatic cancer diagnosis still alive. Fenbendazole is an alternative dewormer but very similar.

  15. I am so happy that you are trying fenbendazole! it has an excellent track record for most cancers.
    Gretchen is fussing because her life is almost entirely out of her control; I did the same thing. We focus on little stuff because the big picture is overwhelming. The two of you are strong, and committed to each other. You’ve got this. Prayers up.

  16. Fasting, as an way to reset the immune system, combined with those other holistic protocols has to be better than cheemoo and the Chernobyl option any day!

  17. ALL THE ABOVE…and get the gut healthy. Go on the LivClear detox diet for a couple weeks. Her gut (my wif had same gastro issues) is overloaded with Candida and needs to get healthy. Get off the sugar. Dave’s Killer Bread for craving sustitution and great fiber cleansing. Good luck and Godspeed.

  18. Someone else already said it, fasting is a really good idea
    Most people have a LOT of resistance to this,
    your normal body cells can kind of ‘sleep’, cancer cannot, and
    the unused ‘digestion’ gets aimed at the cancer
    2 days better than 1, when breaking fast, small, often, chew VERY well

  19. Would you mind giving some dosage recommendations of the Ivermectin and Fenbendazole? Asking for a fried….

  20. The Queen Of The World had to cut WAY back on sugar for medical reasons a few years back. What we found was that Splenda makes a fine replacement for sugar (yellow packet stuff). Get it in a tub and you replace sugar 1:1. You can even do deserts altho creme brule won’t properly brule.

  21. Many prayers for you & Gretchen.
    I would consult with Dr. Samizdat, but you may want to consider adding 200 mcg/day of selenium and powdered turkey tail mushroom to your daily regime. Turkey tail specifically is used widely in Japan for breast cancer. I won’t post links; there are ample good studies out there that you can read and decide for yourself. At a minimum, neither are toxic or expensive, and it is certainly a combo I would add into my regime for myself if I were in Gretchen’s place.

    As well, make sure she is not ingesting any soy or soy by-products or soy mimics, like saw palmetto. You will need to be vigilant about reading labels; soy lecithin, because it is used as an emulsifier is in almost anything processed. Avoid at all costs, in addition to the strict no-sugar routine. For those who say soy does not promote breast cancer, I know plenty of Asian women who are vegan with high soy diets who are fighting/have fought breast cancer.

    Out of all the cancer nutrition cookbooks I have in my library, “One Bite at a Time” by Rebecca Katz is probably my favorite. (ISBN 9781587613272). My mother had a really depressed appetite battling pancreatic cancer, but she would eat pretty much anything I made from Katz’s cookbook.
    Another good one is The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook by Pam Braun. (ISBN 9780988745612). Braun herself is a late stage cancer survivor. A big part of this battle is nutritional supports, especially if you are going the WHM (Whole Health Model).

    Hugs to both of you. S/S

  22. Oh, and add in intermittent fasting (IF).
    Intermittent fasting promotes both autophagy and apoptosis.

    Good quality nutritional hydration is also important. A stinging nettle infusion (tea) has several solid studies, including one published by Clinical Breast Cancer Journal (2017) that it decreases cell growth, inhibits further growth and induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells – all things you want to see.

    Stinging nettle is highly nutritious with important trace minerals like chromium, and helps with satiation during the fasting periods, if you are doing IF, as well as keeping key supportive nutritional hydration up.

    Unlike other tisanes/teas, stinging nettle needs to be a “long infusion” of steeping between 4 – 12 hrs for best effect.

    I drink stinging nettle and green tea with fresh ginger and added electrolytes as a long infusion daily as part of my cancer prophylaxis regime. One ounce of dried and cut stinging nettle leaf per 1 qt of hot water, off the boil. I make mine in the evenings, wait until it is cool enough to safely put in the fridge and allow to infuse overnight, adding the green tea, fresh grated ginger and electrolytes (1/8 tsp each of celtic sea salt, powdered magnesium glycinate and boron citrate) in the morning for about an additional 15 mins or so before straining and putting in my water bottle for the day. Stinging nettle infusion is also helpful for prostate cancer treatment support and prevention as well as breast cancer, and is good nutritional hydration support for men as well as women. The ginger also helps with nausea and appetite suppression.

    Most herbalists and naturopathic nutritionists drink stinging nettle infusion, including me, every day the way Southerners drink sweet tea. It’s their “go-to” daily for hydration. It has a slightly grassy taste but which you can adapt to fairly quickly once you accept its benefits.

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