Tucker, Putin, The Krain and Fundraising

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Only about 45 minutes (as I type this) ’til the interview with VodkaManBad and FormerFoxManBad and possibly some interesting ‘stuff’ to come out.

Supposedly there was a leak of the transcript of the interview, which I’m throwing here:

TUCKER: What would you tell the people running America?

PUTIN: Our message is Russia is not your enemy. We don’t want war. We’re ready for peace. Your leaders seek conflict. This is not what we want. Russia stands for its own people. We do not want what is not ours.


Seems this’s bullshit.

OK… far be it for me to spread fake news.
I’ll leave that to the professionals like CNN/CBS/ABC/ and the worst perpetrator, MSNBC. Either way though, the interview has had people on the side of the current (Mal)Administration and its cheerleaders shitting in their collective depends.

To the point that some pundits have been openly calling for Tucker to be kept out of the States, despite never having done anything, except like, you know, his fucking job.

Sweet Jeebus come and squeeze us.

So, guess we’ll see IF there are any revelations to be had.
The Midget Dicked Krazed Kokaine Kowboy of the Krain, Krainfeld –finally– shit and got off the fucking pot by relieving General “Krazypants” Zaluzhny. Reason I call him Krazypants was that interview he did? The one where he started talking about A.I. controlled fusion powered tunneling robots?
Krazy AF IMO.
Now, interestingly, he did not replace him with Kyrylo Budanov, now to be known as “Kylo Badenov”, Boris’s lil Krainian Brother.

Kylo, because he –is– an evil Sith Like Motherfucker by all reports. Nope… instead they replaced him with what would be considered Krazypants direct subordinate, Oleksandr Syrskyi to being the Headman over ALL of the (remaining) forces. Before that, he was the Krainian Ground (meat) Forces Commander. I think this was to keep the idea of having too much slime dragged around as Kylo has a rep for that sort of thing…

Right now they’re hoping this doesn’t cause a revolt in the (depleted) ranks. Reason I’m saying this is I found a tidbit on Moon of Alabama with the quote:

“They come in waves,” said Lt. Oleksandr Shyrshyn, 29, the deputy battalion commander in the 47th Mechanized Brigade. “And they do not stop.”

Moon of Alabama via The New Yawk Slimes

And, just as MoA noticed…
The deputy battalion commander is fucking 29!?!
AND only an El-Tee!?!

They got a FAR bigger problem than who the head man is.
For those of you who’re civilians… a deputy battalion commander -should- be a Major by US Army standards… the Battalion Executive Officer or X.O….

Now in Krainian formations? Not sure of their rank/command structure… could be the equivalent of a Lieutenant Colonel or as we call it a “Light Bird” as the former Soviet Republic(s) tended to be ‘heavy’ rank wise on command positions. US Battalions are usually commanded by a Light Bird, with Brigades being a full Colonel (the eagle insignia) which is why we call it a “Full Bird” Colonel.

If they got a Butterbar (brown rank bar) or a 2nd LT playing at a Battalion X.O. slot? OMFG… they are soooooooo utterly and completely fucked. I do doubt it though, as 29? That’d be a well seasoned 1st LT who’d normally be a Platoon Leader. A Platoon of Infantry (US Sized) is normally between 40-50 troops, with 4-5 squads at 10 men each +/-. The platoon is a pretty small bunch.

A Battalion?
Battalions consist of four to six companies and can include up to about 1,000 soldiers. And it ALSO means a hell of a lot more officers.

Lets say for Funsies:
One Battalion commanded by a Lt. Colonel, a Major for the X.O.
4 Companies in this Unit. Which means 4 Captains, and their X.O.s.
Not sure what role this guy –had– but either way, he got command by every. single. officer. above. him. getting. killed.

Last man standing and all that.
As I said, They’re fucked.
When a LT, no matter how good he is is left ‘holding the bag’, your DotMil is in some seriously deep shit. Granted, this guy? He’s -got- to be good to have lasted this long, so my hat off to you LT, wherever you are.

So, lastly.
Couple of y’all have said to do a fundraiser.
Maaan… I’d rather rip my eyes out. That being said though, after today, it became mandatory. For the record, Gretchen has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Metastatic Breast Cancer. Now the good news is her biopsy for the Lymph Nodes came back clean.
That however is underlined with a big “for now”.
If we don’t get humping on this, if that changes, then shit goes fucking pear shaped (like today). She was supposed to get a BRCA genetic test, which I already know she’s going to ‘fail’ so to speak.

The BRCA gene test looks for DNA changes that increase the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. That’s the test that caused a LOT of Hollyweird chicks to lop off Ye Olde Boobies preemptively. In Gretch’s case, BOTH her Grannies died of BC, and her Mom survived it, but sans boobage.

The fucking Gyno Shop she’d been going to wanted $400 on top of everything else to do what I figure -should- nominally be a simple test. We left and are exploring other options. My own is to go back and bar and lock the doors and windows, and burn the thieving fucks alive, but I have been known to be a bit ‘reactionary’. So yeah, Copays and a 10k Out of Pocket? Nevermind having to repair the damage to that magnificent rack?

That was when she was one of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pirate Crew… we got to go on the Pirate Ship (me and Sapper) while she did the whole entertainment thing…

Thanks so much Obama!
May You Forever Smoke a Turd in Hell You Asshole.
The Link -should- be at the top, but if not:


If you can help, it’s appreciated. If not and only prayers are offered, double the thanks. Shit is old and wearing, so hey… I’ll get through it.

… Oh, I get by with a little help from my frens
Mm, get high with a little help from my frens
Oh, I’m gonna try with a little help from my frens

… Do you need anybody?
I just need someone to love
Could it be anybody?
I want somebody to love

… Oh, I get by with a little help from my frens
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my frens
Oh, I get high with a little help from my frens
Yes, I get by with a little help from my frens
With a little help from my frens”

My Thanks and Love to You All for being here and just allowing me to vent.
More Later
Big Country

11 thoughts on “Tucker, Putin, The Krain and Fundraising”

  1. At least investigate seeing a Functional Oncologist and find out about the Fenbendazole protocol. Can be done at the same time as conventional treatments. Even MD Anderson is looking at it. Gathering data doesn’t hurt.

  2. I put some shekels into the fund. I know how expensive those BS copays can be.
    Fucking Obama in cahoots with the insurance companies did this with his Obamacare that made health care unaffordable for almost everyone and there are way MORE uninsured people today than there were before his BS. They knew this, so it was a screw job for all of us while they profited.

    With your string of bad luck and you said kid #2 was screwing around with a Ouija board, you might want to think about having a priest or minister come and bless the house and all of you.
    It can’t hurt and it might really help. Also I don’t know what denomination you guys are but a good priest or minister can often be good to talk to in a time of crisis. Also in active churches, people will volunteer to help you guys if you need something.

    1. I will pray for y’all, silver and gold have I none.
      Praying that God gives doctors insight and the whole family strength.
      Listen to the small still voice, don’t get caught up in hate for the insurance company and the medical professionals.
      Lost my first wife to medical malpractice and chose for the emotional wellness of my family NOT to sue.
      I pray for your strength to be able to support her in this situation.
      I know that I was not able to “be there” for my 4 kids until I quit questioning God.
      God is able to heal. Read Mark 11:23 concentrate on the last part of the verse.
      As someone else posted, so not walk this path by yourself.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Dr Seyfreid on YouTube talks about cancer being a metabolic disease. As you noted sugar feeds the malignant cells. The solution he offers is the carnivore diet. I know this diet to be highly effective for blood sugar, depression, and inflammation. Based on my experience and his information I would do this diet to stop or reverse the problem for my wife or I. Lots of good information on YouTube about it. Prayers said. Good hunting

  4. It’s pretty awesome with Putin saying YOU when TC asks who blew up Nordstream.
    He feels betrayed by the EU liars before the 2014 coup in Uke land.
    VV Putin says he was offered NATO membership but knew it was false and also to work on EU missile defense.
    Disco Boots Lensky replaced the commander of the meatgrinder forces err I mean army.
    Ex-KGB colonel is too classy to make Polish jokes but says we are aren’t interested in any Western expansion.
    O/T-Stopped by Haji’s 7-11 and the front window and door are blasted out from gunfire the other night with a 5-0 squadron pulling over everybody on the US HWY out front.
    How about that fading banana republic fourth world turd, si se puede!
    Keep calm, it’s all staged.

  5. Saw the interview. As I’ve known all along, all this shit could have been avoided if certain parts of .gov weren’t run by inept lunatics. When will people demand that FUSA stop meddling in other peoples countries. Especially where we have no real interests.

  6. Plus one for Dr Seyfried and Fenbendazole, there an organization that promotes and gives protocols on the use of both fenbendazole and ivermectin for cancer. Look under Fenbendazole Can Cure Cancer, they just sent me a case of a forty five year old woman with similar cancer issues and she got full remission. Both fasting and the carnivore diet have been reported to have positive effects on cancer, do a You Tube search. Best wishes and prayers for both of you.

  7. Take her to Moffitt. Just up the road from you and the best around, especially for BRCA stuff.

  8. Prayers for you and yours. Keep the chin up and know your extended electronic family has got your back.


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