Flash: The Revolution Might Have Started in the Krain

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
And from what I can tell, ZERO mention in any western Ministries of Propaganda and lies. Guess the Revolution will NOT be broadcast…


According to that, one confirmed dead.
Seems that there was a protest that formed up over the replacement of Krazypants aka Zaluzhnyi or however you spell that dudes name.

Looks like Poroshenko, the guy -we- (the GAE) ran out of town was speaking, and depending on the wording in the article, some of the Krainfeld Bully Boys showed up and shots have been fired.

Match to fuse moment?
I’ll update as I find more things out
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6 thoughts on “Flash: The Revolution Might Have Started in the Krain”

  1. What if Tucker was sent to get the journalist and does the “journalist” have a small hat?
    Only the drooling mongoloid t-rards of the Brandon regime would poke the bear after years of Long March burning it all down.
    Russia loathes batthouse Barry and Pepe le Putin knows who pulls the strings for asspuppet Brandon.
    A C Dub in the Kraine? Are there any people left?
    Working on Black Sabbath War Pigs spoof featuring the Kagan Cult and the coffee is smelling yummy.
    Keep calm and wear size 20 clown shoes the FUSA is just too retarded to last very much longer and then Phoenix.

  2. One can only hope the assholes set off a civil war and we’ll see which side The Turtle pulls for.

    Also, let’s hope to Gawd that the rightful president (DJT) has loyal SS agents protecting him. You KNOW that TPTB are going to go “scorched earth” before November and they have enough “right-wing” retards (aka: MK Ultra pawns) at their disposal to have them go “full potato” for their cause.

    Sending Karmic Vibes to you and Miss Gretchen, brother.

  3. Too early to tell. My read is that Zelenskyy is smart enough to know when to walk away, and when to run. But … where can he really run? It’s just as easy to Epstein him in fwance as it is in Miami…

    But his own people GOTTA be gunning for him at this point too. Zalushnyi isn’t going away either.

    Will the future Kraine be a vassal to the US…or Russia…?

  4. Poroshenko is the one we installed and are secretly trying to replace Z with. Yanukovych is the one that we overthrew. Hard to keep up with these names sometimes.

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