Why Putin? Well Why Not and We Leave in The Morning

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Soooo a comment or two has asked me in the past, as well as currently, why I’m supporting Putin? The latest has been from General Dismay who at the end of his statement stated/asked “…why so much love for Putin? That fucker would love to buttfuck the US into oblivion.”

Well, Fair enough question.

Simply put, despite all the propaganda and lies put out by the Mass Enemedia and Ministries of Lies and aforementioned Propaganda, what has Vladimir Vladimirovich actually done to show that he’s against the Imperial Untied Staatz in it’s current expansionist form? As far as I can tell, he’s done nothing to warrant the level of hatred levelled against him.

Realistically, what has he done?
Seriously… without mentioning the Krain, YOU tell ME.

I’ll wait…

What he has done? Well to name a few:
He’s stood up against the creeping invasion of Progressivism. He’s said “Nyet!” to allowing sodomy and perversion to become the standard, rather than the exception to the rule in Russia. No faggot-adoptions and/or grooming allowed.

He’s fully onboard with bringing the Church back into the Public Square, and encouraging the bonding and growth of TRADITIONAL FAMILIES. He, unlike other countries (like Japan) offers serious financial incentives for new couples to “go forth and prosper!”

He’s also denied the incorporation of the World Bank into day-to-day Russian affairs, and not allowed them to dictate terms. By being cut off from SWIFT, and forcing him to adapt, Vladimir Vladimirovich has proven that Russia can not only stand on it’s own, but can tell the world at large to fuck off and die in a fire…

The worst offense however?
He promotes Russian Nationalism.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a Russian Tatar, or a Mongolian Russian. White, Brown, Slant eyed, or Round Eyed…


Never mind with religion… unlike the US, be you a Muslim Chechen, a ‘regular’ Orthodox Christian, or a Kalmykian Buddhist…


That right there, being a “Russian First” nationalist is what scares the ever living shit out of the Globalists, as having a Nationalist viewpoint would be inherently naturally opposed to a One-World-Elitist DotGov, AKA MegaGloboHomoIncorporated. Hence why above all, they want Putin gone.

So yeah, I support Vladimir Vladimirovich. He’s the ONE leader in the world that I can see that might have his head screwed on straight. As far as his “…(wanting sic.) to buttfuck the US into oblivion” ? Let me tell you Dismay, he’s had ample time and opportunity to do exactly that.

OUR fucking current retarded inbred Leadershit are playing fucking tiddlywinks, while VodkaManBad is on his third round of all-or-nothing Chess. We have no one educated enough, nor erudite enough to be able to even step ‘up to the board’ when it comes to current day Geopolitics. The very fact that Micropenis Macron keeps wailing about how he wants to send 20k troops to the Krain?

As Colonel Trautman said in “Rambo: First Blood” to Sherriff Teasle:

“If you send that many, remember one thing”
“A good supply of Body Bags.”

And as I always point out, the fucking Leadershit ALL Around are not the guys who have to do the bleeding nor dying.

Real easy to say you’re sending in 20k troops.
ESPECIALLY if you don’t have to go.
It’s another IF it personally affects you

Which is why I’m all about the “No Voat Without Service” like Heinlein talked about in “Starship Troopers”. Too many aging fuckwads who consider a minor scrape on their Bally Shoes to be a world ending issue… I mean I’ve been over it before… it’s part of the daily disconnect with these assholes…

And what’s even worse is a fucking shit-stain like our current Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den uses his dead son Beau as some sort of ‘prop’ for his military credentials.

Thing is, the moar we see of his family, the more I realize the guy was more than likely as big a piece of shit as his brother. I mean how could he not be? Only difference is he had the good taste to fucking drop dead of brain cancer before any of HIS improprieties came out…

That and I stand utterly amazed that no one has desecrated that grave. I mean it’s MY POV on this, BUT, if MY kid had been wasted in a far-off land, and the theoretical Commander In Chief, when and IF he even bothered to spare the time to talk to me and my fam, and he spent that precious time talking about his worthless no-load dead fucking son as opposed to MY fucking dead kid!?!

Oh Yeah

“Bad Things” would have happened to that grave,

as well as the corpse… Just for grins and giggles, as well as general info, Beau’s grave is located here:

In Delaware of course…

It is what it is… far be it for me to encourage bad people to do bad things… But TBH, the guy was a POS like his dad… fucking awarded a Bronze Star? For what!?! Being under fire at Victory like me and oh, I dunno, several hundreds if not thousands of troops who never got an award? Fucker was a “perfumed prince” who thankfully died before HE could inflict HIS particular brand of damage on the country at large.

Fuck the Bribe’ems…ALL of them. In this life, and after.

So, lets see… otherwise…
I wouldn’t fly on a Boeing Aeroplano if it was literally the last aircraft on the planet that could get me out of a life-ending scenario. Fucking “Boing Boing Boing!” should be the name now, as soooo many pieces/parts seem to be falling off and bouncing allllll over the place. Hell, Doc Samizdat actually suggest we fly in for all the upcoming events, and even before the “current thing” I was like “Thanks but no thanks.”

This primarily to NOT wanting to check my personal gear… These days, I never travel what could be considered “light.” If it’s over 100 miles from the house, I have my Every Day Carry Bag, which has, among other things, a Lifestraw Filtration Bottle, two concentrated Mountain House LRRPs, plus ALL the needed emergency medical gear one might need, plus knives, and ‘other essential gear’.

Anything past one hundred miles? The ubiquitous M-4 (of course) and the Battle belt w/4 combat loaded mags to feed the M-4. AN extra box of pistol ammo, usually 50 rounds (caliber depending on which pistol I have w/me) plus body armor, helmet, plate carrier, plates, uniform, plus spare boots etc… all the shit one –might– need in a “Oh Fuck!” situation. Mind you, I have 3A Armor that I can wear that’s not in a carrier, but in a underarmor type t-shirt… Best to make sure I’m armored up no matter what Aye?

Then, I also have Commo too, as well as power ‘stuff’… I’ve had some solar panels and power banks for years that go with me whenever we need to go long-distance. I got a LARGE Ruck that keeps all of that in there. The commo is tuned and set to Sapper’s set with MilSpec encryption, but even then, since I don’t trust even that, I have a one-time-pad generator that I got ‘somewhere in times past’ that’s still good. Brevity is the watchword in this case…

One can never be too prepared.

So, gotta wrap this. We’re leaving in the A.M. I’ll keep you in the loop as we go. I appreciate each and every one of y’all, and love the feedback and the comments.

More Later
Big Country

A Gretchen Update, M1A KIA’d in The Krain a Sad Passing, and a Possible July Collapse?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest over the past 48 hours I swear. Today Gretchen had an early Telecon Appointment (that was the one that had been scheduled for a face to face by the MegaCuntBitchFace McBitchyface) as the Doc in question apparently was appalled by what happened, so he called us today, and went over exactly what Gretchen was to expect during her surgery/treatment, and the how of it all… specifically the Radiation Therapy.

Mind you this’s Doc Samizdat’s bro. Just as a clarification. It was his receptionist/scheduler who was a MegaCuntBitch, NOT Doc Samizdats, and it’s been handled now. He’s worked with Doc S for years and from what I can tell is just as awesome a human being as Doc S is. In this case, I’ll be referring to him as “Doc Fallout” from now on because I can, and it’s appropriate for a Radiation Therapist Doctor to have a handle like “Fallout” IMO.

Doc Fallout went over everything in great detail, and now Gretchen has gone from ‘slightly panicked’ to ‘moar relaxed’ which is where I want her. Guy sounds like the complete professional and had a great ‘bedside voice’ so to speak… EXACTLY how/what Gretchen needed.

Me, OTOH I’ve been getting like ZERO sleep. Bedtime I crash at 0330/0400, and wake up to start at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory at 0655. I just can’t let her know I’m freaked the fuck out. All part of the J. O. B. as Dio would say… I feel like I’m back in the Infantry or Baghdad ‘On Mission’ again… ah well… tis whut it tis…

Now, Things.
Russian Special Forces crossed a line outside of Rabotino, and came across that M1A1 that got smoked a few days/weeks? ago. The one that they blew the tracks off of, and finished off with drones?

Yeah, that’s the one… seems that the Russians have been quite a few M1s knocked out/abandoned by the Krainians. The Russian SF kids ran up on it in a video… looks like it was shot w/a GoPro or russkie equivalent:

I took some screen caps of it. First thing I noticed was the missing Commander’s Cupola, which you can see in the top pic w/the Ma Deuce still in it’s mount… it this case, that fucker is gone…

Gone baby gone… Yep…
Now, to the left, you can see the Blast panels intact as well, so they went inside and
The Interior was pristine:

And I didn’t see any blood/body parts. This particular tank was the one M1 I thought the crew successfully bailed, as the driver’s hatch was open and the turret in the correct position for a “Oh shit Bail! Bail! Bail!” situation (again, top pic).

So it looks like a mobility kill, with possibly the intent to recover it later. However, according to sources, the Russians kept throwing drones at it… no idea how much -other- damage it took, but they did find the missing TC Cupola:

Apparently resting, complete with still-mounted Ma Deuce (missing the feed tray cover from the look of it) on the front glacis, in front of the driver’s hatch.

Rather impressive, as I know from experience that the TC Hatch on it’s own is a heavy motherfucker to open and close. The amount of force needed to shear the entire cupola off? In one big ole piece? Yeah. I definitely would NOT want to be on the receiving end of such an explosive.

Also: Seems that the DotMil finally got around to transferring some M Trip-Seven MP Armored cars to the Krainians:

That’s the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle (ASV).

15 tons of nothing TBH/IMO.

It’s only got a 40mm MK-19 Automatic Grenade Launcher with a M2A1 .50cal Ma Deuce in a side-by-side tandem mount, and a M240H next to those…

Meaning it’s under-armored, underpowered, and under-armed. Add on that the pic above shows the usual ‘Slavic Doctrine’ of the troops clinging to the sides (where the M1117 normally does not have running boards to do such a thing) it too is going to become beans-on-toast sooner rather than later. Case in point:

We used to joke that the M Trip-Seven was made out of ‘pressed gasoline’ as it always showed up to our lot(s) in Kuwait burned to a fucking crisp.

The fucking first generation BMP-1 is a better vehicle comparatively. Even with the outmoded 73mm Cannon and Sagger-2 missiles, I’d personally take a BMP over an ASV any day of the week… Tracks versus Tires? No question/no argument there. Tracks win hands down always.

Yet again another soon-to-be-failed Wunderwaffen.

Notsomucho these days amiright?

The fact that the guys on that M1 bailed, and probably thought they’d be able to recover it later, and didn’t manage to says a lot about just how quick Ivan is now moving. Things are changing there fast.

Movie news. One of my favorite character actors cashed in.

M. Emmet Walsh… dude was a prolific actor to say the least. Over 200 films. TV? Fugettaboutit. Guy was literally the go-to for a lot of roles. A personal favorite of mine was him playing “The Crazy Guy” in Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”

88 Years old… that’s a good run.
May he rest easy.

Now, back to the Krain for a moment… Seems Micropenis Macron is talking shit about sending 20k Frog Troops to the Krain.

Not sure -why- he’s channeling his ‘Inner Napoleon’ outside of that he suffers from extreme Short Dick Energy and Height. That and he’s apparently married to a Tranny according to some sources?

Not sure.
Don’t know, don’t care.
Let the Frogs go in. Just like Vietnam, they’ll get their asses handed to them. Only difference is, no one in NATO is in a position to assist when shit goes sideways. EVERYONE is out of money, ammo and the willingness to support the Krain anymore. Outside of ACTUALLY dropping a nuke, there’s not fuck all anyone can do against Russia at this point. The very idea that by putting 20k+/- troops in the combat zone, and thinking Ivan won’t blow the ever-living fuck out of them borders on Comprehensively Insane.

It’s like those paste-eating retards who blocked highways, and were shocked! I tell you shocked! when some folks decided “Enough was enough” and turned them into roadkill. Fuck around, Find out. INDEED. Hell, I think it’s legal to squish dumbasses like that here in Florida…

Jes’ Sayin’

In fact there’s enough evidence that there’s been quite a few troops from ALL the various ‘supporting countries’ that they’ve been actively fighting against Ivan. The German Tank Crew in an early incident with a Leo 2 that got smoked at the onset of the “Great Counter Offensive” being one. The tank in question got blown away tank-on-tank (Leo2 vs T-71M2B). After the fight, the T-72 crew check out the Leo, and found that the driver survived. He lived long enough to admit that the whole crew, and the majority of Tank Crews manning the Leopards were German. They even collected his Bundeswehr ID and paperwork, as well as the other crewmembers. According to sources, They (the Germans) had to supply trained crews, as it seems that the average Krainian Joe has an average IQ comparative to a Haitian and can’t ‘tank’ a Leo at all.

It’s like during Vietnam, that the Russians had pilots actively participating in air-to-air combat against Americans, and actually shooting down American Planes and Pilots… The North Vietnamese just didn’t have the skills or experience, so the Russians ‘assisted’…. I read once somewhere that a Soviet pilot actually became the first ‘Ace’ since the “Great Patriotic War Against Fascism” by taking out 5 US Planes in air-2-air combat… such is what the whole “Proxy War” thing is. Problem with the Frogs putting ‘boots on the ground’ thinking that Ivan won’t target the areas that the Frogs are in however, is insane.

OF COURSE they’re going to target them. If anything the Russians will target the fuck out of them to teach the Trumped Up Little Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys who their Fucking Daddy really is and don’t you fucking forget it!

Now, lastly, Rumors.
4Chan has a couple of threads of someone putting up a couple of rumors. Now seeings that that’s pretty much ALL the Chans are good for these days, everything from there has to be taken with like a quarter pound of salt, if not the entire pound.

That being said, the current RUMINT that’s been floated out there does make quite a bit of sense, if only in respect to current events, as well as future events. Now, the rumor is absolutely unfounded, however, Roll with me on this for a second.

The original Poaster put out that he worked in Australia for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. That’s the BIGGEST bank in Australia, with a valuation of 1,252 BILLION dollars. He, by his own admission, is pretty high up in the bank hierarchy. Because of this, he was briefed that there was a planned “cyber-attack” that was going to be taking down the ENTIRITY of the worlds Banks as part of “The Great Reset” at the BEGINNING OF JULY OF THIS YEAR. This being to introduce the whole “You ain’t owning shit, and we don’t give a fuck if you’re happy or not, as we own your collective asses.” action that they’ve been talking about for the past few years.

The poast went on into the usual “I’m hiding” and “If they knew I told you I’d die” and whatnot to gain credibility. The primary statement of the intentional and willful crash was just what I said, and then the poaster made some comments about having cash on hand, and make sure that you’re ready… Beyond that, not much more.

Which, TBH, well, because it lacked the usual heavy-on-details and the usual ‘hype’ one normally sees with these “wars and rumors of wars” or leastways “Crashes and Rumors of Crashes” in my mind lends credibility to this. To me, “Less = More” in the credibility department. That, and part of the reason(s) I’m inclined to believe that there is a slim possibility of this being real is that it fits what -I’ve- been seeing.

The fact(s) as I see them:

1) Despite ALL the legal issues that Leviathan (AKA ‘The Deep State’) have been oh-so-desperately trying to bring and pin against OrangeManBad, and because of the inherent stupidity of those who’re currently ‘in charge’, they’ve utterly failed to stop OMB from becoming the primary challenger against the Current Incumbent Corpse In Chief. This scares them stupid, as they were counting on OMB being disqualified under specious prosecutions. Now? Not so much again. They ALSO cannot let him (OMB) anywhere NEAR the levers of power again, as Trump IS known for being a vengeful motherfucker with a long memory.

Flat out: They Who Are Currently In Power CANNOT Allow An Election With Trump As The Opposition EVER.

2) Because the near-constant leaking and unveiling of the shenanigans of “Brandon” et al, it’s readily apparent that

A) he’s not actually in charge, nor running shit and that

B) the folks who have been running things have been actively participating in actions that under a normal government would bring charges of at least Malfeasance if not outright Treason, which in some cases warrant the Death Penalty.

Case in point is it’s now apparent that ‘Bribe’em’ Joe was getting all his and his families dirty kickback monies through his dissolute crack addict son AND The Krain, which on it’s own, prima facia makes me wonder exactly why we keep funding/supporting this losing cause? More than likely b/c Krainfeld has primo-blackmail material. The very fact that worthless pile of skin failed to show up today, in Contempt of CONgress and didn’t immediately have a warrant issued? Oh yeah… Favoritism for One Side Much?

3) Then, As John Wilder regularly mentions, riots and “Fiery But Peaceful Protests” do not tend to ‘get off the ground’ during the Winter Months, hence my belief that any action(s) (like a engineered financial collapse) would happen in July. IF, (or rather IMO when) this collapse happens, we can count on a bunch of things happening. One being the ‘usual suspects’ of BLM and random Antifa Rioters doing ‘teh stoopid’ and in some areas getting away with it. They also need the College Kids NOT to be in classes, worrying about exams and whatnot, but out ‘manning the lines’ in support of ‘the current thing’ i.e., the “Useful Idiots”. This wouldn’t happen in November IMO.

However, in other areas like my own, where “We don’t cotton to this sorta behavior” and decide that it’s time to take out the ‘trash’ utilizing whatever means necessary, you can then look for a blanket-national-order for everyone to disarm.

Especially after some good ole boys get caught on camera gunning down some assholes… Just like Rittenhouse, the Enemedia and Ministries Of Lies and Propaganda will spin up every. single. self. defense. incident. and lay it at the feet of “Right Wing Death Squads” or some such shit, all to further the mass banning, if not outright confiscation of weapons. Of course, it’ll never happen, as there’s only like 800k Police in toto nationally. As FedBro used to say to me (when he was still speaking to me) that “Police got better things to do than die stupid!” IMO, on that, all I can say is, remember to police your brass, and if you can, get rid of the bodies.

Of course, a National Suspension of the 2nd Amendment is NOT going to work, hence it’ll get ugly-er faster, which is good in their twisted world view.

4) The longer they can drag out the “crisis”, the longer they can do whatever the fuck they want. If they manage to drag it out to oh, say November, just fucking watch.

Can you say “Suspended (s)Election” indefinitely?

Crazy Amounts of Presidential Executive Orders?

Nationalization of “Critical Supplies” i.e. you’re a prepper who’s got 2-5 years worth of food, and when they check the purchase orders and lists that they’ve accrued over the years, that they plan on showing up, to your A.O. to ‘confiscate for the greater good’ all your stashed shit… the law is already on the books… trust me… they’ll implement it IF they think they can get away with it…


These people do not live in the same reality as we do.

Welcome to Fantasy Disco everyone.
They have NO IDEA of what ‘real life’ is.
For example, (((Bill Maher)))… a prototypical member of the Tribe, stated that “Inflation isn’t that bad, wages are rising, unemployment is negligible, and Biden’s ratings are only bad because most Americans live with their head in the toilet!”

Fuck that Hebe fucker…
BTW Here’s a picture of his house:

Somehow, I don’t think his Girlfriend or Wife or Gay Lover (more than likely) does any cleaning. If anything, at 6 Million a year, the dirty fucker has a cleaning crew/maid/staff that does all of it for him.

And this fuckwad wants to tell us how great the country is doing? OMFG… it’s like the tweet from Conan O’Brien who did the anti-Trump Tweet when Trump called Haiti a “Third World Shithole”:

Another fucking Hollyweird Pedo

Guys like him?
I’d love to have the resources to snatch that fucker up, hogtie him, and then drop him over Port Au Prince via automatic opening parachute. Buck Nekkid. I’d literally love to see him get eaten, live on TV. Smarmy little protected fuckers… their time is coming

Sooner rather than later.

And bunkers?
All them assholes building bunkers?
This’s for the Zuckerborgs, the Bezosphiles and the like…

Let me tell you. First off, you need a reliable guard force. Unless you have some video-game/sci-fi shit at your disposal, your guard force? Yeeeeeah… the very second the doors close, you are ALL dead fucking meat. If anything, you’ll be lucky AF to be shot right there, right then. My own personal experiences with asshole rich principles?

Generally you’ve treated us like shit

Which means it’s now payback time.
Like I said, IF you don’t have some sci-fi magic instant kill switch/drug embedded or something along those lines, trust me. Those Army of Northern Virginia or DIA shooters, or SEALs or whatever? Suuuuuuuuuuure they’re loyal…. However long money is worth anything… then?

Unless you’ve utterly earned their loyalty, You’re fucking dead. End of Story.

Add on that IF they ARE actually loyal, well… those of us on the outside? You can gar-ron-damned-tee we’ll be looking for the air-intakes. With a cement mixer. Fill the intakes in, and y’all underground can fight over the last-gasp of O2… it matters not to me nor mine…

And then?

That’s all she wrote.
Except for the epitaph: “Here lies some seriously dumb rich motherfuckers who thought money could buy safety, and loyalty.”

SO… that’s all I got for tonight
More Later
Big Country

Change 6,523.4 and WHAT Did They Say!?! Plus Sexual Harassment!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
No poast last night as we were doing laundry, packing up, whittling down the load… getting ready to punch tomorrow at Oh-Dark Early to beat the traffic and make our way to the Mighty Mississip.

Then about 16:00 today we got a call that was essentially -why- were we coming so early and no, we didn’t need to head up there right now, and that no, this particular appointment could be handled by Tele-Appointment and who told you this? asked the Doc…

Come to find out, MegaThunderBitch Receptionist told Gretch that we had to be there in person. Now this wasn’t one of Docs people, but someone else who assists in the whole co-ordination… I overheard the call, and quite frankly, she was a bitch. Told Gretchen in a rather condescending tone that we had to positively be there for a face-2-face, hence our prepping for a Movement to Contact mission. Once this info was relayed, well Doc went “Doctor Mode” and called up the other Doctor in Question who apparently several knots will be being yanked rather abruptly through the incompetent MegaThunderBitch’s anus in the A.M.

Rather violently from what I understand.

Couldn’t happen to a more worthless festering cuntbag IMO.
Well fucking done Doc.
She deserves everything she gets

So, now we plan on leaving over the weekend. Which means we can meander, rather than torque up there. Just as long as Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #642 gets what it needs, then we’re good to go. I already spoke the boss, and I think he’s actually a bit relieved to -not- have to cover for me, as the majority of the customers I deal with are functionally fucking retarded.

Have a puppy for shits n’grins…

Courtesy of Wirecutter. Link to the story HERE

Now, moving on
Our Current Regime, Leviathan on the Potomac, the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den, or leastway those who are manipulating that Dead Motherfucker has condemned the Russian Presidential Election!!!!

Surely you can’t be serious!
Stop calling me Shirley!

“Pot, this’s the Kettle, You’re Black FFS!!!”

Tone deaf much? I am absolutely serious when I say I want whatever drugs those psychopathic lunatics are taking… I’ve dropped ‘cid, hell Grew Shrooms, damned good ones too I might add, Shmoked some outstanding Herb, but whatever this shit that our Self-Anointed Elites are on makes everything else pale by comparision.

IF they sold it or gave it to us mere Plebes, got me a hunch we’d be moar than willing to accept their shenanigans. BUT since they appear to be Bogarting that Shit, fuck ’em. Rotten pricks, one and all.

Then, on the Sexual Harassment Front:

Link HERE to the story
Seems that the First Femal BatCom for the 5th Brigade Engineer Battalion at Joint Base Lewis McChord got shitcanned for being a fucking slut/whore/serial sexual harasser. Now, this story is just now really being heard, but it was published on Jan 25th of the Current Year, and had been under investigation for some time before… almost a full year before… April specifically, and she was ‘fired’ in October of LAST YEAR…

Anyone who’s ever been around a 15-6 Investigation in the Army knows that usually in the cases of Sexual Harassment, it’s a case of the one under the investigation is done. As in “Here’s your blindfold, and last cigarette” done. For those of you who don’t know, a ’15-6′ is Army Regulation 15 dash 6, which is a guide for Officers who’re assigned to root out heresy… err… Investigate possible criminal behavior… Stated as: “AR 15-6 sets forth procedures for the conduct of informal and formal investigations.”

Now, in THIS case, they took their sweet damned time from what I can tell. Mainly, if I had to guess is the “Stunning and Brave Female First” being the one engaging in groping dudes junk and forcing herself on subordinates is a place they didn’t want to go… Looks bad for the home team so to speak…

Just like that first Female Naval Aviator who was the first to be Carrier Qualified, LT Kara Hultgreen was not in any way, shape or form realistically qualified to land her plane on a Carrier, but because “First Female Doing ‘X’ ” she got the top slot…

She subsequently augered in and died while trying to land.
“On October 25, 1994, Hultgreen died when her F-14A-95-GR, BuNo 160390, coded “NH 103,” crashed on approach to USS Abraham Lincoln. Hultgreen was (also) the first female fighter pilot in the U.S. military to die in a crash.”

According to sources: “…that Hultgreen and her fellow promoted female pilot, Carey Dunai Lohrenz, were repeatedly continued through training despite unusually low scores and mistakes that would have washed out male trainees.”

Just like Ranger School.

The First Female to “Graduate” Ranger School was a 34 year old Apache Pilot and a mother of two. She was also a fucking Reservist. Now not bashing the Reserves, but let me tell you, -I- tried to make it through Ranger School while I was on active duty. I was in the Rakkasans and let me tell you, I was in the best shape of my life. I regularly did the “Rakkasan Sprint” which was a Brigade Run done every other week it seemed. ‘Sprint’ was a four mile motherfucker of a run. Brigade Standard was 95% of the Unit at Company Level had to finish across the finish line in 32 minutes, meaning 4 consecutive 8 minute miles.

-I- never fell out of a Sprint.
Reservists, no matter how hardcore they may think they are, are no way in Hell in shape as compared to a 22 Year Old Male Rakkasan.
Ranger School?

Oh yeah, I fell the fuck out. Bet your ass I quit. I know when I’ve been beat. Too tired, not enough food, not enough rest. Literally rained on me nonstop from the time I got there to the day I left. When I quit, and they put me on the chow truck headed to the rear, the rain stopped for the first time in weeks…

No joke, the Sun came out, and a beam of warming, almost loving Sun came down on me and the other two dudes who called it, and started warming us up… it was like God said “Thou shall NOT be a Ranger, and it is good My Son.” Read somewhere a few years after that Big Guys like me hardly ever get through Ranger School… never regretted it either.

But you sure as fuck ain’t telling me some 30 something split made the fucking grade. Ain’t no how, no way, no where.

So, yeah, they finally relieved the slut.
Notice that there’s no mention of punishment?
Probably won’t be, whereas a Male would be making Large Rocks into Small Rocks at Leavenworth.

Jes’ Sayin’

Other than that, like I said, a minor hiccup, but we got it covered. I really appreciate all the feedback and whatnot… The comment that I “drunk dialed Putin” cracked me and Sapper the fuck up… totally great comments. Much appreciated as said.

More Later
Big Country

So If I -Wasn’t- on “The List” I Sure As Hell Am Now For Sure…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So… got a wee bit crocked last night…

T’was well past due as I hadn’t had -anything- for a few weeks… not a lot mind you, but just a wee bit, which considering this’s St. Patty’s Day tomorrow, and my former ‘usual adventures’ were usually along the lines of “Epically Hammered” to “Downright Comatose” for the duration of said Holiday…

Lets face it, I earned it this week.

Now, as I am when I’m a wee bit on the blitzed side, I went surfing and found out that there’s a place where you can write the Leader of the Russian Federation itself, Vladimir Putin himself. No shit… The website is set up for complaints, comments, and general inquiries for the citizens of the Russian Federation to ask Mr. Putin to look into certain things.

Historically, this whole premise dates back to Stalin, who allowed people to show up to the Kremlin to petition and ask him ‘stuff’… not for nothing in Stalin’s day it might not go well, but at least the man had a way of having the Vox Populi address him directly… and it seems that VodkaManBad, i.e. President Putin has a modern website set up to allow the common folks to ‘hit him up’ so to speak.

Now granted, it’ll be a flunky or bureaucrat who probably reads and either ignores it, or, on rare occasion, elevates it (the message/inquiry) ‘up the Chain’ so to speak… Maybe to “The Man” himself. This being something that is pretty much non-existent/non-starter in our supposed ‘participatory Representative Republic’… Us ask our Betters and Leadershit a question? The audacity!!!

Reason I know is that when I had an unfortunate run in with the Kuwaiti Authorities back in the day over a Visa issue, and as I was facing a possible lockdown in a Kuwaiti Jail, the now X-Wife contacted our reps at the time… Senate AND CONgresscritter(s)…

Literally it was like 3 months later (after my shit had been LOOOONG straightened out, FedBro being the one who yanked some strings to save my ass…) did we get ONE FUCKING LETTER from the CONgresscreature stating they “…understood our concerns…” and that they’d “…look into it…” All the while when I was looking at being locked up in a Kuwaiti Jail…

No follow up
ZERO Calls or Assistance
Fucking COCKSUCKERS, one and all.

Anyway, finding this, I decided it’d be cool to see ‘what happens’ if I send the Leader of The Russian Federation a note… This’s What I wrote in it’s entirety:

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich.

My name is Big Country Expat, a married 54 year old US Citizen and 14 tour combat veteran (as a contractor) of Iraq and Afghanistan.  I served the United States Army as an Infantryman and M1A2 Abrams Tanker. 

I wish to congratulate you on your standing firm against the insanity that NATO and my current government is perpetrating against both you personally, and Russia itself.  I spent a little less than ten years in the US Army (1990 to 1999, Gulf War One) and was medically retired due to injuries in line of duty.  After, I could not stay away, so when 9/11 happened, and my country needed me, I went back into action as a contractor, and did 14+ tours in Iraq,  Afghanistan, as well as working at Guantanamo Bay as well.  I served roughly from 2004 to 2014 +/-.  Some of my positions were like Wagner, and I will say I loved serving and supporting my fellow soldiers.

This was before I became completely disillusioned with the evil that my current Government became, and the evil that is now being perpetrated against both Russia AND the Ukraine.

Both countries, Russia and the Ukraine have a long history, and by all rights should be brothers/partners.

Unfortunately, ‘other groups’ that cannot be publically named have taken control in order to avenge whatever slights that they feel were put against them in the past.  It’s a tragedy for all concerned.  They are intentionally having Orthodox Christians kill each other for their amusement/revenge.

My reason for reaching out to you is that daily, I grow more concerned, not by your actions, but by actions taken and not-yet taken by various other Governments.  The ramping up of hostile rhetoric has me plainly afraid.  The French (cheese eating surrender monkeys, how I loathe those people) seemed to not have taken a lesson when Your Rodina utterly crushed Napoleon back in the day.  The Germans also seem to have forgotten their lessons as well…  You’d think that Kursk might have taught them a lesson, and the utter failure of the Leopard 2 in combat must have Guderian rolling in his grave… (Unlike most Americans, I’m highly educated on the realities regarding who did the ‘heavy lifting’ in what you call “The Great Patriotic War Against Fascism”.)

Currently, My fears are that you may be forced to take extreme action.  Like as in “Glow In The Dark” Satan Level Action…   And if so, well… as we in the Infantry would say, and pardon the language, but “Shit Happens.” but I’d REALLY prefer for this NOT to happen.  This email itself will probably have me hit as a traitor as the Retard-in-Chief, our “Theoretical (p)Resident” or rather the people pulling the puppet’s strings have no tolerance for going against them or speaking out against their agenda…. to them?  I’m a bug to be squished.  You, however have to do what is best for you and yours… 

That being said

Please find attached a picture of my two Grandchildren: 

The oldest is Kylie Rose, now age 6, holding a picture of her newly born sister Adriana Grace, now 2.  Addy was born that morning, and Kylie got to see her for the first time via the tablet she is holding… the purity and love on her face says it all….  They are My World, and I would literally do ANYTHING to keep them safe.  -I- would destroy anything or anyone who would bring harm to them…

I beg of you Vladimir Vladimirovich, that IF you have to go to ‘extreme measures’ to stop the Metastasizing Cancerous Evil that NATO is currently involved in, Please just make sure you go after the people at the top… as the old maxim states: “When the Elephants fight, the Grass suffers.”  Unfortunately, myself and my Granddaughters are the grass…

Do what you have to do, but if you can, leave folks like me and my Grandbabies out of it.  Turn D.C. or Paris into a glowing gopher hole of a crater… it matters not to me nor mine…  I and a lot of us in the states are good with that… we utterly despise what this country and its “leadershit” has unfortunately become.  We just want to be left ALONE.  What’s even worse?  I gave the largest part of my life for a lie and an ungrateful bunch of greedhead scumbags who should be hung, rather than dictating things that could get me and mine killed…  That’s what really hurts….

Again, I thank you for your kind attention, and wish you well.

Best Regards

Big Country Expat
United States Army (med. ret.)

Nothing yet.
Neither from the Russians, and I figure IF I’m going to have a Q&A with the Feds, it’ll be on Monday, maybe Tuesday. Which hey, Nothing I said is false amiright? Might be some shit about ‘aid and comfort’ but man, considering the amount of legit terrorists our current leadershit has been ‘assisting’ getting INTO the country en masse, they got nothing to hit me with.

Now the funny thing about the website.
First, I used my real name. A lot of you know it, but still, I changed it out for whatever lil OPSEC is left out there, and two, when I -did- put my name in the boxes (patronymic and regular name) it wouldn’t take it until I translated it to Cyrillic, which was pretty wild.

If you’re feeling a bit frisky with the whisky like I did last night, the webpage is: http://en.letters.kremlin.ru/

Like I said, it may or may not be ignored, but Hell…
As the song goes “Shake the Foundations” whenever, and however you can.

More Later
Big Country

Mom, BBQ and The Krain

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I never catch a break. Took one night off on Wednesday, and then last night as I was settling in to give you the ‘Usual Harangue’ and try to get caught up on current events, the phone started ringing.

Like immediately after Jeopardy…
No Star Trek for me I guess.

Mom took a header. The LifeAlert folks were calling to tell us. It took a good 45 minutes before we finally got ahold of Dad to get the skinny. Now, we weren’t just sitting around during this… I started calling around to various EMS Call Centers to find out which Station took the call, and if they’d transported her and where… After 30 minutes of being bounced around, I got a guy who told me Yes, they had transported her to the hospital BUT

Due to HIPAA, no info would be provided.

Mother FUCKER.

I tried nicely to explain Dad is a cripple for the most part, and he didn’t know which hospital she went to, nor what the status was overall. Fucker on the phone wouldn’t budge.


By 20:30 I’ve loaded the car, and we’re doing a Thunder Run to The Villages (98 miles one way) to see WTF is going on. I only made ONE quicky-stop on the way at Lowes as Dad’s shitter has a bad flapper valve, and I figured since we leave next week for Doc up in Mississippi for Gretchen’s treatment/surgery, I’d knock out fixing the shitter while I was there. I was supposed to fix it on our last run, but we ran out of time… I mean it needs to be done before we leave for a month or so amiright ?

Then, we got there and the neighbors had all gathered at the ‘rents house, as they do when an Ambulance and Fire Truck show up. The whole neighborhood is made up of 70-80 year old Boomers and Leftover Greatest Gen kids like Dad (born in 1932? I think). They’d showed up, and we found out that not only did she get transported, but she had raised so much Hell they discharged her with Prejudice.

Put her in a wheelchair and left her at the ER entrance…

Seems the reason Mom fell to begin with was mixing a Big Ole Glass of Vino with her pain meds and she dumped herself on her ass. When the medics showed, they did the standard eval. As she also wasn’t making sense and couldn’t answer simple questions, they took her in. Now the problem is Mom hasn’t been doing well in Ye Olde Mental Department since her second ClotShot. Severe degradation of her Mental, especially later at night, and after a glass of wine or 4.

Mind you she’s been forbidden from drinking, but ignores us.


Soooo since they were probably going to give her a mental eval (which we’ve been practically begging her to get and she flat-the-fuck-out refuses to do) she raised Hell ’til they threw her the fuck out. They’d (Dad and the neighbors) had just gotten the call to come get her ornery ass, when we showed up, literally as they were getting prepped to drive and get her. I made the executive decision to send the nosey Parker Neighbors all home, had Gretchen get prepped to fetch Mom, whil I grabbed all my shit and gear out of the car. I then went in and laid it out to Dad that –something– was going to have to fucking change.

I mean I got enough shit on my fucking plate to deal w/my Woman having fucking cancer y’know? This shit will not stand man… I got too many ‘things’ to juggle. Mom has been forbidden from drinking and yet she still did so… In fact the last trip up there I told them both to be on their ‘best behavior’ and be exceptionally careful as we’re leaving town, and ain’t nobody gonna be there to assist if things drop in the pot.

In fact Gretchen called her younger brother in North Carolina to tell him, and let him know that HE needs to step up in our absence… to which he said “Well, I gotta work…” i.e. AGAIN he ain’t doing shit…

Again: Mother FUCKER!

Same thing happened when we were living in Tennessee… Her oldest brother, Fuckstain has been completely disowned due to being a fuckstain, and I got a hunch Lil Brother is going to be looking like he too, is headed in that direction. The last time he came for a visit, like almost 15 days, he spent a total of 2 days, maybe three visiting with them, the rest partying with his friends in Clearwater, and didn’t do shit around the house to fucking help out…

And there’s always something that needs to be fixed… fucking light bulbs needing changing, the aforementioned toilet, hell… I have a LOOOOONG list that I chisel away at when we go up there… hell, besides the shitter, I also had to change the batteries in the fucking doorbell as Dad was getting irritated that every time Amazon or -someone- rang the bell, as the computer voice would start bitching about the batteries being low…

Side Note: To do that particular job, I raced to CVS to get 4 D sized batteries at like 22:45… Fucking things were no shit, $14.00 plus tax!!! Not even like the good ones, just plain ole Duracells!!!!

SO I managed to get everything done
By 0100.
We got home at 0230.

And I then went into Glorious People’s Tractor Factory #624 two hours fucking late because of it. Normally I start at 0700… It Pisses me off b/c I’ve been working 10+ hours a day lately to get ‘ahead’ on my hours, as I don’t want to burn any vacation time. Bad enough I had to use 16 hours when we had the plague around this here bitch Aye?

I have no idea what the future holds with Gretchen and her treatments, so better to keep as much vay-kay time on hand, rather than waste it. Thankfully my Boss is Da Bomb.

Now… to get back in the groove so to speak, just a few items that caught my eye this past couple that I haven’t added my 2 cents on. One that had me LMAO on is the whole “Haitian Cannibal/Riots” thing going on…

Haitians Gonna Haiti I guess…

Now I did spot one thing in a pic of Ole BBQ and His Bois:

Guy on the left?

Zoomed in…
An M-14A w/the Giggle Switch. And TBH it’s not in bad shape actually. Full Auto M-14? Yeah… utterly uncontrollable according to “Gun Jesus” Ian McCollum. His video on it:

It’s only a 5 minute vid, but Ian pretty much calls it uncontrollable. Fucker climbs to the sky with the felt recoil. Considering the average IQ of a Haitian is lower than Forrest Gump, got a hunch that M-14 is more of a noisemaker than a serious defensive/offensive weapon.

Reminds me of a story I read about some guy who fought the Simbas in the Congo in the early 60s. Seems the savages put the sights at Max Elevation on their AKs (1000 meters) thinking “Higher Number = Better” so the few that were actually using the sights were in no way capable of hitting the broad side of a barn, never mind their intended target. They might have hit a Sputnik or two…

I think it was Kim DuToit who says regularly “Africa Wins Again.” Fucking Rhodes scholars amiright?

And the whole ‘eating each other’ thing?

I believe it was one of the members of the British House of Lords back in the day (1800s +/-) who said something to the effect: “The Black Man will never achieve Equality in the eyes of the White Man until they (the Blacks) learn to stop eating one another.”

No shit right?

Word is they (the Coast Guard) –might– try and intercept any boats filled with Edible Refugees and send them to Gitmo. TBH it’d be a pretty good plan, as there literally is blocks and blocks and huge amounts of shuttered and unused housing and barracks there. When I was working there, I lived in a hurricane proof bunker-style house with thick assed walls, reinforced windows… hell, I think it would have shrugged off a nuke honestly. The guy I shared the house with, we were the only guys living in that particular neighborhood. Like 100 suburban hardened houses, and not another person in sight…

VERY Creepy… had us some “Walking Dead” vibes going on with like no one else in the immediate area…

Plus there’s already a lot of Haitians there that are already part of the ‘local work force’ so to speak. Between them and the Jamaicans, they’d fit right in…

Of course if they can restrain their urges to kill all the Whites and/or eat them all. Jes’ Sayin’.

Then, on other things, The Krainians did a border crossing, or at least that’s what THEY said they did. The end result being over 300 KIA, 3-4 tanks and 3 M2A2 Brads taken out, a Caesar Self Propelled Arty Piece, and a pile of “technicals” all smoked for a bad P.R. stunt gone wrong. Technicals being a regular pickup or civilian vehicle that people arm up with (usually) a Heavy Machine Gun, or in more radical cases, a rocket pod:

That’s a Soviet/Russian MI-8/MI-24 UB-32 rocket pod that fires 32-2.2inch S-5 rockets mounted on a Toyota Hilux, the preferred Insurgent Mode of Transportation/Improvised Weapons Platform. It’s also utterly retarded.

So they went, mostly to bolster whatever P.R. bullshit they could, and per usual, got their heads both physically and metaphorically handed to them.

The latest intel I’m also gathering regarding the Krain is about France wanting to re-enact Napoleon’s Dumbasshattery, i.e. go up against Russia, on Russia’s terms. Word is that big missile strike on the Airport Hotel wiped out a LOT of “Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys” and hence, the imaginary and nonexistent ‘Honor of France’ is at stake. Considering Frog President Maricon is no where even 1/100th of the man or tactician that Napoleon was, I’d say they’re only going to get their collective asses kicked. Again.

I mean for real…
Fucking France!?!
The above A.I. Pic is rather appropriate isn’t it?

Then, other intel is that out of the 14 Challenger 2 Tanks that the Brits gave to the Krainians, there’s only 7 left operational. Parts and repairs are apparently not readily available, and at least three of them have been flat-out smoked like cheap cigars.

There’s also a pretty embarrassing video on the Brit news ‘The Sun’

…where the Krainians get a Challenger completely stuck like Chuck in the mud… The link is HERE. The Platoon? Company? Commander of the tanks states that the Challenger is “…overly heavy and underpowered” for the terrain.

There’s also RUMINT that the company that produces this turd, Vickers Defence Systems has come out behind the scenes practically ordering/begging the Krainians to stop publicly discussing the tanks shortcomings, as “…it’s bad for sales.”

Things being how they are, at this point it’s pretty obvious the entirety of the war was to line the pockets of the various DotMil Arms Manufacturers and Contract Companies (per usual), allow the DotGov scum to launder all that sweet, sweet foreign aid and kickbacks, and let the Jews have their revenge on both the Russians and Krainians for various ‘slights’ dating back a couple of hundred years or so…

I mean for real… why people don’t wake up and look at the main players involved behind ALL the shenanigans… Jews one and all, and it’s Orthodox Christians slaughtering each other at the behest of the Big-Nose-Small-Hat Tribalists…

Goy Versus Goy, just they way they like it.

And for stating that rather obvious lil factoid, I’m an evil Nazi, as opposed to the real Krainian Nazis?

No wonder things are fucked.

And lastly, word has come out that the Boeing Quality Control Manager who blew the whistle and then rather conveniently ‘committed suicide’ the day before he was supposed to give even MOAR damning testimony to the Corrupt Corporate Greedhead Culture where Boeing put profits over safety?


Seems that he stated to a bunch of friends “If I get found with a bad case of the ‘deads’, Know that I did not kill myself.” Shades of Epstein methinks. Worst part is, they’re not even trying to hide the blatant bullshit that they keep getting away with…

And they will continue to do whatever the hell they want to for the interim as the majority of people just don’t care anymore. They’ve managed to beat us down to being flat out Apathetic. As long as –MY– ricebowl isn’t being fucked with, and I got food on the table and the Grans are taken care of, I just want, like everyone else, to be left the fuck alone.

Until it’s no longer like that.
THEN shit starts getting, shall we say? interesting?

So, sorry for Missing a Day or Two.
I’m Back now, so More Later
Big Country

Twenty Years Ago (What, Wait… it’s been 20 years!?!)

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
20 years ago I took off from Ft. Bliss Texas, Final Destination; Baghdad, Iraq.

And yeah, I was a waaaay overweight Fatbody.
440 pounds at that time of the pic being taken.

They had us gather all our gear at dawn on the porch of the ancient barracks…the ones I think that have been condemned since then as ‘unfit for human habitation’ as even when we were there, we couldn’t even use the tap water to brush our teeth, it was so bad.

We flew commercial to Frankfurt Germany, at which point we then went from ‘normal commercial’ to “Retired AirFarce General Aviation”, i.e. a old beat to hell Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, leased by a Retired Conglomerate, and Chartered at Extortionist Rates that took us on to Kuwait:

A looooooong and cramped flight to say the least.

Sucked even more that we go conned into loading the baggage with a promise of a seat in the First Class section, only for the fuckers to reneg on it.


Once in Kuwait, we had like a one-day layover. Specifically -I- had a layover as they had a problem scrounging up a set of Body Armor my size (5xl). They had to ship one in from some obscure log-base, and it was in Woodland Camo, which sort of sucked later on in the Iraqi sun and heat. Once I got it, they put me and my bro, Lil Country, on a C-5A:

That one specifically…

Let me tell you…
First Thing: The ‘passenger’ compartment is on the roof of that big sucker. Right behind the cockpit. It’s called “The Courier Compartment.” Held about 8 of us in that forward deck. That was it for pax on that flight… the rest of the plane was pure cargo. The ladder? Hoo boy… scary doesn’t describe it while you’re climbing it with a ruck and a duffle on top of the ruck (90+pounds of gear) all while wearing your vest, with plates.

Second Thing? You’re flying backwards.
Most disconcerting thing I’ve ever experienced, taking off and landing backwards. Really fucks you up.

Third and Last Thing? The Chaff and Flare Launchers are right there on either side of you. As we were on approach into The Saddam-A-Go-Go, the Haj fired off -something- at us… found out later it was an old ass MANPAD someone had squirreled away, and took the risk to shoot at a big, fat, slow moving Target over BIAP…

The Chaff and Flare Launchers were what let us know we were “in the shit” so to speak.. THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! like ever second or so… that and the wild assed combat landing… the pilot had that big Fucker doing shit that I was sure it shouldn’t be capable of… Lil Country yelled at me at that moment and took this picture:

“TFW You Question The Wisdom of Your Choices in Life”

Yeah… a Bit Hairy.
But… in the Long Run
I made it. Lost all that weight too. Got to play with a lot of cool toys:

…meet some cool people:

and pretty much redefined the Scope of Things…

Really, all and all…
“What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been…”
More Later
Big Country

Alive More Or Less (We Think)

Damn… That took a lot out of <us>…
Greetings and Yadda Yadda…

Do. not. get. that. Flu. or whatever the fuck that demonic motherfucker was/is. I got to feeling a wee bit better around last Thursday… I went to the Doc in the Box at the end of the street who Z-Packed me, and I went home…

Practically to Torches and Pitchforks as both Sapper and Gretchen were starting to experience the super-achy phase, and blamed me for bringing it home.

They both ended up going up to get the Z themselves, and that night, I got a full on relapse or something. Literally the bed soaked, alternating being feverish and then hotter than hell. Weak as a kitten too.

Essentially until yesterday/today, ALL of us were sloooowly dying in Bed. Even Sapper who never gets sick nor calls out. Guy normally is a fucking robot man. Terminator mode… but even this bug laid him low.

Z Pac and Prodigious amounts of Vitamin C Intra, a couple of IV bags and ‘stuff’ and man, a couple of days and I’m sorta-kinda back.

A quick fill in Story from back in the Days of the Army. I put this one up on the Reddit side of things… under “Worst/Funniest Moment in Basic”… as they say, this was mine:

“Puke in my D.I.s Face maybe?
Be Me. 1990… Ft Benning. Got served Brussel Sprouts on a field FTX (Infantry 11H). BOILED Brussel sprouts. Can’t stand the smell of them, get nauseated just because of the stench. Unfortunately, they forced the kid on the chow line on the BS Marmite to put them on my tray. Usually I went out of my way to avoid getting them on my tray ‘cos the ‘you take it/you eat it’ and there wasn’t any way I could… Now, I -tried- to skate… camo’d them fuckers so’s the D.I. at the garbage check wouldn’t see them… Unfortunately, I got caught and it went something like this:

D.I. Ingnorant : “Private BCE! What haven’t you eaten your delicious, nuuu-trious, government-approved Brussel Sprouts???!!!???”

Pvt BCE/Me: “I’m allergic to them Drill Sar’nt!!!!” (screamed at him full force, and I dunno if I am, it was all I could think of on-the-fly that might keep me from getting killed)

D.I. Ingnorant: (Steps forward, shouting) “That’s BULLSHIT! You will eat these greens, right here, and right now! No way on God’s Green Earth have -I- ever heard of an allergy to Brussel Sprouts… Now, open your fucking gob annnnd begin!!!”

Pvt BCE/Me: Opens mouth, starts chowing down… eyes begin to water… second Sprout goes in… > queue disturbing stomach noises <

D.I. Ingnorant: (Gets face-to-face w/me, diligently chewing and knowing what’s coming) “Now Pvt BCE, aren’t those just the best? Just like momma makes back home… swallow and tell me and all these other privates what you think of good ole US Army Hot Field Chow!”

Pvt BCE/Me: Swallows… starts trembling…eyes watering like I’d been CS’d… skin is now a gray-ish pallor according to witnesses later…

D.I. Ingnorant: “Well Pvt BCE?”

Pvt BCE/Me: Opens mouth, <HOOOORF!!!!!
Projectile vomits the -entirety- of my lunch alll over the D.I.’s chest…thick stinky barf… didn’t have enough loft to get him in the phizz… just enough to splatter the front of his BDUs with the half eaten remains of the Fried Chikin and Green Beans I -did- manage to scarf down…ran alllll the way down and dripped on to his spit shined Corcorans

Fucker got Forrest Whitter Eye at me, while I weakly lost my legs… went to my knees and said almost in a whisper… “I…tried… to… tell…. you… Drill….”

I passed out right after… between nerves and the whole situation, I was out for a few. After I found out D.I. Ingnorant got his ass handed to him by the First Shirt for ignoring that I had told him about an allergy. Still don’t know if I am per se, but it saved my ass… and NO I still cannot stand the smell sight nor taste of the dreaded Sprouts.

Didn’t get smoked, but hey… call it a win.”

So as they say, is that for Today. Maybe more tonight as I owe y’all. More Later

Big Country

I’m Sick as a Dog Everyone

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
That Midget Wrasslin’ I went to? The crowd? Someone there was a plague carrier methinks. I started a bit of coughing on Monday, but the pollen was so out of control, (the car is green right now as we speak) I figured it was the allergies kicking in.

Tuesday, I got to hacking, and started feeling achy.

Today I punched out from Glorious Tractor Factory #206 ‘cos I was puking and hacking so much… Even the soles of my feet hurt. I’m even taking the day off tomorrow

So some memes to keep y’all entertained:

More Later

Short Poast, Some Good News, and Some Bad, and Death to the Heretics.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Good news:

The test that tells us that Gretchen has to get a masectomy? Nope.

No tit choppin’ here thank God.

The bad news?

She –might- lose a half to a cup to a full cup in size. The lumpectomy is going to suck, purely. Problem is, in order to keep symmetry, the other tit needs to get hit and reduced.

Which is a stone bitch as naturally, the tit with teh cancer in it is the smaller of the two boobs by half a cup.

That means overall, a potential full cup ‘chop’

For a chick that’s like the Kiss of Death.
Gretchen as “The Hair Diva” is a kick-ass six foot amazon with some huge assed-titties. For sake of clarity, for those of you who have donated, with her permission, this is what we’re fighting for men!

That’s a pic she sent me when she was dating me… 49 years old.

DAYUUUUUM! is all I can say.
Despite giving birth to the ‘Spawn of Satan’ AKA DumbCunt, for a fifty-ish woman, she’s got no drag nor sag, and no stretch marks. Fuckin’ unreal and I’m the luckiest sumbitch out there.


I totally dig her emotional breakdown. I’m trying to be better about handling this, but to be honest, my bedside manner was along the lines of “slap a band-aid on it, it’ll be fine.”

We’ll get through it.

And as far as the fucker(s) talking shit about me?
Well, fuck it. I sent this to JimmyPX a great commenter and awesome dood who’s DM’d me some support and shit… he had a pretty good explanation of the haters, namely Jealousy.

One of the Seven Deadly Sins
Which in this case has potentially fatal outcomes. My response to him:

Thanks for the kind thoughts Jim.
I will state this, at the risk of FeadPoasting: If my wife suffers ANY deleterious effects from these fucksticks trying to sabotage my fundraiser, I swear to you that I will hunt every. single. one. of. them. down. and have my revenge. I’ve killed better men in Iraq.

These cowardly know-nothing basement dwelling morons have NO IDEA what wrath I am capable of. As stated, IF Gretchen suffers, I will make it my end-of-life mission to UTTERLY ERASE those who interfered, to the point their families become fair game. If I have to s-q-u-e-e-z-e Torba personally to get their IRL info, I will…gleefully.

FAFO indeed.
Notice formally give, no quarter asked, nor given

Ball is in their court.
Please, continue to be assholes.
I haven’t killed anyone since late 2006.
I’m behind on my quota of fuckwits, lackbrains and douchecanoes.

So More Later and My continued THANKS and LOYALTY to you ALL!
Big Country

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