Got The Gran For The Weekend SO Here’s Some Memes For Your Enjoyment

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Gran#1 is here for an extended visit. OtherGrans ‘Rents have some medical issues they’re dealing with, so we’re filling in. She’s having a blast, but seeing that Gretchen is still on the mend, I’m the full time Papi/Dancing Monkey/Cook/Entertainer…

Loving it but -not- at the same time Aye?

I feel like I got hit by a truck.
THIS right here is what makes it all worth it:

Red Headed Nukular Powered Female, Age 6, Type One Each.
Not only that, but a smart lil goober
Who can argue rings about you if’n you’re not careful.
Gretch has fallen into that trap…
You never negotiate with Terrorists.

Which, by and large, is the very definition of ALL kids under the age of, oh say 10?

So yeah, found me and gathered me some over the past few. Hope you enjoy them:

That’s it for tonight. Not much else to add.
More Later
Big Country

5 thoughts on “Got The Gran For The Weekend SO Here’s Some Memes For Your Enjoyment”

  1. Love that last meme. David needs to be Hogg tied, scalded, gutted, roasted, and fed to the muzzies.
    That Chinese immigrant had David’s number. BAM!

  2. “Today, the entire world of mankind operates under a world law which is referred to as the law of the high seas or, International Maritime Admiralty. When you were born, you came out of your mother’s water. Since you came out of your mother’s water, you are a maritime product. This is why, when you were born, the doc (dock) has to sign your birth (berth) certificate. It’s a maritime Admiralty manifest showing that your mother brought you into the world and you are going to make money. Anything in this country, if it’s a lawful legal document of any kind, your name must be, according to maritime law, be in all capital letters. Why? Because you do not own your body. You do not own yourself. All capital letters name implies that you are a maritime admiralty product. You are not a human. You’re not a living entity. You’re a product.

    Your living entity person, the actual you, is represented under law by upper and lower case name. So you are a corporation, whether you know it or not. But you are merely a subsidiary of a larger corporation called UNITED STATES. This is the way the law works.”
    ~ Jordan Maxwell

  3. BC ya fuggin mook!

    Still running around in a princess outfit?!?! The kid is 6 YEARS OLD!

    She should have at least a Hello Kitty M4 and some C4 Play Doh and Serious Putty.
    But that poor kid doesn’t even have a knife!

    I know what’s going on here – you’re afraid of gun shot and stab wounds aren’t you, you pussy? For shame! What kinda grandfather are you?


    Have fun you guys. BOTH of you. Hold that kid close while you can.

  4. To bathe in the blood of commies and eat their brains with their heads on stakes with a placard to warn the others.
    All softies better get over this lam eass I’ll lose my house and my boat/car/small penis compensation vehicle, the feds are watching my poasty. (sniffle)
    The first photo of the child is why the commies gotta go.
    We owe it to them to not live with a left/right boot on the face.

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