Two Times is Coincidence is What We’ve Been Told in the Past…and New Memes!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
About that line I said yesterday “Might be that a recent diversity hire done fucked up maybe?”

Mayhaps I was a bit premature?

I mean I’ll always go with Hanlon’s Razor, as it makes it easier to deal with. I’m far more comfortable with believing that the majority of Hoo-mons are just plain dumb as a Box of Flahertys… makes it easier than to try and figure out the “Wh and Why” of an evil conspiracy and whatnot…

And then things like this happen:

Le Sigh…
Link to the Story is HERE
As I stated in depth yesterday, the Shell CAsings are made in Scranton PA, and the explosives in Holston Tennessee. They ship the explosives to Scranton, where the shells get filled.

Now, filled Arty Shells tend to need special handling and shipping.

In fact, Loaded Artillery Shells are Hazard Code One

So… a question. We’ve heard about the supposed ‘bottlenecks’ that we, the US Weapons Manufacturers have been having in supplying the Krain with MOAR 155mm shells. I’m going to make a guess that the shipping of said-materials factors into that slowdown.

Now, How much quicker (and safer) would it be to ship the empty casings to Wales from Scranton PA with no explosives in the shells? That would mean that it’d be quicker and easier (and possibly safer too) to ship them and fill it onsite and by happenstance, closer to the Krain?

And now the empty shell casing place has a fire/damages, and the place in England that the factory there that Artillery shells filler is made? The same place that –might– have been being used as a prepositioned/final loadout location in Jolly Ole England/Wales catches fire/gets damaged as well?

Again, Call in a Coincidence.
BUT if we get a Third time?
That is Enemy Action.

Not that we can do anything but laugh at this point. As they say, there’s Blue, Red and Black Pilled… but the lesser known one is being “Honk-Pilled”

“When you’ve taken the Honk Pill, you know everything is Clown World, and all you can do is laugh.”

Speaking of which:
Concern American is working on getting Western Rifle Shooters Association back up… haven’t gotten word on -what exactly- happened, but he’s working on it, and said it’ll be back ASAP:

So no worries for now…
All Updates are Up at Gab under his @WRSA moniker.

And beyond that, well, lots of ‘stuff’ happening that I can’t as of yet disclose. DC and her antics have gotten worse if you can believe it, and I’ll just leave it at that for now. All I can really say is Karma is a stone bitch and when you fuck with people and cause that much misery for your own enjoyment, well, the backlash? She’s got no one to blame but herself.

SO, because of that, how about a ‘palette cleanser’ of some of the latest Memes I discovered this past weekend?:

So More Later
Big Country

24 thoughts on “Two Times is Coincidence is What We’ve Been Told in the Past…and New Memes!”

    1. Glad to hear… Was rolling through various vpn locations thinking I was being blocked.

  1. After all of the trouble that DC caused Wifey, you and the Grans, that bitch has a mountain of karma heading her way.
    If she was just NICE and not an asshole doing stupid shit then none of this would be happening to her. As they say “play stupid games … win stupid prizes”.

  2. I can’t look it up now, because retired ID cards are not CAC cards, but shells are HAZCLASS 1.1D, if memory serves, and are generally not all that hazardous, as they require a detonator of some sort to go explody. Mk80 series low drag bombs are shipped palletized with fuze wells plugged, and are similarly HAZCLASS 1.1D. Don’t catch them on fire, no, but they are otherwise pretty insensitive to shock.

    Artillery shells are filled when under manufacture with a liquid slurry of explosive which is heated up high enough so that it melts, but not high enough to burn. Bombs are filled the same way.

  3. I think the UK explosion might be more coincidence than conspiracy, according to the local BBC (hawk, spit) news it was one shell being dismantled by robot in a section designated for such, so no injuries just scratch one robot and a shed.

    Good luck with DC and please keep up the good work on the blogging, we on the other side of the pond appreciate your take on the news that somehow seems to escape the MSM.

  4. WRSA still down bad gateway error msg.
    Checked in incog mode and IP hide and thought that was the reason.
    NC Renegade just reported 911 down in Central USA.
    These sabotage things happen when you let in the turd world as external enemies laugh at how easy it is.
    The correct choice is hookers and blow.
    Had a Tec-Scorpion .22lr back in the day and it would actually work with Remington FMJ, hella fun at the range.
    Keep calm and keep the safety off.

  5. Dumber’n’rocks humans (DEI anyone?) or malicious plot?
    Why not both? DEI *is* a plot after all.

    1. The razor doesn’t cover someone both stupid AND evil and so people just go with the choices presented rather than both (and really, really like to call evil stupidity as they are stuck under their perspective and what they would decide and so assume the decision maker might just be stupid; seen it countless times).

  6. BCE, I’m stealing that Honk pilled shit. Excellent. I think it means that the war started years ago and all the enemy actions are finally filtering into the normies. If people don’t think that the 911 system going down wasn’t battlefield prep they are wrong.

  7. Anthony Migchels- “The US can’t sell its Treasuries at current rates anymore: inflation is too high, and creditors feel they’re losing too much value at current rates.

    The rates for 10 year Treasuries have been creeping up, and are now sitting at 4,7%. Fed rate cuts, which they had been projecting later this year, are off the table.
    Rates will in fact continue to rise. With devastating implications for the already gutted economy. The Government is now saying they will spend $1,6 TRILLION per year on interest payments yoy at year’s end. That’s 25% of its budget, and unprecedented and totally unsustainable for any state: it’s twice as much as the bloated ‘defense’ budget.
    Here are some backgrounds:

  8. “Iowa Army Ammunition Plant IA (IAAAP) produces and delivers component assembly, and medium- and large-caliber ammunition items (fuses and primers and the like)”

    Oh nay my dear BCE, that ignition stuff is/was only for TOW, Javelin and Hellfire. Also run belted 40mm, mortar rounds, one of two sites in US for filling 105 and 155, viper charges, host of other items.

    Can’t get anyone qualified to layout and build additional production lines/transfer lines, currently running beyond max design capacity, i.e. too much splodey stuff laying around at once.

    Word on the street that is.

    RIA is only one dam buster away from obliteration, was really secure from Johnny Reb and the Nazis, but a Dagger in the Heartland, all she wrote. (Kindjal ref there…)

  9. Howdy –

    A little off topic, and possibly I missed this, but what’s up with Western Rifle ?
    Been trying to log on for several days now with “error” and “missing page” results.
    Interested to know…

    1. Funny you should ask…
      Looks like CA’s just got WRSA back online, as of Wednesday’s meme post.

      You’ll likely have to either force a refresh in your browser, and/or clear your browser cache.

      Keeping finger’s crossed that they (CA & Hosting provider) had fixed whatever took it offline, so this isn’t just a ‘short term’ affair…

  10. So you’re saying that it is a bad time for me to be living 10 minutes from Holston Defense in Kingsport?

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