The After Action Report or “More Lies The Zionist Spread”

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Talk about a bit of a piss me off…
All Hat, No Cattle.

Add on the fact that gas went down 9 cents locally AFTER I tanked up and reloaded the empty cans… shit like this makes me really wonder if we -are living in some computerized “Matrix”

So, here’s the scorecard supposedly

99% intercepted.
That’s impressive
Seeings that even the manufacturer of most of the Air Defense Missiles they’re using average a 15% successful intercept rate… My former roommate from back in the day switched from TOWs to Patriots, and retired a CWO, and even -he- said the Patriot is ALL hype.

Add on, who you gonna trust?
The Israeli DotMil/Gov?
The same Israeli DotMil/Gov who was responsible for the USS Liberty Massacre as well as faaar too many crimes against humanity to count…Lying Liars, One and All. Even the most jaded Pro-Krainian groups out there have said that for the most part, the Patriot Pac-3 is an expensive Pile of Shit.

I mean FFS I was up until 0300 waiting to see if it was going to Go Full Retard, and while scrolling Twitter, I saw WAY more successful impacts of Ballistic Missiles than they’re admitting to.

And some of those impacts were impressively large with secondary explosions meaning they hit something that then blew da fuq up spectacularly. Means they most certainly did not shoot down allll the incoming
Again, Lying Fucking Liars Lying Again

And then this quite good Analysis:

Now, over at Concerned American’s place WRSA, there’s a couple of good screen grabs from Gab on there. The two guys, Stop_Shouting and Zerogov are correct in their statements that this really shook up the Izzies. They’re used to doling it out, and –not– taking it on the chin like a motherfucker…

Call this their “Doolittle Moment” as in the Doolittle Raid that the US did right after Pearl Harbor… bunch of B-25s flew essentially a one-way mission, dropped some bombs on Tokyo, and caused mad panic in the population.

Add on one thing BOTH guys failed to mention as well, is that NOW the Iranians more than likely have mapped the locations of alllll those ADA batteries. Any bets there was some back-door dealing to have whatever dedicated Chinese/Russian/Nork satellite watching all the fun from Near Earth Orbit? Any bets that the Izzies are complacent and won’t move those ADA batteries or can’t as they’re permanently affixed?

IF the Izzies decide that they need to continue this idiocy, well, the intel estimates before this little strike is that the Iranians have what would be called in the DotMil Logistics parlance “A Metric Fuckton of Missiles”. They got as LOT more from where that came from.

Considering early estimates is that they shot off over billion dollars worth of ammo to shoot down faaar less expensive drones and missiles, well… the price point investment leans heavily towards the Iranians. Especially in light that there really isn’t anything currently available for reloads. WE sent damned near ALL of OUR stuff to Krainfeld. The cupboard is fucking bare, and the Iranians could do the same. exact. thing. like they did last night with like ten times, say 3000 missile/drone combos, and that’d be it.

Plus numerically, just in people alone:
Iran: Population of 44 million.
Israel: Population of 9 million.

And the Izzies have been able to get away with this shit for way too long due to Muh Holocaust Inc. and Sheeeit! and all the Dual Shitizens in our DotGov… for once someone stood up, and punched the bully back, right in his cockholster. Of course the bully then ran to the teacher (the UN, Useless Nations) and snivvled about how “The Rules Based Order” were broken, and how mean the Iranians are… and then proceeded to beat up the class Retard (Hezbollah in Lebanon).

God its all so (((tiresome and expected))) at this point…

So yeah.
I’ll call this one (provided Israel doesn’t get stupid(er) a Draw.
Iran got to save face, and also show that they’re not putting up with the Izzies Bullshit any longer.

So with that, I’m off to bed
More Later
Big Country

26 thoughts on “The After Action Report or “More Lies The Zionist Spread””

  1. Of course you miss the big picture; bbq’d persians are on the menu. Red heiffer wont be denied.

  2. JLOTS is coming. Hey BCE ever crawled around all the equipment on a MPP RO-RO?

  3. That’s okay BC. Ya stocked up and stacked some preps and that’s always a good thing.


    There’s a fine line between being vigilant and being a neurotic alarmist. I stopped reading Aesop and Peter Grant for just this reason. “Oh no!!!! Ebola!!!! We’re all gonna DIE!!!…Oh no!!!! Covid!!!! We’re all gonna DIE!!!!…Oh no!!!! The Russians invaded the Donbas!!!! They’re gonna occupy the ‘Kraine and Poland!!! Then they’ll nuke Europe!!! We’re all gonna die!!!!” Those guys are going to be wearing pull up diapers at the rate they’re going. Fuggin old women is what they are.

    That is not to say we can be complacent. We have a rapidly closing window. We have perhaps two to five years to unfuck ourselves and our chances right now are 60/40 against our success. These leftist govts with all their faggotry, diversity, and wokeness have to go. The North American jew and nigger problems have to be recognized and addressed. The communists and Marxists have to be purged from our finances. Our women need to go back to keeping house and safeguarding children. They have no place in positions of power and influence. We need to start producing armaments again. Yes, there are exceptions to all that…but they ARE the exceptions.

    We can clean our house…or Darwin, Murphy and God will do it for us.

      1. Glen and Exile, I put my faith in Murphy, Darwin and God, in that order. Recent evidence indicates God is hands off at this point in macro matters. He is still quite active with deserving individuals and some groups. YMMV

  4. I see Hamas as the retarded kid. Hezbollah is the dirt poor skinny kid you don’t want to fuck with. Yeah, you might beat his ass, but he just don’t care and will bloody your nose like the Izzies found out back in 2006. In a month of fighting both sides lost roughly the same number of troops, the Izzies lost 20 tanks, a chopper and had the flagship of their navy put out of service for several months thanks to a Hezbollah anti ship missile. In 2017, Israel claimed Hezbollah had 150,000 rockets.

  5. “Do ya think maybe the russians, chinese, or north korean sattelites were taking notes?”

    I think, that every where, when anything happens, everyone who has any capability, is watching it and taking notes.

    Could be this gets Elon out of lawsuit or two.

    Could be this gets some of them loser-countries some more foreign aid.

    Could be that some connected folks gets them some monies from dangerous, but not-sattelite-having groups that happen to be interested in “world affairs.”

    Could be we are in for some interesting times….

    1. The problem for the US is when those notes interfear with the narritive or moneyflows/boondoggles – then they are ignored

  6. Putin said any attack on Iran by US and he will defend their ally.
    The Israeli Doomsday Plane was up with Satan and cabinet.
    Seven year old Israeli girl killed in drone strike and Tel Aviv groceries emptied out in one hour.
    RF fighters were in Iraqi airspace on Saturday and ready to intercept.
    Just as Trump said at Pennsylvania rally…everything Brandon touches turns to poop emoji.
    Reports on X that Herr Klaus is hospitalized.
    All from external sources as US media is poop emoji.

  7. 1.4 billion dollars of cash on pallets will buy you a lot.
    Kabuki. Theatre.

    Y’all are being played….

    When has any conflict of real worth had 3 days of warnings about it coming ‘any moment now…’, but conveniently begin and conclude while futures markets (texas tea bitches!) are closed?
    Ever see the Dustin Hoffman movie Wag The Dog? You’re a part in it now!

  8. I am surprised that with all the incoming , one of missles/ drones didn’t take out the dome on the rock.

  9. I figured out why its called the Patriot missile system. Like most American patriots, it has a lot of cool, expensive hardware with very little ability to use it effectively.

  10. The “little hat, big nose” club need to remember God has punished their scrawny ass several times.

  11. the rest of the story, from Telegram

    By notifying the US 72 hours before the attack, it is obvious that Iran did not want the situation to escalate into an all-out war, but the attack was mainly of a “marketing” character, saving face, and proof that the entire armada of air defense systems and radars protecting Israel , can easily be breached.

    With just 300 drones and missiles fired, Iran managed to hit targets in Israel with 9 missiles, bypassing several layers of defenses in and around Israel.

    This is proof that all that air defense defense of Israel has a max capacity to neutralize less than 300 rockets and drones in a range of several hours.

    What would happen if Iran fired 2000 missiles and drones at once as they announced, in response if Israel attacked again, and on top of that if they used hypersonics?

    We all know the answer. Why then does Israel still want to attack? Because Iran has already discovered Israel’s defense capability, now Israel wants to test Iran’s air defense. This is very important for Israel. Iran already has all the information they need


  12. My wife and I were talking about that, Iran shoots missiles at Israel from Iranian soil and gas prices don’t even flinch? The whole thing smacks of kabuki theater.

  13. BCE, don’t kick yourself for “going on alert” over this.

    The thing is one never knows what is going to happen with these things and better safe than sorry.
    The time you would be sorry is you say “to hell with it”, don’t prepare and THAT’S the time all Hell breaks loose. You don’t want to be paranoid but it’s like here in Florida when a hurricane is off shore and there is a chance it will hit you. Odds are it won’t but it would behoove you to prepare “just in case” it DOES hit you. Because if you hadn’t prepared you’d be screwed and either be another dumbass stuck on the highway evacuating or people in bad shape wanting the government to help them (good luck with that).

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