CONFIRMED The Shit Has Hit The Fan

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Official War Alert
Started on Twitter an Hour Ago:

Guy who put it up on Twitter…
How it’s going:


More Later if we’re lucky…
I’m going to fill the empty water jugs.
Drones should take about 2-3 hours depending on how big they are (weight and propulsion systems). And knowing the Arabs, this could be a feint to have the Hebes expend all their ADA stuff, and then hit them with a Ballistic Missile Barrage like the Russians have done to the Krainians oh so many times.

Gotta Bounce…
It’s been an Honor and a Pleasure if this goes Full On Kinetic.
Big Country

31 thoughts on “CONFIRMED The Shit Has Hit The Fan”

  1. Nah, local for now. Escalation is a dish best served tit-for-tat. What a time to be alive.

    1. Agreed. This is a slo mo attack by Iran to save face from hiding under the table after their first threat of an attack was learned and then POSTPONED until later. Lol a face saving attempt by the muzzies to flex their womanly bicep muzzies. Iran still sucks on the tit from the win of taking American hostage’s during the Carter administration. Carter was a pussy and cost the lives of American service men by his ignorance. As a result Iran capitalized on their win via sand storms over an incompetent blundering president. I fear that they do not fully realize the stupidity and perversion that now resides at the birth place of all that was good, Christian, God fearing and hard working people. A blubbering pResident who sits on the world stage as an absolute fool hardy pedo who showers with his daughter. Who is nothing more than a puppet guided by an equally low iq community organizer who had nothing more to give than providing his race card and as such daring people that they are not racist to vote for him. WE were played.

      1. Just a thought, have you signed up for the fun? Going over with the Army, Navy or Air Force?

        Also, Israel doesn’t loose it’s shit over little stuff.

  2. Nah, many miles to go before Zionism is relegated to a basement in Brooklyn.

  3. Respectfully, sorry to say, looks like more Kabuki theater.

    Though, I guarantee it’s going to cost us many more pallets of cash to both sides, as the Jews and moslems shake us down again. They’ve been doing this since before we were all born.

    Besides the jewish messiah can’t come until the red cows get sacrificed for passover, or something.

    1. lol unfortunately neither group needs to work very hard to shake us down these days. Your “Kabuki theater” was an interesting choice of words. You may be correct; look to the price of fuel over the coming days to figure out if that assumption is correct. That being said we should top off everything we can (cars, gas tanks, etc). Told about anyone who would listen and fuck the rest.

      I would think if gas rose to $7+ a gallon we are all headed for a heartbreak. Just pulled the $7 out of my ass but you get the point. I’m going to say something that is not popular on the right; I believe China is the glue holding shit together perhaps. If one thinks logically they have no vested interest in seeing the US collapse. Imagine a destabilized nation full of retards with nukes. Iran may very well understand it too.

      Not much need to be seen as deliberately being responsible for the collapse of the Old Order. At least I wouldn’t think so when the future already belongs to the multi polar world. These are the most dangerous of times. You know how after a few generations family wealth is lost most of the time. Great example to understand what has happened to the elite. Yeah they’re still quite wealthy but the trust fund effect is alive and well in their ability to contemplate scenarios.

    2. Iran did some damage to two Israeli air bases, and not even all of the slow moving drones were shot down, demonstrating that Iron Dome would be helpless against a hypersonic missile swarm…Iran doesn’t want a regional war, neither does the US, and Iran may have cleared this with the US through backchannels……

  4. Why did that just put Warren Zevon in my head? Probably don’t need a lawyer, but I may check my guns.

  5. Drown Swarm!
    Ivan the big dumb vodka swilling lout (/s) has the air defense drone and might even share with allies.
    Maybe Mech WAR could leave humans out of the loop?
    They also seized a container ship in Hormuz Strait.
    If that is closed then $10 a gallon by May.
    Keep calm and lock and load.

    1. It’s the Container Ship I’m concerned about… the idea of a WMD being put in a container is very real. Does anybody know its position and direction/distance to the nearest Israeli port, or to the nearest US/UK Battle Group?

  6. According to zero hedge the ballistic and cruise missiles were launched so they would hit a little after the drones show up. Houthis and Hezbollah supposedly have joined in as well. U.S. is helping with the shooting down part. After weeks of work the Jewbs and .gov finally seem to have gotten the war they have been wanting to blame the collapse on.

  7. Concur, local for now if a single action by Iran. Drones and one wave of their longest range missiles.

    The question is really – What next?
    Does Iran have thousands of long range missiles or just a few?
    Do they launch wave 2 and 3 or go quiet and wait for retaliation?

    Yeah, what a time to be alive and NOT in the ME. Prayers for all our troops in the region, with this bunch in DC in charge, expect a royal clusterf*ck to ensue.

  8. Iranians via their UN mission stating their response is concluded. Seeing as how I don’t know anything about these things, could this limited action be by design? Trip the idf into active ops so that Intel can be gained for the ‘real’ response? Get the radars to light up so their signatures, numbers, locations, can be determined?
    Thanks for reading my smoothbrain question.
    Cheers and Godspeed.

  9. “Iran’s UN mission says its attack, in response to an Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, is “concluded”, warns Israel against retaliation.”

    Israel is known for it’s restraint. Right.

  10. Well Gentlemen, while my gut isn’t telling me this is the big show, if it turns out to be just that then Godspeed to you all. It has been a pleasure to associate and converse with a group of realists who aren’t mindfucked by the official narrative.

    I’ve no idea where it would come from at this juncture – being in such short supply as it is – but may sanity prevail.

  11. Yup, news reports the big mullah has publicly stated that the action by Iran is done, one wave of drones and missiles. Methinks they know that wave 2 would force a response which is now going to be tamped by the U.S.

    Anyone want to bet that this was coordinated between the Obungles/Jarrett puppet masters in the white house for show and that now the official U.S. message will be to force a halt to any retaliation by Israel?


    It sure smells of a setup to force Bibi out, they have been trying for years so why stop now.

  12. Bullshit or no, all those trannies, faggots, junkies, and communists better get ready to get busy.

    They wanted a woke joke military? They wanted tampons in the fucking men’s rooms? Time to earn that shit, degenerate motherfuckers.

    1. i recall a saying, i think it may have been make believe at the time, not sure though ;

      revenge is a dish best served cold.

      star trek … , not the original ?

  13. Yeah…this is just the appetizer. Their still cooking up the main entree for this event. But with Pedo Joe in charge it’s coming. No doubt about that.

  14. Damn, Gents! Y’all got more common sense, strategy, and insight than the whole ‘effing MSM squared! Heartfelt thanks from this old geezer. Got my beans, bullets, and band aids squared away ages ago.

    First casualty in any conflict is da TRUTH. We’re all being fed a line ‘o shit. Who know WTF is going on or happening, eh?

    Murderous Zionists can’t even whup a ragtag Hamas in Gaza when they’ve got them surrounded on three sides. IDF taking heavy casualties, big units being pulled out or relieved. How the ‘eff does this deluded crowd think they’re going to take on the Persian Empire? (Iran, China, and RUSS.) Oh, and add in the 2B Muzzies who want payback for the Gaza turkey shoot.

    Uncle Sugar is flat busted and bankrupted. Sooner, rather than later, the music stops and there ain’t many chairs to sit down it. The green linen paper in our wallets (aka: “Shit Tickets,”) will be just that–TP. Then what? The MIC will be up a creek without massive subsidies, appropriations, and grift. Who’s gonna pay $100 USD for a single round of M855A1 with hyperinflation?

    ‘Bout time for the Anglo-American Empire to take a rest. Those war hawks in King Charlie’s Royal Tank Corps have 40 serviceable units. 40.

    Lord knows what piss poor inventory of battle iron Uncle Sam has in stock–that’s operable, mind you. Where’s the armor mechanics, service folks, guys with brains ‘n brawn, pieces parts needed? Moreover, where’s USA’s ISR? Hypersonic missiles? Massive battle drones? (that work.)

    Hey–we gots nuke-powered flat-tops. Nothing but sitting ducks with a 3000+ casualty list for prowling RUSS subs or hypers.

    USA now shooting down Iranian drones and missiles for the Zionists, got troops in Taiwan, asses got stomped in UKR, and always looking to poke the bear in the eye.

    From the Good Book: Mordecai to Esther: “… you have been born for such a time as this!”

    LIVE IT!

  15. @Luke
    one gallon for USD 7?
    Let me translate:
    1 USD = 0,94 EUR so
    7 USD=6,58 EUR

    1 gallon=3,94 l

    To get the price for 1 l is: 6,58/3,94=1,67

    Do you know what I paid the last time (one week ago) for my fuel (I live in Germany)?
    1,85 EUR per litre
    And we had already 2 EUR per litre.

    And to the muslims?
    Sorry, but they will never do anything like that.
    Remember a few years back Turkey sent the Mavi Marmara (or so) a ship to Gaza and the turks were telling everybody how tough they were. And that they would never stop in an israeli port but drop anchor before the Gaza strip.
    Guess what happened?
    The israelis sent their smallest patrol boat and the oh-so-mighty and rebellious Turks meekly followed them into a jewish port.

  16. Do you ever wonder WHY countries put up with Israel and the small hat tribe’s BS ?
    Easy – THEY control the World’s money supply and he who controls the money controls the World.

    WHY do you think both the Western Elites and small hat tribe are desperate these days and doing stupid shit ? Because all fiat money systems come to an end eventually because they are backed by nothing (like the dollar is today). They overprint in their greed and the money becomes worthless.
    Their plan was to switch to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) which they control but there is massive push back on that.

    In the meantime the rest of the World is sick to death of their BS and they have shown with their stupid sanctions that they will try and ruin your economy and cut off the money spigot if you don’t do what they want.
    Hence the formation of the GOLD BACKED Brics currency and money clearing house. It totally bypasses the dollar and small hat crowd’s money mechanisms. It is ready to be rolled out and most countries in the World are joining and will abandon the dollar as the World’s currency.

    When that day happens, we in the U.S. are well and truly fucked. Our money will plummet in value and other countries will require hard assets to trade goods, not worthless dollars. Since we shipped all manufacturing overseas, we will be so screwed. Our economy will collapse and the SHTF.

    The good thing is that we DO grow enough food to feed us all and long term this needs to happen. The small hats need to lose power and the U.S. government needs to be chopped down to size and we stop putting our nose in everyone’s business. We won’t be able to afford $15 billion for an aircraft carrier or have half the population sitting on their asses getting a government check.

    Ron Paul foresaw all of this happening 20 years ago and said we could have had a soft landing if we made changes then or a hard landing if we didn’t. We didn’t, so a hard VERY hard landing it will be. This current system is not long for this Earth, so better be ready.

    1. “…Our money will plummet in value…”
      By definition, fiat currency has zero value.

  17. I was scanning the various news channels and the Israelis and the US are all patting themselves on the back because they achieved a “95% destruction rate” on the attacking drones and missiles. So shooting down a $10-15k drone with a $2 million+ dollar missile. Only in the land of bidenonomics does that make any sense. Plus how long does it take to replace those SAMs? Sounds like the Iranians have studied the Russian methods and tactics and are now applying them to Israel. Also there were rumors on /pol that the missiles that did hit were hypersonics. Thin out the SAMs so the next strike will really be shock and awe even if there are not that many strikes. Sounds like anyone who invested in diapers will make a fortune because the demand will be off the charts in Tel Aviv.

  18. Don’t know, don’t care. All I know is that I’m starting to salivate like an attack dog who suspects he’s about to be let off of the chain.

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