The Battle of The Pool, British Retardation, a Cool Shotty Oh Yeah, The Boers Rock.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
SO, couple of things or three to go over tonight. First, the personal. The “Battle of the Swamp-Pool” has been officially won!

Yay Me!|

Took a sample of the water down to Pinch-a-Penny Pool service (a chain ALLLLL over Florida) and had them run an analysis. Came back that I needed a smidgen more Chlorine, but otherwise? It’s just fine for swimming! Seems the whole ChemWarefare I dumped in expended itself on the Algae and after the report I hit it again with another round.

Should be fine long-term. I ran the reusable filter overnight, and will continue to do so, in that this A.M. that sucker was clogged with Algae-Nasty. Again, much to my happy-dance, it cleaned up, and I got it running now non-stop.

Otherwise, let’s see… News that Caught My Eye (a CME if you will…) One out of Jolly Ole England that just shows how far the former Commonwealth has fallen. Link to the Story is HERE

The TL;DR and DR if you want to keep your blood pressure at a normal level is some Piece Of Shit Nigger from Eritrea who raped a teenager, who was up for Deportation after ten years in the clink, is getting to stay in Jolly Ole because if he gets deported back to his Turd-World-Shithole he’s from “…wouldn’t be able to access care for PTSD or depression in the East African country

Are You Fucking Kidding?

There’s Insanity.
Then there’s INSANITY

Just WHY is this fuck even still alive?
Like… OMG… like… I don’t even know where to begin…
Let’s just say it’s the final nail in the Collective Coffin of the Former British Empire. THIS is proof that it’s DONE in caps, bold, and underlined. Soy doesn’t even begin to explain how fucked that whole situation is.

At least in Ireland, it’s primarily because they (theoretically) elected some fucking Wog into power as the Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, who also was an openly flaming ass pirate…

Annnnnnnnnd Huh… doing my blegg-research, I’ve looked it up, and it seems the FagWog quit as of March of this year, and the new PM is a guy named Simon Harris. Not sure as to how Harris is going to run the show, but anything outside of a fucking Wog has got to be better for Ireland overall. At least unlike the last fucker, he was born there amiright?

So, unexpected Good News from the Land of My Ancestors.
About fucking time Aye?
Unlike Scotland… where you have that other mental case Wog, Humza Haroon Yousaf pretty much made it illegal to say anything that he and his feel is ‘mean words/thoughts’

The exact idea being that the law is meant to “…make(s) it an imprisonable offense to incite hatred on the basis of race, religion, transgender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability.” I.E. anything and everything that the various “Ministries of Propaganda and Power” say it means.

Which means I’ll catch a ban on going to Scotland for saying that thier current Prime Minister is a short, insecure Punjabi Paki, who was installed to further the destruction of your basic Anglo-Saxon way of life… I mean tell me I’m wrong…

Fucking Ireland? The former PM (Varadkar) was a Half Irish/Half Hindu. Then, the Scottish PM? A full bore Paki. And the last two? England itself: Rishi Sunak, ANOTHER Punjabi Paki. Add on to that that the Mayor of London, (considered to be one of the power centers in the world) is Sadiq Khan. In this case, rather than Punjabi, he’s a Sunni Paki…

Soooooooooo… tell me I’m wrong.
In every. single. case. of these specific countries that -I- personally experienced and not as a visitor, but by living there for long periods of time, did ANY case of ‘the other’ being embraced. I mean honestly, it. just. didn’t. happen. Meaning in MY experience, both in Ireland and England would you find at the corner pub(s) someone extolling the virtue of a Paki… ever.

And the very fact that Sunak did not get into the position of PM without a LOT of shenanigans and pieces/places moving? He sure as fuck by normal means would never had stood a chance of being legitimately (s)elected… Not for nothing the whol e(s)election process is faaar different from ours, but you should get the idea.

I mean literally, it’d be like Pulaski Tennessee electing a Black Man to be Mayor in 1866. The joke here being that the KKK was founded there on Christmas Eve of 1865… so you get the idea.

Ain’t no way in fuck-all that not one, not two, but 3 PMs who all happened to be Punjabi Pakistanis get (s)elected to the Big Chair in the various countries we are speaking of. Add on the Sunni Paki who’s running Londonistan into the ground, and we have here, what most people would call “a fucking pattern so blatant that Stevie Wonder could see that shit.”

Not that we can do shit about it
Except call it out whenever we see it

I mean I’m sure I just pulled a lifetime ban to any of the aforementioned Areas of Operation, unless it’s for duty. In fact one concerning issue is my old boss, The Gunny? He’s (and I know it’s alliterative) Bailing for Wales here int he next few, if he hasn’t already. He’s had a Welsh Girlfriend forever and a day, but for him to be bolting the way he has? Yeah… as he is/was my former boss, when he starts moving, I pay attention.

Told me the Welsh Country farm that they’ll be on is fine, out of the way, and self-sustaining. Prick. Jealous AF here, except the whole ‘no guns there’ thing…. Not much I can do but give him shit, and keep an eye on his farm HERE as that’s what the plan is from my understanding. Another potential redoubt as it were… have to finalize some stuff but hey… it’s Clownworld now right?

Speaking of which
Stopped by GunGirl’s place.
She had THIS on the wall:

I, of course, went apeshit…
I mean OMFG how awesome is that!?!
As you might be able to see, it’s a Tokarev 12 Gauge Mag Fed Bullpup Semi-Auto. And as you can see, It’s done in A Clown Based Print/Cerakote.

Call it “Clownoflage”?

Here’s a close up of the trigger group:

If I had the $400, I’d buy it.
It’s priced at $369

“Urban Camo”


I had to explain to GunGirl what “ClownWorld is, as well as what the Blue, Red, Black and Honk Pill is. She’s hard right, but she’s not up on the whole terminology.

What’s even MOAR Hilarious is that she’s sold TWO of them already, and this one is ‘spoken for’ by a regular long term customer… which means that;’ she’s sold three of these fuckers, and has more on order, as it’s been by all accounts a big seller.

Interesting IMO, and I think exceptionally well done.

Then, lastly. Tactical Hermit has a fantastic article that he’s referenced at his place, Link HERE It’s an accounting of the utterly depraved and heinous behavior of the British Empire towards the Boers during the Boer War, and the Concentration Camps that were used. The full article (go to it after reading TH’s stuff) goes in depth on the ‘how’ it was exposed, and what happened to the heroine who was responsible for saving VAST amounts of innocent lives…

TBH, after reading this, makes me wonder if Jolly Ole is getting what it fucking deserves… just a day late or two if you will…

SO, That’s me for Tonight. Your Thoughts?
More Later
Big Country

21 thoughts on “The Battle of The Pool, British Retardation, a Cool Shotty Oh Yeah, The Boers Rock.”

  1. Yea, when I get our sand filter installed, I have enough fuck-algae liquids and powders on deck to knock out a fuckin’ red tide in the Gulf.

    1. I’m surprised that more MEN (if there any left over in Eurostan) aren’t dressing in all black and going out in the dark of night with cricket bats, baseball bats, cast iron skillets, etc, and whacking some wog noggins in a dark alley.
      Run away, lather, rinse, repeat.

      BTW, what sites would I need to go on to say nasty things about the wogs and Pakis over in the now-not-so-great-Britain? And maybe add a Canuck site so I can equally insult Turd-oo.
      I feel like if I’m not on a banned list, I’m not doing my part.
      Since I’m not ever planning on going back over to Eurostan or Canuckistan, I figure, wadda they gonna do? Come over here to get me?

      1. They have an INSANE number of surveillance cameras there, and a ton of the cops are pakis now too. Not much of an exaggeration to say they are occupied/have been conquered by alien people of their former empire.

  2. LOVE that shotty! Like you, I only wish I had the money.
    I don’t normally go for the multi color cerakote jobs, but THIS one……Oh! My!
    Well done, GunGirl, well done!

  3. Limey Poofs created concentration camps and the Yahtzees borrowed from Margaret Sanger.
    It’s for your hygiene, comrade.
    Saw one out of the glorious people’s republic of NY with a rapey ape given a six month sentence for diddling underagers.
    You can have shotguns in keep calm and give it away to Pajeets land…if you live rural.
    How did people get so Pussy Galore, something in the food, demoralization, drugs from some head shrinker?
    Jammin’ Mel Brooks-The Hitler Rap 12 inch version after finding UTuber to mpeg layer 3 converter.
    So I said to Marty why don’t we have a little Yahtzee party is some brilliance from the king of rap MC Mel, yes he is small hat and fought for America in WII, I can respect that.

    1. Fluoride in the water is a good place to start.
      Forever Pharmachemicals in our food is a good 2nd stop… What am I saying, that crap in a plastic bag at Kroger’s ain’t food, it’s feed, like you give to cows and other domesticated animals.

      1. The EPA having admitted that fluoride is a neurotoxin, which particularly damages young children…

  4. We had/have the Kenyan and now whatever retarded dipshit is wearing that biden suit. Long string of fuckheads before, our entire lives. We are equally conquered, just haven’t fully realized it yet. Tax cows living in an openair prison under threat of violence, a sort of cold war in public every day.

  5. Urban camouflage for sure! I bet someone could do a good bit of walking around with that thing slung over their shoulder before anyone figured out what it was.

    1. A nig would see its bright colors and try to rob you of it.

      …a dream come true….

  6. Buddy of mine gave me a tokarev for Christmas.
    It’s a fun little toy.


  7. A different guy in England, an Afghan if memory serves, was busted for wandering around and jerking off in front of English teen girls but they won’t send him home because if they did and he pulled that crap in Kabul, the Taliban would yank his dong off with hot pliers. So English girls have to put up with this degenerate because English guys won’t do what the Afghans would. WTF indeed.

    Makes me think more by the day that we did no one any favors by rescuing England and supporting the USSR back in the 1940s. Under Moustache Man Bad you wouldn’t find goat humpers in Europe raping White teens and jerking off in public.

    1. Aren’t Brits allowed to have Beeman air rifles?
      I could sterilize a muzloid with one shot with one of those and they’re pretty quiet.

  8. Hold off on the celebrating good news in Ireland….even if not a yid, he was health minister during covid over there, so no matter the tribe, a scumbag in my book just for that…from Brave’s browser AI…Based on the provided search results, it appears that Simon Harris, the Irish politician, has a connection to Judaism. One of the search results mentions that his grand-uncle was a Fine Gael councillor in Dún Laoghaire, and another result mentions a “Barmitzvah” (a Jewish coming-of-age ceremony) where Rabbi Simon Harris was involved. Additionally, one of the search results mentions that Simon Harris has a “Jewish nose”, which could be a reference to his physical appearance.

    However, it’s important to note that the search results do not provide clear evidence that Simon Harris himself is Jewish. The search results do not mention his parents’ religious affiliations or his own religious beliefs, and the connection to Judaism appears to be limited to his grand-uncle and a single event.

    Therefore, based on the available information, it is unclear whether Simon Harris is Jewish or not.

  9. “Just WHY is this fuck even still alive?”

    Because the only men in Britain are migrants.

    There’s nothing so wrong with the UK that couldn’t be righted by RWDS.

  10. Wait until you see who the new head honcho of Wales is…

    As for that shotgun, you know how some things are so ugly, they are beautiful? That’s not one of them.

  11. Eh, I still have a mad-on for the Brits over the BS they pulled and still excused in Northern Ireland. I just hope the $1000 or so in early 90’s bucks I put in the hat so I could drink while 18 in Southie bought ammo that was used for revenge against the civilians especially who liked to crack Catholic children’s skulls with rocks and march up and down the street in their gay ass outfits. Long may they ebjoy The Dildo of Consequences sans lube.

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