I Think I Stopped a Robbery Tonight? Plus OUTRAGE and The Feds Being Feds AGAIN

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whelp, an interesting thing happened on the way to the Forum… errr.. scratch that, wrong Era… Just made a beer run to the corner Kwicky-Mart to grab up some suds. Can’t be blogging while thirsty doncha know?

When I got there, first thing I noticed was the piece of shit beater Red Pickup truck backed into the parking spot. MY regular spot was right next to it, and I pulled in next to it. Mind you, I was driving Sapper’s Toyota pickup however as Gretchen got a permission slip by me to go get her nails done tonight. When I drive his truck, I do NOT adjust the seat as he gets growly about that, so I put up with the straight as a board seat back for the 5 minutes each way… common roommate courtesy and all that. This is pertinent in a few… or maybe not?

So, I get out, stretching a wee bit as I have no idea how a motherfucker can drive with the seatback at a straight, pure 90 degree… I then notice a few things…

  1. The truck is running, and sounded like and looked like shit Rust, duct tape… and I -think- a late 80’s early 90’s F150… bleached out red where it -did- have paint.
  2. The back of the truck was filled with junk. Which here in Florida, junk trucks roll around on the regular collecting shit to recycle and make some $$$ on. However, THIS truck had a STACK of car batteries in it… and some of them didn’t look dead/used if you know what I mean… one or two? OK… 9-12? Yeeeeah… the Shade Meter Creeps into the “High Orange” zone
  3. Did I mention it was backed in and running? Yep. NOT Normal.
  4. Then, the passenger was a super-thin, young, but on her way-to-ugly blonde chick. SHE looked at me like a scared deer… she was also clenching her jaw in the classic ‘meth-mouth’ thing, grinding her chompers…

Soooo… I then realize “Gretchen has the car!” Which means that she has the ‘car gun.’ The car gun gets removed each time we get out of it, and it has a place inside, and whomever is using the car, takes the gun with them as we leave the house. I got Gretchen trained up to do this too, which means, outside of my bulk and training, I’m functionally unarmed. BTW I do NOT trust those ‘car gun safes’ AT ALL for the record.

SO, I go in, and there’s two guys I can see. One is ‘Old Dude’ who had a problem at the gas pump… no idea what it was, but the chick (can’t remember her name but she knows me on sight) behind the counter is getting frustrated. The other guy is a young tall dude at the soda fountain aka young-guy for brevity.. Didn’t see anyone else, and I looked.

I grab the beer, and get in line. I’m standing behind young-guy, and man, he had some mighty B.O. kicking… he had two GIANT assed buckets of what I can only guess was Mountain Dew. Thing that again, now put me on FULL ALERT was the red, long sleeve flannel he’s wearing.

It’s fucking 89 and humid tonight.

Couldn’t tell if he had a knife, or a piece, but I already calculated how to grab him by the hair (loooong ponytail going down the back, although I’d need to sterilize my paws if I had to grab that greasy shit) and grab him by the belt, and pick him up, and slam his head halfway across the counter… it’ll either kill him, but it’ll sure AF incapacitate him…

And that’s when out of the corner of my right eye, I catch movement. As I was figuring out how to kill young-guy two things happened. Old Dude who had a credit card issue, lets young-guy get to the counter… as this happened another potential target closed in towards me.

This was old-guy… No idea how old as the drugs definitely have aged his ass… short, dirty, smelly and -WAS- moving towards me it looked like, as I pivoted towards him, and started to raise the case of brew, he last-second veered off to young-guy… Old-Guy starts jabbering to young-guy, and BOTH of them start giving me the side-eye and nervous looks…

Which I’ll explain.
As soon as I got the fucked up vibe, I started psyching myself up for a fight. Breathing techniques, my mantra that I use mentally, rolling and loosing up my neck, and turning on my ‘vibe’ that somehow, I can literally –project– a negative wave of anger and hate that scares the ever-loving-fuck out of people who don’t know me, or what I’m doing. Literally preparing for battle…

And from what I could tell, these two knuckleheads tuned in, and maaaaan… “Read The Room” and felt the hate positively emanating from the extremely large and potentially violent Man behind them, they paid for the sodas post haste and beat fucking feet out the door, to the POS Truck, and got while the getting was good…

Mind you when the Old-Guy Meth Head walked up and surprised me, I turned the juice on full steam on ‘combat readiness’. So much so, the nice Old Dude with the credit card issue took a few steps back, watching me wide-eyed.

So, I didn’t kill anyone, but I think I might have stopped a robbery? Who knows. Took me 3 beers and 20 minutes to come off the pre-combat adrenaline high… shit like that reminds me of why I used to love my job…

So, just another thing ‘noticed’ today….
An Abomination

Ya’ll remember this?

Catherine Bach…
On her CJ-7 Jeep Renegade “Dixie”
Boner-rific to say the very least… Every. Single. Straight. Male. who watched the Dukes of Hazzard and the Duke Boys got wood at least once from Daisy Duke… you’d have to be gay not to…

Jes’ Sayin’

So… yeah… friend of the family enjoyed the show so much, he bought a 1980 Jeep Renegade for his daughter (19 years old and she was a HUUUUGE fan of Daisy Duke):

Thing was a beast
Anyways… the outrage/ragepoast of the night is that Sapper and I went to Publix and saw this in the parking lot:

I didn’t want to get any license plates involved, so hence the shitty angle, but I did get the close up:


THAT is now a “Jeep Renegade”
Motherfucking vehicle designers need to be dragged into the street, and beaten to death with a 1965 Chilton’s Corvette/GTO Manual. That soulless fucking abomination… an abortion on wheels… HOW could that have happened?

Just another crime to lay at the feet of MegaGloboCorpHomo and it’s minions…. “…and then one day, a new ‘Hitler’ was born, and no one could figure out why…”

More than likely is my guess…
H/T to Arthur for that one…
We trade back and forth.

Then, the last thing for today.
This one is a absolute fucking shitshow here. I’m sure you heard of the kid in Idaho that got arrested for plotting to do a mass casualty event at a Christian Church in Idaho? You may or may not, especially in light of the fact that it was Christians being targeted, and the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda have deemed them ‘acceptable targets/losses’. Even Faux News moved it off the headlies earlier. However, the story is still out there, Link HERE

Now, you can read the Indictment HERE That SHOULD open the .pdf of the Leviathan Versus Alexander Mercurio. Now, because I do the legwork, I read it…

You want to know the ‘stuff’ I use to get ready for combat?
Let me tell you…
Reading utter contemptable trash like this criminal complaint?
It’s enough to make a motherfucker stroke the fuck out.

The TL;DR:
The Fucking Feds had an entire team of secret informants working this kid. When they started ‘mindfucking’ him he was only 16 years old. Then, even worse, after pretty much stating online in Telegram that he was a typical lonely 16 year old kid, these fucking craven and corrupt scumfucks kept up working him for two whole loooong fucking years. They knew he was alone and in the typical male-teen-angst phase…

Does that sound normal to you?

It sure as fuck does if you’re a worthless and corrupt agency with a axe to grind and a budget to justify.

Instead of doing, yannow, the right thing and telling his parents their kid maybe autistic/a geek w/mental issues who wants to do a terror attack? Nope… If you read through, to me, IF these craven fucktards had you know, actually had any morals or sympathy they would have, you know, tried to help him

But that doesn’t get The Big Terror Budget Bucks.

Nope. Need them $$$ to keep the budget up.

Miserable Pigfuckers, One and ALL

I mean FFS, the kid said multiple times he was suicidal and didn’t want to kill people. Not that that mattered one gentle (or would it be moar appropriate to say ‘gentile?’) fuck to the Fucking Piece of Shit Federal Bureau of Incontinence…


Nope, they STILL still encouraged him, egged him the fuck on,

They even sent Confidential Informants who recorded him into implicating himself in terrorism. Or, considering how little he had at his disposal (a pipe, which they’re trying to say he was going to make into a bomb, and maybe his Dad’s guns) I think that instead of a case of “Wahhabism”, this is a case of “Wannabeism”, he wasn’t going to be able to do anything…. literally, he had Jack, and Shit, and Jack left town a few weeks ago….

They even supplied the fucking ISIS flag he posed with:

One user on Poast summed it up nicely:

Well stated.
>insert slow golf clap<

In the case of an Arab Brother From Another Mother, one of his favorite Arab Curses, which I think in this case is rather appropriate, considering the circumstances:

فلتدخل في دبرك براغيث 10000 من الإبل إلى الأبد

Which, very google-loosely translated is:

“May the Fleas of 10000 Camels Infest Your Anus for all Eternity.”

Insh’Allah to that one Aye?
SO, enough piss-me-off for tonight…

I sure as hell HOPE that kid’s parents are on the ball and hire a fucking shark of a Lawyer… maybe that one who got those guys off of the conspiracy charge when they tried like Hell to Entrap them poor morons in Michigan for ‘attempting to kidnap Whitmer’??? This being again ANOTHER up-close-and-personal frame job by the Feds against US. In fact they ALWAYS do it… want to see something? Check this out:

Jeremy from “TheQuartering”

I have a link to his coffee on the sidebar… 10% off for using MY code “NTJ” which is, of course Name The Jew… good coffee BTW, Jes’ Sayin’.

Jeremy is a Hell of a lot more PC… I think he has to as he can’t afford the YT strikes, but in this case, the journalist apparently made this connection with the target on a gay dating website. And on the two dates the guy made with Mr. Loudmouth, he dumped a lot of intel in a vain attempt to get some Hershey Highway Lovin’…

This’s some good stuff, and I’ll keep following it as the lil bit leaked so far might have ramifications down the road… my guess is the FBI/CIA fag? Dead in a gutter within the week/tragic suicide/car crash. BTW: On an Updated side note: THIS RIGHT HERE is why faggots used to be barred from having a clearance and access to sensitive info… personally, yeah, back in the day blackmail might have played a role (b/c every last one of them was closeted) but IRL, fags can’t keep their fucking cockholsters shut.

Fuckers are worse than split tails I swear…

So More Later
Big Country

Three Times is Enemy Action, EVs and Flying is OUT

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, tonight we feast on the shytte that caught my eye today. I’m a wee bit knackered still, believe it or not. I was fucking around on one of my long term projects, and I’m almost done with it, but I did end up staying up waaay past beddie-bye time. I’ll do a reveal later as this’s like 4-5 months in the making, and it IS firearm related… so anyways…

Thankfully, for the first time in oh-so-many-weeks did I not have ANYTHING on deck or on the schedule today. A rare ‘off Sunday’ so to speak… I slept in to almost 13:30… even Gretch let me sleep as she knows I’ve been plum wiped out from the past few months/years? even?

First thing: Seems another boat had an issue today in New Yawk as it were:

One Time, OK
Two Times, Co-inky-dink? Maaaaaybe?
Three Times? Enemy Fucking Action me Boyos.

Someone wants shit shut down on the East Coast it would seem. I’m comfortable with that… cut ’em off, let ’em rely on aid from the Commie Turdo in Canuckistan… ‘die on the vine’ so to speak amiright?

Then, CederQ over at Phil’s place had an interesting poast on EVs. Link HERE He’s got some cool pics there, but the one that caught my eye is this one:

Supposedly some hi-speed-lo-drag quick-charger that they intend on installing all over the place. First thing that leaps to mind, and is something we’ve been suffering from here in Tampa, is that when, not if, the Meth-Heads figure out that that charging cable? The solid copper charging cable? Yeeeeah…

Around here it’s not uncommon to see the Tesla Charging stations being out of service due to that big thick copper cable being hacked off for it’s inherent resale/scrap $$$. Since I don’t drive a hoity-toity VirtuSigMobile, I truly don’t give a fuck. However, that being said, the fact that –they– i.e. Leviathan and the Powers That Be have determined that EVs are the way to go, because ‘reasons’ and whatnot…

Got me a hunch that the “GoodWhyttes” rolling through the backwoods of Appalachiastan or the rust belt, are gonna be absolutely pissed when they find themselves trapped by the fact that the local Meth-Heads have sold off the main connection cable to recharge their $90k +/- Tesla-now-paperweight vehicle for the whole $20 that the copper got them at the local recycle yard….


Then… lessee
OH! Antifa in Ireland… Link to the article HERE. The TL;DR is this in this one tweet:

Long story short: Antifa thought that they’d show up to a protest at a proposed refugee center in Coolock Ireland. Word is that the DotGov (run by a fucking Paki of all fucking things) wanted to put 1000 Nigerians in, and the locals weren’t grooving to that. Antifa was told that the protestors were going to be ‘…primarily women and children’ i.e. a soft target to intimidate.

Instead they got soccer hooligans who whupped the fuck out of them and took their phones. They took them to delete the vidyas that were shot of the Hooligans laying a well-deserved aforementioned asswhuppin’ on the commies, and WHOA!

ALLLLLLL sorts of good intel

We’ll follow up on it if anything juicy leaks out.

And lastly… got bad news from MomUnit. My Uncle Bill (Bill #1, as we, the family, oddly enough, ALL the sisters married a “Bill”…) Bill #1 married my MomUnit’s older sister, Hence #1. DeadDad was Bill #2 when MomUnit married DeadDad, And then we got Bill #3 when youngest sister got married…

Anyways, Bill #1 is in Hospice. Bad dementia. Like one his way out. Bummer there. He was a cool uncle growing up. Taught me how to enjoy sailing. Anyways, reason for the sideline was I asked MomUnit if I should show for the eventual ‘stiff-in-the-box’ show? She said she wasn’

Not sure if even she was going to go… it’s going to be on Cape Cod… in the early Spring if he cashes in the next few weeks… anyone who’s ever -tried- to get onto the Cape during this time knows it’s a pure-dee motherfucker. That and, well….


I sure as fuck don’t want to drive allllll the way the fuck up there, and these days? Flying is out for the time being, unless I grow fucking wings or some shit…

So, that’s a wrap for Sunday.
More Later
Big Country

BTW to finish the whole flying thing, I present this:

So That Was a Bust

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not that I’m a gambler by -any- real means. I mean I’ve been known to do $50 on rare occasion at the Seminole Hard Rock on Blackjack when ‘the vibe is right’ and walk away doubling or even tripling my $$$. Not sure what it is, but I’ve done it in front of Sapper a few times that he gets sort of creeped out… as I walk over and throw a $50, and usually get a ‘Blackjack’ right there and then… I usually watch the table to get a feel before I do it…

Either way, point is, the Powerball Bullshit of 1.4 BILLLLLION dollars wasn’t hit again. THAT I was willing to risk $20 on… Take home cash being something like $563 million…

I know, I know.

Poor/Stupid Tax.

That being said, you can’t win if’n you don’t play.

Of course I got a better chance of being hit by fucking Lightening than I do of winning that. However it -does- make for some fun “what would you do with fuck you money?” conversations…

A compound -somewhere- in the Mountains of North Carolina, prolly near Miss Daisy. One with a well, good sunlight, but where I could dig in and have a HUUUUGE underground bunker put in, along with spending whatever bribe money it takes to get a Class 3/DD/Explosives/Manufactory set of license(s) in order to stockpile whatever the fuck I want. Half a BILLION buys a lot of MK-19s and ammo, never mind Ma Deuces and ammo to go with. Hell… with the Explosives license, Got C-4?

I’ll take 2000 pounds please.
And literally a metric fuckton of milspec detonators.

And weapons?
Don’t even get me started.
Needless to say, the watchword would be “Belt Fed”

So, as I said, no winners tonight. I will spend another $20 on the next drawing because fuck it amiright?

BTW: Random cooking pic. That pic was from last night’s dinner… seems the pepper was really happy to see me… How fucking odd Aye?

To continue…
Took out Gretchen’s sutures tonight. THAT purely sucked in that she heals so fuggin’ fast it’s mind boggling. Doc Samizdat told me Monday or Tuesday, but on consulting with him, and sending pics, he said ‘go ahead’ as Gretchen could feel her skin starting to get uncomfortable in that she’s healing, and her bod wants the foreign objects out.

So “snip-snip-snip” and she’s good (thank you Fort Sam Houston SF Medic’s Course). Had me a couple of shots before though to counter the shakes I have from the nerve damage. C-5-6-7 were crushed and the subsequent brachial nerve damage of the compression leaves me looking like Michael J Fox after drinking a case of Diet Pepsi….

Jes’ Sayin’…

So steady-hand Me got it done. Man, wish I could poast pics… she’s down from a Double F to a D/DD, but dayyyyum if Doc didn’t grant her a whooooole new rack… Like a 25 year old hawt stripper set o’titties.

BTW, for the record, Doc wasn’t actually pissed at me/us for the run home/running around… I wasn’t on his ‘shitlist’ per se, just that he was worried about Gretchen overexerting herself, both as her Doctor, and as a valued and much beloved friend. Thing is, both of us, Doc n’me? Man, we had no idea of her almost “Deadpool/Wolverine” level of healing…

Kind of frightening TBH.

So… that’s it for tonight. Too much weirdness to cover on soooo many fronts. Essentially everything is status quo, per usual; I.E. everything sucks and everybody’s fucked.

So More Later
Big Country

Couple of Changes ‘Round Here and Whew I’m -STILL- Beat…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
VERY sorry for being remiss in the comms as of late.  Truth be told, sort of overwhelmed? I think would be a good term for it?  Got back the biopsy report on Gretch and thank the Good Lord everything is clean.  It sort of sucks all the wind from the room yannow?

That and we got word from the BabyDaddy that Adriana is doing well.  We’ve had some video chats with her, and she remembers and knows us, so that’s a relief.  I’ve also been utterly wiped out by that EPIC 12.5 hour run home…  I’m not 30 anymore and man, ‘m feeling the whole of that 800+ mile drive… Non fucking stop man… my legs are still vibrating no shit.

Other news, DumbCunt fucked up AGAIN.  Seems this past December, the day before her probation was supposed to be lifted, she got violated/arrested.  Her court case for the violation of probation was this past 3rd.  She failed to appear, and now has a felony bench warrant, with an extradition in it, so if she get into ANY scrape ANYWHERE w/the fuzz, she’s got a potential of 16 years for all the shit she pulled.  The judge the first time around dismissed the majority of really bad charges and gave her time served (a little over 5 weeks in county) with a year probation… that she fucked up.

Word is the judge is pissed and re-instated Every. Single. Charge. with the worst being Felony Evasion of Police and Felony Reckless Driving (while in commission of a Felony)

Buh-Bye now.

See, she got over the first time around playing the “My mother beat me, My step-daddy tried to kill me, my life sucks yadda ta yadda ta”  Then while she was in county, you may or may not have seen it, but the girls in her pod gave her a ‘lock in the sock’ party known to us as a blanket party… they held her down and beat her legs so bad they looked like raw meat.  She couldn’t walk for two days… she pissed off everyone apparently… which tells me she’s dead WHEN, not IF she gets put in either the state pen, or more likely Federal Prison, as she’s got a multi-state investigation for welfare fraud going on…

Fucking idiot amiright?

So that’s the fambly update(s). Hopefully this’s The. End. Of. Drama/Shitshows. here for a long, long time. I need the break. Which leads me to the next side of ‘things’. I’m revamping the donations around here. Specifically to help another well known Scallywag and Deplorable, Mike Hendrix over at Cold Fury.

From here on out, all the donations IF you choose to participate are going to be directed to Mike. He’s been one of my best and closest supporters, along with The Tactical Hermit, CederQ, Phil and Wirecutter… however, Mike is still in a rough patch with his leg being fucking -gone- and his writing is his sole support. So he helped me with Gretchen, as well as with Adriana, and actually met up with us and offered us some sanctuary at his place when we needed it…

I’m revamping all the PayPal shytte here, so give me a day or two. I also have not told Mike yet, but I will eventually. Either way, Brothers Help Brothers is what it’s all about.

Now, with the softhearted bullshit out of the way, one thing that made me laugh my balls off: The EARTHQUAAAAAKE!!!


ONLY Fuckin’ New Yawkers could shit themselves so badly over such a minor thing. I remember when we had a minor tremor in New Hampshire when I was a kid… a bit odd to feel everything shake, but nothing that warranted the level of pantshitting that went on. My cousin is from Cali… she laughed out loud over it in her Facebook… “A 4.8??? That’s called ‘Tuesday’ back in Cali!”

Seems on “The View” notorious Anti-“Anything on the Right” Hebrew Joan Behar freaked out screaming “MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!” during the recording of the show… too bad the building didn’t fall in Aye?

Funny to watch folks freak though IMO. Now, thing that has ME wondering the “when-how-where” is the inevitable Iranian “Revenge Strike” against the heebs. That strike on the Iranian Embassy will not go unanswered. Arabic “Machismo” if you will, will demand a ‘PAYBACK’ if you will. Caps for the fact that it’s mandatory.

I still have no idea the ‘why’ of it. I mean the Iranian Republican Guard turds that got whacked were, IMO minor players despite the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda ‘hyping’ the value of the targets… thing is, the NEXT targeting of that food/kitchen aid group???

The fucking Jews done fucked up royally with that one.
There’s no excuse for it, despite the Jews claims. Hell, Bend-Over Shapiro said that ANY shit talked about the drone strike on the seven innocent aid workers is a ‘blood libel’ against the Jews. If it is, wel then, count me a proud member of said “Blood Libel” asshole.

If you were unaware, here’s the Link to the story with the worthless “apology” the heebs gave… thing of it is, maaaaan there was no way in fuck this wasn’t intentional.

I mean there were three vehicles
ALL had IDF GPS Identifiers.
ALL had Identification on the roof on each. individual. truck.
EACH truck, when hit, CALLED the IDF to get them to STOP!
The jews hit them one. truck. at. a. time.
THIS was IMO an assassination

Feed the Palestinians, and you Die.
Fuck off.

Fucking morons. Can’t wait to see them get their asses kicked.

So… again, much love and thanks.
I gotta Crash
More Later
Big Country

A Minor Side Trip and a Family Visit

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, Gretchen’s on Doc’s shitlist just a wee bit. Seems the side trip we took to see her sister in Clarkesville TN was a bit out of the way in that he wanted her to be resting, whereas she said that sleeping and laying back in the car is fine.


I follow orders man. Best not get on her bad side.
Now, granted -I’m- not that upset at being here in that this trip I managed to get on post. Namely Fort Campbell… my Rakkasan Alma Mater so to speak.

2-187 was re-flagged to 1/33 CAV much to my horror a few years back.

The wind was blowing like a pure-dee motherfucker today, hence the long hair in the wind… Today I didn’t bother with my usual topknot… and yeah, my shit is long enough now to have a topknot. Or even do Viking Braids…

But yeah. Unreal to be back here 20 years later.
Clarksville is HUGE.
The base is a LOT more packed and waaaaay more modernized. I did however find my old barracks:

My room was on the second floor, on the left, behind the overgrown bush/tree. Leastways I -think- that’s it. The walls had some “Delta Company” stuff on it on the surrounding areas, so I’m pretty sure that it was ours.

I also visited the NEW 3rd Brigade HQ and bullshitted with the CQ.

Found out that the Famed “Rakkasan Sprint” is no more! That shit blew my mind!!!! The original “Sprint” was a Brigade run that the Standard ‘back in the day’ was 4 miles ran at a 92% completion rate in 32 minutes. That means if you start with 100 men, 92 of them have to cross the finish line in 32 minutes. IF you fail to do this, you get 30 minutes to recover, and they run you again.

Now granted, that was a stone cold motherfucker of a run.

4-8 minute miles, consecutively.

Personally, no shit, I –never– failed to make standard.

That being said:

IF your unit fails THAT second chance, then the WHOLE UNIT, every swingin’ Richard, from the CO to the Lowest Private had to do the “Brigade Command Sergeant Major’s Remedial P.T.” which could read as “torture.” Needless to say, NO ONE fell out of the Sprint, unless they were bleeding from the asshole/eyeballs. Death was pretty much the only excuse.

Try that whatever the fuck they call it, these fucking weak-sauce bastards now get 36 WHOLE MINUTES to do the 4 miles!!!! Truthfully, I hate saying this, but the whole “Back when I was in the Army…” thing? Yeeeeeah… shit like that just makes me shake my nugget in horror….


Today was a Day Of No Scheduled Activities, also called a DONSA. The base was empty, which made it waaaay easier to get around. Only thing was the Pratt Museum was closed, which sucked. Might hit it tomorrow in the AM on the way out of town for home. We -did- hit the PX and I picked up a lot of ‘shit the ex-wife had shitcanned over the years’ like some regimental ‘stuff’ and other things…

Got Sapper a giftie as well as Dad-in-Law, as he digs stuff like that… specifically a polo w/the 101st Eagle on it…. souvenir ‘stuff’ if you will… Gretchen found a 10st Airborne Breast Cancer T-Shirt which she loves so that was cool AF IMO too.

The rest of the trip is us headed home. Weather is supposed to suck ass, as it usually does, but I got new wiper blades and a mission , so fuck it amiright? I will say though it was awesome to ‘come home 20 years later….

So… Hope everyone had a great Easter
More Later
Big Country

Been Out Of Pocket and Busy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry for being out, but been being a full time ‘body servant’ to Gretchen has been tiring AF. She’s been in a lot of pain, but is now doing better. Doc did a great job, nay a fantastic job on her, but for a lil while, I had to ‘take up the slack’ as she was not a happy puppy.

Seeings that the puppies in question BOTH got cut on, I can’t blame her. Doc not only got rid of the cancer, but also evened out both of the breasts, and then did a lift. Literally she’s got a new rack.

So, been busy.
Lots of good comments on the whole boat shitshow. I’m still not convinced. Either way, conspiracy or not, the entirety of the country is on a downward shit-spiral.

Take for instance the latest retardation coming out of the Oval Orifice. Sunday… EASTER SUNDAY the (mal)Administration has declared it to be  “Transgender Day of Visibility”.

Not sure who the fucktard is making these decisions, but I’m sure he/she isn’t a Christian nor a Catholic. Which only leaves two choices for possible religious affiliations, one of which in less likely (Islamic) OR

The moar OBVIOUS choice being just a “cohenincidence” of course I’m sure… I mean otherwise IF it was good ole “Joe from Scrotum” well, he just blew that “I’m a practicing Catholic” out of the water as a fucking lie. I mean, for a while, he did appear to be a ‘traditional Catholic’ especially his love of little children (in particular his daughter from what we’ve heard).

Yeah, the Kidsmeller, or leastways his handlers I think might have fucked up by the numbers again. Especially since they seem to have forgotten that ALL them illegals and south-of-the-border Hispanics? Like 90% of them are functional practicing Roman Catholic.

And most of them have ZERO love for the tranny-freakazoids.

So IF OrangeManBad has any people worth a fuck on his Election Committee, he’d make a commercial bashing the ever-loving-fuck out of the Pantshitter for this one. Mainly because the actual numbers show that real time support AS WELL as ACTUAL NUMBERS of real trannies is in the single digits percentage wise.

Meaning that they (the trannies and supporters) would have ZERO effect on any REAL elective numbers. In fact it’s be a good move as the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda, what with their reflexive “Anything OrangeManBad does = Evil/Bad” reactive methodology, all that would do is cause whatever wavering folks who initially –didn’t– want to voat for him, to take the time to step out and do it. If only to “give the finger” to the freaks and Enemedia.

He needs to get out there and use the Enemedia AND their automatic default attack mode against them. Employ it as a positive. He did it the first time around, and it worked, up until he let his (((son-in-law))) dick-bag to start telling him what to do. He needs to shitcan that fucker… if anything, put him, on a plane, alone and have it crash somewhere over the Atlantic.

So, on that note, gotta go help herself take a shower. It’s a bitch ‘cos she can’t get -anywhere- wet from her neck to her waist, leastways for another couple of weeks. And last note: Happy Easter Y’all. He is Risen!

So More Later
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Back In The Room, Boats and Patriots

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
OK… lots of ‘strange things’ with that boat hitting the FSK Bridge in Baltimore. Now Doc Samizdat, juuust before he went in to ‘cut on’ Gretch, mentioned how it was almost a perfect metaphor for the United Staatz these days…

Specifically a Bridge, named after the guy who authored the text of the American national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner”, gets completely and utterly wiped the fuck out by a company based out of Singapore, crewed by an All-Indian (not “Whoop-Whoop” Indians, but Dot-On-The-Nugget Indians. Jes’ Sayin’) which, according to the sources out there, was Captained by a Krainian.

How’s that DEI working out for y’all?

Yep. The Glories of Multiculturism Aye?

Now, I’m not a big fan of the whole conspiracy theory stuff on this particular case… albeit the missing 2 critical minutes from the Boats “Black Box” does indeed raise some serious questions. Thing of it is, the wind does blow a big fucking boat like that around. My understanding is the wind was 40 knots which is like 46 miles per hour… According to the National Weather Service, 46mph is Gale force winds

Being from Florida, I know some gale force winds are fucking serious. So ALL them fuckers saying that last minute “turn” the boat makes, when it looks like it lines up with the middle of the superstructure? Who’s to say that the 10 seconds before that that there wasn’t a gust of wind that hit the side of the boat? I mean the containers themselves?

They act like a fucking multi-story sails for all intents and purposes. The pic here:

This pic shows, at the max amount of containers stacked high on the boat-in-question, that the containers were stacked about 9 High. Now, being a loggie in Iraq, I know containers… God Knows I climbed into enough of them in outrageous heat… thing is, A 20-foot container’s dimensions are standardised in the shipping industry. It measures about 20 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8.5 feet in height. Which means that these containers, stacked 9 high?

170 square feet worth of surface on one container.
Times 9 Containers high? That’s 1530sq ft in one row, top to bottom. That is a LOT of square footage for a “sail” of a sorts…

I’m not even going to -try- and figure out how many rows of containers, bow to stern there are here…. My own “rough count” is 19 rows long +/- of Containers… so let’s just say, 19 rows/piles of 9 stacked high? That’s about 30,000 square feet of “potential sail surface” if you will… a little less than a football feild (57,600 sq ft.)

So, because I’m spitballing here, let’s just say it’s a “shit-pot” worth, and yeah, a BIG gust of 50 +/- miles an hour wind hitting a solid surface like that? Yeeeeeah, that’s going to push even a BIG sumbitch like that tub around like a plaything.

So, despite everyone yelling and screaming that it was intentional, I say No. Nothing to see here. Believe me. I’m the first guy to ‘jump on the tinfoil bandwagon’. In this particular case? Nah. Just bad timing, bad tides, bad wind, and bad mechanicals. Especially in light of the maintenance records coming out about the boat in question. Apparently its a floating shitheap.

Moving on.
Now, Anyone hear about that Polack Gen’rul who “died of “unidentified/suddenly and unexpected natural causes” this past week?

Seems there was a massive Khinzal Strike by the Russians on a Command and Control Center as well as ‘other targets’ two days prior. Lots of dead motherfuckers. A whoooooole lot of dead foreign motherfuckers, which I’m sure included El Generalissimo Polackski.

Mind you and of course not one fucking word of said-Gen’rul getting his chips cashed the fuck in by the various Ministries of Lies and Propaganda in North ‘Murica. Sort of like that Australian General who supposedly went down on a malfunctioning Helo in the remote outback, with his staff, bodies nonrecoverable, about a year or so ago, when the Russians managed to hit another Krainian Klown Kommand Center.

Man, the bodies and bullshit are starting to stack up so deep and so kwickly in the Krain, pretty soon, the Leviathan is going to positively have to start a reely-dealio war if only to cover the massive casualties already incurred.

Now mind you, some of y’all more astute motherfuckers mentioned that there’s probably a LOT more actual KIAs in the Krain than are actually being accounted for… meaning that the DotMil probably ‘farms out’ the ‘volunteers’ (or even worse, the volun-tolds) from MULTIPLE Units so as to have ‘cover’ when casualties happen.

Which makes a WHOLE lot of sense.
Let’s use a Patriot Battery as an example.

Reason being, my room-dawg/fellow Rakkasan, when the 11H MOS went away, well, the lucky fucker became a ‘Patriot Puke’ as we teased him. He however, was a smart motherfucker, and applied to, and got Warrant.

He then ended up finishing his 20+ as a CWO running a section of Patriot Batteries. Now, to get to the bones of it:
Let’s just use this ‘imaginary Patriot Battery’ as an example. It takes roughly 90 soldiers to run a Patriot ADA Missile Battery.

To give you an idea, A PATRIOT battery (i.e., the basic firing unit) consists of a phased array radar, an engagement control station, computers, power generating equipment, and up to eight launchers, each of which holds four ready-to-fire missiles. 90 folks are needed to run it…

Now, IF the DotMil deployed a single Patriot Battery from, oh lets say my old Home of Fort Hood, well… let’s just say that a single Russian strike might ‘blow the cover’ of the DotUSMil operating without official sanction so to speak in the Krain… that many dead from one unit would cause ‘issues’…

Case in point: Back many moons ago, the Russians utterly and completely obliterated the main Patriot Battery that was guarding Kiev’s Airport. I saw the ‘before/after pictures’… What’s absolutely hilarious was, at the time, ‘the usual cheerleaders/suspects’ were out saying that the battery was ‘damaged. but not destroyed’. This of course, was reversed in the news much later. Thing of it is? I can’t say for sure, but I’m willing to bet, dollars-to-donuts, that US Troops got blown away in that strike.

But how to cover it up?

Well, if my “theoretical individual Patriot Battery from Fort Hood” is that that single battery consisting of 90 personnel from a single unit deployed, even under the most fearful and Top-Secret-Double-Secret-Probation levels, IF the unit got wiped the fuck out, the families would be on TV raising Holy Fucking Hell about it, and the shit that was going on.

So how to work around it?

Take ONE Patriot Puke from Germany…
Three to Five, right out of AIT from Ft Bliss (Home of ADA)
Take them piecemeal.

Here and there…

We’ve got Patriot Pukes in Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Poland, Sweden, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, Spain, and Taiwan.

That’s a LOT of motherfuckers to choose from.

They’re either there as “full (regime) protection troops”, like in Kuwait and Qatar, or as ‘trainers’ in the other countries.

So no, it wouldn’t be hard to gather the 90 or so guys (and gals) to run a Patriot Battery by onesies-twosies. And while they’re there, part of the job would be to train up the locals. That of course would be a bitch for the most part, as they’d be dealing with double-digit IQ’d Slavic Farmers in their mid-40’s with ZERO education for the most part…

Jes’ Sayin’

Which then leads me into the “why this concept fucking blows rotten donkey cocks

Thing of it is, no matter what job you have in the DotMil, you are part of a team. Teamwork takes time to ‘come together’. You don’t just take 90 motherfuckers from alllll over the world, and throw them together, in a War Zone, while being told that they’ll never be recognized for their efforts and to keep their fucking mouths shut, and expect them to function at a high level. I sure AF didn’t immediately ‘fall into’ my position as a SAW gunner in my squad…I had to be integrated. NOT doing so? THAT right there is a recibee for a fucking disaster. ESPECIALLY in a seriously High Tech/Know-how job like a Patriot Puke? Bad JuJu there…

Which is, from what all reports have stated has happened.
Time and Time Again.
Either the Patriot is a COMPLETE AND UTTER piece of shit
The folks they ‘shoved together’ on these specious and probably illegal missions never got the time to ‘gel’ into a cohesive and functional team. Truly, it would explain WHY the Patriot, outside of all the other reports of why it (the system itself) failed so utterly and spectacularly.

And the shitty reason that they, the DotMil did this (outside of ‘plausible deniability that is) because it’s waaaay easier to tell Missus Jones that Husband Toby got killed in a car crash in Korea, and that his “remains are unviewable” and not only NOT pay out the Soldier’s Group Life Insurance, (‘cos he was a naughty monkey driving while drunk) but also deny any survivors bennies that a widow would normally get from being a war-widow for the same reason…

Of course….
NO mention of PFC Jones (nor his fellow soldiers) being atomized by a fucking Russian Khinzal strike in Kiev right? Because we don’t have troops on the ground in the Krain dammit!!!! Nope… each one gets written off like those SEALs who supposedly died trying to get on a Dhow in the Gulf a few months ago…. I mean for real!?! Trying to tell us that 3 fucking SEALs drowned!?! That is oh so much bullshit….

Nice DotMil/DotGov we have aimight?

So, Your Thoughts?
More Later
Big Country

OK A Good News Follow Up And Don’t Epstein Me Bro!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A loooooooooong 24 hours but the final results are in. Gretchen’s surgery was an absolute success as stated before, and she’s now resting. albeit in a goodly amount of pain, as the lift required a wee bit of cutting on Ye Olde Nipplage.

MAJOR OUCHIES right there amiright?

EVERYTHING went great. Doc Samizdat, as I stated was gold. A better surgeon doesn’t exist in my book. Fucking the guy is a workaholic, and was literally going flat-out all day, and yet still took time to check in at least three or four times to see how -I- was doing as well as Gretchen. Even made sure I ate lunch, as I hadn’t eaten shit due to nerves. The staff are fucking awesome too. His whole team are like the people you see on TV playing “great and brilliant medical staff with outstanding teamwork.” However IRL HIS team? They’re the real fucking deal man.

I’ma gonna go and get a batch of them Nothin’BundtCakes tray of mini-bundts as a thank you tomorrow. They earned that shit man.

Now, here’s a wee bit of the skinny.

ORIGINALLY The diagnosis was Stage TWO A Metastatic Cancer with a 22-25mm sized tumor. The biopsy was clean on the Lymph Nodes, but one can never tell UNTIL the sawbones gets to cutting.

TODAY however on being ‘opened up’? Stage ONE cancer with a 15mm tumor. Clean nodes all around as well.

Now, Doc told me that the variation could be due to pressure on the breast, blood flow, etc… BUT
He -did- allow that the OTC stuff I had her on might have assisted in the changes.
It’s purely hypothetical and anecdotal
Again BUT

Right when this shytteshow started I put her on the following:

20mg Ivermectin (initially liquid dose, taken orally, but got the tablet form and went with that after… just took a while to get)

20mg Fenbendazole liquid, orally.

600ng of MAF capsules (2x at 300ng per cap) with Macrophage Activation Factor. Now this is a wee bit outside the norm, but during my research I came across it as the Japanese were using it to combat the ‘Vid. Long story short, a couple of years ago, they found that the MAF has some serious anti-tumor properties. The paper from the National Institute for Health is HERE The more I read up on it, and the very fact I had never even heard of it started my radar pinging. It’s expensive… $210.00 for 60 caps, essentially a one month supply. That being said, well… I got a hunch the proof is in the puddin’ so to speak. You can buy it HERE

The other stuff I had her taking was Vitamin B-3 (max recommended daily) B-12 (max daily recommended) and D (2x the max daily) I didn’t want to overdo the Vit-D as that would be a bad thing. Lastly, I got the Vitamin C compounding powder (suuuuper concentrated powder) that one can compound a Intravenous Vitamin C I.V. Bag OR in my case, I added it to her daily Morning Orange Juice for an oral dose. Thing about that however is she had to scrub her fangs exceptionally well as that concentration of Ascorbic Acid is enough to eat the enamel offa her grill.

So, that is why I didn’t commit suicide man.
I mean this’s purely speculative but damn if the tumor not only stopped growing, the fucker regressed. I’m sure that there’s no way in Hell to get anyone to do a genuine double-blind test on this.

HOWEVER: Gretchen’s BFF for the past 15 years? Well, no joke April just got diagnosed with Breast Cancer herself. They did the biopsy today. It’s not yet official-official as her doctor won’t confirm nor deny without the biopsy result ‘cos he’s all scared of liability and shit, but when they put the ‘marker’ in to measure the tumor or ‘mass’ in her case as they’re calling it, it’s fucking cancer Aye?

So MY plan is I’m going to get HER a full round of the same exact ‘stuff’ that -I- used in the “BCE-OTC-Cancer Protocol” and see if it helps HER in the same fashion that it did Gretch.

I’m extremely curious to see.

If it does do the same thing, whelp… No idea where to go from there… except it’ll piss off Big Pharma IF it gains traction, and remember, My name ain’t Epstein and I would never commit suicide.

So, got to get some rest now. I got literally 90 minutes of sleep last night, and I’ve been running, stressing and worried all day long. Plus People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #287, while exceptionally happy to hear that Capitalist Medicine worked this time I have a lot of production to catch up on, as well as being Gretchen’s body-slave until the drains come out.

A nilla just can’t catch a break Aye.
So More Later
Big Country

A Quick Update: Great News!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

More to follow later but the actual cancer surgery part went exceptionally well. The radiation treatment was a success as well. Doc Samizdat is a God in my book. The guy has a permanent ‘anywhere/anything/anytime’ marker now…

No joke.

She’s now in the ‘Build Boobies Back Better’ Phase now. I also have some fascinating info/intel to share later on the main poast. For now I got to bounce to make sure I have everything she requested for her overnight stay. That and I’m on my tablet, and its a stone bitch to use for this.

More Later

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