Memes For Tonight’s Consumption, as I’m Tired

Yeah, been a full day again. Did the final hours to get my 80 for the paycheck from People’s Glorious Tractor Factor #451. It’s been a bit of a grind lately as the H.R. Commissar has been ‘sniffin’ around my Rhubarb patch’.

Can’t be having that… she’s a fucking troll in human-ish form.

4 kids, 3 BabyDaddies…. that’s all I really need to say Aye?

So after hitting the 80 hour marker, despite me being able to collect as much O.T. as I want, we had other things, specifically Gretchen’s Parents ‘things to do’

I clocked out, we got in the car and off to the Villages
That drive takes it out of me like a motherfucker these days. 90 miles each way… at least gas is down to $3.27 in some spots. I did see $3.17 at one point at a massive Love’s Truck Stop, but at the time, the benzine was good to go.

So, got there, Gretchen finally did a cut and color for Mom, and I fixed Dad’s TV. His speakers were blown due to the bass being set so high… it’s an older-ish RCA, and when I finally figured out what was wrong, I realized the bass had toasted the internal speakers. For Father’s Day I got him a soundbar which was my mission today… I almost wasn’t able to get it to work as the TV is that old and the only connector that matched up to the soundbar was the fucking AUX-Headphone jack if you can bel;ive it. No HDMI, No Optical… I mean just the ‘red-white-yellow’ standard plugs from the 80s and 90s…

I got it working Thank Crom.

Would have pissed me off to no end as there was a strict ‘no return’ on the soundbar (I got it 50% off on clearance…. $49 bux… a steal for the quality IMIO). But I did ultimately get it working… the internal speakers were so bad that the sound was completely distorted until I fixed it. Dad was very happy with this, so I’ll take the “W” on this…

So some mems I got, courtesy of WiscoDave and others, most NSFW and feel free to use and abuse them:

More Later
Big Country

6 thoughts on “Memes For Tonight’s Consumption, as I’m Tired”

  1. My 1st Soundbar was in 2007~2008. It was the BestBuy house brand Insignia. I was unemployed at the time I wanted “better sounds” so I got the cheapest they had. That Soundbar had Every. Single. Input. I could have been using at the time. Literally more than half the length of the back/bottom was cut-outs with Legacy audio formats. I believed then and now, that the few plastic covered areas were where the old screw connections for Atari or rabbit ears once were…
    My 2nd Soundbar was for my parents about 10 years later, and didn’t have any connections, only wireless. And at about 4 times the cost.

  2. Sandy is an actor as Jank of Young Turks revealed.
    Her man is a bearded Irishman and they are to marry, like that meme of the hate YT starter pack where they all have a YT love interest including Donny Lemon.
    Boobs are cool but leg, ass, pretty pink flower rule regarding Spicy Sandy.
    Maybe they want a blowback to get rid of internal quisling traitors done by the people?
    Probably not that smart.
    Georgia suspends all DJT cases as they investigate Fanilicious.

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