Fast Food Follies And The Lies They Tell Us

I’m avoiding some aspects of the poly-ticks tonight, but I definitely do have to make mention of the current hullabaloo over the McDonald’s Fast Food Fiasco.

Bear with me on this one, it’s going to get stupid before it gets better. Thing of it is, as you can tell, I love me some Mickey-D’s. It comes legitimately as most of my job(s) from the time I started working, to the time I was overseas, most of my gigs in one form or another revolved around fast food.

My very first job was as a dishwasher at age 14.
Illegal AF but DeadDad said it’d ‘build character’
I only got the job because he knew the owner. It was one of the beach front restaurants on Hampton Beach that was there all the way up until the Great Fire of 2010. We used to have the occasional fire on the beach, mostly attributed to what MomUnit called “Jewish Lightening” as the owners of the majority of the property on the Beach were of the tribe. I’d say about 1/2 of them… the other half surprisingly were Greek of all things…

MomUnit was a bit of a firebug… she’d love to go down and watch the firefighters do their thing… for the most part back in the day, it’d be a ‘one and done’ with the target building only suffering… 2010? Not so much. Link HERE An unexpected 60mph sustained wind took out an entire block leaving it looking like Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

What’s left of that building on the corner? Yeah that’s the restaurant I worked at first, Hudon’s…

Sorry… digression #201…
Back to the issue(s)
So, after I turned 16, and in the interim from 14-16 having labored every. single. summer. in shit-work related to the Beach and allll it’s Tourist Environs, I got a gig working at the first Mickey D’s in town.

Turns out I was pretty damned good at it. I was a Drive Thru God man… the only thing was I also worked Burger King at the same time, as I was saving for a no shit Smith and Wesson 9mm I had my eye on… Another quick but funny:

I worked the Drive Thru at both places. Usually 11-7 or 8pm at Mickey D’s, then the 8-overnight at Burger King. I was getting about maybe 4-6 hours of sleep. One night I was all fucked up and I was at Burger King… a car rolled up (I think it was like 2am) and the Headset went off… I stated per the required script: “Welcome to McDonald’s, Home of the Big Mac, What can I get for you tonight?”

Mind you this’s Burger King
At 0200.

Dude behind the wheel at the Drive Thru ordering sign AND his friends in the car? Well turns out they were stoned out of their gourds and had the munchies…

This of course confused the ever living fuck out of them!!!

They answered “Uhhhh… uhhhh…. huh… uhhh…”

Once it got straightened out, we all had a HUGE laugh over it… I still crack up thinking about… I totally blew what few functioning brain cells they had left apparently.

So, I stayed on the gig(s) until I turned 18, and was eligible for a Hackney License. Another story there, but tangently applicable as driving a cab meant hustling, and with that hustle came a LOT of hastily consumed Big Macs. I also for the record overlapped Wendy’s for a while too after I quit Mickey D’s over a scheduling conflict…

But at the time at “The Clown’s House” I was good enough that I got assigned to ‘assist the Managers’ with ordering the restock and supplies for the store… meaning the bitch in charge shunted off her work on to me. So… I did the ordering… more on this in a minute.

Now, we’ve ALL heard about the $18.00 Big Mac Meal in Connecticut. For me, this was no surprise as that particular store sits between the North Bound and South Bound sides of Interstate 95. That place has always been a gouge-festivus as it’s like the ONLY stop to take a piss and get some on-the-highway grub… or at least it was? Is? Not sure… I won’t go ‘behind enemy lines’ any longer since we buried DeadDad.

The charts come courtesy of ZeroHedge

Like retard-level over 100% inflation on the Clown’s food.

Then there’s the Year to Year over a ten year period for just the Clown’s Price Increases on individual products:

Now… interestingly in 2014, the “McDouble” burger was $1.19 allegedly. As memory serves me, and for those days, that particular ‘grouping’ of memory storage hasn’t been too badly damaged, the cost of a BASIC Hamburger in 1987/88 was about $0.59 per burger. That means that up until 2014, the price of a basic Burger, double or not, was about the same, coming in at $0.59 cents per burger.

I mean a McDouble is one piece of cheese added as well as an extra meat patty, so yeah. Calling a burger being about $0.59 cents is about right for back then… prices used to be far more stable than they are now.

Now, thing of it is, when I did the ordering, and as a franchisee, we had to order from the Corporate Warehouses. “X” amounts of hamburger patties, case, one each, type one each. “X” amount of quarter pounder patties… you get the idea… ALL of this had to be ordered from Corporate. And, like in the majority of supermarkets, they had the Cost of the Case, and then the Unit cost per item listed. The book had BIG warnings on it… BIG trade secrets having all the costs in it I guess…

In 1987/88, a Hamburger patty was $0.16 cents per pattie.
A CASE of those patties, at about I think 100 a throw was $160 a case. The buns for the burgers, per unit I believe was as memory serves, like $0.08 cents per bun, with them ordered in bags of 100 each. The ketchup, dehydrated onions, mustard and pickles were damned near inconsequential as those, (excluding the onions) came in 5 gallon buckets that we hardly ever needed to ‘reload on’ considering the parsimonious amount we utilized… the onions came in a 2 pound bag, dehydrated, and we’d get a good 2-3 days out of those, by refrigerating them at the end of the night…

Total cost: $0.28 cents per burger
Which was then sold at $0.59 cents.
This was, before everything else factored in, a theoretical profit of $.031 cents per burger. And that’s JUST on the burgers. The profit margin on Quarter Pounders, and especially Fries was even better.

The reason the could supply the franchises was because, like Starbucks, they own all the manufacturing for the ENTIRITY of the corporation!

They have ALL their own farms.
Fishing Fleet(s)
Hell, even their own dairy farms to provide the milk to make the Flurries and Shakes… leastways when the fucking machine isn’t broke-dicked…

Jes’ Sayin’

Yep… they even have their own fleet of trucks and reefer trailers… you’ve ALL seen them, usually parked where the drive thru may-or-may-not-be partially blocked when they’re getting a reload. Another thing on my intel is that XWife?

She was the Second Store Manager of the most productive McDonald’s in New England. ANY of you who have ever driven down to the Cape in Mass might know the place of which I speak… It’s at the ‘crossroads’ of Interstate 93 and 3/3A heading onto the Cape. It used to be the last place to get chow before you got onto the Cape, and man, it was busy. They regularly got 4-6 busses an hour filled with Tourists headed down… MASSIVE Sales… she also kept me up to date with her days back then… anyways… I learned a lot from those days…

And since the Clown owns the ‘means of production’ and whatnot to make their own ‘stuff’… well Yes, they do get hit with basic inflationary issues, but however it’s not like they’re getting hit by their suppliers…

They are their own suppliers!

And to show of what I speak, I went to the US Department of Agriculture, who used to track the cost to raise a Beef Cow. From ‘start’ to ‘table’ if you will…reason I emphasize the ‘used to’ is they stopped doing this in 2010!

Funny that idnit?
The data however is revealing:

Now, for “All Beef Cows” the cost is 1988 was according to this, was about $84.80. This correlates to this other chart I found from the USDA:

Pretty close to the mark IMO.

Now, when you figure in how many burgers you get from a cow?
According to some of the sources I found, you get about 2200+/- burgers per cow. And those are quarter pounder burgers. However, we can provide an estimate based on available information. Take the average 1,400-pound live weight cow, you can expect to get about 550 pounds of usable meat from it.  That makes 2200 +/- burgers… which in turn weigh:

And then a regular burger? It weighs in at 1.6oz uncooked:

Which means you get (roughly) 5500 regular Mickey D’s Burgers out of ONE moo cow.

Which means that in our Clownworld Clown Burger Shop, you get, as stated, 2200 +/- quarter pounders, or 5500 +/- regular burgers? You’d get roughly in circa 1988?

Let’s see…
$0.59 for a Regular Burger
Sunk Cost of said-cow: $84.80
One Cow: 5500 patties per cow
Making you about $3245.00 +/- per COW
The COST of said-burger however, each cow COST $1540.00 in expenses…

And I’m no good at maff… I admit it… and then add on this was 1988!!!

The Quarter Pounder?
$1.70 for a QP w/Cheese
Sunk cost of the cow: $84.80
One Cow: 2200 patties per cow
Makes you about $3740.00 +/-
I can’t do a expense of how much it was for a QP pattie for us… that’s lost to the mists of time… but using the 30% marker, as in a regular burger cost 30% more than the investment, call it about $0.75 cents +/- with everything to ‘build’ a QP…
With that? Cost/Investment for a QP was about $1650.00+/-

Nice work if you can get it…
Now mind you, I’m not taking labor, transportation costs (fuel(s) specifically) Invested costs, amortization on the property/building, and all the other crap like cups, etcetc…

Nevermind that commodities fluctuate
You have good years and you have bad years
Some years, there’s a surplus of beef
Some years, beef is a costly item.
See the above chart.
Hell a modern day potato blight would really fuck up the Clown and his Cohorts…

There’s a reason the McRib only comes out in the fall.
It’s when they’re culling the piggies and the McRib is sufficiently cost-efficient to make a profit…
Either way…

It’s ALL expensive.
But if you look around and see who isn’t gouging the ever living fuck out of the public? Companies like Chik-Fi-A, and surprisingly Starbucks, which has the entire country of Costa Rica ‘locked down’ as their coffee suppliers. Hell, we have two more new Chik-Fil-A’s opening/being built here right now… that place? OMG! From what I can see, it’s a license to print money…

But for them to try and tell us that a fucking Big Mac meal is about $10 +/- depending on location?

I got some bridges to sell you and beachfront property in Las Vegas….

The main takeaway is, besides the blatant gouging of what had been a cheap and convenient chow, it’s now ackchully cheaper to go to Chili’s and get the new burger combo there… it’s Chili’s 3 for Me combo meal lineup, which gives guests bottomless chips and salsa, an entree and a bottomless non-alcoholic drink starting at $10.99. 

The “Smasher” has the same ingrediants as a Mac, including Thousand Island Dressing (Mac Sauce) and a BIG honkin’ burger…

Cheaper than a Large Big Mac Combo…
Only thing is, the ‘sit-down-to-eat’ is a wee bit less quick and easy as a drive thru, but hey, what do I know?

Your thoughts?
More Later
Big Country

MY personal fave Mc’d’s chow… wish they’d serve it here…

45 thoughts on “Fast Food Follies And The Lies They Tell Us”

  1. I swore of WackArnold’s (hat tip to Dave Chapelle for that one) a long time ago. About the only fast food places I’ll go anymore are Culver’s, Freddy’s, and Raisin’ Cane’s for chicken tenders. And I hit those three sparingly.

    Jack in the Crack, Taco Hell, Burger Queef (king) and most others are dead to me. Chick-fil-A is ok, but they’re always too damn busy for me to bother going there. The COVID era and then attendant restaurant restrictions/closures for a time caused me to adopt different habits on eating, meaning I learned to eat at home a lot more than I did pre-covid.

    As regards inflation, in my Midwest market here, we are now at the point where “quick casual” sitdowns (think places like Applebee’s or Chili’s, but I personally won’t eat at those places either) have now started breaching the $4 mark for soft drinks (soda
    or tea). I thought shit was off the chain when they first hit $3.5o, but now I’m waiting to see who is first to try and charge $4.25 or $4.5o.

    Side orders are also getting outrageous. Local Italian joint the family used to really like had good cheese garlic bread as an ala carte side. The price has now nearly doubled, and the size of the order was more or less halved. Caused my one brother, who was the biggest fan boy of said italian place to actually proclaim “fuck this” last time we went there back in March. A local pizza joint (halfway decent grub, not cheap ass dogfood pizza) ended up being $78 for a party of three last time we went there. That was for one medium two topping, one large two topping, an individual dinner salad, one side order of cheese garlic bread and three soft drinks, plus tax and tip. Haven’t been back there now in over a month.

    I’m feel like channeling Jimmy McMillan these days, stating “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Big Ruckus, and I represent the tab is too damn high party!”

    All that said, some of McD’s prices strike me as opportunistic gouging under the guise of food cost inflation. Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks like that to me.

  2. Don’t they have White Castle out East?
    We call them Sliders and Belly Bombs lovingly.
    I don’t recall any in Philly, NJ, Baltiless, during Pappy’s end of Army career Quartermaster days in late 1980’s.
    The Beastie Boys mention them and they are 1/3 NYC Brooklyn with the other two from Manhattan.
    It is a micro thin pattie with onion and King’s Hawaiian sized roll bread from the castle.
    Search says mostly in Illinois, NYC, with none west of Minnesota until recently in AZ.
    The MCDLT is the all-time McD’s and what a treat they were in the 1980’s.
    There are some interesting quotes about what they’ll do with inflation from the incomplete hats, wary to even search.
    Yep, first result economic auntie semitizm.

  3. McShittys veteran here, Fort Dodge, Iowa 1996-97. Junior year of high school.

    If I recall correctly, cheeseburgers were $.69.
    The REAL money maker though was fountain drinks as the cost to the store for those was just pennies. Probably still are.

    Funny story; one winter night I was working and it was seriously cold, double digits below zero. Our drive thru had a bit of an incline and a turn up to the face to face order window. As a gag, we poured buckets of water out the window where it promptly turned to ice. All fun and games till a dude in a 2nd gen Firebird got his rear wheel drive rust bucket stuck in the drive thru and we had to go out and push him up to the window.

    The shit kids do for entertainment in flyover country…

  4. There is going back to the pack a lunch idea.

    The picnic used to be all from home kitchen, even the tea.

    We even have better technology to keep it the temperature we want. My plug in car coffee mug can even warm up cold coffee if I give it time.

    Big Country a nice report but now do the part about taxes the owner must pay for each employee. The basic as I understand it is over X2 what their wages are. I know the town gets taxes of several types from our local McD. Property, business, some road taxes as they are part of the traffic situation and so on.

    Lots of restaurants are closing because the dollar is getting weaker on a daily basis. The Restaurants “CAN Raise the prices” but folks Don’t have the money, so they order less or don’t go at all. Our Mc D is across the street from BK. Both have door dash, fast food door dash? Mc D’s has dual lines running hot. BK barely has 3 cars during lunch rush. And we’re a college town. And they are offering 17.50 an hour with college money for full timers. And they still cannot keep enough staff.

  5. my first job was at my grandfathers coffee shop starting at age 13. i went on to quit school in 9th grade and work full-time at my future FIL’s marina- at the time the nations largest Bayliner dealer. i haven’t consumed any fast food in over 20 years. maybe that’s why i’m in near perfect metabolic health at almost 61 years old. you might want to rethink that garbage..

    1. It’s literally goyslop.
      Sometimes, as I drive past a McDonalds, I crave it. All I have to do though is think of how gross it makes me feel and the temptation passes.

  6. My favorite “not sold here” fast food is the Teriyaki Burger that McDonalds sells in Japan. I don’t know where they get their sauce from, but oh my Lord, I could eat half a dozen of those things in one sitting.

  7. Yesterday, the cost for (2) Chick Fil-A sandwiches only, in zip 21157:

    $ 10.90 + 0.66 tax = $ 11.56

    That’s ~20% past my price point so visits there every 2 months will be every 3-4 months.

    Apparently few are as frugal as I am because the location was very busy, inside & out, at 1100 hrs.

    1. The Chick-fil-A thing baffles me to be honest. Almost all the locations here have been retrofitted with dual drive through lanes with employee attendants stationed outside to help move a huge volume of drive through orders along.

      And even then, at lunch or dinner rush, the place has cars lined up damn near into the street beyond the parking lot. The food isn’t THAT good, and even though they manage a level of service that sets them apart from nearly all other fast food joints, I still don’t understand the massive popularity.

      We’ve already seen a lot of fast food places close up in the wider metro, mostly post-Covid. Jack in the box, Arby’s and Hardee’s have probably closed the most of the major chains present here. McDonald’s has closed a handful, as has Wendy’s. Burger King as well. But I notice as I’m out driving around doing service calls all day that a lot of these places (that are still open) are not doing much business to speak of, and I expect another larger round of closures is going to get underway in the foreseeable future.

  8. As good as CFA is, I try to avoid it as much as possible (and all the other fast food places even more).
    This falls under “politics is personal”.
    When the original owner started CFA, somewhere along the line, he split the company in two, the restaurant side, and a charitable foundation. At that time, the CFA foundation supported Christian wholesome charities.
    The OM retires, the son takes over, he turns the foundation to The Dark Side. The Christian charities are kicked to the curb, and are replaced with LGBT(etc) woke crap. I wouldn’t be surprised if child trans grooming is now in there.
    Now, my info is several years old, things may have changed.
    But I’m willing to bet not for the better.

    1. Not long after they opened up in Lakewood, CA, there was a rug-muncher/turd-burglar protest out front which totally backfired. That brought out patrons who lined up around the block for days on end. The deviate army soon slinked off with their damaged egos and dildos hanging out of their pant legs. Beautiful sight. They still get business after the son pissed backward, but noticeably not as much.

  9. The Mrs and I stopped at our new 5 Guys a month ago. I like their fries. It’s been a few years since I had one nearby.

    Anyhow, 2 burgers, 2 fries ( enough for 6 people) and 2 shakes…$45 !!!!

    I hope they enjoyed my visit because it will be a cold day in hell before I step foot in there again.

      1. I went out with a girl once, asked her if she’d ever tried five guys. She replied “you mean like all at once?” Uh, no. That’s not what I meant. Not at all.

        1. Oh yeah, serious red flag stuff right there…
          Reminds me of that old joke: What does a blonde say after sex?
          “Are you guys all on the same team?”
          < drum riff >
          Don’t forget to tip the wait staff

  10. Maybe I read this wrong, but the cow isn’t $84.80; it’s $84.80 per hundredweight. We would sell “yearling” steers and heifers at 9-ish months and most of them were in the 5-600 lb range.
    The meat isn’t the only thing factoring in the price of the animal. The bones are sold for bone meal and other stuff, hides are sold, etc. they try (try) to get as much out of the carcass as possible.

    1. You are correct, was hoping someone rural would hop in, I couldn’t do 4H lambs for $84 each in that same time frame. Having said that, I can’t imagine how well I would eat if I could get even a $584 steer … one can dream.

      Delta Mike

      1. PS, gotta buddy that worked at IBP’s fresh pork plant near here. All the pork after processing, the good stuff you see in the store is sold wholesale and it covers the operational overhead 100%, that is the key plan. As operating costs increase, the wholesale price rises accordingly. Makes perfect sense. But- the “rest of the hog” that you don’t see in the store per se is the most valuable! The lard, collagen, hide, the guts, bones, and the shit are all sold for pure profit- cosmetics, fertilizer, lord knows what sort of food ingredients….

        1. My Grandfather always would say that the Pork Packers Union Motto was” WE use everything but the squeal”. Having seen some of what my Pa. German great aunts and uncles would eat I believe it. See some of it in the local Amish market, but no matter how fresh I still can not bring myself to eat Blood pudding or Souse Loaf.

  11. Right now 500lb steers are $320hwt on ETX livestock auction. A 500# steer will yield about 50% meat on slaughter,but that’s not factoring in the finishing cost from feed lot prior to slaughter

  12. You know they are gouging when I can get 30% off anything I buy using the app on my phone, and they are still making money so their profit margins are out of this world. The way things are going, if you don’t own your own cattle you won’t be eating beef in the near future, the number of cattle in the U.S. is at something like 70 year lows and you can’t create more burgers overnight, it is a years long process.

    1. Indeed. I have socked away a decent amount of vacuum packed ground round and some sirloin (for burgers) and ground chuck (for non-burger uses) in the deep freeze. Won’t last forever of course, but hopefully will keep beef in my diet for some time to come, even as prices keep going up.

    2. That’s why I stocked up on beef on the last trip back to DFW. While Kroger sells discounted beef from Uruguay (and some of it is quite good), Tom Thumb buys their beef from Amarillo. Even with the cost of gas to drive down from the Ozarks and back (and husband had to go into the city for work anyhow), I bought a quantity and quality I could not have found at a price I would have paid in our new home state (bought rib eyes at $6.97 a pound, etc.) . Managed to find space for it in the freezer, and plan to gift some to our neighbors who’ve helped us so much.

        1. I know – I have a guy’s name/number from just after we bought our property. But I would really need to get a second chest freezer, and there are a lot of cuts we just don’t eat very often, so would be best to split with a neighbor. Tons of cattle around here, but everyone sells them to the big processors. Cannot buy local beef even in the small local market I shop at – I’ve discussed this with the butcher!

          1. Oh that sucks Sister we have a butcher shop that sells local beef as much as they can and if they can’t source it locally they will try to get it from the rest of MT or into ID…We get cuts from them that we run out of from the cow we butcher every year like tritip, prime rib, flat irons, ribeyes,etc etc…

    3. Dad raises beef – it’s a minimum 2-year commitment to add a heifer to your herd – break-even is 6-8 years. So herds aren’t and can’t grow fast.

      Oh, and cost to raise a critter from birth to slaughter is closer to $125/cwt at this point.

  13. The only thing I can comment on unretardedly is the fishing fleet thing. If McDicks has a fishing fleet, and I wouldn’t doubt if they did, they no longer exclusively sell the product to only themselves.
    Filet O fish is made up of ‘formerly Alaskan Pollack’ that is caught by American, Canadian and Russian/EU boats, ground up into paste, frozen in 500lb blocks, packaged and shipped either to China for processing, portioning and breading, or if caught by an American company, shipped to atlantic Canada, where it gets processed the same way, and if destined for the East Coast, it goes to Canada where it is put on a rail car, moved 100 yards, put back on the same ship it came off of, and gets sent to the US. The reason for all that is to avoid using US labor and US ships, which cuts down on shipping costs since many ships pay $500 a month salary for 3rd world crew and $800-1000 for 3rd world officers, as opposed to paying that per day for an American mariner. If they left Alaska and sailed to another US port, they have to use an American ship. Fish stick companies do the same thing, although premium fish gets shipped on American container and reefer ships that pay a damn good wage.
    Anyhow, that’s how I know about McD’s fish logistics a bit, although when I learned all this I was mostly just assmad at the fish stick dicks, the soggy sacks of smashed assholes who got reamed by Team Trump, who closed the Canadian train to nowhere loophole a few years ago and handed out some 8 and 9 figure fines in the process.

    1. Heh, I’ve been referring to the so called fillet-o- fish as “Fillet of Fukushima” for years now. That is some seriously iffy food product.

      And the fact they couldn’t spare but a half slice of American cheese for one was always ridiculous. But they’d sure load the shit out of it with soy oil based tartar sauce.

      1. Why the hell would auto correct turn “filet” into “fillet”? The latter term isn’t exactly one in common everyday usage. FFS.

  14. BC – I live in a smallish SW Michigan podunk on the lake. The immediate area is maybe 5000 souls and the larger area surrounding within say 15 minute drive is maybe 15 to 20 K.
    Our Chili’s franchise just shut down, yanked the sign and went sayonara. They were about 200 yards from my house.
    In the last few years, we have lost KFC too. In retail Target went by-by, before them Sears, Penneys and Staples, all gone.
    Interestingly – ChikFilA purchased a defunct restaurant property about 3 miles away, added a bit more land after negotiating with a local car dealership for the parcel and is installing a sparkling new property, scheduled for this fall. They needed the land for the parking lot and drive through.
    Their only competition is McD, Burger King, Culvers and Applebees where chicken is concerned. Popeyes is here too but caters to the pure grease crowds of a darker shade.
    If I were sane, would not expect them to survive, except for the fact they are literally 300 ft from an I 94 exit, so I suspect they plan on getting a hefty bit of the highway crowds. No way in heck they would survive on the local population alone. Then again, they must have one heck of a good business model because the nearest ones are about 50 minutes away east or south of here, those are in much larger metropolis areas and are always busy (college towns – which we are NOT). I figure it will take a year for the novelty factor to wear away without long lines, like maybe in mid winter blizzard weather.

  15. 2001 in Maine I remember signs at McD’s advertising lobster rolls….
    “Yeah-up, lobstah ro-rolls heer.”
    Didn’t try them there but there reportedly had been a big stink when the rolls were going to be dropped from the menu.

  16. JesusFuckingChrist. I wish I had those last few minutes of my life back. Don’t you EVER complain again of not having enough hours in the day for anything. Are you fucking stoned or something?
    Worthless waste of photons since Biden got in front of a camera.
    I would say that an AI wrote this but it was just too fucking worthless.

  17. Saving for a S&W 9mm . Was that the damn double action Model 39?
    Worked at KFC out of highschool for a week then went to work building boats, 40yrs later I’m still building boats.

    1. Close… I wanted a 669. I finally ended up getting one as an anniversary gift from Gretchen
      She got it from an estate sale… it was a safe queen but now is my EDC.

  18. Fast food business margins are crap even at today’s menu pricing. We know a franchise owner that shuttered his three Burger King’s last year. Starter jobs demanding career pay, scamdemic hangover work ethics, owners working long hours, quit by text message, etc. etc. Squat and gobbles are going the way of shopping malls. Rest in peace.

    1. Hope they all go out of business…We as a people would be better off without them…Let’s get back to the old drive ins where the food comes mostly from local markets…

      1. Can’t argue with that. But the FDA and all the other bullshit that has ruined our food supply, and requires those of us who know it to jump through so many hoops and spend so much more to get food that isn’t total shit, also has to go. I should be able to walk into any grocery store and easily find food that isn’t packed with inedible and health destroying garbage like seed oils.

        And I shouldn’t need the knowledge of a chemist to identify ingredients that have been surreptitiously renamed to conceal what they really are. As it stands now, damn near everything being frankenfood is the rule, and stuff that isn’t is the exception. There is too much deception and trickery involved in masking it, too.

  19. I’m so sick of even trying to order fast food and expecting to have my order done right that I’m pretty much giving up on even the small local chains. Covid fluffed up the job market so bad, all it seems they have working at them now are brain-dead stoners (didn’t help that they legalized recreational pot) who couldn’t get a job at one of the many pot shops that line every main thoroughfare in the city, now. How friggin’ difficult is it to put together a small cheeseburger with pickles and ketchup, no onions, lettuce or tomato? Last one I ordered came as a bacon cheeseburger with no pickles, ketchup, onions, lettuce or tomato. That was at a Wendy’s. It’s no different at any other store I go to.

    Then, you want to talk about inflation? The wife had a craving for Subway, so we ordered 2 foot long subs, extra meat on both. No sides. No drinks. $29. That’s almost $15 for a dang Subway sandwich. I’m just done.

    Forget about fine dining. MFers can’t cook a steak to save their lives. I’m not picky, either, but dammit just get my order right!! That’s all I ask.

    So, I have chuck roast on the smoker that I’ll slice up and make my own sandwiches or burritos to take with me when I go to town again. Or, I can take my little Firebox stove and some fixins and grill my burger at a park between errands.

    1. Not too long ago I ran across a very well done meme that looked convincingly like an in-store promotional sign from Subway offering “$5 inch longs”. It was too close to the truth to be truly funny.

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