Feeling Better, That Raid In Gaza, and TOP MEN

Well that was no fun at all.
I’m getting old I swear. I used to be able to eat anything without any sort of issue. I used to brush my teeth in local Baghdad water… even got to the point that I could cook with it without issues. But these ‘artificial ingredients and dyes’?

Oh not so mucho.
Not anymore that is.
Sapper was shopping and picked up a couple of packages of Oreos. Normally not a big deal, only that they, like every. single. food. item. out there have gone up in price, so the junky food and sugary crap are only purchased when it’s a two-for-one thing at Publix.

In this case it was a special “Star Wars” pack.

Now the thing here is you don’t know which you’re getting, Light Side (blue filling) or Dark Side (red filling).

To be perfectly honest, I wish I hadn’t had either.

In my pack, it was all blue. And the reason I know it was the dye that done did me in? Well, without too much graphic description, let’s just say the toilet had a faaar deep blue hue to it than it normally has from those hockey-puck thingies we have in there.

“Never Trust A Fart”
So, I got sick as a dog for a few days. Too many chemicals in what they call that Goyslop I swear. It’s a damned shame really. Now I’m back. Sort of kind of. I’ve gotten my Father’s Day gift early from Gretchen. It’s a really elaborate watch from Garmin. She got it on eBay used, and considering how elaborate it is, I think whomever owned it previously just didn’t want to learn how to use it.

It’s the Garmin Instinct 2. Normally like $400+ new. She paid juuuust under $250 by ‘sniping’ the bid. That’s when you sit and do a last minute/second bid and cut the legs out from underneath whomever had the last high bid. The only issue with doing that is someone might have a higher bid that you don’t have time to beat… either way, seems she’s been doing this and watching for a while.

It’s also how I got her one of her B-Day gifts. Nothing overly elaborate. On Gab there’s an auction house in the Gab Marketplace that does online auctions that I look at on occasion. The place usually handles Estate Sales, and some of the stuff is pure junk, and other stuff is really nice. In her case I got her a Kate Spade purse for $30 including shipping. I checked it out, and retail it’s like $125. It’s the basic ‘lil black purse’ with a ‘lil black internal makeup bag as well. Total theft IMO.

Theft to MY advantage that is…

So it’s a nice watch. I have some other nice timepieces, most of which I got back in the day in Iraq where there were fakes and real ones floating around. I still have a Tag-Heuer that I don’t know if is ‘live or memorex’ maybe you guys and gals can tell me?

It’s got the weight, and zero corrosion like the “Folex” would get… the pot metal that a fake was made out of? The salt and sweat would literally corrode a fake Rolex to junk status muy pronto.

However this one I got in 2004, like right after we ‘took over’ Baghdad and there were the occasional ‘real deals’ to be had…
The back of this one is also seriously engraved as opposed to the fake stuff where you can just tell it’s a cheap replica/cast pot metal:

You can see all the micro scratches and dirt and gunk built up on it… I had to use that lil borescope light as without it’s just too dark to see the detail(s)

If it is a fake, well Hell, either way I’ve gotten 20+ years out of it and it’s still a nice chronograph. Not going to lie, but it is also a fairly nice piece of memorabilia for myself…. knowing the shit I went through while wearing it.

Other news: The world went off the deep end about those hostages Hamas was holding. Personally, in this particular shitshow, I have the “not my circus, not my monkeys” attitude for the most part. Just as long as we here stateside don’t get ‘splattered’ with ‘blowback shit’ so to speak. I mean for real, they’ve been killing since killing was invented with Caine and Able if you want to go that far back… how or why we need to be involved beats the Hell out of me…

And the propaganda?

THIS particular one stood out to me:

The issue?
I mean… not for nothing, the pictures I’ve seen of the ‘immediate happy reunion with friends/family?’ I believe this one is from the guy above, as the Tee Shirt beard and hair sort of makes me think it’s him:

Pale as all get out…like he’s been locked away out of the sun, which makes sense…

But Starved? Beaten? Not for nothing, but I’ve looked rougher after a three day all-you-can-drink weekend bender. The only thing it looks like this guy was denied was his acne medication…

Or it might be this guy… not really sure as they look identical… the media probably screwed that pooch there on who-is-who on the freed dudes… the last pic is of this guy here:

Not a mark on him and he’s still sporting the dad-bod beer gut like oh-so-many of us are these days. I’m actively trying to get my paces in as well as working a kettle-ball while working.

So far be it from me to deny that these guys had it rough. It’s just they do not look like they’ve had it that rough. I mean there’s beatings and then there’s beatings. And starved? There’s ‘didn’t get a meal for a day or two’ to “OMFG the guy’s a walking skeleton!”
These folks?

I’m not buying into it, not fully.
Jes’ Sayin’

And the trade off of KIAs? The supposed body count is between 210 admitted to 270 claimed killed during the process of the rescue. That includes women and children. “Collateral Damage” as the movie with Arnie was titled back in the day…

Personally, I have a hard time with kids getting whacked. Don’t care the ‘why’ of it, it the kid isn’t actively participating, i.e. holding a weapon/grenade/whatever and the kid just happens to be there, you do not waste the kid.

And speaking of raw, undiluted bullshit propaganda, add on the whole spin of “Well, they were part of it! Those families were participants!!! They got what they deserved!!!”

Listen, when the “guys with the guns” show up at YOUR house and tell YOU that in no uncertain terms that this guy/gal/hostage is now YOUR responsibility for this day/week/month and he/she had better be taken care of or else capisce?” YOU literally have no other option…

I mean Hamas? That’s the Mob… The Guys with the Guns… the Guys who’ve been running this shit show. The Guys who, in all likelihood, control the food that YOUR family oh so desperately need… All you wanted to do, like most of the population in the World, want to be left the Hell alone… YOU personally have just been trying like Hell to ‘go along to get along’ and if they want to keep playing with fire, all you want to do it try like Hell to keep YOUR family out of the flames….

And in this case? unfortunately, you AS WELL as your families number(s) came up… And that therein lies my issue. It seems readily apparent from a lot of the gun cam footage that there seemed to be an excessive amount of fire… outgoing fire as far as I can tell. M-4’s versus AK? I can tell you half-stone/drunk asleep the difference when a round gets snapped off just which type of round got fired… and there was a LOT of M-4 fire… which means one of two things to my mind:

1) They were completely negligent and just panic-shooting anything and anyone who moved.
2) They were intentionally making no effort to figure out the “sheep” from the “goats” willfully and intentionally killing everyone in line-of-sight, in order to terrorize the rest of the population, with the bonus of adding to an already insane genocidal score card.

Kind of pisses me off in a professional sort of way.

As Leon in “The Professional said: “No women, no kids.”
That’s practically beaten into everyone in the DotMil

Least it used to be that way.
Eh, what do I know? I’m just a broken down old Grunt who thinks that particular “rescue/massacre” was a shit show, and because of it, there’s going to be some pain down the road for the rest of us, because of it.

Mainly because, and it still blows me away that if they were going for #2, a willful and intentional slaughter of randos in and around the rescue operation, The Arab mind does not work the way others do. It’s a serious Honor Coded society, with a strict and religious aspect. I’ll tell you what… per the U.N.:

UN human rights experts* today strongly condemned the umpteenth massacre by Israeli forces in Gaza during a hostage rescue operation in Nuseirat Refugee Camp, which killed at least 274 Palestinians, including 64 children and 57 women, and injured nearly 700.

U.N. dot org

64 kids? 57 women?
Alllllll probably with relatives.
Some of which who may reside here in the Untied Staatz?

Guess what, Twenty One Year Old Cousin Abdul is now very upset that his six year old Cousin Fula was shot and killed in the raid… he’s here on a student visa at CalTech for Organic Chemistry… I’ll leave it to your fertile imaginations just what Abdul may decide to do as payback for his lil Cousin…

Either way, it ain’t going to be good

And with the TOP MENTM in the FedGov having the MASSIVE strength and investigatory powers of our Homeland Security being laser-focused on guys like me, disgruntled vets blowing steam off into the ethers, or jackasses wearing Nazi Uniforms or KKK robes and marching around, all hat, no cattle? That us whypeepo are the threat. The National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin dated May 24, 2023 (with an expiry of November 24 of the same year) was the last Bulletin that them jokers at Homeland put out.

Link is HERE if you feel an overwhelming need to be nauseated by our corruptocrat Overlords.

True Story: Waaaay back in 2000 I started working after the regular work day was done at an around-the-corner Liquor Store. It’s what your local New Englander calls a “packy” which stands for “Package Store”. I grew up and heard various reasons why it (the liquor stores) were given that name. A very interesting in-depth article can be found HERE

The TL;DR is that the etymology of it is derivative of the way things were literally packaged. Per the article:

The concept of selling liquor in the “original package” was incorporated into many states’ laws after Prohibition to prevent retailers from buying bulk spirits and repackaging them, lest they water them down or adulterate them in some way.

Robert Moss ‘The Origins of the Package Store’

-I- was always taught it was because back in the day, booze was wrapped in heavy dark brown paper, lest folks see you as the local boozehound or drunk. Either way, a good second job. Shit pay, but I got to take home a 30 pack every so often, which hey! Some of the best two words in the English Language: Free Beer.

So anyway, at one point we had this kid working there. Typical Quincy High School dropout. The kid was nice enough, but dumber than a bag of burnt hair. He ended up getting fired for fucking up the till one too many a times, usually in favor of the customer, which in itself was sort of sus. Mainly because we had cameras everywhere and the owner was a member of the tribe. VERY money conscious. I lasted until the end, when he sold the business to some Indians who immediately fired everyone who wasn’t one of ‘their tribe’. But before this happened, Burnt Hair Boy got canned. I was told it was because he couldn’t make change… and truthfully, he just might have been that dumb… This was like in August of 2001.

9/11 happened shortly thereafter, and the FedGov started bulking up on the security apparatus. About a year or so? Maybe more, maybe less… too many years, too many beers, Burnt Hair Boy shows up in uniform. Now, it seems like this was waaay earlier than the date(s) I find of when they actually started hiring, (March 2003) but I do distinctly remember that B.H.B. was in the very first class of the New Department of Homeland Security Airport Security Officers…

He told me I should try to get in… Federal Job and all that.

The next time I saw him was when he showed up, no shit, in a fucking suit. Seems because he was ‘in’ at the beginning, he had seniority, and was made the Supervisory Homeland Security Agent for ALL of Logan International! Now, I bear the kid no ill will… we got along ok, but it was sort of a sore spot to see this GED special coming into the store running a sweet FedGov gig like that, being as dumb as he was/is.

Man… I will say he helped me out in I believe it was September of 2004 when I was on my way back to Iraq. I had a HUGE ‘shopping list’ of various ammunition that had been requested by like everyone. Ammo for contractors was a catch-as-can, especially if officially you weren’t supposed to be armed. Plus some of the weapons had some oddities that even here at home I had trouble finding, leastways back then. 7.62 Makarov, Good 7.62×39 Hollowpoints, .45 ACP… 12 Gauge Shotgun (00 Buck for the most part) things of that nature.

I ended up filling 2 five gallon Home Depot buckets, them BIG Orange ones? with each box of ammo wrapped nice and snug in an individual foam liner. They stacked very nicely in your basic seabag/duffel bag type one each. And yes I did declare it all as I wasn’t taking any chances.

Tell you what, that sucker was heavy AF

Either way I got pulled for ‘extra screening’ for just that bag. I personally think that they couldn’t believe I actually had all that boom-boom safely wrapped all to hell and gone in the buckets. The XRay apparently couldn’t really see inside as I mean it was packed-packed to the max, and this was before those “they can unlock it” locks were in vogue.

When I got there, Surprise Surprise! Burnt Hair Boy was there in his “Fuck You I’m In Charge Suit” with 2x Homeland Kids, and Two Mass State Troopers. I was a wee bit nervous until I realized B.H.B. was all super happy to see me, and we had a mini-reunion. He was all giving me the backslap(s) and telling the other guys “This guy’s OK… we just got to make sure you packed everything OK all right?” I opened the bag, and we started pulling out -some- of the ammunition. Mind you this was right there by the boarding gate… NOT in the back room, so now I have like an audience of 500+ people staring at me, the typical Contractor wearing DCU pants, Combat boots, and some Mercenary bullshit T-Shirt I liked to wear when I was travelling…

I have to say, the old saw of “It’s who you know” paid out in spades that day. ALL the ‘experts’ on hand signed off that it was safe for this to go in the hold of the plane, and a couple of “Good Lucks” and “Give ’em Hell boy!” and off I went…

That was probably the last good interaction I’ve ever had with Homeland let me tell you…

So yeah… TOP MENTM are in Charge.
All is well I guess…
The only thing we can do is ride it out, and see where it goes.
So More Later
Big Country

31 thoughts on “Feeling Better, That Raid In Gaza, and TOP MEN”

  1. Not impressed, BC! A blue shit? You should have taken a pic! With an open tape measure in the frame for reference…

    Some of the ‘knock off’ watches out there are great time pieces that will use jap movements that are used in brands like Seiko. Miyoto? I can’t remember… but they ARE as accurate and robust as the Rolex watches. It galls the chit out of Rolex guys to learn the Japs build better watches at a fraction of the price. A lot of people don’t realize the fakes are better than the real McCoys these days. For me…if I were going to the Sand Box I’d take a Casio G Shock. They’re cheap, deadly accurate and though they’re large…they fit great and they’ll take a beating that would pound a Rolex into scrap. Their top of the line one is the Mudmaster.

  2. So they won’t be needing those YT people for the three front war they intend to lose intentionally?
    Good deal as there is no love for the fake and GAE CCCP-LARP.
    Anything enemedia=fake AF.
    Check CL and the Crisis Actors Guild
    The AINO/FUSA is the designated loser of WWIII.
    These things happen internal quisling traitors get near the levers of power with hammer and sickle plans.
    You have the watches and the time and you would be surprised how much weight can come just by walking after each meal.
    Off for first or AM walk and Area Study
    Live long and prosper. \\ //

  3. I’m trying to figure out if BHB was a guinea from West Quincy or a PWT 3rd gen Section 8 from Germantown, lol. Probably not Germantown. He had a job.
    Tom Kratman is a retired colonel, and has written a LOT about the middle eastern mind and the role of amoral familism in acts of brutality. Worth reading. Kratman’s a trip. He believes that Vlad Tepes was on to something. His novel ‘Caliphate’ while fiction, written 20 years ago, is eerily prescient on the muslim invasion of Europe.

    1. Rumor was that Kratman was upset that Ringo got 4 death fatwas over “Ghost” and Tom got nothing for “Caliphate”.

    1. Right Back AT You Fren (if applicable, do not run with scissors (unless it’s the lesbian kind) and do not taunt Happy Fun Ball, all Right Reserved)

      1. ivermectin is excellent for allergic reactions, of which food intolerance is.

        I’m allergic to red dye 40. found this out after I ate a bag of cinnamon candies. my lips swelled up, severe GI disturbance. started taking lysine ( amino acid supplement good for herpes outbreaks also) and ivy 2x a day and squashed that reaction in half.

        and yeah I work in a grocery store. I consider 99% of items for sale to be garbage. why we are so unhealthy.

        1. Good to know and yes, the Ivermectin has been a help! I still have a big pile left over from Gretchen’s cancer treatment. Many Thanks!

          1. Here’s an excellent interview with Mike Adams. Yeah, I know he can be a little out there but I really like this guest. This is a must watch for treating (maybe) and preventing cancers. The chemical is Amygdalin and it’s found in apricot seeds (apple too). Some great anecdotal evidence in this video. Got some apricot seeds, they taste like shit but I suspect they’re worth it.


      2. And remove clothes before ironing.
        We truly have our top men at the helm, and half ain’t even men.

  4. You might hate the small hats, BC, and for good reason.
    But they and ghengis had it right; Kill your enemy one and all. Men women and children.
    Sorry if this is hard to swallow.

    1. Kill ’em all is straight outa Talmud according to Israel Shahak (author, member of the tribe).

    2. Don’t hate them honestly. I just ‘notice’ a LOT more than I used to. I’m pretty ambivalent until I see oh so many of that particular group on one hand screaming for the elimination of the white race, (especially on Twatter) and then later, invariably they self-identify as a tribal member, as if that’ll do any good when and if your skin color become your ‘uniform’ so to speak…
      But yep. I DO agree as well IF your objective IS the complete and utter genocide of the ‘other’

      But, at least be HONEST about your objectives…

      It irritates the living fuck out of me that they use what happened to THEM as an excuse/shield to perpetrate that on another group of which they were supposedly victims of… and excoriate anyone who dares point it out. The hypocrisy and shall we say chutzpah? is staggering in their lack of self-reflection… THAT is what’s going to cause serious issues down the road.

      I mean as the late great Robin Williams once did in a comedy act as if he was speaking to the former Prime Minister of South Africa, PW Botha: “Lissen up here Sparky, in your country, there’s 2 million white people, and 40 million black people… Does the name ‘Custer’ ring a bell?” That right there is an entire poast for itself at some point…

    3. Best remember that Kill them All policy included the US sailors of the USS Liberty. When I stepped about USN Intel school in ’96 Hebrew was considered an enemy language. Wonder what changed?

  5. I had a Rolex knock off I got in Italy for $40. Lasted through 2 years of outdoor work and I even wore it in the ocean. It was still working when I gave it away to a buddy. Wish I would’ve bought ten of them

  6. It never occurred to me that the people holding hostages just may have had no choice in the matter. HepMe,ImaDumbass..( there’s even a song)
    A doctor, naturopathic type, saved me. I was so polluted with metals I couldn’t stand up more than a couple of minutes. Chelation therapy, look it up.. Anyway, if it’s not a blueberry and it’s blue, FFS, don’t eat it.
    Those blueberry toaster waffles? No.
    The saga of BHB is an interesting tale. Good thing you treated him decent, eh?

      1. I have a notebook with lab results. Over the course of treatment the levels came down to survivable values. If you’re seriously interested we can talk. It’s too much for typing. Molybdenum, cadmium,mercury, lead,and others. Spent about 85,000 out of pocket, because it’s an Experimental Treatment and insurance companies won’t touch it. I got a month? Meh,,
        Slip your email in, open one? We can visit,,
        That is my name, I’m in Gilmer Texas, in the phone book.
        It’s a landline..

        1. Curious, how do you think you got all those metals in you? Work? Water system?
          I cast my own reloads and I try to be careful about lead exposure.

    1. Like I said, he was a good kid, just dumb. Not stupid, just ‘box of rocks’ dumb. Jethro Bodine you know? And yeah, the very few times I’ve gone back there, the last time being 2009 for DeadDad’s memorial, he’s was still running the show and making six figures with a FULL DotGov retirement whenever he wants it…

  7. The casualties in the hostage rescue was caused by bombs hitting the buildings. UNZ says they are still digging bodies out. I think we proved in WWII and Vietnam that there is no such thing as precision daylight bombing. A bombing mission kills kids.

    Glad to see you’re over the illness and not underwater like some parts of Florida.

  8. Glad to hear you’re feeling better BC, and sincerely appreciate the repost the other day. I have wondered about the auction site at the Gab marketplace, have to give it a shawt. Not surprised by the way this chemical filled slop lays people low anymore. We’ve always eaten healthy but with the cancer diagnosis have gotten fairly strict about it and whenever there’s any backsliding, man you can almost taste the poison.
    Comparing notes on channel cats, I had an Elvis moment in the throne room this week while trying to release one into the wild. When it finally made it’s escape it was black and smelled like swamp dirt. Going to look into the chelation therapy, thanks for the tip to whoever recommended, the brain pan is still dented from the Elvis impression.
    Lastly, regarding the small hat crowd having the right idea per enemies, can’t do that and keep beating mUh SiX mIlLyUn horse ad nauseum infinitum.
    Happy Father’s Day to all y’all.

  9. Just eat produce and skip the processed foods, for just 2 weeks, and see how you feel.

    1. Word. If you crave sweets (as I do), try a couple of Medjool dates or a tablespoon of raw honey. Florida citrus should be part of your diet. Best wishes. Bleib ubrig.

  10. Not down with killing kiddos. Once had an ROE brief by SF just before we convoyed to FOB on the Pakistani border. Basically said kids along the route would try to climb on our equipment and attempt to steal our food. “ that’s all the food you have for two weeks, do what your conscious allows”. We carried candy and threw it on the roadside when we encountered kids. It wasn’t an issue thankfully.

    Homeland Security and the eff-bee-eye are notorious lazy, stupid, pricks who have zero people skills. Axe me how I know. Honestly if they didn’t have the go-to “Lying to a federal agent” charge I seriously doubt they could ever make a legitimate arrest.

    Happy Father’s Day to all here whom that applies to.

  11. As far as the folks in Gaza, the majority literally voted for Hamas and “elections have consequences”. As far as the watch, looks genuine. I was given a watch by a Malaysian ( but ethnically Chinese) yacht owner I once worked for in 2010. He told me the (electronic) movement was made by the same factory in China that supplies Tag Heuer. So I guess “Swiss Made” is no longer so Swiss. I like nice watches myself and have a 1903 Elgin Railroad pocket watch that still functions quite well.

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