A Follow Up to the Detroit Splash Pad Shooting and Happy Fathers Day! UPDATED

So you may/may not have heard about that mass shooting in Detroit on Saturday. Some loon walked up to a Park in Rochester Hills in Detroit and shot up a bunch of kids. No fatalities, and a suspect has been found dead-by-suicide in the house where he had immediately holed up.

I noticed it because of the “Breaking News” flash, and when I heard the “Where” of it, i.e. Detriotistan, and the “How” of it, i.e. shooter hits and wounds everyone except for maybe the target? I immediately dropped it off my radar as it seemed like we were looking at another Chimpout gone sideways. I mean it is within the ‘Juneteenth’ timeframe so I figured it was an ‘early start’ to what’s probably going to be a huuuuge bodycount by the time that shitfestivus is over.

Never assume! I would have lost the “Guess the race” contest here!!! The reason I’m currently pecking this out because at 06:20 one of the support beams on the bed caved in, and the box spring failed as well. Truth be told Gretchen and I both know (besides being fat-of-ass, me not her mind you) that it (the wood crossbar) initially cracked during a particularly ‘festive’ time between us so to speak.

That and it’s made of fucking layered Hardwood. It looks like from the break that there was a too-close seam that gave way on it. Plus it is about ten years old and has had quite a bit of the ‘ole in-and-out’ performed on it… The box spring frame is actually just a metal frame that’s a rather ingenious piece of engineering. The main frame folds up like an accordion, and the various crossbars and stringers connect to it. It’s an Amazon product, and it? Well from the look of it, the stringers ‘slipped’ out of the notches, causing it to cave in a bit. Nothing bent, but when I reassemble and reinforce it, I’ll make sure to tape the crossmembers and stringers with some good duck-tape to keep them in line.

Anyways, there’s the reason for being up. I positively am not a morning dude… Back to what I think may become another “Man Of Three Names.” The first thing I noticed was this story has already ‘dropped off the radar.’ last night. Nothing headlining on CNN/FOX or the “Usual Ministries of Propaganda and Lies.” Not that unusual if Da’Quann or Yur’inal goes on a ‘spray and pray’ with no significant fatalities. I thought I’d have to follow up as the morning progresses…

Then I did a wee bit of digging.
What the Hell right? I mean its oh dark early, and I got my Latte Aye?

Seems that Rochester Hills in Detroit is a nicer area.
The demographics are 79.6% White, 12.8% Asian, 3.7% African American, 2.9% two or more races, 0.1% Native American, and 5.6% Hispanic or Latino.

Call it the far Northern Burbs of Detroitistan.
Then, I actually had to goolag it… couldn’t find any updates. The link to it is HERE
Now, the suspect hasn’t been named, BUT they did say that

“The suspect was identified as a 42-year-old white male who lived with his mother. Bouchard said the man had no criminal history but was believed to have had mental health challenges.”

Now, interestingly, he dropped the Glock after firing off 28 rounds. The story said her reloaded twice, so 3x mags at 10 rounds per mag. They also have a picture of the weapon on the ground:

Looks like a Glock 19? maybe? Although that shell? I looks pretty large so I ran it through https://eleif.net/photomeasure which is a freebie app you can use to take a ‘known’ measurement, and then try to get another measurement by dragging a line across. It’s hard BUT I have my ‘known’ measurement to start.

Those are as you can see, Sirchie Crime Scene Forensic Counters. They’re 3.5 inches across, and 2.63 inches High. Using that, I got:

It’s a wee bit off but it’s harder than Hell to get it on there just right. The shadows play hell with it getting a clean line across the mouth of the empty shell casing. So, in this case, .32 is close enough for Government Specs as .354 comes out to 9mm, so I’d say dude was throwing 9mm. He was probably throwing ball as all the people hit were wounded as opposed to killed.

Got to love the ¡Science! Aye?

That if you look closely, the Glock doesn’t appear to have a no ‘giggle switch’ either.
This Homie apparently didn’t play that.

Now here’s one I haven’t heard of… they tracked down this guy via the Glock he dropped. Unusual in the fact that he dropped his piece, but then that

“The suspect had already left the scene and authorities located a handgun and three empty magazines at the scene.

“The one weapon on scene led us to the address that was registered to that address, which is why we got so quickly to the home,” Bouchard said Saturday night.”

That’s really fucking quick in my mind that they were able to, within mere minutes of this shooting have a name AND address attached to the oh so conveniently ‘dropped on the scene’ weapon…

I mean a suspicious dude might think that some ‘strange things are afoot at the Circle K’ right? There’s QUICK and then there’s “So QUICK as to be genuinely unbelievable”

Our Glorious and Wonderful Law Enforcement Community would never think of participating is something as untoward as setting up some poor shmoe and/or programming him like a wind up toy to “Pop Off” when the time is right?
Perish the thought
Badthink! Hatethought! Bad, Big Country!!! Bad Bad BAD!!!
No cookie for you!!!

So after confirming in less than 10 or so minutes where this guy lived, surrounded it, and then they set up a cordon, and waited. A couple of hours went past, and when they didn’t hear anything, they breached the door, and sent in the drones (there they are again). When they got inside the house they found suspected shooter dude had self-deleted via a single shot to the casaba.

More interestingly from my POV they found:

“The examination also found another weapon in the home on the kitchen table. Bouchard said the suspect had “what looks to be a semi-automatic 223, but I don’t know for a fact until that scene’s processed.”

The cop then goes on to say:

“…because we had quick containment on him, that if he had planned to do anything else, and it wouldn’t surprise me, because having that on the kitchen table is not an everyday activity…”

Jeez, what sort of pantywaist is this guy?
And he calls himself a Cop!?!
I mean you’ve got to have the Nightstand Rifle, The Desk Rifle, The Kitchen Rifle, The Bathroom Rifle, and the all-too-important but frequently overlooked Shower Shotty:

I mean No one expects The Spanish Inquisition!!!

Nor does one nominally expect -someone- to try the door while you’re hosing off or dropping a Deuce, but hey, you do you my man… Myself? I’ll just keep it real.
Real Close and Available

Now, I’m waiting to see if the name drops.
42 Years Old.
Lives with Mom.
Known Mental Health “Issues”
Drives up to the park, does a three Magazine dump into a bunch of kids and families in an Upscale Suburb of Detroitistan.
DROPS. THE. WEAPON. and drives off!!!! (who the Hell does that!?!)
A member of the current “hate group” i.e. Evil Whytte Dude”
I want to see if they get, or more importantly give out any more information. I mean name? Where did he work? Was he “previously known to Law Enforcement?”

And as I’ve been writing this, ‘all of a sudden!’ there’s updates all over the place. Like ALL the news and Ministries are getting on board… to include THIS one here which I’m linking and screen capping for OBVIOUS reasons. This Link is to ClickOnDetroit news and the capture is self explanatory:

Yellow Outline by Me…

Annnnnd there it is!
Now all we need is the naming of the Doer.
Place Your Bets!
Three Named Man inbound?
More than Likely.

So again, to recap this mess:
“I’ll take things that don’t make sense for $800 Alex”

A Mentally Ill 42 Year Old White Male who lives with Mom.
(never a good start/sign IMO)

Shows up with at least one Glock semiauto.

Some witnesses said he used two.

HOSES at least 28 rounds, reloading 2x, so he was probably using DotGov compliant 10 round mags, no the usual 17 in a Glock 17 or 15 in the Model 19.

Hits 3 kids, 6 adults. No KIA yet
Prayers up that everyone recovers please, especially the kids.

Conflicting reports of whether he WAS or WAS NOT known to the police. All depends on which paper you’re reading.

HAD but DID NOT USE an “AR Based Platform” that the cops found at his house. To -my- way of thinking, if you go retard, you go full retard and use every gat at your disposal. Especially if you’re looking for a body count.

I’m waiting and will Update as I go…
I’m thinking we’ll get the three-name-drop sometime after noon.
More Later
Big Country

And BTW I almost forgot! Happy Fathers Day to all them Dads out there who did the best they could and keep on keepin’ on. May you have a nice relaxing day with your kids if you can, and if not, at least enjoy the memories of better times. They will come again someday.

Appropriate for Fathers Day IMO

Looks like I was right (again).
The critter that went on a spree?
Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said 9 people were injured, some in critical condition. The suspect, he said, was found in a Shelby Township home, dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was identified as Michael William Nash, 42.
(Bold and underline mine) H/T to Art Sido over at his Place

Now, lots of comments about how everyone or a majority of people have three names. I’ll grant that. My IRL name I’m running four names as opposed to three, and my Non-de-Plume of BCE is of the three named variety.

HOWEVER If you look at the MAJOR assassination/mass shootings over the past 75+/- years, starting with Lee Harvey Oswald, it’s a way that “They” for the values of “They” are (Leviathan, what have you) they utilize the Three name Value as a ‘focal point’ or ‘fixation point’ that ‘twigs’ the mind into accepting the “facts” that are presented by the ‘Authorities’ as absolute truth. It’s a reinforcement model… I’m not a p-shrink, but I read a paper on it many many moons ago, and it’s always struck me as closer to the truth than not.

It also almost exclusively is used to focus on Whytte Shooters only.
I mean look:
Lee Harvey Oswald
James Earl Ray
and those are just ‘instant off the top of my head classics’ so to speak.
More recent and notorious and (probable) “wind up toys” as I call them?
The Batman Shooter: James Eagan Holmes (12 KIA)
The Vegas Shooter: Steven Craig Paddock (60 KIA)
The Sutherland Springs Shooter: Devin Patrick Kelley (26 KIA)
The Mickey D’s Shooter: James Oliver Huberty (21 KIA)

And those are just a few quick snapshot(s) if you will

Add on the Australian Port Arthur Shooter, of which there have been many many questions regarding the validity of what really happened that day back in 1996, Martin John Bryant. THAT was the shooting that got ALL the guns essentially banned in Oz…

Make of it what you will… I just ‘notice’ things, and let you decide. Now, gotta shower and off to Dad’s for the rest of Father’s Day.
More Later

41 thoughts on “A Follow Up to the Detroit Splash Pad Shooting and Happy Fathers Day! UPDATED”

  1. Welp, they certainly didn’t have an illegal registry to ID him immediately.. unpossible…

    1. I’m still shocked at the amount of people who actually believe that the FBI does the NICS and then hits delete.

      1. Same w/Maryland.

        I remember when they first added the ‘checkbox’ to the bottom of the background check form – it said that if checked, gun would not be added to the state registry. I, of course, refused to check the box. Apparently, that caused quite a bit of laughter at the State Police HQ where these were processed (so – yeah, I’m pretty sure it was added, I just don’t have deep enough pockets to go after it). And sure enough, just a few years later – the ‘checkbox’ disappeared, and the the wording changed to something along the lines of: ‘by signing this required background check form, you agree to have this handgun added to the State registry’. Needless to say, I haven’t bought another handgun here since. Not sure if anyone’s ever fought this – but if I ever win the lottery bigtime, I’m hiring up lawyers to make TPTB stop trampling on our rights. It’s a shame, but apparently constantly pushing back is the only way to keep them from incrementally taking our freedom away.
        The only problem is, it’s *usually* happening so slowly that most folks don’t even notice until it’s too late (insert frog in a slow boil pot here…). :-/

  2. It checked all the boxes on typical “guess the race” scenario except one critical one. He offed himself. That usually never happens with dindus.

  3. northern ‘burbs of Day-toi aren’t home to the scum and villany…you’d have to go west to Ypsi, waay north to Flint (where the waters heavy), or the west coast where you’re closer to Chicago.

    smells fishy.

  4. Well, Fathers Day and some fuckstick who lives in his mothers basement decides to go off on one and open up on some kids who actually had fathers. Since theres not much input from mum and no mention of a father, I guess we have to presume he just slid out of a petri dish, and was just waiting for your fedbois to find a useful target to point him at when the “nut up” button was accidently pressed.

  5. Thank you and a Happy Father’s Day to you and all the fathers here as well.


  6. Having lived about 20 miles from Rochester Hills for most of my life, before judging too quickly– one needs to look deeper
    In Michigan, all pistols are registered by the state –it’s been that way since buying my first in 1964
    so they didn’t have tom go to the Feds to get owner ID, they have it instantly with the serial number (assuming it wasnt stolen)

    Second Bouchard — who is the Sheriff of Oakland county ( where Rochester Hills is located) is one of the “good guys” — he’s no dummy, he’s not a “west coast” catch and release type, and he would rival some of the law enforcement types that you have referenced favorably there in Florida.
    Oakland county used to be a “red” area until a few years back, but now it ranges from solid “blue” at its southern border with Detroit, to “red” in the rural areas in the north.
    If I had to guess– Rochester Hills is probably best described as “purple”
    So, Bouchard has to deal with all types/attitudes/backgrounds

  7. And once again, the armed and fully functional WW2 era battleship on my wish list was not there.

    Sigh. Guess I’ll have to wait another year.

  8. the Hills is a pricey area in Oakland Co inhabited by a lot of auto execs. Bouchard is also the name of the Sheriff there if I recall correctly.

    Honestly, I don’t know very many fathers who are actually very happy about their children… I do know many men who are very happy they never had them…

    1. I still don’t understand the three names thing. I have a first name, a middle name, and a last name. Don’t most people? Don’t they use all three in reporting just for clarity? John Edward Smith vs just John Smith?

      1. It’s a mnemonic. Granted, YES most folks have 3 names. See the Update for more.

        1. If you don’t wish to appear as the lamest wannabe conspiracy flogger EVAR, you really need to drop the whole three name fetish. It diminishes you

          Or at least demonstrate that it is applied selectively rather than as the obvious standard policy it clearly is for distinguishing indivuals.

  9. you have to get a permit from the county to by a pistol in michigan. but not shotguns or long rifles.

  10. Hate to tell you this, but a bed collapsing (AND the boxsprings?!?!?!?!!!!?) is a KLEW that it is inhabited by fatbodies that desperately need to quit consuming more than their fair share of humanity’s food.
    Or maybe this is another GOFUNDME opportunity……?
    Just dont spend the proceeds on more Big Macs. Beds can get expensive.

    1. Get bent w/that crap… The bed FRAME the wooden cross supports are older… like 10 years old with a lot of moves and mileage…
      The box spring isn’t really a box spring… my bad on the description It’s here (if you give a fuck) https://amzn.to/3KRx1Lv Instead of snarking and being a fuckstick, why don’t you educate yourself instead of showing your ass? You don’t like how I run this shop? Feel free to write your own… but you won’t b/c your a hack and a troll.
      The problem is that the metal frame connectors came out of the little mounts, (probably from the Grans jumping on it all the time) so the wood eventually gave away and cracked. I already fixed it and reinforced it as the wooden stringers weren’t even a full 3/8in thick, and glued together hardwood for that matter.
      So IP Addy Noted. You get your one pass. Thatisall.

    2. Negative there buddy, I broke multiple bed frames in my time being amorous even when I weighed 200 pounds and she weighed like 120.
      Rolling around and pounding in the bed puts some serious stresses on a bed frame.
      This is why I have the heaviest duty STEEL (not aluminum) frame that I could find.

      Don’t be jelly that BCE is a great lover who makes Wifey a happy woman.

        1. AAAAAMen!!!! Leave her reeling from the feeling…
          She’s got a LOT of complaints (what woman doesn’t amiright?) but THAT isn’t one of them, Thank the Good Lord above.

  11. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on that Oreo crap (literally).
    Have passed on the “do not consume” to my kids and grands, no sense in risking getting poisoned even if it was just a fluke.

    As to fake watches, I think you have the real deal in that Tag Heuer, remember eyeballing one back in late 60’s which had a price tag (even back then) that one could not afford.

    Stay sane and BOLO for criminal invader mayhem, it is a matter of when it will happen, not “if”. And yeah, I am about 90 miles from Chiraq as the crow flies.

  12. Damn BC, I was eating dinner when I read this (just now commenting due to being busy all evening) and damn near choked laughing over your description of “festive” things compromising the bed frame supports. As for the shooter? W(ho)TF really knows. Guy is older than the typical fage monster – head meds or not – and I doubt we’ll ever get anymore useful information, just more bullshit propaganda villianizing White men and guns.

    Oh, and lay off those Oreos. With blue or red die (or without), they are amongst the shittiest poison goyslop one can possibly consume. Right up there with WackArnolds. I still hold to some bad dietary habits, but those sure aren’t one of them.

    1. Ha. Dye, not die. But somehow it still works even with the spelling fuckup.

  13. The homegrown Bolsheviks want the guns by any means necessary?
    Comrade Hunter will make himself useful for the Long March comrades regarding guns.
    Now that we’re in Anarcho-Tyranny I wouldn’t put anything past them.
    Boat anchor normies are too stupid to ever get a clue and now are a liability.
    Local Karens have called the fuzz on me for long beard and skull shirt but this is a Red State and the cop said GTFO.
    Listening to pod and the Irish host said new poleece hires will arrest people because they don’t like them.

  14. That story out of Crotchester Hills is getting very little coverage, making me wonder why. Normally an unhinged White guy mass shooter would be drawing lots of attention.

    1. Exactly. I think the ‘programming’ popped off early and fucked up the schedule/planning, hence them finding the AR at the house instead as being able to be ‘demonized’ by being used at the scene…

  15. Lol, i swear great minds think alike, i too have noticed that the speed at which they apprehend the offender is a direct clue as to wind up or not. How fast did they get the dc sniper? How fast did they get the unibomber? These guys they get same day, wind up all the way.

  16. * Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme (Gerald Ford attempt)

    * Mark David Chapman (John Lennon)

    * John Hinkley Jr. (R. Reagan; Warnock was his middle name, but they played up Junior)

    * John Wilkes Boothe (Honest Abe)

    * Hillary Rodham Clinton (Vince Foster, among at least 120 others)

  17. Neither of my moms parents had middle names. Grandpa was one of 12 kids. Grandma was one of 13. Both german if that matters. I asked gramps one time why he didn’t have a middle name. He just chuckled and said they couldn’t afford them. Made sense. Sort of.

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