OK A Good News Follow Up And Don’t Epstein Me Bro!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A loooooooooong 24 hours but the final results are in. Gretchen’s surgery was an absolute success as stated before, and she’s now resting. albeit in a goodly amount of pain, as the lift required a wee bit of cutting on Ye Olde Nipplage.

MAJOR OUCHIES right there amiright?

EVERYTHING went great. Doc Samizdat, as I stated was gold. A better surgeon doesn’t exist in my book. Fucking the guy is a workaholic, and was literally going flat-out all day, and yet still took time to check in at least three or four times to see how -I- was doing as well as Gretchen. Even made sure I ate lunch, as I hadn’t eaten shit due to nerves. The staff are fucking awesome too. His whole team are like the people you see on TV playing “great and brilliant medical staff with outstanding teamwork.” However IRL HIS team? They’re the real fucking deal man.

I’ma gonna go and get a batch of them Nothin’BundtCakes tray of mini-bundts as a thank you tomorrow. They earned that shit man.

Now, here’s a wee bit of the skinny.

ORIGINALLY The diagnosis was Stage TWO A Metastatic Cancer with a 22-25mm sized tumor. The biopsy was clean on the Lymph Nodes, but one can never tell UNTIL the sawbones gets to cutting.

TODAY however on being ‘opened up’? Stage ONE cancer with a 15mm tumor. Clean nodes all around as well.

Now, Doc told me that the variation could be due to pressure on the breast, blood flow, etc… BUT
He -did- allow that the OTC stuff I had her on might have assisted in the changes.
It’s purely hypothetical and anecdotal
Again BUT

Right when this shytteshow started I put her on the following:

20mg Ivermectin (initially liquid dose, taken orally, but got the tablet form and went with that after… just took a while to get)

20mg Fenbendazole liquid, orally.

600ng of MAF capsules (2x at 300ng per cap) with Macrophage Activation Factor. Now this is a wee bit outside the norm, but during my research I came across it as the Japanese were using it to combat the ‘Vid. Long story short, a couple of years ago, they found that the MAF has some serious anti-tumor properties. The paper from the National Institute for Health is HERE The more I read up on it, and the very fact I had never even heard of it started my radar pinging. It’s expensive… $210.00 for 60 caps, essentially a one month supply. That being said, well… I got a hunch the proof is in the puddin’ so to speak. You can buy it HERE

The other stuff I had her taking was Vitamin B-3 (max recommended daily) B-12 (max daily recommended) and D (2x the max daily) I didn’t want to overdo the Vit-D as that would be a bad thing. Lastly, I got the Vitamin C compounding powder (suuuuper concentrated powder) that one can compound a Intravenous Vitamin C I.V. Bag OR in my case, I added it to her daily Morning Orange Juice for an oral dose. Thing about that however is she had to scrub her fangs exceptionally well as that concentration of Ascorbic Acid is enough to eat the enamel offa her grill.

So, that is why I didn’t commit suicide man.
I mean this’s purely speculative but damn if the tumor not only stopped growing, the fucker regressed. I’m sure that there’s no way in Hell to get anyone to do a genuine double-blind test on this.

HOWEVER: Gretchen’s BFF for the past 15 years? Well, no joke April just got diagnosed with Breast Cancer herself. They did the biopsy today. It’s not yet official-official as her doctor won’t confirm nor deny without the biopsy result ‘cos he’s all scared of liability and shit, but when they put the ‘marker’ in to measure the tumor or ‘mass’ in her case as they’re calling it, it’s fucking cancer Aye?

So MY plan is I’m going to get HER a full round of the same exact ‘stuff’ that -I- used in the “BCE-OTC-Cancer Protocol” and see if it helps HER in the same fashion that it did Gretch.

I’m extremely curious to see.

If it does do the same thing, whelp… No idea where to go from there… except it’ll piss off Big Pharma IF it gains traction, and remember, My name ain’t Epstein and I would never commit suicide.

So, got to get some rest now. I got literally 90 minutes of sleep last night, and I’ve been running, stressing and worried all day long. Plus People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #287, while exceptionally happy to hear that Capitalist Medicine worked this time I have a lot of production to catch up on, as well as being Gretchen’s body-slave until the drains come out.

A nilla just can’t catch a break Aye.
So More Later
Big Country

22 thoughts on “OK A Good News Follow Up And Don’t Epstein Me Bro!”

  1. Fan freakin tastic! Most excellent news!! Git some rest, bro – yer a-gonna need it fer Gretchen.

    Y’all take care,
    Mike in FLA. – yer almost neighbor.

  2. Damned good news man! May the YL heal quickly and the pain diminish forthwith. We are all rooting for the team.

  3. You can replace the compounding Vit C with liposomal vit C. The Liposomal coating makes it all bioavailable, and it also keeps it from giving you the shits. I use the stuff from LivOn labs. You really want to go name brand, because there are janky ass ways that the chinese are making it and selling it. I take three or four packets at the start of a sniffle as a home IV Vit C kick. (IV and Liposomal are the only ways to get serum levels that high.)

  4. The real piss off, BC, is that MAF was discovered over 40 years ago and likely suppressed by Big Pharma. The Japanese must have dug up the old research on it and realized its potential. I keep a supply on hand.

  5. excellent news there, Big. Still holding you and your missus up in prayer.

  6. A most welcome and excellent update BC (dare I drop a Bill and Ted air guitar reference here?), and I’d say you are finally collecting some of the good luck you’re owed out the ass for all the bullshit you’ve endured the last couple of years since I’ve been reading here with some regularity. Honestly, it was getting difficult to watch a good man keep getting kicked while he was down, but sometimes life throws you a heap o shit like that. Have been there and had to dig out myself, a couple of times. At any rate, may the present uptrend hold, as you are seriously overdue for a stretch free of bad news and additional hardship.

    It’s also great to hear you (Gretchen moreso, I suppose) had a top shelf medical team. I bag on the medical profession a lot these days, and with good cause. But there are still pockets of competence and professionalism scattered about. Those we should be giving their highest due praise, as they are the exception, and are getting ever more so as the older and better experienced practitioners are retiring or are just saying “screw this noise” after getting fed up and burned out dealing with the adminisphere of American medical practice and corporate hospital groups.

    Get yourself rested, and take a well deserved breath now that it sounds like the prognosis is good, and you can ease up some on the stress of “not knowing”.

  7. Congrats on the outcome! There’s a lot of evidence to support the OTC products you used. I go to a dentist who gives an IV consisting of 25 grams vit C (that’s 25,000 milligrams!) and one gram glutathione before a tooth extraction. You feel great afterwards, heal amazingly rapidly and pain is next to nothing. I’d insist on that exact cocktail for any surgery.
    The one I know least about is MAF, but it appears all of them are broad spectrum anti-cancer powerhouses. I’m planning on an annual round of them for prevention.
    Another overlooked area is diet, and a big culprit in chronic disease is factory farmed meats. Their ratios of Omega 3, 6 and 9 are WAY out of whack, whereas pastured meat and wild caught seafood is extremely good for us. God knew better – imagine that!

    Get some rest as you can. You earned it.

  8. Excellent news!

    Please make sure both women DO NOT keep their cell phones in that handy nook between their breasts; it is a guaranteed way to have the cancer come back.

    We would love to hear how the ivermectin/combo works for her friend. This may be the way to treat cancer, especially as things break down.

  9. Good advice for all women. Put it in the purse as the back pocket carry has correlation to ovarian cancer.

  10. Good news!

    Just an fyi, one thing I have read about Ivermectin and Fenbendazole (more with the fenbendazole) regimens is that once it’s successful, it needs to be continued pretty much forever at least in a maintenance level. I don’t think it needs to be done daily but not completely stopped or there is a risk of the cancer returning. Seeing that you used these, I’m sure you have read a lot of the same information I have.

  11. Fantastic news!! looking forward to see how the protocol works a second time. For the Vitamin D, if you’re worried about high levels, if you add vitamin K2 along with it, it will help with high doses Vit D’s (its used as rat poison at ultra high doses) ability to leach calcium from the bones etc. K2 basically mops up excess calcium and puts it in the bones. It’s the thing behind the “french paradox” how they eat fattening foods and smoke and their heart disease rate (at least pre jab) was lower than us, their diet is high in K2. I’ve used it along with L-Arginine as a drano for my circulatory system of the plaque that would build up, my brother tried it and had similar results as well. Cheers and healing vibes.

  12. Nothing better than answered prayers BC “positive waves” at there best and still headed your alls way, take care of yourself.

  13. Nice to have good news in a insane world,oh,and keep eating!

    You are no good for Miss Gretchen if ya waste away!

    I would definitely send some goodies to her friend,this news has been out awhile just now getting more exposure,beyond the Epstein stage.

    I also had a experience with docs yesterday,took a friend in for orthoscopy(? spelling )on knee,went well,was sitting in parking lot when doc called and said he would be ready to leave in half hour/need to pick him up a scrip on way home(Oxy).I asked if I would get a scrip as reward for sitting so long in parking lot(no!).The nurse brought him out and I asked why no doggie bag with surgery scrap for critters/she just shook her head/was again told about prescription to which I replied”Shrooms?”.She then wished us well and I told her I was fine but thanks for thinking about me,again,a head shake but this time with laughter!Excellent crew at the surgery center to say the least!

    Seems at least in surgery world things can still go well,tis very nice.

    On a side note,as I forgot book and have a dumb phone read car owners manual front to back while listening to radio,know more about me bomber then I knew even existed!

    Hope you get home soon and the recovery quick!

  14. Some good news right there and I prayed my ass off.
    Thank You God.
    Dayam you even have a doctor on your squad, now that is preparation.
    Live long and prosper.

  15. Great news! Continued prayers of strength, peace and healing for Ms Gretchen and #1. Care provider and Sapper. Encouraged to hear this community and family sticking together and caring for each other. We are going to need that in the days to come.

  16. Myyyy Nillllaaa!

    Glad for the good news, prognosis sounds promising to say the least.

  17. “… as that concentration of Ascorbic Acid is enough to eat the enamel offa her grill …”

    A suggestion then: remineralising toothpaste and mouthwash.

    You can go the expensive Japanese route with Apagard or try the just as effective Italian way for a lot less.

    Look for Biorepair toothpaste first, you probably want the overnight formula to patch up enamel loss overnight unless there’s exposure all day, then try the 24h version.

    Get the softest bristled toothbrushes you can find, Sprouts in the Tampa metro area is a good place to start, and switch temporarily to the mildest stuff you can find locally because abrasives, tough toothbrushes, and ascorbic acid do not play well as a team.

    As for the mouthwash, you want the “collutorio” that’s thick milky white with zinc. It’s used in 15ml amounts so a 750ml bottle lasts about one month.

    Both have the active ingredient of Apagard that helps remineralise teeth.

    Both are available on Amazon US.

  18. Outstanding. Praying for you and yours fella. I hope she’s feeling better soon.

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