A Minor Side Trip and a Family Visit

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, Gretchen’s on Doc’s shitlist just a wee bit. Seems the side trip we took to see her sister in Clarkesville TN was a bit out of the way in that he wanted her to be resting, whereas she said that sleeping and laying back in the car is fine.


I follow orders man. Best not get on her bad side.
Now, granted -I’m- not that upset at being here in that this trip I managed to get on post. Namely Fort Campbell… my Rakkasan Alma Mater so to speak.

2-187 was re-flagged to 1/33 CAV much to my horror a few years back.

The wind was blowing like a pure-dee motherfucker today, hence the long hair in the wind… Today I didn’t bother with my usual topknot… and yeah, my shit is long enough now to have a topknot. Or even do Viking Braids…

But yeah. Unreal to be back here 20 years later.
Clarksville is HUGE.
The base is a LOT more packed and waaaaay more modernized. I did however find my old barracks:

My room was on the second floor, on the left, behind the overgrown bush/tree. Leastways I -think- that’s it. The walls had some “Delta Company” stuff on it on the surrounding areas, so I’m pretty sure that it was ours.

I also visited the NEW 3rd Brigade HQ and bullshitted with the CQ.

Found out that the Famed “Rakkasan Sprint” is no more! That shit blew my mind!!!! The original “Sprint” was a Brigade run that the Standard ‘back in the day’ was 4 miles ran at a 92% completion rate in 32 minutes. That means if you start with 100 men, 92 of them have to cross the finish line in 32 minutes. IF you fail to do this, you get 30 minutes to recover, and they run you again.

Now granted, that was a stone cold motherfucker of a run.

4-8 minute miles, consecutively.

Personally, no shit, I –never– failed to make standard.

That being said:

IF your unit fails THAT second chance, then the WHOLE UNIT, every swingin’ Richard, from the CO to the Lowest Private had to do the “Brigade Command Sergeant Major’s Remedial P.T.” which could read as “torture.” Needless to say, NO ONE fell out of the Sprint, unless they were bleeding from the asshole/eyeballs. Death was pretty much the only excuse.

Try that whatever the fuck they call it, these fucking weak-sauce bastards now get 36 WHOLE MINUTES to do the 4 miles!!!! Truthfully, I hate saying this, but the whole “Back when I was in the Army…” thing? Yeeeeeah… shit like that just makes me shake my nugget in horror….


Today was a Day Of No Scheduled Activities, also called a DONSA. The base was empty, which made it waaaay easier to get around. Only thing was the Pratt Museum was closed, which sucked. Might hit it tomorrow in the AM on the way out of town for home. We -did- hit the PX and I picked up a lot of ‘shit the ex-wife had shitcanned over the years’ like some regimental ‘stuff’ and other things…

Got Sapper a giftie as well as Dad-in-Law, as he digs stuff like that… specifically a polo w/the 101st Eagle on it…. souvenir ‘stuff’ if you will… Gretchen found a 10st Airborne Breast Cancer T-Shirt which she loves so that was cool AF IMO too.

The rest of the trip is us headed home. Weather is supposed to suck ass, as it usually does, but I got new wiper blades and a mission , so fuck it amiright? I will say though it was awesome to ‘come home 20 years later….

So… Hope everyone had a great Easter
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Been Out Of Pocket and Busy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry for being out, but been being a full time ‘body servant’ to Gretchen has been tiring AF. She’s been in a lot of pain, but is now doing better. Doc did a great job, nay a fantastic job on her, but for a lil while, I had to ‘take up the slack’ as she was not a happy puppy.

Seeings that the puppies in question BOTH got cut on, I can’t blame her. Doc not only got rid of the cancer, but also evened out both of the breasts, and then did a lift. Literally she’s got a new rack.

So, been busy.
Lots of good comments on the whole boat shitshow. I’m still not convinced. Either way, conspiracy or not, the entirety of the country is on a downward shit-spiral.

Take for instance the latest retardation coming out of the Oval Orifice. Sunday… EASTER SUNDAY the (mal)Administration has declared it to be  “Transgender Day of Visibility”.

Not sure who the fucktard is making these decisions, but I’m sure he/she isn’t a Christian nor a Catholic. Which only leaves two choices for possible religious affiliations, one of which in less likely (Islamic) OR

The moar OBVIOUS choice being just a “cohenincidence” of course I’m sure… I mean otherwise IF it was good ole “Joe from Scrotum” well, he just blew that “I’m a practicing Catholic” out of the water as a fucking lie. I mean, for a while, he did appear to be a ‘traditional Catholic’ especially his love of little children (in particular his daughter from what we’ve heard).

Yeah, the Kidsmeller, or leastways his handlers I think might have fucked up by the numbers again. Especially since they seem to have forgotten that ALL them illegals and south-of-the-border Hispanics? Like 90% of them are functional practicing Roman Catholic.

And most of them have ZERO love for the tranny-freakazoids.

So IF OrangeManBad has any people worth a fuck on his Election Committee, he’d make a commercial bashing the ever-loving-fuck out of the Pantshitter for this one. Mainly because the actual numbers show that real time support AS WELL as ACTUAL NUMBERS of real trannies is in the single digits percentage wise.

Meaning that they (the trannies and supporters) would have ZERO effect on any REAL elective numbers. In fact it’s be a good move as the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda, what with their reflexive “Anything OrangeManBad does = Evil/Bad” reactive methodology, all that would do is cause whatever wavering folks who initially –didn’t– want to voat for him, to take the time to step out and do it. If only to “give the finger” to the freaks and Enemedia.

He needs to get out there and use the Enemedia AND their automatic default attack mode against them. Employ it as a positive. He did it the first time around, and it worked, up until he let his (((son-in-law))) dick-bag to start telling him what to do. He needs to shitcan that fucker… if anything, put him, on a plane, alone and have it crash somewhere over the Atlantic.

So, on that note, gotta go help herself take a shower. It’s a bitch ‘cos she can’t get -anywhere- wet from her neck to her waist, leastways for another couple of weeks. And last note: Happy Easter Y’all. He is Risen!

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Back In The Room, Boats and Patriots

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OK… lots of ‘strange things’ with that boat hitting the FSK Bridge in Baltimore. Now Doc Samizdat, juuust before he went in to ‘cut on’ Gretch, mentioned how it was almost a perfect metaphor for the United Staatz these days…

Specifically a Bridge, named after the guy who authored the text of the American national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner”, gets completely and utterly wiped the fuck out by a company based out of Singapore, crewed by an All-Indian (not “Whoop-Whoop” Indians, but Dot-On-The-Nugget Indians. Jes’ Sayin’) which, according to the sources out there, was Captained by a Krainian.

How’s that DEI working out for y’all?

Yep. The Glories of Multiculturism Aye?

Now, I’m not a big fan of the whole conspiracy theory stuff on this particular case… albeit the missing 2 critical minutes from the Boats “Black Box” does indeed raise some serious questions. Thing of it is, the wind does blow a big fucking boat like that around. My understanding is the wind was 40 knots which is like 46 miles per hour… According to the National Weather Service, 46mph is Gale force winds

Being from Florida, I know some gale force winds are fucking serious. So ALL them fuckers saying that last minute “turn” the boat makes, when it looks like it lines up with the middle of the superstructure? Who’s to say that the 10 seconds before that that there wasn’t a gust of wind that hit the side of the boat? I mean the containers themselves?

They act like a fucking multi-story sails for all intents and purposes. The pic here:

This pic shows, at the max amount of containers stacked high on the boat-in-question, that the containers were stacked about 9 High. Now, being a loggie in Iraq, I know containers… God Knows I climbed into enough of them in outrageous heat… thing is, A 20-foot container’s dimensions are standardised in the shipping industry. It measures about 20 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8.5 feet in height. Which means that these containers, stacked 9 high?

170 square feet worth of surface on one container.
Times 9 Containers high? That’s 1530sq ft in one row, top to bottom. That is a LOT of square footage for a “sail” of a sorts…

I’m not even going to -try- and figure out how many rows of containers, bow to stern there are here…. My own “rough count” is 19 rows long +/- of Containers… so let’s just say, 19 rows/piles of 9 stacked high? That’s about 30,000 square feet of “potential sail surface” if you will… a little less than a football feild (57,600 sq ft.)

So, because I’m spitballing here, let’s just say it’s a “shit-pot” worth, and yeah, a BIG gust of 50 +/- miles an hour wind hitting a solid surface like that? Yeeeeeah, that’s going to push even a BIG sumbitch like that tub around like a plaything.

So, despite everyone yelling and screaming that it was intentional, I say No. Nothing to see here. Believe me. I’m the first guy to ‘jump on the tinfoil bandwagon’. In this particular case? Nah. Just bad timing, bad tides, bad wind, and bad mechanicals. Especially in light of the maintenance records coming out about the boat in question. Apparently its a floating shitheap.

Moving on.
Now, Anyone hear about that Polack Gen’rul who “died of “unidentified/suddenly and unexpected natural causes” this past week?

Seems there was a massive Khinzal Strike by the Russians on a Command and Control Center as well as ‘other targets’ two days prior. Lots of dead motherfuckers. A whoooooole lot of dead foreign motherfuckers, which I’m sure included El Generalissimo Polackski.

Mind you and of course not one fucking word of said-Gen’rul getting his chips cashed the fuck in by the various Ministries of Lies and Propaganda in North ‘Murica. Sort of like that Australian General who supposedly went down on a malfunctioning Helo in the remote outback, with his staff, bodies nonrecoverable, about a year or so ago, when the Russians managed to hit another Krainian Klown Kommand Center.

Man, the bodies and bullshit are starting to stack up so deep and so kwickly in the Krain, pretty soon, the Leviathan is going to positively have to start a reely-dealio war if only to cover the massive casualties already incurred.

Now mind you, some of y’all more astute motherfuckers mentioned that there’s probably a LOT more actual KIAs in the Krain than are actually being accounted for… meaning that the DotMil probably ‘farms out’ the ‘volunteers’ (or even worse, the volun-tolds) from MULTIPLE Units so as to have ‘cover’ when casualties happen.

Which makes a WHOLE lot of sense.
Let’s use a Patriot Battery as an example.

Reason being, my room-dawg/fellow Rakkasan, when the 11H MOS went away, well, the lucky fucker became a ‘Patriot Puke’ as we teased him. He however, was a smart motherfucker, and applied to, and got Warrant.

He then ended up finishing his 20+ as a CWO running a section of Patriot Batteries. Now, to get to the bones of it:
Let’s just use this ‘imaginary Patriot Battery’ as an example. It takes roughly 90 soldiers to run a Patriot ADA Missile Battery.

To give you an idea, A PATRIOT battery (i.e., the basic firing unit) consists of a phased array radar, an engagement control station, computers, power generating equipment, and up to eight launchers, each of which holds four ready-to-fire missiles. 90 folks are needed to run it…

Now, IF the DotMil deployed a single Patriot Battery from, oh lets say my old Home of Fort Hood, well… let’s just say that a single Russian strike might ‘blow the cover’ of the DotUSMil operating without official sanction so to speak in the Krain… that many dead from one unit would cause ‘issues’…

Case in point: Back many moons ago, the Russians utterly and completely obliterated the main Patriot Battery that was guarding Kiev’s Airport. I saw the ‘before/after pictures’… What’s absolutely hilarious was, at the time, ‘the usual cheerleaders/suspects’ were out saying that the battery was ‘damaged. but not destroyed’. This of course, was reversed in the news much later. Thing of it is? I can’t say for sure, but I’m willing to bet, dollars-to-donuts, that US Troops got blown away in that strike.

But how to cover it up?

Well, if my “theoretical individual Patriot Battery from Fort Hood” is that that single battery consisting of 90 personnel from a single unit deployed, even under the most fearful and Top-Secret-Double-Secret-Probation levels, IF the unit got wiped the fuck out, the families would be on TV raising Holy Fucking Hell about it, and the shit that was going on.

So how to work around it?

Take ONE Patriot Puke from Germany…
Three to Five, right out of AIT from Ft Bliss (Home of ADA)
Take them piecemeal.

Here and there…

We’ve got Patriot Pukes in Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Poland, Sweden, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, Spain, and Taiwan.

That’s a LOT of motherfuckers to choose from.

They’re either there as “full (regime) protection troops”, like in Kuwait and Qatar, or as ‘trainers’ in the other countries.

So no, it wouldn’t be hard to gather the 90 or so guys (and gals) to run a Patriot Battery by onesies-twosies. And while they’re there, part of the job would be to train up the locals. That of course would be a bitch for the most part, as they’d be dealing with double-digit IQ’d Slavic Farmers in their mid-40’s with ZERO education for the most part…

Jes’ Sayin’

Which then leads me into the “why this concept fucking blows rotten donkey cocks

Thing of it is, no matter what job you have in the DotMil, you are part of a team. Teamwork takes time to ‘come together’. You don’t just take 90 motherfuckers from alllll over the world, and throw them together, in a War Zone, while being told that they’ll never be recognized for their efforts and to keep their fucking mouths shut, and expect them to function at a high level. I sure AF didn’t immediately ‘fall into’ my position as a SAW gunner in my squad…I had to be integrated. NOT doing so? THAT right there is a recibee for a fucking disaster. ESPECIALLY in a seriously High Tech/Know-how job like a Patriot Puke? Bad JuJu there…

Which is, from what all reports have stated has happened.
Time and Time Again.
Either the Patriot is a COMPLETE AND UTTER piece of shit
The folks they ‘shoved together’ on these specious and probably illegal missions never got the time to ‘gel’ into a cohesive and functional team. Truly, it would explain WHY the Patriot, outside of all the other reports of why it (the system itself) failed so utterly and spectacularly.

And the shitty reason that they, the DotMil did this (outside of ‘plausible deniability that is) because it’s waaaay easier to tell Missus Jones that Husband Toby got killed in a car crash in Korea, and that his “remains are unviewable” and not only NOT pay out the Soldier’s Group Life Insurance, (‘cos he was a naughty monkey driving while drunk) but also deny any survivors bennies that a widow would normally get from being a war-widow for the same reason…

Of course….
NO mention of PFC Jones (nor his fellow soldiers) being atomized by a fucking Russian Khinzal strike in Kiev right? Because we don’t have troops on the ground in the Krain dammit!!!! Nope… each one gets written off like those SEALs who supposedly died trying to get on a Dhow in the Gulf a few months ago…. I mean for real!?! Trying to tell us that 3 fucking SEALs drowned!?! That is oh so much bullshit….

Nice DotMil/DotGov we have aimight?

So, Your Thoughts?
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OK A Good News Follow Up And Don’t Epstein Me Bro!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A loooooooooong 24 hours but the final results are in. Gretchen’s surgery was an absolute success as stated before, and she’s now resting. albeit in a goodly amount of pain, as the lift required a wee bit of cutting on Ye Olde Nipplage.

MAJOR OUCHIES right there amiright?

EVERYTHING went great. Doc Samizdat, as I stated was gold. A better surgeon doesn’t exist in my book. Fucking the guy is a workaholic, and was literally going flat-out all day, and yet still took time to check in at least three or four times to see how -I- was doing as well as Gretchen. Even made sure I ate lunch, as I hadn’t eaten shit due to nerves. The staff are fucking awesome too. His whole team are like the people you see on TV playing “great and brilliant medical staff with outstanding teamwork.” However IRL HIS team? They’re the real fucking deal man.

I’ma gonna go and get a batch of them Nothin’BundtCakes tray of mini-bundts as a thank you tomorrow. They earned that shit man.

Now, here’s a wee bit of the skinny.

ORIGINALLY The diagnosis was Stage TWO A Metastatic Cancer with a 22-25mm sized tumor. The biopsy was clean on the Lymph Nodes, but one can never tell UNTIL the sawbones gets to cutting.

TODAY however on being ‘opened up’? Stage ONE cancer with a 15mm tumor. Clean nodes all around as well.

Now, Doc told me that the variation could be due to pressure on the breast, blood flow, etc… BUT
He -did- allow that the OTC stuff I had her on might have assisted in the changes.
It’s purely hypothetical and anecdotal
Again BUT

Right when this shytteshow started I put her on the following:

20mg Ivermectin (initially liquid dose, taken orally, but got the tablet form and went with that after… just took a while to get)

20mg Fenbendazole liquid, orally.

600ng of MAF capsules (2x at 300ng per cap) with Macrophage Activation Factor. Now this is a wee bit outside the norm, but during my research I came across it as the Japanese were using it to combat the ‘Vid. Long story short, a couple of years ago, they found that the MAF has some serious anti-tumor properties. The paper from the National Institute for Health is HERE The more I read up on it, and the very fact I had never even heard of it started my radar pinging. It’s expensive… $210.00 for 60 caps, essentially a one month supply. That being said, well… I got a hunch the proof is in the puddin’ so to speak. You can buy it HERE

The other stuff I had her taking was Vitamin B-3 (max recommended daily) B-12 (max daily recommended) and D (2x the max daily) I didn’t want to overdo the Vit-D as that would be a bad thing. Lastly, I got the Vitamin C compounding powder (suuuuper concentrated powder) that one can compound a Intravenous Vitamin C I.V. Bag OR in my case, I added it to her daily Morning Orange Juice for an oral dose. Thing about that however is she had to scrub her fangs exceptionally well as that concentration of Ascorbic Acid is enough to eat the enamel offa her grill.

So, that is why I didn’t commit suicide man.
I mean this’s purely speculative but damn if the tumor not only stopped growing, the fucker regressed. I’m sure that there’s no way in Hell to get anyone to do a genuine double-blind test on this.

HOWEVER: Gretchen’s BFF for the past 15 years? Well, no joke April just got diagnosed with Breast Cancer herself. They did the biopsy today. It’s not yet official-official as her doctor won’t confirm nor deny without the biopsy result ‘cos he’s all scared of liability and shit, but when they put the ‘marker’ in to measure the tumor or ‘mass’ in her case as they’re calling it, it’s fucking cancer Aye?

So MY plan is I’m going to get HER a full round of the same exact ‘stuff’ that -I- used in the “BCE-OTC-Cancer Protocol” and see if it helps HER in the same fashion that it did Gretch.

I’m extremely curious to see.

If it does do the same thing, whelp… No idea where to go from there… except it’ll piss off Big Pharma IF it gains traction, and remember, My name ain’t Epstein and I would never commit suicide.

So, got to get some rest now. I got literally 90 minutes of sleep last night, and I’ve been running, stressing and worried all day long. Plus People’s Glorious Tractor Factory #287, while exceptionally happy to hear that Capitalist Medicine worked this time I have a lot of production to catch up on, as well as being Gretchen’s body-slave until the drains come out.

A nilla just can’t catch a break Aye.
So More Later
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A Quick Update: Great News!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

More to follow later but the actual cancer surgery part went exceptionally well. The radiation treatment was a success as well. Doc Samizdat is a God in my book. The guy has a permanent ‘anywhere/anything/anytime’ marker now…

No joke.

She’s now in the ‘Build Boobies Back Better’ Phase now. I also have some fascinating info/intel to share later on the main poast. For now I got to bounce to make sure I have everything she requested for her overnight stay. That and I’m on my tablet, and its a stone bitch to use for this.

More Later

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Surgery in the A.M, Bridges and Star Wars

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not getting a hell of a lot of sleep tonight… NGL a wee bit too wound up what with Surgery in the A.M. Lots of people, including y’all have been laying the positive waves and thoughts and prayers so I got a very good outlook.

That being said, it -is- still cancer surgery as opposed to like an appendectomy or something. Just a bit nervous making is all.

0600 Wakeup, followed by S.P. to the Hospital at 0745. 0800 reporting time. And then, I wait.

Got me some good books to read while I’m there, so that’s a plus. Been hitting a series of Zombie-fiction called “Mountain Man” by a guy named Blackburn. It’s free w/the Kindle subscription, which TBH is the best deal going at $12 a month… I mean I read prodigiously, so it’s well worth the shekels. No joke, I read at least 10-15 books a month, most of them for free. Very rare that I actually pay for a novel unless it’s a ‘must read’ thing. “Mountain Man” so far? Not bad… not the best, and annoying that it’s set in Canada of all places… in that I know damned near El Zilcho about Canada or it’s areas/locations. That and mentions of firearms, in that from my intel, aren’t the personal possession of weapons up north like practically nonexistent? If so, they’re not in this book…. Jes’ Sayin’

Now, other things
The Bridge Collapse in Baltimore? Looks to me to be an accident. That being said a LOT of folks have jumped on the fact that the Captain of said-tub is a Ukrainian:

That’s off of Zero Hedge.
To me? Irrelevant in that in the port, I believe that the guy at the wheel is supposed to be a harbor pilot? Not sure. Naval and Seagoing shit for me is limited to my experiences on my 14 foot Sunfish (really my cousins) on Cape Cod, and learning to crew a bit on a Sloop when I took sailing lessons at the Newburyport Yacht Club back in the day…

Mind you you have to pronounce the name of the club through a clenched jaw like Thurston Howell the Third would have to sound authentic. Like I said, no clue as to the situation. It did bring to mind the Tampa Disaster on the Sunshine Skyway waaaay back in 1980? when a boat took out the bridge and kil’t a whooole lot of folks. Gretchen lived in Clearwater at the time, and we’ve watched a lot of YouTube about it. I even remember it ‘cos even back then it was major international news having a big ole bridge taken out by a big ole boat.

I’m surprised that it (the bridge) collapsed soooo easily. I mean it looked like an erector set falling down. I wonder if corrosion played into it? I mean there’s enough evidence out there that a LOT of our critical infrastructure has been outright neglected, if not criminally ignored over the past 50 years… like that bridge in Pittsburg a few back? The Fern Hollow Bridge according to the Google… It shit the bed from corrosion… and there’s a LOT of others out there that are in as bad, if not worse shape than that one.

I wouldn’t doubt that we’ll be seeing a LOT more instances like this in the future. I mean it’s not like the current (mal)Administration has a “top man” on the case… well, leastways I don’t know if ole Pete Buttplug is a top or a bottom, but to be sure, he’s too worried about blaming whitey and the cis-hetero-normies for the bridge collapses and train derailment(s) that seem to be going on like everywhere these days.

Far easier to blame eeee-vil Whypeepo than to, you know actually fix the fucking problem amiright? I mean look at Ohio…

That train derailment in East Palestine caused what is probably the worst environmental accident since Bhopal India has never been properly addressed.

No shit Aye?
Proof Positive that the DotGov and their people absolutely do not care about the American Public.


Anyways… other things… I could rage against the Gov in all phases nonstop. The latest thing that caught my eye however on the Sci-Fi Scene is again Kathleen Kennedy and her ilk have produced another “put a chick in it, make her lame and gay!” Star Wars show called “The Acolyte”

The fucking thing is just as bad as you expect. Stronk Independent Worthless Mary-Sue Characters, most who’re probably going to be dykes, no males, leastways I should say “Whytte Males” to be seen… the advance preview on YouTube is being ratioed to the shit that it so righteously deserves to be called.

What hilarious is the showrunner is some bloated dyke who used to be Harvey Fucking Weinstein’s Personal Assistant. I.E. his “rape enabler” ‘cos you and I know there ain’t no fucking way in Hell nor God’s green Earth did she not know that he was a filthy scumbag rapist. How in the fuck is she not considered an accomplice is the question I have? And how is she still working?

Anyways, the “burns” on poster for the Acolyte have been utterly awesome and brutal:

Yep… a used tampon… pretty appropriate for a gynocentric heap of shit I’d have to say. The next one is funny:

Not bad… there’s more, but you get the idea.

So I’m off to bed… Wish us luck for tomorrow.
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Active Duty Again, Russia Interrogations, and Abu G

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
LOTS of weirdness.
The latest personal news of interest if you will (professionally speaking)is the PERSCOM (Personnel Command) order issued mid-month, ALARACT 017/2024.

Now, a lot of you heard about the whole ‘recalling retirees’ ‘cos Levithan, or at least the DotMil can’t recruit anyone worth a fuck anymore. So they, the powers that be, knew with the same certainty that the Sun will rise in the East, that the newly reformed DotMil, made up of primarily the 69th Intersectional/Transvestite (They/Them) Dildo Brigade ain’t gonna be worth a fuck against Ivan-The-Combat-Proven-Bear.

Which is what the plan is currently that -I- can tell.

War that is.

This new notification is being called:


Better know it as as the “Put Old Bastards Back In Boots” Program which is what -I’m- calling it. POPIB has a bit of a ‘ring’ to it amiright? Maybe it’ll stick.

Illustration Courtesy of Mark Baker

He was who I collaborated with while he did the heavy lifting and illustrated the Charlie Mike Comix that I was so privileged to participate in… Lord knows my coming up with the 69th Intersection Dildo Brigade suck like a pure-dee motherfucker… I just wish I’d trademarked it LOL…

So. According to him, the ALARACT is purely voluntary.
So, I guess they’re not actively headhunting bodies.
Not like the Krainian Klownkar Kids are doing as of late.
Not yet leastways.
That, of course, will be subject to change.

Now, my reason for this discussion outside of the ‘normal’ stuff that I cover at this place? Well, reading it over, and finding out that it’s an ugly, all volunteer thing? Well, according to a subsection in the PDF:



Yeah, Dat Me.

Seems -I- might be eligible to go back in boots.
At 54.
And according to Mark,
NO PT Requirement to start with
NO Evaluations

I shit you not… I discussed it at length w/Gretchen today and tonight… that being said, I’m going to go down to a recruiter when we get done with Gretchen’s treatments here. I’ve got a couple of things that ‘tickle’ the brain, but TBH, besides my own personal love of hearing the ‘clarion call’ of the bugle, and ‘the clatter of Musketry’ there is a serious consideration that I need to look at… that is Gretchen’s well being.

People say Tricare totally sucks.

To a point I agree… However… is that I think that the opinion varies on a case-by-case basis. My case? A positive IMO? Spawn #1 was born at FT Hood TX. , and had some very minor issues that needed monitoring… specifically, as he was coming out of the birth canal, they put a teeny-tiny lil heart monitor needle into his scalp, to keep a close watch on his heart rate, as Xwife had been in labor a loooong minute, and they wanted to keep Spawn #1 on close observation.

Problem was they hit an itty-bitty capillary, which of course started bleeding… the issue was it made a pretty large-ish subdermal hematoma… and unfortunately no one did anything about it, as they figured it, or rather NORMALLY the blood would reabsorb or something? Not sure, but for a few months, the Spawn had a big black-and-blue blood filled bruise on his squash as a newborn.

The problem stemmed from that while the color of it, the black and blue? that faded right out. HOWEVER the problem was that said ‘hematoma’?

Fucking thing calcified.
Like bone man.

Which, even after I got out, for six months the pediatrician at Hanscom Air Force Base still treated and observed the boy up until everything came out that long term, the boy was going to be fine AF. The major concern was IF the calcification had ended up solidifying and crossing/being on top on one of the cranial growth plates in his nugget, it –might-have caused him an issue.

Instead, he sort of ‘grew into it’ so to speak. Unless you run a hand over his upper hairline, you can’t even tell it’s there. As a lil ‘un, it was (for a while) visible. That went away by the time he was 2.5 years really… Now… The hysterical part of it, was his Pediatrician, an Air Force Light Bird (Lt. Col.) who was monitoring his grape?

Well, ALL that exceptionally large (for an infant) bruise/now-calcified bone? Let me tell you what the Colonel told us… he literally told me that Spawn #1, in that 4 cm by about 3.7cm spot…. well… Let me give you the “normal averages” for skull bone thickness

According to standard, the skull bone is about between 6.6 to 7.5mm in thickness normally. Per the American Medical Association: “The average thickness of skull bones for men (frontal: 7.8 mm; parietal: 9.6 mm; occipital: 10.1 mm; temporal: 6 mm)”

Spawn #1?

His skull, at the point of Calcification, according to the docs of the time, is over a centimeter in thickness at some points (1.1cm). And The thickest point (at the time) was like 1.5cm+, which is like between 10mm and 15mm in thickness overall.

Besides inheriting his hardheadedness from me (personality wise), according to the Doc, and I remember it almost verbatim: “Your boy could probably take a 230 grain .45 to the grape in that spot, and literally shake it off. That being said, he should avoid such activities that might put him in a position that he’d need this “superpower”.

Yeah… That’s what the Colonel called it… A Superpower LOL.

A good definition for the boy… “Major Hardhead”
As he sure as hell is, what being Irish AND Italian. I miss him…

But MY experience w/Tricare?
Never had a negative.
Add on that anything is better than the current Obamamessiahcare/Notcare Shit-Notinsurance
(Hit the donate button if you can)

Soooooooooooo…. To Be?
Or Not To Be?
Active duty or not?

I know, I know… Leviathan = Evil Evil…

I’m Well Aware of the Negatives
I’m Also Aware of SOME of the Positives

One of which, God help me, besides taking care of Gretchen is Adriana. The thing is that the DotMil does not play when it comes to custody cases. Seen it myself back in the day… the DotMil JAG (when they aren’t trying to throw enlisted men under the bus or give occifers passes for crimes that -normally- would warrant if not the death penalty, then a loooong prison sentence,) they tend to be a bit ‘exuberant’ in dealing with custody cases… especially when going up against corrupt courts like WE had been dealing with. That and the whole “power of Federal Law” thing IF something isn’t “kosher” like oh-so-many aspects of our custody case was…

That and it’d be FREE for them to be unleashed… Even worse than the Dogs of War is a Horde of Lawyers… as Archie Bunker once said: “I got 3 Jew Lawyers that’ll gnaw you down to the bone… Rubinovitz, Rubinowits, and Son”

Better Self Police:

Decisions, Decisions.

Now, otherwise…

So funny how ALL the ‘players’ in NATO are soooo absolute in their determination that ISIS-K is responsible for the whole Crocus Killfest… these being, as pointed out by OH SO MANY that these assholes who still can’t with a certainty, just WHO THE FUCK Blew up Nordstream Nord!?!

Inquiring minds Aye?
Lets just look at the basic facts:
Bunch of shooters caught. Most openly admit to being paid gunsels. Me? I dug the quick interrogation they did…

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd the problem with this is?
Works for me.

How I wish we had the ability in Iraq and Afghanistan, never mind in Guantanamo Bay to utilize such hardcore tactics, we sure AF would have gotten better Intel in a faaar more timely matter, and significantly more effective… sounds harsh, but maaaan… as I was telling Doc Samizdat today:

Having seen some of these perpetrators eye-to-fucking-eye, and doing the “full tilt skull-fuck boogie” with some of them, and getting a ‘feel’ and ‘read’ on some of them? Well… barbarism is ALL they understand, and at the level we’re talking about it’s some 11th Century Shit.

Shit that we supposedly left behind.
Shit that made weak men into insanely hard men

People talk about Combat These days!?!

All I can counter with is the timeframe that these guys are thinking about and trying like hell to emulate is when the swords were made of fucking primitive Iron weapons. OLD School. The Sack of Baghdad in 1258+/-… BIG Slaughter. The Mongols wiped out anywhere from 250,000 Hajjis to upwards of 2 million, depending on sources. (The Muj were the ones who really hyped the numbers, so much so to get the -other- Muj out there to realize the danger in dealing with the Mongol Hordes…. ) anyways…

As it goes, sticking a blade into someone is exceptionally personal and excessively violent. Especially in light of the “Modern Push Button Era”. Waaaaay to impersonal and easy to push a button, pull a trigger… WAY too many fuckers these days have never seen blood in the quantities that I speak of… never mind the –smell– of a fucker dumping his bowels after you either stabbed him to death, or slit his throat (kidney shots w/a KBAR are effective from my understanding, according to a friend)

So yeah, these 11th Century Throwback? Yeah they love modern weapons and toys, but don’t doubt for one fucking second that they’d have an issue killing you gruesomely and with what they have on hand…

There’s a reason we kept them shackled like motherfuckers when we were interviewing and or moving them for -whatever- reason. Those fuckers are still in the “dangerous/crazy” category IMO.

And BTW: As far as the outcry about the Russian Prisoner in Question? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah….

I checked and supposedly, they’re using the money raised to help out with a victims fund.

Personally, I’d go for a castration shot, and auction off one of his balls in preservative. Of course I’ve always been told that I tend to ‘lean in’ a bit more harshly when it comes to various methodologies, hence why rarely did I lead an interrogation, but usually played “the heavy” when needed.

A funny one from Abu Ghraib.
Now, this was after the “scandal” so everyone was on their absolute best behavior as EVERYONE knew the “Eyes Of The World” were potentially on us, as well as well, just fucking everyone and it was a shitshow because of it… One of the days I was there, they had a ‘tough guy’ who they were having trouble getting info out of… Lord knows the interrogators did their damnedest.

While I was there dropping off some supplies (the monthly run’ which was part of my gig,) they asked for a little help from the Resident Big Country. Considering I’m big by Untied States standards, I was a fucking monster in size to the Haj. So the guys and gals wanted me to help. They had me put on my CACI Polo and my CACI ball cap. Now for those not-in-the-know, CACI got thrown under the bus by the DoD and -we- caught the blame for the Abu G horseshit.

They set it up by putting him in a standard room, chained to a chair, shackled at the ankles, sitting at a plain table, and a prepared wooden chair (more on that in a few) set across from him. Now, the interrogator went in, and started questioning the guy. I’m not going to go into specifics, but it was a female, which was highly disconcerting for a Male in a Male-centric/Patriarchal Arabic Society, and that always put the weird on them. Even worse when the girl in question looked like an All-American Cheerleader, but spoke 4-5 variants of Arabic, never mind other languages.

Seriously… Ended up being good friends w/ her and her Husband. They were (are? not sure as to status now) a hell of a team, with her doing the translation(s) and him being the Intel Squirrel/Analyst… she was a fucking language prodigy. Like insane skills. I literally watched her learn Italian in less than 2 weeks. She met a member of the Italian Carabineri, (Italian Special Police… like Dago SF) and had them and a few others over for one of my BBQs for some ribs. Nice guys… She then had them back a couple of more times, downloaded some tutorials, and no shit, went from barely speaking Italian to ‘combat speed’ Conversational in less than 2 weeks… blew my and the Dagos collective minds TBH… anyways.

The chair was for me. But not to sit in. It was ‘rigged’ so to speak. Couple of screws were taken out… for reasons I’ll tell you about. Thing was, there was a clock ticking… my understanding was they knew this guy –might– have some Intel we needed that could save lives. Soooo Ms. All American went in, and did her thing. Grilled him pretty well, but he still wasn’t talking. After about two hours, she told Mister AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq) that since he was being so uncooperative, that she’d have to send in a “Specialist from CACI”

Understand post-Scandal, CACI had a exceptionally fucked up reputation with the locals. We were ALL torturers, murderers, rapists, child-eaters and kidnappers… hell I think at one point the rumor was we sacrificed ‘good Muslims’ to Pagan Gods and cannibalized their hearts for power and profit. That and we were all Jewish.

Literally a guy in a CACI shirt and Hat?
Shaitan Come-To-Life.
Literally The Devil.

Her last comment to the Asshole In Question was something along the lines of “My large friend is very upset you refuse to answer any questions… nest of luck, and Insh’Allah, you might survive IF you come clean…” Or words to that effect. <y Arabic isn’t that good, but yeah, the door opened on that, and as I said, in I went.

All 350 pounds of me. I went in >Screaming< at full fucking volume, in a fair Drill Sergeant Imitation at the top of my lungs right in his face. Point fucking blank. Spittle all over his grill… Hitting my hands, nay, slamming them on the table top… Ranting… Raving… Red Faced, Veins Bulging.

When I went in initially, guy looked nervous. Who wouldn’t?

When I started my Tirade, Ranting and Raving, he significantly paled. Started Shaking.

Then, when I grabbed the chair across from him (my ‘prop’ so to speak) and ripped it apart with my bare hands, >CRRRRAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!< he literally pissed all over himself.

I even think he might have shit himself… the piss was obvious. The shit-smell came after a few. When he pissed though, it looked and sounded like a horse cutting loose… ALL over the chair and literally splashing all over the concrete floor… THAT caused me trouble in that I was -still- ostensibly was supposed be in “Rage-Beast Mode” and when he had his catastrophic “blow out(s)” I almost started laughing my ass off… (I’ll also say I was surprised, as it also meant the fucker was well hydrated, as it was like July/August in Iraq and -I- had trouble being able to piss anything other than maple syrup I swear)

So fighting off the giggles, I got interrupted by Miss AA shortly after the chair came apart I think… I was waving the leg around like a big ole club, and the Haj as soon as the chair came apart started screaming and babbling a mile a minute. All American came in, and relieved me of the improvised club, and a MP carrying a new chair, which was promptly and professionally put across from Mr. Haj, who was staring in terror at me the whole time at me, while speaking the absolute fastest Arabic or whatever the fuck he was saying, as I had literally no clue… Miss All American was nodding as she sat down, broke out a notepad, and I was dismissed…

Guess it worked… leastways that’s what I was told later when I did my writeup. EVERYTHING was written up mind you. Never laid a hand on the dude, but head games? Yeah, that’s allowable… we were ‘coloring within the lines’ so to speak.

So, got to bounce… ANOTHER Full Day or Ten ahead of us. Plus Work. Prayers out again for Dirk’s Gran, may she be healed and watched over. Again also, Gretchen and I both love and appreciate all y’all for everything y’all have done and continue to do.

So More Later
Big Country

Prayers for a Readers Gran. She Needs it More Than Us!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Dirk Williams, a regular reader commenter here got horrible news last night:

I got a cal at 22:50 last night my oldest sons wife, informed me my almost 3 year old grand daughter was on a life flight chopper headed to Dorenbeckers children’s hospital in Portland Or.

Was finer n frogs fur they day before I got vids of her racing around their back yard chasing gizmo her dog.

Anyway she’s on life support in Portland Or, Thus far the Dr’s don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Machines are keeping her heart lungs functioning.

She died in the med flight, flight nurse got her started up, and they landed on the hospital pad.

An interesting note, as they started to attach life support a small incision was made in her neck above the Carotid artery , and thick puss flowed freely from the incision .

Find that fucking freaky

Prayers for this lil lady please.

Hard Prayers Up Please!

More Later
Big Country

Safe in Mississippi? And The Shit That Happens When I’m Gone…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Courtesy of Dio:

That and courtesy of me and a bartender named Kristin:

It was a Looooooooooooooooooooong couple of days.
Never mind the fucking 14 hour drive…..

For -whatever- reason the drive from Tampa to Panama City was OMFG horrible… took a long minute. The road itself was fine, but traffic and -people- AKA “Boobus Americanus Retardus” seemed to be out in force.

Which of course had me acting like a raped ape.

Fucking 75mph Speed Limit? Doing 70mph in the fast lane on a two lane section of Highway!?! Makes me wish that a pair of 20mm Hood Mounted Oerlikon Belt feds that were triggered by a thumb switch on the shift-stick could be a reality…

The. Whole. Fucking. Way.

We had to put up with these assholes, until we hit Panama City, and I called ‘ENDEX’ (End Exercise)

We spent the night in a not-so-bad-not-so-good place…

Relatively Secure but nonetheless, having a carload of gear that I couldn’t unload without drawing MAD attention to it, I just had to make due. Either way, I slept light lightly as the fucking mattress was lumpier than a fat bitches ass… I figured since I literally parked the car right outside of our window, that in the OFF Chancesomeone– broke into it, I’d be able to respond quickly and efficiently. Had my 669 on the nightstand…

Mind you the weapons DID all come inside the room.

I’m not fucking retarded.

BUT the bag w/my armor, vest and ‘other’ were still on board. Didn’t have a choice really… there were a LOT of ‘questionable eyeballs’ that I felt could have been a security risk IF we fully unloaded…. I was in the ultimate quandary… To ‘do’ or ‘not to do’… I rolled the dice, and thankfully won.

Now… after a rough night’s sleep, we mounted up and made incredible time. Like cut through Alabama in like an hour and a half… the Radar Detector was worth it’s weight in Gold I swear… I paid like $150 in Tennessee for it over a year and a half ago… it literally has paid for itself in NOT getting nailed for speeding… not that I-10 had any cops on it. Very surprising TBH. Not a cop in sight. Made it a pleasant, rather uneventful run.


We’re here. Had to get a hotel room at the Sheraton up the street from the hospital. Not to go into details but we’ll be here for most of a minute. Not great, but hey… it is what it is, what with changing plans and whatnot. Thing about us staying here is that currently (this weekend apparently) is that the Army is having a Senior Enlisted man’s conference here.

Which OF COURSE I had to get involved, leastways jaw-jacking with the NCOs.

Now… the icebreaker was a few of them had their Unit Affiliation as the 101st Airborne. For those of you who don’t know, troops can choose a unit they served in as their ‘lifetime/career time’ affiliation… that their ‘loyalty’ so to speak is to that unit. On the Class “A’s” or in this case, Dress Blues, they wear the Unit Identifier on the right front lower pocket…

I could see the 101st ABN Badge, which I used as an “opener” to get them talking, as they figured I was just another fucking civilian. Now… the guy I started talking to initially was wearing Command Sergeant Major’s rank.

My only Issue with this was my very own ‘normalcy bias’

This one ‘kid’ looked like he was wearing his dad’s uniform. No disrespect for the guy, but OMG… he was young looking AF.

That being said, his ‘fruit salad’ had alllllll the right ‘bingo badges’ and very few ‘bullshit badges’. High on the “Been There-Done That” stuff, and very few “I didn’t get the clap” ribbons. He was an M.P. with the 510th at Fort Campbell. When we started talking, I started by telling him that he probably knew my unit… I then showed him my Tat:

I got it back in the day, but had it re-inked when I got with Gretchen, as it was pretty faded.

This CSM, I’ll call him “X”, took one look and yelled out “Oh fuck!!!” Not a Rakkasan!!!!” as if it was some disease or something…

We both started laughing our asses off over it… we then started discussing our various “Been-There-Done-Thats” and had a couple of beers or dozen or so. He even allowed a pic of him and me, and in this case I told him I’d poast it, but ‘blank’ him as I didn’t want him affected by being on such a scurrilous and eeeeevil blegg like this:

Kid made me feel old

Granted he’s 44… but even then, during our trading stories, even HE said he takes shit for being a “Baby-Faced Sergeant Major” from both officers and other senior NCOs… I told him it’s just natural, as back when –I– was in the real Army that my CSM’s tended to be leathery, saddle-bagged faced Cigar Chomping “Stay The Fuck Off My Grass” types that that image? Unfortunately for him, he didn’t rate that sort of ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’. Either way, I told him flat out he should be proud as fuck from making rank in that time, and that from what he told me over beers, I would have loved to serve under a guy like him. Especially after I explained I had been Battalion thief back in the day… he was all like “Maaaan, I positively needed a guy like you!!!” and bemoaned that we’d never crossed paths…

Now the other CSM with them? OMG…

Bald, Bull necked, squinty eyed. Hard Looking AF

Guy looked like the central casting call for a CSM. He too, was a 101st Guy… used to be with the 327th… Of course I gave him shit about “Three-Two-Heaven” as we Rakks used to call ’em…

One funny thing was when I mentioned that I was better known as “Big Country” he told me that he’d heard of me… that I was well known in-country back in the day… seems that my support of his unit was well known. “YOU’RE Big Country!?!”

Yeah… I used to be pretty well known… soooo
Guess I have a fan…

Like I said tho… The kid??? Look at that rank o’ribbons… Been there, done much CSM? I’d say the fuck so! His Airborne wings were hidden by his collar BTW. For a baby faced boyo, -I’d- fight for him.

So, otherwise, we’re in the process of dealing with our shit here. It’ll all work out. Doc has been Epic per usual. And we’re just going to go through and do what’s needed to handle it.

Tomorrow I’ll touch on a few things RE: Moscow.

Only thing that -I – can draw from the whole fucking shit show is that it was the CIA. ISIS is, has been, and always will be a CIA front. The very fact that over two weeks ago there was a “alert” to American Citizens, in Russia, to avoid public gatherings as some shit may or may not happen at the aforementioned gatherings. File that in my mind as the Luciferian Requirement That “They” are going to do something, and if YOU fail to defend against it, the results are on you.

Consider that almost the entirety of the US DotGov and DotMil have been utterly and completely corrupted by -something-, be it Communism, Leninism, Marxism and or The Devil, then why in the hell wouldn’t we expect them to do something like this?

The Krainians are literally on their last legs, if not their last man/woman. They’re probably on their last missile, if not their last artillery shell. So much to the point that RUMINT from yesterday has the Frogs, Polacks and Krauts all sending an “unknown” amount of troops into the Krain under cover of darkness, and being stashed in Schools:

And thus
World War Three Begins

Not with a roar, but a creeping, slithering, sliding, sliming infiltration that the NATO powers hope will be unnoticed IF they get annihilated like all the others beforehand.

The fucking the interview with the Russians regarding the French was hysterical IMO, in there was a bit of a ‘mistranslation’ in the interview where the French translated the Russian Minister as saying “We don’t care” where the Russian was actually saying “We don’t give a fuck” WHAT the Gorf are threatening. Literally, to the Russians, the Gorf are, for all intents and purposes a joke and utterly inconsequential.

Thing is, the retards in charge have no idea as to the reality of things…. this is becoming moar and moar apparent to the “Normies” out there, but to hear it, and see it in real time, the ‘realpolitic’ if you will, is that the morons who are making the decisions out there, are making decisions that will have dangerous and long lasting potentially fatal secondary effects that they themselves will be sheltered from.

I.E. the shit they throw ain’t going to ‘spatter’ on them
And because of it, they don’t give a fuck.
Which means the potential fallout from these ‘impudent’ movements may very well spark a Larger and Nastier War that, while they may enjoy (as they’ll be sheltered from the worst effects) but that those of US who’re going to be potentially exposed, if not outright targeted, well then we got some bigger problems…

So, strap in…

On that note, I’ll leave you with a pic from the Rooftop Bar at the Hotel… it was gorgeous night, and I spent a few minutes reflecting and being thankful for everything, from My Beautiful Wife, to y’all, as well as my Chosen Family, to include Sapper, Cowboy and a few other select few, never mind my lovely Grans…

For all my bitching, I got it pretty fucking good…
It just takes a few moments of Zazen to realize that

More Later
Big Country

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