A Thank You, A Mass Shooting, and They Got Space Nukes!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Whew… again, busy busy… taking care of Gretch, and working 10+ hours a day so I can take time off when needed, and also to try and get some O.T. to supplement ye olde income. Unfortunately that takes away from here, so I’m going to try harder…

First on the list is a direct message to all y’all written by Gretchen to all you deplorables reading this. So, here it is:

Dear all you kind readers.

I am NOT the writer in our family.  So please be patient with me. 

 These last couple weeks have been heart wrenching to say the least. However w all the kind words prayers and so many donations you have made things a little better.  I’m feeling very positive about treatment and ready to do battle with this invasion of my body. I’ve been trained by my husband in the art of battle. Now there is nothing to do now but to engage the enemies. 

Thank you all so much I am humble again by your generosity.  Please don’t give up on us. I haven’t yet begun to fight. 

So that’s straight from the heart from her. No changes by me at all. She’s absolutely grateful as I am as well for everybody’s support. This particular battle?

Damned Straight.

Now, with that out of the way… OMFG. The news cycle and teh stoopid seems to be spiraling waaaaay out of control.

It’s like every. single. dumbass, moron, malcontent and reeee-tard out there have all decided to go batshit insane, in spades, simultaneously.

The big crowd shooting at the Stuporbowl Parade in Kansas City for example. I saw this on Twitter:

Now, they’re trying like hell to say it was a “beef” between two individuals. Problem is “Sahil Omar” ain’t exactly a homeboy name. The other thing is they’re reeeeally pushing this “Gang Beef” angle…to the point numerous accounts on Twitter have been saying the above pic and whatnot? Yeah “…that guy wasn’t the shooter!” and other such statements to debunk that above poast.

Thing is?
I’ve seen that look before.
That right there is not the face of a ‘gangbanger’.
Last time I saw a hardened, flat eyed, emotionless look like that was at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay specifically. From hardcore Jihadis.
That and dude above is not a homeboi by any means.
His Compatriot that they nabbed:

Now him? He does pass as blaq, however looking closely, that pencil thin ‘stache that he has? Plus the facial structure? Guy looks Egyptian as fuck to me… And according to sources there were three of these guys.

Lastly, there’s one pic of one of the weapons that was used:

It appears to be your basic AR.

Can’t tell if there’s a stock or not on it. Art Sido over at his place said that to him, it looks like just the buffer toob, and nothing else. What he didn’t comment on, or maybe didn’t realize is the magazine?

That’s a 40+ round ProMag AR-15 5.56mm 40-Round Steel-Lined Magazine with Roller Follower

Compare the pic above to this:

Can’t see the dimpling, BUT the two rails running down the side, and the ‘blank space’ at the bottom portion of the mag?
Yeah. That’s a ProMag 40.

It’s also not what one would expect Homie the Clown to pull out and ‘gat up’ while attending a fucking Victory Parade for the Stuporbowl. I mean even I wouldn’t be rolling that hot unless we were in full-on Mad Max Mode, and even then? I wouldn’t be there. The only reason I think that the Aloha-Snackbar-bois were carrying that amount of firepower was that they were trying for a mass casualty event.

I also want to ask: “What’s in the Bag Egg?” I mean the weapon had to fit in the bag, so the question is did he have reloads? If so, well, as my old Drill Sgt used to say “There it is!”

MY opinion, and YMMV, is that this was a test run. “They” (for lack of a better identifier) had three assholes show up to start killing folks at a parade, specifically to see what would happen. 1 dead, 21 wounded with 12 kids among the wounded.

Even your basic gangbanger is a worse/better shot than that.

12 Kids?

And the fact that the KIA was a female? I wonder if she was there with her family, as in her kids? This to me screams a ‘dry run’ to see how the crowd would react. Considering the fact that within damned near 15 seconds of the initial outburst of fire, the fucking mob of real men i.e. them misogynist, toxic males jumped the shooters, disarmed them and held them for the fuzz to pick them up.

NOW “They” have an idea of what –might– happen the next time they “Go Live” ‘cos mark my words gang, this’s just the fucking beginning. The next one I have a hunch will be worse… leaps and bounds worse. I’d say stay strapped or get clapped when out in public.

Avoid Crowds.
Let me know what you think.


Who had “Russian Nookular Weapons in Space” on their Bingo Card for February? Bueller? Bueller?

Yeah… these being the same exact set of assholes who absolutely assured us (pinky fucking swear) that Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” was a Russian disinfo operation.

Why haven’t these guys been beaten/shunned yet?

It’s gotta be that they’re all still in the District O’ Criminals. I mean otherwise? They’d be getting their asses beat, and righteously so. They’re ALL traitors and scum. I hope I live to see them hang.

Otherwise, despite the denials and whatnot of the Krainian Cheerleaders out there, Avdeevka has been cut off.

I’m trying to find a better map shot, but right there in the middle is “Fortress Avdeevka”. The arrows up North are where the Russians were moving two days ago, in a classic pincer movement to cut off the defenders. They already cut the Main Log Roads, so they can’t evac wounded, and they also can’t get supplies, like food/ammo and water in.

Classic Ivan Strategy.

Seal them in a “Firesack” and blow the fuck out of them. Seems that they’re using upwards of 100+ FAB Glide Bombs daily, to the point the defenders are losing their minds.

To add insult to injury (or maybe vice-versa) The 3rd Azov Brigade was ordered in to -try- to relieve the city and it’s dwindling defenders… To do so, they met up in an Assembly Area about 35 kilometers to the west of Avdeevka proper. The A.A. was in a town called Selidovo. Google maps said it’s 42.6 kliks:

Call it about 500-800 guys, getting ready to mount up to be sent to Avdeevka at the orders of General Sleazy (aka Syrski), who’s apparently called “The Butcher of Bahkmut” by his troops…

Not for butchering Russians mind you, but for having his own men butchered in a futile defense of Bahkmut. Word is they hate his ass. So anyways…

Russia, well…

They hit them with Iskandars and Cluster Bombs…

As it said above, about 600 +/- casualties. Problem is, it’s hard to get an accurate count when your Brigade just got turned into spaghetti sauce… Sort of like when the Haji blew up an Iraqi Police Recruiting center when I was there… I talked to one of the forensic people who told me the body count was done like “How many left feet do we have?”

And lastly…
Pretty sure y’all have heard of one of our ‘valiant police protectors’ here in Florida shooting da fuq out of his cruiser? If not, here’s the tweet:

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Watch the video…
And what -isn’t- mentioned is that there was a guy in cuffs in the back seat!!!. Yay! Back the Blue!!!

Yep. Mighty fine police work there Lou… Even worse is he was a vet… from Special Forces supposedly… an Occifer… with two tours in Afghanistan… supposedly he’d never been in combat, which makes me highly skeptical. Menaing I reeeeally wonder if he -was- in S.F.

“What color is the boathouse in Hereford?”

But that’s just me.
He quit the force before they could hem his ass up like they should have… guys like that are a fucking menace. He has -no place- wearing a badge nor carrying a weapon, ever. any. time. any. where.
Top. Men.

So that’s it for tonight.
Let me know what you think
More Later
Big Country

34 thoughts on “A Thank You, A Mass Shooting, and They Got Space Nukes!!!”

  1. Good news on Wifey and I’m continuing to pray for her to beat this thing.

    Regarding the “Mass Shooting”, I keep thinking that Bidenenko and the fools in DC are rattling their sabers at Iran.
    Iran has said openly that they have cells already in the U.S. ready to act.

    Maybe a trial run/warning to the morons in DC ?

      1. Iran claimed ownership of Antarctica today and announced a naval base and mineral exploration facility.

  2. Why did the “cop” fall to the ground, did he get wounded by said acorn? Go to ground like that will get you killed right up! Stay on your feet and scoot! He dropped his pistol and lost possession of it? What got of ass wipe loses he weapon? That get you killed too! Your right fucker should have even been a occifer in the SF, let alone a 57 Gulf, I bet he would fuck that up too…

    1. That’s what’s even funnier about the whole shebang.
      He claims he was hit. “Shots Fired, Shots Fired”… “I’m hit”.
      What in the actual FUCK!?!?

      Now, I’ve never actually been hit by a bullet, but I have it on good authority from people that have, YOU KNOW IT.

      Honestly sad, he’s just some faggoty LARPer. Motherfucker should never, EVER be even NEAR a badge again in his life. I’d even mark his record to deny any background checks as well. Fucker shouldn’t be allowed to carry a Nerf gun after that display of complete douchebaggery. I mean, the over-acting is one thing, but to claim you were hit by a bullet, when you weren’t… I can only laugh.

      1. Had a ARNG platoon Sgt in the 80’s who was a 3rd Marine Div Vietnam Vet, Really good guy too. One night on a “raid” against another company (blanks and grenade simulators etc), he got really animated during the contact and really started personally maneuvering the squads with a high degree of personal dynamic leadership, as we used to call it. As this went on it became evident that SFC XXXXXX was not really in the present, and he was refighting some engagement from Vietnam. The names he was throwing out at times did not match anyone in the platoon, and he was seriously trying to get some non-existent CAS on the PRC77 as well. A ceasefire was called and even then it took a while to get him wound back down. Fortunately no one was hurt. He was quietly moved over to the HHC commo section soon thereafter. A huge loss for his troops given his experience.
        This cop looked like exactly the same thing to me when I saw it the other day. I don’t know how you can be a non combat SF Afghan vet, but that is another topic. He certainly has no business wearing a badge if he behaves like this under fire, real or imagined, and this was imagined. Failing to remove him from duty, at least long enough for an investigation and psych evaluation is criminal.

  3. Besides what appears to be the AR on ground next to wall, did you notice what appears to be a red buffer tube sticking out of the back pack???

  4. I’ve heard a shit ton of official slime bags on the tv and radio stating:
    We must give money to Ukie, Israel, taiwan
    10 million military age spics and nigs are here getting 5,000$ a month on debit cards
    Putin will invade all of Europe if we don’t……
    Basically every. single. thing. said on tv radio is all lies all the time. Here is a truth.


    that’s it. The only first and last commandment left. You know. The one,if you break, you die, no forgiveness one. Well good luck. Oh BTW. everything is corrupt save for a few individuals

  5. I’m not the first one to bring this up for sure, but… regarding those 51 assholes?
    We all know the DOJ isn’t going to prosecute.
    Can we sue them in civic court?
    I’d thrown a few bones in an envelope if the right person decided they wanted to hire a lawyer and take this one to trial. We can’t put them in jail through civil court, but we can make the process the punishment and go after gobs and gobs of money.
    I’m no lawyer, but it’s my understanding we have to be able to prove damages, in order to seek compensation. How did their willful lie harm us as individuals? Can we seek Class Action status as an entire United States Citizenry? Slippery slope, but again, with crowd-funding the jew-in-a-shiny-suit isn’t a problem, and these individuals will have to pay their own lawyers out of pocket?

    I mean, if we’re not going to shoot the SOB’s we need to start doing SOMETHING!!!!!

  6. First off, Gretchen, keep fighting the good fight!

    B.C. Check out this clip from the news. I saw this that day.
    Start to pause around the 10 second mark and watch the center right of the screen.
    A woman picks up the “AR”. I think I saw somewhere she was interviewed and said she thought it was a toy.

    You might get a better view than the still image of it leaning against the wall.


  7. When I hear the word Acorn, I think of Barak Hussein Obama’s corps of Tonton Macoute looking “activists” who showed up outside various prominenties houses in 2008.

    Damn straight I’d shoot an Acorn.

  8. The mag wasn’t a big red flag for me, you see homies with two stolen Glocks with drum mags on each on a regular basis. I don’t think the dead eyed guy is a “suspect”, they are claiming two of them are minors. It is interesting that no one has been formally charged yet….formal charges mean mugshots and arrest records…

    1. I thought similar. They love their drums and extended pistol mags and etc because more is always better even if they can’t aim for shit, or maybe especially because they can’t.
      Either way about the suspects, whether terrorists or gangbangers, it’s just another of the endless signs to avoid the crowds and cities as much as possible.

  9. “Let me know what you think”

    I am grateful to the folks who tagged the shooters at parade,I think though they should in future just kill the fuckers,hell,claim you saw em reaching for something ect.,a serious kick or tow to the head would at least hopefully unwire their brains,still much kudos to those folks,time to up our game.

  10. In the pic with the AR and the bag, it looks like the “pink” thing sticking out of the bag may be a anodized buffer tube, possibly on an AR pistol?

  11. Wonder if the two niggers were just reacting to the gunfire by pulling their own piece out and blasting away…They do have a habit of doing that…Like BC said and old Remus Avoid Crowds…

  12. In that Avdeevka map, the smaller cauldron to the south is the airport. Those boys are double fucked. They might be taking the airport to bring in a fuckload of spetsnaz, if timing is important. Their normal ruskie behavior would be to just blow the shit out of them for a month or two, but if there is a bigger move planned and this is the next step in the flowchart, they might send spetnzas in to the schwerpunkt to break the line and let all the regulars flow in.
    Even if they don’t do it, the threat is there and the nazis have to divert resources to defend against it.
    The cop quit the force for one reason. A cop has to testify to keep his job. If he pleads the fifth, he gets fired. This guy knows he’s going to plead the fifth, so just went ahead and resigned.

  13. Amusing, I heard about the shootings, just can’t muster enough “Give A Fuck” to track it down.

    Not my monkey, not my circus.

    Russia has nukes? Weird ain’t it.

    So here’s my confession, I got sucked into the Fanni Willis dog and pony show yesterday.
    Haveing spent perhaps several thousand hours in courtrooms, I was riveted to the tube.

    I was absolutely blown away by what exactly was going on. Ol fat Dani the daughter of a Black Panther ran the courtroom, not the judge.

    The judge did everything he could to support ol fani what a fucking looser, I wonder wher fani and the judge had dinner last night to talk stradegy.

    What a shit show.

    My prediction is this “The Nexus or burden of proof has been established”

    I predict she will not be held accountable, nothing personal, it’s just Atlanta politics, you see.

    I’d love to hear my retired attorney friend from Atlanta’s opinion. No names if you know him you know him. If you don’t won’t matter.

    Have a good one!


  14. Big Country, you need to go to human resources and ask for help with FEMLA. Family Emergency Medical Leave Act will allow you flexibility in work schedules and even number of days worked as well as access to leave other than sick leave. It also makes it near impossible to fire you! Also check if you have some applicable benefits from one of the check boxes on your annual insurance papers, perhaps you short term disability, or (quack quack) Aflac! As Gretchen’s primary caregiver I bet the folks who chipped in meant for you to use it, not just hold it for a worse day – the worse days are here.

    I think you are doing the right thing with early alt medicine treatments while Big Medicine gets itself wound up. My experience working in the trenches of the beast was that “treatment causes complications which requires treatment which causes . . . ” Hospital killed patients are the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease. I would also note that the ‘informed consent’ I got from my surgeon had no relationship to the experience I had in surgery. Do your own research (Google med is good) and ask you primary physician.

  15. Supposedly, one of the dudes that tackled one of the shooters/wounded, said the guy was missing his jaw. Any ideas which one that might have been?

  16. I wonder if the BGs tested that 40rd mag beforehand. If its a Promag, it might not even work as intended.

  17. Good stuff G. If you can handle that awful smelly ape you have for a husband, cancer should be a cake walk! 😉👍 Keep your chin up! You have fans too!

    I dunno about the poor misunderstood POC’s and the mass shooting, BC. I’ve seen that same flat, dead eyed stare from every second black gang banging baboon that gets busted for killing eeebil whypipo. But I think you’re absolutely right otherwise. If it was gang bangers there’d be other monkeys shooting back, or there’d be gangbangers among the dead. The stench of Mohammed is all over these guys.

    Good stuff on taking care of the wife and clan BC – Just make sure you’re taking care of yourself too.

    Cheers to all,


  18. The homie with the hoodie is just about the poster boy for a Chicago Friday night gang melee. Seen that expression on more than a dozen police files photos, the expression says “WTF do you think you are doing arresting me?” Looks home grown, not Egyptian or Arab.

  19. This might help. Pierce Morgan interviews a man who was in a medically induced coma for an undiagnosed autoimmune disease. Who’s daughter was diagnosed with potentially fatal arthritis and the same autoimmune illness. And who’s
    wife suffered from a form of cancer which noone had survived. They all survived


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