A Follow On to Yesterday and Other Things I May Think On

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yannow, you give an inch and some assholes take a mile. Fudge-Packer keeps coming around here, and normally I delete his shytte. My question is what sort of mentally ill retard thinks I’m going to engage any further with an asshole like that? Anyway…

Last night Sapper and I while discussing the ‘lack of early life credentials’ for L.T. Gen’Rul Aguta, he pointed something out that I may have overlooked.

He’s ultimately disposable.

Looking at it from that POV, it makes sense.
A LT Gen’rul comes with a whole slew of staff, from the Piss Boy to the Coffee Colonel. Figure at least 20-25 doodz. At which point, “General Expendable” AND his staff get utterly atomized in a missile strike or whatnot. I mean in Bakhmut the Russians actually allowed the Krainians to evacc the NATO staff that were on hand, directing the battle from the Steel Plant there… they paused just enough to let the 1 Star and a few ‘other ranks’ from various countries get out so as to not to completely embarrass the participants and their countries.

Got me a hunch that since then? Vlad is done. No more “Mister Nice Guy” so to speak. The very fact that we’re openly talking about ‘running the show’ is bad enough… this’s going to become “Vietnam Part 2: We Didn’t Learn Jack Shit The First Time!” DotMil Advisors? Oh yeah… Blind leading the Suicidal Blind is what I reckon.

Add on that his command of 7th ATC? Means he has a lot of time doing “Wargames” as Hohenfels is the NTC of EUCOM. That is, the National Training Center of the European Command. NTC is a unforgiving hellhole located in the Mohave Desert that’s located at Fort Irwin Califruitopia. Hohenfels is where the US Army OPFOR (Opposing Force) trains EUCOM units and other foreign DotMils like the Germans, the Dutch, the Brits and like anyone who wants to pay to get schooled by the OPFOR in maneuver warfare.

Back when -I- was there, we wore black BDUs with Black Berets and drove VISMOD vehicles (Visually Modified). Which essentially meant a bunch of strapped on bullshit fiberglass hulls to make our HMMWVs look like BRDMs (they didn’t) and the M113s look like BMPs (again, NOT!) The interesting thing about 1/4 Infantry was that we, as far as I know, were the last unit running M-60A3 tanks as T-62s. ALL the M-60s had been looooooong retired except for ours…

They were pretty much (like all our vehicles) the bottom of the barrel two yards from the scrap heap junkers… After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a time when they thought about actually using real former ComBlock tanks and shytte. They ended up not doing it due to potential maintenance issues (spare parts) and size issues as the inside of a T-62?

OMFG tiny!!!!
Made for itty-bitty Mongolian/Siberian troops, 6 foot tall ‘Muricans do NOT fit nor need apply… The ONE BRDM that they had at NTC?

That’s it, with a TOW system on top…

Well… they found out that
A) They don’t run too well, and
B) that there’s a ’emergency fuel dump’ lever in the driver’s hole. Seems that IF the BRDM gets hit, the driver is supposed to dump the fuel, rather than let it spray around inside and potentially cook the crew. The guy who discovered it caused, no shit, a full on EPA crisis as dumping 150 gallons of diesel in pristine desert is a BIG no-no.

Germany was even worse re: environmental issues.

ANY fuel spill? OMFG. You were utterly fucked if the Krauts found out. Every. Single. Drop. of contaminated fuel/oil/hydro fluid on the ground? You dig up a one-foot-by-one-foot-by-one-foot-deep hole AROUND that one fucking droplet and take ALL that now-contaminated soil to a Hazardous Waste site.

Needless to say, we never reported any sort of spills.

Even when CSC-20, our Platoon Leader’s HMMWV hit a BFR and it speared the oil pan… a BFR being a Big Fucking Rock. Dumped about 7-8 quarts of dirty oil on the ground, and we pretty much covered it with dirt, hid it, and towed the truck back to the motor hole before Herman The German found out.

“Oil spill? What oil spill Mein Herr? We know nuzzing of any oil spill!”

That was our story and we were sticking to it.

Back to the original notion about “Aguta the Aimless”.
Thing about him, IF he gets wasted, no great loss. It does however mean that it might give the fucktard in charge the casus belli to start really ramping up “Teh Stoopid”. Now HOW they’re going to do that, what with the current BIG Army lack of, well, people and you know, actual warfighters is beyond me.

That being said tho, the people inside of the District of Criminality Beltway aren’t zigzactly known for brains, nor having a foot set in reality. To them, (mostly boomers mind you) is that we still have the MOAST POWERFUL AND GREATEST DOTMIL EVVAR!!! That it’ll crush the Orcish Commie Hordes, and welcome in a new Judeo-GloboHomo-Corporate Empire!!!!

Sheesh… the drugs these lunatics are on must be the good stuff

Wish I could get some
Jes’ Sayin’

But then, other things…
Not much more to talk about in the Krain, although I -did- hear rumors that the airbase that the first 5 F-16s got plastered with some Khinzals yesterday. This from a Krainian source no less. Seems these were the Finnish F-16s and word is that they may not have survived the attack. According to the report I got, the Russians head faked a couple of Khinzal launches from the Mig-31s. Apparently only the Mig-31 can currently launch them, and every. single. time. a Mig-31 takes wing, the ISR Kids on the NATO AWACs alerts Kiev, and they go to high alert with what remaining ADA they have.

They started at like 10pm, and lofted quite a few sorties of Mig-31s… even fired off some decoys… by 0230, the Krainians figured Ivan was just fucking with them and stood down…

Bad move to get Complacent there Krainians…

That’s when Ivan launched the actual attack and blew the fuck out of a Patriot Battery, as well as the airbase that the F-16s were ‘roosting’. So much for THAT Wunderwaffen Aye?

Makes you really wonder as to the intelligence of these guys is? I mean right now, I’m less than impressed with the brains of the average Krainian never mind the dimwits in charge. I mean I won’t slur them on their bravery… I mean they’re ballsey AF to keep charging into the teeth of the machineguns/landmines/drones and what have you…

However, they’re either complete retards or functionally insane to keep doing the same thing, over, and over, and over, and over again and thinking shit is going to change.

Much like the people who keep voating here in the GAE/ZOG

The Republic is dead. Long Live the Regime of The Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den.

Soap Box? DEAD
Ballot Box? DEAD
Only thing left is the Cartridge Box, and NO ONE wants to open THAT particular shitshow as of yet. As stated before, we’re all a little too comfortable with our personal Bread and Circuses.… I know for damned sure I am. I’m also old, held together with Scar Tissue, Cheap Beer, Caffeine and Hate, but who isn’t at my age by this time?

Everyone wants to do and prep for “Patriot Shit”
Until it’s actually time to do “Patriot Shit”

God knows I’m personally guilty of this. Most of you all are too. I mean why would you? ‘Cos for fuck all sure, there’s no better choice/option than to sit back, and enjoy the fall at this point It’s patently clear that OrangeManBad isn’t going to ‘ride to the rescue’ despite the remaining “Q” Tards on Gab and in ‘other spaces’ (probably the insane asylums at this point IMO) OrangeManBad is -as old- as DeadManBiden at this point… sure his acuity is a wee might better, but the fucker never did what he needed to, won’t ever get the chance to do what needs to be done, and is beholden to the Jews who seem to have taken over all sense of sanity in the ZOG at this point via his son in law the worthless Jagoff Kushner.

And those who want to say I’m an anti-Semite? My sister in law is Jewish… what apparently makes an anti-Semite these days is noticing that the Jews have taken complete control of our government for their own purposes. I mean in the words of Poopypants, when HE comes out and states “I’m a Zionist through and through!!!” I’ll take his word on it. Truthfully, I used to laugh at the folks who called it “ZOG”… it sounded so unlikely and retarded…. And then the Commander in Chief openly admits to being controlled by the Zionists…

You can’t make this shit up.
Leastways I thought

These days?

Take of it and make of it what you will.
More Later
Big Country

32 thoughts on “A Follow On to Yesterday and Other Things I May Think On”

  1. tfA-t turned 60 today… i am as strong and lean as i have ever been and still can hump uphill without much of a problem.. thee problem is my body is just now starting to break down for real as in the arthritis in my lower back is progressing, my teeth need constant work, my emotional baggage from all the rotten as fuck murkin whammen in my life is taking it’s toll, and i don’t give a rats ass about this cuntry anymore.. my plan was when ma passes i’m trading my life of ease and comfort for a 60 ft salt water cruiser and motoring down to the caribbean. but these old birds don’t die easy and i may have actually use the quarter million $s worth of stuff i’ve acquired in the last 10 years or so. FINE. SO. BE. IT.

    but where is the guy to my right and to my left?

    1. Yeah 60 is when things really start going downhill T. Like someone said, held together by scar tissue, hate, ect ect. I’m too crippled up to hump roadways let alone hills. Can still do an adequate defensive position.

    2. Happy birthday, tfA-t.

      Sadly, I think you will get a chance to use your gear.

      Let the good times roll ’til then.

    3. Happy Birthday, my fellow 11B comrade. When you least expect it, your fortunes will turn around. Take care of yourself in the meantime. Bleib ubrig.

        1. Whenever you’re up this way, brother. Mi casa, Su casa. There has been a lot of water under the bridge since we last met. My prayers are with you and your family.

    4. The older we get the less of a deterrent life in prison becomes, gonna be a fun trip bud, 60 is just another way to say dont give a F anymore, least thats how i be lookin at it, im there!

    5. Happy birthday, tfA-t; good that a few of us are still alive and kickin’… 60? Shit. I can’t even remember 60, so I must have still been having fun. Which is why I don’t remember, most likely. Stay safe and be blessed brother.

  2. Just watched a video of Ukes making WWI style trenches and dragons teeth obstacles with one crane, it didn’t say where.
    Odessa and Lviv are the keys to ending the SMO is the chatter online.
    Patriot time will come when the lights are out and the store shelves empty out in about two hours.
    You want to be out in Pineland at that time.

    1. OH, my. I’ve served in Bosnia during the ethnic cleansing aka civil war.

      Gaza is a one way beating applied by Israel. Aside from the initial terrorist strike that is. Away from Gaza life is pretty normal in Israel right now. So normal they have some anti-war protests going on. Who’d a thunk, eh?

      WHY is that important? Because in a Civil War there is NO defined battle zone. There is no defined “enemy”. Your own neighbors and some family members are apt to be the “wrong side”.

      Nowhere is “normal life” like in current Israel. No Green Zones where aside from some sporadic action is mostly “normal”.

      War is hell said General Sherman as his troop rampaged through the South to destroy the civilian support for the Civil war.

      Women and children suffer the most as history points out in every conflict.

      And after Civil War 2.0 who’s to say if we end up with a Strong Man Dictator like some 90%+ revolutions recorded in history.

      Yes, trouble IS coming. Sorry if I don’t cheerlead for it. I’ve provided emergency medical services in it.

      Protect your trusted family members and trusted friends. FAR more important in spicy times than gold.

      1. It’ll be like Kansas/Missouri or Custer vs Mosby in the Civil War. No safe rear and no quarter to anyone.

  3. Jews,kraines, faggots, gender pretenders, FBI MAPs, shit skin coon invaders, invading taco’s, pedo pressydent, retarded VP of goo guzzling, RINO shit stains, Kraut demo party, goat fuckers….and jews again cause, they cause that much trouble.

    Yeah, Hate.
    Running high rpms.

  4. When I was reading your thing yesterday about Three Star Aguto I thought the same as you, expendable. As in a setup and the guy is either oblivious to the obvious or maybe just got a bad medical report and wants to go out burning so very brightly.

    Either way it could be the casus belli TPTB are looking for. “Look how they massacred my boy”, and all that.

    Just a parallel thought.

    1. Let’s hope so Brother because that might be the flash point that let’s us have a chance at something better , of course it’s also a chance at a much worse outcome for us as well…

  5. Big Country if you never used another acronym it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit. I don’t think that your audience needs to be impressed by use of acronyms with all the of groups of words to be impressed. Your work is outstanding.

    Please consider, just write out the whole word then you don’t have to come back later and explain what BFW or LST really is.

    Thanks for indulging me with these things to think on.

  6. “God knows I’m personally guilty of this. Most of you all are too. I mean why would you? ”

    Well, we are atomized to the nth degree and don’t have the software to know how to organize. Why stick your head up out of the trench in to automatic machine gun fire only to be labled as an [insert]ist? We have families. When the SHTF, we will know what to do. The best thing we can do is hunker down and take car of our families.

    1. Well we actually know what we have to do but most are too scared, lazy, apathetic, or comfortable to do it…Tribe Up, Be a Slave/Prisoner or Die…

    2. There won’t be an SHTF. There has never been a Mad Max collapse in recorded history, defined as the disappearance of existing government. Collapses are really just a splitting up into constituent parts. There is no time in history when people wandered the ruins and regular people debated what comes next. It was always pre-existing ethnic sub-nations (USSR -> X-istans, Russia), or pre-existing political sub-units like states or provinces (Euro noble titles are mostly Roman administrative titles, county administrator = count, regional military commander = dux = duke, etc.)

      If the USA “collapses,” those in charge afterwards will be current governors, state political parties, generals commanding troops, La Raza, cartels, etc.

      If you are a peasant now, you will be a peasant (or a corpse) after the dust settles.

      1. Yep. Just as keeping my paycheck means nobody is gonna do shit about it. Covid drove that home. Essential/non-essential and profiteering all around.

        Enjoy all that home equity and status at diversity corp while you can.

        It could be worse, you could be one of the suckers not making money off the decline. Or one who got jammed in j6 or one who got zeroed out in the economic destruction of Covid. Aka a middle aged white man trying to get a “good job”.

        Most of the collapse already happened. It’s how we got here chatting on the internet instead of living the life our grandpas had. It’s all about the money and will be from here on out. The rest of the collapse is just making dead with the people who don’t know they are already gone.

        In the end there is always a bigger man signing the front of our lifestyle.

        Guys get all hung up on blackrock and that Klaus creep. But it’s all connected. Right down to that pension waiting for you or that 401k or that home equity or that nice big truck.

        Buncha patriots gonna be shocked to be run by Mexicans and street shitters or some psychopath hillbilly sheriff and his cousins.

        Whites deserve what’s coming for not policing our own when it was easy. Nobody is tribing up beyond getting stacks for their own kin.

        I’ve lost a shit ton leaping into the unknown, to escape the globohomo only to run headlong into the slumbering flyover of fusa and ruins of white Amerika strung together by some clever locals making hay on their brothers backs.

        Moar collapse is gonna be painful but this shit right now is some other kind of painful I’m bout done with.

        Maybe in the ashes our guys will find some mettle and shed their little hats.

  7. And we’ll know for sure Aguto was expendable when he is posthumously awarded a Very Large Gong, with a citation more vague than Raytheon Austin’s Silver Star.

  8. It doesn’t hit the fan till the financial crap in the markets takes a big dump. When it affects everyone then it finally blows. We will all be poor and we will all be pissed.

  9. Born in 54, was a kid watching the news. IIRC, they took a hill,at a high cost, retreated, and took it again, again, high cost.. That isn’t military tactics for winning. Neither is setting Rules of engagement. When They saw our guys, it was on.
    We weren’t ever going to learn anything from Vietnam game.
    The idiotic, built in failure policies tell us it’s been intentional for a long time.
    That’s my cynical opinion,, I’ll read opposing views..

  10. One of our guys merely nudged a special tortoise back in the ’90s at NTC. Our CO almost had a stroke. Priorities .
    A few corrections – Finland doesn’t have F-16s , they have F-18s so that story might be mis-direction. The more plentiful Su-34 is cleared for and has fired the Khinzhal in anger, making the doings of the Mig-31s less of an issue or use to HATO ISR/Ukraine.

  11. “Everyone wants to do and prep for “Patriot Shit” Until it’s actually time to do “Patriot Shit””

    The problem is that people think “Patriot Shit” means doing gun stuff and posturing on the internet. If people bothered to do their research, especially about our Revolution 1.0 they’d know that “Patriot Shit” means organizing with neighbors and doing politics at the local and state level. But people can’t puff out their chest on the internet over that, and stories about going door to door to help get a fellow traveler elected Attorney General doesn’t make for best-selling books on Amazon.

  12. During the revelation we meet in one of three places. The local pub, the local church. Or over the back fence. We don’t have those places, now we have TV the internet and a bunch of other stuff to keep our attention.

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