EVERYONE is Starting to Realize IT’S A FREE FOR ALL!

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Looking like things down Venezuela Way are starting to get a bit heated. The Essequibo region which s a major piece of Guyana sits right next to Venezuela, and a LOT of oil has been found in the area off its coast. Essequibo mind you makes up about three-quarters of Guyana’s territory, so NOT an insignificant piece of land.

Piece Of Shit President For Life (until someone finally shoots his cab driving ass) Maduro-the-Moron:

claimed a National Referendum Vote tallied that 99.9999% of the population (including the unborn/in utero) backed military operations to seize this area away from the cunning and dastardly Guyanans (Guyanese?).

Now mind you, the border was delineated back in Paris back in 1899. The main reason for the sudden interest is the utterly massive offshore oil reserves found in 2015.

Now, Venezuela has always had a hankering for this piece of dirt, as in 1962, they said the 1899 agreement was no longer recognized. Thing of it is, the Area is jungle-jungle Like “Heart of Darkness” deep deep jungle. Pretty much untamed, and unsettled. It’s not zigzactly a place you’d want to do an actually military invasion of…

That and the Venezuelan DotMil is sort of a joke.

That being said however, the Guyanese DotMil?

4000+/- Active Duty, 3000 +/- Reservists. All trained by the Brits (or in the British model) with a real hodge-podge of WW2 equipment. Small arms for the Infantry is alllll over the place, with US M-16s along side Russian AK-47s… They have no real heavy armor except leftover WW2 Era 6 Wheel Recon Armor Car the Brazilian made EE-9 Cascavel which was a 1970’s update to the 1940s M-8 Greyhound, a US made true WW2 Recon Scout Car.

No real Aviation Assets, no real Naval Assets. The only Artillery they have are 6 Soviet made M-46 130mm towed cannons, and even then, there’s questions if they’d even work. The other ‘arty’ they have are also WW2 holdover mortars made by the Soviets as well, and some new-ish Brit made 81mm ones.

All in all, they’re pretty much defenseless IF Mad-Dog The Moron Maduro wants to get busy with them. His DotMil isn’t really designed at this point to be a DotMil, but more of a “Regime Guardian” for him, that and assisting in trafficking the Narcotics all over the world. They may be more of a ‘gang’ than a true DotMil, but they do have numbers.

The hoity-toity sounding “National Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela”? They have 109,000 Active, 220,000 “Paramilitaries” (meaning thugs with guns) and about 8000 Reservists. Lots of quantity over quality if you will…

Now depending on IF the Guyanese ‘get smart’ and contract a Private Company, then they -might- stand a chance. Hire a bunch of Mercs. And let them off the leash properly. Hell, just whatever they do, they need to not do another “Operation Gideon”.

That was the shitshow mission to “free” Venezuela from Moron. Two former Green Berets (supposedly) and about 30-40 doodz who got hemmed the fuck up in 2020 in what was called “The Bay of Piglets” as it was such a joke. Ain’t no way Moron is getting ousted unless it’s by his own, which is possible in light of the fact that there’s some new opposition Hardliner who’s looking at taking over from him

He needs, due to an approval rating lower than our current (p)Resident Poopy (14%) he needs a war to stay incumbent. Just like how Poopy and his minders have been having stories planted about Putler possibly nuking the Krain ‘cos “he’s losing so badly.”

Tell you what, when they start that shit again, they’re telegraphing. ALL the stories for Boomer-consumption, meaning “…how the ‘stunning and brave Krainians are driving back the Orcs” and how “…the winter will allow them to refit and rebuild so as to sweep away the invader!!!”

My question who’re drinking the Kool Aid: Since when have you ever believed anything our Mass Enemedia or DotGov have told us? If you believe anything they tell you, well, I got nothing for your retarded ass.

Let me tell you
Ain’t happening, not in the most fever-pitched dreams of the retards out there. In fact, they’re out of PAC-3 Patriots right now, not that they were any good to begin with. And I got that infobit from my former Room-dawg (who also is a distant cousin) from Rakkasanland… when I got drafted into Armor when the 11 Hotel MOS, he got put into the ADA side of things as a Patriot Puke. He retired as a CW3 running the Patriot Batteries, and now makes BIG money going around the various countries except the Krain, assisting with countries like South Korea, Saudi and the like with updating software, and doing ‘contractor shit’ on the various Patriot Systems out there.

His connections said that A) The Krainians have no idea how to run a Patriot Battery, and B) That the Patriot isn’t designed to take out hypersonics like the Russians prefer to throw these days. In fact, he said the Russians pretty much annihilated all the Batteries they -did- have by way of launching slow-movers, that the Krainians were baited into shooting their entire load at, and then following on with a Khinzal or three to take out the launch platforms and phased array radar, as well as the Command and Control complex.

So, no more hi-speed ADA (Air Defense Artillery), and they have, even by British reports, like 12-18 aircraft left, of which 5 of them may or may not be being used to keep the dozen or so planes left flying due to a lack of parts.

And don’t even get me started on Armor.

The Russians captured another Bradley damned near fully intact the other day. Treads got blown off due to a FPV drone according to reports, and the Krainian Klown Krew bailed and left it operational, so the Russians being the assholes they are, captured it, and put it on TV for all to see. And the Leo Ones they fielded have been getting smoked like cheap cigars as well…

Which then brings me to another thing.

Almost ALL the vidya I’ve been seeing, be it from Krainian Go-Pros or Russian Go-Pros, the one thing I’ve noticed is the STACKS of Krainian KIAs as opposed to Russian. The Russian Go-Pro footage is usually after the battle, showing them moving into trenches with a plethora of Dead 404s in them. The Kraina Go-Pro footage on the other hand is of them, usually under IMMENSE indirect fire, and panicking under said fire, usually up until the footage cuts out, meaning the guy videoing it either got aced out, or the battery died. Either way?

Not looking good for the Krainians right now, despite some people crowing about 600+ days of combat and the Krainians ‘holding the line’. I say yeah, they’re holding.

For the moment

The Russians currently don’t want to keep moving nor try to advance. Why would they? Not when the morons in charge of the ‘meat assaults’ keep throwing untrained and ill-equipped cannon fodder into their guns and minefields? Easier for them to impale themselves Aye?

And the ill-equipped? Try this and see if you notice what I do…

Per the UKRAINIAN Telegram Channel, these are guys from a unit, the 119th Brigade that got abandoned AND LEFT BEHIND THE LINES… the gist of it is they’re telling their higher-higher “Fuck you, we quit, you fuckers suck!” What did you notice class?

Well, one, no plates in them carriers. Not a one.
Next, the two dudes with helmets? Those are first generation K-POTs… NOT the high speed low drag nugget covers we usually see.
Then, Not everyone has Mags or Mag pouches
And lastly, no cold weather gear. They look cold and absolutely miserable. To me? This tells me they’re literally at the bottom of the logistics barrel for supplies. I mean hell, they’re out of artillery shells for the most part, why would ‘other consumables’ like helmets and plates be getting used the fuck up as well?

If it were me? I’d quit too and tell my officers to fuck themselves as well.

This’s “Volkssturm” levels of ‘lack of equipment’

Which means it’s almost over.

Have to keep an eye on it, as well, it’s obvious Leviathan is hoping to keep the money and the War flowing, if only to continue to enrich the Military Industrial Complex. Problem is, it’ll work, until it don’t. The very fact that it was announced that a three-star from the US DotMil is enroute to ostensibly ‘take over’ operational planning and implementation of ALL Krainian DotMil endeavors from here on out???

That kinda-sorta takes us from “material support” to “actively participating” and I’ll be curious IF the Russians decide it’s time to actually dust a few Krainian Headquarters that in the past they’ve not gone after.

I know I sure as fuck would. I’d find out where said General and his staff was, and turn it and the entirety of the Area around it, civvies or not, into a vast smoking ash-filled crater if only to send the message that ‘we ain’t playing any more’. Fuck it… if the Israelis can do it in Gaza, why can’t the Russians?

Because of the inherent weakness of OUR DotMil and the brain dead Ivy League Fucktards in charge that’s being projected though, THAT’s where I get a might nervous. Too many other folks with NO brains, like Moron-Maduro, who suddenly feel empowered and that they can flex without repercussion. Same goes with that new asshole Argentinian, Milei-the-Microdick who, at first seemed like a pretty good choice, but within days revealed himself to be ‘in thrall’ to the Zionists, as well as stating that he’s going to take “The Malvinas” aka the Falklands back…

So yeah, things are getting hairier and squirrelly-er day on day. Best to keep your eyes open, and head on a swivel.

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16 thoughts on “EVERYONE is Starting to Realize IT’S A FREE FOR ALL!”

  1. These things happen during Jimmy Carter Part II.
    They will attack the zoo for some food? (s/)
    What are Wagner PMC up to, still over in Africa?
    I’d be worried about what is happening in Panama for all South American nations.
    Cuba is another spot that will be/already is infiltrated.
    Interesting times indeed.

    1. The whole of South America will join the BRICS….
      It’s funny seeing the ‘cold war mindset’ still in place. The russians DO NOT CARE about us. We’re like the spoiled rejected girl who can’t handle the fact Johnny the Quarterback doesn’t want to date her anymore. Spiteful, hateful, vindictive.. watch.

  2. The US administration and President Biden bear full responsibility for the continuation of Zionist war crimes in the Gaza Strip, after their absolute support for it, and the green light they once again granted following the visit of their Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to the entity,” it said in a statement.

    see why Israel can kill innocent children with American taxpayer at


    See how innocent children are killed by the most poufel American arms at

    Al Jazeera English Live



    if you do not do something then you do not have a HART

  3. Hi BC –
    Not meaning to be a pest…
    Have been a reader here for sometime now. I guess my eye sight isn’t what it used to be…
    and have been wondering if you’d please consider changing the color of the back ground from the “loam” to another which would present a better contrast with the “black font”…or make the font bolder.
    Maybe making the font a bit bolder might be the best choice.
    Thank you for your consideration

  4. I am hoping for a Festivus miracle and seeing Zelenskyy swinging from a lamp-post but I am sure he has an escape plan (assuming he has even been in country in the last six months at all)

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if he already was in tel-aviv or somewhere similar like miami. He was just in the states.
      Typical smallhat shit, pushing the goyim to get killed and signing away all their land to other smallhatters while absconding with the wealth.

  5. You know the Bradley the RU “captured”. Looks remarkably like a Straight Off the Lot Brand New Never Been Used vehicle from Ahkmed’s Used Armored Vehicles of Kabul, Kandahar, and Bagdad.


    (starts around 01.00 min in)

    Last time I looked all the NATO gear shipped to UA was painted various tasteful shades of olive green not sandfly brown. Or the fact the video shows the Bradley “with its tracks blown off” driving around a field at high speed.

    This is the sort of detail that the Russians TLA’s maskirovka ops are notorious for always overlooking. Like in the video of “UA troops” killing RU prisoners the guys doing the shooting are wearing GRU issue boots. And so on

    So as fake as a Biden news conference.

    Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated. To quote a wise man when very young.

  6. I look at those Ukrainian troops who surrendered and can you blame them ?

    Abandoned by their Army, were probably shanghai’d off the street, given little to no training, given old hand me down 3rd rate gear and then sent into a meat grinder to be used as cannon fodder.
    Your fellow troops are often old men, women and even mothers who have children or are pregnant.

    Meanwhile Zelensky and his tribe buddies are living in the lap of luxury, never get their hands dirty, are buying houses all over the World with their embezzled money and at an instant will beat feet to probably Miami.

  7. BC, if you are right about the Ukes and I have no reason to believe that you are not right, why does that idiot Aesop continue to insist that the Russians are getting their asses handed to them? Including a post just this week mocking anyone who believes differently. Aesop increasingly seems like a globohomo plant.

  8. There is a tiny Venezuelan town close to the border with Guyana, single road (sometimes) reaching it. The town is named Bochinche, which is Spanish slang for a big fracas or noisy event. If they try to take land (as noted, solid jungle) it is going to be interesting to see what happens. I’d say that a couple of SAS detachments on loan from the UK should be able to do some prime damage. The only mobility vehicle Venezuelans have is the Tiuna which is a bastardized ford F250, it won’t get anywhere in that region and the Bolivarian air force is basically non existent. I spent years selling to the military all over S.A., including Venezuela up till the idiot Chavez took over. The generals I was working with were put under house arrest, can’t allow anyone that has dealt with U.S. companies to walk loose, eh? The whole place can go the hell as far as I am concerned, Oh! Wait, they already arrived.

  9. If the Argies invade the Falklands again, I can’t see the Panjeets in charge of the U.K. rousting King Chucks Royal Navy to kick them out again.

  10. It’s all bullshit. Every last bit of it.
    I went to the sandbox under false pretenses. Just like getting hustled by a steey corner performer, I took an in stride as “my mistake“

    I came home and learned that everything i sacrificed for was absolute bullshit. Yet again, see my above paragraph.

    My current situation “it’s all good just leave me the fuck alone“.

    It seems they’re incapable of that.

    They are pushing me into places I haven’t been in 20 years

    I watched a communist takeover of the United States on November 5, 2020. Tell me I’m wrong. “Veterans, we know a few things because we seen a few things“.

    For every raid they do it scares 10,000 people into compliance. Like the old proverb, kill a chicken to scare the monkey.

    please don’t tell me how voting harder will change anything.

    Stop letting yourselves be arrested.

    1. As I’m saying tonight: “we’re all a little too comfortable with our personal Bread and Circuses”

      Everyone wants to do and prep for “Patriot Shit”
      Until it’s actually time to do “Patriot Shit”

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