Sevastopol And The Reasons Behind It…

So back in “the groove”
To a point… I’m still on my “Climb to 100%” via the VA. Today’s intrusive fun was a CAT scan w/contrast. Now I’m not allergic like Gretchen is… that shit for her is potentially fatal. I am highly sensitive and get hot flashes which undergoing the scan, and then usually (like tonight) as I’m flushing it, my kidney feel like I went a couple of rounds of rope-a-dope with Tyson.

The boxer, not the Chikinz.

Tomorrow I have a long day as well with the TBI and Mental Testing, which I was told is about 3 hours worth. Measured IQ and cognizance test(s) to measure against the ones I had a few years ago. To me there’s been some noticeable changes, especially in the memory areas. We’ll just have to see.

Cowboy’s sister now has the duty as well, so I’m hoping that transition has gone smoothly, as I took today off in that I had too much “me” shit to deal with.

Now, as to the latest and greatest:
The Krainian Terror Raid on the beaches at Sevastopol has been all over the news as of late. Last I got was that it was 151+/- wounded, 4 dead, to include a 4 year old girl.

That’s Adriana’s age.

You can see the bomblets ‘walk’ their way up from the water… I suppose they/we should be thankful that it didn’t drop parallel to the beach as it would have been a hamburger-making slaughterfest.

Despite the propaganda to the contrary, Ivan has been pretty good about not bombing civilian targets, outside of the Energy Infrastructure. Got no complaints there either, as we did the same exact thing in Iraq and left them without clean water and power in our hitting them in 2003. Goose = Gander IMO there, and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking liar.

That being said, targeting a beach at the height of the summer vay-kay? Nope, not cool, not cool at all. Pure Cowardice and Terrorism.

Targeting DotMil ‘stuff’ = OK.
Targeting Civvies vacationing on a Beach at the height of summer? = Major Not OK.

And spare me the bullshit of ‘collateral damage’ and whatnot.
That’s the same thing that the fucking Yids are doing targeting women and children in Gaza. Same thing, no more, no less. It amazes me how some people think this is, in both cases both justifiable and OK… fucking souless NPC automatons IMO.

So, now we have Russia, as a whole who got hit a couple of times with some recent terror-shytte… One was this strike on the beach, the other in Dagestan of all places… with a Sin-O-Gog and Orthodox Christian church being shot up/burned by our favorite Christians In Action Cutouts ISIS. Whole lot of people of both the Christian and Judaic faith killed there…

I’m telling you, there’d be ZERO terrorism overseas if it wasn’t for the CIA, (ISIS) and ZERO domestic terrorism here in the States without the FBI. (School Shooters and the like) Nice to see the clear delineation though, that they both keep to their respective ‘Rhubarb Patches’ so to speak…

But either way, the Krainians sure AF didn’t pick nor chart that particular ATACMS to hit where and when it did. That Drone over the Black Sea, the RQ4 Global Hawk was on site during the raid, after being gone for four days prior to this incident. Funny how the main Intel Command and Control Drone is grounded for maintenance, but on-site loitering just in time to be there before, during and after the strike package was delivered?

Myself? If -I- was Russian? I would declare ALL of the Black Sea off limits to ‘non combatant aircraft and drones’ give them 12 hours to GTFO out the airspace as ANYTHING and EVERYTHING after that 12 hours is now considered hostile and will be treated as such. No fly zone much anyone? I mean it is Ivan’s Sea IMO.

Goose = Gander
Pot = Kettle

Shoot down ANYONE who breaks that no-fly shit.
Then send a bill to whatever country that gets their shit shoved in for the cost of the Air-to-Air that was used. Watch the current do-nothing/know-nothings ‘Shultzes’ shit in their collective Brooks Brothers. Morons.

See… everyone to the point and I mean EVERYONE is operating under the presumption as if the ‘Shultzes’ actually have ANY clue as to what they’re doing. The majority of opinions being that “The US is hoping that the Russians respond so as to escalate!!!” or that there’s some ‘strategic thinking’ going on in how to ‘get into the war’ via a provocation of one kind or another. Truthfully… let’s use Occam’s Razor:

In this case, the simplest and most easily explainable rationale for these things are That these fucking jugheaded morons know not what they do.
I’m the one who posited on WRSA some years ago that these people “…have never been punched in the fucking face and it shows.”
ALL of these provocative actions

ALL of these apparently dumb moves

It’s all because they’re too fucking stupid for their own fucking good.
Fucking NPCs, the lot of them
“VodkaMan won’t do anything to us, he scared!”
Fucking Morons

Not one of them (our current cabal of LeaderSHIT) have ever suffered in any significant manner ever. Not one of them have known a true moment of privation in their oh-so-special lives. In fact that’s where the problem lies.

They’ve never had their fucking asses kicked for doing the stupid shit they do and/or talk!!!

They’ve been positively cocooned inside a bubble of privilege, wealth and surrounded by Yes-Men the entirety of their actually worthless skin-job lives. It’s never registered to them that there are real people who’re eventually going to get sick and tired of their collectivist bullshit. At which point they’ll die in wholesale lots. I just hope I get to watch and participate.
As they’re starting to say in France:

They just don’t understand ‘thesis / antithesis’

Action begets a reaction

If not from Vlad and the Russians the let me tell you…
WHEN not IF the Krainians finally figure out just how badly they’ve been fucked over by the Tribalists as well as the Globalists, there’s not going to be a place on the planet that any of the aforementioned can or be able to hide.

I mean Israel is in the midst of its death throes.

WHEN they invariably decide that it’s time to “Head North” into Lebanon, unless they plan on utilizing their ‘Toys from Dimona’ i.e. Nooks, then they’ll be getting obliterated by the Fuzzy Wuzzies of Hezbollah that much sooner. It’s bad enough that even a former Shin-Bet spy-turned Politico in the Big Izz came out against Nutjobyayhoo:

Link to the story HERE
Everyone seems to conveniently ‘forget’ that Good Ole Benyamin was about to be arrested on corruption charges with his wife RIGHT BEFORE October 7th came down. Add on now that there’s faaar too man legit stories out there that the Izzy Army was told to ‘Stand Down’ so that October 7th could happen. This was done IMO to A) Give Ole Benny the ‘cover’ he needed to NOT go to jail as well as B) Launch the “Final Solution Mark II, The Palestinian Boogaloo” to bring about the whole “Yid Messianic Comeback Party” of which he believes fervently in.

Considering that despite the propaganda, the Hamas kids?
They seem to be holding their own.
Which is what I expect of a bunch of filthy sandal wearing AK Toting RPG wielding goatfuckers…
I mean WE got OUR asses handed to US by the same sort of guys, not ONCE but TWICE in the SAME DECADE
Why should the Izzies be any different?

I mean let’s face it.
The Hamas kids were like the Mahdi Militia, which turned into the Mahdi Army in Iraq, which eventually assisted in running us out of town on a rail, never mind the ISIS Kids who we (or at least our CIA kids) created as a Revenge Force against the Ungrateful Iraqis. The Hamas kids are just as dedicated to killind the ‘Yehud’ as the next “Good Muj”

Thing is, and as I stated, they’re still kicking after how many months now? Long after the pundits predicted their expiration date that’s for damned sure. And since they’re still fucking things up?

I mean what a brilliant plan to now go after Hezbollah in Lebanon! An absolute stroke of fucking genius on the level of Hitler ordering “Operation Barbarossa” against the Russians in 1941, instead of, you know consolidating his fucking gains in Europe before looking to ya know, fucking expand?

That Bibi… can’t say he lacks for Chutzpah and balls…
Brains are no where to be found of course

But he is a politician out to save his skin, so it all works out in the end I suppose. Yep. Moronitude and Hubris is something that NONE of these fuckers are lacking. I can say with surety that it’s about to get a whole hell of a lot bloodier before shit mellows out.
Popcorn Anyone?
So More Later
Big Country

72 thoughts on “Sevastopol And The Reasons Behind It…”

  1. BCE
    Any links or ways that I could send a letter/missive/email to Putin, telling him, that if wants, bomb the f**k out of the DC East Coast area, but leave the rest of us in flyover country alone?
    We (in flyover country, and most readers here I’m sure) are not a part of this NeoCon warmongering, and only want to be left alone.
    But the eagle has turned out to be a rapacious vulture that won’t stop pecking at us.
    I know that it’s going to pass thru several dozen hands, and probably won’t even get to Putin. I might even be Fed busted for treason. But, I gotta try my two kopeks worth to stop the oncoming onslaught from hitting me and mine.

    1. It’s not even a vulture. The people ultimately behind this are the “Vampire Squid” of Big Finance (yes, that might be code), to use Matt Taibbi’s memorable phrase. But, unlike Taibbi’s squid that’s clamped onto our collective faces, the real Finance Squid has its tentacles jammed up our assholes so deep that even hentai tentacle-porn weebs would be disgusted.

    2. Honestly I think Putin is smart enough to know that already. It does hun/Russians no good to piss off the people who already don’t trust DC. Declaring war on Regular Apple Pie Americans wouldn’t make much sense in that regard. Russia seems to be very much in touch with reality as opposed to spoiled brats flirting with disaster in the West.

      That being said, if I were the Russians I would be extremely pissed off and wanting some payback x100. I’m pissed off for them and I live here. Aside from the NPC’s most of us recoil at the thought of this crap being done in our names. I was thinking of some places he might be tempted to strike in order to ensure the unwashed masses of the West actually applaud his actions.

      If/when they make the decision to move forward I would bet on it being well thought out in advance. I am more concerned with a false flag terror attack perpetrated by our own government for reasons I just mentioned. I hope the masses don’t fall for it. It will be up to people like us to make sure they don’t.

  2. Some Pajeet surgeon general was on teevee prattling about gun violence health crisis with no racial breakdown.
    Remember the comrade Kissinger quote about Israel won’t exist in ten years…it will be relocated to the 404 as the oligarch funded Heavenly Jerusalem project.
    Putin has a minor in international law and is little too methodic or doesn’t realize who is demonic enemy is and they do want WWIII by any means necessary for debt jubilee and banksters fund all sides.
    Everyone needs a good punch in the mouth or 101st Airborne ring upside the head.
    I got it once for snitching on my brothers and he said…that is for ratting on your fam.
    Went around the corner and cried, Thank You Pappy

  3. Last I heard, Ivan was cock-a-doodle-dooing about shooting down 4 of the 5 ATACMS fired at Crimea that day, and this was one of the four.
    You don’t get to shoot a missile down, then grump because you dropped it on your own Russian vacationers.

    Shit happens.

    Maybe vacationers should have considered not going to the beach in a fucking war zone in territory their Dear Leader illegally annexed from Ukraine a decade ago.

    FAFO medals all around.
    Boo frickin’ hoo.

    And the Black Sea is not Russia’s private lake. It borders four other countries not called Russia, and three of them are already full NATO members.

    Vlad is liable to pull NATO down on his own head, with no one to blame for that but himself, and wake up one morning with one helluva surprised look on his face when he goes from fighting just one country, to fighting 33.

    Or he’ll send another Mig-31 out on a CAP, and find a finger four of F-22s instead of a Global Hawk drone.
    Then this all gets interesting, in a Chinese curse sort of way.

    1. 😂

      I seem to remember you whining like a little bitch when your Ukes were shooting down Russian missiles (supposedly with 12 bores and hunting rifles) – and bringing them down on their own neighborhoods!


      Aaaaaaaand you’ll whine like a little bitch again when the hooties or Ham Ass goatherds acquire long range Russian hypersonic weapons and scrap your invincible carrier groups in the Red Sea to pay you back for all your fuckery in the Middle East! Hate to break it to ya, retard…but YOU are the one fucking around, and consistently failing to find out! Did your momma ever have any kids that lived, Aesop?

      1. Celebrating Pride

        Aesop is celebrating bibliophiles of all stripes with the opening of the Aesop Queer Library during Australia’s Pride festivities, Midsumma Festival and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

        How about that.

        1. Never was a commenter more aptly named.
          I’m guessing Squat, Shart, and Horseplop were already taken.
          How sad for you.

          Do you even have any idea what you’re jabbering about, or is this like Tourette’s with a keyboard for you, and you simply can’t help yourself?

          1. Good to hear from you, my friend(s)! Do you have any advice for the readers here as to how to avoid a Taxpayer Compliance Audit? Seems like your history could be getting rolled up by the I*S for tax fraud? Those deductions you took-because you know more about the US tax code than the govt.-came back to bite you in the ass? It was become a CI for the F*I or spend 60 months at Lompoc? I don’t blame you for taking the easy way out. Encouraging fedpoasting and at the same time being a cheerleader for America’s forever wars must be a full-time job for you. Your handlers must be proud of you.

      2. So you grant the point, then build a straw man. Well-played.
        Your memory is as good as it ever has been.
        I said no such thing.

        Peddling bullshit with a memory worse than Biden’s is just pathetic.
        Lay off the leaded paint chips, soopergenius.
        This was lame, even for you.

        And your criticisms of a better country would be less limp-wristed if you weren’t just another spineless lickspittle toadie of a socialist dictatorship with delusions of adequacy.

        You live in Mexico-with-toilet-paper.
        Square away your own shithole country first, then come tell us how it’s done.

    2. All Aesop. all the time.

      You really don’t have any family, do you? No worries about real life(tm) nuclear sunrises.

      Nor do you ever actually DO any of the “Throat Punch” BS you’re always spewing across your paid for blog playground.

      You’re the “Super Marine PATRIOT” that works all that high paying Overtime in an ER full of gun grabbing liberals. And I KNOW HR would shitcan you in a moment if your Aesop BS was spoken in there.

      All that money, all that ego and you STILL LIVE in the Communist Shithole failed state of Californican (Oh, and Blame it on Our Toothless hillbillies, ya right, we see those south American homeless encampments of yours).

      None of that money going towards a retreat as you said on Wilders blog, something about all that money you’re going to BUY (Future tense) a retreat bigger than Maybury.

      Walter Mitty Much?

      The Original Michael

      1. The fact Aee Sop posts the crap he/she/shit does without recourse indicates that said basement dwelling jag off glows in the dark.

      2. Martynov just reported on the other problem with American troops operating, picking targets for, and guiding the ATACMs….Russia just declared all of them terrorists, who can therefore be hunted down and killed anywhere in the world…By a curious coincidence, more than 25,000 Russians have entered the US as part of the illegal alien influx promoted by Biden and company…Could just be that some of them are Russian military or intelligence…wonder what they could be up to here?
        Play dangerous games, get nasty surprises…At a minimum, these troops would be well advised to change their names and try to disappear….

      3. Michael,
        You’re still 0 for 2024.

        1) Russia’s rattled that saber 45 times. It’s a non-starter.
        2) My blog is free, since ever.
        3) No gun-grabbing liberals in my ER.
        4) HR would have jack and shit to say about anything.
        5) The South American homeless encampments are because the GOPe lovingly elected and re-elected elsewhere didn’t notice a problem, as long as they colonized California. Yertle McTurtle, Lindsay Grahamnesty, Marco ScrewYoubio, et al . I can list on my thumbs the Republicants who aren’t in the tank for Moar Illegals, since ever.
        But don’t worry, when your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk decamp from here, as they will when the welfare runs dry, they’ll be bringing their illegal alien nannies and gardeners with them, right back home to you.
        Won’t that be nice?
        6) The retreat fund is plumping up nicely, and you must share a memory brain cell with Filthie, because I never said anything anywhere about a retreat “bigger than Maybury[sic]”. Try less weed, more Wheaties.
        7) Cheech & Chong much?

        I must have struck a nerve, because I see all the other monkeys have come out to help you clean out your diaper spackle. Do you lick them clean after that, or just flip them inside out?

        The original bane of your unfailingly inept commentary.

        1. Hey SHIT 4 BRAINS did you feel insulted that Divemedic has shown you an idiot on his blog?

          Over just what spackle your throwing?

          You’ll see this again.

        2. Hey Aesop, since you’re still hovering around a breakdown of your above scree.

          1) Russia’s rattled that saber 45 times. It’s a non-starter.

          Love how Divemedic busted your chops on this comment.

          2) My blog is free, since ever.

          Since you don’t run ads, there is a saying if it’s free on the internet YOUR DATA is the price. Feel free to explain how that wouldn’t apply to your blog.

          3) No gun-grabbing liberals in my ER.

          LOL, anybody who has worked in a medical employment knows how full of shit you are in this comment. Now MAYBE if you were honest and said even most are Not Gun Grabbers…

          4) HR would have jack and shit to say about anything.

          LOL, spilling my coffee. YEAH RIGHT. Everybody knows HR is the bane of honest workers in any business that has a HR. Try again loser.

          5) not worth the electrons.

          SNIP About $144 billion
          California debt refers to the total liabilities of the state and local governments in California123. The debt includes bonds, loans, and unfunded pension and other post-employment benefits3. As of 2021, California’s state debt was about $144 billion and its local debt was about $361 billion, making a total of $505 billion24. California has the fifth-highest debt of any state and a debt ratio of 120.5%1. The debt is expected to increase to about $189 billion by 20274.

          What a wonderful well run state. No doubt because non-Cailfornia’s did it RIGHT?

          6) The retreat fund is plumping up nicely,

          Means I am correct that you don’t HAVE A Retreat aside from your Townhouse in LA County near your ER Employment.

          So, I HOPE that you’re collecting all that OT in .999 PM’s as soon enough all those electronic digits are going to get more worthless. It takes TIME to find, legal up, buy, install a well or verify the current well is worth anything GIVEN well run Cali’s Environmental Rules (Sarc) and a few hundred other factors to make a bit of dirt worth something as a Camp Snoopy as you used to talk of it. You know back before COVID when you acted almost like a human worth chatting with?

          AND so your starting BS statement:

          You’re still 0 for 2024.

          In just THIS reply, I’m up 5 points sports boy.

          You know if you stopped being a full on Asshole, some of us might stop being nasty to you.

          Just a thought from a worthless Goyim

    3. “Maybe vacationers should have considered not going to the beach in a fucking war zone in territory their Dear Leader illegally annexed from Ukraine a decade ago.”
      “I’ll take ‘Historical Ignorance’ for $100, Alex.”

    4. Asop, there was an referendum with International observers and the people of that region voted to go with the Russian Federation. You are channeling CNN again, and prolly think the little vial of yellow spice that Colin Powell held in his hand to initiate war against Iraq was the real deal. I wouldn’t want you in my hide, you might pop smoke for shits and giggles!

      1. Yes, Russia won with 116% of the votes, as the FSB counted them, just after the invasion.

        “Elections” after a foreign power seizes part of one’s country at gunpoint are about as reliable as vote counts in Atlanta after 2AM, and assurances that one is not under duress from an NVA P.O.W. compound.

        You could look it up. This is like middle-school level/DUH! Channel stuff.

          1. Chutes Facts mean NOTHING to the All Knowing and Wise Aesop (all hail his mighty name).

            He just runs or changes the goal posts.

            Anybody care to share a link where the Mighty Aesop ever admitted learning something he spouted off about was incorrect?

            I’d screen shot it, frame it and put it next to my collection of worthless fiat money.

    5. “Maybe vacationers should have considered not going to the beach in a fucking war zone…”
      The October 7, 2023 attack on Israel by Hamas might be justified by the same logic.
      Considering that Palestinians view (rightly or wrongly) the Jews in Israel as stealing their land and displacing their people.
      So whether it’s your home or a war zone is just a matter of perspective.
      The reasons for the violence and the methods employed are determined by each side’s situation.
      You bomb their party with a bomb or missile, they send a suicide bomber to your party.
      As I’ve gotten older, I don’t make fun of other people’s situations anymore, even if I do think they deserve it. As I have gotten older I find that concepts such as “There but for the grace of God go I” and Karma become a lot more real and make a lot more sense.
      I think that Aesop needs a little self-reflection and to learn some humility sometimes.

      1. “I think that Aesop needs a little self-reflection and to learn some humility sometimes.”

        This is something that we can all use. Wise words.

    6. What a strange position to take in all of this.

      “You don’t get to shoot a missile down, then grump because you dropped it on your own Russian vacationers.”

      There should never have been ATACMS anywhere near Russian vacationers. What legitimate authority does the United States have in all this? Scoffing at Vlad’s ability to neutralize American weapons that shouldn’t be flying over women and children playing on the beach? WTF?

      “Maybe vacationers should have considered not going to the beach in a fucking war zone in territory their Dear Leader illegally annexed from Ukraine a decade ago.”

      It’s only a “fucking war zone” because the west keeps pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into Ukraine in order to make it so. Please share your expert advice so that these people know how to conduct themselves for the duration of this conflict. You specifically mentioned that they should know better than to visit the beach, but what about restaurants? What about schools, hospitals, parks, and churches? Are those legitimate targets for American bombs, too? Or are they acceptable places to visit for women and children living in a “fucking war zone” on their “illegally annexed land”? Maybe you could suggest they keep 6 feet away from live munitions, follow only specifically marked patterns painted on the ground, and wear reinforced kevlar masks. That’s right up your alley.

      I’m not going to play armchair referee with regard to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. I wasn’t invited to the meetings that took place when Vlad sat down and decided that the invasion was the best route. Perhaps I missed a call or text message from him. There’s only one thing I’m certain of at this point – whatever is going on over there isn’t worth the loss of a single American life or one measly dollar of taxpayer money. Because the inhabitants of the swamp don’t share these sentiments, WE now live in a “fucking war zone”. Be careful with your travel and recreation choices this summer, Aesop.

  4. It *MIGHT* be wise to Listen to the “other side” now and then. A snip from Western Rifle Shooter today:

    Which terrifies Washington and every single Pentagon “warrior”, plus–G(R)U and SVR most likely know the identities of American servicemen who operated ATACMs. They better run, because now they are classified as terrorists, who they are, and they will be hunted down and eliminated. Their best bet will be to return to the US and stay here for the rest of their lives, preferably after plastic surgery and live under the conditions of witness protection program or something similar. For those emotionally unstable and prone to knee jerk reaction, I can only repeat–Russia here is in for demolition of Pax Americana and it proceeds as planned, and even better. Hence hysterical rhetoric from the West and resorting to pure terrorism. US military bluff has been called. Like Al Bundy from Married With Children whose brightest achievement was his four touchdowns in the high school football game, the US still grasps at the last straw of its unimpeded turkey shoot in Gulf in 1991 against pathetic enemy.
    What is happening now is a big league and the US ain’t in it militarily, bar its nuclear deterrent. And once this became clear to everyone but the “strategists” in Washington, we have the situation which we all observe now. Terrorism will continue–this is the only “capability” Washington (and London) have.

    America is doing terrorism. America is now “Not at peace” with Russia according to the dressing down of the American Diplomats in Moscow over this ATCM crap.

    Some still pretend we are America of the 70’s. The BIG DOGS. Seems the Afghans and Hothi’s haven’t gotten their attention YET.

    And yet we have no JFK to TALK to the Nuclear Armed Russians, Chines, North Korea, Iran and soon more arrayed against us.

    Just big mouthed bloggers and a Depends wearing administration.

    What’s that old saying about a crocodile mouth writing checks your canary ass cannot cover”?

    Please jump in Aesop with the “We’ll NUKE them” anytime old man.

    That’s a two way HOT Range. But you don’t have anything to lose do you?

    1. Michael, in your haste to shit yourself from both ends, you forgot that you have a decision slapping you upside of the head.

      Which piece of Russian propaganda is the bullshit:
      A) The U.S. guided an ATACMS into a beach full of summer bathers.
      B) Russia shot down 4 of 5 ATACMS headed for Crimea.
      C) All of the above.

      At least one of the above answers is correct.
      Tell the class which one(s).
      Show all work.

      Once you address the point you’ve tried your damnedest to ignore, we can discuss what happens after that.
      You want to skip straight to shitting your pants.
      Best wishes with that approach, but I don’t think it’s going to do much for your confidence.

      1. Hey SHIT 4 BRAINS did you feel insulted that Divemedic has shown you and idiot on his blog?

        Over just what spackle your throwing?

        You’ll see this again.

      2. Aesop I NOTICE Willy Pilgrim did an AWESOME JOB busting your chops about this.

        Go polish your knob again freak. Your keyboard needs a break

        1. Aesop was a famous Greek slave that wrote parables. Our neo-Aesop, a CNA from Commifornia has thus adopted an ancient Greek booty boi/mang as his(?) avatar. Hmmm… What is it that is said about how the Greeks separated the boys from the men? With a crowbar, if memory serves. Sneaking K-Y and rubber gloves home from work must be a true perk for the ‘Sop.

  5. aesop the keyboard warrior, er, keyboard nurse. Drank the really good kool-aid and long, bleeds it out now, can’t help himself.
    If fear is the mind killer, blind rage can’t be far behind, and the poor lad does seem to be suffering from any number blinding biases but who cares. He has zero street cred after his 100’s of long screeds visible from space telling us how wrong we were, NO NO really masks work, I’m a nurse damn it!!!
    and he has been showing his ass all over the net with his totally wrong take on the “Kraine from the jump, and in the face of fcts and evidence all he does is long diatribes dissembling.
    Internet dork

    1. Here’s exactly what I told you about masks, before anyone else did:

      The title should have been a give-away, even for you, and I’m sorry you were too lazy to read it, and too stupid to decode the plain and simple message.
      But let me be probably the first person to tell you this: it’s not too late – take a chance on the 4th grade.
      You can do it online now, so you won’t be the only grown-up trying to squeeze into a too-small desk in a room full of 9 year olds.
      At least that explains your take on other current affairs.

      But thanks for signing your message above.

      Know that I’m pulling for you.
      There’s even study guides.

  6. At some point, stupidity stops being cover for evil. The open border? Well, it Is stupid. But stupidity isn’t why they did it.

  7. I’ll say, Putin is a patient man. I expected a spectacular sunrise from all of the light shining from DC. (Damn it-I’m disappointed again.) It is obvious that Biden is senile, surrounded by Obama & Jarrett, directed by every Trust Fund Idiot ever birthed, and we are the Glorious Recipients of this 💩pile. Even old drunken Ted Kennedy couldn’t news brief his way out of this mess. I’d like to put every member of The Tribe back in Israel and let them deal with their own crap-fest. Keep the NEST cameras working. I think we all need 24/7 security.

    1. SS: Good to see you’re still out there. I think you may have hit on something about Vodka Man. I think he has convinced his hawks and hard-liners to keep a stiff upper lip until this corrupt, syphilitic-thinking country goes into full meltdown. If the Golden Golem wins, Nuland’s Ukranian-Israeli male go-go dancer will be looking for another job, if he has not already received the Mummar Ghadaffy memorial award. Trump will deal and that will be it.
      If and/or when the Biden body double “wins” again, then we can look forward to the DC sunrise you described above. In my A/O we are far enough away from Fairchild AFB that warning time would be sufficient, assuming we are all at home. My biggest worry will be the influx of refugees, who will overwhelm the local yokel government and happy-clappy evangelical mega churches here in Kootenai county. Then it will be a Walking Dead scenario. We are planning accordingly. Stay safe there in Newsome Land. Bleib ubrig.

      1. Shoot me an email when you are able Brother I think the one I have for you got hacked if I’m remembering correctly…

  8. “Boo frickin’ hoo.”

    AESOP is the epitome of “with friends like this, who needs enemies?”
    Apparently he is, in addition to always being wrong, also a psychopath. My money is on that he is a glownigger of some stripe.

  9. If the ATACMS missile was intercepted by Russian air defenses and then struck the beach you can’t call it a targeted attack. It was just another episode of “collateral damage”. Russia has killed plenty of incidental people in Ukraine as part of this insanity. They are idiots to believe it can’t happen to their citizens. I highly doubt Ukraine would waste an expensive weapon on a beach. This was almost certainly an instance of unintended consequences. There are no “good guys” in this war. Just tons of innocent victims suffering from the egos of others

    1. Dan you may be technically correct. However, I ask you again “What dog do we have in this fight”?

      Why are we prodding a nuclear armed Russia with our undying urge to spread homosexuality (if you doubt that look at Ukraine’s Pride BS lately, seems even the locals are beating them up) and Global Homo One Government crap.

      Have you driven on OUR Roads lately? Any need repairs? How about homeless Veterans. any need some of our tax dollars for them? I could go on forever.

      Let’s remember to MIND OUR OWN F*ning Business and fix our leaky roofs before worrying about places most “Support Ukraine” Idiots couldn’t find on a map.

      Aesop’s got the hate Russia all the time thing figured out. You seem intelligent, let’s try something different.

      1. I don’t hate Russia. Not even a little.
        I just want them to stop following Putin off a cliff, and fucking with countries they don’t own.
        They could shoot him in the head tomorrow and go home, and all could be forgiven.

        But it’s nice of you to concede the exact point I made, before you went back to giving Vlad a tongue-bath.

        How do you get the taste out of your mouth afterwards?
        Or is it that you can’t even tell any more?

        1. Aesop, I notice your quite FOND of Junk in the mouth comments.

          Almost like YOU have GREAT and Personal Knowledge about that TASTE.

          Queer much oh Mighty Aesop?

        2. You don’t hate Russia? HAR HAR HAR!!! You mealy mouthed worm tongue!

          Aesop’s a fuggin jew! I KNEW it!!! 🤣

          I’m sure it’s all a big fat coincidence though! Wouldn’t wanna be seen as antischmuetical, dontchya know…😉

    2. Dan – Looks like you are correct.
      “This is NOT an American ATACMS missile. This is a Russian air defense missile 9M330 of a Russian Tor-M2 air defense system what rained down on the beach in Sevastopol, Crimea. Not a single ATACMS bomblet, cartridge or rocket part was found.”
      For comparison:
      In this photo you can see an area actually hit by the cluster munitions of an ATACMS.

      1. Ok, Wendy, assuming that’s even correct. It was shot AT American ATACMS missiles.

        Which brings the question why in the HELL are we the American People PAYING for them to BE FIRED at Russia? Average cost a few years ago (Inflation you know, more to replace) is a million dollars a pop. Don’t we have some roads needing fixing? Vets needing medical care, HA! Maybe reduce the National Debt a tiny bit?

        Rest of my reply to Dan is also for you Wendy.

        1. Yes, American ATACMS missiles were fired at Russian targets.
          Yes, where the debris of the destroyed incoming missile lands is the fault of the sender, not the defender.
          Just saying we should be careful to state the facts (falling object were mostly debris from the intercepted missile plus a couple of unexploded bomblets instead of the full payload of cluster bomblets falling on the beach) as being wrong about some detail of the event would be used to try to get the entire legitimate complaint dismissed by some people.
          I agree that we should not be sending tons of money or supplying Ukraine or Israel with weapons. Neither war is our business. We should be fixing our problems here at home.
          People are hurting financially. Our infrastructure is a mess. Open borders bringing in massive numbers of people further taxing our social resources. Etc.

  10. Martynov just reported on the other problem with American troops operating, picking targets for, and guiding the ATACMs….Russia just declared all of them terrorists, who can therefore be hunted down and killed anywhere in the world…By a curious coincidence, more than 25,000 Russians have entered the US as part of the illegal alien influx promoted by Biden and company…Could just be that some of them are Russian military or intelligence…wonder what they could be up to here?
    Play dangerous games, get nasty surprises…At a minimum, these troops would be well advised to change their names and try to disappear….

  11. Martynov just reported on the other problem with American troops operating, picking targets for, and guiding the ATACMs….Russia just declared all of them terrorists, who can therefore be hunted down and killed anywhere in the world…By a curious coincidence, more than 25,000 Russians have entered the US as part of the illegal alien influx promoted by Biden and company…Could just be that some of them are Russian military or intelligence…wonder what they could be up to here?
    Play dangerous games, get nasty surprises…At a minimum, these troops would be well advised to change their names and try to disappear….

  12. BCE, you mentioned some of your injuries in the adventures in the sands of time. With regard to TBI, have you considered hyperbaric therapy. It helps with brain, stroke, and other injuries. The only complicating factor is your lung issues may preclude you from doing, only a doc knows for sure. Treatments are in the $120-$150 range per session typically and usually are out of pocket for off label stuff. You usually have to do the sessions one after another for a period of time. Its not cheap but in that standpoint but this is helping someone close to me so I thought I would pass it on. Thank you for all you do.

  13. Technically if Crimea is still part of Ukraine, the Zelensky missile killed dozens of Ukrainian citizens

  14. Congratulations, everybody, the USA just became the world’s #1 terrorist-sponsoring nation. Yay! We’re number one!!!!11!!
    This is fucked.

  15. If Russia really wanted some payback, they could”borrow” some of the Iranian talent FJB has been letting into the country. Say bombings and full auto weapons at a football game or such. This would show their ability to reach into the US and fatally damage FJB and any politician who isn’t serious about closing the border and defunding Ukraine. When the American people understand that their government not only can’t keep them safe and doesn’t really care to they might finally get up off their asses and force serious changes to that government.

    1. Been wondering why we haven’t yet seen anything happen like in Kurt Schlichter ‘s novel “The Attack”.
      Can only imagine that day may very well be coming.
      Best to have enough food + water for a few weeks to a few months so if no electricity and stores all looted and empty and not being restocked (due to power grid having been destroyed) and can’t go outside the house without risking getting killed.
      Of course carry everywhere, with enough weapon + ammo to actually have a chance in a serious gun fight. Plus have an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).
      Still gonna die (90 % population dies in an extended grid down situation over a year or two period according to some estimates) but at least die fighting and (hopefully) not the in the first days / weeks.
      Bad news is the level of tech reverts to what it was in the early 1900’s.
      Good news is that our demographics, culture and values revert to what it was in the early 1900’s.
      At least the ones far enough from the cities and self sustaining communities will have a chance.
      Can only hope the Chinese / Russians get taken down as well so our surviving population doesn’t have to fight off an invading army.

      1. Yes, I must say I expected something like that as early as Serbia 1992.
        But Putin doesnt need to kill us directly. He can let the muslims do it.
        He sends two teams of Spetznas to France.
        The first kills a few muslims, the entire scene ist festooned with Front National or Nazi slogans, but lets one escape.
        Now, we know that a few years ago, when a muslim ran into a power transformer and ended up being ignited, the muslims rioted with massive damage. Now imagine how they will go bonkers in such a case.
        Then the second team does the same to original French but with muslim flags etc.
        France will turn ballistic after two or three of those tit-for-tat false flag attacks.
        And to civilians:
        Its called TU QUOQUE.
        If the one side does it, the other side has the same rights to do it.
        Case in point: Admiral Dönitz of the 3. Reich Navy.
        He was accused in Nuremberg of warcrimes because he gave the order for unconditional submarine warfare.
        But Amiral Nimitz had given the same order in the Pacific and wrote a letter to Dönitz.
        Therefore Dönitz was found guilty but not punished in this one point.

        I think, that when armies fight, they should do so in cleared areas.
        My dad told me enough of WWII to make sure that the only war I want to come close to is playing in RPGs, boardgames, PC. OK, paintball or Lasergames would be OK too.

        And I agree with you: Not my area, not my fight.
        If Soros, Nuland etc hadnt meddled then no russians in Ukraine would have been hurt, no reason for Russia to act, no war.
        But I think Soros, Nuland etc belong to a group that has never been punched in the face.
        If they continue, would be nice for Putin to send some Spetznas to them and give them a good punch or kick where it really, really hurts.

        And yes, we could use the money we sent to Ukraine better in our homecountries.
        And mucho better would be having real patriots in charge who would close down the borders and expel those invaders.
        And they can take the politicians, who invired them in, with them back to Africa, Afghanistan etc.

  16. Call it what you like, re: Sevastopol, go ahead and get (way fucking) bent over Aesop’s take, but yall are fools if you don’t think HIS take is not exactly the point to consider regarding how your “Betters” see this shaking out for them.

    I get it, and know – it is a retardo plan but it is what it is, and a lot of dumbshits that are called senator and representative are in on it. Big Club and you ain’t in it. Carlin had it mostly right, but Club is a noun in this case.

    Unless I’m most biggley missing something, nobody on the internet has a USA, NATO or RF MOD pipeline. Pretty sure there are freaks aplenty in the DC who think whacking anyone that is not them are A-OK, regardless of any American voter’s opinion. Take that away if nothing else.

    Delta Mike

    1. D Mike, sadly I cannot disagree, that Aesop’s take on the Ukraine situation is EXACTLY what our AIPAC Israel Controlled Government is spouting.

      He’s a wonderful mouthpiece for the Mossad. Aesop you might notice has never spoken ill of our “Best Allie Ever” in the Middle East. Aesop also with some pride has let us know often enough the Mossad’s motto is “By Deception we will make war”.

      Funny how that Mossad asset Epstein the Jew’s pedo list has NEVER gotten out. Almost like pedo abuse is a wonderful way to keep Goyim politicians under control. Whatever happened to the Tunnel Jews and stained child sized mattresses in NYC story. The Meme of the Orthodox Jew on the phone saying “Shut it down” springs to mind.

      Nothing that a few taxpayer shekels spread around to cure.

      That the echo chamber of DC is so well represented is scary as we the People of the United States of America (Not Goyim of America) are going to get screwed good and hard by such “BEAT Vodka Man” crap.

  17. every jewbuk the disabled veteran gets is one less jewbuk VA employees get… that’s why it’s so hard to get compensation..

    the VA exists for the VA

  18. Well after the Fiasco of a Dead Man Mumbling “Debate”.

    The real question in my heart is:

    Does the Blob Administration go all Aesop all the time and FIGHT Vodka Man Bad to PROTECT the US Dollar with our (As Divemedic so well called it) Hollow Military and Sabre Rattling.

    OR some sort of coup occurs and an OFF RAMP to WW3 happen.

    Either way the “Full Faith and Credit worthiness” of the US DOLLAR is pretty much TOAST.

    Got trusted friends, skills, productive gardens and safe water?

    All of Aesop’s “PLUMP Retreat Fund Money” is about to GO POOF as in Weimar Germany Poof.

    Friends don’t let friends DO the Aesop. Get thee to the canned food section ASAP. If I’m totally wrong, you can still eat it at CURRENT prices not the inflation (HYPER-Inflation) coming.

    1. Got trusted friends, skills, productive gardens and safe water?

      You would be amazed at how many on this side of the divide don’t have any of that or if they do it’s only one of those…

      1. Sorry Lineman, I KNOW how many local Patriot Heros around here that have nothing but guns, ammo and a month at best food.

        A real threat to me and mine, armed men with real hunger. I have a grid down prepare to shoot on sight list.

        Someone smarter than I said “90% of your troubles when things get spicy will come from with in 20 miles of your home”.

        Not the Feds but poorly prepared neighbors.

        When “Daddy I’m HUNGRY” is the dong of the land even a sweet Grandma will kill you to feed her grandchildren.

        While I love history, I didn’t want to see Bosnia reenacted in my neighborhood.

        1. Song of the land, no edit feature 🙁

          Frankly I’m amazed at the tolerance of Americans to the python squeezing us so boldly even now.

          Will the pResident Sockpuppet having NO Clothes change anything?

          I just returned from visiting a college coffee shop. A lady said loudly that even with Biden doing “so poorly” SHE’s NOT Voting for a Convicted Felon.

          We are SO Screwed. And Aesop is busy pumping the Ukraine-Vodka Man BAD thing as OUR Country is nearly ablaze.

          1. Ahh Brother sorry to hear that you have that kind of neighbors..I’ve been working on getting my neighbors squared away for over 10 years now and it’s a slow go…The good thing is everyone pretty much has the 3 things squared away they just are so damn independent, comms and organization is like pulling teeth to get them to see the need of…

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