Airport Travails and Dealing w/the Fallout w/Cowboy

Whew… this’s another day of exhaustion.
Gretchen’s BFF asked for a ride to the areopuerto. Now, normally this isn’t an issue. However, the FIQ (friend is question) IMO is a fucking ditz at best.

The flight was at 20:00
8:00pm for you cake eating civvies.

Gretch calls me at 18:17 which is 6:17pm and tells me that WonderDitz is almost ready to leave. I of course melted down. Between 16:00 til 19:00 in Tampa is rush hour!!! Where the roads are going to and from the Ditz’s house to the Airport??

At rush hour!?!

I-75? It becomes a fucking parking lot.

That’s the norm, not the exception.

WonderDitz thinks she can get to the Airport for an 8pm flight by leaving at 6:30pm??? And NO, she’s not part of any of the ‘frequent flyer/trusted traveler’ programs like yours truly used to belong to… this means she’s subject to the whims of the 60+/- IQ point niggers manning the TSA (Thousands Standing Around) Agency whims…

They got there at 7:30pm

HOW or WHO she blew to get on the plane remains open.

I’ve never made a plane with 30 minutes to spare from takeoff. Generally they shut the fucking door at 10 minutes before the final departure. Meaning if the flight leaves at 8pm, they shut the door and you’re shit-out-of-luck (baring mechanical issues) at 7:50pm.

Even when -I- was of Extreme and Exalted Status as not only a Diamond Level Frequent Flyer (KLM and Delta) but also I vetted myself through the TSA as well as ALL the Agencies to get the “Trusted Traveler Status” as well as “DotGov VIP” status which helped by me being a courier, as well as working for various 3 Letter Agencies… even with ALL of those prerequisites met, there was now way in hell I was getting on a plane that the door had already closed on.

So, no idea what happened there, but thankfully WonderDitz is on her way to see her married man (yeah, she’s that brilliant) while she leaves her full time boyfriend here (again WonderDitz… not the brightest bulb in the socket). Any wonder why I don’t like Gretch hanging with this broad?

He’s still a mess.
Unfortunately, -I’m- not allowed to institute what needs to be done. In Iraq we had this happen a lot. Now granted, the guys who bought the farm weren’t wives/husbands as far as I know. Thing is, guys get closer that marriage in Combat.

And because of this, the thing is, we had a set of immutable rules put in place to get the rest of the guys over IF the bad scene happened when a squad member/battle buddy or crew member got KIA’d. As in we had in situ a set of plans that got initiated if one of the boys bought it… Now as a contractor, I wasn’t ‘officially’ looped in, but b/c of my status I was as I rolled on missions with these guys, and they ‘were my boys‘ so to speak…I was looped in.

The first 48 hours, the guys who survived weren’t left alone. WE ALL sat with them/babysat them. It take about 48 hours for it (the reality) to hit. We took turns if they didn’t sleep which wasn’t uncommon. Then the next 24-48 came the self-recriminations:

“WHY did -I- live!?!”
“What could -I- have done differently!?!”
Again, ALL normal and TBH expected.

The next 24-48 is the hard grief stage.

Lots of crying, a general breakdown. Cowboy was in this when we went to see him. The realization that the individual is gone-gone and ain’t shit bringing them back.

Now, in the Army, for the survivors, after that 4-5 day timeframe, they usually sent the survivor(s) to a/on a two day rest camp, either at Camp Victory to the Australian Pool R&R in-country place OR back to Kuwait for the same sort of pool side R&R. Just two or three days… get them out of the area and out of the hootch area, especially if the roommate had been KIA’d… literally a full on ‘change of scenery’ so as to ‘hard reset’ the mentality. Get ’em a couple of ‘off the books beers/drinks’

No one is letting Cowboy do this.
The change of scenery part.

I argued hard that he needed to GTFO of the house, especially in light of the fact that she fucking died in the goddamned living room. Every. Single. Time. we were there, when he got up to piss, and walked past that particular spot, he kept muttering “Fuck, oh fuck, why God oh fuck!”


But apparently, no one wants to listen to the fucker (me) who’s dealt with too many fatal KIAs in my various years overseas… some of the guys, and gals who died that were very fucking close to me personally that I ‘shelved’ all them feelings because I was in my late 40s, and could ‘compartmentalize’ these deaths faaaar better than these poor fucking kids… I mourn them in my own way…. and they have not been forgotten

Thing is, life. goes. on.
There’s NO point in mourning forever.
He’s got too many responsibilities IMO
I’d say he gets 4 more days max to mourn, and then he needs a fucking slap upside the squash, ‘cos I sure AF know that’s what his now-deceased wife would do…she’d purely kick his ass for wallowing so badly.


As Gretchen has said, T’ain’t my place, as she talked to his utterly Libtarded Daughter and Son-in-Law. Fweelings and all that take priority I guess. I just hope he reads this, and understands I want nothing but the best for him, and that yeah, it sucks, and yeah, it’s gonna suck but shit ain’t gonna change, and you got shit to do, so it’s time to “Charlie Mike” which means “Continue Mission” and handle. your. shit.

Goddamned exhausting is what it is.

So later on, I’ll go over what I think is going to happen to us, because if the Krain. That cluster bombing of Women and Kids on the Sevastopol Beaches? Yeah… not a good thing, and our retards have no idea what it means, because they have their head so far up their own asses they wouldn’t understand either way.
So More Later
Big Country

7 thoughts on “Airport Travails and Dealing w/the Fallout w/Cowboy”

  1. Regarding Cowboy…

    Yeah, he needs to get yanked out of where he is post haste and put up in some hotel room or someone’s house for a few days. Else he’s gonna eat a gun.

    The only thing that might not cause him to actively suicide is if he’s religious enough to think active suicide is a sin.

    But he lives on a farm. That’s like nature’s field of landmines. Passive suicide, not watching what he’s doing, not careful around the horses and other animals, not paying attention to the little things. That’s how a lot of now-single guys die. Little shit will kill you.

    Fuck. His daughter and SIL, are they wanting to cash in on both mom and dad via insurance policies and inheritance?

    Men, men are weird about stuff like this. Gotta be strong and silent for everyone else, dying inside by themselves. It’s why the most dangerous game out there are old men who are all alone.

    My mom, bless her heart, is self-centered enough (and believes suicide, active and passive, is a sin) so she could keep living in the house where her husband died. Though she did sell the house to her oldest son and build a mother-in-law suite off the back porch.

    But if it had been the other way around, dad living and mom dead, we’d have had to yank him out for a week to let the emotions drop down. And make sure all the signs of death were removed before he stepped back in (in his case, we were finding medical thingies for weeks as the EMTs worked like crazy fools to try and find any sign of life, but dad went bigly, did a drop-dead-right-there and was gone way before the EMTs made it to the door.)

    Keep a watch, if you can. He needs a place with a few guys, some libations, and a chance to freak the fuck out and cry like crazy.

  2. Not just a bombing on the beach. Civilians hit with a fucking cluster munition. A weapon that the world tried to ban. And our fingerprints are all over it. This isn’t going to just blow over. Ivan be pissed.

  3. The clot shot is going to be making this a thing-thing before long. We are going back to my Pretty Wife’s home town next week to visit the outlaws. Thing is since our last visit (2 years) 10 of her classmates have done the DRT thing. Not car crashes or trips and falls but keel over and die or one month turbo cancer. Central Illinois was hard pushed for the shot and the good little protestant/catholic stock obeyed their educated betters and got the shot and boosters.

    I am so sorry for Cowboy’s loss and the delayed one for your Grans when or if you take them out to see the horses. I feel for you having to explain where Mrs. Cowboy went. That’s gonna be a suck sandwich of epic proportion. Personally I’d get a few of Cowboys close friends and kidnap him and get him lubed up and talking and don’t take him home but dump in a nice hotel and be there when he wakes up. Knowing that he has friends who really care can be the difference. Then pancakes and bacon, bacon always helps.

    Seems like June has been a regular shit show for you and yours. Here’s to fair winds and following


  4. Well, rats. I believe they might have slipped covid shot into my wife when she had to have a Lumpectomy. They were all going nuts about being in the hospital and being “dead” sure you didn’t have covid. Well almost 3 years later she comes down with a raging case of stage 4 Lung Cancer after being clear of cancer all that time. She passed on peacefully here in our living room. Yeah, it’s tuff, but you are right BC, He has to be out of there. It took me a few weeks but Thank God for Friends.

  5. Apologies if I missed it in previous posts but what was her cause of death? Was she ill prior?

  6. I-75

    At night, I can see the lit-up International bridge going to .CA at the very end of that road.. heavy traffic? only on summer holidays with campers and RV’s

    the entire last 60 mile stretch of I-75 from the Mackinaw bridge thru Michigan’s U.P. to the International bridge is pretty much your own

    btw. the weather today was awesome. sunny, 72 degrees, with a nice breeze off of Superior.

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