The JoeTato PLUS Bait N Switch Fun!

Well now, that was…. interesting to say the least. The Joetato pretty much unzipped and showed his wrinkled near-dead ass in front of the Universe.

When you’ve lost the Fuckin’ New Yawk Slimes, you know you’ve pretty much are sitting on a Dead Man’s Hand. The only thing now is to finish off playing that hand by putting the metaphoric bullet in the head like Wild Bill Hickok took in Deadwood.

That was a pretty damned bad performance. Art Sido over at his Dissident Thoughts stated waaaaaay back in October 2023 that he thinks this’s all part of the plan man, meaning letting/forcing OrangeManBad to win, and then ‘overturn the table’. The table being defined as the economic, social, or World War II level stuff to happen on his as well as the Repugnicunts watch so as to attempt to assure a ‘Permanent DemoncRATic Totalitarian DotGov’ under their theoretical ‘Benevolent Rule’, in perpetuity.

I mean it makes sense to a certain POV that they desperately need to get some sort of ‘broom/clean sweep’ done in the next few… economically speaking, we’re sitting at about 36 trillion dollars in debt that we know of. Unfunded liabilities?


Probably a literal metric shit-ton of bux. Like so many as to be obscenely stupid… and because of that, we’re screwed no matter what fucking puppet they stuff into the Orifice of the (p)Resident.

I mean if it wasn’t absolutely transparent that the guy in the Orifice isn’t actually running things then all I can ask in where the fuck have you been for the last couple of dozen years!?!

I mean the last time we had an actual PRESIDENT like a REAL Elected guy as opposed to a Intelligence Community Installed and Controlled fucker?

Simple: Kennedy.

Every. Single. Guy. after him?

ALL installed and controlled by the Intel Community, starting with Naval Intelligence, and working it’s way through the various cut outs and whatever the ‘flavor du jour’ Agency was running things. I mean Nixon? Flushed like a dead rat b/c he ended The Nam. Some of the things I read said they were pissed that he turned off that particular money-maker… Hell, they killed Kennedy as we all know for threatening the status quo and “…scattering (the CIA) to the four winds…”

So, considering that for the past 50 years we’ve been essentially looted and fucked over in favor of what DeadDad used to call “The Ten Families That Own America” and all of their ‘Minions’, this is now our reckoning. Out of money, out of time, and damned near out of options.

So of course the “best option” for the ‘Powers That Be’ aka ‘Leviathan’ to them is to, from my educated guess is to start World War Fucking Three.

Hence why we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in ‘Teh Stoopid’ in the Krain. This also leads me into that job offer that I had in Kuwait? A month or so ago? In Kuwait? Yeeeeah… as I said, I felt it was a ‘bait and switch’ in that I was told that the reason I couldn’t deploy to the Middle East is that I’m overweight.

I’ve subsequently found out that that’s bullshit.

I reached out to an old Buddy of mine who just so happens to be over there IN KWT right now. He said he’s heard of nothing about a weight limit… told me they got a big-gut motherfucker who’s tipping in at almost four bills who’s doing the job, and there’s been no issue. And lo and behold:

Lookie Lookie…
The offer changed from “Well, you can’t go to Kuwait, buuuut we might have something for you in Europe sooner rather that later!”
Jeez… do I have “Noob” or “Desperate” tatted on my forehead?

FFS… I got the email late yesterday talking about the need for a Master Gunsmith in the Fucking Krain!!!”
Telling you, that “Lil Voice” is still working Thank Crom.

So apparently the whole idea all along was to get me to head to the Krain. Head into a country that in my Professional Opinion is in the long-term fucking doomed?

No fucking thanks.

It was one thing when I was supporting the Mean Green Machine while they were fighting against a bunch of rag-assed AK-toting sandal-wearing- Allah Worshipping Goatherds… the worst case scenario was when we had a daily-daily of Iranian made rockets drop on us… Never more than 5-6 in the mornings usually. Then occasionally we’d get the evening (10pm+/-) hits… I mean my only close call I had was on September 14, 2004 when I went to work 30 minutes early, and my hootch took a direct hit from a Chinese made 82mm mortar round…that was one of the ‘morning follies’ attacks…

The fucking Krain!?!
Potentially being on the receiving end of Iskandar-K missiles or even worse? A fucking hypersonic like the Khinzal!?!

HARD Motherfucking Pass Baby…
HARD Pass.

I mean as of right now, Ivan’s been really really holding back on his throwing shit at the ‘rear areas’ despite the propaganda to the contrary. The idea of me, sitting in either a hotel filled with other Contractors or working in a warehouse where I –know– the SVU or whatever other intel service working for Ivan has targeted?

I mean they already hit a hotel filled with them back last year. My intel sources told me a LOT of US, French and Polish ground pounders got ‘aced out’. Never mind when they hit that Command and Control Center which, after being blown away, within 2 weeks, an Australian General, as well as his staff, and an American General were all “lost in accidents”…

Suuuuuuure they were.

So Me?
Fuuuuuuck that with Bells On

Now, on a more personal note…
This weekend is being spent over in Saint Petersburg right on the beach. Gretchen has a bridal party for tonight and yesterday. The bride set us up in a suite for the weekend. The bridal party is staying smaller close-by digs… but us?

That’s Gretchen getting her shit laid out.
The bride came first for the Bridal Shower/Rehearsal Dinner tonight? The one of the Bridesmaids showed up late…

Not going to go too deep into it, but man, the Bridesmaid was –interesting- A Male to Female Trannie.

I’ll just leave it at that, as Gretchen actually has quite a following in the Drag Queen Society? Culture? Needless to say, I’ma not going to judge at all as that particular subculture, no matter how -I- may feel? It makes her a literal shit-ton of $$$ so who am I to kill the Golden Goose?

Besides… they don’t bother me.
My ‘other son’ is in that whole ‘realm’ now, so I don’t have much choice but to be as supportive as I can, as it is what it is… as Filthie has said at his house, it’s a fucking shame the fam had to ‘come apart’ and I hopefully look forward to maybe reuniting with either him or her, depending on how it goes… such is my own personal Hell. Either way, she’ll always be my little girl
as I’ve had zero interaction in the new chosen gender.

BTW>… no melting down in the comments.
Like I said, this’s MY personal Hell, and being an obnoxious asshole gets the permaban hammer dropped with a fucking quickness.

Other than feeling overtired and like shit, hopefully the rest of the weekend will be nice, as we are on a fucking beach, in a suite we ain’t paying for, so what more could I want?

More Later
Big Country

28 thoughts on “The JoeTato PLUS Bait N Switch Fun!”

  1. Love that Battle of the Mounds scene where Conan calls on Crom and says…and if you can’t help me then to hell with you.
    The start is the best where Pappy shows him the Sword.
    Revengeance on the kindergarten alpha bet soup and farting on their lamenting wymyns. This is the way.
    Two rules in WAR destroy the enemy by any means necessary, survive.
    May we see where the Iron Crosses grow before its all over.
    A hottie cuz does that hair makeup for shekels out in CA.
    It always works that way where the hottiest are in the family.

  2. I haven’t met any trans (that I’m aware of).
    The only thing that pisses the hell out of me, that I’m seeing in places like Libs of TicTok, is the groomers, and out-and-out kiddie diddlers. THOSE I would personally send to the Ninth level of Hell, and not feel bad about it.

  3. Yeaaah…..
    Better to be poor and alive in America, than “rich” and dead in the ‘Kraine.

  4. Well BC… all you can do when this shit pops up in your life is take the fork in the road that suits ya best. You’re easy going and laid back, I’m a grumpy old asshole and yet our paths are somehow congruent. I dunno who got the better of it. On your side – you’ve incurred all kinds of financial stress trying to hold your family together and endured the stress that went along with it but you’re hanging in and haven’t kilt anyone. I said fuck them all – and retired early, not having to support the financial fuckery that kids and young women are so good at creating. I woulda murdered several people had I not been able to get them out of my airspace. That may sound great… there’s an emptiness that goes along with it. It took me some tough long years to learn to cope with it. Getting cancelled and sent to The Outer Darkness is not for everyone.

    Some problems are just too big and too deep to deal with in this world and all we can do is what works for us… and pray for some kind of resolution to our differences in the next life. At some point the kids have to sort themselves out and all we can do is pick up the pieces when they need us.

    Best of luck to ya Tiny. And the Missus too.

  5. Glad to hear that you got a few days of R+R at the beach. Enjoy them as they come as when the shit-festivus arrives (this fall?) those days will be well remembered. And don’t break the bed!!!

    On another note is there and update on Mr. Cowboy and the Grandfather who cashed his chips and the grans? Inquiring minds want to know.

    And on another note, who do you think is going to get called from the Dem bullpen? Killary, Grewsome Newsome or Big Mike? Do the Dem voters have a cause of action if their votes from the primaries get wiped out by the DNC making the selection, damn the electorate?


  6. American general got dead in UKR? Heard nothing about it. Couldn’t even pull up anything in a search. Was this the oddball one star with zero background? Odd.

    Also the story about spec-ops guy that whacked the two electrical linemen/suspicious wanna-be terrorists has disappeared too. Hmmmm…

  7. The last calculation of unfunded liabilities I saw was in 2016. It was 215 trillion. Our country has been functionally bankrupt for some time. It is only the peoples’ fast eroding confidence in “the system” and our shitty currency that is holding things together. For now at least. So glad you didn’t get sucked into the Krainian cesspool dude. We would have really missed your blog as you already got a pass from the Almighty on getting blown up once.

  8. Used to live in Redington Shores.
    Ran the Friendly Tavern back in the 70s when it was a dive bar.
    Go to the Frog Pond if it is still there

  9. BCE, enjoy your time at the beach. Drink some fruity rum drinks and don’t worry about shit.

    Regarding the kid thing of my 3, my oldest is a POS that I want nothing to do with, the middle has embraced the gay and has a screw loose and the youngest is doing great but the Ex turned her totally against me and she wants nothing to do with me.

    It is what it is and I did the very best that I could for them and have gotten to the point that once kids are adults they make their own choices and make their own paths in life. Sadly sometimes that doesn’t include you. I know it hurts but do as I do, I focus on those who DO love and care about me and to Hell with those who don’t.

  10. My best guess? The potato is going to hold on until it gets near the end and then he conveniently dies or gets removed and they stick big mike in at the last minute so he doesn’t have to do any campaigning or debates and they count on the colored’s voting for the permanent tan along with massive amounts of 3am cheating. I know of too may liberals who would vote against Hillary because it is her and governor gruesome would get skinned alive by the trumpster.

  11. “… we owe somebody the godly sum of nineteenth trillion trillion trillion…”
    Who says.

  12. “I mean the last time we had an actual PRESIDENT like a REAL Elected guy as opposed to a Intelligence Community Installed and Controlled fucker?

    Simple: Kennedy.”

    Who, as we now know, was installed by the Mafia.

  13. She’s rested , she’s ready, and has been waiting 8 years for HER turn. I think we’re seeing an internal DNC conflict between Biden’s Obama puppet handlers and the Clinton Foundation.

    My son’s girlfriend claimed to be non binary. She calls herself Oliver. She doesn’t seem interested in cutting anything off nor adding a banana nor eggplant. They did buy each other engagement swords rather than engagement rings so maybe it’s just Cosplaying for social media attention.

    I’d stay away from beaches for awhile. You never know if Iranians, Venezuelans, or Cubans might drop a cluster bomb on one.

    1. Go south on Gulf Blvd if you get the chance. Passe-A-Grille in m/h/o is the best beach. All the way to the end to the rock fishing jetty down past the Don Cesar. And then stop at Caddy’s on the Beach on Treasure Island on the way back up the beach tonight for a few drinks. My old stomping grounds. Good times there.

  14. Mongo,
    Glad you get some beach time, hope it’s not too much work for Gretchen.
    As to your kids, they are you kids, for better or worse, all you can do is love them and hope things go well for them.
    Your friend

  15. You know the wheels are coming off when they can’t even get a coup in S. America.

    That is what, 4, 5, 6 failed coups in as many years? Bolivia, Turkey, Kazikstain, Belarus, Venz., I am sure I am missing one. They are loosing control in the Caucusses (not they had much). All, plus the delusion notion that they can oust Putin.

  16. I understand. My son’s 2 children ended up as this, the boy is now a tranny, wanting to be a girl, and his daughter is a lesbian.

  17. They want Drumpf holding the bag, taking the blame (along with everyone who doesn’t regurgitate the party line), but nothing will change as far as the real decision makers behind the scenes, it never does.

    Then the flying monkey brownshirts (antifa/ blm/ecoterrorists, etc.) will get let off their leashes to sow chaos, not to mention any chicom and other flavors of actual terror purveyors who came over on the Joepedo free-shite express tour.

    They aren’t joking when they say they want a new world by 2030.

  18. Yes, “They” killed Kennedy. However, he was bought and paid for-put in power by the Chicago Democrat machine, his rich Irish trash dad, dead voters, and a few Goombahs. He went backwards on a few IOUs and when word surfaced that he and Bobby were going to dump Lyndon and J. Edgar Hoover; he got whacked for it.
    Can anybody really answer the question of when Amerika had a real POTUS in office? I agree with BCE about the obvious: They are all put into power by a cabal of powerful, shadowy, filthy-rich oligarchs. I would opine it started with that nearsighted psychopath, Teddy Roosevelt. But at this stage of our country’s descent into Hell, arguing about who was good and who was bad would be similar to arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Just stay vigilant, keep prepping like crazy, and keep silent. Bleib ubrig.

  19. Baa-rah, wtf, I would be laying on that beach under a umbrella, especially your big ginger ass, and have me a fucking tab running on the frosties. Finish off the day with a metric fuckton of jerk chicken wings and salad after ogling hot chicks all day. FTW

  20. Don’t sweat it, Biden shall be on the ticket, expect far far far more manipulation via mail in ballots , Mexicans Chinese South Americans voting.

    If your freezer ain’t full plus, your hidden semi trailers aren’t stacked tall with freeze dried, and mucho bullets, if you don’t have a natural water source or sources,

    If you can’t protect what you have,,,, well Sianara Muchacho !

    Sad day, I’m at my grand daughters “ Celibration Of Life”. I don’t know a soul here except for my kid, his wife.

    My people are in Bergen Norway, headed east to my wife’s family.

    They are chatting about bailing out of Norway for our place, while things in Norway seem laid back wife tells me lots and lots of military movement. Entire trains with mil equipment moving NE.

    Lots of their young sporting their uniforms, must be drill weekend? I don’t really have a clue

    12 more days then wife’s headed home via London . The sooner we he better!

  21. Big Country, the card hand you showed are correctly aces and eights. But I have never found out what suits they were.

  22. I was just in Florida visiting Mom and was just at the beach in St. Pete on Thursday.
    Wednesday we had my Uncle’s internment at the National Cemetery in Bushnell and went to check out the May-Stringer House after your recommendation. Definitely creepy and some paranormal stuff going on there!

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