A Theory On The Current Crazy AKA Solar-Powered Psychosis Possibly?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So… I got an email from one of you regular Deplorables. I actually get quite a few, and IF I have the time to spare I try like Hell to respond to each one, unless it’s a ‘mass info-mailer’ that’s addressing a ‘current day’ item. Those I read, and even use as blogfodder if it’s a good tip on occasion. And for those who’ve been throwing them at me?

Much Appreciated. Forgive me for not acknowledging them (the emails) and you personally sooner, either privately or publically… ask some folks, I purely suck on responding in a timely manner… especially as of late… I still have a lot on Ye Olde Plate as you can well imagine.

Tonight though, Exile 1981 asked me the following:

I’m noticing more and more people acting erratically lately; people I work with and just random people I meet. The wife and me have been discussing this for months because we both noticed it.  I was talking to a neighbor yesterday and she asked if I had noticed some people in our town acting off; I had but I travel way more than she does and I’m pretty sure its wider spread than our little village. Then today a buddy in another province texted me to see if I had noticed how weird people have been lately.

I had a coworker, and someone in our town both tell me they have been hearing voices lately. 

Just curious if your seeing the odd behavior in your area or if its just Canada. Its almost like some people have lost the ability to make rational decisions. 

Exile1981, Trapped Behind Enemy Lines in Canada May 2024

To whit I replied, and will expand on:

Nope… (it’s) not just you.  Even Sapper here at the house has been ‘off’… grumpier than usual, really short tempered.  I mean it -was- his 55th B-Day today however… I have my own theory.

We’ve been, as of late, getting utterly bombarded  by solar radiation and CMEs and the like that haven’t been seen in modern times.  Much like it’s proven that the Moon affects tides, as well as -some peoples- mental states (AKA Lunacy) I wouldn’t doubt if that great grey matter thinking meat we all run our ‘OS’ on isn’t getting ‘cooked’ a wee bit…

It probably depends on the individual and what “patches” one has so to speak… Physical “Hard Patches” (maybe a thicker skull?) or “Software/Operating System” Patches… i.e. the ability to think or rationalize beyond emotional stupidity…  being able to NOT act out, and being able to conduct and utilize your oh-so-elusive! Critical Thinking which has gone so far out of vogue these days…

Jes’ Sayin’

Adding to that, or riffing off of it… either way…  Crime?  Blaq on Blaq AND Whytte?  I mean Art Sido has been compiling a LOT of “Niggerstatistics” forever, and even he as of late has taken notice… and from the news I read, even on a national level we’re seeing a fuckload moar than average chimpouts and monkeyshines as compared to just the “Normal Nog Shytte”.  Hell, I’m the one who sent him the “nigger alarm” gif he now uses with great frequency.  Blaqs seem to have plum lost the plot completely…

I’m going to use part of this for tonight… it’s a viable topic that no one seems to get, seeing that the Utter HUBRIS of the Retarded Current Day Fucktards are incapable of seeing the “Bigger Picture”  i.e. that we have any real-time long term effects that we cause on this Big Blue Mudball… (hint:  We don’t… we’re fleas on a MASSIVE “Dog” for lack of a better metaphor… irritating but easily disposed of without notice… much like the T-Rex and others…)

Me Being Me, Florida 2024

Now to understand what I’m talking about, you have to have been watching the news. The Daily Mail covered it quite nicely on a regular basis:

Link to that rather inconsequential story HERE

Now granted, there was some ‘doom porn scares’ in the article as the majority of the Daily ‘Fail’ does have… seems it’s the Brit version of a Tabloid like the Enquirer. The problem with that, both are legitimate news outlets. FAR better than the canary-cage liner like the New York Fucking Poast and others. I find news on there daily that’s never mentioned stateside.

Got to keep the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies all on the same pony amiright?
However, that story above, as stated?
We are and have been getting hit with a LOT of solar radiation. As it is, the majority of this ‘stuff’ is normally ‘caught and blocked’ by various parts of our atmosphere… the Ionosphere, Our Magnetic Field… all of which have managed to keep us (majority) pink, hairless and rather fragile apes alive over the past couple of Millenia.

Well it seems the real boss of this here neighborhood, BOB (Big Orange Ball) is determined to make those hubristic enviro-tards learn just who REALLY is running this fucking Solar System.
Hint: It ain’t them, nor any of the rest of us.

BOB is in charge
And currently, he’s grumpy as a motherfucker.

I mean lets face it.
Solar Radiation is made up of a lot of ‘stuff’… the majority of it stopped by our planetary ‘natural defenses’ so to speak. HOWEVER, Solar Radiation is made up of electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. It’s a type of optical radiation, which is radiant energy that falls within a broad range of the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes ultraviolet (UV), visible (light), and infrared radiation. Solar radiation also contains shorter wavelength (ionizing) and longer wavelength (microwaves and radiofrequency) radiation.

Literally the ‘kitchen sink’ worth of ‘stuff’ radiologically speaking. And so, to go on MY (probably weak) hypothesis? Let’s face it, You go to the dentist and get an X-Ray. X-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, similar to radio waves, microwaves, visible light, and gamma rays. They are also known as Röntgen radiation, after the German scientist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen who discovered them in 1895.

For that?
They put that big heavy lead blanket over your chest and balls/ovaries. Can’t risk ‘cooking the junk’ amiright? For this ‘current day’ solar “oven” situation?

Bupkiss so to speak, not that we can actually do anything except stay indoors and ‘out of the sunlight’… which ALSO makes me think that’s why Gretchen and I are fine… we don’t go out much at all. Glorious People’s Tractor Factory is primarily a work-from-home gig… and IF Gretchen has a client, her ‘outside exposure’ is minimal

Whereas Sapper works at the port, on the Oil Tanks… Out in the sun. All. Day. Long.
Correlation? Maybe? Maybe Not?

That being said
For the past two to three weeks?
We’ve been getting utterly slammed with so much Solar based shit, to me it’s no wonder some folks are fucking off their bean so to speak.

And in reality?

SO far, we’ve been extraordinarily lucky.
We’ve only had some glancing blows from what -could- have been complete knockouts civilizationally speaking. We’ve been getting hit with some glancing blows from “X Class Solar Flares” The last being an 8.8…

In the case of a BIG X Class flare like we see in this pic? Well, there was ONE TIME back in the day that Da Erf took a full on ‘blast’ from one of them bad boys in the Modern Era…

Leastways that we know of.

There have been others, but none quite as fast and furious as this particular one. There were, when it happened, a HUGE amount of ‘anomalies’ like Grand Auroras, electrical events and whatnot… just like what’s been going on around the world for the past week +/- or so… The issue(s)? They were all caused what’s now called the ‘Carrington Event’

The Carrington Event happened in 1859. BIG Mother-humper of a X Class Flare that was observed by the English amateur astronomers Richard Christopher Carrington and Richard Hodgson, hence the name. Technology of the time was pretty primitive thankfully. Even then however, telegraph lines shorted out and burned, and early tech just up and died. In fact, and I didn’t know this, but according to Wiki, two guys on a telegraph, one in Boston Massachusetts, the other in Portland Maine kept talking ‘online’ despite there being zero power to their rigs!

“The conversation was carried on for around two hours using no battery power at all and working solely with the current induced by the aurora, the first time on record that more than a word or two was transmitted in such manner.[26]

Wikipedia: Carrington Event

Now, back then?
Primitive Tech
Not so much.
BAD JuJu if we happen to get torqued by a really large and powerful X Class CME which is a Corona Mass Ejection, AKA a Solar Flare. We’d be fucking toast or at least our electronics, to include all our vehicles would be…

Ben over at “Suspicious Observers” on YouTube tracks this stuff thoroughly so I highly recommend his channel.

Seems despite all the “Happy Smoke” that the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda are blowing up our ass, we’ve got an ENTIRE new round of potentially bad news sunspots headed our way later into the weekend AND early next week.

In the case of getting hit full one with a X Level Flare like the Carrington Event of 1859? It’d be “The Carrington Event 2024: Shit Just Went Dark… FOREVER”

Think Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) times… oh Hell… no idea…I’m no mathmetician. I’m just a grunt who removes his boots to help add basic numbers… Just figure that if in 1859 there was so much random electricity and Auroras and ‘stuff’ that caused those early built solid state and highly resilient electronics of the day to catch fire or burn or just ‘stop working’…

Can you say that the Chineseium Toaster Oven or Microwave, never mind your Cell Phone or Desktop PC? would they survive? I think we know the answer there… A BIG Fucking NOPE to the NOPE!
Welcome to 1800… Hope you can grow/hunt/behave.
Shit would get real Medieval really fucking quickly.

Jes’ Sayin’

The ONLY thing about this particular “Black Pill/Doomer” POV on my OWN “Personal “Plus Side” is that it’d be Mother Nature taking us out. Much like the Sweet Meteor O’Death, or a natural Pandemic (as opposed to a Fauci Inspired Culling), I positively love the idea of a “Natural Selection” sort of Wipe Out.

In that Mother Nature is the only TRUE Equal Opportunity Instrument of Extinction. She’s the ‘TEOIE’… in fact, I like the sound of that. It’d sure as Hell be a truly clean way to go… Not that I want to cash in, nor anyone else I care about (to include a lot of you thugs) but hey… at least that way, everyone goes, all at once, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a rich man, poor man or an Indian Chief.

Mother Nature Doesn’t Discriminate.
She hates AND loves us all equally.

And I’m comfortable with that.
More Later
Big Country

68 thoughts on “A Theory On The Current Crazy AKA Solar-Powered Psychosis Possibly?”

  1. Been watching Ben at SuspiciousObservers for years now. The thing you dont mention is that the earth’s magnetic field is weakening. Key item: Puerto Rico saw the aurora last weekend, for the first time since 1921. Incidentally, the flare that produced the aurora then was about the same size as the 1859 event, an X10. Think about that for a bit.

    It took a Carrington sized X10 event in 1921 to drive aurora down to Puerto Rico. The storms over the weekend were less than half that strong, but got the same result.

    If an X10 hits us again, or even an 8.8 like was just uncorked, we’re no longer in the electric age, we’re in the steam age.

    Not a lot of places still use steam engines for power any more. There might be a dozen steam locomotives, in total, still able to pull long haul freight still around. No factory still does. No farm tractors do.

    It is because of Ben’s videos that I want to unass from Seattle and move to NE Wyoming.

    1. > The thing you dont mention is that the earth’s magnetic field is weakening.

      A sign we’re due for a pole shift. This also happens periodically in geologic terms. If the two combine things get “interesting” real fast.

      1. Thus is one theory of what happened ~11,500 years ago that wiped out whomever built the sphinx and Monchu Pichu.

    2. Ran across an article where corporate farm tractors already are sitting idle because their GPS is off due to the recent electromagnetics. Even 3 ft off is enough.

      1. Total wooses if they can’t plow a row without GPS, says one who farms with horses.

        1. Hay burners for the win.
          Their equipment is automated, no drivers on staff if the tractors even have steering wheels.

          1. except that draft horse days meant that 1/3 of the farms acreage was devotes solely for the horse feed. When the tractor arrived on the scene, it was as if the USA got a additional 33 percent of growing land. Since the farm tractor was essentially refined and invented in the USA, it was American that benefited before the rest of the world caught up. although in the Philippines people still farm now days with water buffalo. No way you can feed 100+ million population here with draft animal farms.

    3. Actually us in Alberta would be doing well then, we have the most steam traction engines (steam farm tractors) still in use compared to anywhere else. Most are just used for parades etc but they are still functional, last i checked there was like 200 still on the provincial registry.

      1. There are a half-dozen steam tractor shows and parades in Minnesota.

        Those are just steam-only, and there are threshing shows all over the state with steam, hit-n-miss engines, and farm equipment going all the way back.

        Farmers and foresters tend to collect old tech, perhaps just for a time like this.

        I’ve been feeling shitty lately, thought it might be the yo-yo weather, being a 12B20 with a birthday yesterday and getting back on keto. The spaceweather makes sense, as well as Houston being slammed with sun-seeded rains.

        I’m still looking for the earthquake activity to ramp up after the eclipse, but I’m an optimist. Seems boats will take out more bridges than EQs.

        1. Upstate Michigan too… finger lakes region… went on a 4 day pass up there with a Sgt. from my unit I -thought- was cool… (turned out to be a total douchecanoe and narc, but that’s another story) It was I believe Memorial Day weekend no less… BIG parade with some magnificent examples of steam and whatnot tractors… some that looked like they’d -just- come off the assembly line.

          1. As for steam trains, the RR guys are just as meticulous in restoring and making functional…


            Might take a bit but the museums can put out quite a few engines and provide templates and construction techniques, if they’re not all fully vaxxd and boosted.

        2. re steam trains. they would be useless even if restored and somehow put on the rails. The water stations are long gone to refill them, and many use petro fuel, or were converted for that long ago. But still aside from a few coal examples. Let us say a event happened, the rails would be choked with dead diesel trains. so the rail lines would be essentially useless except for very short runs in local areas.

          I second the Suspicious0bservers comments. Ben there has really opened my eyes on the current state of affairs.

  2. I’d need to think about the electromagnetic radiation idea for a while before I’d concur, it makes sense though. Electric shock therapy is a jolt to the brain and that has major effects on the people who have to undergo it. But, I too have been noticing “increasing levels of crazy” everywhere

    1. Reason I lean this way is it’s a clean, easy and an obvious thesis/antithesis Causation and the theoretical reasons for lack of a better reason aka the “Why” of it all. What’s the ONE overwhelming change from the baseline mean? I know….. it’s thin…. Translucent even…. no less no more but hell…. YOU tell me YOUR ideas aimiright? LOL!

      1. It’s certainly very possible. Some long-range migratory birds navigate by electromagnetic fields (somehow) and when there are “burps” in those fields, the birds get confused and end up in odd places. Probably other examples in nature, too. If I had a thesis, it ~might~ lean more towards the constant hammering by the MSM of the “narrative of the day” into the weak minds of the masses. But, what makes them weak? There the program maybe loops back to “Go to BCE thesis”. I am totally on board with “increasing craziness” and see increasing examples every day. Perhaps a topic to monitor and re-examine from time to time. I am very concerned how this and its related 2nd # 3rd order effects would impact me/mine, though. I will also bring this question up to my own good ol’ boy network. Thanks for the reply! Your work is always informative and entertaining…keep moving forward!

  3. Don’t forget magnetic pole reversals. I’m a geologist and we still have no mechanism as to why they happen – just that they happen periodically.

    1. There is a long but fun read teased in the following, which includes some discussion of the possibility that Earth flipped on its geographic axis at some point, which might explain things like Noah’s flood ….

      “It is our contention that we are now well past an Indigo Point of exothermic core-mantle decoupling, and that we have incorrectly interpreted the heat presented by this transpiration as being caused by man’s activity alone. We now face the urgent need to detect the approach of a subsequent Tau Point Dzhanibekov oscillation in Earth’s rotation.

      For decades, I was taught to view such a rotation and its resulting inundation as impossibilities, and I believed it. However, we lack the ability to distinguish a Dzhanibekov rotation from a geomagnetic pole excursion or flip. How, then, can we be so certain? My confidence in this long-held dogma has been shaken to its core.”

      source: https://theethicalskeptic.com/2024/05/12/exothermic-core-mantle-decoupling-dzhanibekov-oscillation-ecdo-theory/

      BTW, BCE’s hypothesis is plausibly falsifiable in a RCT, so it is a plausible hypothesis, but controlling for explanatory variables, like degree of Chimpness would be a necessary part of testing it.

      1. A tilt of the mantle is part of the disaster cycle, as the energy dump from the sun uncouples the crust from the mantle, and causes the mantle to move. Sediment records from the north pole confirm this, with alternating tropic and arctic fossil records in layers.

        Ben talks about this all the time, about the slosh from the oceans, and the slosh back, will equate to a surge of the seas far inland, and will inundate areas of less than 5000 feet ASL everywhere.

  4. Somewhere in one of the tupperware bins in my garage, there’s a LORAN unit I couldn’t part with.

    LORAN is damn near impervious to space weather. It can be jammed like GPS, but adjusting the signal and doing shit like frequency hopping would be a cakewalk.

    The challenge with LORAN is that some TX’s are better than others. In MA, at least, lobstering between George’s Bank and Mass Bay, we’d use the 14 and the 44 lines, which DO NOT intersect at 90 degree angles, so memorization and plotting skills to convert lat and lon into TD’s are required. That being said, right up until 2005 or so I could get within 50 feet of a lobster buoy the size of a shoebox 100% of the time, and within 10 feet about 60% of the time using LORAN.
    What blows the modern young sailors away was that we were as happy as pigs in shit with a display showing 2 sets of numbers, whether it was 2 TD’s on a LORAN or lat and lon on a GPS. We were already not using radio beacons, which got turned off with LORAN in service. Today we have chart plotters and all that fancy business, visualization tools, and the young kids can’t imagine navigating using just a lat and lon or two TD display, whereas the old timers when I was small found LORAN and GPS coordinates to be something like magic. I never got the hang of navigating in the fog with a compass and a sounding lead, a pipe stuffed with grease, to pick up the bottom sediments, but the old guys all could do it, navigate in fog by testing the depth and looking at the sediment in the bottom, shell types, sand coarseness and colors, stuff like that, skills lost after radio beacons came into use, stopping the boast every 5 minutes to get a depth and bottom sample, then turn and ride the compass to the next spot until they got where they wanted to be.

  5. Others have noted the radiological effects on their fellow humans. I’m an inside person and my head’s been killing me, like the type of pain I normally experience about 4 hours before a pressure ridge rolls over me.

    A lot of doctors poo-poo the tidal effects on human behavior and the pressure effects of high pressure ridges on human behavior. But they exist and do affect us. So why not radiological.

    My wife, who used to be an x-ray tech at a hospital, says that some people, the good techs and shooters, can feel when the equipment is running right from the hum in their heads.

    It is what it is.

  6. Here is a possible explanation for how the solar activity affects humans behavior. Link to research paper:
    Schumann Resonances, a plausible biophysical mechanism for the human health effects of Solar/Geomagnetic Activity


    A large number of studies have identified significant physical, biological and health effects associated with changes in Solar and Geomagnetic Activity (S-GMA). Variations in solar activity, geomagnetic activity and ionospheric ion/electron concentrations are all mutually highly correlated and strongly linked by geophysical processes. A key scientific question is, what factor is it in the natural environment that causes the observed biological and physical effects? The effects include altered blood pressure and melatonin, increased cancer, reproductive, cardiac and neurological disease and death. Many occupational studies have found that exposure to ELF fields between 16.7 Hz and 50/60 Hz significantly reduces melatonin levels. They are also associated with the same and very similar health effects as the S-GMA effects. The cell membrane has an electric field of the order of 105 V/cm. The ELF brain waves operate at about 10-1 V/cm. Fish, birds, animalsand people have been shown to respond to ELF signals that produce tissue electric gradients of ULF/ELF oscillating signals at a threshold of 10-7 to 10-8 V/cm.This involves non-linear resonant absorption of ULF/ELF oscillating signals into systems that use natural ion oscillation signals in the same frequency range. A long-lived, globally available natural ULF/ELF signal, the Schumann Resonance signal, was investigated as the possible plausible biophysical mechanism for the observedS-GMA effects. It is found that the Schumann Resonance signal is extremely highly correlated with S-GMA indices of sunspot number and the Kp index. The physical mechanism is the ionospheric D-region ion/electron density that varies with S-GMA and forms the upper boundary of the resonant cavity in which the Schumann Resonance signal is formed. This provides strong support for identifying the Schumann Resonance signals as the S-GMA biophysical mechanism, primarily through a melatonin mechanism. It strongly supports the classification of S-GMA as a natural hazard.

      1. I’m so late on replying to this topic, but I have so much to add…

        I truly think the absolutely valuable portion would be on sound and frequency. The great awakening is talked about plenty in many ways, one aspect that needs moar attention is how sound affects a human being. Well you know, it gets weaponized. The part that does good things has been taken away…. Check out this show, there’s some general blather about current topics for a bit… but health and then sound… it’s truly something the world needs to consider https://rumble.com/v4vky6q-who-treaty-direct-care-sound-resonance-healing-ft-j-gulinello-51624.html

    1. There is a ton of medical literature (most ignored and buried in the West) going back to late 1800s on electrical/electromagnetic effects on health. Best single reference is “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg. Much more recognized in parts of Europe and Russia. Simple case in point is some of those countries do not allow wifi in K and elementary schools.

      1. Medical devices that emit radio freq’s for repairing organs and tissue have been on the market for years. I’ve used the Wellness Pro brand to heal the lungs from Valley Fever (was skeptical AF but it not shit worked in days after being on Western medicine for over a year that did fuckall).

        Cold laser treatments have been used by pro athletes for reparing tissue from major injuries as well.

        1. Oops. I wasn’t clear. Yes there are some positive effects but there are far more negative effects from EM. Pretty much like anything I suppose. Lots of viable healing modalities outside of trad Western medicine. Western is hands down the best at trauma care. Everything else, not so much.

  7. I personally feel that the bursts of solar energy striking our reduced ionosphere does have an affect on people. And who have I been seeing having the most problems with it? The vaxxed. Read up about the supposed nano antennas that the boosters install in people’s bodies. Some are hearing voices and others are being overwhelmed neurologically. We already have seen how bad traffic has gotten since the boosters started. My fully vaxxed Mother in law has had uncontrollable migraines since the solar CMEs started.

  8. people have been acting strange for a couple of years, some more than others. the recent solar phenom doesn’t explain that timeline. i believe either its a group psychosis thing or related to the poison they put in city water and possibly spray in our air. its fact that they seed the clouds, and gates wants to spray aluminum nanoflakes in the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun and cool the planet. aluminum has a part in alsheimers , who knows what else they are doing. anecdotally, this used to be the friendliest place on earth, no strangers. now nobody even makes eye contact, nor speaks. no block parties, the few festivals continue to shrink or get cancelled. infighting over every little detail. personally, its the economy that has us worried and anxious and irritable.

  9. Methinks a couple of things are being overlooked. Primary is the vax. It’s been shown that mental effects (dementia, fog, odd behavior, etc) would occur 3-5 years post initial vax. Hmm, get your boots off BCE and add 3 to 2021.

    Secondary, if you want radiation effects look no further than 5G and the over 8000 Star Link satellites (licensed for 42,000) flooding the atmosphere.

    1. Well said. I would refer you all to Naomi Wolf, formerly liberal who saw the light during the pandemic. She just put on Substack “Letter from Brooklyn “, where she describes encounters with people who acted like they were autistic rambling on about themselves. Definitely different behavior that might be coming from the vax. Very plausible.

  10. While conjecture is certainly good sport, Occam’s razor would still favor the vax as the cause of current psychosis amongst the proletariat.
    This unfortunately will continue to progress, and manifest in direct proportion to the dosing of the afflicted.
    The sun? Yes, it influences everything on earth, but that is nothing new, nor is the solar max, as it comes along with regularity every 11 years or so…
    The genetic manipulation of the species?
    Thats new.

    1. There ya go. 70% or so vax’d by some estimates.

      And, with that persistent mRNA hanging around for months and months in the pod people (normal mRNAs don’t last that long; each one has a specific half life; some long some real super short) those spike proteins are all over everything at this point. People are filthy, and stuff comes out of them. Your polyclone Abs (like IgMs) may bag them coming in, but it takes a while depending on your titer for the variant at any given time.

      Just in case, I wear my tin foil suit most of the time. Good for betas, not so hot for alphas.

  11. When people complain about hearing voices (which they didn’t hear previously), I always want to ask:
    “What are the voices saying?”

  12. When a Carrington is on the way, at least we now have advance notice, but what is the plan for the grid? Will it be completely shut down and sections disconnected from each other? Even then, there will be damage to equipment. I’ve never heard a plan articulated, they’re probably too afraid of the societal impact of no power for a few days, but I imagine leaving it on and frying everything will take WAY longer to recover from.

    1. DHLee, there is NO plan currently. It’s game OVER if another Carrington Event hits because the current grid is totally unshielded and besides causing parts of the grid to burst into flame, it will also cause a MASSIVE EMP frying all of the electronics.

      The current grid will go down hard and there are few parts available to replace broken pieces and start bringing it up. That is why a every year a group of people have tried to pass in the Congress a bill to harden the Grid and every year special interests kill it.

      They did pass the GRIP program but that is just a start:

    2. Plan? Hell, they don’t even protect all the bridges. Open (ie soft target) infrastructure. Gonna bite us biggly someday.

  13. Radiation will kill you long before it drives you insane. You know the drill: weeping sores, bleeding from the orifices, your hair and teeth fall out.

    What you are seeing is an empire in the throes of death. We live in such opulent times and have become so lethargic and indifferent that the lunatics have carte blanche – and nobody will do a thing about them. The rotten memes off Blab are funny but correct. Our ancestors would be burning witches, horse whipping niggers, and firing jews out of the cannons. Perverts and socialists would get kicked, slapped and punched back into the closet, and they would be going full 1776 on the clowns and whores in Washington.

    The increasing lunacy and desperation from our leaders speak of the impending fall of kings and empires. All of us will be changed by it too.

  14. Another Carrington Event is one of the WORST SHTF events there is.

    Author William Forstchen wrote a series of novels on this hypothetically happening starting with One Second After. It’s grimmer than the aftermath of a nuclear war.
    The US government did some studies and if a massive EMP hit like that, 90% of the U.S. population will be dead within a year.
    The really sick thing is that Forstchen has worked with politicians for years from both parties to get the electrical grid hardened to protect it from an EMP and special interests ie power companies kill the bill every time.

    I’ve discussed this with my prepper friends and if we have an EMP, wait a week and see if there are choppers and planes and if there is then it is localized and you may have a chance to survive.
    If it isn’t it’s as the guy in Aliens said “Game over man… game over”.

  15. In regards to the Carrington event where the telegraph equipment caught fire. What worries me the most about such an event happening today is all of the lithium batteries found in nearly every cordless gadget. The cheap chinesium batteries found in the e-bikes and such tend to catch fire for no reason at all. Think what might happen if every lithium battery were to catch fire during a Carrington event. Entire neighborhoods, or even cities, could burn to the ground. Not only would we be thrown back technology wise to the 1800s, but we could end up without even basic shelter if the lithium batteries in our phones, laptops, cordless drills and razors, etc. caught fire and burned down the house.

    1. Not just the lithium batteries.

      Electric power lines become antenna during CMEs and escort those solar tsunamis where ever the lines go: into your house, appliances, walls, office buildings, high rises, everywhere. You might be able to use a fire extinguisher to put out the toaster, toothbrush and laptop blazes in your own home, but will your neighbor? And the next one over?

      The fires after a grid-frying CME/EMP would make Dresdens out of every urban and suburban zone.

      1. Besides the fires, just imagine the WHOLE electrical grid going down. All vehicles built in the last 30 years go dead and can’t be started. All tractors and farm gear built in the last 30 years are dead.
        There are no trucks, trains or ships that can ship ANYTHING including food and medicine to people. Within days the water and waste treatment systems fail.
        Meanwhile because of corporate and government greed and short sightedness, there are few parts available to get this stuff going.
        In all seriousness this is a SHTF situation and the sad thing is with a little planning and engineering, the grid and critical vehicles could be hardened so we don’t all die if this happens.
        The crazy thing ? It would cost less to do this than we have sent to the Kraine.

        1. And every airborne plane, worldwide, would fall out of the sky within minutes of the event.

          1. How would an EMP stop the operation of a multi-kilovolt output magneto with short leads in a shielded engine cowling? And both of them, at that? The Carrington event had its disruption due to the length of the telegraph lines resulting in huge voltages. Same problem today in the power grid. But not for physically short conductors. Or shielded ones, such as in aluminum airliners. Which latter include DO-160 requirements for handling large positive and negative pulses as well as power drop-outs.

            As a multiple patent holding RF and electronics design engineer with many successful products in aviation and defense, I’m well aware of such possibilities and work hard to minimize potential damage.

  16. Our solar system was actually not originally in the Milky Way, it was absorbed by it. As such, our solar system is still in an oscillating orbit around the center of the galaxy that takes us above and below the galactic plane. The cycle above and then below the galactic plane takes 12,000 years. This is actually what the Mayan calendar measured. We are at the 12,000 years now.

    Right now we are in the galactic plane and our solar system is being bombarded by all kinds of energy – electric, gravitational, radiational, etc. emanating from the center of the galaxy.

    This has a tremendous impact on our sun, and then all life on the planet. The sun is actually undergoing a micronova right now.

    Get ya’ some popcorn and a comfy chair, these folks will explain it all:

    1. Clif High has put out some info on this. People need to expose themselves to some different ideas.

    1. DUDE! Those things are THE BOMB! Talk about ‘lost kitchen art’ so to speak…
      Going to put some of that up tonight. Many Thanks Fren!

  17. The human body is not equipped to perceive radiation. Any radiation above the UV spectrum.
    As for the lead shielding at the dentist…. it’s for show. To make patients feel better about the experience . The actual protective value is almost nil. It’s done because the State recommends it and because America has way too many lawyers. The actual risk from a routine x ray is on par with taking a high altitude airline trip to Japan. While statistically the recent sun activity may increase cancer numbers by a tiny amount there’s no way to know who will lose that cancer lottery for decades and no way to pick those victims out of the rest of the population that gets cancer from some other cause. For virtually everyone the risk from radiation is statistical, not zero but exceedingly small. And.it will remain so unless some idiot decides to introduce canned sunshine into the equation.

    I suspect the majority of the recent uptick in social insanity is a result of the constant bombardment of bullshit we all receive from the media including “social” media. That and
    the deliberate ongoing destruction of morals and established social restraints. People are seeing g their “anchors” disappear . That leads to mental illness. We are well into the period Mr. Heinlein described as “the crazy years”. How it will end is the real question.

    1. To make Dan’s point about x-rays, the latest generation of digital dental x-ray systems use a hand-held x-ray source with a leaded plexiglas ring around the aperture. Yes, the dental hygienist doing the imaging is in the room with you. It helps that the imaging targets are more and more sensitive so they don’t need as much radiation to image the tooth and jaw.

      As far as Crazy years go, we are deeply in them. When a Supreme Court justice can’t say they know the difference between male and female, man and women we are done as a culture. The backlash is going to be epic and bloody if and when it comes, beginning with the mediocre male ‘athletes’ who declare they are women to win competitions. OK, you are a woman? Show me your balls and penis in a jar before I accept your entry into this event.

      Time to have 4 categories: XY (male), XX (female), Open (no drugs), and Unlimited (anything goes). Let’s see what the human body can do with the best technological assistance.

  18. On YouTube go look up adapt2030. David over there says look at the heavens. The 4 gas giants are all lining up and creating a second magnetic field and it’s driving people ape. October is peak according to him. Last time the planets had this alignment was 79AD.

    1. Look at the magnetic field strengths of those four (Jupiter *far* exceeds the other three combined) versus the Sun. And consider the effects here at their relative distances (1/r squared), including the Earth’s. Any imagined alignment of those four is so many decibels down compared to the difference in magnetic field you receive by turning around, sitting down, or other position change it’s not funny.

      If an airliner crashes, it won’t be due to a fly impacting its nose…

  19. You guys need to stop talking about all this doom and gloom and end of the world. I’ve had an erection for the last six hours since I first read it.

    1. I get upset because it is a matter of WHEN not IF another Carrington Event happens.
      The thing is that the government and industry COULD harden everything so that a large EMP wouldn’t be so devastating and end up killing all of us.
      BUT because some greedy bastards care more about their profits, I guess we’ll all have to die if that happens.

  20. Diesels , will run on fryer vat oils and Dr Diesel used a bicycle pump to pressurize the fuel tank. And can be run with no electricty.

    As for EMP Electrical Magnetic Pulse , look up you transformer theory. As the pulse dies it creates a voltage on the windings, Bigger pulse bigger the voltage. I see a break down in insulation.

  21. It’s the vax. Been saying it to all that will listen for over 3 years

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