Well THAT Hurt Plus Memes!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Going to be a cop-out poast tonight. Lotsa memes. I’m a four-fingered typist… never learned how to ‘properly type… the two index fingers and both thumbs. Earlier I was working on one of my many side projects for the house when I managed to cut open the top left index finger.

Two stitches later and I’m good.

Pissed me off though as I -should- have or rather thought I had the gear onhand to deal with such minor surgical inconveniences. Turns out I’m alllllll out of surgical silk and needles. Got me the surgical staple gun(s) but zero silk.


Add on I completely overlooked the Liquiband Skin glue in my rather large Medical Preps.

It’s glorified Superglue… sterile and whatnot. I can NOT believe I overlooked that one. So it was off to the up-the-street Urgent Care for a VACCN visit. The girl who did the work was quick, professional and did a great job. To the point that she hooked me up with a hand full of them lil HIGHLY useful tools ‘under the table’ so to speak.

So, yeah typing hurts for now as the lidocaine wore off, and now Ye Olde Pointy-finger is sore as a mo’fo. I’ll just be throwing some memes, and deuces at the end.

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