The Beatings Will Continue and Screw Morale. EVERYONE Gets a Beating!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
‘Member that guy, David DePape?
Better known as Paul Pelosi’s late night Gay Lover w/a Hammer? I had forgotten about him until today:

Besides the usual bullshit, i.e. the mealy-mouthed legal-sleaze, I found one quote from the Gin Hag Herself, Madame Pee-Lousy which was, from my point of view very enlightening. This being:

“It is therefore necessary that the guilty party’s sentence be very long as a punishment for the attack and the injuries Paul continues to suffer — and as a deterrent to others considering violence against public officials,” Nancy Pelosi wrote. 

The Gin Hag, Nancy Pelosi, Thundercunt Extraordinaire

That one line, “… as a deterrent to others considering violence against public officials,” Nancy Pelosi wrote.” tells me that they’re fucking scared as fuck.

“They” being the establishment.

It even shows in that the defense had to spin this as a “Political Act”… “Defense attorneys said DePape was motivated by his political beliefs and caught up in conspiracy theories.”

Tell you what, I covered this a waaaays back when it happened. What I did find about DePape did not scream “MAGA” or any beliefs that would cause him to go looking for The Gin Hag. In fact his ‘domestic partner’ is? was? some multi-sexual weirdo, and they lived in a fucking bus in San Franfreakshow.

Even his in-court actions, testimony and general appearance positively screamed MK-Ultra or at the very least like he was under some extreme pressure.. I mean PeePee’s (The Gig Hag’s Pet Fag/Cuck) Representative, the Grand Inquisitor… er… Persecutor said

“Today’s sentence reflects David DaPape’s lack of remorse and contrition for violently assaulting Mr. Pelosi, The court’s sentence will ensure that DePape will not be able to use violence to pollute the political process.” 

U.S. Attorney Ismail Ramsey, Grand Inquisitor for the Banana Republic of Califruitopia

Lack of remorse?
Fucker was crying like a bitch and begging for mercy.

And polluting the ‘political process’?
How about how the fumes from The Gin Hag pollute the very air around her putrescent self? Fucking that old bitch is dead right now… she just hasn’t figured it out, and now best resembles a cat-piss-and gin smelling reanimated corpse like a ‘Walker’ from that zombie show.

This is, just as the whole J6 Pile of Puke “Show Trials” are, just another case of making sure that the “Little People” don’t get it in their heads to do anything untoward our theoretical in-their-own-disease and syphilitic ridden brains “Betters”.

The only thing a poly-tic-ian is better at is becoming fertilizer after you bury them, as they’re naturally so full of shit. Just as OrangeManBad is on his own STASI-esque Show Trial(s), this one here was meant to drop the hammer on any ideas people may be getting as the “Shenanigan Times” are getting closer and closer.

I’m calling it now.
Going to be a LOT more cases of Glownigger Entrapment like those poor Michigan Retards… the whole FBI “Witless Kidnapping Plot” where 9 out of 10 ‘conspirators’ were ALL fucking feds. Like that Gary Larson Meme I did way back:


Stay Alert, Stay Alive.
Beware the Glowies Frens.

On to an Overseas Deployment update.
Got the call this A.M. Seems I can’t go. The reason given?

Turns out there’s now a ‘Weight Cap’ (supposedly) on people deploying to the Middle East, as well as an Age cap… No one over 58, and over 300 pounds.  Even though I’ve gotten a weight waiver on like ALL my deployments b/c I’m a monster as y’all have seen. 

This, to say the least is a completely new development.
One that -I- have NOT heard of before. In fact, they usually tape test me just like they did when I was active duty…

They HAVE to, as the “Kate Moss BMI Index” as I call it puts me in the area of ‘Land-Whale BMI’ as opposed to “Built like a Linebacker” at my current weight of 328. I mean for an example:


I make Henry Motherfuckin’ Rollins look like a teeny bitch.

Now mind you… 

They still want me.
In Germany OR Poland
What does THAT tell you?

Considering they can’t get anyone to support the Krainian Klown show, I think this was a ‘bait and switch’. Get me all riled up for ‘getting back in the saddle’ and then look at getting me on board the Krainian Support mission. Truth be told, I could lose the weight, although it’d be a bitch. Between being hypothyroid and the inability do a lot of ‘stuff’, I’m sort of at a comfortable weight. My doc has told me she wants me at 310.

Gretchen has already started pushing me to start the diet.
I told her to cool the fuck out, as my head is still fucking spinning from the speed of this past week. I still haven’t been able to ‘digest’ ALL of the events here… I actually got mad as fuck at her for pushing+

it… 3x times she brought it up to the point where I legit snapped at her, which I hate doing. I had to explain I was feeling pressured lie the X used to do to me… and we all know how that worked out Aye?

Sooooo I’m standing ‘pat’ on this particular draw of the cards for now. Better to see what zigzactly is cooking in the background, and IF the ‘meal’ is up to snuff, well then I just might partake. There’s ALWAYS room at the table for certain.

Then, last thing for tonight, Dabney Coleman cashed in his chips.

As Doc Samizdat said in our conversation tonight “The man was a great ‘foil’!” I couldn’t agree more. He was in everything that I can remember back in the 80’s. One lesser known movie was that Chevy Chase bomb “Modern Problems”

To be absolutely honest, I still like it… as dated as a lot of the jokes are, and as bad as it was, it gets filed under the BCE “So Bad It’s Good” flicks. Call it a guilty pleasure.

One particular scene is where Dabney Coleman, having been horrifically insulted by Chevy Chase, (who BTW is in a full on drugged up crazed psychokinetic episode) gets a .44 Magnum out of his car, races back in the house, and using a floating Nell Carter (who’s upside down courtesy of the aforementioned psychokinetic episode) as literally cover, comes around, aims the revolver at Chevy Chase, and yells “Rest in peace dipshit!” and fires.

More craziness happens, but that one scene stands out even 40 odd years later.

Damn. Made in 1981
43 years ago.
Old… Old… I’m getting Old!!!

Ah well… so that’s it for tonight. Great commentary that is MUCH appreciated from ALL of you on my Solar-Powered Psychosis Theory. Some of those links y’all provided? Man, I’m going to be busy reading and researching some of them for the next few days at least.

So More Later
Big Country

22 thoughts on “The Beatings Will Continue and Screw Morale. EVERYONE Gets a Beating!”

  1. That is like 3 months diet there and some walking. I dropped FORTY pounds in like 4 months just walking and using the myfitness pal app. get yourself on around 2200 calories a day, eat a lot less junk foods, and pre-prepared assembled feasting. It will suck the first couple weeks. Get some creatine, a couple 15 pound weights, and a multi vitamin a day. Fill yourself up on veggies. HT you can totally stuff yourself on salad with some sort of non fat dressing and still come in well under 600 calories for a meal. Or try the steamed frozen veggies, or canned veggie route.

    Starches are the big calorie additive. they are deceptively compact and before ya know it ya ate 1000 calories of bread in a sitting. When you do eat something tasty, well either ya gotta go lean the rest of the day or just have a taste.

    Skipping a meal here and there also helps. do not eat out of habit. eat when you are hungry. Learn how to recognize the difference between thirst and hunger. I realized that many times I thought I was hungry, but I was more like needing water.

    My go to meal now when I need to be full but limited calories is sliced tomatoes with soy sauce.

    1. ^^^Agreed.^^^
      You want to do something good for yourself and your family? Push the plate away, get off your ass, and put the work in. You’ll be able to play with your grandkids. Your wife will be more attracted to you. You’ll have more energy at work-wherever you go. Your health will improve tremendously and you’ll (probably) add years to your life. If shit does get hinky here, being in better shape will pay dividends.
      You know what the right answer is here. It’s hard-I know. Nothing in life worth having comes easy.

  2. Shame about the Kuwait gig. Maybe stay in touch with them. Its unlikely they will find someone as qualified anytime soon. The “bait & switch” was amusing, though…makes you think where things are headed.

  3. Well hell BC, in the lyrical stylings of Tom Waits “the large print giveth, the small print taketh away”. And they want to send you to the Ukies front porch instead, because being over the prescribed weight limit is magically ok there? Yeah, that’d be a big fat hell fuck no from me.

    Kuwait might be tolerable, and you’ve been there and done that.
    However, Eastern Europe at the cusp of Putin likely deciding he has to make a point to help NATO get it’s mind right, is a much less tolerable setting now, IMHO.

    As to the gin hag and her geriatric faggot “husband”, I think I’d take blunt force trauma with a hammer before I’d see her naked and navigate her diseased cootch. I mean fuck, “a man’s got to know his limitations” (the setting being San Franshitsco and all, hat tip to Inspector Callahan). You are spot on though, this weird ass dude getting a 30 year stretch for what he did, when far worse crimes are committed against mere “civilians” and the perp gets diddly shit, has become de rigueur.

    These arrogant cocksuckers, having made themselves defacto royalty, would clearly impose much harsher penalities for any offense against one of their own. And that has been one of the expected consequences of where we now know find ourselves politically, but that they are so smug about doing it openly, it really does demand some serious attitude adjustments being administered. Maybe even with a hammer.

    To touch on last night’s subject a bit late, (people acting crazy) yeah it’s bad now, irrespective of the underlying cause.

    Hell, I’m not married, have no current girlfriend even (precisely to avoid ceaseless nagging and bitching, which I’d already heard enough of for 3 lifetimes before I was 30, and that was ~2o years ago) and yet even as socially isolated as I keep myself nowadays, I’m still being constantly pressured and pissed off by people placing ever greater demands on me and generally busting my balls over the pettiest stuff.

    Lately I feel like the building pressure is priming me for a massive coronary. Something is very clearly wrong that has people way off, and it sure feels as if something is about to snap. Could be the sun, as easily as anything else acting on us collectively.

  4. In regards to the job, yeah, some serious bait-n-switch going on. Thought it sounded too good.

    Contact your connection at the Glorious Tractor Factory and find out where he’s bailing to and see if you can slide with him. Since he knows the existing company is going fucky-fucky, I am sure he has plans in place.

    Too bad you can’t get a job stateside doing the Master Armorers job. Or can you? Do you know any gun manufacturers in your area that are looking for a man of your skills?

    As to Polesmoker Pelosi, yeah, the sentence sounds a tad harsh considering they’re pleaing down actual murders to manslaughters in the glorious socialist state of California. So, yeah, more signs of a multi-tiered injustice system.

  5. Giving my ‘druthers, posting up in Germany or Poland sounds MUCH better than anywhere in the sandbox. Plus, you should be able to make that an accompanied tour.

  6. Used to freakin’ LOVE ol’ Henry’s spoken word shows, but he’s becoming an outspoken lefty bitch these day – he got booed at the last show I saw (pre-Rona) too which was a real surprise to see. Never meet your heroes I guess. He’s not that big in real life either. I thought he was huge until I saw him in person. Didn’t get to halitosis range with him though.

  7. Have you called the Marine that gave you a telephone interview with and asked WTF?

  8. Pelosi isn’t running things anymore than Biden did. Her mind was rotted out by booze and drugs years ago. She has no power, she is a paid actor and will do and say exactly what her donors tell her to. If an issue comes up that the donors don’t care about, Nancy’s people will take a poll and do whatever the majority wants… but that doesn’t happen often. Nancy, Biden, Turdo, Macron et al – they’re symptoms, not causes.

    She could blow her brains out with a 44 mag and they’d have another brain dead retard in there tomorrow. Would you like more? Or would you like to voat for some more? Those are your choices.

    This only ends one way folks. I’ll leave it right there or I’ll be fed poasting too…

  9. Bait & Switch? O hell yeah. Make ’em pay a LOT more if you decide youll go to eurape. Be sure to tell them your musings re Pootin if you decide to not go.

    NObody gets 30 years anymore. Even for child murder. Oh, unless its against a (haaaaaawkspit) politician. Beats me how anyone can say Justice System with a straight face.

  10. You could lose enough no prob if you simply drank tons of ice water everyday. That aside, I fail to see what your weight has to do with anything unless they plan on deploying you to a Uke trench. I’m betting there are some fairly heavy officers polishing chairs and pushing papers. I wonder if women have a weight limit?

  11. Modern Problems like The old Hotlips movie “Beer” is so bad its good as you mentioned. If you haven’t seen Beer check it out. Kenneth Mars is in full bloom.
    Whip, it out….

    As a retired Limey SBS officer and EOD guy, I’d put you on my team any day. Hell, being behind you when disarming some IED would be my preferred spot!

    Best to you

  12. Even if you stay home, less weight is less of a pounding on feet,legs,etc.

    Pelosi and Hillary are both Bipedal Pustules . Disgusting to see, distressing to Hear their voices. Just feed me the broken glass,,

    True feelings to be revealed later.

  13. You are right, they are scared. Just like 20k troops and fences around the capitol after that little minor disturbance on Jan.6. Ummm ,if I didn’t suspect anything before that I sure as hell did after. Overkill gives them away. Extreme paranoia is usually an indication of guilt.

  14. That Bait and Switch sounds super shady, especially in that it seems tailored to you specifically. Also, it sounds like it might also be an attempt to put you under Germany’s jurisdiction for “hate laws”, and Poland just made major moves in the same direction.

  15. BCE if you HAVE to lose weight, you could go on Ozempic. If your blood work shows your sugar a little high, they’ll approve it and pay for it for “diabetes control”.
    I’ve lost over 100 pounds on it fairly easily. How ? Because it totally kills your appetite. One day it was 5pm and I started feeling sick and I realized I’d eaten nothing all day.
    If you could stick to 1500 healthy calories a day and take Ozempic, the weight would come off of you fairly quickly.
    Unfortunately I have a feeling if you lost the weight in the next month, they’d have another bullshit excuse why you can’t go to Kuwait.
    They are doing the bait and switch to get you and other guys to support the Kraine.

  16. If you need to drop weight for the job and still function at high level, you can do the carnivore diet (just meat and animal products) ideally ruminate animal meat. I basically just eat ground beef, but I can eat the same thing all the time and DGAF, your taste buds may vary. Some upsides (my experience) are you can go a long time between meals if you have to, (4 days was my longest, 24-48 hrs is a breeze) you crave zero junk food, and while im like a 80-90% sized version of you, im still a big f’er by avg sizes and I lost over 40 lbs when I started to creep towards the ol 3-0-0. Devon Stack on Blackpilled also does it and had similar results. Been seeing the kids out there are using those nicotine pouches to lose weight as well, daily mail had a recent article on it being “ozympeic like” with ppl lose 30 plus pounds. Hope that helps

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