Alternative Write In Candidates That Make Sense

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A short night… too much happening.
So, a couple of possible “Alternative” (s)Election Candidates for you:


And of course, My personal favorite:

Tell me where I’m wrong on this…

Jes’ Sayin’

So yeah, no idea where things are going to go from here, but considering the Vegetable-in-Chief is getting worse day-by-day, I have no idea how they’re going to keep up with the “Weekend at Bernie’s/Biden’s” as time goes on…

It’s like that cray-cray bitch in Brazil who rolled her obviously dead Uncle into the bank to get a loan… Dunno if you saw/heard about it, but telling you, it’s pure Clownworld/Honkpill material

Her defense attorneys are trying to play it off that she had a ‘mental break’ when her Uncle cashed in… thing is, there’s a story I read out there saying that she didn’t give two fucks about the Uncle, only his credit rating. Per usual I forgot to bookmark that link… either way, doesn’t matter… that’s some depraved shit right there.

Even IF she though Unkie was OK and still drawing O2, What the fuck was she trying to go to the bank and get a 4k loan out in his name for!?! Oh yeah… the Loan In Question? Like 3K and change. Not even a decent amount of $$$.

As I was told long ago:

“If you’re going to be a criminal, be a good criminal. The rule is IF you’re doing a ‘job’, make sure the payout is five times to ten times your normal yearly earnings. Anything less than that? The job isn’t worth the risk.”

DeadDad, Oh So Long Ago

Mind you he wasn’t encouraging myself or FedBro, but he was laying out the basics that make sense in in normie-world.

But tell me that isn’t like our current mal-administration amiright? No shytte there… a bitch literally manipulating the dead hand of a dead motherfucker to get a loan… Life often Imitates Art, and Vice-Versa Aye? Maybe Life Imitating Poly-Ticks? I mean who is running the Whytte Haus? Doctor Jill? If so, then this cray-cray Brazilian BeeeYatcha makes moar sense amiright?

So, otherwise, My understanding of Concerned American is that he’s been on the road which has been part of the Delay in getting back up. He’s meeting F2F with Doctor Samizdat later in the week, and then once he gets back to the Home Base, he’ll be able to focus on getting WRSA back up to combat speed.

Patience is a virtue Aye?

So otherwise, it’s been a long day that I -may- be able to speak on later, depending on circumstances. Just wish me luck and say a prayer as it’s a ‘salary review time of year’ for the People’s Glorious Tractor Factory. Lord knows I need a raise.

More Later
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Alternative Write In Candidates That Make Sense”

  1. Ol’ Vermin is still around! Hells yea.
    I nominate Not Sure from Idiocracy.
    Comrade Javier has a surplus going in Argentina, we haven’t had that since Andrew Jackson.
    At least Dwayne Alizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho loves him some America.
    Love that scene where he blasts off with the SAW when some hecklers are mouthing off.
    The boats and jet skis on the reflecting pool by the G Dub obelisk is classic.
    Everyone should fly into the District of Cesspool to see the game board view from the air.
    Any society that lets itself get destroyed by Bathhouse Barry and Dr. Shill deserves it.

  2. I was thinkg about putting a Commacho poster up.

    Your timjng is impeccable, sir!

    Now all I need is a Cithulu and SMOD so i can have the rotation

  3. I “met” Vermin Supreme at a Trump rally in Manchester, NH. The Pretty Korean Girl and I were in line when this guy with a boot on his head made a beeline for us (or so I thought). PKG said, “My god, you ARE a crazy magnet, aren’t you.”

    But no, it turned out Vermin knew the guy in line behind us. We’d been chatting with that guy (as one does at these things), so he sort of introduced us. “This is Vermin Supreme. He does political theater.” Vermin said “Hello” to us then pretended to be outraged about the “political theater” part. Clearly they were good friends. Vermin seemed to be a pretty normal guy. I’d vote for him over quite a few actual politicians.

    1. Look Patriot You Just Need To Get Your Head In The Game And VOOOOOOOOOOT MOOOOOARRRRR HRRRDDDDRRRRRR!!!!1!11!!1!!!

  4. At this rate, I’d rather vote for myself as a write-in.
    I know that I can trust me……most of the time.

  5. Big Country given Western Rifles web problems your silence is a bit disconcerting.

    You still alive Big Country?

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