Needed Some Time Off and What to Have to Service Your Boom-Stick

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry for a few days absence but I needed a few ‘down days’… been a bit overwhelmed with work at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory. Had a salary review last week, and was told NO, but am allowed to do as much overtime as I want, so they’re going to come to regret that shit muy pronto let me tell you… I’m at 40 this week already and tomorrow is a ‘gravy day’ b/c we run Wednesday to Tuesday as the work week. I did a lil weekend work which allowed me to clock out at 40 by Monday.

Add on the news itself has been nothing but one big distraction… who gives a fuck if the poor pwecious college stoodints are being beaten on by the Uniformed Gestapo… let ’em have at it and TBH I want to see MOAR cracked skulls… gimme blood flowing. It’s like the remaining Boomer-Journalists are reliving their Anti-Vietnam bullshit…

Fuck ’em

So, took a few days off. Also been tired. Like ZERO energy lately. Might be I’m not getting out in the sun enough… might have to start taking my breaks during the day out in the pool?

So… I was on Reddit on the r/prepping page, and found a guy asking for “Which replacement rifle parts to add to prep?”

LOTS of info, most of which revolved around “Get a spare rifle, one in none…” or the most popular “Get a spare BCG…” which to a point, I do agree. I ended up chiming in, as well, this’s like an area I have a lot of experience in. Paraphrasing, and adding photos, this is what I feel and my rationale for what you should have in your ‘fiddly-bits-box’

This’s mine:

LOTS of spares for the spares so to speak, for both the AR-15 as well as the AR-10 variants.

Now, Having a spare BCG is ok. The head spacing on a drop in new BCG should be OK, but it’d be smart to get it professionally checked to insure it’s a Go. This’s one of my 2? maybe even 3 floating around here:

And the best time to buy them is when Palmetto goes full retard and sells them for $70+/- fiatbux.

so, IRL the most common issues I found in the various arms rooms that I serviced (All US Army Reserve and NG Units in the State) the most common missing part was Bolt Gas Rings. Usually one or two can go Missing (usually when scrubbing the carbon off the bolt itself). Missing one is OK as long as you get it replaced sooner, rather than later… two missing is a definite no-go. I keep a substantial amount on hand as buying bulk is better… leastways buying a set of 3 is about $4, while you can get a pack of 30 is about $17 plus shipping.

Needless to say, I’m not running out of these anytime soon…

Then, the Firing Pin/Bolt Retaining pin.


That pin? THOSE were the most commonly ‘lost’ item that Joe had trouble keeping track of. It’s easy to lose that during a bolt tear down, especially in the field. In the Infantry we had it beaten into us to put ALL our fiddly-bits into our K-Pot or softcap so as to not to lose this in particular. And I seem to be light on those… might want to look into getting a few more when the VA monies drop on Wednesday. (I do love me a mid-week VA Payday).

There were some other folks saying have ‘spare triggers’ and other lower parts to which I seriously advise:
Unless you’ve been trained, messing around in the Lower Parts = Bad Idea. The retaining pin holes are susceptible to wear over time, making to waaaay too easy for a critical part to fall out at the worst possible moment, hence why Level 10 and 20 Maintenance forbids anyone from disassembling the lower in any way shape or form. Too many times I’ve found weapons that I just -knew- that someone had been fucking around with the lower pins. DO NOT FUCK WITH THEM unless you know what you’re doing.

Another commonly worn out part were the gas tubes… either worn out-of-spec OR mushroomed due to a slight misalignment of the bolt carrier key. The gas tube? I actually should get me one or two… that is something that tonight when I went for the pictures I realized I used the last spare I had on a build for a fren… Now, the bolt carrier key:

Which is #3 on the most commonly lost/worn out part on the AR-15/M-4 series of rifles. The front of it, where the gas tube meets up, is subject to throat erosion, and there’s a gauge you can get for measuring if it’s a Go, or a No-Go.

As far as firing pins? I’ve only seen only one broken FP in the 3 years I did the job, but have a spare if it makes you happy. Mind you I was testing/repairing/gauging DotMil rifles that had actually been down range and used in combat. As in these weren’t some Flannel=Man’s recommended $2000 AR platform that he likes because on the YewToobs he gets paid a kickback… nope… all of the weapons I serviced were literally the lowest bidder produced DotMil rifles. In fact, a Palmetto State “Poors” as some ignorant assholes call them, whelp…

They cost more than the service rifles the DotMil has, and have lasted a fuckload longer than most people understand… I mean I serviced General Motors Made Hydramatic Lower-M-4s FFS that’re still shooting. Anyways, rant off…

As it were, These were the most common things I found during my time servicing real used in combat rifles. So my list? (and mind you this is what I ALWAYS had on hand for spares on missions to the Unit for repairs):

M-4 Series Gauging Tools (Head space Go/No Go, Carrier Key Go/No Go, Barrel Go/No Go Gauges)
Gas Rings
Firing Pin/Bolt Retaining Pin
Gas Tube with NEW retaining pin (you can’t reuse the old one if you replace the Tube)
Bolt Carrier Key w/bolts and Staking tool

So, other than that, I got a request to go over the roastie-toastie Abrams that the Russians are dragging back to Moscow for the May Day Exhibition:

I’m still gathering info/intel as to the Where/When of it… I don’t use Telegram as it seems to insist on using my phone, and I try to keep as few apps on the Pocket-Spy-Leash as much as possible… no TikTok, no Fecesbook… you get it… so that’ll be tomorrow’s talkabout. Hope this one tonight helps you have a bit of an idea on the ‘what you might want to have on hand.

So More Later
Big Country

22 thoughts on “Needed Some Time Off and What to Have to Service Your Boom-Stick”

  1. Thank you for the advice and update. I’ll definitely be adding a few things to the kit.
    If you might be willing, could you do the same for the AK platform? Thanks.


    1. Here’s what I stocked up on for my AK47 in multiples: gas piston, recoil spring assembly, bolt and firing pin, disconnector springs, misc. pins, plus a trigger group (922r compliant), extractor, plunger. Back in 2021 I got a US made spring kit for $20 that contained a hammer retarder spring, recoil spring, mag catch spring, extractor spring, disconnect spring, and pivot pin retainer spring. Add a front sight adjuster. Mags and ammo.

  2. Oh, man, that brings back some memories, holding mom’s purse and cigarette while she holds up bras and panties to get an idea how they would look on her and clothes or if she was looking through stuff at the store. I dreaded my buddies even in the same store cuz’ I know if I was seen I was the butt of jokes and severe razzing. Of course if we saw him having to hold his mom’s purse and such, he got it.

    I have the parts and tools I need to do the repairs on my rifles. Depot level repair is I hope I find a guy like you or scrounge a rifle. I plan on scarfing any weapons and ammo I find and either passing it on or using it. What they taught us in the Army, buddy gets killed, he hasn’t need for for it and you need resupply. Funny how movies never show you are on patrol and nobody resupplies themselves off of dead bodies. You ain’t in the movies. Better to scarf off your enemies, fed boys usually have better stuff…

    1. Wait! So, you’re saying someone could possibly upgrade their Franken-PSA to a DD or Noveske or Colt for no extra charge? Weird. What’ll they think of next?

    2. You are so right. Some people gonna’ have to get a mouthful of dirt and gravel to understand what you describe.

  3. Has anyone done an analysis on how much money the government has saved by killing off millions of social security recipients? No one seems to even be discussing this. I would like to know. Maybe you could address this at some time in the future if it is not verboten?

  4. Five Abrams destroyed in 404 so far valued at $50 million.
    Broke my good commie maker down after some forest fun and it was crusty on the innards.
    Still buzzing of the Hoppes #9 and is that candle real or photochop?

  5. And make sure you have enough ammo stashed back to wear those fuckin’ parts out again.

  6. Built both my AR’s from bone scratch so I know them intimately.
    Have plenty of spare everything, but I think I’m going to inventory and build up a little stronger. Plus, I think I’ll go ahead and get all the primary parts too, except the lower. Gonna send the signal out I’m looking for a “gently used” lower or 3. Got 30k+ ammo in about 5 calibers.

  7. #1 item(s) on any weapon’s spare parts list should be ANY small pins, springs, or other small parts that are easily lost or broken. Get a bunch of them if possible.

  8. BCE take care of yourself brother, you’ve been through some seriously stressful shit the last 2 years.
    If you keep feeling run down, have the quacks run a full diagnostic on you. With all of that stress, I’m worried the big C might creep back but if you catch it early you can treat it.
    Also, any update on DC ? I hate to say it but with all she has done to you, Wifey and the Grans, I must admit that I find a little joy that karma is biting her ass.

  9. Mr. Country- why in hell did .gov go with direct gas impingement? Am I missing something? Like running exhaust into cab for heat. It reeks of a case of the Dumas. The only reason to buy another AR is parts.

      1. Mr. Berglander- it may work just fine but it’s like wearing panty hose so you’ll have a place to shit!

  10. Buying a bolt rehab package at someplace like RightToBear will get you the bolt head, cotter pin, firing pin, and the bolt has the new gas rings. The continuous gas rings are better because you don’t have to worry about the individual ring alignments. You should add in a handful of new cams that run about 4 bucks a pop because they wear pretty fast. So, you really don’t need a spare bcg, but rather, a bolt head rehab kit (for about 50 bucks). If your gas key is loose or damaged that is rare. That’s when you chuck the hole bcg and get a new one. Dollar General has some reeeeeeeal long pipe cleaners that can be used to get down the gas tube with some good solvent whenever you want to do that. When the bolt head is out use a fairly large bronze bore brush to get all the carbon out of the gas chamber with a drill motor. It’s hard as hell to get real clean by hand and solvent soaking.

    Trigger/hammer **retention** pens (the ones with the screws outside) should replace the normal OEM pins and you should locktite the shit out of the little screws when you install (blue locktite). The OEM hammer pin has a groove that catches the hammer internal spring and that’s not so much of a problem backing out. But, that trigger pin starts moving around if you shoot a lot.

    And, have 7 or 8 garden tools ready.

  11. Hey man, you got any insight on that squid doctor who was in Afghan and was in charge of medical at Gitmo for a couple years? The one who got himself bled out when he pulled a gun on the po po while trying to pull some chomo shit up in Seattle.

    Track down the full shooting video for a happy sight of a chomo becoming a good chomo.

  12. Overtime ain’t got shit on give send go. Affords booze, guns, parts, travelling, internet, eating out, etc but can’t afford a roof, a car or to pay your own medical bills. There will be another “tragedy” in the future that will require some donating rest assured. It’s just too soon atm. 25k plus for some “cancer” will buy you some time though.

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