Learning About Supply, The Krain is Falling and The Gran for The Weekend

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry (again) for a late poast. Got to watching “Whatever Happened to Sweet Baby Jane?” w/Gretchen. GREAT movie if you haven’t seen it. Can’t find it but there’s a meme out there of Bette Davis in her ‘horrorshow’ makeup with the meme saying “2020 Has Been Hard on All Of Us: Madonna”.

SO yeah, tied up taking care of Gretchen. She’s doing OK, but yesterday she did -too much- and busted a scab. Bit of bleeding but a shit ton of triple antibiotic handled that.

So…the payday comes a day early ’round here.

Went to Costco and got re-stocked on shit paper and paper towels. Right now here, locally, the big Bounty packs, normally $25.99 have a instant $5.50 coupon at the register. If you got a local membership, check yours as that’s a great deal. We got 4. The shit paper we got was to replenish the Covid Stockpile. I may have blogged about it back then, but I kind of had a hunch stockpiling was the way to go, and we finally were getting down to the last 3 packs of BIG Bounty and the last 4 packs of Charmin… we had a lot of paper piled up ’round here let me tell you…

Buttwipe is gold in a full on Metalpocalypse…
Jes’ Sayin’

So, part of my reasoning about making sure we’re topping off the Class One and Class Six…

Wait a minute: Quick Educational Digression Follows:

For those unfamiliar, the Military Logistics Supply lines categorize, well, like EVERYTHING under the sun into various “Classes” for brevity’s sake. Now, most of you Army dawgs out there are completely familiar with “Class Six” as liquor and beer fall under that to the point that the on-base liquor/beer stores are referred to as the Class Six…

There are ten in total Classes that I’ll provide a handy-dandy chart for your use, as it can be useful to know these things:

A bit blurry, but it works.
I’ll Link the original HERE for distro as needed.

So, as I was saying…
Reason for all of this?
Some of the shit going on in the world these days? You’d have to be fucking retarded to not have a go-to-shit plan in place. The Zionists arer rattling Ye Olde Saber about using everything (i.e. nukular weapons) on the off chance that Iran does something drastic…

The Krain just lost it very last MAJOR coal fired electrical generation plant as well… a One Point Eight TERAWATT system that they are in no way, shape or form of replacing in the “anytime soon” category.

Seems that the Kiev, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions are out of juice for the foreseeable future….

Go long in Portable Generator Company’s stock Aye?

I suppose this gets filed under “Fuck Around, Find Out” as for the past couple of months, the Krainians have been hitting inside-of-Russia power stations and the like. In fact, the lunatics hit the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station that the Russians are holding just the other day. Problem is, the Krainians used small-to-medium drones, ‘cos that’s all they have left in the inventory.

That corresponds to that Intel Leak on Discord by that Air National Guardsman guy back in December of 2023. The leak said that the Krainians, even with resupply, they’d be Winchester around this time… i.e. out of ammo because even the suppliers were out of ammo…

The drones they used were very small considering the targets.

So, in a tit-for-tat, it appears Russia finally responded to the attacks on their power plants on the Krainians power plants…

Using their heavy hypersonic shit… These include the following:

  • 3M22 Zircon.
  • Avangard (hypersonic glide vehicle)
  • Kh-47M2 Kinzhal.
  • Kh-95 long-range hypersonic cruise missile.
  • R-37M.
  • Zmeevik anti-ship missile.
  • Gremlin Hypersonic Guided Rocket (GZUR)

ALL of which are hypersonic weapons systems
ALL of which have now proven combat records

“So Tovarish, you hit our powerplants with small bombs? Let us show how Russians hit power plants with OUR bombs!!!”


Meanwhile, the US?
According to CNN, on March 17th 2024 the following happened:

“The US Air Force has tested a hypersonic cruise missile in the Pacific for the first time, in what analysts say is a signal to China that Washington still competes in a weapons arena where many perceive Beijing to have a distinct advantage.” Link HERE.

Now? To the results of this test of what they’re calling the  All-Up-Round AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW)? Insert Doctor Evil Quote Here:
“Yeeeeeeeeeeeah Riiiiiiiiiight”

“The Air Force did not give any specifics on the test, such as how fast or how far the ARRW flew or whether it hit a target.

Rather, it said only that lessons were learned.

“The Air Force gained valuable insights into the capabilities of this new, cutting-edge technology,” the statement said.”

In other words, in DotMil/DotGov weaselspeak, the fucking thing failed.


So… we tested OUR FIRST potential Hypersonic Missile, and from the weaselspeak, it fucking failed.

FFS Russia, China, Iran and even the Norks are ahead of us in this undefendable technology… fucking a hypersonic missile cruises so fucking fast as to be pretty damned well unstoppable. No CRAM, no Anti-Missile-Missile or guy with a rifle is going to stop one of these fuckers… Ballistic? OMFG… try BEYOND Ballistic. Add on it doesn’t necessarily need a big warhead as there’s a LOT of kinetic energy transference when one of them hit, as seem by some pictures of Krainian Command Bunkers hit with Khinzals… Fucking things built by the Soviets, in event of a nuclear war, 25 feet underground, steel reinforced concrete 3 feet thick, cracked open like an egg hit by a hammer…

By no means am I being a “Putin Ball Fondler” as Aesop has called those out there who -are- leastways that I can tell ARE full on pro-VodkaManBad, because as for Me? I’m more open minded… the very fact that we’ve stuff how many billions into a losing cause? Plus ALL our ammo/weapons? I mean it takes how long to build some of the shit that we’ve oh so generously given away, leaving us essentially fucking defenseless? That there is enough evidence out there that Krainfeld and his Kocaine Koterie of Klowns have stolen vast sums of US dollars and funneled a lot of it back to our Corrupt NepoGerontocracy via their worthless spawn?

Fact is, the Krainians are Fucking Done.

The only reason I’d like to see them get F-16s is that I’d in truth be interested to see them in a peer-to-peer fight. This meaning equally trained pilots as I do not consider damned near ANY of the Israeli Air Farces air victories using F-16s over ANY of the Middle Eastern countries out there to count… fucking I’ve been to Egypt… I’ve personally seen how fucked up their DotMil is (nepotism is like THE BIGGEST THING there, not skills) and I have a hunch, that even if they had competent Krainian pilots to get into a furball, the Russians at this point would mop the floor with them, and make General Dynamics look stupid again.

I mean FFS, BAE Systems Land and Armaments AND the BritGov had the Krainians stop using the Challenger 2 as the aftereffects were hurting potential sales of the tank!!! Seems having a POS tank made of essentially “pressed gasoline” is NOT a good look for the sales… reason I say this is every. single. picture. of a Challenger that got wasted is of a completely burned out hulk. Some of them are still laying where they got blown away.

Jes’ Sayin’

Compared to the M1A Abrams? Fucking yeah, the Abrams is ‘killable’ but at least it doesn’t act like a fucking crematorium for it’s crew on the first hit… in fact I’ve been hearing through MY “tanker grapevine” that out of the 4 Abrams wasted, only ONE lost the crew, and that’s the poast I did about the blowout panels ‘cos, yeah, the fucking Slavic morons locked the ammo bay door OPEN, so when it got hit, the crew became BBQ/ash


So, yeah, lot of ‘things’ and pieces/parts in motion.
Be Ready

Tomorrow we get the Gran for the weekend, and extended visit for a while no less, and we have to co-ordinate on her summer activities, as everyone else wants her to do the usual… soccer/dance yadda yadda…

I want her in Karate, or Judo or even Krav Maga. She’s old enough now to learn some self-defense. Kill a motherfucker if she needs to yannow? I mean it’s getting to be a fucked up world, and I need her to be able to protect herself, as Papi can’t always be there Aye?

So, More Later
Big Country

    37 thoughts on “Learning About Supply, The Krain is Falling and The Gran for The Weekend”

    1. Ivan has a new toy the Hermes AT missile first debuted in 2020.
      Any and all tanks can be destroyed and it is a six pack array.
      The noticing has the hookworm scared and a UKE Three Mile Island plant could be the Samson Option?
      Sounds like Vlad finally took the kid gloves off and now it is find out time.
      All of this is a feature to them as they [controllers] have bunkers.
      Stack your stock deep, I have foam cooler from Omaha meat buy filled with TP for the bunghole as Beavis says.
      Wall of canned goods in closet and still hitting up church pantries and dumpsters with some great finds.
      It’s not LARP it’s survival uber alles and it doesn’t have to be pretty.
      F’ Yea on the MIL stuff, Danke Schon.

    2. Have to wonder, any of these hyper-sonic missles, no matter who makes it…do they even need an explosive warhead? Or, at the hyper sonic speeds would a solid metal “God Rod” be just as effective?

      1. Do know, and this was many moons ago, that there was what if talk of developing/using hyper kinetics on missile silos on strategic strikes. Straight forward to navigate dead on using TERCOM and destroy without using a nuke. At those kind of speeds … blast doors? So what? But it was a good idea so it scrapped or ignored.

      2. Depending upon the system–these hypesonics can carry a conventional warhead or an atomic warhead. Due to the precision of these system, atomics generally won’t be needed. But for shits and giggles let’s imagine that Russia decided to unleash one of these hypersonic weapons upon our super-duper-uber aircraft carrier the Gerald Ford. So imagine a hot war has broken out between Russia and the USA–and the Ford and it battle group is desperately trying to steam their way out of the Mediterranean Sea at ’emergency battle speed’ with the Ford’s reactors running at 115% hot pushing the ship near to 60mph. So in comes a conventionally armed Zircon hypersonic fresh off the Russian production lines two week prior. The missile is now on its terminal dive into its target, coming it at several times the speed of sound almost vertically. The missile hits the Ford just about mid-ship. The conventional warhead fails to detonate, but the kinetic energy and mass alone of the missile has the effect of a shotgun blast upon a watermelon. The Ford is literally cut in half and begins to sink–with its nuclear reactors cracked and breached, belching out steam and fire. The Ford goes down in a matter of a few seconds, much like the HMS Hood did when hit by naval gunfire from the Bismark. There are only a handful of survivors–out of several thousand crew and aviators only 5 manage somehow to escape death.

    3. General Aesop is always the hero. Every. Single. Time. As an American he is righteous, morally superior and blessed by God. Anyone that disagrees with him is either retarded or evil. Unfortunately this mindset is all too common among the faggotry and our leadershit – but I repeat myself. They tell Aesop he’s a saint, and he not only believes it – he insists you believe it too. And as a result guys like Joe Biden can slide it up his arse, make him eat chit and he’ll call it ice cream. I can’t bother getting mad at him anymore, he’s just a retard doing what retards do.

      Putler is not a saint. He is a Russian patriot, he loves his people and takes pride in them, and everything he’s done has been for valid reasons. He is no stranger to thuggery and knows how to play that game too. I wish we had leaders like that. MacGregor thinks Putler will move to conclude the war later in the spring. I’m not so sure; I can see him waiting until the next US elections when the trash gets taken out, and hopefully he has adults to talk to? Whadda you think BC?

      The fucken Iranians! I hate those swine with the heat of 1000 suns – but must concede that they are masters of deceit and brinkmanship. For the last 40 years those mutts have pushed Uncle Sam right to the breaking point when I was sure he’d take off the gloves and hammer those moslem monkeys…and then they back off at the very last microsecond.

      Call me a Putler ball gargler all you want… the fact is NONE of the western countries have any real leadership anymore. We are literally led by clowns, child molestors, and idiots that have had us doing evil things in other countries on their behalf. Historically speaking… people that eff around like this inevitably end up finding out…

      1. AESOP is a product of the military-establishment propaganda/training processes, that’s all. He looks at everything though the military toilet paper tube he was issued back in the cold-war era. He still believes in the ideas propelled in that book, “New lies for old” –which in fact are old ideas going on 40 years old now. It was written primarily in order to justify keeping the old order up and running as long as possible. AESOP cannot possibly imagine that Russia has made a 180 degree turn away from its old mistakes and tyranny of Bolshevism. He thinks Putin is a dictator who seized power and maintains power as did Saddam Hussein–when in fact Putin keeps getting re-elected with over an 80% approval rating from Russian… many of whom think of him on the level with Peter the Great. If shit sandwiches were issued to AESOP wrapped in an American Flag, he would gladly consume them without question.

        1. Shinmen,
          Please, leave psychoanalysis to professionals.
          They still suck at it, but at least they have some facility with the tools of the trade.

          Putin is simply a thug, he’s always been a thug, and he’ll always be a thug.
          Just like Russia has a national inferiority complex since ever, delusions of grandeur since ever, and a rampant paranoia borne of serial ass rapings from all compass directions but the North Pole, going back probably to cave man times, by Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, and in their minds, the entire rest of the world, every time they close their eyes for a nap.
          It’s like a phobia of killer clowns on a national basis, and it’s the Russian character since history was first written down.
          Russia hasn’t turned from anything, they’re making the same old mistakes they’ve always made, just with new labels. Bolshevism was a fad. Tyranny, corruption, and being the country that loves the rest of the world like a child molester in a van marked “Free Candy” loves kids, OTOH, are baked into their DNA. They’re the perennial orphan step-children of the world, always seeking their forever-absent daddy’s approval, and if they can’t find it, they think taking all the other kid’s toys and ass-raping the other kids will fill the hole that leaves in their collective soul.

          It fails every single time, pisses every other country off, and brings about the very attitude Russia fears the most: everyone wants them crippled, hobbled, and castrated, forever. And they should be.
          Anything else invites exactly what Ukraine got in 2022, and most other border neighbors got multiple times since ever.

          NATO was withering on the vine after 1991.
          Then Putin comes along and invigorates it better than Stalin being bodily resurrected from the dead, and there isn’t a country within 500 miles of Russia’s borders at any given minute who doesn’t suddenly start clamoring for admittance.

          WRSA likes to post the “expansion” of NATO, as if NATO held a gun to people’s heads to join.
          The trouble is, it’s Putin’s guns to their heads they’re worried about, and he’s been the single best NATO salesman of the last 30 years, just like Obozo was the single best gun salesman of the last 50 years. Putin’s single-handedly revitalized a withering and previously obsolete alliance, and pumped 50,000 volts and ten pints of O-negative blood into it, animating it from moldering Frankenstein into Godzilla on crack in a generation.

          But Putin’s not a dictator at all. Because everyone knows it’s normal for a guy to win by 110% of the vote, every time, time after time, and for all your opposition to suddenly fall out of tenth-floor windows in January, or shoot themselves in the back of the head three or four times, because they’re so distraught over opposing you. Right…?!?

          If shit sandwiches were made in Russia and wrapped with their flag, you and a rogue’s gallery of others would be ordering them by the party platter. And have.
          Unfortunately, just like in the 1980s, they’re out of bread, and just like always, all the shit in Russia is already allocated to their propaganda organs.

          However uncomfortable that reality is, me pointing it out doesn’t make it not so, and suggesting you cut back on shit consumption doesn’t make me your enemy. Biden Derangement Syndrome is just as stupid and myopic as Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s just the same wind blowing over the outhouse from the opposite direction.

          Move upwind, man, and make better choices.
          You may not change your mind, but you’ll definitely enjoy the fresh air.

      2. Glen,

        Just like AOC of our pretend CinC, you’re an anchor of predictability.
        You’d like to be a Putin ball-gargler, but there’s no room in there because you’re always sucking yourself off 24/7. It’s your defining characteristic. This, despite getting pretty much nothing right online since AlGore invented the internet.
        If Pootie was simply a Russian patriot, I’d respect him.
        The trouble is he seems to think that any territory he wants is part of Russia.
        That’s his defining characteristic, both before the fall of communism, and after.
        What you admire about him most is that, like yourself, he’s so busy sucking himself off 24/7, he can’t hear the rest of the world over the sound of his own awesomeness.

        That never pans out well for national leaders, judging purely by 6000 years of recorded human history. But maybe it’ll work out for him. Any Day Now™.

        You should stick to pissing in your own beer mug (or is that beering in your own piss mug?) about how you’ve let Turdoo fuck you and your country up the ass non-stop, and lube-free, and you and your neighbors giving him a daily reacharound by way of thanks.
        At least you wouldn’t sound so pathetic trying to lecture people in a real republic about how the King’s subjects would do things. Get your own country’s shit in one bag before you deign to opine on things far beyond your ken, and happily outside your borders. It’s embarrassing to watch, and about as unwelcome as your tertiary syphilis.
        Envy is what happens when you wish you didn’t live under communism run by Castro’s bastard son.

        And seriously, stop crushing on me. You want a boyfriend, be honest about it, and go cruise Quebec or something.
        Endlessly living rent-free in your head is nothing I (or anyone else) would ever aspire to, and frankly, it’s just creepy. You’re just living up to every line of Monty Python’s Lumberjack Song, and like being stupid or dead, everyone knows it but you.

        Try writing anything online that doesn’t refer to me in any way, just for the novelty of that approach. Start small. Maybe just a line. Work up to entire paragraphs. Then maybe do five minutes’ research, rather than salivating anytime you hear Putin’s name like Pavlov’s dogs with a bell. If you could just work at it until you overcome those two critical flaws, you might even learn to be tolerable. If not, save yourself a lot of wasted typing: Just have your post above made into a digital rubber stamp, and keep on posting it every time you can’t stop yourself from hitting the reply button. It will save you a lot more time you could be using for other things. Never forget that the less time you spend posting online, the smarter you sound.

    4. Arab pilots! Experienced in pilot training and at various deployed locations. Took years of extra one-on-one training, washed back several times, and most never graduated. Those that did were terrifying and required very close supervision. And that’s just to get wings. Weapon system training follow on. Glad I didn’t see it.

      My last experience with an Arab pilot … at a busy deployed location … sucker started engine, taxied, took off, and departed without clearance and without a single radio call. Had mil and civil air traffic all kinds of fucked up to keep everyone away from this genius.

    5. Start Gran #1 on Judo, nothing gives more joy to a young lass (or lad) than learning how to make the opponents inertia and mass work in your favor. Learning how to fall to your advantage and without hurt is important. Did that as a young un and to this day (age 70+) it has saved my ass when tripping over shit then falling safely.
      Not sure Karate is best for very young unless it concentrates on stunning/disabling an attacker quickly to allow retreat to safety. Make it fun and have at it.

      1. Judo is absolutely legit. And learning to fall is something you don’t appreciate the importance of until you learn how to do it.

        1. Judo is great, and so is jiu jitsu, which is basically wrestling on steroids, and a smaller person can get a lock or a choke against a larger person…Handy…

        2. learning to fall is way down on nearly everyone’s list, except those who realize one day they’re gonna fall. Walking in a home improvement store not long ago; my old clumsy ass tripped over a pallet. Friend that was with me, and two store employees watched training and muscle memory take over, and were surprised by this ol’ fucker using his “parachute landing fall memories” to escape damage, ha ha.
          Yeah, falling is a thing; just like diving to get cover or concealment. Skills…

      1. Tim Larkin and his Target Focus Training have a minimum age of 16yo to participate in workshops.
        However, their workshops are available on video.
        Puncture an eye and destroy a knee or ankle, pretty much anybody loses interest in continuing.
        Limited by rules and paying the rent, Martial Arts coaches frown on losing students through attrition.

    6. I think it’s safe to say that the Russians have gone from air superiority to air supremacy. At this point the Russians are just using the power plants as test targets for their wunderwaffen, while the real work is being carried out by jets at the front line.
      Sucks to be at the “test site” though.

      1. Don’t forget their rotary air capabilities–which are also chopping up the Ukes in large numbers. Their Alligator gunship can standoff over 8 miles, out of the range of any Uke man-pad gizmos and deliver precision guided munitions at will (while hovering just over tree-top level). My favorite of the Russian toys are these ‘glide bombs’ –which range up to 12 tons of explosive hurt on Uke positions. They are unstoppable. They have a new one that is going into deployment that delivers 6,000kg of sheer-hurt (over 3 tons high explosive). The blast radius is over 100 yards of Daisy Cutter (remember those) like pure devastation. Some of these 1,500kg glide babies can dig out a crater almost 50 yards across and collapse entrenchments and reinforced positions with just a near miss. It must suck to be a Ukrainian in the trenches now. Here’s a link to Simplicus the Thinker’s new report about the current frontline conditions… https://simplicius76.substack.com/p/sitrep-41124-zelensky-in-shock-as

        1. Latest That I got from an Intel Brief is they have now gone and devloped a new FAB: A Big Assed Bomb with a rocket-assist that’s using a 9000kg kaboomy-boom… they add wings, add a rocket or three to it to help the boost, and OMFG… Fucking almost nuke level explody toys there… and the real killer on this is they have damned near an inexhaustible supply of dumb bombs from ‘back in the bad old days’ when the Soviets were cranking out hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dumb bombs weekly, if not monthly…

    7. Just a note on your image “Military Classes and Sub Classes of Supply”:

      Symbol of Class IX – “Repair Parts” is the symbol for Class I – “Subsistence”. The correct symbol appears to be a circle with six short lines that make it look like a Torx or sun. Just an FYI for anybody with OCD.

    8. The easiest way to store a large quantity of toilet paper on the cheap is to buy the large round commercial rolls of tp from Costco or a janitorial supply company. They slide nicely into a large cardboard concrete form tube you can buy from Home Depot. Throw some moth balls in, seal the ends with plastic bags and duct tape and hang from the rafters of the garage or barn. Even if your house is looted it’s doubtful that these card board tubes will be disturbed. A couple of tubes full should keep the women of the house set for awhile. It may not be their preferred double ply extra soft cooter wipe buts it’s better than their fingers.

    9. Agree on martial arts for the Gran. Both my daughters took several years of judo and it has served them well. The key thing is not to fight but how to get away from someone coming after her. This also leads to them not being intimidated by a guy. My middle daughter was on a first date and this guy wanted what he wanted and didn’t care what she wanted. She nailed him hard in the nuts, nailed him in the knee and then got out of there. If she hadn’t had that training then you know what the bastard would have done and I’d have had to get my 45 and shovel out.

    10. “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control, and we will be lucky to live through it.” H/T to Fred Dalton Thompson. So, while the sheeple, normies, and cucks are being totally distracted by the death of a famous Negro athlete and double murderer, along with other superficial celebrity gossip and Biden mania; those in the know are still prepping, still vigilant and still aware of the happenings in their A/O.
      Today (04/12) in Winterfell, The Daily Fish Wrap is still doing a victory dance over the 18-year-old revenge-of-the-nerds “terrorist” the Famous But Incompetent trolled on the internet and then swooped in complete with their HRT ninjas in full view of the neighborhood sheeple. The LTEs would make even Lee Greenwood puke over the slobbering kudos to the Waco children burners. Those of us who know better are just keeping to ourselves and keeping our mouths shut. When we go full Weimar, the culling will be horrific and the danger to us all will ratchet up significantly. Bleib ubrig.

      1. Poland’s next.
        Uncle Joe,…..uh Uncle Vlad isnt stopping until he is dead. Or till someone pops a few nukes.

    11. Judo and allied grappling arts (Jiu jutsu, Aikidio) are a good starting place for small girls. They learn to fall but also learn escapes from common holds. I’m 2nd Dan in Aikido and we trained kids in escapes as part of the basic course.

      Example: Did somebody grab your wrist on the same side (i.e. left grabbing right)? Lay that palm flat to the floor and rotate towards the opposite side to break their grip.. If you turn as a unit with your arm in front of you that move is very difficult for the person grabbing to keep their grip.

    12. I train kids as young as 6 in TKD. I also do Krav Maga. Which is a distillation of everything for all martial arts. I would suggest a family style of school and I would not be concerned what it is. Krav concepts are harder for small children to understand. You can teach the three most important things take away sight, wind or will and the fight ends. Any thing that can help to that end will work.

      1. Eliminate mobility — the vic’s knee or ankle break easy.
        To irritate the vic’s eyes — a tiny handful of sand or C4 should be just the ticket.

    13. “Lend-Lease” bullshit aside, I’d be very interested in how Vipers with proper pilots would stack up against Russian hardware. And the F16 is no spring chicken..

    14. So I had a bro who worked for a big military contractor through the 80s and 90s, and yeah, America was developing hypersonics before the russkys and the Chinese. Everytime a new boss arrived, either at the job, or in the government, well, contracts got canceled, mothballed, and the hard won research and data got destroyed, because it was required by law and by contract. So everytime America went to develop hypersonics, they literally had to start from scratch.
      It was a condition of the research contracts that data had to be destroyed after so many years, if it remained undeveloped. Otherwise, it would be the Russians and Chinese who would be playing catchup.

    15. BCE,

      You’ve never been one of Putin’s ball-garglers AFAIK, because unlike much of your commentariat, you bring both facts, and analysis to the discussion.

      If only that would catch on generally.

      We can disagree, but at least with you, I know it isn’t because of a twitch that uncontrollably jerks your knee.

      But “Ukraine is done”?

      Okay. Got it.
      I’ll mark that on my calendar, as this in only the 779th day I’ve heard that (not counting all the days leading up to the war that we were all earnestly assured by Everyone Who Knew Better that this war would only take Two Weeks To Flatten Kiev™). Fool me once, etc.

      I note, just in passing, we’re still waiting for that outcome in Week 111 or 112 (I’m frankly too lazy to dig out a calendar and tote it up) of Russia’s Two Week Special-Ed Short Bus Military Operation.

      Granted, just like terrorists, Russia may at some point get lucky.
      Or, following everything that’s preceded it, this slog could drag on near endlessly, like WWI for three years, or the Iran-Iraq War for nearly a decade.

      And unlike that later conflict, this one looks like one where both sides can continue to lose.
      It’s like watching two gut-shot fat guys try to strangle each other while their lifeblood drips out.

      I get why people would enjoy watching Russia continue to feed itself, dick-first, into a wood chipper for years.
      I even understand why people hate Ukraine enough to see them fed, dick-first, into a wood chipper.

      What I don’t get is why anyone would like to see Russia grow a new dick (unless they hail from the precincts of Moscow or St. Petersburg). That helps no one but Russia, which is currently, as ever, run by a tyrannical thug (just like every Russia ruler since they’ve had one).

      The threat, as always, is somebody getting all grabby with nuclear buttons, but they didn’t nuke Afghanistan when they got their asses handed to them there, and I don’t think they will with Ukraine either, for the same reasons. The point of the exercise, just like their Afghan foray, is to get them to decide the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, and to get back home at once, having chopped enough of their one and only dick off already. Because when you’re beating your head against a brick wall, it feels so good to stop.

      America has a long and storied tradition of pissing away billions to corrupt dictatorships, when it serves our national interests.
      South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Haiti, Panama, the Philippines, Egypt, and on and on.

      We didn’t have it to spare then, and we don’t now, but acting like this is a new thing is simply historical ignorance.
      It’s what we do.

      Wars over there (for any value of there) beat holy hell out of wars here.
      Because, obviously.

      Where the Biden Fraudulency has crossed into new territory is simultaneously fomenting a war here at the same time, which undermines the entire point of the exercise.
      But, installing functional retards into the White House and giving them the keys to the factory has consequences.

      Cutting Ukraine off gets us nothing, and really, saves us nothing.
      We’re going to piss that money away anyways, probably on something worse.
      At least now, we’re getting free crash dummy testing data, we’re sending obsolescent ordnance just short of expiration anyways to be used instead of thrown into a crusher, and we’re getting dead Russians by the metric fuckton.

      That alone is a hat trick.

      Ending that isn’t going to get US troops on the border, and even if we somehow did, half of them would be shooting rifles into steel walls with the scopes on backwards and the lens caps in place, and the other half would be tarted up in lingerie and trying to get butt-fucked by the Diversity crossing the fence, with command approval and encouragement, and squirting out military dependents and raging STDs by the crotchload.

      The only thing worth spending much breath on is getting as many people ready for what’s coming as possible, and seeing whether 2024 gets us, by some miracle, another all-too-brief 4-year Trump respite before the onslaught, or whether we go tits out into the Mother Of All Societal Collapses right fucking now. I don’t see a third choice as very likely.

      Ukraine may crumble tomorrow. Or next month. Or next year. Or ten years from now. Or never.
      Let’s note that Russia has a whole lot of fail left on their plate too.

      That train left the station already.
      I’d suggest everyone learn what they can from it, and worry about what’s next.
      The World’s Foremost Drone Expert, opining above, assured the whole Internet years ago that COTS drones couldn’t and would never be weaponized.
      Well, that sparkling analysis went flying down the shitter by the end of the first month in Ukraine.
      Other people thought tanks were the hottest shit on the battlefield.
      Turns out that with modern munitions, their main utility is that they explode nicely.
      And that Russia’s assumed military prowess was about as ferocious as the runt of a litter of chihuahuas.
      And that, against all conventionally-assumed odds, and with recockulous amounts of support, Ukraine has managed to be Russia’s military near-peer, for a helluva lot longer than anyone expected. Now we know why Russia enjoyed Korea and Vietnam so much, don’t we?

      Just a suggestion: Pick some other lessons, and throw out some of that patented BCE intel and insight.
      They next war ain’t ever gonna be like the last one or two.
      Generals don’t get that. Those of us paying attention, should.

      Glad to see you’ve got Tiny Terror for a visit, and best wishes on Gretchen’s continued recovery.
      Those things both matter more than whatever’s going on 5000 miles from the front door.

      1. Still believing the Krane has a shot? With the media being the 24/7 propaganda arm of the communist (democrats) ( the sides changed 🤣) .
        Don’t you think we would be regaled with the nonstop footage of the glorious underdog crushing oppressors?

        It’s a numbers game and a seismic shift in Ideology.

        1. Let me know when Vlad puts his feet up on the sofa at Z’s house in Kiev.
          Ukraine is still kicking him in the nuts hard over two years past when the soopergeniusii assured us they would.

          Tell the class how our numbers served us in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

          1. One problem in defeating the government of the Ukraine — they have no government.
            The spokes-models such as zelinski sold used cars before taking their current gig, and will sell scrap metal after the smoke clears.
            What do people of the Ukraine have instead of a government?
            A scam-grift established by fUSA puppets on orders from their RulingElites puppet-masters.
            Moving globally without a fixed location to call ‘home’, the RulingElites are utterly incapable of nationalism, and certainly cannot care about a few trivial billion of us vaporized here, or bother about a few billion of us vaporized there.
            We have been played for at least a century.
            Americans — played.
            Europeans — played.
            zionists — double played six ways from sundown Sunday.
            The humiliating part — RulingElites are half-wit inbreds.
            With bad teeth.

    16. Not only is General Aesop a moron, he is a gamma. The wall of text
      from the secret king gives it away.
      Cocksuckers like him just can stand not having the last word. He is vagina repellent.
      Aesop, few are going to read you wall of text because we all know you are an idiot.
      And what is your real name you coward.

      1. Sorry I couldn’t add any comic illustrations to better hold your attention.
        And I’m not interested in your vagina, but thanks for offering…I think.
        Say, why don’t you demand the bloghost here tell you his real name?
        Then mosey on over to WRSA and do the same thing.
        Scroll through the comments here, and quiz all the other posters with pen names.

        Then tell them they’re all cowards and idiots too.
        Be sure and post your home address while you’re up.
        (Just kidding. No one cares who you are or where you live anyways. But you probably knew that already.)

        Maybe if you’d stuck around school longer, you’d have learned about Mark Twain, Silence Dogood, George Orwell, and Dr. Suess.
        So maybe ask around, and have someone smarter than you (it’s a big crowd) explain to you how that list answers your witless wondering.
        Or, bite the bullet, take another chance on the 4th grade, and work it out for yourself.

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