Totally Clueless in The Enemedia Bubble

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So Our Current Regime, The Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den has come up with a absolute winning strategy to win the next (s)election:

This “sooper sekrit weapon”?

Bringing the gays out in force as a Voating Block.

The ‘idea’ being “”Out for Biden-Harris!!!”

Link to the story HERE

Well dayyyum! Everybody go home! Ain’t no way OrangeManBad AKA CheetoJeebus or Trumphitler can get re-elected with such an INCREDIBLE POWERHOUSE of a voating block!!!

Telling y’all
I need whatever drugs these assclowns are on. I mean they live in such a bubble of Insanity. I mean for reely-reelz. This has got to be a troll-joke…

But then again… considering just who and what we’re dealing with… I mean Kamel Toe, the Califrutopian Blowjob Queen of Willie-Brown-Breath had this gem of a statement:

“We will do what we have always done in this movement, in this community, which is collectively, we will continue to build unity. We will continue to build coalition. We will always be fueled by knowing we have so much more in common than what separates us. We will be fueled by knowing we are all in this together.”

With A-Polly-Ollie-Geez to the Wiggles for that ‘un…

Spawn #1/#2 loved the Wiggles… the song was “Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!” and I had that meme get stuck in the old cranium… but yeah, Who in the Hell lets that broad walk around without a leash in Public!?! Sweet Gawd in Heaven… it’s enough to make R. Lee Ermey rise from the dead, and start a verbal assault that leaves nothing but an STD-infected smoking crater where that bitch was…

My reason for my utter contempt outside of the fact that the various degenerates have now something like 3 and a half full months worth of “notable days” in recognition of whatever sick-fuck mental screwfest that the (((various folks out there))) have deemed worthy of our attention…

In reality, it might just be that literally these fucking retards are “high on their own supply.” Go with me on this. They live in Washington D.C… the majority of the “newcomers” like the Zioclops and Occasional Cortex were NOT chosen for their brain power… no… they got picked for “voatability” as in Crenshaw, AKA to me as “The Zioclops” for his rabid support of the (((chosen))) and his SEAL street cred, and Occasional Cortex for her looks and big titties. They were not put in place except to provide a ‘new face’ to the current oligarchical gerontocracy that GloboHomoFedCorp is pushing and hiding at this point…

I mean look at it… we’re now into an almost Nepotistic situation… I’m willing to bet good money that IF Beau “The Good Son” Biden hadn’t fucking had the good luck/grace to keel over dead from well-deserved brain cancer, they current lot of scum would have HIM running in place of “10% for the Big Guy” Good ole Joe who sucks Scrotum”…

I mean fuck, the guy they want in there, Goblin Nuisance, current Grand Moff of Califrutopia, is Pelosi’s nephew by marriage. Raise you hand if you knew that lil factoid Aye?

See, because the Greatest Gen and Boomer Politicos have been so utterly unwilling to relinquish power, we’re utterly fucked in the short and long term. And no, I utterly will not entertain Boomer comments and defense that thereof.

Look, I know that overall y’all have gotten a shit deal in reputation. But, like the majority of us Gen X’ers, we don’t give a fuck. WE’RE the first generation whole got royally screwed, not necessarily by Boomers per se, but even anyone with half-a-brain can see that the Boomer Politicians have been a bubonic plague to the Body Politic in their utter unwillingness to actually, you know, step the fuck aside and give someone else a fucking chance.

Because of the inherent mental framework of “Control Control and Control” and never mind flat the fuck out greed, this country is truly and utterly fucked. Someone out there in the bleggosphere pointed out that the current crop of ‘new leadershit’ is the third generation of them… dissolute, clueless, and don’t care because they got theirs, and fuck everyone else.

Riding on the Coattails of Former Greatness
Without the ability to perform nor maintain the Greatness

Much like the Gettys.

Look at that shitshow of a Family…
The original patriarch, George Getty started out doing oil wells in the 20’s and 30’s. His son, J. Paul Getty (second generation) got really successful primarily with his dad’s influence and guidance. From there? It alllllll went downhill.

JP Getty II, one of the first sons of JP Getty #1 was a drug addled asshole hippy. HIS son, JP Getty III got famous for being kidnapped, and his father and grandfather, refusing to pay the ransom, well… they did eventually when pieces-parts of the kid started showing up in the mail, with his ear being piece #1… Unfortunatley, HE ended up being a junkie and had a stroke, and became a vegie-wedgie in a chair up until he died early.

So yeah, we’re fucked primarily IMO to the fact that we have an OCD-Gerontocracy that’s unable AND unwilling to relinquish power in any way, shape or form, primarily because they know that their “hand picked successors” like Occasional Cortex and The Ziopclops are full on fucking retards with a sub 90 IQ.

Add on the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda reinforce every. single. decision, every. single. time

…so much so they live in a fucking bubble that makes them think that a HUGE majority of faggots, dykes and trannies are the key to keeping power.

As my old D.I. used to scream when he threw the garbage can down between the rows of bunks: “FIRST CALL MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

Why do I say this?
Well… as some folks say, “let’s do the maff”
As the insanely libtarded Ministry mouthpiece Gallup stated:

7.1 percent of ALL ‘Muricans Identify as Sodomites.
Link HERE to the article.

This out of, currently mind you, 333,300,000 MILLION Americans. That means the “Out for Biden/Hairass” push, at best, IF every. fucking. registered. to .voat. queer. yannow ackchully voated and all… The 7.1% give us, by my bad maff (feel free to correct me0, but that means that there might be, provide, as I said, that ALL the queers are ackchully registered and DO voat, that means there’s a total of 23,664,300 million voats at best to be had by these retards.

7% and change.
Like 7% of the Population is going to be a help.

Never mind, the fags positively hate to be pandered to.
This’s gonna go over like the turd in the punchbowl that it is IMO.

Media and Idiotcracy Bubble much?
I got to crash… been ranting long enuff.
More Later
Big Country

33 thoughts on “Totally Clueless in The Enemedia Bubble”

  1. I hate America and everyone in it, it is my lifes mission to destroy it.
    G Soros paraphrased and from a 1979 Newsweek.
    The barnacle fossils will burn it all down unless they are stopped.
    They don’t care what happens to the useless eaters because they are soon to shuffle off
    Gen X is about the only demo with a clue.

  2. How many of that 7 % are Log Cabin Republicans? How many are business owners in border zones tired of trying to keep from being hassled for free stuff or being shoplifted with no help coming from the current group in charge? Just asking to see if the wishful thinking goes any further than their fingertips.

  3. I think the main reason why they will not retire is fear of going to prison for life.
    I mean, think about it. damn near all of them are worth millions after a few years there in DC.
    and how ? not by doing anything legal that is for sure. and like my dad used to say all the time about congress, “shit always floats to the top” and there is a lot of shit in congress these days.
    but I don’t think we even going to have a election this year. the “left” has never given up power
    without a fight. plan on the illegals making a impact some time this summer/fall when the money cards dry up. crime will go thru the roof even more so than now and the morons will demand the clowns/feds do “something” about it. and then we get martial law and they really go after us who do not go along with their program. looks to be fun time- not.

  4. I’m a Boomer, and I’m here to say that I DO NOT agree with continuing dynasties. Fuck the “Shrubs”.
    Robert Bennett, UT Senator; at the 2010 elections, he was DEMANDING to be put on the ballot without going through the Caucus process because it was his RIGHT. Well, enough people were tired of him and his tantrums and gave him the boot. Mike Lee was elected in his stead.
    I’m just as glad that “Mittens” Romney said that he was retiring, otherwise I’d be doing everything in my power to de-throne him. That MINO pisses me off royally.
    Someone came around last week to sign petitions. Among them was one for Brent Hatch, son of Orrin Hatch. I wanted to go off on the signature collector, but was polite enough when he asked if I wanted to sign for Brent. I just said “no”. Enough with dynasties. Prove to me your “bona fides” without Daddy’s help.

      1. There’s so much crooked shit going on. Trying to hang these bastards will be about like trying to shit in a swingin’ jug.

  5. If Trump wins, I believe he’ll be JFK’d. They may even try it before the election.

    1. Ask which paradigm would be easier for the CIA to sell to the public?
      Disgruntled dem voter, before or after erection, with an AR, in a gun-free zone, while tranny-story-hour takes place, at a synagog.

  6. A slight correction, if you will. There are appx 330m Americans, but only 161m are of voting age and registered to do so. If 7% of registered voters are mentally defective transvestites and whatnot, and vote that way, it’s only about 11m votes, not 23m.

    But given the hijinks of the last election, it’s anyone’s guess what the final numbers will be.

  7. Being a fellow gen-X’er, I’m old enough to remember photos of the old Soviet politburo sitting together in their front row seats for the old Mayday/Great Patriotic War parades. They all looked the picture of health that you can only attain by pickling your brain in a gallon of vodka, daily. I look at our leaders now and can’t help but think I’m looking at the same picture, but a version done by a homeless street artist. The CIA couldn’t see the imminent collapse of Soviets then, but I can see ours coming now.
    P.S. So relieved to hear of the current health prognosis of your lady.

  8. >7%
    That’s like 700% depending on how the votes are “counted”.
    But even if things are fair, what will trump get us? Just listen to him on israel and getting us into wars for them after oct.

  9. The numbers don’t matter. They need a legitimate excuse for the level of fraud about to be performed on the elections. The gay/tranny whatever vote gives them plausible explanation why the vote count is not going to fit the polls etc. . Setting up the fix maybe?

    1. That was my thought too.

      Expect MORE of this shit as we inch closer to the edge.

  10. “… current Grand Moff of Califrutopia, is Pelosi’s nephew by marriage. Raise you hand if you knew that lil factoid Aye?”


    More disturbing is that DJT Jr. is the Grand Moff’s ex-wife’s sloppy seconds.

  11. I don’t know that fags don’t like being pandered to, that seems to be exactly what they want. That and being roto-rootered by some big buck in a prison shower of course.

  12. “Today, it is virtually impossible for a politician to be elected in the US without first declaring his (or her) undying allegiance to Israel and the Jews, and certainly any suggestion of a criticism of either Israel or the Jews will guarantee the end of a political career.”

    and everything else you knew or didn’t about “America’s Deep State” (aka Secret Government) including the failed attempt of fascist takeover “a plan that almost succeeded when a group of Jewish financiers and George H. W. Bush‘s father made their abortive attempt at a military coup in 1934.”

    tinvowoot is right

  13. Friends I got sad news, I got word this morning my Grand Daughters life supports being turned within the hour.

    She was recovering quickly, last night she had a major brain bleed.

    Ain’t no fixing this. I don’t recall ever feeling more lost more anger ever in my life.

    My kids are needing prayers big time,. Please consider including them in yours tonight


    1. Dammit Dirk
      I am SO SO SO sorry to hear this. I can’t begin to imagine…Our prayers are with you. DM me if you would

    2. Hey man, I’m very sorry to hear this. But take solace, God is calling her home. She’s about to experience joy and love and all the pain of this life will be a fading moon-cast shadow to her.

    3. Prayers for you and your family, my brother. May your little angel rest in peace.

  14. Think about it. Dims have been pissing off the jews via israel stance. Do you really think the hebes will let the dims win this one?

    These things arent honest and havent been in a long time.

  15. Condolences for the Dirk fambly.

    member that eeeclypse?

    talk about clueless…

    …”We call her “Maddy the Elly” (Interpreted by me as “Madagascar” Extinction Level Event”)

    She’s coming and she’s BIG ”

    I was also told:

    “They’re not going to announce until about 8 hrs before impact if the plan holds. That’s why they are worried about the millions of people in the eclipse viewing zones. Not because of their location but because of the mere fact they are away from their homes and those areas are going to be over stressed. Hence the national guard and prep talk.”…”

  16. My condolences to Dirk, and his entire family on the terrible turn of events posted earlier. Very disheartening to have seen that after reading she was showing real signs of improvement. Can’t say much more than that, as there’s really nothing but faith, time and properly grieving that will bring one through such a tragedy.

    Hearing of the loss of a child doesn’t leave me much inclined to comment on the various subjects of BC’s post itself, so I’ll sign off here now.

  17. Respectfully;

    When are you going to realize that the Boomers that hang out here are on your side, think the way you do, and keep you, Gretchen, and the little ones in our prayers?

    I admit that most of the Boomers are total assholes, but please stop painting us all with the same brush.

    1. Doc
      I said there’s Boomers, and then there’s BOOMERS Maybe I wasn’t clear enuff? Could be after 12 + bleers…
      My MomUnit, Lord Love her is in the bad side… I believe I even made that distinction. Obviously you fall in the ‘good’ catagory… I didn’t put a yellow “B” on your outfit did I?

      I’m doing my best, and maybe I’ll have to SCREAM it out loud, but the boomer folks here? Y’all are good Hence why I’m replying and poasting the comment

  18. A lot of my same Gen-x sentiments on the subject of liberal boomers. There’s an older post I think entitled “Why generation X probably hates you”on Identity Dixie. It’s a good summation of timeline of my life. Enter the working world after high school and dropping out of college…financial crash 1989. Get back from deployment and finally get my dream home and seems like things are going my way… 2008 mortgage industry crash (wife working for Wells Fargo making over 100k a year, gone overnight). Fight through all of that, get on my feet again, looking at retirement in the next couple years… communist takeover of the government.

    Yeah I’m bitter, wonder why…

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